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                                                                                                              DC rates
                                                                                                             among the
                                                                                                                  be st : KPI
                                                                                                           BY DEBBIE BOURKE                      Previously, the college’s
                                                                                                           Chronicle staff                    funding was based exclusively
                                                                                                              Students, recent graduates      on student enrolment, but the
                                                                                                           and employers rated Durham a       KPI initiative introduces per-
                                                                                                           top-notch Ontario college in       formance funding by focusing
                                                                                                           the Ontario government’s Key       on three of the five indicators -
                                                                                                           Performance Indicator (KPI)        graduate satisfaction, job
                                                                                                           survey, resulting in $498,000      placement and employer satis-
                                                                                                           in provincial funding for the      faction. In a few years, the
                                                                                                           college.                           government may review all
                                                                                                              Based on the province’s         five indicators and award two
                                                                                                           method of linking perfor-          per cent per KPI for a total ot
                                                                                                           mance to funding, Durham           10 per cent.
                                                                                                           tied for first in Ontario, along      "Durham’s success is due to
                                                                                                           with Conestoga, Humber and         our terrific students, grads,
                                                                                                           Loyalist.                          professors and staff," said
                                                                                                              The survey showed 98 per        Polonsky. ’"KPI results Indicat-
                                                                                  Pholo by Amber Qllbert   cent of Durham’s 1999 grads        ing a 97-per cent employer sat-
  A KISS FOR GOOD LUCK: Moya Frape kisses the new president of the DCSA                                    achieved success (92 per cent       isfaction rate and a 92-per cent
  Will Ellis after the votes were tallied in the student centre.                                           through employment and six          graduate success are proof we
                                                                                                           per cent through continued          offer high-skill, real-world edu-
                                                                                                           education); 97 per cent of          cation and training."
                                                                                                           employers were satisfied with          While funding is an impor-
                                                                                                           the skills of the grads they        tant element linked to the gov-

Will Ellis takes over                                                                                      hired; 94 per cent of students
                                                                                                           were satisfied with Durham
                                                                                                           and its usefulness in preparing
                                                                                                           them for a career; and 91 per
                                                                                                           cent of the college’s grads were
                                                                                                                                              ernment survey, the KPI results
                                                                                                                                              also allow the college to
                                                                                                                                              improve the quality of educa-
                                                                                                                                              tion, he said. The indicators
                                                                                                                                              help Durham College deter-
                                                   also plans to get birth control and vision care         satisfied.                         mine how it can make pro-
BY OLIVER FERNANDEZ                                for students.                                              The government gathers          grams and services to students,
Chronicle staff                                       "Even though (vision care and birth con-             data from all 25 Ontario com-      graduates and employers bet-
                                                   trol) may increase costs for students," he              munity colleges based on five      ter, and how it can improve
   Will Ellis had a dream/ and on March 28         explained, "the benefits outweigh the costs."           key indicators: graduate           student success. "This informa-
that dream became reality when the third-             Ellis said the experience he’s gained as             employment, graduate satis-        tion will allow us to work with
year Marketing student was elected 2000-01        vice-president of Sports Administration                  faction, employer satisfaction,    our colleagues to ensure con-
Durham College Student Association presi-          assists him in his new role as president.               student satisfaction and gradu-    tinual     improvements are
dent.,                         .                      "It’s a lot of hard work and sometimes it            ation rate.                        made," Polonsky said.
   "I feel good," said Ellis about the win.        pays off," Ellis remarked about the past year.             Gary Polonsky, president of        The Ministry of Training,
   Ellis, whose campaign included dressing         "Sometimes it fails, it Hops...but that’s life,         Durham College & University        Colleges and Universities
up as a condom; handing out condoms and           you learn from your mistakes."                           Centre, said the survey results    requires colleges to publish
gum at the campus residence, and attending            Moya Frape, the DCSA’s departing presi-              were going to be used to deter-    graduate employment and
three pub n(ghts, defeated first-year              dent, is pleased with the work he has done as           mine a portion of the funding      graduation rate KPI results
Journalism student Chris Pasciano. Ellis          a vice-president.                                        available to colleges beginning    online. Further KPI informa-
credits, his success mostly to the ads posted         "He s done a great job on council with               in the 2001-02 fiscal year, but    tion is available under the
around the college.                               sports and he will slide nicely into this posi-          the government bumped its          Campus Life section at
   "When people walked in and they saw             tion," she said. "He obviously has great com-           initial time frame by one year.    www.durhamc.on.ca.
.Will Ellis, they laughed," he -explained.        munication skills, and I think that with his
 "They remembered my name, and that’s why         flamboyant attitude, he will lead the stu-
people came out to vote (for me)."                dents very well."                                            Athletes excel at sports banquet
   One of the ads portrayed Ellis alongside           While flamboyant for the most part, Ellis
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The picture            admits there are some instances when he can
showed the late civil rights leader dreaming      be hard to work with.
about racial equality, while Ellis dreamed            "I’m not a nice person to work with all the
about hot dogs and pop. Another ad showed          time," he stated, "but in the long run,
a close headshot of Ellis, with a big grin on     through thick and thin, we’re a family."
his face.                                             The concept of family is the reason Ellis
   "Let me just say I was told I am the first     wanted to run for president.
black president of the DCSA," he said by way          "I enjoy the DCSA, the unity, the family
of explanation. "It means nothing to me,          structure, he said.
but the dream is to redirect the DCSA."               Jane Green, administrative co-ordinator of
   The new direction involves Ellis’ hope of      the DCSA, said all of the candidates were
having an Internet radio station for the com-     worthy of becoming a president, but also
ing year. Ellis believes student talk shows for   acknowledged the special qualities of Ellis.
broadcast on the Internet would encourage             "He has a special way with getting people
more student involvement at the student           involved," she said. "He gets the word
centre and the pub.                               out...so I’m really encouraged to see what he
   ’"You could have a talk show-something         can do."                                                                                                   Photo by MIka Seymour
that’s fun and interesting, and gets people           Getting involved is the message Ellis wants             INDUCTIES INTO THE HA1-L OF FAME: Back, from left:
out to the student centre," he proposed.          to spread to Durham College.
                                                                                                            Ryan Hughes, Julie Hornsby, James Buck. Front row,
 "We’re here for the students. This building is       "The DCSA for next year would like all stu-
basically run by the students."                   dents, even if you’re not a full-time student,            Male Athlete of the Year Jimmy Kuzmanouski and
   Aside from the Internet radio station, Ellis   to get involved," he said.                                Female Athlete of the Year Tracy Weightman. See
                                                                                                            page 27 for more pictures and stories.
    Durham helps international students
    Chronicle staff

      Imagine being in China,
    studying at a college on a stu-
    dent visa, without family or
       Imagine not knowing the
    language and the culture of
    that country. What would
    someone do without the sup-
    port of students in that col-
    lege? How would someone
    feel if there was no one to
    help? Wouldn’t that person
    feel sad, perhaps disappoint-
    ed? Wouldn’t that student
    want someone to help him
    adapt to the new culture and
    help him with tasks in the col-
       Now, imagine a student
    from China studying at                                                                                                                            Pholo by Barry Slodman-Smlth
    Durham College facing the           A MULTI-CULTURAL GROUP: International Education director Barry Stedman-Smlth (front centre) and
    same situation.                     International Student Recruitment manager Ingrld Brand (back left) pose with Durham international students.
   International students at
Durham College come to
Canada on student visas.              here. I  am always homesick.      College. "They need someone front many difficulties with a       "I didn’t know how to meet
While they are here, they have        But so far, students at Durham    to help them.                   new culture.                   people when I came to
to confront a different culture.      College have been good to me.        Other students have rela-       They need to learn slang, Canada," said Singh. "We
Some students have no rela-           They help me when I need          tives In Canada, but they too styles of learning in the class- have a different way of meet-
tives, and they hope students         help."                            need help Integrating into the room and social trends. ing people in India," he said.
at Durham College will help              Chen said she would feel       new culture.                    Everything is new to them.       Although Singh lives with
them.                                 bad If she didn’t have the sup-      "The culture here is differ- They need to take part in relatives in Canada, he needs
’ Lin Chen is from China.             port of the students.             ent," said Maninder Singh, a activities. But in order to learn the support of students at
She came to Canada to study              "International students face   computer programming stu- about those new activities, Durham College.
business administration.              many difficulties integrating     dent from India. "But we need they need to be helped by oth-     "International     students
.  "I have no family in               into Canadian culture," said      to learn It while we are here." ers. Activities can include need to be encouraged by oth-
Canada." Chen said. "1 miss           Ingrld Brand, manager of             When International stu- spending time with friends, ers," he said. "It will be easier
my parents and my friends.            International          Student    dents come to study in learning new habits or fitting for me to get around if Stu-
 Because my parents are not           Recruitment     at    Durham      Canada, they expect to con- into the community.                dents help me."

                                                                                                         High success rate for
      New open computer lab next year                                                                    Durham’s graduates
                                                                                                        BY OLIVER FERNANDEZ                 job offers. He chose to work
     BY AMANDA PEREIRA                                the summer.                                       Chronicle Staff                     for Messier-Dowty, an aero-
     Chronicle Staff                                     Keeping up with the latest technology is                                           space company.
                                                      difficult as It changes so fast, however the IT                                          "They (Messier-Dowty) were
                                                      department is working on improving exist-            It’s an excellent time to be     accepting resumes through the
         "A learning commons."                        ing computer services and adding to the net-      graduating from college,            career fair, so that’s where I
        That is what members of the executive work.                                                     according       to    Margaret      learned about the job." Bernier
     team have dubbed the new open computer             "Our job is to improve the quality of ser-      Greenley, director of Career        said. "In mid-April is when I
     lab that will be ready for Sept. 1.             vice. We will do that by further staff train-      and Employment Services for         actually got the job, so I had to
        Although DC’s budget is not finalized, the ing, buying new equipment, analyzing cur-            Durham College.                     choose between that, my field
     open lab is a definite addition to the school, rent problems and strategizing for next                "We have a very strong           placement and another job."
     according to Denis Shelston, director of semester," Shelston said.                                 economy and the programs we            Joanne Warford, manager of
     Technical Services.         The Information        As of September the IT department is            offer at the college are very       Recruitment and Organization
     Technology (IT) department will likely make introducing personal e-mail accounts for               market-driven, so they’re           for Messier-Dowty, said the
     two classrooms into one large                                   every student, as well as a        aligned to today’s labour mar-      company    employs several
     room. The lab will consist of                                   new web server. Both pro-          ket. Our graduates are very         Durham graduates.
     90 PCs, four printers and pos-
     sibly 10 Macintosh comput-         t        Our  fob
                                                                     grams will be the backbone of
                                                                     a new student intranet, which
                                                                                                        successful," said Greenley.
                                                                                                           Key Performance Indicator
                                                                                                                                               "What we tend to look for,"
                                                                                                                                            Warford explained, "are indl-
     ers.                                                            Shelston described as "a           (KPI) surveys for the past two      ’viduals with a lot of drive and
        A location for the lab has            Is to                  vibrant virtual community          years indicate a high achieve-      energy, who are really interest-
     not been decided, however                                       with other students".              ment rate among Durham              ed in aerospace and manufac-
     Shelston said it will be some-           Improve                   Another addition to IT ser-     graduates. The most .recent          turing, that are educated, and
     where on the second floor,               the quality            vices is remote access for stu-    KPI survey reveals a 92 per cent    we have found some good
     possibly near Roasters.                                         dents to library resources.        employment success rate             grads from Durham."
        "There are rumours, but I             of service.     f      Students who have the              among 1999 Durham grads, up
                                                                                                        0.6 per cent from last year’s
                                                                                                                                               But not everyone is success-
                                                                                                                                            ful in their job search.
     really can’t tell you right                                     Internet at home will be able
     now. The budget isn’t final-.               Denis Shelston      to use EBSCO, Electronic           survey on 1998 graduates.              "One of the primary reasons
     ized yet...there are a lot of                                   Library Canada, Proquest and       Another six per cent of 1999        is that it doesn’t matter what
     politics involved in this                                       Britannica databases for           Durham grads are pursuing           job you go into, you need
     issue," Shelston said.                                        research.                            further education, compared         excellent customer service
        Shelston admitted DC has always been          "Eventually we may get more than four,            to 6.4 per cent of 1998 gradu-      skills," Greenley said. "We use
     lacking in technological advances. More but for now we’re happy with what we’ve                    ates,                               to think that ’teenies’ were in
     than 4,000 students use the computers daily. got," Carol Mittlestead of DC’s library said.            "If you have done a job          the backroom, but they’re
     yet there are computers and dot matrix print-    Remote access can be found on the                 search, if you go to our career     interacting with the customer,
     ers that are more than five years old. The library’s web page, under Campus Life-                  fair, if you have a resume that     so there s an expectation
     solution to that problem has been found.      Electronic Periodical Databases, on Durham’s.        has been checked by the             there."
        "Every year 25 per cent of our computers web site. Students are required to enter their         Career and Employment                  John Nevin, a 1996 Durham’
     will be replaced...therefore every four years identification numbers to use the resources.         office, if you have strong Inter-   Marketing graduate believes
     there will be a new computer system in the       Before this program was implemented stu-          viewing       skills,"   advised    Interpersonal skills are a key
     school. No computer will have a lifespan dents could only use the research databases               Greenley, "then I would sug-        factor in getting a job.
     longer than four years at the college," during the library’s operating hours.                      gest ...you’ll have a job four to      "Fifteen per cent is what the
     Shelston said.                                Mittlestead said this opportunity will provide       six months later."                  college gives you, the back-
        The executive team at DC has agreed to reliable information that will make students                Scott Bernier, a 1998            ground, the knowledge, that’s
     match every dollar the IT department lives easier.                                                 Operations Management grad-         the core of it, but it’s your per-
     receives from students, and some classrooms      "Now (students) will have links at any            uate, began his job search in       sonality and attitude...that are
     have been scheduled for replacement over time of the day."                                         November of his final year. By      basically going to get you the
                                                                                                        graduation, Bernier had three       job." Nevin said.
       Voters didn’t show                                                                                                                  Next year’s start date
                                                                                                                                              Unless changes are made, Wednesday Dec. 13, when
DCSA MUST                                                                                                                                  the fall semester will begin classes win end for winter
                                                                                                                                           on Tuesday Sept. 5.
                                                                                                                                              The academic calendar
                                                                                                                                                                           The winter semester In
                                                                                                                                           for 2000.01 has not been scheduled to start Monday
BE ABLE TO                                                                                                                                 financed and dates are still Jan, H, 2001 and reading
                                                                                                                                           tentative,                   week will be from Monday
COMMUNICATE                                                                                                                                   Fall semesiter exams will Feb. %6 to Friday March 2,
                                                                                                                                           run from Thursday Pec, 7 to
                                                                                                                                         New VP of university
 Olircmiola ntall
                                                                                                                                         affairs up to the task
      "My lilt’n Is (11 roinpl^ely
                                                                                                                                         BYOUVBR PRRNANDRZ
                                                                                                                                         OhronliBlflajqft_________,.        .stiujtint-i (o IK-COUK’ inarf)
    redirect (IIP PCSA," says Wifl                                                                                                                                          Involvm) ii) nurliitiii cdinpiis
    Ellls, nuwiy pIfptfU PCSA                                                                                                        >       Kerl’Ann KeoHnnn Is nn         ncUvttlos,
    President,                                                                                                                           Rnalliih major, a lifeguard, fl        "I want (o lif’tvu students
    The relatively low turnout                                                                                                           swimming Instructor, a pl»iy-       more tnt-’ludod In tliti fmsh
 for the March 22 presidential                                                                                                           Hround leader, and add to thu       week and thu pubs," fihe says,
 vote only contributed to his
 Idea that DCSA must be able
                                                                                                                                         list. the ZOOO’Ol vice.presldent    "HiBlu now, tho university stu-
                                                                                                                                         of University Student Affairs       dents,,,don’t fi?el like part of
 to communicate better with                                                                                                              on the Durham College               the community,"
 the students,                                                                                                                           Student Association.                   Keoynan sees the need for
    Elllo, a third-year Marketing                                                                                                           The first year Trent             more student clubs, an e’mall
 student, won a landslide victo-                                                                                                         University student boat three       newsletter that Informs stu’
 ry jetting 303 votes out of                                                                                                             other candidates to win the         dents of activities, and more
 33S, Only 627 out of approxi-                                                                                                           March 28 election.                  university courses offered at
 mately 4,900 eligible students                                                                                                              "I was excited," Keognan        the Durham campus.
 voted, « disappointing nurn’                                                                                                            sayi about her victory. "It was        Keognan’s        predecessor
 bor, but more than In tht last                                                                                                          such i short time to xot peo-       Lyndu Alllson, says university
    three years.                                                                                                                         pto’i attention."                   activities are at the prellml.
       Th< reaion Bills received
    luch ft huge malorlty, he
    b«lleve(, ii due to nil cim-
    plUm. .. .,         , ;..    .                                                                                                          Kooinin «xpliln«d thir«
                                                                                                                                         WM not nough t)m« to solicit
                                                                                                                                         votii, s the candidate! hid
                                                                                                                                         |ust two (tayi to campaign.
                                                                                                                                                                             nary itaies right now and
                                                                                                                                                                            .hopci Kcognan can bring
                                                                                                                                                                             Involvement up to the next
                    .       .
                                                                        ’                                     ^n^Ww if ^HWBV ^^^mn

       "Whin I came In Monday

                                                              ’.’                                   ’",
                                                                                                                                                                                Keognan believe! ih« li up

                                                                                                                                            With the election nowov<r,
                                                                    i       ’.                            ,

    motning and »»w everybody             NIW DCIAPMtOINTl WmiNCwveMpw^                                                                  Keoinin li urging unfviislty (otthelMk.
    looking at the posters and            ctont of ttr Durtwrn CON lUMtonI Aooltlon
    talking- About them, 1 )uit           Much 22. H«wHlotft«l«Hyt«k«efft«» April 9».
                                          MMenUi Hftww
       Unfortunately Presidential         A recurring topic for the«e                rience,* lays Bills. "Th» motto
    candidate Shawn Sexton wag         elections seems to be jetting                 for next year is, ’Get
    expelled for leaving hli poiterj   back in touch with the jtu-                   involved’."
    up to’late.                        dents. New ideas put forward                     All new ministers voted in
       Also elected March 22 was       by Bills support the idea that                realize that change Is neces-
    Kerl.Ann Keoghan, the new          his changes will have a pro*                  sary, There is a feeling of apa-
    Vice-president of University       found affect on the student                   thy among students. Brad
    Student Affairs and first year     body) Ideas like a student run                Fudge, a second year Graphic
    English major with Trent           Internet radio station, where                 Desfgn       student       says,
    University,                        advertising will be paid for by               "Whoever gets In doesn’t
.      Bills Is adamant about          restaurants and others wishing                affect me, I’u be out of school
    changing the DCSA.                 to be promoted, so students                   before there are any policy
       "A?ter Being VP of Sports for   won’t have to pay. A plan to                  changes."
    a year you gel a different pec’    provide birth control is also                    To get students’ attention
    speetlve," says 6111s. Once tak-   under consideration, but stu-                 Bills wishes to. start a Student
    ing office on April 28 he will     dent! may not see that .until                 Awareness Week. Dedicated to
    sit down with each member          2001 or 2602,                                 informing students about pel’
    and find out what each post’          "The DCSA wants all stu"                   Icy and generally let them                            VP OP UNIVKMITY AFFAIRS; Lynd« Alllion (l«ft),
    tlon can do better for the next    dents to get involved and get                 know what’s going on around                           th« ouritnt VP of unlvrclty ffnlr*, poioi with Kerl.
    year,    .   .. .                  the full and total college’expe-              Durham.                                               Ann Ktognsm (right) her uoofor.

                                                                                          Fasciano stands tall after loss
                                                                                      YTARA-LYNNHANWN                   plan. When Bills was inter*     In his campaign, Fasciano
                                                                                      Ghfonlcio 1»H                     viewed after he won, he said pushed to Improve communi’
                                                                                                                        It would take two or more cation between the DCSA and
                                                                                        Even though Chris years to make that promise students, He felt this Is at
                                                                                     FasrlftiiQ lost, he Is not bitter. become a reality,            least one thing every student
                                                                                        The vote for Durham                Fasclano believes that if dislikes about the school. He
                                                                                     College Student Association Bills is really committed to said If he went to students
                                                                                     preiloent took place March his promise he can make It trying to get an Idea about
                                                                                     28, and W1U Bills, a third year happen this year If he pushes what they like and dislike,
                                                                                     Marketing student, won the liard enough,                        there would be a better rela’
                                                                                     election.                                                       tlonship between students
                                                                                        The only other person run’                                   and the DCSA,
                                                                                     ning for the position was                                          Fasciano Is worried about
                                                                                     Pftgclano, a first year                  Students               the communleatlon between
                                                                                     Journalism student. It was his              don’t care          Rills and the students, He
                                                                                     hope to reach out to every                            Ju6t      does not feel Ellls will push
                                                                                     single person in the school.          there Is no               hard to open the lines of
                                                                                     His main priority as president        point..you aro            communication with every
                                                                                     would have been to open the                                     student,
                                                                                     lines of communication.
                                                                                        Fasclano feels the school
                                                                                                                           not going to                 Faselano Is not bitter, He
                                                                                                                                                     left after shaking hand? with
                                                                                     year will run smoothly .under         help them.          /     the winner, and says ho
                                                                                     Bills, but will have some ele-                                  gained Insight from the elec-
                                                                                     ments missing from It. He                    Chris Fiwinnd      tion experience,
                                                    PhatQ by Ambir Qllbin            agreed with Wlllls’ Idea for                                       But ne also realised stu-
        VOTINQs Chrl« PMolano, who ran for DC8A                                      birth control and eye wear to                                   dents do not cnre enough to
        prMldent, took th» tlm» to OMt hl» vot» for                                  be Included In the student                                      come out and vote,
        pruldent. Thr«« giriw on who htvoitator.
 4 THE CHRONICLE                                           April 18, 2000
                   WOE                                                                                                                                                                                               WE’RE IN ROOM L123,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      OUR PHONE NUMBER IS;
  PUBLISHER; Margaret Scott                                                                                                                                                                                           721.3068 (Ext 3068)
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       It’s time for time management
   "I am slowly going crazy.                                                                                                                                                                                       of stress and burnout, not even
One, two, three, four, five, six,                                                                                                                                                                                  a life supply of Jolt Cola is
switch." At one time these                                                                                                                                                                                         going to help them.
lyrics brought laughter and                                                                                                                                                                                           Another way to manage j
amusement. Now they are a                                                                                                                                                                                          time successfully, according toj
reality.                                                                                                                                                                                                           time management experts5
   As the school year winds                                                                                                                                                                                        such as the Carneys, is to make
 down and tests and assign-                                                                                                                                                                                        lists and learn to plan ahead.,
 ments seem to be never-end-                                                                                                                                                                                       If you know that you have’
 ing, it is becoming more obvi-                                                                                                                                                                                    three assignments due In the!
 ous how important time man-                                                                                                                                                                                       next two weeks, don’t leave
 agement is to being successful                                                                                                                                                                                    them until the night before;
 In school. In fact, aside from a                                                                                                                                                                                  they are due to complete
 steady diet of sugar, chocolate                                                                                                                                                                                   them. Instead, plan time to do
  and caffeine, time manage-                                                                                                                                                                                       the assignments in manage-
  ment is the only thing that                                                                                                                                                                                      able chunks so you do not feel;
 can possibly keep a college stu-                                                                                                                                                                                  like you are spending every
 dent sane.                                                                                                                                                                                                        waking hour doing homework.’
     Effective time management                                                                                                                                                                                     You will save yourself many
  is important because without                                                                                                                                                                                     all-night homework sessions,
 it, assignments would not be                                                                                                                                                                                      and unneeded stress.
 completed on time. Instead,                                                                                                                                                                                          The less stress the better, say
 they will pile up on the floor                                                                                                                                                                                    Catherine Dougan and Dr.
 until the pile is high enough                                                                                                                                                                                     Ron Dougan, authors of
 that it can hold its own against                                                                                                                                                                                  College Smarts Survival and
’the pile of dirty clothes sitting                                                                                                                                                                                 Success Guide for Canadian
 beside it. Which, by the way,                                                                                                                                                                                     Students. They also say the
 will be able to walk away on its                                                                                                                                                                                  habits you build in your 20s
 own eventually, because with-                                                                                                                                                                                     will most likely persist into
 out effective time manage-                                                                                                                                                                                        your 30s. Then, there is a good
 ment there will be no time                                                                                                                                                                                        possibility of a health break-
time to wash it.                                                                                                                                                                                                   down in your 40s as a result of
   Time management is easy.                                                                                                                                                                                        a poor life style and stress over-
First, admit there are only 24                                                                                                                                                                                     load.
 hours in a day. Second, set                                                                                                                                                                                          As you sit down to another
 aside time to get the things                                                                                                                                                                                      pile of assignments, caffeine
 done that have to be done                                                                                                                                                                                         and chocolate in hand, consid^
 such as assignments. Finally,                                                                                                                                                                                     er what your time manage-
 come to the realization that                                                         wreck, reeling form one crisis         Well, try applying the same           their plate that they will                      ment skills are like and the
 everyone     needs      sleep.                                                       of deadlines to the next,"             idea     to   everyday life.          become overwhelmed and                          kinds of habits you are creat-’
 Without sleep a person cannot                                                        according to Tome and                  Commiting to too many                 burn out. Dr. Steven Burns,                     ing.
 function and will become a                                                           Barbara Carney, authors of             things in a short period of           author of the web site, How to                     Chances are that you will
 zombie.                                                                              Liberation Learning.                   timewill leave people at their        Survive Unbearable Stress,                      discover a way or two to make
    Basically, time management                                                            Effective time management          wit’s end, frustrated and won-        says, "Sooner or later the ener-                your life at least a little bit less
 is allowing the time to fulfill                                                      is- possible, according to time        dering how in the world they          gy drain on your system will                    stressful.
 commitments and rest. "You                                                           management experts.                    will get everything done.      .      cause the body to fall behind
 don’t have to end the (semes-                                                            For example, does the ’just           People who don’t learn to          on its repair work."
 ter) a nervous, exhausted                                                            say no campaign’ ring a bell?          say no, will have so much on            If a person reaches this level                                  Mandy O’Connor

                     Are cliques in college cramping your style?
    How are people treated in                                                          dent, "grades and age separat-        other people feel about them.         we were all equal. Everyone they and their friends so much
 college compared to when                                                              ed people, now there are no           But they do.                          was here to start college and better than everyone else is?
 they were in high school? Are                                                         restrictions."                           Since attending college I          get an education. Slowly, peo- Why is it that when some peo-
                                                                                                                                                                        began to form friendships ple are with a group they act as
 there still cliques that separate
  and intimidate other people?
  There are and it is noticeable.
                                                                                          She also explained that peo-
                                                                                       ple are still judged, but it’s not
                                                                                       half as bad as it was in high
                                                                                                                             have been witness to snide
                                                                                                                             remarks about race, religion,
                                                                                                                             sex.and abuse. I have seen peo-
                                                                                                                                                                     ut then somewhere along the though there are a lot of peo-
                                                                                                                                                                   way things changed. People ple they don’t even know, but
     Different people from vari-                                                       school.                               ple made fun of while they            formed groups and tHe groups when t’hey are alone they
  ous programs showed a vary-                                                             On the other hand, most of         were just simply walking down         split. Some groups won’t talk speak to anyone for company.
’ ing opinion on how they felt                                                         the time it appears as though         the hall, and I have also heard       to others, and they make fun If they’re not too good on
  they were being treated now.                                                         everyone gets along and there         remarks about how people in           of each other. It isn’t as pre- their own they shouldn’t be to
  Many students said they saw a                                                        are no cliques, this is actually      some programs are geeks, but          dominant as it was in high good for people when they are
  big difference between high                                                          not true. More than 4,000 stu-        others are cool. I wonder why?        school, but it definitely exists with their friends.
  school and college.                                                                  dents have paid tuition money         People don’t deserve this.            in this school.
     "High school had levels,"                                                         and are here to learn. Students         When I arrived at school on            To anyone who has ever
  explained Christina McCarthy                                                         don’t have the time or energy         the first day it was amazing.         made fun of someone else, I               Amanda Dimelow
  a business administration stu-                                                       to wasted worrying about how          No one knew anyone else and           want to know why? Why are

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  s&ife,             ^i^4^.rt:^g..Pff9PUCTio^^ANAPM!’^
                                                                                                                                                                          THE CHRONICLE          -APRIL 18, 2000        5

     D o you know your rights ?
BE AWARE OF                                  ing at the same establishment for one
                                             year or more. An employer has seven me.
                                                                                                                              restaurants is sexual harassment. No
                                                                                                                              give me the vacation pay he will owe
                                                                                                                              one has to tolerate sexual harassment.
                                             working days, prior to a request for       Another problem I have encoun- It is illegal. Many people experience it,
YOUR RIGHTS AS                               vacation pay to provide it .            tered is the issue of holiday pay for but very few do something about it.
                                                 If a boss is attempting to deny general holidays. It is mandatory for           Employees dp not have to fear los-
                                             employees their rights, .they can write employers to pay time and a half for ing their jobs if they complain about
AN EMPLOYEE                                  to the Ontario Labour
                                             Board. Calling them is
                                                                                                    every general holiday. sexual harassment in the workplace. A
                                                                                                    There are nine general person cannot be legally fired for
      All employees of fast food restau-     not really an efficient                                holidays recognized by reporting such a situation, or any of
rants should be warned and made
aware of their rights as part-time work-
ers. They need to know what they can
                                             means of getting help.
                                             The board receives too
                                             many phone calls
                                                                            I was told by           -
                                                                                                    the Labour Board in the above situations for that matter. If
                                                                                                    Ontario; New Year’s people do not begin to do something
                                                                          my manager that Day, Good Canada about these issues, they will be repeat-
and cannot do when working at a fast         daily to address Indi-                                 Christmas Day,            ed because people are getting away
food restaurant. They also need to           vidual     complaints,       my boss could-            Day (also know as with it.
know what their employers can and
cannot do. I have heard many people
                                             however the Labour
                                             Board is required to
                                                                          n’t afford to pay         Dominion Day), Boxing         The Labour Board is available to
                                                                                                    Day, Victoria Day, protect people from mistreatment by
complaining about their bosses mis-          answer all tetters it        me vacation pay           Thanksgiving         and their employers. A significant amount
treating employees, yet no one knows         receives.                    unless I took a           Remembrance         Day. of information on labour laws can be
what to do about It.                            Employees can tell                                  Employers are required found on the Internet, in books and
   I was told by my manager that my
boss couldn’t afford to pay me vaca-
tion pay unless I took a cut in my
                                             their employer they
                                             are aware of their
                                             rights and negotiate
                                                                          cut in my
                                                                          hours.___                                                     -’
                                                                                                    by law to pay at least from lawyers. Working in a fast food
                                                                                                    time and a half for restaurant is not a career for most of us,

