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Gau Yatra _ - Care for Cows by pengxuebo


									March 2012

       Gau Yatra !
       Horrors of
       Pasturized milk
       Radhika Departs
                                                       Jaya Sri Guru! Jaya Sri Gopala!
                                                             Jaya Sri Go Mata!

                                                    Dear Friends,
                                                        Swami Shri Rajendra Das
                                                     Ji Maharaj, who is one of the
                                                     prominent organizers in the
                                                     Gau Yatra said: “The cow
                                                     is worshipable even to the
                                                     worshipable deities of Braj,
     Care for Cows in Vrindavana
       is inspired by His Divine Grace               Shri Shri Shyama Shyam.
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
                Founder-Acharya                      Krishna appeared here as a
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
                                                     cowherd, Gopal, strengthening
       CFC Trustees                                  the Vedic culture of cow
       Kurma Rupa dasa
                                                     protection. But this culture
       Hansarupa Dasa
       Vraja Mohan dasa                              is being weakened even here
       Harivallabha dasa                             in Braj by the force of time.
       Radha Govinda Dasa
       Amit Duhlani                                  The purpose of this yatra
                                                     is to spread a message of
       Mahanidhi Swami Maharaja                      devotion to our mother the
                                                     cow, whereby the culture of
       CFC Staff                                     cow protection will be restored
       Kesi Nisudana Dasa                            and expanded here and
       Braja Gopal dasa (Switz.)
                                                     everywhere else in India.
       Puri Maharaja
       Rasamandala Dasi                                 “Throughout the entire
       Radhapati Dasa                                country, cows are being cruelly
       Syam Hari, Vijay,
       Ravi, Sukumar, Santosh, Tej
                                                     neglected and the veneration
       Prakash, Ajeet                                of the cow is viewed as a
                                                     testimony to the backward
       Kurma Rupa dasa                               state of Hindu traditions.
       Contributing editor,
       Rasamandala Dasi                              However, the cow should be
                                                     seen as having great economic
                                                     potential. Without proper
                                                     protection and veneration
                                                     of the cow, India will never
                                                     become great. Our politicians
                                                     should be aware of this aspect
                                                     of public sentiment and act

     Care for Cows                                 The CFC Staff
    i n     v r i n d a v a n a                   Care for Cows in Vrindavan is a Charitable Trust
                         registered in India, USA, and Switzerland.
~ portrait of the month ~

       ~ Radhika ~
March in Honor
 of the Cow
84-kos Gau Yatra sets
off from Vrindavan
  Report from http://www.

   A combined effort of
several activists sadhus,
sannyasis and Bhagavata
pracharakas is making an
emphatic statement about cow
protections in Braj and India,
based on the 84-kos Braj
Dham Parikrama tradition.
Their novel approach is this:
Along with the usual features
of the parikrama, nearly 6,000
pilgrims are being preceded
by 108 members of the bovine
   To inaugurate the program
on Wednesday, a meeting
of cow protection activists
from both inside and
outside of Braj was held in a
pandal on the Kumbha Mela
grounds by the Yamuna.
All glorified the initiative,
which has been planned by
Duttsharanananda Maharaj
of Pathmeda in Rajasthan,
for months. Pathmeda is the
location of a major site for
cow protection called Gopal
Govardhan Goshala. Besides
Sharanagati Ashram on Chattikara     cows of Braj”), will host the yatra
Road, Duttsharanandaji has also      on Feb. 28-29.
purchased a huge plot in Jarkhor        Leading the Yatra is Rajendra
village near Kaman. This goshalla,   Dasji Maharaj, Mahant of the
named Braja Go Abhayaranya           Maluk Peeth in Vrindavan, whose
(“Forest of fearlessness for the     disciples are are prominent in
                                     managing the event. Other leading
                                     supporters of the Yatra are Karshni
                                     Gurusharanananda Swami of
                                     Ramanreti in Gokula, where the
                                     pilgrims will be stopping Feb. 13.
                                        Ramesh Baba of Barsana,
                                     Bhagavata preacher Radha
                                     Krishnaji of Jodhpur, Kishore
                                     Das Mahanta of Gaurilal
                                     Kunj, Gyanananda Maharaj of
                                     Krishna Kripa Ashram are also

                                     Left: Kirtan in front of Radha
                                     Gopala Lal Who is being carried
                                     in His palanquin behind the cows
                                     in order to be sprinkled with
                                     their hoof-dust.
  participating along with many
  cow-lovers from all over India,
  including sants and sadhus from
  most sampradayas.

