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        Bulgarian Association of Regional Development
                Agencies and Business Centres

     1st Balkan Regional Forum (Balkan Regio)
          “BARDA Forums of RDAs and BCs as a Tool
                for Regional Development”

               10-11 September 2009, Ruse, Bulgaria

                                              Dimitrina Todorova
                                              Executive Director
BARDA Structure

      19 Regional Development Agencies
       and SME Support Centres (RDAs)


          General Member Assembly

      Forums – NUTS II & NUTS III levels
             Management Board

         Executive Secretariat in Sofia
BARDA Network

       Vidin + BI

                                                             Rousse + BI (2) + EEN
          BI Belogradchik
                                                                                    Dobrich
                                                             Razgrad (2)
                                      Pleven
                 Vratza + BI

                                                                                  Varna
                              BI Mezdra

              Sofia                                                Sliven

          Pernik + BI                             Stara Zagora
                          Samokov
                                  Pazardjik                           Yambol

                                                 Plovdiv
                                               Haskovo + GTZ
                                BI Madan

              Sandanski + EEN + GTZ  Kardjali + BI + GTZ
                                                                    RDAs and BCs - 19
                                                                    Business Incubators - 9
                                                                    EEN – 2 Centres
                                                                    GTZ Centres – 3
Regions in Bulgaria at Level 2 -
Not Administrative - Territorial Units

BARDA Forums – Stated at BARDA
Statute (2006)
 The     full members of the association of one region, of one
   administrative district or target impact region, specified on other
   criteria (cross border, mountain, in industrial decline, etc., in
   accordance with the regions for targeted impact, defined by laws and
   regulations), work in network within the region in the form of a Forum
   of Regional Development Agencies and Business Centers.

 The Forums of RDAs and BCs are collective bodies, which, through
   resolutions of the meetings of their members and coordinated
   networking, participate in the processes of partnership for making and
   implementation of the regional policy, realise exchange of good
   practices, experience and resources within the planning region,
   administrative district or target impact region.

 The work of each Forum of RDAs and BCs is coordinated by a
   Secretary of the Forum, whose functions are performed by all members
   of the Forum consecutively for a period of six months on a rotating

 BARDA Forums implement their activities according the “Rules for 5
   work of BARDA Forums”.
BARDA Forums – at Two Main
    At NUTS II level – 6 Forums
    At NUTS III level - 28 Forums
       Development and realisation of the regional policy
       Network coordination at regional level (RDAs + other
       Provide and support        the   process   of   regional
       Exchange of good practices, resources, experiences,

Bulgarian Regional Development
Strategic Documents



                Regional Plans
                NUTS II level - 6

                Oblast Strategies
                NUTS III level - 28

                Municipal Plans
               NUTS IV level - 264

          INVESTMENT PROJECTS         7
BARDA Forums – Supporting
Regional Policy
  Improve understanding for long term
   regional development
  Initiate a thorough analysis
  Transfer of ideas to the regional policy
   frame-work at national level
  Supporting authorities in development
   of procedures for setting priorities and
   co-ordination in planning
Network Coordination at Regional
    The good regional model is the inclusion of all social
      economic actors in the decision-making process!

   Horizontal coordination – between all
    stakeholders in the region

   Vertical coordination – between the
    region and the state level
The Future of the Forums…

  Support for institutional building and capacity strengthening of the
    BARDA Forums of RDAs and BCs at NUTs II level as collective bodies
  Raising the qualification and awareness of BARDA experts in respect of
    the new policies of the European Union and the instruments for their
    implementation in the regional development’s fields, SME support and
    specific impacts for the overcoming of the difference between the
    regions and areas, having specific needs.
  Establishment of the basis for successful working partnerships between
    the main stakeholders on local and regional level through exchange of
    good practices and transfer of practical experience in the process of
    making and realisation of the regional policy and defining and
    implementation of measures, directed to the regions and areas, having
    specific needs.
  Upgrading and exchange of the existing experience within the BARDA
    network and its sharing with the other regional players, as a
    precondition for the development of working mechanisms for
    implementation of the Structural instruments.

        Bulgarian Association of Regional Development
                Agencies and Business Centres

               Thank you for your attention!

                                         Dimitrina Todorova
                                         Executive Director

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