                                                                                                    working on any of these so if the situation in the workplace is
hours. All part-time employees must          another way to be paid                                 days, as long as employ- not good, take action against it. People
receive their vacation pay before the        other than with a                                      ees worked for at least have the right to fight a bad employer
end of the year. Furthermore, employ-        lump sum. It was suggested to me that 15 calendar days out of 30, before the and they have tools to do so. Ensure
ees must be paid four per cent of their      I speak to my boss and request he add holiday.                                   yourself a safe and comfortable work-
income. All part-time workers are enti-      four per cent onto each of my pay-         Another common complaint among place.
tled to a two week vacation after work-      cheques to make it easier for him to students working part time at fast food                           Crystal Kallan

Consi der the facts
   Every day in courts across Ontario, men and being one of the main ones. Three tombstones
                                                                                                                                                          The right to choose
                                                                                                                                                          belongs to everyone
women are convicted of impaired driving. will keep this woman’s mind occupied for a
Recently, a provincial court judge convicted a long time - does anybody not think this will                                                                  Imagine you’ve been
22-year-old woman of drinking and driving act as a deterrent for the rest of her life?                                                       .            faced with the biggest deci-
and sentenced her to four years in prison. This     Punishment is definitely in order in this                                                             sion of your life. Now imag-               Tabitha
was her first offence. Seem harsh? Consider case. The woman certainly does not qualify for                                                                ine on the day you must act
the facts.                                       a slap on the wrist.                                                                                     on that decision you’re
   The young woman lived in a small rural            Education and a mountainous period of                                                                faced by a crowd of people                 Cochrane
community in southern Ontario. One of her community service would be in order. The                                                                        determined to convince you
friends was going to move to Australia so a barn death of three of her friends will provide her                                                           that it is a big mistake.
party in a local field was held for her. After with guilt for a long time. The presence of sur-                                                              Pro-life activists will stop   Whether or not a woman
seven hours of drinking, the woman got behind viving relatives will serve to punish her con-                                                              at nothing to get their point has an abortion is possibly
the wheel of her car with three of                                science even further. Four                                                              across. They carry signs the hardest decision she can
her friends and headed home.                                      years in jail, surrounded by                                                            depicting aborted fetuses, make. Many factors must be
A short distance away, she lost                                   petty thieves and repeat                                                                and go as far as to accuset considered, including social,
control of the vehicle and the                        Murray      offenders would do her more
                                                                  harm than good. She doesn’t
                                                                                                                                                          someone going into a clinic financial and emotional
                                                                                                                                                          of committing murder, a sin capabilities. Once a woman
resulting crash killed her three
friends.                                                          need to be.kept from the privi-                                                         against God.                    has made the choice, she
   So it comes back to the orig-               Bames              leges of society she will carry                           -                                According to Statistics must decide if she wants to
inal question. Was the penal-                                     her burden forever.                                                                     Canada, less than one per have the procedure done
ty for her actions harsh?                                            What makes this such a dif-                                                          cent of pro-                                 through a
   The sentence is an obvious warning to others ficult argument is that there are mothers,                                                                life activists                               hospital or a
who drive impaired. That’s fine, but it makes a fathers, brothers and sisters who will never                                                              have       ever                              registered
                                                                                                                                                          been person-        m Whether or not         abortion
scapegoat out of the young woman who had no have the opportunity of seeing their loved ones
previous record of drunk driving.                again.                                                                                                   ally faced                                   clinic.
   Will four years in jail rehabilitate the         They are the real victims here. What they                                                             with        the     a woman has an              If     she
woman? What is there to rehabilitate? There are going through is something many of us                                                                     decision at         abortion is     pos-     chooses to
was no suggestion she was an alcoholic, so may never understand.
there should be no need to fix a drinking prob-     Isn’t the court supposed to punish people as
                                                                                                                                                          hand. Yet
                                                                                                                                                          these are the       sibly the hardest go to she
lem. The shame and the shock of her actions a reflection of what society as a whole would                                                                 people who          decision she can         faces noth-
should be enough to turn her off alcohol per- want? Perhaps the young woman’s punish-                                                                     are trying to
                                                                                                                                                                              make.                 9  ing     more
manently.                                        ment should have been left up to the collective
                                                                                                                                                          tell     other                               than      her
   Our judicial system punishes people for their agreement of the grieving relatives? Would                                                               women that                                        own feelings.
crimes for a number ; of reasons, deterrence they have given her four years in jail?                                                                      what they                                         While some
                                                                                                                                                          are doing is                                      of the nurses
                                                                                                                                                          immoral and                                       and doctors
                                                                                                                                                          wrong.                                            may       not
                                                                                                                                                             "The right to reproduc-        approve, they will not pass
 ^..^pterestea-tn^arntrigsjhpw^sgtris^^                                                               ill^@lil»y^^^^
                                                                                                    i^iN^^^^^^^y""?^                                      tive freedom is fundamental       judgment.
                                                                                                                                                                                               At an abortion clinic, the
.^:to^klss:?’aSlwndr^.;dlilerent^a^                          ^tt^i^Sb^                                   ^buyi-aiicariand-^.’.I
                                                                                                    /< f’»";’<   rf^l^^’-ltA’i/’ltmfAB^-’Wllrt^l’-
                                                                                                                                                          and              imperative.
                                                                                                                                                          Reproductive choice ensures       patient will receive the same
,j^^Juepick^th|^l|.p                           t^;-*^,-(;"-A’:-^^i^’y’M’«..^.yl^l                        f.-.t.i.ra;^,,;,-^..;^^;.;0 :-.:>;,.
                                              ^"^pgt1^"*^?!^^                                                                                             that women have the means         level of professional care,
                                li^Uk^                                                                                                                    for self-determination and        but from someone who sup-
                                 ^^i"!’*’*      ^’Rote^i^af
                                              ^^N^i^pfea1^                                                                                                planned parenthood. Only          ports her decision. People
                              ^fc^t^^Ne^^o^    ^’A<»/l«^»*t»h rt^A^i.C*             -*/</».-’^tAflv^l*-
                                                                                                                                                          with these rights are women
                                                                                                                                                          full, equal citizens in control
                                                                                                                                                                                            would not work at a clinic if
                                                                                                                                                                                            they did not believe it is a
     magaahes ar&poctraylng^liffi^^                                                                                                                  ,;   of their bodies and their         woman’s right to make this
                                                                                                                                                          futures," says Dr. Henry
                                                                                                                                                          Morgentaler, whose 20-year
                                                                                                                                                                                               To those who feel it nec-
     tellgirls being beautif^l;^p^^<)mari^t^ly^^Uhou^ta,^^                                                                                                fight to legalize the practice    essary to force their opinion
                                                                                                                                                          was instrumental in the           on Others - they are not sav-
 ^s^^Klgh-prlorlty’iniU^Thg^                                                                                                                              Supreme Court of Canada’s         ing a life. By aborting, a
                                                                                       .^^iM^KiW^.SV’s;^!.;;                                              decision to decriminalize         woman is giving her next
                                                                                     tO^i’^^^^^^^.1.-,^’.^’^^^^ !-:.:?
 ;   and boys.                                                                       ^ii;ifftf^ite>&XW                                                    abortion in 1988.                 child a better chance at life.
                                                                                                                                                 DC gets
      Ob s es se d with Internet                                                                                                                new
BY RACHEL CRAIG                     Maclean’s, found last year to      on the Net." He finds the hun-     on the weekend using the
Chronicle Staff                     be "a breakthrough year for
                                    the Web." Laver wrote that
                                    "...faster, simpler connections,
                                                                       dreds of sources available on
                                                                       the Internet a great way to do
                                                                       research. He also has discov-
                                                                                                          Internet. Bell plays and down-
                                                                                                          loads games from the Web, but
                                                                                                          also finds It useful for commu-
  With a few clicks, beeps and
whirs of a computer, a user is
connected to the Internet.
With a few more clicks, he is
                                    will draw more Canadians to
                                    the Internet." Some cable TV
                                    and telephone companies
                                    allow Instant access to the
                                                                       ered e-malling is cheaper than
                                                                       the telephone to communicate
                                                                       with friends and relatives.
                                                                          Daniel Okrent’s 1999 article
                                                                                                          nicating with people and
                                                                                                          obtaining really good informa-
                                                                                                             When Gllhooly first began
                                                                                                                                                Mac lab
connected to his favourite site.    Internet when users turn on        in      Maclean’s     magazine,    to use the Internet, he found         BY AMANDA PEREIRA
He then begins a journey into       their computers, writes Laver.     "Raising Kids Online: What         newsgroups and surfing the            Chronicle Staff______
a cyber worid of escape.               Michael Gllhooly, a teacher     Can Parents Do?" explains          Web to’be fascinating. He was
   For many, the Internet has       of Internet Research and Page      that Internet fans, especially     able to download and play                There may be a new
become an obsession that has        Design at Durham College,          those who like chatting, dis-      games, pose questions about           Macintosh lab at Durham
taken over their lives.             hopes that everything does         covered the Web "...force(s)       various topics, read newspaper        College for the 2000-01
   The Internet offers a user       not become computerized in         Interaction, engagement, con-      articles and make upgrades to        ’school year, as well as net-
the ability to communicate          the future. He does not think      nection" with other human          his shareware.                        work and equipment
with people on the other side       It will get to the point where     beings. The Internet provides         Gllhooly now uses the              Improvements for stu-
of the world or to purchase a       people will not leave their        chatters with a sense of com-      Internet 30 to 40 hours a             dents. The school budget
car. It is becoming increasing-     homes. When he goes shop-          munity, but the Interaction        month, finding up-to-date             will be finalized this
ly easy for anyone to find what     ping, he would like to see the     "...is actually Interaction with   Information      on      Apple        month and proposals and
he needs without leaving the        person he is giving his money      the facsimile of a human           Products, computer games and          costs are being considered
comfort of his home.                to and would like that person      being."                            the latest Pokemon sites for his      now.
   In a series of articles last     to "be on his side" if some-          Jetha finds the Internet has    children.                                "In the ideal world
year in Maclean’s magazine,         thing goes wrong.                  broadened his horizons and he         Okrent says in his article         we’re looking for at least
Warren Caragata examines the         First     . year      Police      aware of how technologically       that although many users find         one new Mac lab," said
various businesses that are      Foundations student Rahim             advanced society has become. -     the latest sports scores of their     Chris Hinton, head of the
making an appearance on the Jetha admits he is addicted to                "The ways of mass commu-        favourite team, others check          Macintosh facility. "We
Internet. Music stores, such as the Internet.                          nication have broadened. The       out sites dedicated to making         make a big wish list and it
Sam the Record Man, depart-          "I can’t handle being away        Internet has overloaded soci-      bombs and breaking into               has to bounce to the exec-
ment stores, such as Sears, from the Net," he says. "It’s a            ety with the amount of mass houses. Jetha Is concerned                   utive team and back to us.
banks, grocery stores, media sense of communication with               communications available,"  about the misuse of informa-                The net result is that we
companies, travel agencies and the rest of the world."                                             tion found oh the Internet. He
                                                                       he says. He cites examples of                                            end up with a lesser dollar
car dealers are now "...making      He spends 10 to 12 hours a                                     sites as an example "1,000
                                                                       being able to listen to music,                                           amount and have to bud-
the shift ’to Internet com- day during the week using the                                          Ways to Make a Bomb."
                                                                       read his horoscope, watch the                                           get ourselves;"
merce.... They are bewitched Internet and 14 hours a day on            news or book a plane ticket    With all of the extra speed                  The Macintosh facility
by forecasts that $80 billion the weekend.                             without leaving home.       expected, the future Is coming               has asked for a new main
worth of business will be trans-    Jetha uses the Internet to            Ryan Bell, a Grade 10 stu-
                                                                                                   faster than many expect and                  server, network improve-
acted in Canada on the Net by download programs, movie                                             many want. Bell just hopes his
                                                                       dent at Sutton. District High                                            ments, including software
2003."                           clips, songs, find information,       School in Sutton, Qnt., spends
                                                                                                   eyes will not hurt too much                  upgrades, lab refurblsh-
   Ross Laver’s 1999 article, . e-mail and chat with friends.          five to six hours a day during
                                                                                                   after staring at the computer                ments, more digital cam-
"What’s Hot for ’99" in Jetha finds "everything is a pro               the week and 12 hours a day screen for too long.                        eras and a new lab. The
                                                                                                                                               lab will include new digi-
      Parent’s insurance policy cancelled                                                                                                      tal software, scanners and
                                                                                                                                               a printer, but the number
                                                                                                                                               of computers it will hold
                                                                                                                                               is not definite.

      because of son’s bad driving record
                                                                                                                                                  The department must
                                                                                                                                               first consider how many
                                                                                                                                               students are enrolled In
                                                                                                                                               courses that require
 Chronicle Staff                                                                                                                               Macintosh computers,
                                                                                                                                               and the amount of class-
                                                                                                                                               room time that will be
     After their son’s insurance                                                                                                               needed in the labs next
policy was cancelled because                                                                                                                   year.
of his bad driving record, Sal                                                                                                                    To save money Hinton
and Maria Crimi were shocked                                                                                                                   Is proposing to use an
when their policy was can-                                                                                                                     existing storage room for
celled too.                                                                                                                                    the lab.
.   When their son lost his                                                                                                                       "It’s currently serving
 license for 60 days as a result                                                                                                               as an oversized locker to
 of two car accidents and a                                                                                                                    hold art portfolios. If all
speeding ticket, his insurance                                                                                                                 goes well, we will build
 policy with Direct Protect was                                                                                                                large lockers in the hall
 cancelled, but so were the poli-                                                                                                              for art students to store
cies of his parents.                                                                                                                           tHeir portfolios," Hinton
    "They should take each dri-                                                                                                                said. The Macintosh facil-
ver for their own record, not                                                                                                                  ity, part of the Computer
for the record of their family                                                                                                                 Information Services at
members," says Marian Crimi                                                                                                                     Durham, Is growing.
who has a perfect driving                                                                                                                      "Currently It supports
record.                                                                                                                                         1200 students, according
    "It sounds strange," says                                                                                                                   to Hinton. New programs
Sean Johnson, an insurance                                                                                                                      such as the Multimedia
broker for Direct Protect, who                                                                                                                  and Web Developer cours-
adds how in extreme circum-                                                                                                                     es have resulted in an
stances it could happen.                                                                                                                        increase of students who
    It is an uncommon inci-                                                                                                                     use Macintosh computers
dent, according to Johnson,
but the decision to remove all                                         .
                                       NICK EVELYN: Reading over Insurance policy, after hearing about the prob-
                                       lems that can occur from being with the came Insurance company ae people In
                                       the same household..        -^"^;.;:1
                                                                                       ’. ’.,. : ’.:.^:’ ’’.: ,;- ., .,".,:-.’
                                                                                                                                                daily. These programs, as
                                                                                                                                               well as ’Graphic Arts,
drivers from the same house-                                                                                                                   Journalism and others,
hold from their policies with                                                                                                                   require the digital soft-
Direct Protect depends on           ance policy for anyone living    risk driver found a different        fine print in insurance policies      ware that Macintosh com-
whether the driver at fault Is      in the same house.               insurance company, CIBC              says can sometimes cause              puters have to offer.
high risk. Direct Protect then         Another Insurance compa-      would take the rest of the fam-      thins kind of situation. She             "Despite the fact that
becomes concerned that then         ny, CIBC, can and will take      ily back, she said/      : :’   ’
                                                                                                          suggests not to go through a          the market might say that
high-risk driver will have          similar action.               .     Demelo and Johnson both           .company broker, but through          there are a lot of IBMS,
access to other vehicles owned         "Most companies will can- said there are’no set of rules           a personal broker working for         Macs are dominant in the
by the family.                      cel the policy, but what you insurance companies have to              the client and not the insur-         business world," said
   "We are not obligated to         have to find out is how to get follow and every company has           ance company.                         Hinton, "We are making
write a policy," says Johnson.      it back," says Sharon Demeto, itsowri. V’" ::’^""’’/.         ^.:’        *My best advice Is to query       sure that we fulfill Stu-
If there Is a high-risk driver In   a broker for CIBC insurance.        Vashti HIralal, a broker for      it; don’t just merely accept it,"’    dents’ needs by getting
a household, Direct Protect            CIBC insurance would can- Manley Insurance Brokerage;              says Hiralal about accepting          them ready for a career In
doesn’t have to write an insur-     cel the policy, but if the high- says not knowing what me             insuiahcie policies. ’   ’,’     ’    technology."
                                                                                                                                        THECHRONICIE              April 18, 2000

What every student needs to know...
To help you prepare for the Winter Semester Examinations/Evaluations, please carefully read the following information.
If you require clarification, please see your Program Director or appropriate Program Faculty.

1.                       Check your examination timetable carefully. Make sure you know the time and place that the examination is being written. NON-STANDARD
                         STUDENTS - If you note a conflict in your examination schedule, please go to the appropriate Divisional Office to discuss alternate
                         arrangements.                             ’

2.                       Arrive 10 - 15 minutes early.

3.                       Bring extra pens and pencils. Examination aids such as electronic calculators MUST be approved by the professor. Please check with your
                         professor BEFORE the examination.
                         Unless you are writing on Open Book examination, leave all books, materials, and personal belongings in your locker.
                         For students writing on examination in the gym, all duffel bags. books, and personal belongings are to be put in Team Room #1 (if you have not
                         left the articles in your locker). These articles WILL NOT be allowed in the gym,

4.                       When writing examinations in the gym. (me up on the second floor at the top of the stairs outside of the Dining Room. You will be called to
                         enter the Gym approximately 15 minutes before the examination is scheduled to start.
                         When writing examinations in other rooms, congregate outside of the assigned room. You will be seated in the examination room approximately
                         10 minutes before the examination is scheduled to start.

5.                       When writing examinations            in   the Gym or Cafeteria, use the seating plan on your examination schedule to assist you in finding your exam.

6.                       Please enter any examination room quietly; stop talking. Student conversation is not permitted.
                         Sit down immediately and check that you are in the right place with the right examination. Write your name on the examination booklet and
                         computer sheet/card. Leave the examination face down until advised to begin. Before storting to write the examination, check to ensure that
                         no pages are missing.

7.                           In order to ensure a quiet environment throughout the examination, the following are in effect". .
                                       a) You will not be admitted to the examination room if you are more than 30
                                               minutes late.
                                       b)      You may not leave the examination room during the last 15 minutes.
                                       c)      You may not leave the examination room during the first 30 minutes.
                                       d)      Initial the class list as it is circulated to confirm your presence.
                                       e)      If you have any questions or problems during the examination, raise your hand. Do not ask your neighbour. Please ask the
                                               invigilator in a quiet voice so you do not disturb the other students.
                                       f)      If you leave the examination room early, please do not remain in the area outside of the room. Excessive noise may be
                                               disruptive to those remaining in the room.

8.                       If you are prevented from writing an examination, phone the appropriate division IMMEDIATELY.                      Inclement weather, road accidents, or
                         other problems can occur.

                                       Division                                                              Extension
                                       Arts A Administration                                     .           3072
                                       Business Administration             .                                 3065
                                       Design & Communication Arts                                           3072
                                       Health & Human Studies:                                                                        The College number is
                                            D.ental/ECE                                                      2125                     721-2000
                                         Nursing/Practical Nursing/Human Service Counsellor                  2375
                                       Technology                                                            2545

                             Appropriate documentation may be requested if you are prevented.from writing the examination.                                    -

             .               In the event of inclement weather conditions, listen to the following radio stations’.
                                                 Magic (Oshawa)                  94.9onyourF-M.dial                               .                     .

     ,                               "’,:’:’ : . KX96              :             95.9,on your P.M. dial

9.                           ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: ’Please refer to pages F10 & Fll in your 1999/2000 Student Handbook. The MINIMUM penalty a student found
                             cheating can expect is o.zero on the examination,           ’’. ’:
10.                      FIRE ALARM, BOMB THREAT,- Follow the directions given by the invigilator. Vacate the room                           as QUICKLY and       CALMLY as possible.
                         DO NOT stop for books, duffle bags, etc. Wait for the okay to return message.

11.                          ILLNESS; If you become ill <lurir^^heexdrmnation,ndiify;one of              the invigilators imm^^
 12.                         CHILDREN; -As per the st.atement’ori page F7 of your 1999/2000 Student Handbook, children ore not allowed in classrooms (this includes
                             examination, rooms) while activities ’ore in ’session,’ Please make appropriate arrangements so you DO NOT bring your child/children to the
                     .       examination room(s).       .., ^; ,’ <;.
                                                          -            ^
                                                                                         ’. ’..  :
                                                                                                         :                 ’
                                   ASINDIVIDUALTRpPESSORS:MAyNOT8EINVrGILAnNG THErRRE5Pe<;nVEEXAMINAn^                                                                             ,

,;       ,

                     ’   ,    , OBTAIN WHATEVER               ^SSISTANCE^OU
                                                              MEED IN, YOUR VARroUS SUBJECTS  THE DATE OF THE EXAMINATIOK   BEFORE
                                                              GOOD LUCK TO EACH OF YOU IN YOUR EXAMINATIONS!
8 rHECHRONICIS             Aprin8, 2000

     Seniors getting no help
                  from community
                                                                                    Walk for the Cure:
Chronicle Staff     __
                                   $5000 in order to
                                   expense,      according
                                   Hammond. Hammojid said
                                                          pay this
                                                                 to              Diabetes walk on May 7
                                   that they need more tables for
   Seniors showed up in abun-      the cafeteria, another class-         BY MICHAEL SEYMOUR
dance to support a proposal to     room so they no longer need           Chronicle Staff             ally to find a cure for dia-               the walk, promoting better
expand               Northview     to double up classes and office                                   betes and its complications.               management of the disease.
Community Centre.                  space for the three staff mem-           On Sunday May 7,            The JDF gives more money                This will lead to fewer com-
   Jim Potticary and Evelyn        bers who are using the foyer as       Shoppers Drug Mart will be to diabetes research than any               plications and is a reason
Hammond presented their            an office now.                        participating in its second other non-profit, non-gov-                 why the Diabetes Care
case to Oshawa City Council           Council         unanimously        annuaf Walk for the Cure; ernment agency in Canada.                    Centre is in every Shoppers
on March 20, in front of a full    agreed that something needs           which helps raise money to Along with this, the JDF will                Drug Mart store.
house of supporters.               to be done, however, there was        find a cure for diabetes.       give more-than $112.5 mil-                Angle Dacosta, a captain
   Potticary and Hammond           some disagreement over exact-             More than two million lion to diabetes research                    and representative for the
told council that space was        ly what action should be              Canadians suffer from dia- worldwide. In 1999-2000,                    Shoppers Drug Mart in
needed for the 15,000 seniors      taken. Council members even-          betes.         Approximately more than $6.8 million of                 Pickering says, "More people
who affiliate themselves with      tually agreed on the following;       750,000 are unaware they those funds will go to                         have to get Involved, because
Northview. They said the           the seniors could hire an archi-      have it. Diabetes kills more Canadian research.                         most people just don’t
1800 square feet allotted to the   tect with their own money as          people each year than AIDS,        The Walk for the Cure is a           understand how many peo-
senior’s portion of Northview      long as the city is not expected      breast cancer and lupus com- five or 10 kilometre walk                  ple are dying from diabetes."
is just not enough space.          to come up with "millions." As        bined. Forty three per cent along the Oshawa Creek                         Alexander, a 13-year-old,
   Hammond told council that       described my Mayor Nancy              of Canadian children are Trail. It begins at 10 am, at                 JDF junior       spokesperson
their cafeteria can only seat 32   Diamond, to build the expan-          diagnosed with Type 1 dia- Lakevlew Park beside the                     says, "I’m optimistic about
people at once, and that many      sion.                                 betes.                          Jubilee Pavilion.                       my dia.betes. One day there
people are eating off TV trays.        Council also agreed that              Marie Cosentino, organiz-      New Country Music Star              will be a cure, but until that
She said the seniors would like    the Operational Services Staff        er of this year’s walk, Is hop- Beverley Mahood will be                day I have to live with it. If I
to hire an architect to deter-     should provide assistance to          ing the Juvenile Diabetes among the people participat-                 let my diabetes get me down
mine      if    expansion     of   the     senior’s   Expansion          Foundation’ (JDF), will’ reach ing. Shoppers Drug Mart has             it would make my life 10
Northviw is possible.              Committee, while reviewing            its goal of $6 million nation- decided to get involved In              times harder."
   The seniors have raised         their options.

    Sports editor at This Week loves his j ob
 BY RODNEY WILSON                           work for a small weekly newspaper,             keep in mind, that you’re always get-       watch a lot of hockey.
Chronicle Staff                             The pay was better there and he was            ting the names out there and pictures          "It doesn’t feel like work most of the
                                            having more fun, so he began thinking          of little kids, because that’s important;   time," he said. "I love my job, and you
    Growing up in Oshawa, Brian             about a possible career in journalism.         that’s what a community newspaper is        certainly get to meet a lot of people."
 Legree thought he would become a              Soon, he was hired by the Oshawa            about." He writes stories too. "Just           He has been very fortunate, having
 lawyer or possibly a sports agent.         Times, a dally paper, where he would            because you’re the editor, doesn’t the opportunity to meet many super-
    "I knew that 1 wanted to work at        be employed for the :next seven years.          mean you don’t do writing; (I) certain- stars, including Bobby Orr and Eric
 something I liked," said the Oshawa        Four years later, he was sports editor.        ly do a lot of writing."                    Lindros.
 This Week sports editor. But going            He switched over to the news side               His main duty is covering the              When asked if he wanted to stay as
 into university, he still wasn’t exactly   and became news editor for the                  Oshawa Generals on a regular basis.        sports editor in the future, he said, "It’s
 sure what that something was.              Whitby edition of the Oshawa Times.                  "The game coverage is less impor- hard to say. Change is as good as, a
    He attended the University of           But that section was soon closed down           tant; we \",t people know the score, but rest. I’ve done every job you can prob-
 Western Ontario, where he received a       and                                            we introduce them to the players ably do in a newsroom, and they all
 bachelor of arts degree, and then             Legree returned to the Oshawa               behind the helmet."                         have their up side and they all have
 moved on to Fanshawe College, where        office as news editor for a short while,           Covering the Generals has been their down side."
 he took a course in broadcast journal-     before he was back in the sports sec-           interesting this year, according to           He continued: "The one thing about
 ism.                                       tion. Then came the strike in                   Legree, because they are struggling and sports is how many times can you go
    He loved his university and college     December of 1994, when Thompson                 he has been forced to criticize a team to an 18 or 19-year-old hockey player
 experiences, but it was now time to        Newspapers "eventually pulled the               that has a history of winning.             and ask him some question that he’s
 find work.                                 plug on the whole operation," as                    "I think they respect the fact that, going to give you some stock answer
     Only months after graduation, he       Legree put it.                                  in essence, I’m calling a spade a to. There’s got to be more to It than
 was hired at a small radio station in         The Times was now out of business            spade," he said. They still deal with that."
 Lindsay as a news reporter.                and he was out of work.                         him politely, he added, because they          Legree has some advice for journal-
    After working in radio for several         Several months later, in March               realize he’s just doing his job.           ism students.
 years, he thought back to the advice        1995, Legree was hired at Oshawa This             According to his contract, Legree          "I think the hardest thing to do in
 that one of his teachers at Fanshawe       Week. He was begging for work, and              works 35 hours a week, but says he this business, and I think I’m still try-
 had given him.                             with a child on the way, he gladly took         sometimes works more, "You can work ing to get through it, is let your writing
    "If you don’t see yourself getting      the opportunity.                                as much as you want, I come here and reflect yourself, he said. "Ultimately,
 somewhere that you think you should         After doing news for three years, he           I work eight hour days, and I go to some of your own personal flair has
 be within (about) three years, basically moved to his current position as sports           Generals’ games."                          got to get in there, especially when
 get out," the teacher told him.          editor.                                              He also helps co-ordinate sports you’re writing columns. Ten, 12 years
    Radio paid poorly in small commu-        One of his duties as sports editor             with the editors In Ajax and ago, it was kind of hard to inject some
 nities, so he left the station and ended includes making sure the stories of the           Clarington.                                of your own personality.
 up in Oshawa, doing Generals play by day get covered.                                         "There Is four of us that I view as the    "(But) now I think people, if they’ve
 play. He also did some writing on the       "We try and cover the stuff that Is of         sports team," he said.                     read me over a period of time, have a
 side.                                    interest to people. In addition to pro-              He loves coming to work every day, little idea (that) I might just drop in
    He then got the opportunity to viding the scores, you always have, to                   because he loves sports and gets to the odd sarcastic comment," he said.