                                           Great reverend Swami Duttsharanand ji

                                        “In fact, the cow should be
                                        seen as having great economic
                                        potential. Without proper
                                        protection and veneration of the
       Maluk Pithadhishvar              cow, India will never become
Swami Shri Rajendra Das Ji Maharaj      great. Our politicians should be
                                        aware of this aspect of public
     In his statement describing the    sentiment and act accordingly.”
  program, Rajendra Dasji said,            “The goshalla in Kaman is
  “The cow is worshipable even to       meant to not only protect the
  the worshipable deities of Braj,      cows and provide them with a
  Shri Shri Shyama Shyam. Krishna       safe shelter, but to publicize the
  appeared here as a cowherd,           benefits of the five by products
  Gopal, strengthening the Vedic        of the cow, pancha gavya,”
  culture of cow protection. But this   writes Duttsharananda in his
  culture is being weakened even        statement to the pilgrims. “We will
  here in Braj by the force of time.    demonstrate the beneficial and
  The purpose of this yatra is to       purifying effects of cow culture
  spread a message of devotion to       on the environment. We wish to
  our mother the cow, whereby the       awaken the spirit of service to our
  culture of cow protection will be     cow mother.”
  restored and expanded here and           Jagadananda Swami,
  everywhere else in India.”            representing Duttasharanananda
     “Throughout the entire country,    Swami, praised the sadhus
  cows are being cruelly neglected      present at Kumbha Mela, many
  and the veneration of the cow         of whom are engaged in various
  is viewed as a testimony to           cow protection activities, for their
  the backward state of Hindu           efforts, but said that so much
  traditions,” says Rajendra Dasji.
more needs to be done. “The
general effects of the neglect
of cows has unfortunately
not left Braj itself, the center
of cow culture, untouched.
Even here, there has been
an increase in meat eating of
all kinds, even beef. The Gau
Yatra will hopefully counteract
this trend somewhat.”
   The evening programs at
each camp will include Ras Lila
performances by Rasacharya
Shriram Sharma.

Below: Devotees dressed as Sri
Krsna and Balarama herd one of
the cows in the procession.
       Horrors of Pa
     (From The        conventional (non-organic, non-
vaccine-pushing, disease scare-        raw) dairy operators have no
mongering agency known as              need to thoroughly wash their
the CDC (Centers for Disease           milking machines, no need to
Control) has put out a stunning        sterilize any milk containers, no
piece of propaganda attacking          need to wash their hands, and no
fresh milk (raw dairy), claiming       need to maintain a clean milking
it is “150 times more dangerous”       environment whatsoever. It’s just
than pasteurized milk. This is         total filth with festering diseased
all part of their anti-American        animals dying on the floor and
agenda to crush food freedom and       being physically abused by the
criminalize fundamental farming        corporate dairy operators (see
practices upon which this very         video links, below).
nation was founded. (Yes, George          Dairy cows are routinely abused
Washington and the founding            and left to suffer in total filth.
fathers drank raw milk, grew              Want to know how conventional
hemp and even smoked a little          (pasteurized) dairy cows are really
weed as medicine.)                     treated?
    But what the CDC won’t dare           Here’s something the CDC won’t
reveal to the public is the far more   show you.
horrifying truth:                         Watch this highly disturbing
    Pasteurized dairy is produced      video of dairy cows being kicked,
in the dirtiest milk factories         tortured, abused and injured by
imaginable, where blood, pus,          conventional dairy workers. This
e.coli and other truly dangerous       was filmed with an undercover spy
pathogens are routinely bottled        cam.
into milk containers and fed to          (WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGERY):

