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					                            Administrative Contact List
                               College of Science
Dean                      Ian Gatley             Room: 08-1108                Administrative Assistant
                          Phone: 475-5774        Email:        Dale Cenzi              Room 08-1110
                                                                              Phone: 475-5774         Email:
                                                                              Staff Asst. Karen Reynolds Room: 08-1102
                                                                              Phone: 475-5221         Email:
                                                                              Scheduling Officer
                                                                              Ann Gottorff             Room: 08-1130
                                                                              Phone: 475-5327         Email:
                                                                              Financial Analyst for College of Science
                                                                              Sandra Buckert          Room: 08-1118
                                                                              Phone: 475-2789         Email:
Assistant Dean            Eileen Marron-Keating       Room: 08-1104           Marketing Coordinator
                          Phone: 475-7045     Email:           Catherine Mahrt-Washington        Room: 08-1110
                                                                              Phone: 475-7046         Email:
                                                                              Susan Barclay          Room: 08-1130
                                                                              Phone: 475-2484        Email:
                                                                              Susan Tontarski        Room: 08-1130
                                                                              Phone: 475-5772        Email:
       Department                    Department Head                                    Academic Advising
Biological Sciences:      Department Head                                     Rosanne Stryker        Room: 08-2106
Biology, Biotechnology,   Richard Doolittle           Room: 75-2183           Phone: 475-4765        Email:
Biomedical Sciences       Phone: 475-5972             Email:
                          Interm Head Tom Frederick    Room: 08-2120/A358     Staff Assistant
                          Phone: 475-2496       Email:         Kelly Youngblood      Room: 08-2102
                                                                              Phone: 475-2496       Email:
                                          Bioinformatics                      Gary Skuse            Room: 08-1330
                                                                              Phone: 475-6725       Email:
                             Environmental Science, Bioinformatics            Nicki Bruno-Collins   Room: 08-2102
                                                                              Phone: 475-7577       Email:
      Department                        Department Head                              Academic Advising
Chemistry:                      Terence Morrill    Room: 08-2116            Paul Rosenberg      Room: 08-A256
Biochemistry, Chemistry,        Phone: 475-5108    Email:    Phone: 475-6159      Email:
Polymer Chemistry, Chemistry-                                               Brenda Mastrangelo   Room: 08-2102
Environmental Option                                                        Phone: 475-2497      Email:
General Science Exploration     Eileen Marron-Keating       Room: 08-1104   Sue Chan            Room: 76-2274
                                Phone: 475-7045     Email:   Phone: 475-2786     Email:
Imaging Science                 Stefi Baum         Room: 76-2260            Carl Salvaggio      Room: 76-3136
                                Phone: 475-6220 Email:     Phone: 475-6380   Email:
                                                                            Sue Chan            Room: 76-2274
                                                                            Phone: 475-2786     Email:
The School of Mathematical      Dr. Sophia Maggelakis, Professor and Head
Sciences: Undergraduate         Room: 08-2330             Phone: 475-2498   Room: 08-2330           Phone: 475-5440
Computational Mathematics,      Email:                       Email:
Applied Mathematics, &
Applied Statistics; Graduate
Applied Mathematics
                                SMS                                         Prof. David Hart, Assistant Head
                                                                            Room: 08-2312                  Phone: 475-5131
                                SMS Student Services                        Prof. Tiffany Schwanger, Director
                                                                            Room: 08-2304                  Phone: 475-4718
                                                                            Ms. Anna Fiorucci, Staff Assistant
                                                                            Room: 08-2308                   Phone: 475-2039
                                SMS Graduate Programs                       Dr. Hossein Shahmohamad , Director
                                                                            Room: 08-2358                   Phone: 475-7564
                                SMS Mathematics Program                     Dr. Carl Lutzer, Assistant Head
                                                                            Room: 08-2354                   Phone: 475-5125
     Department              Department Head                              Academic Advising
                     SMS Research Programs                       Dr. Bernard Brooks, Assistant Head
                                                                 Room: 08-2344                   Phone: 475-4717
                     SMS Statistics Programs                     Dr. Carol Marchetti, Assistant Head
                                                                 Room: 08-2340                   Phone: 475-2515
Medical Sciences     Richard Doolittle   Room: 75-2183           Barbara Warth            Room: 75-2181
                     Phone: 475-2978     Email:   Phone: 475-2978         Email:
                           Diagnostic Medical Sonography         Hamad Ghazle            Room: 75-1171
                                                                 Phone: 475-2241         Email:
                                 Physician Assistant             Heidi Miller           Room: 75-2171
                                                                 Phone: 475-5945        Email:
Physics              David Axon         Room: 76-1250            Peter Cardegna          Room 76-1260
                     Phone: 475-2421    Email:    Phone: 475-2535        Email:
                                                                 Sr. Staff Asst.
                                                                 Cindy Drake              Room: 76-1258
                                                                 Phone: 475-2421          Email:
Premedical Studies   Kristen Waterstram-Rich Room: 08-2110       Staff Assistant, Pre-Medical Studies
                     Phone: 475-5117   Email:    Kelly Youngblood       Room: 08-2102
                                                                 Phone: 475-2496        Email:

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