             Religion coming to Durham College
Chronicle Staff                    cent are catholic, three per        asked did not have a problem          Bright notes he was Inspired        attended a meeting during this
                                   cent are-Islamic, and, six per      with this issue, as long as they      by God to start, the organiza-      past Christmas break.
   While it may be generally       cent a-e Greek Orthodox.            are not persuaded to join.            tion. He felt that he needed to        Touma .says there are many
accepted that religion and         Only a small percentage asked       Approximately one third had           start a mission to "...obey         students who need to meet
education should be keptsepa-      said they were Christian.           no opinion and 11 per cent            Jesus’ final commandment to         other Christians. He describes
rate, some Durham College             "Religion in school is           disliked the idea of religious’       His followers." The webpage         the assembly as a social group
students think a religious         good," said one student in a        beliefs and school being Inte-        also told of " ... taking God’s     with CCC faculty assistance
group within the school is a       random sampling at the col-         grated.                               message of love’and forgive-        for the members.
great idea.                        lege. "It instils morals and val-      Discussions about religion         ness to the world."                    Seven people have called
   Most students interviewed       ues in students. It gives one       were prompted by the opening             The Durham chapter of            Touma for information on the
recently shook their heads in      something to believe in."           at Durham College of .the             CCC was started by Dan              meetings, but they are finding
confusion when they were              Fourteen per cent of these       Campus Crusade for Christ, an         Touma, a Durham College stu-        it difficult to work the group
asked "Do you believe in           students think a religious          organization founded by Bill dent in his first year of a three- into their busy schedules.
God?" Seventy-seven per cent       group within the school is a        Bright, who also has websites year course.                      Once the group is better estab-
agreed that they do believe in     good idea.                          on fasting and prayer.            Touma was introduced to lished they wish to have week-
a higher power. Fourteen per          Almost half of students             On the CCC home page, CCC by a friend of his and ly meetings.
       Vendors b oost Durham’s profits
BY DAWN DE SOUZA                                                                                                                                                allow to be sold in the school.
Chronicle Staff                                                                                                                                                 Vendors in colleges and uni-
                                                                                                                                                                versities are common place
   Corporate advertising, ven-                                                                                                                                  according to Aprile;
dors and the bookstore at                                                                                                                                           Troy White, a vendor who
Durham       College     create                                                                                                                                 has been to Durham College
Income that goes towards the                                                                                                                                    to promote his marital arts
school according to Ralph                                                                                                                                       school Side
Aprlle, director of administra-                                                                                                                                     Kicks Martial Arts, said he
tive services.                                                                                                                                                  was "interested in doing this
    Aprile says when students                                                                                                                                   venue because (he) believes
 purchase Items from the book-                                                                                                                                  that a lot of college students
 store or vendors in the purple                                                                                                                                 would be interested in utilis-
 pit’ they are supporting the                                                                                                                                   ing (his) services."
 school.                                                                                                                                                            White is also planning on
    The Zoom Media advertise-                                                                                                                                   offering some free self-defence
.ments (the ads in the silver                                                                                                                                   courses to college students; for
 frames) and vendors bring in                                                                                                                                   example a rape defence course
 thousands of dollars a year-                                                                                                                                   for women. He said his com-
 according to Aprile, and all                                                                                                                                   pany contacted the school and
 this money goes back into the                                                                                                                                  arranged to use the space for a
 school along with the Income                                                                                                                                   flat fee.
 generated by the bookstore                                                                                                                                         Advertisements and ven-
and cafeteria.                                                                                                                                                  dors are a part of the school
   The college has had a con-                                                                                                                                   environment        at Durham
tract with Zoom Media, the                                                                                                                                      College, however, not all the
company that supplies the                                                                                                                                       advertisements and vendors
frames and advertisements, for                                                                                                                                  who come to the college are
three years. Before this con-                                                                                                                                   welcome.
tract there was no corporate                                                                                                                                        Unsolicited advertising and
advertising      at    Durham                                                                                                                                   selling is not a serious issue at
College, says Aprile.                                                                                                                                           the school but it does still
   Zoom Media has been in                                                                                                                                       happen, according to Suzanne
business since 1991 and was                                                                                                              Photo by Dawn De Souza Chasse the assistant director of
started as a student project at                          PROMOTING MASTERCARD: In Durham’s purple pit Laurle Howell Is touring                                  facilities management at
the University of Quebec said                            universities and colleges for Ford Focus Campus Canada Caravan, In support of                          Durham College.
Martin Poitras, the general                              Mastercard.                                                                                               She says when unsolicited
manager for Zoom Media.                                                                                                                                         advertisements are placed in
They have contracts with                                  The contract between opposed to (the ads) being in this Is why there are no out- the school they are removed
many other colleges and uni-                           Durham College and Zoom the halls and just passing by side advertisements in the pur- and the companies are con-
versities across Canada Includ-                        Media contains guidelines them," Aprile says.                      ple pit.                              tacted and notified that the
ing Ryerson University and                             concerning what types of             Alan Latter, who is in his       What are. not kept out of college does not accept unso-
the University of Toronto,                             advertising can be placed in third year at Durham College the purple pit are vendors.. licited advertising. She also
according to Poitras.                                  the school according to Aprile. in the accounting program, These are the people wlio set directs the companies to the
   Zoom is very supportive to                          He said the college does not sees advertising in the bath- up little spots In the pit to sell Chronicle or the DC5A if they
students because the company                           want any advertising that has rooms as a good idea. He says everything from home-made wish to advertise at Durham.
was started by students, and                           to do with liquor, beer, or any- there is no reason why they crafts to credit cards to martial               "If they are doing Illegal bill
offers free frame space to stu-                        thing else might be a bit con- should not be placed there art courses.                                   posting in the parking lot, we
dents to advertise in the                              troversial. Zoom sends Aprile and that the idea gives the             Aprile is also in charge of send them a letter saying that
school, said Poitras.       To                         some sort of description of advertisers a "captive audi- this aspect of life at Durham we do not accept bill posting
arrange for this, contact Zoom                         each advertisements before it ence." Latter does think, how- College. The vendors contact here at the college and if they
Media at (416) 214-9200.                               is placed In the school, Aprile ever, "there should be some him directly and set-up a time continue to do so, we charge
   Zoom acts as the middle-                            says.                             restrictions on what is and to come in and use the area, them clean-up fees, because
man between the college and                               The advertisers are not told isn’t put-up."                     according to Aprile.                  it’s quite a messy endeavour,"
advertisers     according to                           exactly were their advertise-        He says, "the whole point of     The school receives either a Chasse says.
                                                       ments will be placed,             advertising is to influence peo- flat rate or a percentage of the         The college also gets unso-
   According to both Aprile                               "What they know is that ple’s purchasing patterns, and sales from the vendors, says licited vendors who try and
and Poitras, Durham College’s                          their ads will appear at our col- in a place like a school where Aprile. He says the school sell their products throughout
contract states that they                              lege," said Aprile, but they are everyone seems to be influ- brings in a few thousand dol- the school according to
receive a flat rate for every                          aware many are placed in the enced by the actions of every- lars a year from the vendors Chasse.
frame (the ones containing                             washrooms.                        body else, the things that are alone.                                      She says, when this hap-
the ads) light box (these con-                            "I think having them in the advertised should be moni-             There are guidelines that pens security notifies the per-
tain the bigger ads and are                            bathrooms (makes them) tored to a certain extent."                 the vendors must meet in son that soliciting is not
located by the bookstore,                              more effective, people proba-        Aprile says that he tries to order to be able to use the allowed on campus and they
Roasters, and the cafeteria) up                        bly spend more time looking keep advertisements in the school, Aprile says, there are are asked to leave. Security can
in the school.                                         at them and reading them as halls down to a minimum, certain items which are not make it a police matter.
                         *   «s^   .   ’I   ^^tf       JA   f^J^AJ

    Environment is in need of immediate attention
 Chronicle staff___                      Kong and Los Angeles. Living in cities ly bring the water to a boil, the frog                                      exhausted much of the earth’s
                                         people create their own environment, won’t feel the change. Suzuki says, "in                                       resources and altered most ecosystems.
                                         he said. Cement buildings, paved many ways we are like the frog today
                                                    Cement                                                                                                  Suzuki elaborated by saying two thirds
    The negative changes }n- the envi- roads and sidewalks, and trees planted ... we have no receptors to tell us                                           of the earth’s water has been used. He
 ronment,’caused partly by population for aesthetics are what make Up the about the ozone or the chemicals in                                               also pointed out 20 per cent of all
 growth, are not only getting worse, but environment.                           the air."                                                                   plants in Canada aren’t native species.
 continue to be ignored by politicians,    As a result, Suzuki says, "we have      People need to start taking the time                                        Suzuki’s goal is to educate people
 economists and the general popula- escaped being biological creatures ... to educate themselves on how the                                                 about the state of the environment
 tion.                                   and it becomes easy to think we are environment works. Suzuki puts a par-                                          and to offer ways to make changes. He
    This was one of the issues raised by                             not animals at all."                        tial blame on the state of the environ-    stresses that only two decades remain
 David Suzuki during a lecture held at                                  The result Is that people have           ment on society’s general lack of          for us to make a change in order to
 Indigo Books in December, 1999. He                                  become unaware of some of the nega-         knowledge.                                 avoid catastrophe. An important step
 points out that "we have science and                                tivechanges in the environment.                "If you don’t understand where          towards this change is realizing
 machines that tell us things are wrong                                 Suzuki uses the "boiled frog syn-’       things come from and where they go,        humans are part of nature, not in con-
 but we don’t listen."                                               drome" as an analogy to explain his         It becomes easy to believe politicians,"   trol of it. People need to start listening
    Throughout his lecture, Suzuki kept                              observations.                               says Suzuki.                               to the advice of the many scientists
 urging that "we are still biological                                   Frogs lives in water and have adap-        Politicians vie for a growing econo-     who have been studying the environ-
 creatures, no matter how sophisticated                              tive thermal receptors. This means          my that strains the environment.           ment for years.
 we have become." Sometimes this is                                  frogs can adapt to a temperature            According to Suzuki, a world popula-          Suzuki finds it distressing that "no
 forgotten. He pointed out that more                                 change without consequence, as long         tion growth of half a billion people       one in the world (government) is
 than half of all people live in the                                 as it is gradual. Therefore, if you place   over the last 11 years, combined with a    responding with the urgency they
 world’s major cities, such as Hong                                  a frog in to a pot of water and gradual-    growing economy to support it has should be."
        Be cautious when using herbal remedies
    BY KAREN TWEEDLE                                                                                                                 with oxygen getting to the
    Chronicle Staff                                                                                                                  brain, It won’t work," It also
                                                                                                                                     takes a minimum of 12 weeks
        Many students who suffer                                                                                                     to feel the effects of ginkgo.
    from exhaustion and stress                                                                                                          Echinacea, a plant extract, is
    often turn to herbal remedies,                                                                                                   a powerful herb that boosts the
    such as ginseng, ginkgo blloba                                                                                                   Immune system. It is meant to
    and echinacea, In order to stay                                                                                                  be taken at the onset of sick-
    alert and healthy. However,                                                                                                      ness. A sore throat or sneezing
    most don’t realize the Impor-                                                                                                    (unrelated to allergies) are sig-
    tance of researching the herbal                                                                                                  nals to start taking echinacea.
     remedies they take.                                                                                                                Wendle        Fletcher,     an
        Dr. Lisa Doran, a natur-                                                                                                     employee at SKG Health Foods
     opath at the Barefoot Doctor                                                                                                    Inc. In Oshawa, stresses that
     Naturopathic       Clinic     in                                                                                                echinacea should not be taken
     Whitby, stresses that "every-                                                                                                   all the time, "or else it becomes
     one is biochemically different"                                                                                                 Ineffective."
     and it Is important for people                                                                                                     Doran recommends taking
     to find the herbal combination                                                                                                  echinacea for a maximum of
     best suited for them. She says,                                                                                                 seven days at the onset of sick-
     although "stores are generally                                                                                                  ness at twice the dosage given
    well Informed, It is Important                                                                                                   on the bottle,
     to find someone (such as a                         ""     ’

                                                                         .   .’
                                                                                         ’. "   ’ ’"
                                                                                                       ’ ’’
                                                                                                     :’ ’?;::’
                                                                                                     ’           "
                                                                                                              Photo by Karen Tweodio    All three of these herbal
     naturopath) who understands                  HERBAL DRUGSTORE: Shelves are stocked with a countless number of different remedies .can be purchased as
     herbal medicine."                            herbal remedies.      ,               .
                                                                                                         ’                           pills, teas ’and tinctures.
       Tom Llu/owner of Nutrition                                                                                                    tinctures are’a liquid and are
    World in Oshawa, agrees that                                                                                                     the most potent.
    many people take herbal reme-   manufacturing herbal prod-                                Such as Increased facial-hair             Although herbal medicine
    dies without understanding      ucts use-fillers such as wheat                            growth.                                can be a helpful option for
    them. He says it is usually     protein       and      sawdust.                         (    Whichever, type Is chosen,          some people, Doran advises
    because they are "under the     Therefore, it Is also Important                           Doran stresses that long-term          that, before taking them. It is
    Influence of their friends" and,to research the companies         Everyone Is             use Is "not a healthy thing to         important to look at llfestyle.
    in most cases, "they don’t real-you’re buying from.             looking for a             do to your body because It puts           People should be getting six
    ly need it."                       However, before researching                            It In overdrive."                      to eight hours sleep each
       Herbal medicine is becom-    companies, it is Important to   magic pill...there           Results of overuse can be           night, exercising three times a
    ing very popular and some       become aware of the different                             sleep loss, an Increase in anxi-       week and eating healthy foods.
    storeowners don’t really        types of herbal remedies.       isn’t one.                ety, and women may experi-             She says, "we all prioritize the
    understand what they are sell-     Ginseng, ginkgo blloba and                             ence changes in their menstru-         wrong thing" and forget
    ing; they’re just doing busi-   echinacea are three of the most                           al cycle.                              what’s best for our health.
    ness. Llu admits he likes to popular herbal remedies used                                    Ginkgo blloba, a leaf                  "Everyone Is looking for a
    "make a sale for the business," by students.                            Dr. Lisa Doran    extract, increases the amount          magic pill," says Doran and,
    but being a pharmacist form        Ginseng, a root extract, Is                            of oxygen In the brain. The            unfortunately, "there Isn’t
     Korea he understands that best known for its energy different effects of each one effect Is an Increase in memo-                one."
    "people need wliat’s appropri- enhancing properties. There before making a selection. For ry, but Doran says, "It’s not             Before deciding to take pills
    ate for them."                  are many types of ginseng Instance, many people don’t Something ! usually recom-                 In order to feel better, even if
       Doran also warns that since including, Korean, Chinese, realize that certain types are mend."                                 they are herbal, try getting
    herbal medicine has become so Siberian, and Canadian. It is specific to men because of       The reason for this, says           more sleep, more exercise and
    popular, some companies important to understand the their testosterone-like effects, Doran, Is "if your problem isn’t            start eating better.

                         ff-Cair Studio
               Boiyour! Beau-Monde Hair Studio invites you to visit
               their Whitby location. The stylists are aware of the latest
               trends and styles by going to shows and participating in
               classes. Beaii-Monde’s services include cutting, styling,
               colouring, perms, foil highlighting, make-up and facial
               waxing. Wedding packages are also offered. Wsit them
               today for a new took for the millenium.

                        "^sfifor 7ay - sfie Udo it your iuay!
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    O SAP; misus ed and ab us e d
 OSAP LOANS                                     Once a student has been approved money than you do," he said. "It only
                                            for OSAP and receives the money a took about two months to run out of
                                                                                                                                 spend  their OSAP money on some-
                                                                                                                                 thing other than school?
                                            decision on what to do with the money. I lost control by bar hopping                   ’"There is no effective way of track-
MEANT FOR                                   money has to be made. Tuition is auto- with friends who had full-time jobs           ing what a student spends their OSAP
                                                                                                                                 on," says Pickard.
                                            matically withdrawn from OSAP before and didn’t to school."
                                            the student receives it. This way the     He found it hard to be responsible            She explained that if a student mis-
SCHOOL ARE                                  school and the Institution funding the when trying to fit in with his friends        spends the OSAP money, there isn’t
                                            OSAP know the money is going who didn’t have to worry about                          anything the school or institution
BEING                                       towards school and nothing else, money.                                              funding the OSAP can do as long as the
                                            according to Bonnie Pickard, a finan-    This person ran out of money and            student is still in school. No one will
                                            cial aid administrator In the Student then he didn’t know what to do. He             know about the misspending because
MISSPENT BY                                 Services office at Durham College.
                                                Once students have
                                                                                   didn’t have a part-time job so he didn’t
                                                                                                   have any money com-
                                                                                                                                 the student probably won’t report It to
                                                                                                                                Student Services.
                                            their OSAP money                                       ing in at all. Because of       However, Pickard also explained
MANY COLLEGE                                what do they do with                                   thTs he had no way to        that if a student misspends the OSAP
                                                                                                                                money and can’t stay in school repays
                                                "OSAP is Intended
                                                                          I lost control           pay for parking because
                                                                                                   he hadn’t                a   ment of the loan begins six months
STUDENTS                                    to promote equality of        by bar hopping parking pass bought he    before       after the student is out of school. If the
                                            opportunity for post-      with friends who            ran out of money and         student doesn’t have a job or can’t
 BY AMANDA DIMELOW                          secondary studies by                                   now he didn’t even           repay OSAP, there is a vigorous collec-
 Chronicle Staff                            providing financial        had full-time               have money to pay for        tion process in which the government
                                            assistance for educa-      jobs and didn’t             gas or insurance for his     can garnishee wages, take tax returns
   When a student receives funds from       tional costs (such as                                  car. He didn’t think he      or garnishee sociaF assistance.
 the Ontario Student Assistance             tuition fees, books,       go to school 1 could go to his parents                      Another situation that Pickard
 Program a popular question asked Is        and supplies) and basic                                so he had no way to go       describes is when students pick up
 "What can be done with all of this         living expenses." This                                 to school.                   OSAP and never attends classes. These
 money?"                                    is what is outlined in                                    "I          going to
                                                                               Durham student school quitthree weeks."          students are eventually discovered
    The possibilities are endless.          the OSAP application                                            for                 because at the end of each semester the
    Every year college and university       and guide.                                                   His parents had        school checks grades to find out which
 students In Ontario apply for financial        Unfortunately, this                                agreed to help him until     students have done this and skipped
 assistance through OSAP. Each person       is where students tend to run into OSAP was redistributed again for sec-               out. A student who does this has to
 who applies has to fill out the OSAP       problems. Many students are feeling ond semester.                                   pay back the loan. and the same col-
 application and guide or use the OSAP      the freedom that college offers and       " I had to go to all of my teachers for
                                                                                                                          lection rules apply.
 web site. All of the information report-   want the chance to be responsible and help. Some helped, others didn’t and I     "The consequences could have been
 ed on the application is verified. The.    look after themselves, but they also ended up failing certain prerequisite    flunking out of school and being in
 incomes .of the applicant, and parents     want to have fun.                      courses because of it."                debt, so it matters because in the long
 or spouse have to be reported and              A student who wishes to remain        This student agreed that although   run you’re only hurting yourself," said
 processed. The rules, regulations and      nameless described a situation he was he wasted money the pressures of        one student.
 explanation of the verification process    in. He received his OSAP money and being Independent were mores chal-            This Is a student’who learned the
 are outlined in the application guide or   fully intended on spending it on books lenging than he had expected them to   hard way. Did he do anything differ-
.on the web site. If .what is reported is   and other school Items, but he ended be. He’d never..faced financial responsi- ently this semester?
 true and applicants meet the require-      up spending it on fast food cigarettes bilities, so managing money and            "Yes, I used my money on school
 ments of the assistance program, then and entertainment.                              finances was challenging.           priorities although it is still tough to
.they will get OSAP funding.              "You always think you have more                What happens to students if they manage money," he said.

 Students stressed by college                                                                            DC supports students
                                                                                                         BY CHRISTA LUCKETT                  dents how to keep their
                                                    time.                                                Chronicle staff                     finances in order.
STUDENTS SHOULD BE                                    Stress can be caused by any kind of change,
                                                   as well as the reaction to it, states the Canadian       Students feeling pressure
                                                                                                                                                Work study offers part-
                                                                                                                                             time employment on cam-
                                                   College of Family Physicians, and many thing          from college or in their per-       pus to OSAP applicants who
AWARE OF THE                                       can be done to help reduce stress.
                                                      First, learn how-to recognize stress, then
                                                                                                         sonal lives shouldn’t -hesi-
                                                                                                         tate to check out what
                                                                                                                                             need extra financial help.
                                                                                                                                                Health services provides a
                                                   change the reaction to it.                            Durham’s counsellors have           registered nurse who can
SYMPTOMS OF STRESS                                    "Don’t worry about things you can’t control,       to offer.                           treat illness or injury. This
                                                   like the weather," suggests the Canadian                 Each semester the col-           service is in room B-212 of
                                                   College of Family Physicians.                         lege’s Student Support              the Gordon Willey building
                                                      Siddiqui suggest meditation and other relax-       Services helps students feel-       and room 1238 of the
Chronicle Staff                                    ation techniques, as well as exercise.                ing the stress of being in col-     Simcoe building. There is
  -Students can experience, symptoms of stress        The Canadian College of Family Physicians          lege.                               also an on campus physician
without realizing it, Suggest doctors and coun- explains that stress is caused by the body’s                Problems vary, but there every Wednesday.
sellors at Durham College.                         instinct to fight or flee. The body starts to mak-    are a number of issues deal-      The college offers about
   "It (stress) can be anything," sa^s Durham ing more energy in order to defend itself/ but             ing with, financial assis- 125 scholarshipsor bursaries
College’s Dr. A. Yasmeeri Siddiqui. Physical has no where to put that extra energy, making               tance and the Ontario a year and information is
symptoms of stress can be anything from a rash people feel stressed. Exercise is a good way of           Student Assistance Program posted outside the Student
or headache to insomnia. Some of thecommon dealing with stress because it burns off that                 (OSAP) which helps stu- Support Services office.
symptoms of stress Siddiqui sees among stu- excess energy.                                               dents pay for their educa- Counsellors             understand
dents at Durham College are Insomnia and con-         "I think that some,students blow off steam         tion through a loan from there is a need for living
centration loss, both capable of affecting school by using alcohol, some may use drugs," says            the federal and provincial accommodations and can
performance.       /                                        .       Bulat.                               governments. Emergency give any necessary informa-
   Other signs of stress, include                                      Those are not effective ways      loans arc also available.       tion on Rodeway Suits resi-
anxiety, back pain, depression,                                     of relieving stress. Bulat suggest      Personal counselling ser- dence.
fatigue, stiff neck, shortness’of        ...in any work             alternative ways to cope with        vices are also offered to help     Students who’need tutor-
breath and even heart attack,                                       stress,’such as developing effec-    students deal with problems ing or help with study skills
states the. College of Family         place, in    any              tive time management skills ,        occuring outside college.       are asked to go to Student
Physicians of Canada.                 environment                   prioritizing time and studying            "Everyone gets stressed Services. Tutoring is done by
   "A lot of students experience                                    smarter.                             put. I know my college life peers who have already suc-
academic stress," says Rosanne        you’re going to                 .When students plan to drop        isn’t the party I thought it cessfully completed the pro-
Bulat, a student adviser who                                        out because of academic stress,
                                      have to deal with student advisers from coun-                      would be," says Lisa gram. Study skills help stu-
counsels students stressed, from
school work. "It’s important to
learn how to deal with stress-
                                      stress                y       selling and health services help
                                                                    them to develop a plan for bet-
                                                                                                         Nettleton. an Operations dents learn how to take
                                                                                                         Management student.      .      more effective notes, devel-
                                                                                                            If Durham’s staff can’t op personal and time man-

because in any work place, any                  Rosanne Bulat ter time management to lessen              help the student, counsel- agement skills and exam or
environment you’re going to                                         stress.                              lors can refer them to some- test preparation.
have to deal with stress."                                             Althoug few students drop         one who can.                        All services are confiden-
   Second year business student                                     out of college because of stress,       Financial      counselling tial and students can book
Heather Pollard says college can be stressful, students considering dropping out should first            helps students plan a budget an appointment, with a
especially before exams. She thinks she could try practising better time management skills               and prepares them for any counsellor by going to room
reduce stress by being better prepared for exams and other ways to reduce stress. Students suf-          financial crisis that may B-20S or by calling 721-
and assignments arid by studying more through fering from physical symptoms that may be                  occur. This also teaches stu- 3030.
the semester. Pollard blame’s most of her stress caused by stress .should see a doctor before the
on getting too many; assignments at the’same ^ problems getworse.
 12 THE CHRONICLE             April ! 8, 2000

 Ottawa saves rehab program                                                                                                                  College
 BY AMBER GILBERT                                  "We probably wouldn’t be sitting here
Chronicle Staff

  The Intercede Diversion Program may
                                                today if it weren’t for the United Church
                                                of Canada," Jobin said. "They have sup-
                                                                                               Using these statistics, the Intercede
                                                                                             Diversion  Program developed Graduated
                                                                                             Responsibilities Around Boundaries,
                                                ported us both in 1999 and this year."       (GRAB), a combination of Intervention
not have to close its doors after all.             This rehabilitation program has also      and prevention approach for 12 to 17            BY MANDY O’CONNOR
  Nancy Jobin, a caseworker with this           received funding from corporate sponsors     year olds who have committed low risk          Chronicle Staff
rehabilitation program for low-risk             of Durham, community members and             crimes.
offenders, says the federal government          offenders who graduated the program.            This project is an alternative to court        Five     Alumni      of
may provide their needed funding to             Jobin explained that the organization        for offenders who would otherwise face a       Distinction Awards will be
keep the program open.                          could not run on charity.                    charge for their crimes. Only once did a       presented at the college’s
    The Intercede Diversion Program is an          "You have to have your rent paid. You     participant decide that court would be a       convocation ceremony at
alternative to court for low-risk offenders.    have to have professional people working      better option.                                the Civic Auditorium June
The police, members of the community,           for you. Extra monies that are raised are        "A father did actually," said Jobin. "He   16. Nominees are be post-
or Crown Attorneys can refer offenders to       put into community projects."                was Involved in the justice system. He          secondary graduates; suc-
the program, which is free to the offend-          The Intercede Diversion Program has       did not want his child to go through the        cessful in their careers; and
er.                                             received public attention recently after      program because he thought we were too         have contributed to either
    Despite provincial government agree-        Ontario New Democratic Party Leader           tough."                                        the college or the commu-
ment that the diversion program is a            Howard Hampton’s help getting a press           Teens referred to GRAB receive a Just,       nity. One award is given in
great idea, It has refused any further fund-    conference at Queen’s Park recently.          Consequences contract. Depending on            five categories; Applied
ing.     Originally, the province gave             All the workers volunteer their time to   the crime, this contract ensures comple-        Arts, Creative Arts and
 Intercede $60,000 for project funding.         the program now, just as they did when       tion of community service. that a letter of     Design; Applied Arts,
 The federal government also provided           Brown founded the program in 1995.           apologyls written, a charitable donation        Community           Services;
 funding in the amount of $100,000.             The main concept was restorative justice     is made, and education and counselling Is       Business; Health Sciences
    Intercede Is less expensive for the com-    for low-risk, first-time offenders.          provided if necessary.                          and Technology.
 munity than if an offender were to go             The Durham Regional police would              In addition, the GRAB Project Involves         The winners are entered
 through the court system. The price of        refer offenders to the program instead of     the community and the parents in the            into the Premier’s Award
 putting an offender through he courts         going to court.                               rehabilitation process.                         Competition, which is pre-
would cost the community approximate-             The first 75 first-time offenders             If family counselling Is an option, the      sented In February 2001.
ly $2,000. The price of someone going          enrolled in the program were used as a        family and the offender can attend ses-         Information about the per-
through the Intercede program Is around        control group upon which to base statis-      sions free. If the offender does not com-       son must be sent in writing
$700 for a youth and $500 for an adult.        tics.                                         plete the contract, the program refers the     ’to the Durham College
Jobin said the province acknowledges               Twenty-one per cent in this pilot pro-    teen back to the police or to the courts.       Alumni Office. It must
Intercede’s success, but basically wished it   ject, were youths, but the majority were         Students interested in helping .keep         include the nominee’s
luck without funding.                          adults. Somf were older than 60. Only         this program open can contact any local         name, a profile of the nom-
   Now that funding has been used up,          five per cent of the 75 in the study group    MPPs, the federal Minister of Justice Ann       inee, Including contribu-
workers are struggling to keep the pro-        had already been charged in court for the     McLellan,       Ontario      Minister     of   tions to the community or
gram running.                                  offense. The rest were pre-charge cases.      Corrections Rob Sampson, Solicitor              college, and supporting
   Office manager Carol Ann Clifton,           . This pilot project showed those going       General     David   Tsubouchi,    or   the     documents. Nominations
executive director and founder Carol           through the Intercede program were less       Attorney General Jim Flaherty.                 must be sent to the

 Brown, and case workers Dave Cummins           likely to commit a crime after rehabilita-      For infmation or in regards to volunt-      Durham College Alumni
 and jobin are volunteering their time to       tion.                                        tering contact the Intercede Diversion         office,  P.O.Box
 close up on-going cases and discuss fund-                                                                                                                       385,
                                                    Nine to 11 per cent of program partic-   Program at (905) 728-8208. The web site        Oshawa, Ontario, L1H 7L7.
 ing. No one has been paid at Intercede         ipants repeated offenses, whereas 48 per     is located at www.intercede.on.ca or           Deadline for nominations:
since February. No cases are being              cent who went through the courts were        emails      can      be      sent      to      April 14.
opened until stable funding is received.        repeat offenders.                            info@intercede.on.ca.
                                                                                                                                   THE CHRONICLE        April ! 8, 2000     13

Grade 9 s face new curriculum
BY MATT CROWDER                             used in the Grade 9 curriculum     problem has come up with       ment. This is either communi-      and student draft a plan of
Chronicle Staff______                                                          current Grade 10 students who  ty service or co-operative edu-    what the student would like to
                                            for a year and a half.
                                               The courses offered are more                                   cation that must take place
                                                                               fail a course. Since the current                                  accomplish and what direction
  "The new curriculum hand-                 specific about what is taught      Grade 10 courses will not be   outside the school.                he would like to take in life.
ed down by the Ontario gov-                 than the previous curriculum.      offered next year there will be   Also, a new concept out-           The role of guidance coun-
ernment will better prepare                 The new subjects offered are       no chance of repeating the     lined in the Choices into          sellors has also changed.
students for their post-sec-                diverse.                           class if the student fails sum-Action, 1999 policy that is        Instead of being a figure a little
ondary     education,"               says      Also, a new streaming sys-      mer school.                    titled, the Role of Business and   more in tune with students
Dianne Anderson, liaison offi-              tem has replaced the old cur-         Other problems have also    Community is introduced.           than a teacher, counsellors
cer at Durham College.                      riculum. Instead of: basic, gen-   come up. A high school stu-    This involves the school’s prin-   have now taken up a mentor
   The restructuring of the                 eral, advanced and enriched, a                                    cipal Integrating business and
                                                                               dent’s career will now last only                                  position. A student and coun-
high school curriculum has                  new system designed for what       four years instead of five.    career-exploring activities into   selor will talk often and work
been done to create a more                  students will aim for after high      This presents a problem in  the learning environment.          through problems that were
organized learning system that              school will be applied. The        the year 2003 when OAC grads   Workshops, seminars and            often left up to the’student.
is designed so students will be             new streams have been broken       from the last curriculum and   mentorship programs will now       Topics like career planning
ready for their post-secondary              down Into two streams for          Grade 12s from the new cur-    be a part of school. Local busi-   and remedial studies will now
career, says Leo Pleu, .co-ordi-            Grades 9 and 10 and four           riculum will graduate at the   nesses will participate and stu-   take shape unlike before.
nator of Secondary Reform for               streams for Grades 11 and 12.      same time putting a strain on  dents will gain knowledge and         "In all this new curriculum
Durham Region.                              The Grade 9 and 10 courses         post-secondary        educationwork experience to assist them     has been developed to be more
   Currently, only grade 9 stu-             will fall under the category of    institutions.                  in getting a job later on.         responsible and accountable,
dents fall under the new sys-               either academic or applied.            Even though there are some     Programs like the Annual       and will provide a more stable
tem, but Grade 10 students                  The Grade 11 streams are           faults in the setup there are  Education Plan will help stu-      learning          environment.
will be affected next year, and             workplace preparation, college     some very progressive aspects dents with career and academ-       Students will be better pre-
so on.                                      prep, college-university prep      to the new system. A huge ic goals while still in school.         pared for post-secondary edu-
   There were initial concerns              and university prep.               emphasis is placed on careers. The AEP is where a counselor       cation," says Pleu.
that materials would not be                    If a student in one stream To graduate, students must
ready, but Pleu assures that the            wishes to change to another, a complete 40 hours of what is
board has had the materials                 transfer course is offered. A called community involve-