     That’s the whole point of         watch?v=kUmtSONLhOc
pasteurization: To kill everything
that might be alive in their ultra-       When you buy pasteurized
dirty milk. The real purpose of        milk at the grocery store, you
pasteurization is not to simply        are supporting an industry that
“make milk safe” as is claimed by      tortures cows and produces a
the CDC, but rather to allow the       dirty, filthy product!
dairy industry to operate DIRTY.          Of course, the dairy industry
It’s so much easier to just cook       would much rather force
the fecal matter out of the milk.      everybody to pasteurize their milk
    Thanks to pasteurization,          and outlaw clean raw dairy than
sturized Milk
 to clean up their own act. That’s         In addition, conventional dairy
 the whole point of the CDC going       cows are:
 after raw dairy: To destroy the raw       • Pumped full of bovine growth
 dairy industry and force everyone      hormones
 to drink dirty, contaminated              • Fed masses of antibiotics
 pasteurized milk that’s extracted         • Fed tons of GMOs
 from tortured cows.                       • Heavily contaminated with
    Here are some other short           chemical pesticides
 videos you may want to view:              That’s what you get when you
    (WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGERY):      buy “Pasteurized” milk. Plus the
                                        feces in the milk, of course.
    Dairy Cow Abuse - “Mercy For           So the next time somebody gets
 Animals” hidden camera in New          mad at you in bumper-to-bumper
 York:          traffic and they scream out the
 watch?v=LdiwZKsrgdA                    window: “EAT SH*T!” just hand
    The disgusting treatment of         them a glass of pasteurized milk.
 (conventional) dairy cows:             Let them drink it, huh?                The cleanest milk in the world?
 watch?v=GzS8p727gvM                    RAW, fresh milk!
    Dairy cows with injuries and           You want to see a super clean
 infections:         dairy operation? Go to a raw
 com/watch?v=yrMj0oBdyWs                dairy farm and check out their
    ABC Nightline - Dairy farm          operation. It’s the cleanest, most
 abuse:         pristine dairy operation you’ll ever
 watch?v=BIRshcfNLDk                    find. And why? Because it has to
                                        be. If you want to produce clean,
    So get it through your heads,       fresh dairy without pasteurization,
 folks: If you buy pasteurized,         you have to run a super clean
 homogenized milk, you are              facility with healthy cows,
 supporting an industry of filth,       stringent cleanliness practices
 torture, infected animals and dirty,   and a commitment to producing
 dirty milk.                            wholesome food.
    The reason all that milk has           Only raw milk dairies have this
 to be pasteurized is because it’s      kind of commitment to cleanliness.
 strongly contaminated with:               View this powerful comparison
     • blood                            between pasteurized milk and raw
     • pus                              milk:
     • bacteria                  
     • fecal matter                     whyraw.html
   In fact, if you took a gallon      (Big Pharma, Big Dairy, etc.) at
of unpasteurized milk from a          every opportunity.
conventional dairy and you               Instead of doing something
compared it to a gallon of            important to stop the spread of
unpasteurized milk from a             infectious disease (like promoting
quality-certified raw milk dairy,     vitamin D, immune-boosting
I have no doubt you would find        nutrition and improved sanitation),
that the conventional dairy has       the CDC is now a total sellout
at least 150 times the level of       to the interests of the corporate
blood, pus, feces and dangerous       giants who feed us filth and call it
bacteria (if not more).               food.
   In contrast, raw milk from a          So it’s no surprise to see the
reputable dairy operation such        CDC promoting pasteurized milk --
as Organic Pastures (www.             the very product whose digestive is the           enzymes have been destroyed so
cleanest milk on the planet,          that it causes allergic reactions in
bar none. Sure, it has friendly       those who consume it.
bacteria in it, but that bacteria        Pasteurized, homogenized
is good for you -- it’s probiotics.   milk also promotes heart
The CDC, of course, is so clueless    disease, obesity, autoimmune
about infectious disease that they    disorders, constipation, sinus
hate ALL bacteria and want to         congestion and many other
destroy them all with chemicals       chronic health conditions.
or heat.                              It is the perfect food for the
   The CDC won’t dare discuss         uninformed masses who the
any of this, however. Instead,        U.S. government seems to
the CDC has resorted to what          be trying to keep in a state of
can only be called a raw milk fear    lifelong disease and medical
mongering campaign using the          enslavement.
exact same tactic they used to           Keep reading NaturalNews to
promote vaccine sales by pushing      learn more about what’s wrong
false swine flu fear.                 with conventional pasteurized
   The only thing dirtier than        dairy products. We’re working on
pasteurized milk, it seems, is the    several articles covering this topic.
CDC itself, which has degraded           And remember:
from a once-respected group              Pasteurized milk is so
of actual scientists to a cabal of    disgustingly dirty that if they
junk science fear mongerers and       didn’t kill everything in it with
political prostitutes who drop trow   heat, the liquid would probably kill
and bend over for Big Business        YOU.
Everyone Should
  Serve a Cow
                                                      by Rasamandala Dasi

