The Legal Studies Program at Washburn University in Topeka, KS

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                           The Legal Studies Program at Washburn University in
                           Topeka, KS
                           [By Judith Earley]
                           Washburn University has continued to emphasize quality education since it was founded in 1865. From its beginnings as a
                           small church-affiliated college to its current role as a comprehensive public metropolitan university, Washburn University
                           offers the residents of Topeka, Shawnee County, and Northeast Kansas opportunities for high-quality education. Of course
                           students also come from other parts of Kansas, across the country, and international cities around the world.

The university awards associate’s,                to learn about the law without committing to        In conjunction with the Kaw Area Technical
bachelor’s, master’s, and professional            a degree program.                                   School (KATS), Washburn’s legal studies
degrees. The College of Arts and Sciences                                                             program also offers an Associate of Arts
and the School of Law have historically been      A minor in legal studies is available               degree. This is available to students who
the focal points of education at Washburn.        and includes a minimum of 8 hours of               have completed ,080 hours of coursework
It also offers programs through the School        coursework in legal studies; this is divided        in the legal office professional program at
of Business, School of Nursing, School of         into six hours of lower-division coursework         KATS; in return, they are granted 25 hours
Applied Studies, and Division of Continuing       and 2 hours of upper-division coursework.          of college credit toward the A.A. degree.
Education. Washburn’s educational objective       Additionally, the school offers a 36-credit-        Each of these students must complete an
is “to prepare individuals for careers and        hour legal studies certificate program. In          additional 44 hours of general education/
further study in a variety of disciplines and     order to be eligible to earn the certificate,       university courses and legal studies courses
for a lifetime of continuous learning.”           a student must hold an associate’s                  at Washburn in order to receive an Associate
                                                  degree or a higher-level degree from an             of Arts degree.
The legal studies program at Washburn             accredited institution.
University is approved by the American Bar                                                            ON THE NET
Association and also holds institutional          The mission of Washburn’s legal studies
membership in the American Association            program is to provide training and education        Washburn University
for Paralegal Education. Combining                to persons wishing to enter the paralegal 
coursework in law, computer technology,           field. The program’s faculty includes
communications, and general education, the        practicing attorneys who provide students           Topeka, Kansas
goal of the legal studies program is to create    in the program with invaluable real-world 
a balanced curriculum relevant to modern          perspectives on the curriculum they are
law office needs. Students may attend full-       being taught. The program is open to full-          Kaw Area Technical School (KATS)
or part-time; the program is also open to         time and part-time students.              
pre-law students and individuals who desire


Description: Washburn University In Topeka, A Church-Affiliated College Offers Legal Studies Programs And Now It Is A Public Metropolitan University And In Conjunction With The Kaw Area Technical School (KATS), It Offers Associate Of Arts Degree.
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