Bursaries are an option
for students denied OSAP
BY DAWN DESOUZA                             not receive OSAP "we recom-        major annual bursaries, the
  hronicle Staff______                      mend they apply for bursaries,     college also offers emergency
                                            (and) if necessary they all        bursaries throughout the year.
   Did  you apply for OSAP?                 approach chartered banks,          These are awarded to students
   Did  you find you were not               because all chartered banks        who’ run into unexpected
 ligible because your parents               have a student loan system of      financial difficulties during
 >r spouse make too much                    some type."                        the school year. Applications
money?                                         A bursary is a sum of           for these bursaries are also
   Well, you are not alone.                 money, always based on     .
                                                                               available in Student Support
   Many people do not receive               financial need, awarded to         Services Office.
money from the’ Canada                      post secondary students. This         Bursaries are also available
Student      Loan      Program              money does not have to be          to Durham College students
because their parents or                    repaid. There are hundreds of      from outside organizations
spouse make too much money                  bursaries available to Durham      such as The Royal Canadian
for them to be eligible for gov-
ernment financial aid.
                                     -      College students.
                                               Betty-Anne Biyth, special
                                                                               Legion and the Association of
                                                                               Black Law Enforcers. These
  The CSLP consists of the                  projects co-ordinator for the      bursaries are always based on
Ontario Student Assistance                  Student Support office at          financial need, but other crite-
Program (OSAP) and Canada                   Durham College says that the       ria can be anything from their
Study Grants (CSG). These                   college offers three bursaries     family descent to parents and
financial did options are a first           to its students every year, one    grandparents’ wartime service.
choice for many Durham
College students.
   According to the Ministry
of Education and Training,
between July, 1998 and
                                            in January, March and April.
                                            These bursaries can be any-
                                            where between $100 and
                                               To be eligible for these bur-
                                                                               A list of some of these bur-
                                                                               saries is available upon request
                                                                               from the Student Support
                                                                               Services Office.
                                                                                  Another good source of bur-     H IG H ER
                                                                                                                  G RO U N D
August, 1999, 2,390 Durham                  saries students .must have         sary information is the
College students applied for                completed at least one suc-        Internet. Biyth recommends
OSAP and CSG. Of these                      cessful semester at. Durham        that students visit www.stu-
approximately 95 per cent    College and have some sort of                     dentawards.com. This site
received some amount of       financial need.                                  offers information on thou-
financial aid totalling more     "We look at students who                      sands of bursaries, Canadian
than $14 million.             have high legitimate costs,"                     scholarships, grants, and fel-
                    .       ..
                                                                                                                                                   Rock Climbing
   Most people who apply for  Biyth says.                                      lowships.
 governmentstudent’loans are     The January and March                             This site is free and offers
 approved, but many do hot bursaries are offered to stu-                       an automatic matching
 apply because they know they dents who fit the criteria and                   process that will match stu-
 are not eligible.                are enrolled in the school year              dents’ personal information
    Janine. Johnson, an appli- running from September to                       with any awards that they are
 cant to Durham College’s April.
                                     The April bursary is offered
                                                                               eligible to receive.
                                                                                   The site will also keep stu-   Ajax Community Centre
 Police Foundation program
 for the September, 2000 to students who have com-                             dents updated on new awards
                                                                               that match their Information
                                                                                                                  75 Centennial Rd
 semester, says, "I know I will pleted one successful semester
 most likely be denied because and are enrolled in the spring                  via email.                         Ajax, ON L1S 4S4
  : know my parents make too semester.                                            Any student who has trou-
 much money, but I want to be
 able to pay my own way throughout the campus and
 through school."
                                        Notices are posted
                                  outside the Student Support
               is working part Services Office when applica-
                                                                               ble applying for an out of
                                                                               school bursary Is welcome to
                                                                               visit Student SupportServices
                                                                               for assistance.
                                                                                                                       Won Fri: 12pm 10pm
                                                                                                                             - -
                                                                                                                       Sat Sun: 10am 10pm
 time to try and save enough tions are being accepted.                            After exhausting all other
 money for tuition. She is still     To apply visit Student                    suggestions, It is advised, by                 (909) 686 4474
 worried that she will not have Support Services in room                       the Student Support Services
 enough money by September. B205, picking up an applica-                       Officeat Durham College that
     Bonnie Picard, senior finan- tion and returning by. the                    people wait until they can
                                                                                afford post secondary educa-
  cial aid officer at Durham specified date.
  Collegesay for those who can-      In addition to the three                   tion and reapply.
 U THE CHRONICLE              April l 8/2000

      High pri ces hard on wallets
 BY RODNEY WILSON                    down       a bit," said. Jerry
 Chronicle Staff___________
                                     McEachron, gas attendant at
                                     Oico on Simcoe Street North.
   The high cost of gasoline             But McEachron added, "We
 has had a great Impact on           still get the students coming in
 many people’s lives. Including      to get their $5 of gas."
 those of students at Durham             According to Royce Young,
 College.                            an attendant at Beaver on the
    Megan Phillips, a liberal arts   corner of Taunton and
 .student with York University       Thornton roads in Oshawa,
  at Durham, says the current        "No matter how high (the gas
 gas prices affect her.              prices) go, people will still
    "I cut back on driving a lot,"   come, because they need gas.
 she said. "It’s very expensive.         "People are put in a difficult
 Most of my paycheque goes           position. It’s not a luxury.
 into my gas now."                   People need to get back and
    Phillips said she is now         forth to work somehow," he
 spending approximately $50          added. Young often gets com-
 per week in gas, compared to        plaints from people, including
 the $35 to $40 per week that        students, who are upset with
 she used to put into her car.    the increase in the cost of fuel.
    Candice Matthews, an             "Students think It’s a joke,"
 advertising student, now he said. But there Is nothing
 spends up to $60 per week in that he can do about it, he
 gas.                             added. "Sure I have to change
    "I can’t really afford to the pump readings, but it’s not
drive, she said. "It’s really my fault. I have to do it."
costly, it’s really hard to get     McEachron agrees. "We get
places, because I don’t have complaints all the time that
that kind of money."              the price is too high [but]... our
   Leslie Grills, a business job is to just pump It."
administration student, is also     It’s a combination of taxa-
spending more money on gas tion and the Organization of
lately. "I’m broke all the Petroleum                    Exporting
time," she said, adding she Countries’ (OPEC) feduced
spends up to $30 per week on fuel production that are the
gas.                              main causes for high gas
   Many students say they prices.
don’t go out as often as they       Taxes account for a huge
used to because they can’t portion of the cost of fuel., In
 afford to run their cars any- October 1999, taxes rose^to
    It has also affected gasoline
                                  29.5 cents per litre.
                                    The result, has been a 20-
                                                                 *’’}                                                  ’

                                                                             PRICES ARE HIGH EVERYWHERE: In leas than a year, gas prices across the
                                                                                                                                                                   Photo by Rod WN«on

retailers in the area.            cent increase in gas prices                province have Increased by approximately 20 per cent.
    "Sure, business does slow since the summer.

   Students prefer planes over pencils
 BY KRISTA RANCIC                    educational experience than            that. Haenen and other pas-
 Chronlice Staff___________                                                                                    free lunches, just a hard plastic  "I swore from that moment
                                     what a classroom can pro-              sengers ended up staying in        chair in a very hot building on, my life is worth more than
                                     vide," DeSouza agrees.                 the plane for four hours. They     with no air conditioner," a bit cheaper airline ticket with
     Leaving the classroom to           DeSouza has travelled to            were put In a five-star hotel      Haenen said. After the four an unknown carrier," Haenen
  travel does not mean leaving Lake Placid, Washington,
                                                      .                     courtesy of the airline and pro-   hours came to an end he and said.
  behind education. "It’s a dif- Calgary, ^Montreal               and       vided with free movies and         his friend were informed their     Haenen described his expe-
  ferent kind of education," says Gettysburg; Only his trip to              free calls to home. Also, one      plane had serious technical riences with travel agents.
  Durham College student Paul Washington Interfered with                  . day after landing in New York      difficulties. The airline had to   "Travel agents wintry to get
  Haenen.                            school, but that was because it        Haenen received a box of           find another plane and took you student discounts if you
     A little preparation and a lit- was a school trip.                     chocolates, and he would have      another three hours. They ask/Haenen said. " It doesn’t
  tle knowledge will go a long          "In the end, you don’t get a        been allowed .to arrange his       were provided with a Russian always/work out, but it is
  way for more fun, educational degree by travelling, only in               flight home one day later free     plane, and it must have been worths shot, although for that
  experiences and less hassles school." Haenen said, "but                   of charge. After being home        older, because the seats were once in a lifetime trip it is
 while travelling, both Haenen travelling is the best way and               for a week, Haenen received a      partly loose and there were no worth the extra money "
  and Durham College student the most pleasant way to get                   letter of apology. He explained    safety Instructions.               "’ftavel agents do not really
 Randy DeSouza agree.                educated with things around            how Singapore Airlines made a         "I quickly lost faith in the give you too much of a dis-
     " I got travel fever when I you."                                      good impression, providing         pilot," Haenen explained. The count because you are a stu-
 was 16, mainly within                  Haenen shared a memo-               the best service he has experi-    pilot made a very sharp, last dent, but it also depends on
 Europe," Haenen said. "Until rable travelling moment.                      enced throughout his travels,      minute turn just over the run- where you are going," DeSouza
 this year school was not a big Travelling with Singapore                   and he would be willing to pay     way to make the safe landing. said.
 problem, but I have skipped Airlines on a trip that left from              extra to fly again with them if
 here and there. to extend a Amsterdam to New York, he                      they were offering flights on
                                     arrived at the airport a bit ear-
                   flown 46 times lier and was surprised to find
 with popular airlines to ho lines had formed to check
                                                                            his route.
                                                                               Haenen also shared an
                                                                            unpleasant experience.
                                                                                                                 Help Humane Society
 numerous places. Haenen said In. The plane ended up being                     The worst that ever hap-          BY AMANDA DIMELOW               charities.
 travelling has never interfered delayed for two hours, and for             pened to him was with a              Chronicle Staff                    Animals staying at the
 with school, and his marks the inconvenience of being                      Turkish charter flight. He and                                   Humane Society are only
 have never suffered.                there so early Haenen and his          a friend were returning from a         Every morning when euthanized if they are sick
     "There is more to my vaca- dad received a free lunch.                  two-week trio In Turkey. From        Betty Van Seters arrives at and medication Is making
 tions than the hot sun on a            Once on the plane he said           their hotel, Haenen said they        work she has to check and       them worse or if they are
 beach," explained Haenen he felt ill, but the flight atten-                travelled by bus on a horrible       see if there has been any-      violent, explained Van
 about his trips. Having been to dant took good care of him,                four-hour ride, over bad roads       thing left by the door.         Seters.
 such places as Paris, Berlin. always asking If he needed                   and with even worse drivers.            Van Sefers is the manager       The animals at the
 London, Glasgow, Barcelona, assistance until he was feeling                After arriving at the airport        at the Humane Society of        Humane Society all need
 New York, Washington, better.                                              they learned that their flight       Durham. She explains that       loving homes. Before adopt-
 Ottawa and Montreal, he has           Then bad news came.                was delayed, There was                 the Humane Society has a        ing an animal really think
 gained both memorable and Because of a blizzard they                     nobody to answers questions            variety of animals to look      about it. It is a family deci-
 educational experiences. He could not land at the sched-                 and finally after two .hours           after. There is virtually no    sion, not to be taken lightly.
 believes ’travelling can be uled stop In New York. They                  they learned that their flight         funding, so supplies are pro-      Remember that new pets
’much more educational than were detoured to Boston and                   was delayed, for another four          vided through private dona-     should be fixed to control
 sitting In a classroom. landed to refuel, but they                       hours.                                 tions,, locaf businesses or     the animal population.
 "Travelling Is much more of an ended up staying longer than                "This time there were no
   She’s L ovin’ the busines s
  WHALLEY HAS                              moving to a larger space on
                                           Simcoe Street South.
                                                                                                                                             Whalley has made small
                                                                                                                                           changes to the previous menu,
                                              Whalley got the idea for the                                                                 adding more home made foods.
  FACED UP TO                              store through her own interest in
                                           antiques and vintage clothing.
                                                                                                                                           The atmosphere of the restaurant
                                                                                                                                       has also been an important
                                              "I thought I could make a liv-                                                           change since Whalley took over as
  THE CHALLENGE                            ing out it" said Whalley adding,
                                           "I guess it’s just something I like
                                                                                                                                          "It’s a fairly conservative place
                                           to do ... It’s sort of like a little bit                                                    in the daytime," states Whalley,
  OF OWNING A                              of a treasure hunt."                                                                        "but at the same time r want sort
                                              The boutique attracted a young                                                           of that old crowd that I had at my
                                           clientele, which favoured the vin-
  BUSINESS                                 tage clothing trend at the time, as
                                                                                                                                       old store, which was a lot of
                                                                                                                                       young, fairly artistic people."      *
                                           well as catering to people who                                                              .  Plans are being made to build a
                                           had little money to spend on                                                                patio for the summer as well as
BY KAREN TWEEDLE                           clothing. However, low profits                                                              having extended hours
Chronicle staff                            put a strain on the boutique.                                                                  Entertainment, such as deejay’s,
                                              "I started out with no money,"                                                           have been brought in to attract a
                                           said ’Whalley, and, "I learned                                                              crowd during recent nights.
   Llisa Whalley Is not new to the city    right Off the bat you can’t run                                                                 If successful, Whalley hopes to
of Oshawa. Not only has she grown up       things like that. The minute days                                                           continue the live entertainment.
here, but, at 29, she has owned and        were slow I was pretty much dead                                                               Whalley says she has learned a
operated two businesses.                   in the water."                                                                              lot since opening her first busi-
   Growing up in Oshawa, Whalley              After three years in business                                                            ness.
spent some of her time helping out at      Whalley decided to close down                                                                  "I certainly haven’t figured it all
her mother’s business, Mother Mod          Cool for Cats.                                                                              out ... I’m still learning."
Upholstery and Draperies, in down-            Aside from the money issues,                                                                She has been a success because
town Bowmanville. It was through                                                                              Photo by Karen Tweedte
                                           Whalley was exhausted and want-                                                             she understands that, "there are
observing her mother and helping out       ed some time off. She is quick to        LIISA WHALLEY: Owner of The Lovfn’                some things that are completely
with the business that Whalley realized    point out, however, that she isn’t       Oven In Oshawa.                                   beyond (my) control."
her passion for running a business.        disappointed with the decision,                                                               It Is something Whalley feels is
   "I think it’s just part of who I am,"   stating, "I think maybe I just                                                             very important to remember when
she states.                                decided I’d learned enough."                                                               running your own business.
   Whalley attended Durham College            Whalley took a year off to do some 1999 Whalley opened up The Lovin’                   "You’re not going to know unless
and graduated with a diploma In public’    travelling and to take some general Oven.                                              you try it," are words she remembers
relations in the spring of 1994.           interest courses. In 1998 she began          She maintained the previous staff, her mother saying, and Whalley adds
   A year later she opened her own         work at a small restaurant In down- admitting that It was nice "to have peo- that, "if something doesn’t work out, it
business. A vintage clothing boutique,     town Oshawa. When the owner put ple who really knew what they were doesn’t mean you re a failure."
Cool for Cats was originally located       the business up for sale, Whalley was doing right off the bat. I didn’t have to           These are words to remember for any
above The Different Drum Cafe before       quick to place a bid. In November, train anyone."                                      new business owner.
   Students angry with problems in res
Chronicle   Staff________
   Students who choose to
live In Durham College’s resi-
dence Rodeway Suites, say
they are upset with the many
problems they are encounter-
ing - the cost, parking, and
the disrespect management
shows towards them.
   Students looking for a
place to live, may choose res-
idence because of its ideal
location, or they think it will
be easier to meet new people
while living in such close
quarters. They are even will-
ing to pay the higher prices of
living In Rodeway Suites. But
many students say they wish
they hadn’t spent the extra
money in order to live in res-
  The cost of living in resi-
 dence is approximately $450
 per month, a price that Scott
 Purves says is, "way too
 high." He now wishes he
 hadn’t chosen to live there                                                                                                          Pholo by Stephen Fulton
 because the cost is signifi-
 cantly higher than if he had       RES STUDENTS : Students are feeling ill-treated by the problems they are encountering living In residence.
 chosen to live with a room-
 mate off campus, where it ants upset, it is the fact that agement decided to free up coming in, and roommate residence," he said.
 usually costs between $300- sometimes there are no places rooms. This came as a shock conflicts.                           Haze, who started working
 $350 per person each month. for them to park their vehi- to students who were                Residents aren’t impressed this year at Rodeway Suites,
    Of the many complaints cles.                                informed they would have 48 with Rodeway Suites and says next year it is vital for
 about high prices, assistant       "I paid $120 for a parking hours to move to another Haze blames this on, "lack of there to be more communica-
 general manager of Rodeway pass and on several occasions room. Residents forced to communication between stu- tion and less friction between
 Suites Chris Haze says, "I 1 haven’t had a place to park/’ move were upset.                dents and management."        management and residents.
 don’t think it is -over-priced." complains resident Mo Von       Melissa Cooper was given    Scott Rowbotham is an In fact he says that, "90 per
 He says that being so close to Router.                         three different reasons on example of this lack of com- cent of all of the problems
 the school and getting to          One , night there was no why she had to leave.          munication.                   that students have run into
iineet a lot of new people are place to park, so Von Router        "At first they said they    "In the second week of this year could be eliminated
 well worth the extra cost. He parked in a fire zone and was were going to put a manager school a resident adviser with a little more communi-
 also says residents are under issued a $50 fine. Haze in my room, then it was they came to my door and handed cation and respect on both
 the impression that manage- blames the parking problem were putting new residents in me an incident report. I read sides."
 ment is making money, on visitors taking up the there, and finally they told it over and it said that the                   Haze says he feels bad that
 "hand over fist," when in fact spaces, and if a student with a me they were keeping my police had been notified that many students have not
 he says there are plenty of parking pass           complains, room empty so they could illegal substances were being enjoyed their stay in resi-
 costs in running a business.     management will call the use it as a show room for used in my room. Those alle- dence, but he looks forward
    Residents with cars pay an bylaw office, who will ticket future residents," she said.   gations were made without to making changes in order to
 extra $120 per school year to illegally parked cars.             Haze says the only reason any investigation, justifica- make it more enjoyable for
 park at Rodeway Suites. It         With eight weeks remain- for students being asked to tion, or evidence, and it had next year.
 isn’t the price .that has ten- ing in the school year, man- move was for new students affected the rest of my stay in

   Roommates share duties and avoid conflict
BY RACHEL CRAIG                         behind the scenes" increases the           First year Business Administration     would be better handled if the rules
Chronicle Staff                         stress of looking after a floor.        student Dave Steinburg finds con-         of residence were enforced. It seems
                                           Both RAs say helping people is the   flicts develop because roommates          to her that there is more concern
                                        most self-satisfying part of the job.   have different personalities, interests   "...about garbage rather than people
   Living in residence can be an           Although the applications to live    and they are different people in gen-     yelling and running up and down the
amazing experience, but often those in residence are examined closely and       eral.                                     halls at 3 a.m. The rules are there for
experiences are shattered by room- the best effort is made to match peo-           If a conflict develops, Robinson       a reason and they need to be
mate conflicts.                         ple in terms of common interests and    encourages open communication,            upheld."
   Each floor in residence at Durham tastes in television shows and music,      especially if the parties involves are       In addition, Smitten says that a
College (except the first and fourth it is possible for conflicts to develop    yelling at each other. Having some-       quick fix to the problem is no the
floors) has two residence advisors after time.                                  one mediate the discussion between        solution and a problem needs to be
(RAs) to preserve safety and security      Robinson finds the .most common      roommates often helps everyone            dealt with rather than swept away.
on the floor and maintain a liaison type of roommate conflict begins            involved see things in a new perspec-        Steinburg supports the RAs in the
between management and students with any .tasks that are shared, such           tive, she says.                           way they handle conflicts. If a prob-
through floor meetings. They also as taking out the garbage and wash-              Once the two parties are talking,      lem arose between him and his room-
organize events, keep a calm atmos-. ing the dishes. Putting a social per-      the RAs suggest laying down general       mate and talking to his roommate
phere on the floor, handle crisis situ- son with a non-social person and        rules. A contract is often needed,        did not help, the RAs would resolve it
ations and keep everyone happy.’        non-compatibility between room-         detailing a specific agreement. The       to the best of their ability.
   Sound like a difficult job? Being an mates are major issues Vasey finds      contract may specify whose turn it is        Smitten mentions that as an RA, it
RA does have its advantages and dis- when handling conflicts. Boyfriend         to take out the garbage or who needs      is important to know the faces and
advantages. Dave Vasey, an RA in his issues, racism, the stress of school and   to wash the dishes and clean the          peopfe on the floor to   create a   rap-
third year of Environmental finances also cause tension.
                                                                                counters.                                 port with them. This may enable
Technology, cites having his own           Tracy Smitten, a first year             "It is important to monitor the sit-   people to say something soomer. to
room and seeing a lot of different per- Entertainment Administration stu-       uation after the steps have been fol-     their RA if they feel a problem is
spectives as some of the positive dent, has discovered conflicts devel-         lowed, especially since people may about to arise.
aspects of the job.                     op from the careless pairing of room-   become depressed if tension contin-      Smitten would want to become an
   Emily Robinson, in her third year mates and the little thought that goes     ues to exist," says Robinson.         RA so she would have a say in how
of Business Administration with York into the process. She afso finds the          Smitten finds mediation and dis- the building is run. She would like to
University, finds the hard work and actual rules of the resident’s lease are
                                       .                                        cussing the problem with her room- help-younger people, especially those
demanding aspects of being an RA not upheld, especially since the man-          mates are the best way to handle con- living away from home for the first
contribute to the negative side of the agement seem "...more concerned          flicts. Steinburg would talk to his time.
job. Vasey adds that "...the late about the building rather than the            roommate if something became a           She also likes the fact that she
nights and the unappreciated work people in it."                                problem. Smitten also finds conflicts would get her own room.
 Cre dit b ene fits que stioned
 BY KATHERINE SAARINEN             at the Royal Bank of Canada,     MasterCard seem to be the             The most popular card               you require.
Chronicle staff                    "college students need money most popular.                          among students seems to be                Usually, student credit
                                   and a credit card is like           So. what do these cards have the GM Visa. This card allows             cards, such as the GM Visa
  Visa,  MasterCard    and         money."                          to offer students?                 students to earn five percent In       allow as little as $500.
American Express are easily           The cost of tuition, books       The CIBC Classic Visa card GM card earnings on every                      This can be paid off easily,
acquired by college student..      and transportation can be promises "all the credit, all the dollar charged to the card. In                 and the minimum monthly
Although having one seems          overwhelming, and it is possi- benefits and more with no other words the card provides                     payment can be as low as $10,
like a good Idea, the conse-       ble that this could leave a stu- annual fee. " Having no annu- points towards a ’GM vehicle                $20 If the card is at it’s maxi-
quences of owning a credit         dent feeling helpless.           al fee is useful, but the over use every time it Is used. This card       mum limit.
card could outweigh the bene-         "Before I got my credit of credit cards will put you in also offers supplementary                          Some cards, such as the
fits if the card is not used       cards, I was living paycheque debt .                                cards, 24-hour cash advance            Bank of Montreal MasterCard,
responsibly                        to paycheque," said Jill            The Bank of Montreal and worldwide acceptance.                         can start a student out with
    Credit cards are readily Walker, an entertainment                MasterCard gives students a           Having a credit card is use-       $1,000 in credit. If the card
available to college students. Administration student and            choice between no annual fee       ful for starting a line of credit..   reaches it’s maximum limit,
Almost every hall in Durham the owner of four credit cards.          and the "lowest rate possible."       According to one student           the minimum payment per
College contains a credit card "I never had any money to do          This card also offers students     credit card application form,         month can be as high as $50.
application centre.              anything or buy anything for        no transaction fees, an extend-    "responsible use of credit cards         It Is easy to see why credit
    Not only are the applica- myself."                               ed warranty Insurance and a        over time can help you estab-         card companies target college
tions readily available to stu-    Luckily for Walker she is in      19 day-payment grace period.       lish a good credit rating. This       students. Many students get
dents, but there are also the her last year of school and will          The TD Green Visa Is popu-      will be Important later on            weighed down by the cost of
credit card company represen- soon be working a full-time            lar because it has no annual       when you need a loan for a            school, and a card may help.
tatives at several entrances job. Then she will be able to           fee. This card offers students     major purchase such as a car."           Building a good credit rat-
offering free gifts to those who pay off her. large debt.            long distance savings, travel         A good thing to keep in            ing can be helpful In the
fill out an application.           Many different cards are          accident insurance and the TD      mind when applying for a              future, therefore it’s wise to
    According to an employee available, but Visa and                 dinner’s privilege.                credit card is how much credit        use a credit card responsibly.

Special Olympics coming
to York Region this year                                                                                   YOV DON’T JIATT PI-AY THE GAME
BY AMY HARRIS                    Plunkett, who has participated        "We are an Olympic style-
Chronicle Staff
                                 in the run for many years.
                                    This year’s Torch Run is
  The Special Olympics, held expected to raise upwards of
every four years in Ontario, $2 million, a drastic increase
                                                                    host, which means we look
                                                                    after the athletes 24 hours a
                                                                    day from the time they get
                                                                    here until the time they
                                                                                                             YOl/ RE IMT!
will be in York Region this from the $100.000 they raised           leave," Games co-ordlnator,
year.                            the first year.                    Althea Arsenault-Sharkey says.
   The opening ceremonies for       When the run Is complete,’       . The Games required 1,300
the Ontario Special Olympics the officers will then join the        volunteers to assist with the
kick off May 10, at the Ray athletes and audience in the            athletes and events in a variety
Twinney Centre in Newmarket Ray Twinney Centre for the              of activities ranging from food
with the annual Ontario Law rest of the day’s ceremonies,           service and transportation .to
Enforcement Torch Run. highlighted by the athlete’s’                security and medical.
Operating since 1987, the oaths and march.                             Arsenault-Sharkey says she
Special Olympics’ biggest           The Games run from May          is happy to report that ail posi-
fund-raiser, is attended by 10 to 14 in five venues across          tions have been filled in time.
hundreds of bucket carrying York Region where the events               Other highlights of the
officers each year.              will be taking place.              Games will include the appear-
   The officers run through the     Each donated venue is host      ances of several guests, such as
streets collecting donations. to one of the five events,
Out of more than 80 programs swimming, power lifting, and
                                                                    former Olympic swimmer
                                                                    Sandy Goss and a few retired
                                                                                                          -THE CAME EXPERIENCE-
in 25 different countries, floor hockey, as well as five            NHL players, who are attend-
Ontario’s Torch Run has been and 10 pin bowling, where              ing the Games as support and              An in credible 21st century
the top fund-raiser for the past Special Olympians of all ages      encouragement for the ath-            combination of tag and hide & seek!
ten years, says Constable will compete.                             letes.                                 The world’s most immerslve laser
Robert Plunkett of the York         There is an expected                Also appearing will be
Regional Police.                  turnout of 167 coaches and        Michael Pinball demons, the               adventure game. Enter the
   The province-wide run 725 athletes, who have quali-              honourary athlete.                     arena...get lost In the maze-fog,
takes about a week to com- fied in their sport at the                 Opening ceremonies will be               music and heart pounding
plete.                            regional level. The Games         broadcasted live from the Ray             excitement. If s multilevel...
   "It’s very exhilarating. It organization is responsible for      Twinney Centre on Rogers’
feels good to help," said looking after all of their needs.         Cable on May 10.                         interactive...Intense with fun
                                                                                                             lurking around every corner.
IT fees will increase next year
BY BEN CHRISTIE                                                                                              ^7 per person
                                   open Windows lab is one of tions for both the Mac and
Chronicle Staff                    the many benefits from the IT Windows labs and increased                    44 Bond St. E. Oshawa
   Macintosh laboratories at fee increase.                          security are planned.
Durham College may not ben-
efit from the IT ^ee increase as
                                Another benefit is the
                             Intranet (internal network)
                                                                       The IT fee increase will
                                                                    include free remote dial in
much as Windows labs.        allowing students to upload            Internet service which will
   The IT fee, will increase files to teacher folders instead       allow students to connect to
from $75 to $155 dollars over’
                             of -handing the teacher a              the Internet through Durham
the next three years. Students
                             diskette.                              College’s own Internet service,
to some degree, will pay for    "Once you’re finished with             Other        improvements
the increase through their   your project, just upload it to        Include web sites managed by
tuition.                     my web page," said Denis               students, and new computers
   The IT fee funds improve- Shelston, director of academic         for the Windows labs to be
irtents in computers and tech-
                             and technical services at              replaced with newer models
nology,                      Durham College. "And then              every three years.
   Improvements to the Mac the teacher couTd go home and               Improvements to existing
labs will likely come in the turn his computer on and               Windows labs should begin
near future from increased essentially pick up those                this month.
programs, not the IT fee assignments and just grade                    The Macintosh labs are .a
increase, says Chris Hinton, them."                                 self sufficient entity, according
network administrator and       Increased bandwidth for the         to Hinton.
Mac technician.              Internet and school servers               "It’s unclear what the impli-
   Ah open Mac lab is still will speed up the Internet, says        cations are for this side of the
being looked into while an Shelston. Network connec-                family right now," he said.
 I s thi s a j ob fo r yo u ?
ADVISERS ARE                         role-play was, Vasey said, "It and ask for a key to their said It can be hard stopping               said for the first month of
                                     was Interesting. Let’s put It room, especially If they’re two guys from arguing or                   school he rarely got to bed
                                     that way."                        guys."                          fighting.                          before 4 a.m. Wills said there
PARENTS, PLUMBERS                       It is from the applicants that    Vasey has also had his own      Although Vasey says,            can also be late night phone
                                     five residence advisers are cho- Interesting experiences.         "We’re not really expected to      calls. Most of the calls are
                                     sen.                                 "I don’t know where to literally jump right In the mid-         from students who have had
AND BABYSITTERS                         Each RA is responsible for start," explains Vasey. "This dle and start throwing people            too much to drink. She said
                                     one floor of 70 to 80 students. whole place has been funny apart," It Is still his. job to help      students would call and cry
                                     It is the resident adviser’s experiences." He remembers students resolve their differ-               about anything. Wills said
BY MANDY O’CONNOR                    responsibility to answer any one time when he received a ences or try to point them                  one girl was crying about her
Chronicle Staff                      questions students have.          call from an                                  towards some-        pet Bird who had died five
                                        "Basically, we’re here to embarrassed                         _______        one who can.         years earlier. Wills has a sim-
   Cross a parent, a babysitter,     make sure their school career resident. She                                        He says he        ple idea of how to deal with
a plumber, then add Dave
Vasey and Laura Wills and the
                                     is fun," is how Wills summed had called him
                                     up her responsibilities.          to unplug her
                                                                                        (                            has even ended
                                                                                                                     up sitting In
                                                                                                                                          these phone calls.
                                                                                                                                              "Just try to be a good friend
result Is two Durham College            Aside from answering ques- toilet. For his                                   the     hospital     and be there for them until
residence advisers.                  tions, Vasey said resolving pl u m b i ng                                       with people.         they fall asleep," she said.
   Much like being a residence       roommate conflict often work, the stu-                    / don’t                  He said for a         However, late night phone
adviser is portrayed on televi-      occurs. Keeping the peace is dent gave him                                      lot of students,     calls and trips to the hospital
sion shows such as Felicity, the     how he describes his responsi- a poem about                know                 it Is their first    considered, Wills and Vasey
job is an Interesting experi-        bilities. However, he said that his skills as a            where to             time away from       agree they would do It all
ence right from the beginning.
   According to Vasey, getting
                                     part of his job can be difficult plumber as a
                                        With the high number of sort of thank                   start         ?      home.      They
                                                                                                                     want to go out
                                                                                                                                          again if given the chance.
                                                                                                                                          Wills said she liked getting to
the job is an interesting experi-    roommate conflicts, both resi- you.                                             and drink a lot      meet a lot of people and found
ence in itself.                      dent advisers said having a          However,                                   because, "their      making people smile and help-
   After handing in a resume,        room of their own was one of don’t get these                     Dave Vasey mommy and                ing’them a rewarding experi-
selected applicants take part in     the best parts about being an two residence                                     daddy aren’t         ence. Vasey also thinks that it
a one-day interview that             RA.                               a dv i s e rs                                 around basical-      is a fulfilling job, although he
Includes psychological ques-            Another responsibility Is wrong. The job does have dis- ly," said Vasey adding he does            would not want to do It in his
  tions.                             working at the front desk for advantages as well. Since one not consider himself a                   last year of school again.
     The second part of the inter-   eight hours each week. During of a residence adviser’s respon- parental figure nor does he               "It sounds cheesy, but
  view is role-play. Jeff Tremble,   this time Wills said she had sibility is resolving roommate want the students he is respon-          you’re in the middle of every-
  the person responsible for hir-    some of her most interesting conflicts and mediating sible for to think of him as                    thing," he said. It is a soap
  ing residence advisers, puts       experiences.                      between friends, the job does being a parent.                      opera life in here quite a bit."
  each applicant through differ-        "I worked at the front desk, have its difficulties. As Wills      Aside from student con-             Wills agreed. She also com-
  ent situations. The situations     so there are people that always explained, the problems and flicts, being an RA can also             pared residence to being a per-
  include Tremble going to an        lock themselves out of their disagreements that mean interfere with school. Wills                    son In public school or high
  applicant’s room and pretend-      rooms," said Wills.               nothing in the morning mean added that If an RA has a part-         school, when people like to
  ing to be angry with him. The          "That seems to be kind of a lot at night when people time lob It could be a lot to                have sleepovers.
i applicant has to try to calm       humorous because they’re liave had too much, to drink. handle. Being an RA can be so                      "It’s like a sleepover every
  him.’ As for how helpful the        embarrassed to come down And, being a female RA, Wills time consuming that Vasey                      night."