    Everyone of us should protect at   bulls in sustainable environments
least one cow!                         we are failing Srila Prabhupada
    “I do not have the facilities to   and Lord Caitanya’s movement
keep a cow” you may say, then at       in a monumental way. We are
the very least you and your family     standing by while the lives of
can sponsor one.                       millions of cows, bulls and their
    There should be a cow in your      babies are made unbearable until
life, in your family’s life.           they are heinously tortured and
    There cannot be any semblance      killed. The Vegan’s are screaming
of Vedic life without cow              out about it. All due credit to
protection. Don’t think that is ‘not   them – they are even risking life
my problem’ – It is your problem       and limb to show the atrocities
if you really want to love the         being performed. But what are we
Supreme Lord, Sri Krsna than you       doing? Really what are we doing?
have to love a cow. For as far as      We have small pockets of devotees
Krsna is concerned, it is a matter     usually struggling alone to display
of ‘love Me, love my cows’.            a cruelty-free culture within which
    Your not convinced that you        the cows are the centre - but
need to do something now? – then       on the level of an International
please look at     ‘Society’? Our goshallas should be
au/storyarchive/0832dairycruelty/      leading the world in displaying the
dairy.php. Mercy For Animals           complete value of these munificent
(MFA) a powerful USA animal            creatures. All the cows should be
rights organisation this week (May     an integral part of the community,
25, 2010) released undercover          free from fear, happy, healthy and
video footage of dairy farm            receiving daily affection. Thus they
workers sadistically abusing cows      will willingly produce enough milk
and young calves in Ohio. One of       for their babies, the Deities and
the sadistic employees has already     the local communities to drink.
been arrested and charged.             Going Vegan is not the answer –
    I could not watch even a           going GoSeva is the only answer!
short section of this video               Those families living in the
without sobbing in total distress.     country should take responsibility
There is no way that we can be         of at least one cow which they
complacent, we have to act.            maintain at home or in the
    We are distributing knowledge      communal dairy. Those who
about cow protection but without       live in urban areas should be
showing the efficacy of cows and       sponsoring a cow at one of our
worldwide goshallas and making             propaganda cannot be successful.”
a committment to drink ahimsa              Srimad-Bhagavatam - Canto 4:
milk.                                      Chapter Twenty-one, Text 38: purport
   Prabhupada has said: “From                 We all know that the two go
economic point of view, if one man         hand in hand – So today do some
has got a cow and four acres of            research on the various goshallas
land, he has no economic problem.          and then decide to adopt, sponsor
That we want to start. He can              or personally take care of a cow
independently live any part of the         and make your life successful.
world. Simply he must (have) one
cow and four acres of land. Let
the people be divided with four
acres of land and a cow, there
will be no economic question. All
the factories will be closed.” Room
Conversation with Allen Ginsberg May 11,
1969, Columbus, Ohio
   It wasn’t that long ago when
families maintained a pet cow, and
in many simple rural places that is
still the case with the bulls being
used for cultivate the land as I
have personally seen. Similarly
our bulls should be tilling our soil,
nourishing Mother Bhumi with
their nutrient rich dung and urine.
As well the dung can be used in
heating stoves for cooking, as
insect repellents, making dupe
etc. so many recipes.
   “Lord Krsna, the Supreme
personality of Godhead, is the
prime protector of brahminical
culture and the cow. Without
knowing and respecting these, one
cannot realize the science of God,
and without this knowledge, any
welfare activities or humanitarian
     New Gokula Farm hosted               The seven cows chosen to
the event of Makara Sankranti          represent the herd enjoyed
this January 14th , which was          plentiful green hay and grains,
celebrated by a large gathering of     while the ceremonies were
around 200 people.                     performed ,and were then
      Arranged by devotees from        returned to the adjacent pastures,
the suburbs of Sydney, the event       reminding devotees of the pastime
proved a great family occasion,        of herding cows performed
with around 35 families involved       personally by Lord Sri Krsna
in offering a tradional Go-puja,       Himself, five thousand years ago
conducted under the competent          in Vrindavan.
direction of Mr Jatin Kumar, well         Accompanied by blissful
known bhramin priest of Sri            sankirtan, the noon arati was
Mandir in Auburn.                      performed to The Deity forms of
   Devotees of New Gokula ,who         Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda, and
are committed to the welfare of        then a wonderful sumptuous feast
a herd of 58 cows and bulls were       containing plentiful fresh milk
naturally inspired seeing the          products such as panir, yoghurt,
sincere offerings of mantras and       and ghee was joyfully honored by
oblations directed to beseeching       all the devotees.
the blessings of mother cow.              The occasion was duly
     His Holiness ,Janananda           completed in true Gujarati style by
Goswami, present for the               the pastime of kite flying ,enjoyed
inauguration of the Puja ,read         by the young ,as well as the young
relevant passages from the             at heart. Scores of colorful kites
holy Puranas extolling the             decorated the skies above New
imperativeness of protecting the       Gokula, sailing gracefully in the
cows and bulls, who personify          pleasant afternoon breezes.
religious principles,and in whom          As the sun descended in the
all Devatas have chosen to reside.     west, unwilling children were
As directed in the Vedic scriptures,   herded into their vehicles, whilst
happiness in human society cannot      parents assured them that they
manifest without appropriate           would surely return to New Gokula
protection of our worshipable          farm for more adventures in the
mother cow, who ,by the Supreme        very near future. There seemed to
Lord’s divine arrangement, is the      be a unanimous vote to establish
most magnanimous benefactor of         an annual Makara Sankranti
human society among all species        festival ,and to bring friends along
of animals.                            to this uplifting Holy-day.
Radhika Departs
   Those of you who have visited
Care for Cows undoubtedly
met Radhika, a female Neel
Gai (antelope -- Boselaphus
tragocamelus) who joined us in
   She lost her mother in her
infancy and in a desperate search
she wandered into the village of
Kiki Nagla and survived by the
favor of a lactating cow. When the
cow’s owner discovered that the
infant Neel Gai had “stolen” milk
from his cow, he brought the calf
to us and asked us to provide her
   We bottle-fed her with cows        affectionate and stole the heart
milk for one year and she lived       of many visitors. The cause of
peacefully amongst our herd.          her death is not clearly known.
   Other Neel Gais were brought to    The vet suspected pneumonia
us and before long Radhika gave       yet others thought it was due to
birth to twins (see below) fathered   overeating cabbage, spinach and
by Janardana who is still with us.    cauliflower leaves brought to her
   Radhika was kind. gentle and       from our organic garden.
                                         Earlier this year Radhika gave
                                      birth to one healthy bull calf who
                                      is adjusting to carry-on without
                                      her. We all miss her gentle and
                                      friendly presence in the goshalla
                                      and vow to be more careful not to
                                      overfeed the residents.
                                         She has been buried near our
                                      new cowshed and we are planting
                                      a Pipal tree in her memory just
                                      where her body is buried.
Thank You
From the Cows