   Academic upgrading                                                                                  Durham College
                                                                                                       steps up to the tee
   opens more doors
  BY AMANDA PEREIRA                                 secondary tuition fees.
                                                                                                       BY CHRIS GLEASON
                                                                                                       Chronicle Staff______
                                                                                                          This fall Durham College
                                                                                                                                          Diploma or equivalent diplo-
                                                                                                                                          ma and Grade 12 English. It
                                                                                                                                          also stated students needed a
                                                                                                                                          Royal      Canadian       Golf
  Chronicle Staff__’     __                           With an enrolment that can fluctuate from        will introduce a Professional      Association certified handicap
      Getting into college is impossible without a 300 to 500 students, the teachers and coun-         Golf Management program.           card, but that requirement is
  high school diploma and it can be a long road sellors are what hold Academic Upgrading                  The program’s Executive         no longer needed.
  for those who are going back to school for the together.                                             Summary states the program            "So far, 80 students have
  first time in years. Many options are out            Cheryl Hurst, career and academic counsel-      will be a three-year, six-semes-   applied to the program, said
  there, but none as convenient and goal-ori- lor, is a first contact for those considering            ter program. There will be a       Dejeet. Applicant numbers
  ented as the Academic Upgrading program at enrolment. "I’m here as a resource...to get               22-week field placement at the     may reach between 100 and
  Durham College.
     .imam                                          them connected to the people they need to be       end of the first and second        120."
      "Most people don’t know we’re here, but connected with," Hurst said.                             year. Faculty will assist in          According to the Durham
  we are and always have been," said program           The teachers and counsellors are all trained    finding these placements. The      College Calendar estimated
  director Ralph Williams.                          professionals, whose aim it is to provide a        field placement will have          costs for this program is
      Academic        Upgrading,                                   schedule that meets students’       clearly articulated-outcomes       $2,632. This includes tuition,      .

  offers a Grade 12 equivalency                                    Individual needs.                   and expectations. According        activity fee, books, supplies
  certificate in English, math                                        "We see a huge range of          to the program booklet, some       and equipment. These is the
  and science. The program
  runs 50 weeks out of the year,
                                       (                           people, from young mothers to
                                                                   elderly people to full-time
                                                                                                       courses will include golf man-
                                                                                                       agement, marketing, presenta-
                                                                                                                                          cost for year one.
                                                                                                                                             Applicants to year three
  with the option of day or                                        workers seeking apprentice-         tion techniques, advertising       will be required to have sue-.
  evening classes. Most people                                     ships. It’s a starting point for    and food and beverage man-         cessfully completed the two--
  spend approximately      one to           We see a               those people, and it provides       agement.                           year .diploma in business
  four months in the program                huge                   opportunity," she said.                "A need for such a program      administration In golf man-
  depending on their level of                                         Students who receive their       exists because golf is one of      agement with a minimum
  education, however there is               range of               Grade 12 equivalency certifi-       the fastest growing leisure        grade point average of 2.5,
  no limit.,
      "We try not to Impose any
                                            people           ?     cate can go to college, further
                                                                   skills training, apprenticeships
                                                                                                       businesses in North America,"
                                                                                                       said Bert Dejeet, director of
                                                                                                                                          states the executive summary;
                                                                                                                                          Students who don’t meet the
  limits on the students. The                                      or employment.                      Durham’s Arts Administration       standards for entry into year
  teachers and counsellors are                                        "I             out of school
                                                  Cheryl Hurst when dropped and at 28 years            Division. According to Dejeet.     three, or who don’t wish to
  here from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.                                              I was 15,                    many new golf courses are          continue, may graduate after
  every day to help students,                                      old I decided to go back," said     being built at a high rate and     year two with a business
  but if they wish to do the                                       Joanna Willems, a recent, grad-     therefore trained personnel        administration diploma in
  work at home, that is their own choice," uate. "It’s taken me almost a year, but I’m                 have to be hired."              golf management.
  Williams said.                                    finally finished. I plan to go to Durham              "No one subject is more         Candidates will submit a
      After writing an assessment test, students .College for Marketing and Sales."                    Important than another," said personal resume outlining pre-
  are placed in a level (from one to four) and         Academic Upgrading opens doors for peo-         Dejeet. "All the subjects will vious golf experience as well as
  can. begin immediately. Aside from a $50 ple giving them access to Individual learning               contribute to help students get a letter of recommendation
  refundable materials deposit, the program Is at their own pace, with an end result that can          a job in this .field,"          from a certified CPGA
  free for the first 16 weeks, funded by the give their life new direction.                               According to the Durham Professional. All applicants
  Literacy and Basic Skills program and the            Anyone In need of Academic Upgrading            College Calendar, to enter the meeting these minimum
   province of Ontario. After 16 weeks the cost should contact the College and Career                  program students need their requirements will be asked to
   is $46.40 per week, roughly the cost of post- Preparation office at (905) 721-3111.                 Ontario Secondary School an orientation session.
20 WemitONKIt                    April ! 8, 2000

      Christians remember,
   rej oice during Lent season
                                              Ash Wednesday begins the         ing, and time for reconcilia-
                                           Lenten season. Blessed ashes        tion and repentance with
 BY SHAWN DESJARDINS                       are placed on the foreheads of      yourself. God, and others,"
 Chronicle staff                           faithful Christians, and they       said Father SIawomir Glowacz
                                           pledge to turn away from sin.       of St. Gregory’s parish on
                                              Good Friday is celebrated at     Simcoe Street North, in
     "God so loved the world               3 p.m. the time that Jesus died     Oshawa.
 that he gave his only Son, so             to commemorate his death.              Lent is a time for Christians                                                 Photo by Chris Gteason
 that everyone who believes in                  Easter Sunday commemo-         to come together, follow             OPEN WIDE: Cathy Thomas (left) and Laura
 him might not perish, but                 rates the resurrection of Jesus     God’s word, and therefore fit-       Kanabe are using the Intra Oral Camera to look
 have eternal life." John 3:16.            Christ.                             ting that Lent is in the spring.     Inside client Heather Kanabe’s mouth
 This is the essence of the                   Lent is the most Important          "People really come out of
 Easter season, Christians say.            season in the Christian faith,      the proverbial woodwork dur-
    The Lenten season cele-
 brates Jesus’ suffering in the
  desert for 40 days and being
  condemned to die and dying
                                           more so than Christmas.
                                              "Lent is the most important
                                           time in the Catholic Church
                                           because it Is preparing for the
                                                                               ing Easter," said Kelly. "It is
                                                                               really the one true recognized
                                                                               feast in the Christian Church.
                                                                               Nature really echoes what we
                                                                                                                      Technology enters
  on a cross for preaching he
 was the Son of God.
  Christians also celebrate the
                                           resurrection of the Father,"
                                           said Father Wenceslao Abalof
                                           of Oshawa’s St. Joseph parish.
                                                                               are celebrating.
                                                                               becomes spring, and life over-
                                                                               comes death."
                                                                                                        Winter         dental program
 resurrection of Jesus Christ.             "Everyone can be born, but             Many Christians call for        BY CHRIS GLEASON
    Jesus was condemned to die             not everyone can be resurrect-      forgiveness during Lent more       Chronicle Staff                 comfortable for both the
 at the hands of Pontius Pilate,
                           ed."                                                than any other time of year.                                       client and the student.
 the Roman procurator of      Lent is not only Important                          "Lent brings Christians                                         Underwood says; the cost of
 Judea. Pilate absolved Jesus of
                           to Christians because of the                        together, and the call for rec-       New technologies are         the service is $20 for adults
 all crimes, but In order to
                           death and resurrection of Jesus                    onciliation Is louder than          helping Improve the services    and $10 for children. The
 please the Jewish people, he
                           Christ, but it Is also a celebra-                  other seasons because Jesus         dental students provide.        adult price includes dental
 had Jesus scourged at tlie pil-
                           tion of Christianss’ freedom.                      was crucified for .our sins,"          Intra Oral Cameras pro-      examinations, x-rays, teeth
 lar and crucified. Jesus was "It (Lent) symbolizes the 40                    said Abalof.                        vide a better look inside the   cleaning, fluoride treatment,
mocked for being the Son ofdays Jews wandered in the                              Lent brings out generosity      client’s mouth, says Karen      polishing of fillings and oral
God, crowned with thorns,  desert in their flight from                        in people. They do more than        Underwood, director of the      hygiene instruction. The
spat on, and slapped. He was
                           Egypt’s slavery," said Father                      just go to mass, and repent         program. They motivate          child price includes a polish
then ordered to carry a cross
                          Joseph Kelly of St. Gertrude’s                      their sins.                         clients and students to keep    and fluoride treatment.
                          parish In Oshawa. "Just like
to Golgotha (the place of the                                                    "The Lenten season is a          their mouths healthier.         According to Underwood,
                          Jesus fasted in the desert for 40
skull) where he was crucified.                                                time of giving and sacrificing.        The ultra sonic sealer, a    clients are so satisfied with
   The most Important daysdays. Lent not only celebrates                      Christians feel it is a time of     teeth-cleaning tool, reduces    the quality of the service
during ’ Lent       are   the resurrection of Jesus, but it
                            Ash                                               giving to the poor/’ said           the time spent working on       they buy gifts for the stu-
Wednesday, Holy Thursday, also celebrates our freedom                         Glowacz.                            clients, says Underwood. It     dents. To book appoint-
Good Friday, and Easter from the slavery of sin."                                Jesus died out of love for       makes everything more           ments call 905-721-3074.
Sunday.                      "It’s a time for prayer, fast-                   his fellow man.

          L 0 N
                               ’"’<*       .-
                              <^( Q<T^ T0T TR O M
                                                    ,   ^»i?^.. -..ihKtt’*’                        We W f^te^ A
           BO&Y           PIERCIN    S  A   O   S                                 ’
                                                                                                   Summer is approching.
                                                                                                   Get your TAN first                    ip

           ’       C u st o m Ulo r’ik;                                                            at ^»(n» 9<|e^ Mega Tan,

                           ^    ;?»    e

                    ’   n e uu H e e d l e s   E u e r >it i m e !
                    ’   fl u t o C l a u e St e r i l i z at i o n
                             ^ 1 5 ’r’ e d r s E x p e r i e n c e
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               O U R H A M ’ S
               ^OOV ART STUOlO
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                                                                                                                                              434-MEGA (6342)
               2 3 BOND ST    OSHA W A 5 7 1 - 7 0 3 3                                                                                Sat             8:00am 7:00pm
               W W W. TA T TOOS . C OM/ L ONGHOR N                                                                                    Sun             8:00am - 6;00pm
                                                                                                                                                    -’\":\:-   "-»--K.»T
                                                                                                                               THE CHRONICLE        April 18/2000 - 21

Single mothers making it in the real world
6hMfllfll8Jlia!L                    Durham College. After she li
                                    finished and receives her
                                    diploma, Gilbert hopes to pur*
   Single motheri fire being        sue a graphic arts diploma,
dented       their   education      After being accepted Into their
because they are unable to                      both women had to
(liul suitable housing              Brograms,
                                      na a place to live, and a
   Deborah MeGalmont, 44            means to pay for It.
returned to school at the age           When MeGalmont started
of 30 for the first time since      looking for an apartment, she
grade 9, McGalmont lied a           did not know what to expect.
five-year-old child, and had        No one ever told her that she
left her husband Just three         was denied an apartment
years before. McCalmont             because of her low Income, or
derided she needed to muke B        because she was a single moth-
life for herself and offer her      er.
daughter B future. She was                Gilbert applied for money
waiting tables In bars, until       under the Ontario Student
she decided to go back to           Assistance Plan. She Intended
gehool,    .   ,                    to pay rent with 'SAP money,
   Amber Gilbert findg herself      or so she thought. Once she
In a similar situation. She has a   started looking for apartments,
two’year’old son, and had not       she was turned, down more
attended school since his           than 100 times. She was told
bIMli, She lias depended on         repeatedly to come back once
social assistance for Income,       slie had a lob.                       ANOTHER DAYi Amber Gilbert with 2 1/2-yr.old on,               Quinton Marlt.
and barely makes ends meet.             According to the Landlord
She was forced to leave the         and Tenants Act, this Is Illegal.   "1 have a five-year-old, All 1       end, Gilbert, had to compro’ diuiuhters,                :
father of tier son, and decided     Landlords are not allowea to        knew was that I was not going        mise tier priorities. When she    dUbecl Is now doing well In
lU Het rtll CtlUt’rtUuil,           disrrlmlnatc. Gilbert felt she      to live somewhere dirty or           finally did find an apartment, her prugmm, niul Is looking
   McCalmont spent one year         was being turned ’down not          unsafe." When MeCalmont              It was In the basement of a forward tu an Interesting
and 10 months In her pro-           only because she was using          finally found an apartment           building.                      career.
urami six months to receive         OSAP to pay her rent, but           with a roommate, It was                 Uoth women are doing             "1 have rcronlly movnd
her high school diploma, four       because she was a single moth*      described as, "One bedroom.
                                                                                                             well, McCalmont Is remarried, Into Mihikllml houslnH,
months to take the PK?IC(|UI-       er with a two’year’olu son.         no security, semi-clean and          and lias another daughter who where all my nrrds are mr(,
sifc to her course, and one year        1’aced with similar discrimi-   very small,"                         Is now 13, McCalmont com- There have been some (lues-
In Dental Assisting.                nation, and witli the new             Gilbert had similar priorities     pleted her course nine months tlons concerning the safely of
   Similarly, Gilbert had to        school year approachfng ,           when luoRIng for an apart"           pregnant, and graduated with tilt! co-op, but ottier than that,
spend two weeks to upgrade to       MeGalmont deefded slie either       ment. She wanted a two-bed-          honours, She went on to work I’m planning on on|oylng my
high school equivalence, and        had to go back to work and          room apartment, accessible to        for many different dentists new house until I am flinslied
Is presently completing her         forget her dreams of a secure       bus routes, that was not base- and enjoys her |obs, clean liv- at Durham CoUi’He," says
first year of Journalism at         future or lower her standards.      ment, and not In the south ing, and her happy healthy Gilbert.
 22 THE CHRONICLE               April 18, 2000

                                                               QMPUS NEWS
 Do Oshawa night clubs
 need more security?
 BY MURRAY BARNES                        be enough. At both our bars,            crowds in this area are a more
 Chronicle staff                         patron safety and well-being Is         mellow crowd than those
                                         at the top of our list. We are          found at downtown bars.
   Toronto police officers were         confident that the security in              O’Toole commented, "I
 recently ordered to stop work-          place now is adequate.                  have had the opportunity to
  ing at bars downtown on offi-          However, If that changes, hav-          check out some of the clubs
  cial pay duty, meaning they            ing an officer or two outside           downtown and seeing perma-
  cannot work while in uniform           the clubs at peak hours would           nently-placed officers standing
  on their days off.                     definitely be an asset,"                at the front door made me feel
     Since then, there have been         OToole said.                            quite comfortable, even
  three homicides at Toronto                Durham Police spokesman,             though the crowd seemed at
  clubs and bars.                       Sgt. Jim Grimley, said, "In              times quite aggressive."
      Two men, in separate bars,        regards to pay duties, we do                " I don’t find the crowd to
  were stabbed to death. Eight           not do them anymore at                  be anywhere as jumpy here in
  other people suffered injuries.       licensed premises."                      the Durham area. Everyone Is
  One man, a bouncer at a                   "They (bar owners) may be            out for a good time, not to
  downtown after hours dance            looking to have this altered,            cause troubTe," says O’Toole.
  club, was shot dead as he             but it Is the policy right now of           "Here In the Durham
 worked the front door. His             the Durham Regional Police               Region, there Is certainly not
 partner still lies seriously ill in    Chief that police will not be            the same degree of violence in
 hospital, also suffering gun-          hired at nightclubs unless it is        this area compared to what
 shot wounds.                           in conjunction with a court             has been happening In
     Nightclubs in Durham               order," said Grimley.                   Toronto. You only need to
 Region have had to do without             Several years ago, paying an         look at recent statistics com-
 pay duty officers for some            officer to patrol the front door         paring Toronto and the
 time, but owners say Durham           of nightclubs was common.                Durham Region to show that
police may need to adjust that             "We did authorize officers a         It Is a far safer area," said                                                            Photo by Munay Darnos
policy soon.                           while back to work these clubs           Grimley.                              STRAIGHT UP: The Bald Monkey, a popular down-
    James O’Toole, owner and           as pay duties in the downtown               Will the violence creep In         town Oshawa night club, ensures the well-being
operator of the popular                Oshawa core. But after several           eventually?                           and safety of their patrons who frequent the bar.
Banshee Cocktail bar in north          problems with these bars, they             "It’s certainly something to
Oshawa, and the Bald Monkey            were forced to close down due            consider," said O’Toole.
                                                                                                       Having the police come in reg- heat up.
nightclub In south Oshawa,             to breaches of the Liquor                   "We will of course monitor
                                                                                                       ularly during their shift tends    "Summer In the Durham
says Durham is not on the              Licence Act and we then                  the situation. At the present,
                                                                                                       to thwart any potential prob- Region Is great.. Students and
same page as Toronto in terms          stopped the pay duties."                 we have a great rapport with
                                                                                                       lems," adds O’Toole.            local residents can be rest
of violence.                           Grimley said.                    the local police and encourage    With the warm weather and assured that partying in our
   "We have private security              Both the police and O’Toole : them to visit both our bars summer almost here, night clubs will be safe and enjoy-
which at the moment seems to           agree that the nighttime party during the busy periods. clubbing In the area will soon able," said O’Toole.

         CAW and NDF propose to re-establish ties
Chronicle Staff                                                                                                                                          (Canadian          Co-operative
                                                                                                                                                         Federation) movement when
                                                                                                                                                         it was first formed, lay in the
  Cutbacks, downsizing and                                                                                                                               excitement it created as a
reconstruction - three words                                                                                                                             movement linked, not by acci-
which have influenced the                                                                                                                                dent, to labour. Electoral poli-
Canadian     Auto Workers                                                                                                                                tics will only move people
(CAW) union to nationally                                                                                                                                again if It is part of a broader
promote working class politics                                                                                                                           notion of politics."
and re-establish a strong rela-                                                                                                                             There are currently many
tionship with the New                                                                                                                                    CAW members doing some-
Democratic Party (NDP).                                                                                                                                  thing to endorse the NDP at
   The relationship between                                                                                                                              the municipal, provincial and
the NDP and the CAW took a                                                                                                                               federal levels. However, in
sharp downturn after the Bob                                                                                                                             order to improve its relation-
Rae government backed out                                                                                                                                ship with the NDP, the CAW
on campaign promises and                                                                                                                                 has to overcome a few obsta-
decided to ignore issues,                                                                                                                                cles. It has to appeal to union-
which earned them elected in                                                                                                                             ized workers who had previ-
tne first place.                                                                                                                                         ously put their confidence
   The Rae government, went                                                                                                                              into what they thought was a
back on its word to bring in                                                                                                                             party that represented a politi-
public auto insurance, it                                                                                                                                cal stronghold for unionized
added to the growing deficit                                                                                                                             workers.
and introduced the most con-                                                                                                                              ’

                                                                                                                                                             Jack Tubman, national rep-
troversial piece of legislation,                                                                                          .      Photo by Kate HarmeNn   resentative In the education
the social contract.                     CAW PRES IN ACTION: Canadian Auto Workers Union president Buzz Hargrove                                         department of the CAW, says
   The contract was supposed             helps students fight for quality education while speaking at Queen’s Park.                                      "The NDP is reaching out to
to help the provincial govern-                                                                                                                           people who have not voted in
ment reduce the deficit, but it        support from the CAW," he Lorimer, author of the proved to be devastating for                                     prior elections, especially stu-
also removed the right to bar-         said.                          Canadian Auto Workers, the the CAW and the NDP. At the                             dents."
gain for public sector workers.           In Oshawa the CAW Local NDP reforms of the early ’90s time of the last provincial                                 In addition, the CAW coun.-
This produced a backlash for           222 is no longer Involved with caused some union leaders to election the goal of the CAW                          cil has Initiated a national task
theNDP.                                any political party, says recognize that the NDP was ho was to strategically vote but                             force to strengthen the
   Many members of the CAW             Lindsay. He explains that In longer Identified as a political the Tpries. However, on                             union’s Influence as a counter-
were disappointed with the             1993, a group called Members             stronghold for working class       account of a misunderstand-           balance to the workplace and
province and did not feel con-         Against Political Affiliation            people.                            ing and election results the          the three levels of govern-
fident in supporting a political       wanted disassociation with                 This came about even as the      strategy did not work. The            ment.
party that couldn’t be trusted,        the NDP or any other political           NDP was Initiating employ-         outcome of the election result-          There is a proposal to re-
explains Dean Lindsay, CAW             party and 500 people voted to            ment equity and other              ed in only nine seats for the         establish the ties between
recording secretary and service        change union bylaws that             .   changes.                           NDP in Ontario’s legislature.         unions and the NDP. But to
represntatlve for Local 222 In         effect.                                    The consequences for the            In addition, Ontario NDP           initiate social and economic
Oshawa.                                     He explains there was a             NDP are still familiar to many     leader Howard Hampton and             change within the communi-
   "The NDP was supposed to            backlash against the NDP and             voters in Ontario. Two provin-     CAW president Buzz Hargrove           ties the relationship between
speak for the working class            the CAW faced media criti-               cial elections have past and       are not on speaking terms.            the NDP and the CAW Is
people and with broken cam-            cism.                                    both times the NDP has lost.          According to Lorimer, "the         going to have to wait for the
paign promises, It lost a lot of          According     to    James             The 1999 provincial election       strength of the NDP-CCF               next federal election.
          24 THE CHRONICLE               April lB, 2000

                                                               CNTERPUNMENT NEWS
         Last B last set to hit E. P. Taylor ’s
         Chronicle                                     to avoid disappointment.                       E.P Taylor’s will be offering free    perform cover tunes and songs. All the
                                                          Tickets are available at the Student     transportation to and from Last Blast    games In the game room will be free all
           It Is almost time for Last Blast.           Centre tuck shop 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.          and a coat-check will be available If    night.
           This event is the biggest blowout of        They are on sale now for $7 in advance      needed.                                     If the weather is nice the patio will
        the year, and it happens at E.P Taylor’s,      and $10 at the door.                           If you arrive early you have the      be open, a caricaturist, and a balloon
        April 28.                                         No wristband policy will be In effect    chance to win door prizes such as half   artist will be In attendencc. At mid-
            In past years tickets have been sold       this year, which means no minors are        the money back from your ticket, and     night there will be a free buffet.
        out before the event. This year only allowed.                                              if you have ever wanted a tattoo, a         The music will be provided by Sights
        one thousand tickets have been print-      Many events are planned to make                 temporary one will have to do.           and Sounds Road show, playing the
        ed, so tickets should be purchased early the night memorable.                                  Two for the Show is scheduled to     best of top 40 music.

            And then Yo La Tengo turned themselves inside-out
            BY KATIE COVEOS                     CD player since.                 acclaimed. The album has relaxing and falling asleep.         are brought together to create
           Chronicle Sla((                         Hoboken, New Jersey’s, Yo     had good reviews since its        The album is a great mix of 13 beautiful and original
              After hearing the recent Yo       La Tengo have released over      Feb. 22 release on Matador.    vocals, cello, organ, vibra- songs.
           La Tengo album, And then             10 albums, the most critically      If you’re expecting to hear phone, bass, guitar and drum-     Yo La Tengo have proved
           nothing turned Itself Insule-otit,   acclaimed being I Can Hear       their usual style, it’s not ming. Ira’s guitar can often themselves to b a great and
           I didn’t know what to think.         The Heart Beating As One.        there. The soft vocals along be heard as a quiet hum in innovative band.              Their
           It was different from their            Their new release just may     with Georgia’s gentle drum- the background, almost like newest album can now be
           other work. I gave it another        be taking over 1 Can Hoar The-   ming and Ira’s quiet guitar an extension of the whisper- added as yet another beauti-
           chance and it hasn’t left my         Heart as the most critically     make this a perfect album for ing vocals. These elements ful and original album,

        Crosby, Stills,
        Nash and
        Young jam at                              S IC K O F S I G NO UT LI NES ?
        Air Canada                                                                                                                                                  ^v
        Chronicle Staff

          Crosby, Stills, Nash and
     Young played an unforget-
     table concert March 31 at the
     Air Canada Centre in Toronto.
        The CSNY 2000 tour hit

     Toronto for two nights. With
     no opening act, the band
     played for more than three
     hours with only a 15-minute
  break each night.
     They played old liits and
  new material, putting their all
  into every song they did.
  During their second show
   CSNY played some of their
   classics hits, like Woodstock,
  Teach Your Children and
  Carry On, and new material
  like Dream For Him, Neil
  Young hits like Keep On
  Rocking In The Free World,
  and even the Byrds hit Eight
  Miles High, which they did
  not play during their show the
" night before.
      CSNY have not toured
  together for more than a quar-
  ter century, but on stage they
  played together like a solid
  group. Even from seats at the
  top of the upper level the
  band managed to make fans
  feel like they were right on
  stage with them.                               1 Year Warranty On Used Camera Equipment!
      Mark      Johnson,
-received tickets as a gift said,
  "This is the best birthday pre-
  sent I could ever get. When
  will I ever get another chance
  to see a band like this again?"
     Bruce Smith, who attended
  the Friday night show, said

                                                       M 1 1 N 1 ^VATJk

                                                                                      .      :..        .

  that Nell Young was worth the
Thrice of the tickets alone.
      It was apparent that Young
   was at home in Toronto,
                                                     Picture the possibilities
   cracking jokes with the band                                                                                                              WE ACCEPT
   about Canada being better                              Oshawa Shopping center
   than the United States. Atone
Tipoint in the show the rest of
                                                              419 King Street
 ’ the band bowed In praise of

   Young and his Canadian
                                                              (905) 728-4631
    roots.                                         Mon-Frl 9:30am-9:00pm, Sat 9:30am-6:0f)pm, Sun 12s00pm-5:00pm
                                                                                                                                     THE CHRONICLE                  Aprin8. 2000 25


Waiting for PlayStati on 2
BY BEN CHRISTIE                        still demand for the new sys-                                                                                      gaming     website    X-Sages
Chronicle Staff___________                                                                                                                                (http://www.x-sages.com). "In
                                       tem in Japan and especially
  Sony’s newest system, the
128-bit PlayStation 2, is still in
                                       overseas where, currently, the                                                                                                    -
                                                                                                                                                          a single move the inclusion
                                                                                                                                                          of the DVD with the
                                       PlayStation 2 has not been
demand despite the recent              released.                                                                                                          PlayStation 2 - Sony has not
problems with the console.                 Europe and North America                                                                                       only secured the DVDs future
  Soon after PlayStation 2’s           will have to wait until later                                                                                      in North America, but has also
launch March 4 in Japan, a              this year before they can get                                                                                     sped up the acceptance of
defect in the memory card               their hands on a Playstation 2,                                                                                   DVD by more than just a few
caused such problems as the             unless they’re willing to bid                                                                                     years."
deletion of saved gameplay              for the system "over Internet                                                                                        The original. PlayStation,
data and the malfunction of             auction sites, such as eBay’s                                                                                     which sold 70 million units In
the DVD drive. Sony corrected         ’U.S. web site.                                                                                                     only five years and passed
the memory card problem and                But it’s buyer beware as                                                                                       Nintendo in sales, only faced
has begun shipping the fixed           most of the systems offered for                                                                                    competition from Nintendo’s
memory cards.                          sale do not include photos of                                                                                      64-bit system, Nintendo 64,
  However, even more recent-           the system as proof of pur-                                                                                        and only recently from Sega.
ly another .glitch in the              chase. Auctioneers are re-using                                                                                    But the PlayStation 2 will have
PlayStation 2 was unearthed,           the same photos over and over                                                                                      to contend with Sega’s
which could bring on a copy-           again.                                                                                                             Dreamcast, Nintendo’s new
right lawsuit against Sony.                People patient enough to                                                               Pholo by Bon Chflsllo   system code named Dolphin
Users In Japan can watch over-         wait for the system will find             PLAYING PLAYSTATION: Ryan Moran enjoys a                                 and     now     the     X-Box,
seas DVDs by manipulating              most stores currently carrying                                                                                     Microsoft’s    long-rumoured
the DVD software.                      video games plan on carrying              PlayStation game while he awaits the release of                          console system which was
   An agreement was made               the PlayStation 2 when It’s               Sony’s PlayStation 2 In North America.                                   finally confirmed only weeks
that consoles can only play            launched.                                                                                                          ago.
DVDs sold domestically.                    Electronic Boutiques, locat-        lot cheaper too."                  off the list of PlayStation 2’s      The X-Box, which has been
PlayStation 2’s DVD drive is           ed In the Oshawa Centre,                   Sony’s PlayStation 2 won’t      abilities will be the DVD play- rumoured for several months,
equipped with disabling codes          already has a big list of pre-          only be armed with the ability     er. Selling just under one mil- will be powered by a custom
which will not allow overseas          orders from customers,and the           to play PlayStation 2 games.       lion PlayStation 2 systems in Intel Pentium III processor and
DVDs to run In the console.            store is still accepting pro-           Because the technology used        the first two days after its be capable of a trillion opera-
This recent glitch Is In breach        orders with a $10 down pay-             for the new system Is similar to   Japanese release, PlayStation tions per second. And for the
of that agreement and                  ment. They expect a big rush            that used in Sony’s original       2’s DVD player should help first time In a console system,
Hollywood film makers could            when PlayStation 2 is released.         PlayStation,            original   boost Japan’s struggling DVD the X-Box will Include an 8GB
file a lawsuit against Sony over           "It’s a revolutionary sys-          PlayStation games will also        market. But Europe and North hard drive which can be used
violation of copyright. Sony,          tem," says Ryan Moran, a for-           work In PlayStation 2 with lit-    America will also be hit witli to store saved games, game
however, has not launched a            mer employee of the recently            tle or no loading time. The sys-   the overnight increase in DVD modifications or trial versions
recall of the PlayStation 2            closed Compucentre Express              tem will also have Internet        players.                          of games downloaded from the
though they have corrected             located across from the                 capabilities, a function already       Suddenly,            almost Internet.
the problem for the next ship-        ’Oshawa Centre.                          implemented by the Sega            overnight, the Installed DVD         But since the X-Box isn’t
ment of systems.                           "The P.layStatlon 2 Is more         Dreamcast, Sega s recent re-       user base will Increase by a mil- going to be released for at least
   Despite the now fixed mem-          than just a video game system.          entry into the video game           lion or so households," wrote a year, Sony sits on the verge
ory card problem and Sony’s            It’s more like a miniature per-         industry.                           Rob Grant (BlueBomberman) of revolutionizing the video
latest embarrassment, there’s          sonal computer and it’ll be a              But what will typically end      in an editorial for his new game industry first.

          Fear Effect looks great, but lacks a story
      BY BEN CHRISTIE                                  entire section of the game is devoted          But these backgrounds take up an       can handle any situation without
      Chronicle Staff                                  to it. Royce Glas is her partner. He’s      incredible amount of space and to         worrying about getting killed. But the
      Fear Effect                                 .    an American ex-military who’s invited       combat this, instead of making the        closer the fear ’meter gets to red, the
      Rating: * * * of* * * *                          Jakdb "Deke" Decourt along. Deke’s a        game heavy on backtracking, Kronos        less chance Hana will have of surviv-
      Platform: PlayStation                            New Australian weapons expert and        created three characters who journey         ing a situation. Is this a unique idea?
      Publisher: Eldos                                 borderline psychotic.                    through the same backgrounds at dif-         Not really. While the fear meter goes
      Producer: Kronos Digital                            All three mercenaries are playable,   ferent times with different objectives.      up when the character is noticed or
      Entertainment                                    but only when. the game wants them       It’s a smart way to handle the problem       surrounded by enemies, is hurt, or
      Number of players: 1                             to be. Instead of creating three         of the huge backgrounds, but it does-        fails puzzles, it’s still primarily a
      Required extras: Memory card                     playable characters for replay value; n’t keep Fear Effect from running               health meter regardless of the fact
         Fear Effect begins as a visually stun-        the way Resident Evil 2 created Leon short. Don’t let the four CD size of the         that there is no health in the game.
      ning game using full motion video                and Claire, these three mercenaries game fool you. It should take only                Lowering the character’s fear is done
      backgrounds, as opposed to preren-               exist to keep the game running longer three nights to beat and then there’s           by sneak attacks on enemies, rapidly
      dered backgrounds, and brings a Blade            than it really should given the size of nothing left to do. In fact, the only         solving puzzles, finding important
      Runner version of futuristic Hong                its backgrounds.                         replay is through changing the diffi-        items, or when the game decides to
      Kong to life. Then gameplay moves to                Fear Effect uses "revolutionary culty mode from normal to hard,                    lower the fear meter back to calm on
      a small burning, Chinese fishing vil-            Motion PX technology," as it reads on which was fine for Wolfenstein 3D               its own. Either way. players will still
      lage and once again back to a futuris-           the reverse side of the case. Motion FX back in 1992, but it’s worthless replay       have to avoid raising their stress levels
      tic Hong Kong. However, as Fear                  technology replaces prerendered back- now.                                            just as they would avoid lowering a
      Effect approaches the fourth, disk, it           grounds, tike those of Alone in the         Gameplay itself doesn’t deliver           health bar and will still have to return
      begins a descent into a poorly written           Dark, Resident Evil, and T.R.A.G.. for replay either. Dual pistols or machine         the fear meter .to calm just as they
      story of darkness, demons’and the                full motion video backgrounds that guns a la Hong Kong action film style              would refill’a health bar.
      devil, all in Hong Kong action format            constantly cycle. So, unlike Alone in is. fun, especially since Hana arid the            Despite Fear Effect’s Blade Runner
      similar to a John Woo movie.                     the Dark, Resident Evil, and T.R.A.G., rest of the mercenary gang can target’         look and feel, the game turns into a
         Wee Ming, the daughter of power-              Fear Effect’s backgrounds move. two enemies at once for faster kills.                 demonic romp through overdbne-
      ful businessman Mr. Lam, has disap-              Ceiling lights swing and cast shadows But this dual gun ability doesn’t build         ville as it approaches the fourth CD.
      peared. She’s run away to uncover a              around the room, birds fly past win- replay. The rest of the game plays out           Fear Effect starts out well, but as it fin-
      secret about herself that her father             dows, water flows through fountains,. similar to Resident Evil. Characters            ishes it looks as though the writers ran
      will not reveal. A Secret that .could            fires burn, arid searchlights scan past pass though several locations while           out of ideas. I won’t give away any-
     .save or destroy the world. Mr. Lam               rooftops. Aside from fuzzlhess that Shooting enemies, solving easy puz-               more of the last CD, nor will I explain
      wants to find her before she or any-             accompanies these backgrounds, ,the zles and furthering the plot. Nothing             what Wee Ming’s secret is, but I will
      body else discovers this secret. ;               Motion PXtechnplogy works and cre- new here and no replay either.                     warn you: don’t expect any originali-
         But three mercenaries are also on             ates a more living world than preren-       There’s also a fear meter for the         ty, And expect a little reward for pass-
      the lookout for Wee Mirig. They want             dered backgrounds could. Futuristic characters, which is the basis of the             ing Fear Effect.
      to find her first so she can be ran-             Hong Kong comes to, life with huge Fear Effect’s name. As the story pro-                 Fear Effect winds up being a
      somed off to her’father for a large sum          video screens on the sides: of build-" gresses, stressful situations arise dur-       delightfully visual game with a poorly
      of money. Heading up this gang of                Ings; flashing neon lights, twisting ing gameplay. These situations con-              developed story, but I recommend
      mercenaries is the main character                highways packed with cars, and cold, trol the stress felt by a character. The         playing it anyway, The visuals are too
      Hana Tsu-Vachel, a slim-figured, half            black, massive skyscrapers piercing fear meter helps the players determine            astounding through, the first three
      Chinese, half French covert operative            into dark, gray clouds. Kronos has cre- how stressed the character.is and how         CDs to pass up. Find yourself renting
 i    who enjoys her own nakedness. She                ated a world similar to the dark, dirty well the character will handle a given        this one, though, because the short
      enjoys It so much, In fact; that five cut        streets of Los Angeles in Ridley Scott’s situation. For example, if Hana Is           story and no replay value won’t keep
      scenes, one puzzle solution, and an             ^visually brilliant Blade Runner,         calm, and the fear meter is green, she       you playing longer than three nights.
    O s c ars s e t fa s h i o n tre n d s
                                    parade of the latest styles and
ihronicle Staff                                                      Gwyneth Paltrow’s princess   jacket jump-started what the             "Jennifer Lopez’s greer
                                    what we’ll see this summer,"  dress popularized the colours   typical upscale male would            Gucci   dress, at the’ Colder
  The Oscars have been given        says       Don                               of pink and      wear. Baby blues, purples, and        Globes, was very popular, anc
iut, the parties are amemory,       R i c h a rd s ,                             yellow for the   burgundies became the popu-           designers are creating mod
nd now fashion takes over           owner         of                             s u m mer,       lar colours of the summer for         dresses for less money," a;
nd dictates the summer’s            R i c ha r d ’ s        Oscars have a        while    Cate    males and New York runways   Franklin’s new fall line take;
lew fads arid trends.               Fashions and                                  Blanchett’s     showed the men In these      "a splash of Kevin Spacey anc
    Gucci, Prada, Calvin, and       Designs       on     major impact on          Capri pants     colours.                     a     pinch       of     Denze
Armani have been shown off          Bloor St. "We       what we wear              ruled the sum-     "Oscars have a major      Washington, using those idea;
in Hollywood and now people         just received                                 mer.            Impact on what we wear and
 ire spending loads of money        three      ship-    and what we see designs These       were  what we see In stores and by
                                                                                                                               for a new style."
                                                                                                                                  Matthew AInsley, fashior
 o become the stars they’ve         ments of our         in stores and by         the centre of                                councillor at The Bay, says
                                                                                                  designers," says John Franklin.
 ilways wanted to become.           modern ’Oscar*                                attention last                               "You don’t need tons o:
                                                                                                  As a Toronto fashion designer,
 copies of these fashions, like
 Fom Cruise’s Gucci tuxedo or
                                    clothes, and
                                    we’ve sold 85
                                                        designers.          }     summer and
                                                                                  will be back
                                                                                                  he believes, "most fashion
                                                                                                                               money to look like the stars..
                                                                                                                               all you need Is good taste anc
                                                                                                  designers are taking the
 ^icole Kidman’s Prada dress        per cent of our
 vlth a million slits, are up for   stock already"
 ale and people acrossToronto       The stock went
 ;re lining up to get into their
jlothes and feel the power.
    "The Oscar’s are a fashion
                                    on sale earlier
                                    last week.                        ^^^^^^^        in   men’s
                                                                                  wear, Roberto
                                                                                                                               many tasnion snows across
                                                                                                   Franklin Is now in produc- Toronto and his belief Is thai
                                                                   Benignl’s fashionable tuxedo tion of the men’s fall fashion with a nice shirt, a tie, and i
                                       Last year was no exception, and Jack Nicholson’s sports line.                           nice pair of slacks you car
                                                                                                                               look as good as a star on th(
                                                                                                                               red carpet.
                                                                                                                                  "People with a lot of mone1
                                                                                                                               can look good and still lad
                                                                                                                               something, whereas a persol
                                                                                                                               with an average income cai
                                                                                                                               look good and show it," say
                                                                                                                                  Currently, he’s busy wit!"
                                                                                                                               wardrobes oh the set of a new
                                                                                                                               movie starring John Travolta.
                                                                                                                                  This summer, says Ainsley
                                                                                                                               look for bolder and shiny
                                                                                                                               colours because of Hilary
                                                                                                                                    Swank’s beautiful gown and
                                                                                                                                    more pastels, like Uma
                                                                                                                                    Thurman’s Japanese kimono
                                                                                                                                    style dress.
                                                                                                                                       As for the men, look foi
  (compliments                                                                                                                      shirts hanging out under jack-
                                                                                                                                    ets in the bold colours oi

 ^^^ u a l ity s p e aks
Dur q                                                                                         ’
                                                                                                                                    greens, yellows arid reds. As
                                                                                                                                    well, look for more gel-backed
                                                                                                                                    hairstyles and more weird
                                                                                                                                    designs of hats and sunglasses,
                                                                                                                                       The Oscar’s are over, bul
                                                                                                                                    the fashions have just begun
                                                                                                                                    to shine in the summer breeze
                                                                                                                                    Whether it’s a Jennifer Lope;
                                                                                                                                    body glue dress or a Nicok
                                                                                                                                    Kidman slit dress, people are

                                                                            fo r i t se l f ! !
                                                                                                                                    busy rushing for their Prada 01
                                                                                                                                    Gucci or, just simply. The Bay
                                                                                                                                        Rocky Horror
                                                                                                                                        is coming

                                                                                                  f ^v.
                                                                                                                                        to Oshawa’
                                                                                                                                        BY KAREN COYLE
                                                                                                                                        Chronicle Staff
                                                                                                                                     Let’s do the Time War
                                                                                                                                     The Hourglass Theatre
                                                                                                                               »9 presenting the Rocky Horn:
                                                                                                                                  Show at Elusions startin
                                                                                                                               ^  Wednesday, April 26. Th
                                                                                                                                  show      will,    run     ever
                                                                                                                                  Wednesday through Saturda

                                                                                                                                  until July 1. Showtlmes are
                                                                                                                                  p.m. each night, and a specii

                                                                                                                                  audience participation shoi
                                                                                                                                  each Saturday at.midnight.
                                   us at 728 ANDERSON Street                                                                         Oshawa resident, Mik

                                                                                                                                  Burley, is directing and prc
                                                                                                                                  ducing the entire event. Th
                                            ,      Whitby,0ntario                                                                 cast consists of actors from th
                                                                                                                                  Oshawa area; Tickets can b
                                            ’      (905)668-63 74                                                                 purchased at Elusions or fror
                                                                                                                                  -any cast member. The cost
                               __" INI EW^ Mon-Fri:9am-9pm                                                                         $15 for Wednesdays an
                                                                                                                                  Thursdays and $20 for Frida)
                          ^r.^m mm9 ^, Sat:8am-7pm                                                                                and Saturdays.

                          ""            " "’""
                                                    Sun: 1 0am-5pm
                                                                                                                  THE CHRONICLE            April ! 8, 2000       27

                                               more enter Hall                                                                        she recalled her days at
Chronicle Staff                                                                                                                       Durham and came up with
   Durham College Inducted                                                                                                            "bad calls are okay in sports
three people into the Hall of                                                                                                         and in life," said Hornsby.
Fame April 7, James Buck was                                                                                                            Hornsby is greatful for
the first inductee under the                                                                                                          being inducted into the hall of
builder/coach,       category. Julie                                                                                                  fame.
Hornsby and          .Ryan Hughes                                                                                                        "I am very honoured to be
were, inducted       under the ath-                                                                                                   inducted into the hall of fame.
lete category.                                                                                                                        Durham was a big part of life
   Buck was          ’enrolled: at                                                                                                    and athletics was a big part of
Durham College: irj 1982 .in                                                                                                          my experience at Durham, I
the Sports, Administration pro".                                                                                                      came here when I was 18 years
       and: graduated in. 1984;                                                                                                       old and was taken care of just
 uck was .a student athlete In
three different sports, soccer,
                                                                                                                                      great," said Hornsby.
                                                                                                                                        Hughes came to Durham
basketball and badminton.                                                                                                             College in 1988 where he was
   In the ’83-84 season Buck                                                                                                          enrolled in the Business
 was named Male Athlete of the                                                                                                        Administration          program.
 Year for men’s basketball.                                                                                                           Hughes’ golfing achievements
 After graduation Buck was                                                                                                            at Durham is unparallelled. He
 hired at the college In the                                                                                                          won four individual gold
 Athletic Department and                                                                                                              medals at the OCAA level, and
 coached the women’s basket-                                                                                                          when he became coach of the
 ball team to the Ontario                                                                                                             team he won another four
  College Athletic Association                                                                                                        gold medals. Hughes is now
 championship.                                                                                                                        the associate professional at
     "I have had nothing but                                                                                                          the Granite Golf Club in
 good times here at Durham.                                                                                   Photo by Mike Seymour   Toronto.
 This is a great honour for          PROUD TO BE IN: From left, Ryan Hughes, Julie Hornsby and James Buck are                            Hughes had some words of
  myself and my family," said        all smiles after being Inducted fnto the Durham College Hall of Fame April 7.                    encouragement for the people
  Buck.                                                                                                                                In attendance telling them to
   , In 1987, Buck left Durham    smile to my face," said Buck ,   Horosby startediher athletic yYear In 1988-89 for women’s
                                                                   .                                                                  strive to teach their goals.
  to take an assistant athletic      Buck thinks the biggest career in 1986. Hornsby was a* softball.                                     "I encourage everyone to
  director’s job at Loyalist honour isn’t being inducted two-sport athlete In basketball            "When I was playing the           shoot for the stars and reach
  College in Belleville.          into the hall of fame, but all and softball. She earned the two sports I always said I’m            the goals you have made for
.    ^Evcr since I left Durham the friends he has made and most valuable player award In only as good as the person sit-              yourself," said Hughes.
  and, went to Loyalist I never kept through the years.          two of her three years with ting next to me, because with               Hughes Is honoured to be
  forget where I found my start      "The biggest honour for me each team.                       out them I wouldn’t be stand-        inducted into the hall of fame.
  here at Durham College, and is the people I have met and         In 1989 she was named ing in front of you tonight,"                   "I am very honoured to be
  every time I look at the stand- been able to keep in touch OCAA all-star twice for basket- said Hornsby.                            inducted into the Durham
  ings and I see how well with over the years," said ball and softball. Hornsby was                When Hornsby was prepar-           College hall of fame," said
  Durham is doing it brings a Buck.                              named Female Athlete of the ing her speech for the night             Hughes.

   Kuzmanovski named DC                                                              Weightman takes home
   male athlete of the year                                                          female athlete honours
   BY JIM HUMPHREY                                                                   BY CHRIS FASCIANO
   Chronicle Staff                        Athlete of the Year.                       Chronicle staff                        being a role model for the younger
                                             "I’m just a small part of the                                                  players, and taking the reins of the
      Jimmy Kuzmanovski was named accomplishments the entire team                       Tracey Weightman is the Durham      team and pointing them in the right
   the Durham College Male Athlete of had this year. My first year here we           College Female Athlete of the Year direction.
   the Year for his outstanding play in won the OCAA championships and               for the 1999-2000 season.               She saw the need for someone to
   the 1999-2000 season.                  placed fourth at the nationals," said         In the presence of former female step.,.up on,,a team .that needed a
      Kuzmandvski’s athletic                         Kuzmanovski. "In the sec-       athlete of the year and                        leader and she took it.
   accomplishments this year                        .ond year the team was           new hall of fame                                  Weightman led the team
   are as follows: he was                            revamped almost complete-       inductee June Hornsby,                         to first place in the team’s
   named an Ontario College                          ly and built on that for the    Tracey Weightman was                           division, a fourth place fin-
   Athletic Association all-                         third year to win the           announced as this year’s                       ish in Ontario and a sixth
   star, he also led the OCAA                        bronze.at the nationals."       recipient April 7.                             place finish in Canada on
   in scoring. Kuzmanovski                             Kuzmanovski was inter-           Weightman, a- Lady                          her way to becoming a
   was named the Canadian                           ;ested ’in the sport from ’an    Lord’s soccer player, .was                     Ontario College Athletic
   College :           Athletic
                       .                           ’..early-age when he used:to      never far from the stage                       Association league All-Star.
   Association "All-Canadian                       : watch soccer on television.     as she took home several                          While the team looks to
   in men’s soccer and was a                         After that he juststarted to    of the evening’s awards.                       her for advice and guid-
   final nominee for the                             pick up a ball and play.           Her awards Included                         ance, Weightman also looks
   CCAA men’s soccer player                             "I have: been Involved       the Lady Lord’s soccer                         to the team for inspiration.
   of the year, and was named                        with soccer my entire life. I   teams most valuable                            Weightman feels the team
   CCAA tournament all-star Kuzma"ov8kI              watched soccer on TSN and            er, a Canadian            Weightman       helps her a lot.
   at        the        National                just picked" up a ball arid just     College             Athletic      ’             When not at Durham,
   Championships in which the team started playing," said Kimnanovski.               Association All-Canadian award, a Weightman plays rep soccer in
   won a bronze. "                           Kuzmanovski thinks-the hardest          CCAA Academic All-Canadian Award Whitby and while she is not sure if
      "This is great. Individually I will part of playing soccer is the strategy.    and a four Year varsity honours she will continue playing after this,
   treasure this award, but I couldn’t do    "I think smarts Is the hardest skill    award.                                she will sit back, enjoy the ride and
   this without my teammates. My two to learn in soccer or any sport for                Weightman was surprised by the see "wherever (soccer) goes."
   awards go to them as well because -that matter. A player can have the             award because even though, she had      After 10 years’ of playing soccer
   soccer is a team sport not an individ- best talent In the world, but if the       a good year she recognizes there are and other sports, Weightman feels
   ual sport," said Kuzmanovski.          player doesn’t have the smarts he          "a lot of good athletes at Durham to that more people should get
      Kuzmanovski took home a total of won’t go anywhere in the sport,"              compete with."                        Involved in athletics.
   three awards Including the Male said Kuzmanovski,                                    In her fourth year at Durham,        "Big time. It can even help with
                                                                                     Weightman motivated herself by academics." she added.
28 THE CHRONICLE             April 18. 2000

                                                                  SJ^QR^S NE^
     Athletes celebrate excellence
 BY RACHEL CRAIG                    team. Hornsby was deeply
 AND SILVIA PANDOLFI                honoured to be Included in
Chronicle Staff                     the hall of fame, saying
                                    "you’re only as good as the
                                    person you’re sitting next .to."
                                       Ryan Hughes, a golfer, led
  They came. They ate. They         his team to Durham’s first
cheered for their teammates.       OCAA golf championship in
  Athletes, coaches and for-       1988. He felt a little aged
mer students gathered in the       because he "thought the Hall
Durham                                       of Fame was for
College                                      older people."
cafeteria                                       Each inductee
on April 7                                   received a d.rawing
for    the            You’re   only as       of themselves and a
3 0 t h              good as   the per-      plaque.
a n n ua l                                        Ellis found the
Athletic             son you’re sit-           evening "amazing."
Awa rd s             ting next to.             He enjoyed the feel
   W i l l                             3       of the night and
                                               highlights for him
  Ellis, vice                                  included        the
  president                  Julie Honisby     Inductees, the meal
 of Sports,                                    and the cake. This
 and Ken                                       banquet was a
  Babcock, athletic director for good way to start the millen-
 Durham College, shared the nium," says Ellis.
 master of ceremonies duties          A highlight for Babcock was
 throughout the evening.            the Hall of Fame inductees,
      Ellis injected humour Into saying it was special they
 the long evening, telling sto- could return to receive their
 ries of when he played sports awards. Babcock liked the
and ate Doritos.                   location change from the
    Ellis said early on in the Student Centre pub to the                                                                                                                 Photo by Rachel Cralg
evening that everything was cafeteria because it allowed                        HAVING A GOOD TIME: From left -John Paul VIctorlo, Phil Lankof, winner of the
going great but "we’re 35 min- things to "open up." ’                           Top Pitcher Award; Ryan Lambert, winner of the Coaches Award; Corey Little
utes behind schedule."                MarkPayne, Incoming vice                  and Aaron Rock from the Durham College baseball team.
    The Hall of Fame inductees president of Sports,          also
included James Buck, an ath- joined the festivities. He said
lete in basketball, soccer and he was looking forward to                      the new sports vice- president.         Tracey Welghtman received           our of Sportsman of the Year.
badminton.                         working with Ellis and build-                 Awards were presented in           the honours for women’s soc-            All of the athletes and guest
    julle Hornsby, another ing on what Ellis began.                           basketball, volleyball, baseball,     cer while Jim Kuzmanovski             enjoyed themselves, especially
 Inductee and an athlete in bas-      A first year Sports                     softball and golf.                    won for men’s soccer.                 when Hughes told the audi-
 ketball and softball, was the Administration student, Payne                     Everyone waited anxiously             Babcock was surprised and          ence to "map out your future
most valuable player in two of plans to use his sports back-                  for the Male and Female               pleased when his staff present-       and aim for the stars,"
her three years with each ground to fufill his duties as                      Athlete of the Year Awards.           ed him with a gift for his hon-

                                                                                  And the award goes to. . .
                                                                                BY SILVIA PANDOLFI
                                                                                AND RACHEL CRAIG
                                                                                 Chronicle Staff

                                                                                    Durham College inducted
                                                                                 three outstanding individuals to
                                                                                 the Sports Hall of Fame.
                                                                                    James Buck
                                                                                    Julie Hornsby
                                                                                    Ryan Hughes
                                                                                    Each of the athletes
                                                                                 received an award for their out-
                                                                                                                                                                       Photo By Chris Fasciano
                                                                                 standing contribution to the
                                                                                 Durham College athletic asso-          ALL SMILES: From left head coach Sam
                                                                                 ciation.                 .             Dempster, Trevor Cain, Adam Dupont, Phil
                                                                                    This year’s Durham College          Lankhof, Ryan Lambert and Bob Johnston.
                                                                                 Varsity Presentation awards
                                                                                 went to:                                                                       Women’s volleyball
                                                                                                   Golf              Coaches       Award:     Ryan Rookie of the Year: Becky
                                                                                 Rookie of the year: Chris           Lambert       Tranter
                                                                                 Renwick                             "Lionel Boom Baker Memorial
                                                                                                                                   .Coaches    Award:    Jenn
                                                    Photo by Silvia PandoBI      Coaches Award: Matt                                Bowers
                                                                                                                     award" MVP: Trevor Cain
   RELAXED: Durham’s athletes chilled while waiting                              Murdock     .                   Men’» volleyball; MVP: CindyRoss
   to see who would come out on top.                                             "Gerry Pettit" MVP: Bryan Rookie of the Year: Nat       Women’8 baatetbal!
                                                                                 McNair                              Ovsenek                              Rookie: Alexis Heit
                                                                                          Men’s soccer               Coaches Award: Chuck Bann            Coaches       Award: Angela
                                                                                 Rookie of the year; Mark            MVP: Jason White and Nat             Wllson and Liz Armstrong
                                                                                 Engelage                            Ovsenek          ,                   MVP: Sarah John
   Millennium athletes                                                           Coaches Award: Paul Taylor
                                                                                 "Vaso Vujanovic Award"
                                                                                 MVP: Jimmy Kuzmanovski
                                                                                                                            Women’8 soccer
                                                                                                            Rookie of the Year: Jennifer
                                                                                                                                                             Durham College’s female
                                                                                                                                                          athlete of the year award went
                                                                                                                                                          to Tracy Weightman, who was
   BY CHRIS FASC1ANO                                                                     Men’s basketball   Coaches Award; Jamie Rail                     named CCAA All-Canadian
   Chronicle staff                                                               Rookie of the year: Donald MVP: Tracy Weightman                          this past season in soccer.
                                                                                 Savage                             Women’s softball                         The Durham College male
      With the millennium now upon us, the Ontario College                       Coaches Award: Quando Rookie of the Year; Allson                         athlete of the year went to
   Athletic Association announced Its All-Millennium team.                       Service                    Lebano                                        Jimmy Kuzmanovski.
      Durham- college was represented by four athletes, recog-                   MVP: Nigel Pennie          Top Pitcher: Shannon Tabb                         Kuzmanovski led the OCAA
   nized as some of the best of their sport.                                                 Baseball       Coaches      Award:    Carly                  In scoring this past season.
     The OCAA All-Millennium team awards went to Julie                           Rookie of the Year: Adam Robertson                                       Kuzmanovski was,also named
   Goedhuis and Marcy Skribe for women’s basketball and                          Dupont                     "Richard Snowden Award"                       CCAA All-Canadian in soccer
   Augusto Duquesne and Bill Crowdls for men’s basketball.                       Top Pitcher: Phil Lankhof  MVP: Shannon Tabb                             this past season.
                                                                                                                                  THECHRONIW              April 18, 2000     29


        Hockey isn’t s afe any more
BY JIM HUMPHREY                     and I’m not for visors. I’m      lence.                                 "I think it’s just a security        with what I have," said
Chronicle Staft_____                kind of in the middle on this         "We will not see major         issue for the players. But, look        Berard. "I have to believe I
                                    one."                            safety-related changes in any       at me I haven’t sustained any           will see out of this eye and
   In every level of hockey            D a v i d -A l e xa n d re league until: profits begin to         serious injuries since my               resume my career."
there are certain safety regula-    Beauregard had a similar suffer noticeably, and market-              injury and I was rookie of the             Since the injury, Berard has
tions in place to protect play-     injury to Berard’s. The acci- ing survey results show that                   year in the Central             been upbcat.
ers from serious injury.            dent happened in a Quebec this is a result of the fans                          Hockey League with              "One thing I do realize,
   In minor hockey, players         Major Junior Hockey League being turned off by the                                the           Wichita      things can change in a matter
must wear facial protection         game between St. Hyacinthe injuries," said Thomas.                                Thunder,"     said         of seconds. As a player you
and neckguards. But when            and the Granby Bisons. He "I wouldn’t hold my                                     Beauregard. "But I         never think about how an
they reach the provincial           was on a breakaway when a breath though."                                          ust                       injury will occur, or more cer-
junior ranks they discard their     defender’s stick came under         The OHL is almost                                                            tainly how one could end
neckguards and don half             his visor and cut his eye. He as bad as the NHL. It                                                         »"> your career," said
visors. The same can be said        finished the play, then fell does have more strin-                                                          H^\
                                                                                                                                                ’ **
                                                                                                                                                         Berard. "Life has a plan
                                                                                                                                                         and I have to figure
for the Ontario Hockey              into the corner.                 gent policies concern-
League. But a league that has          "When the trainer reached ing facial protection                                                                   out where I go from
the least amount of protec-         me I told him my career was and how the play-                                                                        here."
tion for its players is the         over. I knew right away I ers wear their hel-                                                                           Berard is optimistic
National Hockey League.             would never be able to play in mets. But there is                                                                   that he will be able to
   A player skilled enough to       the NHL," said Beauregard.       no such rule for                                                                  play in the NHL again.
make the NHL, throws every             What Beauregard finds most use of a neck-                                                                          "I have been thinking
safety precaution ever learned      difficult about living with one guard.                                                                            about what there Is for
as children playing the game        eye is his perception of depth.       "Our players are                                                            me after hockey. I’m still
out the window.                        "Berard is going to have a allowed to wear any                                                                    young. I mean I’m only
   Bryan Berard, who suffered       difficult battle to resume his kind of facial protec-                                                               23, and I’m going to give
a career-threatening eye            playing career. The most diffi- tion they wish.                                                                 this the hardest fight of my
Injury several weeks ago, said      cult thing he will have to However, there is a                                                                  life to get back on the ice and
if he played NHL hockey             learn Is his perception of minimum require-                                                                     I will skate again and play in
again he wouldn’t wear a            depth. I know when I first ment of a half visor                                                                 the NHL. But if I can’t there
visor to protect the Injured        came home I thought I was that they must                                                                     will be something out there
eye.                                bumping into the walls or wear," said Ted                                                                    for me," said Berard.
    "I don’t like to wear visors.   doorways," said Beauregard.       Baker, director                                                               Both players have accepted
It does limit vision on the ice,       Beauregard would like to of hockey                                                                        their injuries and realize life
and with this injury I don’t        see all levels of hockey make operations                                                                     has to go on,
think’ the visor would have         visors mandatory, but until for the                                                                              "It was an accident. It was
helped a whole lot," said           then he thinks the choice O H L .                                       Belleville                           just one of those things where
                                    should be left to the players.    "There is                               Bulls                              I was in front of the net and
Berard at a press conference
April 5. "It might have helped           "I would like to see visors n o         ’^
                                                                                             rule m
                                                                                                                                                  Hossa swung the stick. It’s |ust
                                                                                                                                                   part o{ the game today’. I
prevent some of the damage,          Implemented in hockey. I lost            /:. ^ii-^a^’
but wouldn’t have stopped            my eye even though I was                            ; the OHL          man Kelly                                don’t blame him in any
the stick from hitting my           wearing one in the                                     rulebook          Paddon                             ^     way. I liave to move on
eye."                               QMJHL. My injury
                                    was just bad luck/’i
                                                                                          that   says
                                                                                        players must     Pholo by Jim Hurnphroy       4
                                                                                                                                                       with my life," said Berard.
                                                                                                                                                           "My injury is similar
   Berard continues to say it
should be up to the players         said    Beauregard. \
                                    "Athletes always
                                                                                       wear a neck-
                                                                                      guard. But they think the NHL doesn’t
                                                                                                                                                ^H     to Bryan’s in the way it
                                                                                                                                                |^R. happened. But he has a
playing the game if they want                                                                                                                            chance to see out of
to wear a   visorl                  want to be safe, but                          must have their hel-want to be liable if any-
     "If a player wants to wear     the choice is up to them."                mets done up properly.  thing happened."                          j^^^ his eye again. I
the visor great, but we are pro-       Dane Thomas, a coach                If they don’t they must          Berard thinks he                    K^lhaven’t seen out of
fessional athletes and I think      in Sweden, enjoys hockey         leave the ice surface immediate-    can still resume his                             my eye since the
we can all make that choice,"       and would love to see the best   ly."                                NHL career without 100                  Injury. But you know some-
said Berard. "I know I can say      players in the world play          The NHL has a policy that         per cent vision.                        thing, I have accepted my
if I only had a minor injury to     hockey as safely as possible.    players must have a mini-               "I don’t need 100 per cent          injury and. my life is going
the eye I don’t think I would       He thinks the real problem is    mum amount of vision to be          vision to play. It would be             to be only with one eye,"
wear the visor. I am for visors     fans who enjoy watching vio-     able to play in the league.         nice, but I will need to deal           said Beauregard.