     The cows send their heart-felt thanks to those who assisted during February 2012

A. Gerdziuniene                Gaurangapriya Dasi            Nealesh Narayan
A. Venkataraman                Hansarupa Dasa                Padma Inc.
Aditi Sathye                   Hanul Bhandari                Panthea Macknight
Alina Yershova                 Jagannath Rao                 Pure Heart
Amit Goswami                   Jaisacisuta Dasa              Pyari Mohan Dasa
Anil Kumar                     Janaki Romano                 Rachel Borsch
Anjaneya Dasa                  Jayadeva Dasa                 Radhapati Dasa
Anonymous                      Jennie Jensen                 Rahul Sharma
Anuradha Kovelamudi            Johan Wallander               Ramabhadra Dasa
Ariel Telford                  John Foot                     Rasmandala Dasi
Artem Polygalin                Jorgine Jensen                Ravi Gopal
Ashta Murugesan                Joûe Zupan-Polöe              Rayan Koendjbiharie
Avinash Beeravolu              Julija Ruchjova               Rohinisuta Dasa
Boris Ovsepyan                 Kamala Melzack                Sanjiv Keswani
Carl & Stella Herzig           Kantilal Shivlal              Sraddha Rajkomar
Cfg-Studio / Gfc-Estudio       Kavita Shah                   Srinivasan Ganesan
Chandrasekhara dasa            Kitri Waterman                Suada Ajanovic
Chandricka Pasupati            Kristina Jeciute              Suman Lata Saini
Christian Katsner              Loredana Koraca               Svetlana Gritsay
Cori Churdar-Wilejto           Ludmila Gafner                Svetlana Sanatina
Corinna Giraudi                Madhava Priya Dasi            Tracy Molina
Damodara Dasa                  Madhavi Guntupalli            Uday Kiran Gopalam
Danil Kolobaev                 Mandira Mani & Sri Govinda    Vaikuntha Dasa
Derek Carroll                  Marina Gritsay                Valentina Mazyliuk
Dev Dish Charitable Trust      Mark Leigh                    Venkata Venkateswaran
Devender Kumar                 Mary L. Valerio               Venkatesh Raghavan
Dina Sarana Dasa               Meenakshi Sundar Sethuraman   Vijay Sharma
Doyal Govinda Dasa             Milan Tatalovic               Vikas Shah
Dr. Rakesh Agrawal             Mohanprabhu Naidu             Vladimir Shlepkov
Elena Emelenko                 Nalini Gogar                  Yajnavalkya Dasa
Elena Nikiforov                Nayan Ruparelia               Yuval Niv

May cows stay in front of me; may cows stay behind me; may cows stay on both
sides of me. May I always reside in the midst of cows. —Hari Bhakti Vilas 16.252

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