      Violence in hockey is getting worse
BY SILVIA PANDOLFI                                                                                                                       "Violence in the NHL is not as seri-
Chronicle staff____                       made a big impact on the NHL’s well protected with lots of equip-
                                          younger fans. Children at all levels of ment," says Ramage.                                 ous as some of the violence around
                                          minor hockey are trying to imitate the      He also says not only children in               us," said Munsie.
   Hockey in the new millennium has actions of the NHL players. This is the minor hockey, but OHA players are                            Sam Borpbitino a trainer from East
become a bloodbath, rather than a wrong message for children, especially influenced by NHL violence.                                  Gwillimbury, says "the kids are just
friendly game. The violence in hock- the younger ones.                                Stephen Philllps, a 17-year- old                Imitating what they see in the NHL
ey Is seen In all leagues at every age       Marks also thinks hockey has midget A hockey player for the                              leagues." He said hockey should
level.                                    changed. The sport has gone from Pickering Minor Hockey Association,                        return to basic skills rather than the
 . Hockey is becoming dangerous. showing off talent to showing how agrees with Ramage that children do                                aggressive play.
Players are lashing out at other players physical a player can                                    imitate the actions of                 Karen Veres ofSimcoe says the NHL
in a brutal manner. This past year the be.                                                        their -NHL heroes.                  hockey contributes to minor hockey
NHL suspended two players       for seri-   Scotty      Ramage,                                   However,       Phillips             violence, but "children handle influ-
ous stick Infractions.                    who      has      been                                  doesn’t find that the               ences differently. Some of the vio-
   Marty McSorley and Scott involved with the                          Players today              league has become                   lence is caused by hockey and others
Niedermayer were both suspended OHA                    Pickering    think that it                 anymore aggressive or               are caused by parents."
from the NHL for stick Infractions. Panthers since 1972,                                          violent.                               Hockey fans are realizing the high
This cost McSorley the rest of the sea- says hockey has
                                                                     doesn’t matter                  "Fighting has not                risks being taken by players every time
son arid the playoffs. Colin Campbell, always been a physi-          about the                    become accepted, it Is              they step foot on the ice, which Is why
who is in charge of discipline for the cal Sport, and to                                          just now players are                Campbell is cracking down on hockey
NHL, hit McSorley with the largest maintain-Its fast pace            Injuries.                    starting to use their               players for any stick infractions.
stick infraction penalty in the league’s hockey needs contact.
history.   Niedermayer was also sus- However, hockey was
                                                                                                 ?sticks instead of their
                                                                                                  gloves as weapons,"
                                                                                                                                         Kevin Murdock is the referee and
                                                                                                                                      chief for the Ontario Minor Hockey
pended, but not as long, Niedermayer less violent in 1972                                         says Phillips.                      Association in Pickering,
was also given a suspension fot the because players wore                       Scotty Ramage         Reed Munsie, an A                   "Kids try to imitate what they saw
remainder of the season plus one play- less equipment than                                        hockey player for East              in last night’s hockey game," he said.
off game, for hitting Florida Panthers players today, he said.                                    Gwilllmbury, doesn’t                "Which is why the minor hockey
Peter  Worrell.                              "Players      today                                  think violence in                   associations are cracking down to
   Janice Marks, a hockey mom from think that it doesn’t matter about the NHL. hockey leagues is caused by the
                                                                                    minor                                             prevent any injuries that may
Pickering, said violence in hockey has injuries, because they think they arc                                                              occur."
30 THE CHRONICLE             Aprin8. 2000

      WWF has gone too far: DC students
BY SHAWN DESJARDINS                    "The fans are tired of hav-     every Monday and Thursday. student Brett Mapplebeck                   air on Tuesday afternoons.
Chronicle staff                     ing their intelligence insulted;      But that hasn’t stopped thinks the WWF has already                 Some of the wrestlers like Ken
                                    and they’re tired of having        Durham College students gone too far, and will contin-                Shamrock, and the Hart fami-
  It’s laced with sex, coarse       ’good’ guys versus ’bad’ guys,"    from thinking the WWF is ue to go farther.                            ly didn’t even let their kids
language, and violence, and it      said McMahon on the Oct.20         over the top.                 "Some of the storylines                 watch it. If I had kids I would-
has come under fire for its         broadcast. Because of the new         "The WWF has gone too with sexual overtones, barb                  n’t let them watch it."
adult-oriented themes. Has          creative direction the WWF         far," says Early Childhood wire matches, and pay per                     "It was children’s viewing,
the      World        Wrestling     was taking, ratings went           Education student Elizabeth view nudity have gone too far             but it’s not anymore. Because
Federation gone too far?            through the roof with more         Ryszkowskl. "They’re taking because kids are watching,"               of the violence, women get-
Durham College students             than five million viewers’         things out of proportion and        said   Mapplebeck.      "They     ting beat up, and the lan-
think so, and they ^also think      watching WWF Raw and               things arc going to the             (WWF) will continue to ’push      guage, young viewers will get
it’s not suitable for; children’s   another five million viewers       extreme, especially with            the envelope’ until the show is   the wrong idea," said
viewing.                            watching WWF Smackdown!            women being attacked. That’s        banned."                          Ryszkowskl.
   For more than two years the      on Thursday nights, making it      the only way they can get             However, the WWF has               "It’s a baby-sitter for kids.
WWP was losing the ratings          UPN Station’s highest rated        viewers."                           maintained that it’s just giving  Kids get violence at school,
war with Ted Turner’s World         program as reported in                However,Police                   the fans what they want to        and a lot of other places," said
Championship       Wrestling        Newsweek magazine.                 Foundations student John            see.                              Lachapelle. "I would rather
(WCW). This led to WWF                 But that hasn’t stopped crit-   Paul Lachapelle thinks the             In January. TSN took WWP       have my kids watch it at home
owner Vince McMahon mak-            ics like 20/20, and Inside         WWF’s creative direction has        Raw off the air on Tuesday at     with me, at least I can monitor
ing the decision to "open up        Edition from broadcasting          run its course.                     4p.m. because of the content.     what they’re watching. It’s up
the creative envelope."             stinging documentaries on the         "It sells. It’s run its road,"   Durham College students           to the parents to tell their kids
   McMahon went on WWF              effects of the WWF on chil-        said Lachapelle "The people         agree the show Is not for chil-   some of the storylines aren’t
Raw in October, 1997, to            dren. New York Post’s colum-       will get sick of the WWF it it      dren anymore.                     good."
explain to fans the new cre-        nist Phil Mushnick has for         goes any further than it               "Absolutely not," said            The WWF has maintained
ative direction the WWF was         many years been a vocal critic     already has. The WWF will get       Mapplebeck. "It should be         It’s not their responsibility
taking, and to warn viewers         of the WWF, thinking they the message when people start                rated 18 plus because of the      what children watch, and It
the program was going to be         have gone too far. Yet mif- tuning out."                               language, violence and sex.       doesn’t want them trying the
adult-oriented.                     lions of people still tune in    General Arts and Sciences             That’s why TSN took It off the wrestling moves at home,

  Is the CFL afraid of the Xtreme Football League?
Chronicle Staff                     announced he would start his       one," said Marty Knack, com- the free agents signing with won’t.
                                    own football league called the     munications manager for the         the XFL.                          When announcing his deci-

   The     Canadian   football      XFL.                               Hamilton Tiger Cats.                   "Players who are free agents sion McMahon said the NFL
League is taking the new               He came to the decision to         However, Greg Mandziuk           are free to sign with whoever and CFL have gone soft, are
Xtreme League seriously, how-       start his own league after an      director of public relations for    they want," said Knack.         too conservative, too corpo-
ever not as seriously people        attempt to buy the CFL was         the Toronto Argonauts is less         The low salaries paid by the rate and have too much regu-
think.                              rejected by the Canadian           certain. "We’re going to have       CFL may not be able to com- lation.
   Representatives from teams       league’s board of governors.       to watt and see what hap-           pete with the offers from the     The XFL league is planning
around the CFL agree the XFL           The league has been pens," he said.                                 XFL.                              to run a more raw style of
should be taken seriously, but      around for 125 years, arid-    The main reason the CFL Is                 "One possibility is to have    football,  according    to
it shouldn’t jeopardize the         many leagues have tried to worried is because the leagues              players play for both leagues,"   McMahon
league.                             destroy us, but they haven’t don’t have their seasons at the           said Mandztuk. However,              "The league (NFL) is turn-
  World Wrestling Federation        been successfulSo       why same time.                                 Knack said the idea isn’t being   ing gladiators into choir
chairman Vince McMahon              should we worry about this     The CFL must worry about                discussed, and probably           boys," he said.
                                                                                                                             THE CHRONICLE       April 18, 2000        31

Lady Lords ia^sfred-with^_ Do bench players
end to volleyball season   haveTjmpoyteafrole?                                                                                  JT                 -*<-^....,
BY JIM HUMPHREY                                                                                            BY CHRIS FASCIANO              per cent to push the starters
Chronicle Staff                                         and work much harder without her in the line-      Chronicle staff               to the maximum. During
                                                        up. It showed our fans we were a contender for                                   the game they are there for
                                                        the Ontario gold medal."                              The great Magic Johnson defensive support and to
                                                           The Lady Lords last regular season game was     once said, "Ask not what give the starters a rest if
    Match point. Referee blows his whistle. The         against the Loyalist College Lancers. The Lords    your teammates can do for needed.
 serve.                                                 beat the Lancers 3-2.                              you. Ask what you can do         A bench player must be
    Humber Hawks power Barbara Leglec with                 "We fought tooth and nail for the win           forvour teammates."           able "to play a variety of
 the kill; Humber wins the match 3-0.                   against Loyalist. They are a good team better         This Is the attitude a positions and be ready to go
    When the Durham College Lady Lords failed           than their record indicates," said Bowers. "The    bench player must have to !n at a moment’s notice,"
 to return the Leglec spike, their goal of being        key to that win was our serving and passing. If    make a team a success.        says Stan Marchut, head
 repeat Ontario College Athletic Association            we execute those well we have a good chance of        It takes star players com- coach of the Durham
 champion’s faded.                                      winning."                                          bined with good supporting College women’s volleyball
    Everyone on the team thought It was a real-            Heading Into the OCAA championships the         bench players who can per- team.          "Sometimes the
 istic goal, and hoped they wouldn’t face               Lords were ranked fourth. They finished an         form a specific role to make opposition will dictate who
 Humber until the finals.                               excellent regular season with a record of 14-2,    a good team a great team.     gets to start and where."
    "Our goal for the season was to win the             two points behind the Algonquin College               It is the bench players       Being a bench player and
 OCAA championships. We won them last year              Thunder.                                           who make the difference in not playing that much does-
 and there Is no reason why we shouldn’t have              The two-players who Stood out on the team       the game. Every team will n’t make them any less a
won it this year," said Lady Lord’s middle Jenn         were Bowers and leftside-middle Cindy Ross.        have on or two star players, member of the team,
 Bowers.                                                Bowers was ranked sixth with an average of 3.2     but only the great teams according to Cralg Andrews,
    When the Lady Lords won the OCAA cham-              points per game. Ross was ranked third with        have the backup players to coach of the Lady Lords bas-
 pionships last year they were granted a wild           and average of four points per game.               keep the team going while ketball team.
card berth In the national championships In                "It feels good to be In the top three for the   the stars rest.                  "The amount of time you
 College de Serbrooke, Que.                             season statistics, but as long as the team does       These are the players who play in a game is a very, very
          "We came back to win a bronze medal           well and we keep winning stats don’t matter to     are never heard about and small fraction of the time
and capped off a terrific OCAA tournament,"             me," said Ross.                                    never get the credit they involved in being with the
said Durham College Athletic Director Ken                  In order for the Lords to come out of the       deserve. They must come to team, either in a practice
Babcock. "As fortune would have it we were              tournament with a bronze medal they needed         the game every night and format or a social format,"
granted a wild card berth on our success this           to beat St. Clair College Saints. The Lords once   live In the shadows of the Andrews says. "It’s all about
season."                                                again squeaked out a close victory beating the     superstar, but always con- team building and having a
    Early in the season the Lady Lords struggled        Saints 3-2. In the bronze medal game the Lords     tributing to the team.        single focus."
trying to find some chemistry among the play-           beat the Niplssing University Lakers 3-0. Ross        Every team has them           "I have been very fortu-
ers. They were trying some combinations that            was named player of the game for the Lady          right from a high school nate In that the players who
just weren’t working.                                   Lords.                                             team to the NBA. Michael are not starters realize that
 ,  "We had a lot of ups and downs this season,"           "Anytime you are able to finish the year win-   Jordan had Steve Kerr or the players on the court are
said Lady Lords head coach Stan Marchut. At         ,   ning the final game is positive. We are happy      Tony Kucoc. Vince Carter better players and they are
.the half-way point of the season the Lords’ best       with the bronze. It doesn’t matter, it’s still a   has Muggsy Bogues and Dell prepared to contribute in
passer Jeanette Weisshaupt went down with a
back injury. This was a big blow to the team,
                                                        medal," said Ross.                                 Curry. Just like these all- any way that they can,"
                                                           Out of the 10 players on the team, six are      stars, Durham’s sports teams Marchut said.
and It had to find a way to fight through it and        coming back to play another year.                  need good support as well.       It takes a selfless effort by
keep on winning.   ;’
                                                           "Definitely, if you can get any more expert       The bench player’s role      everyone on a team to see it
    "When Weisshaupt hurt her back it was a big         ence on a team, experience will help you win       on the team is to challenge    be a success. Everyone must
loss for the team," said Marchut. "I think we           no matter what," said Bowers. "It will also help   the starters for their job.    contribute everything they
grew as a team when she went down because               the younger girls on the team."                    Every practice they give 100   can.
everyone knew they had to pick up the slack
32 THE CHRONICLE             Aprin8. 2000
               "SpojgS NEi^T
    Playoff previews and predictions
BY RODNEY WILSON                   this series. SABRES IN SEVEN.       will   out-shlne     Barrasso.    off game, has been outstand-       caught fire down the stretch
                                                                                                                                            with the addition of Ray
Chronicle Staff                          Washington (2) vs.            MAPLE LEAFS IN SEVEN.             ing this year, and even though
                                   Pittsburgh (7): Pittsburgh              New Jersey (4) vs. Florida    Pavol Demltra is questionable      Bourque         and        Dave
                                   won the season series 3-1, but      (5): New Jersey won the sea-      for this series, the Blues have    Andreychuck to the lineup.
     The NHL playoffs are here,    since Jan. 1, the Capitals have     son series 3-1, and this series   plenty of offence with Plerre      The Avalanche Is stacked with
and for hockey fans In             gone a league best 31-10-6, led     should not be any different.      Turgeon and Michal Handzus.        Joe Sakic, Milan Hejduk, Adam
Canada, it is the best time of     by Veziha Trophy candidate          The key for them will be shut-    Although San Jose has some         Deadmarsh, Sandls Ozollnsh
the year. The first round is       Olaf Kolzlg. The key will be to     ting down 58-goal scorer Pavel    good offensive punch of its        and Patrick Roy. On the other
usually the most exciting, and     shut down Art Ross Trophy           Bure. Easier said than done,      own in Owen Nolan, Vincent         side, the Coyotes have strug-
with so much parity in the         winner Jaromir Jagr, because        but the Devils have so much       Damphousse and Jeff Friesen,       gled of late, and with Sean
league this year, So many          the Pens are not deep offen-        depth and with                                   the Inexperience    Burke In goal, this series could
teams have what it takes to go     sively. Prediction: The Caps        Martin Brodeur                                   of Steve Shields    be a blowout. They have also
all the way. Here are previews     will shut down Jagr. CAPI-          In goal, shutting                                will be costly.     lost eight consecutive first
and predictions for the first      TALS IN SIX                         down        Bure                                 Prediction: St.     round        playoff      series.
round:                                   Toronto (3) vs. Ottawa        should not be                      fcjpaaa Louis              win    Prediction: Colorado Is too
        Philadelphia (1) vs.
 Buffalo (8); Phllly won the
                                   (6): Ottawa won the season
                                   series 3-1-1. The big question
                                                                       too    difficult.
                                                                       They also have a
                                                                                                          LU J&XI outscore San
                                                                                                          l.w U9*l                          much for Phoenix to handle.
                                                                                                                                            AVALANCHE IN FOUR.
 season series 3-1, but the dif-
 ference In this series will be
                                   here Is, which Ottawa team
                                   will show up, the one which
                                                                       few    offensive
                                                                       weapons or their
                                                                                                                       ^Dallas (2) vs.
                                                                                                                          ^^ ^
                                                                                                                       SIX.                        Detroit (4) vs. Los
                                                                                                                                            Angeles (5): Detroit won the
 goaltending; Dominik Hasek        dominated the Leafs this sea-       own with newly-                                 Edmonton (7):        season series 3-1-1. The Red
 against     Brian      Bouchcr.   son, or the one which was           acquired winger                                 The defending        Wings are a team to watch In
 Goaltending has always been a     swept in the first round of the     Alexander                                       champions won        the playoffs. All the focus has
 problem in Philly, while Hasek    playoffs last year?      The        Mogilny, and                                     the season series   been on the Blues this season,
 has only allowed 11 goals in      Senators will be without 29-        the pesky veteran Claude           2-1-1. With Mike Modano,          as the Red Wings quietly
 his last 11 games.- With the      goal scorer Shawn McEachern,        Lemleux leading the way.           Brett     Hull     and     Joe    racked up 108 points for the
 addition of Doug Gilmour and      and     defenceman     Wade         Prediction: Bure won’t be         Nieuwendyk healthy, the Stars      second best record in the
 Chris Gratton, along with cap-    Redden is also doubtful for         enough for the Panthers. DEV-     should not have any prob-          league. Brendan Shanahan,
 tain Mike Peca, the Sabres will   this series. But two-time           ILS IN FIVE.                      lems outscoring Doug Weight,       Steve Yzerman and Serge!
 be tough to beat. Although        Stanley Cup champ Tom                    St. Louis (1) vs. San Jose   Alexander Selivanov and Bill       Federov will carry the offen-
 the Flyers are the number one     Barrasso should be in goal.         (8): St. Louis won the season     Guerin. While Ed Belfour’s         sive load and with Chris
seed in the East, they have the    The Leafs will still have the       series 3-0-1, on its way to the   experience is a huge factor for    Chelios and Nicklas Lidstrom
unwanted task of facing a          edge In net with Curtis Joseph.     President’s Trophy. On’the        .the Stars, Tommy Salo, who        on defence in front of the vet-
team many wanted to avoid.         If their first line of Mats         blueline, the Blues have Chris    has been great for the Oilers      eran Chris Osgoode, the
Another factor has to be           Sundin, Jonas Hoglund and           Pronger and Al Maclnnis,          this season, has never had a       Wings could be in for a long
raised. Will the Flyers be able    Steve Thomas produces offen-        arguably two of the best          playoff run before. Don’t          playoff run. The Kings are led
to overcome all the Eric           sively, the Leafs should come       defenceman In the league          expect the Oilers to upset the     by Luc Robltaille and Glen
Lindros            distractions?   out on top In the battl6 of         today. Roman Turek, who has       Stars like they did back in the    Murray up front, and Rob
Prediction: Hasek will -steal      Ontario. Prediction: Cujo           never played In an NHL play-      Curtis Joseph days, three years    Blake on the point, but will
                                                                                                         ago. Prediction; Dallas is too     Stephane Fiset be good
                                                                                                         strong for Edmonton. STARS         enough to shut down the
  NHL should get rid of goons,                                                                           IN SIX.
                                                                                                              Colorado (3) vs. Phoenix
                                                                                                         (6): They split the season
                                                                                                                                            powerful Wings? Prediction:
                                                                                                                                            Yzerman and Shanahan will
                                                                                                                                            lead the way. RED WINGS IN
                                                                                                         series 2-2, The Avalanche has      SIX.
  put an end to stick incidents                                                                           Surgery goes well,
     One month after the Marty McSorley               I would use it to defend myself too, just like
  slash on Donald Brashear, the NHL had            Niedermayer. Worrell was on the ice for one-
  another stick incident, this one involving
  New Jersey Devils defenceman Scott
                                                   reason, to cause trouble. Niedermayer Is not
                                                   known for being a goon, he was only stick-
                                                   ing up for himself.
                                                                                                          Berard still has hope
     Niedermayer clubbed the Florida
  Panthers’ Peter Worrell on the helmet in the
  final minutes of a game March 19, resulting
                                                  ,   The only way to get rid of these incidents
                                                   is to get rid of the goons who can’t even put
                                                   the puck in the net, let alone play defence.
                                                                                                          to see out of eye
  In a 10-game suspension for Niedermayer.            The McSorley incident was very similar to                                           said to be in good spirits and Is
     Was it a cowardly act, or was it self-        this one. McSorley and Brashear were on the           BY MATT MATYSIAK                 feeling little pain in the
   defence?                                        ice in the final minutes of a game that was           Chronicle Staff ’_____           injured eye.
     At the time of the incident, the Devils       out of reach. And of course things got out of                                             The Leafs are hoping to see
   were protecting a three-goal lead over the      hand, as everyone knows, leading to the                                                Berard behind the bench in
   Pantheis with time wind-                                         biggest suspension in league            Bryan Berard had eye the next few weeks. "If we
   ing down In the third peri-                                      history, along with criminal         surgery on March 21 and there could have him behind the
   od.                                                              charges.                             is still hope he may see out of. bench In the next. few weeks,
      Over the boards came                     Rodney                  McSorley and Brashear had         his right eye once again.        that would be great," forward
   Florida’s Worrell, who had                                       no business being on the ice             Berard underwent almost Carry Valk said.
   scored a grand total of                     VJilson’             with only seconds remaining          five hours of surgery at            Dr. . Devenyi, an eye sur-
   three goals up to that                                           in their game just like Worrell      Columbia            Presbyterian geon at Toronto Western
   point in the season.                                             shouldn t have been on the           Medical Center in New York. Hospital said he has seen play-
   Niedermayer was also on                                          ice at the end of his game.          Dr. Stanley Chang a leading ers come back from this type of
   the ice, and justifiably so, since he is one of     I have no problem with fighting and the           eye surgeon reattached the injury and play again. He was
   the Devils’ top blueliners.                      rough stuff In the NHL.
                                                       Some of the most complete players In this
                                                                                                  :      retina and removed some of the surgeon who worked with
                                                                                                         the blood around Berard’s eye. Mark Deyell from the St.
      During the game, Worrell had been trying
   to intimidate the Devils with several cheap league can throw their weight around and                  The surgery will only become a John’s Maple Leafs. Deyell suf-
   shots. With only a couple minutes remain- do well in a good tussle.                                   success if the tissue and blood fered a similar injury April 27,
   ing, he started a scramble along the boards.        Players like Brendan Shanahan, Shayne             vessels regenerate in the next 1999 and was told by other
      Niedermayer and another Devil were Corson, Mike Peca and Eric Lindros are very                     few weeks.                       doctors he would never see
   attacked by Worrell, but Niedermayer good with their fists, but they can also put                         After the surgery doctors again. He has just recently
   pushed the enforcer back. After Worrell the puck in the net: They are in this league                  flashed a light at Bryan’s eyes been cleared to skate.
   elbowed the defenceman in the head, because they have talent.                                         then turned it off attempting       Devenyi also stated that a
   Niedermayer retaliated by whacking Worrell          It’s guys like Krzysztof Ollwa, Worrell,          to trick him into believing the full visor would have prevent-
   in the helmet with his stick.                    Matt Johnson and Craig Berube who should             light was still on but Bryan was ed this injury. According to
      Niedermayer was penalized, thrown out not be playing in the NHL; As of March 21,                   able to tell the difference. Devenyi, not one player has
   of the game, and later suspended by the these four players combined, had a, total of                  Although this very encourag- suffered an eye injury when
   league for nine regular season games and 12 goals this season.                            "  \        ing development doesn’t have wearing a full visor in the past
   one playoff game.                                   That is exactly one third the goals ;that         any impact on whether Berard 20 years,
      Does anyone else have a problem with Paul Kariya has scored this season alone. But                 will eyer see again out of the      Many players in the NHL
   this, or is it just me?                          they did have a combined 588 minutes in              injured eye.                     don’t wear visors and a grow-
      What was Worrell doing on the ice with penalties.,                  .          ’’",’ ; ,

                                                                                                             "On the Hip side, if he did- ing number of players do not
   only a couple minutes remaining in a game           Not only do they slow down the game,              n’t see anything, the news wear their helmets properly.
   which was out of reach anyway? He certain- they are also the main cause of useless fights             would be devastating," Tom Statistics show that If a helmet
   ly wasn’t trying to spark a last minute come- and stick incidents the leaguewouldbepet-               Laidaw, Berard’s agent said. If is worn properly the risk of a
   back.                                            ter off without.                                     all goes well with the surgery, concussion Is lower. With the
      What would you do if a six foot-six inch,        If the NHL really wants to put an end to          an another operation would recent rise in head injuries, the
   225-pound goon was taking liberties with these embarrassing incidents,- they: should                   take place that would see NHL may have to mandate
   you?                                             get rid of guys like Worrell, who are sad            Bryan receive a new lens.        some sort of helmet/vlsor poli-
      Well, if I had a hockey stick in my hands, excuses for professional hockey players.                    The 23-year-old Berard Is cy in the coming months.’
                                                                                                                                     THECHRONICl£                  April 18, 2000          33

                            SUBJECTS                           )        ( DAY SCHOOL OFFERINGS MAY 8-JUN 23 ]                  (            CONTINUOUS LEARNING OFFERINGS              )
    SUBJECT CODE                SUBJECT NAME (DAYSCHOOL)                 DAY/TIME                           FEE(S)     CRN     C.L. DAY/TIME/DATE          FEE(S)           CRN
    ACCT1200                    Accounting I                             M 11-1; W 12-2; R 2-4              $170.94    10705   W 6-9; May 3-Jul 26         $195.94/’$287    10568/10349
                                                                    ^                                                          T6-10;May2-Jul4                              10569
    ACCT 2200                   Accounting II                           T 9-10; W 4-6; R 10-12, F 9-10      $170.94    10796   R6-9;May4-Jul27             $195.94/"$287    10559/10350
    ACCT4203                    CostAcctg.lt                                                                                   R 6-9; May 4-Aug 10         $208.15          10329
    BI01442                     Illoiogyll                               M 9-11; T 9-11; R 9-11; F 9-11     S227.92 11219
    CAD 2136                    ’ntroductlon to Autocad                                                                        M R 6-9:30; May 1-Jun 19 $205.94             10714
    CARR 1304                   Career Strategies                       T 10-12; R 9-11                     $170.94    112<5
    CHEM1442                    Chemistry It                            M 12-1; T 11-12; W 12-2             $(13.96 11220
    CIRE1131                    Electronic Circuits 1                   M 9-12; T9-11;W 9-12; R 9-11        $2,14.8010631
    COMM 1202                   Collage Communication Skills            T 3-5; W 10-12; R 1-3; F 12-2       $2£7.92 10794      T R 6-9; May 2-Jun 29       $256.99/’$275    10243/10359
    COMM 1202                   College Communication Skills            T 3-5; W 10-12, R 1-3, F 12-2       $227.92 10853
    (coMMi3i7*i3)9)oquit        Comm. for Office Professionals
    COMM 1307.                  Communication Essentials I               M 2-4; T 2-4; F 9-11               $170.94    10707   Online                      $275          10360
    COMM 2124                   Comm. (or Career Employment                                                                    W6.9;May3-Jun28             $138.96/’$275 11095/10360
    COMM 2136                   Technical Communications                                                                       Online                      $275          TBA
    COMM 3200                   Business Comm. 1                                                                               W 6-10; May 3-Jun 28        $195,94/"$275 10242/10360
    COMM 4200                   Business Comm. 11                        T 11-1 ;W 204; R 10-12             $170.94    10867   W 6-10; May 3-Jul 5         $195.94       10563
    COMP 1000                   Computer Lileracy                        T 9-11; W 12-2                     $113.96    10716   M-F 9-3; May 1-5            $157.10       10682
    COMP2209                    Bus. CompulefApps.                       T 8.9; W 12-2, R 12-1, F 10-12     $170.94    10790
    COMP2302                    Intro to Adobe Illustrator               T 9-12; R 9-12                     $170.94    10610   R 6-9:30; May 4-Jul 20      $235.94          10725
    COMP 2303                   Computer LItaracy 11                     T 1-3; R 11-1                      $113.90    11216
    CONT 3123                   AulomallonCoDtrola 1.                                                                          TR 6-10; May 2-Jun 15       $272.94          10694
    CONT3131                    ’/urtomalion Controls 1)                                                                       M W 6-10; May i.Jun 19      $282.92          10696
    CPRG 6101                   G Programming 11                                                                               R 6-9:30; May 4-Aug 17      $262.92/’$275 TBA/10444
    CSYS2121                    Computer Systems II                      T 1-5; R 1-5                       $227.92    10632
    DBASE 2101                  Database Programming 1                                                                         M-R 9-2:30;Jun 19-29        $197.80/’$215    TBA/TBA
                                                                                                                               R 6-10; May 4-Jul 6                          TBA
    DESN 2301                   Layout & Design 11                       TWRF1.3                            $227.92    10612
    DIGT2300                    Intro to Digital Imaging                 T 9-12; F 9-12                     $170.94    10611   W 6-10; May 3-Jul 5         $215.94          10561
    ECON1200                    Economics 1                              T 1-3; W 8-10; R 5-6; F 8-9        $170.94    10802   M W 6.9; May 6.Jun 26       $ 195.94         10225
    ECON1200                    Economics 1                              T 8-9; W 12-2; R 12-1, F 10-12     $170.94    10824
    ECON2200                    Economics 11                             T.R.F11-1                          $170.94    11201   Online                      $287             TBA
    ELEC1131                    Eleslricltyl                                                                                   T, R 6-10; May 4-Jun 22     $269.20          10695
    ELEC2131                    Ele;trlcilyll                            M1-5;W1-5                          $284.90    10633
    ENTR 1201                   Entiepreneurship                                                                               W 6-9:15-.May3.Jul 26       $195.94/’$253    10933
    FLUD4ia»                    Flui-1-Mechantes-                        T-9-12;-ft9-1&                     $170.94    10634
    FWK 2301                    Flelj Placement (ECE)                    May I - Jun 16                     $220.00    10890   Apr 1 - Aug 31              $220             10210
    FWK 4307/                                                                                                          10891                                                10213
    FWK5300                     FleH Placement P.P.
    FWK 6304                                                                                                           10892                                                10216
    FWKA 6202                   Fleldwork Acctg.                         Spring                             $200       10861
    FWKG6206                    Fleldwork General                        Spring                             $200       10862
    PWKH6202                    FieldworkHRM                             Spring                             $200       10863   Apr 1-Jun 30                $200              10565
    FWK16204                    Fleljwork Inf. Sys.                      Spring                             $200       10864
    FWKM 6000                   Fieldwork Mktg.                          Spring                             $200       10865
    FWKP6205                    Fleldwork OPM                            Spring                             $200       10866
    FWKS 1301                   Held Placement Seminar (ECE)             May 1-Jun 16                                  10887       Apr 1 - Aug 13          0                 10211
    FWKS 3301                                                                                                          10888                               0                 10215
    FWKS 5301                                                                                                          10889                               0                 10217
’   HR1307      ’

                                Human Relations                          M 9-11; W 9-11; F 9-11         $170.94 11213
    HRM 1200                    Human Resources I                        T 8-9; W 12-2; R 12-1; F 10-12 $170.94 10787              R 6-10; May 11-Jun 15    $195.94          10566
    HRM 2200                    Human Resource Mgmt. II                  T 10-12; R 3-5, P 2-4          $ 170.94 10800             R6-10.-Jun22.Aug 17     $172.45           10567
    INF01200                    Info. Systems                            T 10-11; W 12-3; F 9-12        $170.94 10791              W 6-10; May 10-Jul 12   $205.94           10560
    LAW 1213                    Business Law                             T 1-3; W 11-1; R 11-1          $170.94 11159              Online                  $287              10354
    MATH 1131                   Math I for Technology                                                                              R6-10;Apr20-Jul6        $252.92           11097
    MATH 1132 & 1124            Mathematics l(Math 1 (or Tech.)                                                                    T6-10;May2-Jul11        $195.94           11098
    MATH 1202                   Business Math                            T 3-5; W 10-12; R 1 -3; F 12-2     $227.92    10792
    MATH 1205                   Math Basics                              W 10-12; R 1-3; F 12-2             $170.94    10795
    MATH 1442                   Mathematics (Technical)                  M 1-3; W 9-11; F 12-2              $170.94    11221
    MATH 1443                   Business Math                            M 1-3; W 9-11; F 12-2              $227.92    11222   Correspondence              $277.92           10810
     (MATHi304)equivateni       Math for Legal Admin.
    MATH 1444                   Mathematics (Business)                   M 12-2; T 9-10; W 12-2; F 12-2     $170.94    11218
    MATH 2201                   Statistics I                             T 9-11; R 9-11; F 9-11             $170.94    10868   Online                      $287              10472
    MATH 3200                   Statistics II                            T 10.12; W 10-12; F 11-1           $170.94    10869   M W 6-9; May 8-Jun 28       $208.15/’$287     10206/10474
    MCOS3103                    Microcomputer Operating Sys.             M 9-12 T 1-4                       $170.94    10636
    MKTG 1200                   Marketing I                                                                                    T 6-10; May 2-Jul 4         $195.94/’$287     10624/10423
    MKTG 2200                   Marketing 11                             T 12-2; W 2-4; R 8-10              $170.94    10799   T R 6-8:30; May 2-Jun 29    $195.94           10777
    MKTG 4204          ’        Adv. Marketing Research                  T 12-2; W 11-1; R 12-2             $170.94    10870
    OFFC1200                    Admin. Procedures                                                                              Online                      $309
    OPER 1200                   Operations Mgmt. I                       T 8-9; W 12-2; R 12-1 ;F 10-12     $170.94    10789   T 6-9:30; May-Jul 18        $195.94/’$287     10931/10433
    OPER 2200                   Operations Mgmt. II                      T10-12;R3-5;F2-4                   $170.94    10801   W 6-10; May 3-Jul 5         $195.94           10932
    ORGS 5201                   Organizational Studies                   T 11-1; W 12-2; R 12-2;   F 8-10   $227.92    10871
    PFP 102                     Psychology                               M 9-11; W 2-4; R 9-11              $170.94    10711   W 6-10; Apr 19-Jun 28       $195.94/’$253     10751/10447
    PFP104                      Communications I                         T 11-1; W 11-1; R 11-1             $170.94    10702
    PFP 105                     Political Science .                      M2-4;T2-4;F11-1                    $170.94    10715
    PFP 204                     Communications II                   i                                                          T 9-11; W 9-11; F 9-11      $195.94           11088
    PFP 207                     Issues in Diversity/First Nations                                                              R 6-9:30; May 4-Jul 20      $195.94           TBA
    PFP 301                     Criminal and Civil Law                                                                         TBA                         $195.94    ""   ’ TBA
    PFP 403                     Police Powers II                                                                               M6-10;Apr24.Jul10           $195.94           11231
    PHYS1442                    Physics II                               M9-11,T9-11,R9-11,F9-11            $227.92    11217
    PROG 1103                   Computer Programming I                                                                         W 6-9:30; May 3-Jul 19      $197.80/’$245    TBA
    PROG 2201                   Intro. to Programming                    T 9-10; W 4-6; R 10-12; F 9-10     $170.94    10798   Online                      $275             TBA
    PSYC 1000                   Iniro to Psychology                      M 9-11;W 2-4; R 9-11               $170.94    10710   W 6-10; Apr 19-Jun 28       $195.94/’$253     10751/10447
    SNCE 1302                   Science Tech. & The Environ.             M 12-2; W 12-2; F 12-2             $170.94    11214
    SOCITOOO                    Intro to Sociology                       M 11-1; R 2-4; F 2-4               $170.94    10717       R6-10;Apr27.Jul6        $195.94/"S253     10755/10470
    (PFPio3)oquiv               Sociology & Canadian Society
    STAT3124                    Slat. Methods in Q.A.                    W 9-12; F 9-12.                    $170.94    10676
    STAT3134/3135               Slat. Quality Control                                                                          MW 6-10; May 1-Jun 7        $195.94y’$319 TBA
    VISB3201                    Visual Basic                             T 11-1; W 10-12; R 10-12           $170.94    11171

    (                       SUBJECTS                           )        [ DAY SCHOOL OFFERINGS JUL4-AUG 18 )                   (            CONTINUOUS LEARNING OFFERINGS
    SUBJECT CODE                 SUBJECT NAME (DAYSCHOOL)               DAY/TIME/DATE                       FEE(S)     CRN     C.L. DAY/TIME/DATE          PEE(S)           CRN
    ACCT 2200                    Accounting II                          T 8-10; W 2-4; R 2-4                $170.94    10804   R 6-9; May 4-Jul 27         $195.94/’$287     10559/10350
    CIRD1131                    Digital Circuits I                      WR1-5                               $227,92    10637
    COMM 1306                    Presentation Techniques ,              W 9-12; F 9-12                      $170.94    10609       R 6-9; May 4-Jun 29     $138.96           10238
    COMM 2101                   ’Interpersonal Communication            T 10-12; W 9-10; R 9-10             $113,96    10639
    COMP2209                    Bus. Computer Apps.                     T 10-12; W 10-12. R 12-2            $170,94    10806
    DRAW 2301                   Drawing!)                               T 9-12; R 9.12                      $170.94    10613
    HIST 1307          .        History of Art                          T,R1-3                              $170,94    10615                                   .
    HRM 2200                    Human Resource Mgmt. II                 T 12-2; W 8-10; R 10-12             $170.94    10809
    MATH 1307                   Personal Money Management               T9-11;R 9-11. F 12-2                $170,94    11212
    MATH 2131                   Math II for Technology                  T 1.3; W 10.12; R 10.12; F 9-11     $170,94    10638   M 6-10; May 1 -Jul 10       $195.94           10693
    MKTG 2200                   Marketing II                            T 2.4; W12.2;R8.10                  $170.94    10807
    OPER 2200                   Operations Mgmt. II                     T 12-2; W 8.10; R 10-12             $170,94    10808    W 6-10; May 3-Jul 5         $195.94          10932
    PROG 2201                   Intro, to Programming                   T 8.10; W 2-4; R 2-4                $170.94    10805    ’Online Courses - May fO-Aug 30
    TYPE 2301                   Typography II                           W 1-3; F 1-3                        $113,96    10614    For more listings see the Contlnous Learning Course Book
v                                                                                                                              ’in the Continuous Learning Office, off the Main Foyer.

       Take a b reak, get in shap e
 SJiWfl)’!!?^"^-.-,.,_-                          pluw,"
                                                     lit IwlpInK mnliiiiiln (hit
                                                  "nit’r iUmofplwre" tin’ l’Uiw>i
     Wnnt   lo rdlw sninc ilrfi’i,               Hyiu IIHS )u’»t rm’ntly hiul n
 RPt In In’ltfi <lo
                 shrtpf,           or linvt«      nnvv llu»i liistdlldl, iniihInH
 SdniylliliiH to      utirlnH tli"M’              ihfHym morn npjWtllnM,
  long Im’dkil Iwtwt’en clu-wi?,                     Ih^ltll      H1U1    I’lltWi’i
 Take n stroll down to llic Hyin.                 MflHdirlnp sny’s, "a nym’s
      Over In the Ci wlii^ niul                   atmofiphw should allow you
 across from tin? dininn loimHe                   to HO tlilnai that you’ve never
 of Durham Collet ure stairs                     dono before, and help you
  to the fillips centre. In Hill                  uroWl"
  fitness centre students liftve                     At the fitness gym It does
 tlw opportunity to take part In                  lust tliat, "The aym Is here to
 a varfety of activities; whether                serve everyone’s needs," says
 It’8 shooting lomo hoops,                        Pufigan.
 »          fi(]URRh, or worklny
     "The Athletic Centre pro-
 vides something for every-
                                                     To make sure of this, the
                                                 fitness centre provides person-
                                                 al training for those who are
                                                 just starting out or want some
 body/ says Mike Duggan, the                     motivation and support In
 Athfetlci Centre’1 facility                     their efforts to become health’
 supervisor,                                     ler.                                                                                                                                          ’
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ’       ’

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         iMirtift Iw l^iiiA sssAWM^kU

^ intr* is iwithin the fitness
     Housed                                          Currently the fitnesi c«ntr«                                                                                WOAKIIMOirri                  Durh^OoH^^«tudi^t«k««br«iktolHKni«m«oftho««
   irptfd fitness gym, sur-
                                                 do«i not have any trainers,
                                                 due to cutbacks, The last train’
                                                                                                                                                                 UIBMIM BIW»W^W
                                                                                                                                                                 W^f^^^^Vy I^RLIH^te.             . ’’    ’

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      .               ’f
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               "   ,’

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             .    >’’
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ’.--       *,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 1           ’

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ’ ’                 >’,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ,   ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .                   ,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ,           .

   ;>unded by an Indoor track,                   r left because she wai offend
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  has about 100 public mem. tna the day while they’re at

     Inside the gym Is a variety                 another position
                                                            position,                                                                                        Indoor and outdoor fitness
   f woffcout and aerobic equip"
   lent such is stationary bikes,
                                                     "The gym Is st .
                                                           )TUIM people," says
                                                 same volume of piopli^Myi
                                                                                                                                   _                         toctUtlci.           A

                                                                                                                                                                 "Miny students who *»
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  btii. ’Thwwfritpwplt In^^^^^^
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  th» wiBBiunlty.whe want to               . ’..
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Stwrnta who w’tht h.. i
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                !                                        ... i^n
 jench ’press machine^ and                       ,.
                                                 Duggan. "Most people who
                                                                      peoM«                                                                                  find out about the fltneM cen.                                       |0 somewhere close and work and live In the MM will be
’"snor,                                                          ymlu»fw»nt
                                                 come to the (ynnuMwant to                                                                                   tw coin* Awn xjMctlni to                                             out." Duu*n mi, usually         happy to knowr the gym, li
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     the»e memben             use open all summer, and irrfrefl

                                                                                                                                                             pay a charge/’ lays Duggan.
^    The fitness gym offers the                  work out at their own pace.1’
                                                        ’                                        ’                                         "

<_b»lc equipment a person                            Along with personal train’                                                                                  Jason Rombough, a second                                         the gym during the evening, If they are full time Du»h«m
.needs to stay healthy and stay                  Ing and the gym haying a varl-                                                                              yew Mirkiting student, says                                          as students tena to use it dur. College students.
                                                 ety of equipment, the gym is                                                                                "’1 enjoy coming to the gym,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ’   ’


 will be adding more weights,
 but Duggan sayi "we don’t
                                                 clean, and It’s free for »tu.
                                                     Many students at Durham
                                                                                                                                                             because of the people, equip.
                                                                                                                                                             ment, «nd It takes my riind
                                                                                                                                                             off school work,"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Athletic scholarships
 want to get Into a competition                  are unaware that included in                                                                                    He ilio uyi, "It’s a heck of
 with other gyms In the area,
 We are just nero to provide a
 service to those who want to
                                                 their student activity fee li an
                                                 Athletic Complex member’
                                                 ship chaige. This $20 fee, enti-
                                                                                                                                                             a lot better than paying $400 a
                                                                                                                                                             yeer. like lome gyms.^
                                                                                                                                                             year,      gome gymi,"
                                                                                                                                                                 Along with providing a »er.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       granted in Ontario
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      lYCHRf PAICIANO
 work out In a nice atmos"                       ties students to free use of all                                                                            vice to students, the gym also                                                                                      final gradeg. »ay» Gralg-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      phroniale»laH                              Andrews, head coach of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Durham College Udy Lorui
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     college! are                baiketball team. .While
     Base-ketball: Heit takes on                                                                                                                                                                                                      granting
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  athletic scholar’

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      jhips deepite the fact the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ontario government doe»
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Andrews Insists bursarleg are
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 awarded . on academics
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      not allowlhefn.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            allow mem.                              Canadian colleges and
     a double role at Durham                                                                                                                                                                                                              According to Sam Erry, an
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      employee with the Sporti
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      »nd Recreation Branch of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 the OCAA QPA by adding a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 to an athletic scholarship, it
     Y CHR18 PA8CIANO                              ball. We would run through           "it’scrtEy, we just finished                                                                                                                  the Ontario Government,                    makes the bursary gome-
     Ohranlol««t«H                                 Camp Samac, { think It was and I don’t know whit to do                                                                                                                             athletic scholarships are                  thing other than an a schol-
                                                   five ’kilometres," says Kelt. with myself. 1 got here Aug.                                                                                                                         not allowed In Canada,"                    Blimp to play iporti.           .
                                                   "With practising everyday, It 30 for baseball and I’ve been                                                                                                                            However,        at     any                All American colleges and
       Just like most things in life               wears everyone down,"
                                                               ,-            .       going pretty much everyday:
                                                                                           -   .-.
                                                                                                           -               ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Canadlan eollege an athlete               unlvfirgllles are allewsd to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      can receive a bursary {or.                 give scholarships and ath-
                                                        Think it’s impossible to do ilnw,’1 says Heit.

                                                                                                       __-!__                          -.’   _J

                      has its ups and
                                                            ml       _<.’*_                                                        *
                                     ..,-                  -- - -.-,.-
                                                            -                  -

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 fetes are still asked to main-
                                            .-                       -.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       playing sports,
     r^....                                                                                                                                  ^-

     downs. Alexis Heit Is a dou’
                 lexil           dou.              all that and still get home’         It is a big change from
     ble athlete at Durham
     College, She plays (oftball
     and basketball for the school
     and .balance! a full-time
                                                   work done? What about high ichool ror Heit, coming
                                                   soclaliging? It’i not Impossi- to Durham from St.
                                                   soctaliiing?            Impossi’
                                                   ble, |ust very difficult.
                                                          Heit manages to keep u a
                                                                                     Catharinei to go to college,
                                                                                        Kelt came To Durham {or
                                                                                                                 Ing                                         ’
                                                                                                                                                                     -    - - -                                                        all their courses are eligible
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       for a $500 bursary per
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          AthT«tei who are passing
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       iemeiter that they play,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 tain a minimum GPA.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Although some QCAA.regu-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 lated eolleg8i choi8 to set a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        colleges chose »8i
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 higher standard, OCAA and
     schedule. So what exactly is                  3,2 GPA during the seas   season. iporfs. Whether It’8 softball                                                                                                                     according to John Sharoo,                 National College Athletic
     It like to bo a double athlete                How? Time management              or basketball or the Sporti                                                                                                                       media relations for the                   Association minimum stan.
     and a full-time student?                             "You’ve got to manage Administration program that                                                                                                                           Ontario College Athletic                   uardi are the jame, accord’
                                                   your time, It’s helped me she 1» enrolled In, her sched-                                                                                                                           Association. This is allowed               Ing to Sharpe and: the
     Something like this.
        The good part Is that. play’
     Ing on twice BS many teams
     RS usual ihe gets to meet
                                                   learn to manage my time," ule has sports all the. way
                                                   says Heit. "I pulled an all -.
                                                                                     through. Heit ii .lie. re on a.
                                                                                       -             _"-
                                                   nigli’ter a couple of times. I baseball scholarship that lees
                                                             *..-      _                   -..
                                                                                                               -   j   **__--                                      « ">   _--«_       i.       i_   -.-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  _                   because the bufiary li not’
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      called an .athletic scholar
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ship, it Is called an academic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 NCAA. This in to stop col’
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 leges, from. ebuilrig the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 scholarship system by pass-
     more pcoplei and beln» con’                   don’t think I went to. bed her play both sports for the                                                                                                                            athletic scholarship,                      Ing athletes who shouldn’t
     stantly In and around the                     before usually 2 o’clock at all price or one. She plays con.                                                                                                                        . The bursary Is then
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Bursary is                      be^passe"
     athletic complex, she nets to                 first semester, I’ve cot to trefleld on the lonbafl team                                                                                                                           awarded to athletes who
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        varded                                      Tills does not always      ,
     meet all the people from, all                 look ahead In my schedule," and bats fiecond and when                                                                                                                              maintain a passlna grade                   work, however.
     the teams                                            And with practice or       (he li not doing that ihe li                                                                                                                     point average, afthough                       Andrews says some
        The bad part Is trylnB to                  game every night where does playing shooting or point                                                                                                                              each collep sets a minimum                 Canadian           universities,
     balance n full’tlrne schedule
       lance a                                     ghfl find the time to just chill guard for; the basketball
                                                   she                                                   basketDaii                -   -                                                                                              standard {or its athletes, as              which are still not allowed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      long as It Is above a passing
                                                                ..                             -.
     with A dufti sport schedule.                  with her friends, She does- team,                                                                                                                                                                                             to offer sports scholarships
     Imagine after finishing a                      n’t,                                With the hectic schedule It                                                                                                                   grade. Durham College’s                    of any kind, will hire ath-
     long day at school, having to                        Besides the time out with Is a wonder how she handles                                                                                                                       minimum QPA standard for                   letes coming to their school
     go to a practice.                              the team, whether it be meet- It, but she attributes It to                                                                                                                        athletes is 2.5.                           during the summer, to work
       "It wears me down. We                        ing people or going to the good coaches, both Cralg                                                                                                                                  If players quit during the              at camps or other )obs for a
     did .weights and we were run-                  pub she loses most of her Andrews and Jim Nemlsh,                                                                                                                                 season they will not receive               minimal amount of time,
     ning for a while for basket’                   ioctal tlme.                     and supportive teammates.                                                                                                                        a bursary, regardless of their             and then pay them.
                                                                                                                                THE CHRONICLE       APRIL 18, 2000 35


    S afety in NHL a b ig prob l em
BY JIM HUMPHREY                            have been thrown game because he and you can bet most players will don                    visors. Out of 678 votes, 66   per cent
Chronicle Start                            didn’t have control over his stick.     facial protection.                                thought the NHL should mandate
                                              "All the referees had to do was look    Congratulations must go out to a               visors, and 43 per cent thought they
   Safety is a concern when people go      at the pool of blood and see parts of couple of players who doned visors            shouldn’t.
to work, even if a person goes bungee      Berard’s eye on the Ice," said Fan 590 after seeing the highlight. New York            Both Incidents have become a
jumping.                                   hockey expert Howard Burger.            Rangers’ forward Theo Fluery and            sounding board for hockey equipment
  However, this Isn’t the same for the        In a March 20 column, The Toronto defenccman Mathieu Schneider both              manufacturers to promote their new
National Hockey League. In the past        Star’s Damien Cox said don’t be sur- wore visors In their next game, but            equipment.
month there have been several inci-        prised that hundreds of NHL players what happened after, Is what most peo-             Leader Industries Inc. has proposed a
dents that make it clear to hockey fans    aren’t calling for facial protection to ple would have expected, they took          plan to the league that they would
the NHL doesn’t take care of its           become mandatory in                                      them off because of        donate $1,500 in visors to the players
employees.                                 the wake of the horrific                                 their limited vision.      who want to wear the company’s prod-
  the Bryan Berard and the Trent           Berard Injury.                                              Where have the          uct. This company’s time and energy
McLeary incidents have opened a lot of          "Some might not                                     league and the player’s
                                                                           All the referees association been on                would be best spent elsewhere because
eyes inside and outside the hockey         agree, but many NHL                                                                 with teams gearing up for the playoffs,
community.                                 players truly believe        had to do was               this issue. League com-    not many players will be looking to
   The McLeary case happened In a          their ability to play the    look at the pool            missioner           Gary   make equipment changes.
game between the Montreal Canadlens        game and to earn their                                   Bettman and union              The equipment companies should
and the Philadelphia Flyers. During the    livelihood would be of blood and see                     boss Bob Goodenow          have waited for the pre-season to open
second period McLeary went down to                                                                                             their mouths, and worry about making
block a shot and was struck In the
                                           compromised if they
                                           were forced to wear a        parts of Berard’s silencetaken thisvow of
                                                                                                                       issue.  minor hockey leagues safer.
throat with a puck. His Injury could       visor. Players like Mark     eye on the ice. /           Cox’ writes this goes         This is a debate that will be waged
have been prevented or reduced by          Messier      and     Guy                                 beyond the realm of a      on many different levels from league
wearing a neck guard. Not only was         Carbonneau probably                                        players’ decision. It is offices to Parliament Hill. But after see-
this a career-threatening injury, but he   have never worn one,                    Howard Burger up to the league to ing these disgusting acts of violence in
could have died.                           so clearly It would rep-                                   make visors mandatory. the NHL It brings me back to almost
   More recently, in the second period     resent a major change                                      However, the player’s every interview I have heard or read In
of a Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa        for them." Coxwrote.                       association would never go for the rule the past month.
Senators game, Sens forward Marion            Most of what Cox said Is true, but change. But when the players’ union               Almost every player has said there
Hossa spun around and swung his stick      what he failed to mention is that It’s up contract comes up in 2004 this will be seems to be a lack of respect among
striking Berard in the eye. Hossa only     to the players to take a closer look at a topic of discussion.                      players today. So Marion Hossa, Marty
received a four-minute double minor        what happened. They must put them-            In a March poll, The Fan 590 asked if McSorley and Scott Niedermayer
for highsticklng. Clearly. Hossa should    selves In Berard’s or McLeary’s shoes the NHL should mandate the use of should have looked up the word.

   Fresh-looking Jays team may                                                                             Clarke decides to
   provide for an exciting season                                                                          find new captain
   BY MATT MATYSIAK                                  fall.
   Chronicle Staff                                      Who are the pretenders and who are the
                                                                                                           LINDROS’ FUTURE                   ments that Lindros made.
                                                                                                                                                Lindros was criticizing
      The start of the baseball season is upon us,
   and for Toronto Blue Jays fans this may be a
                                                         The Jays. although very talented and full         WITH THE FLYERS                   trainers, physicians, and man-
                                                     of potential may have some trouble winning                                              agement because of his team’s
   very exciting year. The Jays have a fresh
   young team with a lot of potential both
                                                     the American League east title, much less the
                                                     playoffs. The Boston Red Sox have a talented
                                                                                                           AND IN THE NHL                    lousy efforts at one point in
                                                                                                                                             the season.
   defensively and offensively.                      roster which includes Cy Young winner                 NOT LOOKING                          Clarke said it best, "Players
      The Jays made a few deals In the off sea-      Pedro Martinez and MVP hopeful Nomar                                                    want a captain to lead them
   son, trading fan favourite Shawn Green to         Garciaparra and the New York Yankees are              VERY BRIGHT                       through the playoffs/’
   the Los Angeles Dodgers outflelder Raul           last season’s World Series champs. The                                                     The Flyers are a great team
   Mondesi. Mondesi is a tremendous power            Yankees will probably come out on top. They           BY MICHAEL SEYMOUR                with talented players like John
   hitter. Carlos Delgado says, "Raul can hit the    have shown that they are the best in the              Chronicle Staff                   LeClair and Mark Recchi, and
   ball harder than anyone I’ve seen."               majors the past two seasons.                                                            have the ability to win, but
      "Because Mondesi played on the west                The Central Division in the AL will be won           Eric Lindros is no longer      they need a leader.
   coast, he hasn’t had a lot of notoriety in        by the Cleveland Indians. They have the eas-          captain of the Philadelphia          Lindros is a excellent play-
   Toronto," Blue Jays public relations director     iest division in all of baseball and it’s theirs to   Flyers.                           er. especially this season with
   Howard Starkman says, "but once the fans          lose.                                                      Flyers’ General Manager      59 points in 55 games, but he
   get to see him play that will be a different          The AL west is.a tough division. The Texas        Bobby Clarke made the             just doesn’t have what it takes.
   story." Mondesi is also a great defensive play-   Rangers, Oakland Athletics and Seattle                announcement recently that           In the past year alone he
   er. In 1995 he won a gold glove.                  Mariners are all fighting for this spot. The          Lindros will no longer carry      has had four concussions, and
      "Our strength the season will be our           Oakland A’s may surprise some and win the             the C on his shoulder. It s       has missed 18 games due to
   defence" says Starkman.                           division this year.                                   about time.                       migraine headaches, back
      The Blue Jays Infield is one of the best in        The AL wild card will be won by the sec-             Lindros a six-time all-star    spasms and a bruised left
   the American League. Alex Gonzalez, Homer         ond place team in the east, the Boston Red            who has been captain of the       hand. He is always getting
   Bush and Tony Batista will play a huge role in    Sox. This should make for interesting play-           Flyers since 1994, was side-      hurt and is not always there
   the success of the infield.                       offs this fall.                                       lined by a concussion he suf-     for a team which needs him,
      The Jays also have a young, strong pitch-        . The National League East has two hot              fered against Boston on March     especially near the playoff.s
   ing core which includes pitchers like Chris       teams: the Atlanta Braves and the New York            4. He tried to play four more        In last year’s playoffs,
   Carpenter and Roy Halliday. The bullpen           Mets; The Mets fought all last season for top         games before finally sitting      Lindros was hurt against
   may be a little thin with the departure of        spot, but fell short. Expect the same this sea-       out March 13. He has been out     Buffalo, which destroyed any
   Graeme Lloyd who went to the Montreal             son. The Braves will win the division and the         ever since.                       chance the Flyers had of win-
   Expos. The set-up man will likely be John         Mets will battle for a wild card spot.                   It was on March 4 against      ning the Stanley Cup.
   Frascatpre who came from Arizona last sea-            The ML Central has a lot of spark. Ken            Boston that Lindros suffered a       Desjardins who is the 12th
   son. After Frascatore, the Jays have lefties      Griffey Jr., Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire              serious grade two concussion      captain in the team’s 33-year
   Pedro Borbon and Lance Painter. If the Jays’      all play in this division. However, the flames        after being checked by            history said, "When you are
   pitching staff can stay healthy, they may be      will come from the Houston Astros and                 Boston’s Hal Gill.                picked as captain, you take on
   very dominating.                                  Cincinnati Reds. These two battled It out last           On March 26, Clarke told       a lot of responsibilities. Of
     The offence is led by captain Delgado who       season for top spot and this season will be no        reporters he would not            course It is stressful, and you
  hit 44 home runs and drove In. 134 runs last       different except the Reds will be on top this         appoint an. alternate captain     have to be up to it, and I think
  season. Add Mondesi (33 HR/99 RBI) and             time.                                                 in the absence of Lindros, who    I am. I will do my best not to
  Batista (30 HR, 100 RBI) and the Jays have an          The Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona               at that point was scheduled to    disappoint anybody on this
  offensive powerhouse. Young pfayers like           Diamondbacks will fight for the NL West.              miss four to six weeks.           team."
  Stewart and Bush are expected to improve on        Both have high payrolls and a lot to prove,              A    day later Clarke            In the long run Desjardins
  an outstanding 1999 season.                        especially the Dodgers. Green may be the              announced Eric Desjardins         has more experience and more
     One of the disappointments last season          deciding factor in the Dodgers’ division win          was the team’s new captain.       to give to the team, rather
  was Jose CruzJr.                                   this season.                                             Over the past few years        than Lindros who came into
     "Cruz was rushed a little last year, but            The NL wild card will be a hot one.. The          Clarke and Lindros haven’t        the NHL on a pedestal, and
  maybe this year he can settle in," Starkman        Mets, Astros and D-Backs want it, but the             been on good terms, mainly        will probably go out on a
  says. If Cruz doesn’t improve on last season.      Mets still have a sour taste in their mouths          due to contract disputes with     stretcher, but only time will
  the centre fielder maybe traded before the         from last year’s playoff loss to the Braves.          Lindros’ father Carl, and com-    tell.

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