Weigh Your Priorities Right On A Perfect Scale

					                        Weigh Your Priorities Right On A Perfect Scale

We attach much weight to inconsequential and sometimes outright inane things. Is it really
necessary to wear false pride and delusions on your sleeve. Many innocent lives were
deracinated well before their prime. The innumerable cases of honor killing in morally depraved
areas of Haryana is a living testimony to this fact. So, why don’t we chastise our lives by
shedding the extra baggage of ego, misogyny, and shibboleths.

Weight of unwarranted substance and false ideals can prove detrimental to the entire human
race. We need to take proactive measures that would certainly come handy in shedding the
extra kilos. Make way for healthy reforms by awarding your mind a blissful abode of a healthy
body. Make a beginning by taking the first step towards a weighing scale. Work meticulously
towards achieving the target of weight reduction. A weighing machine never takes orders from
you. It’s not obligated to serve the purpose of making your day with a desirable yet impossible
reading. It’s the mirror that reflects truth. And the truth will look squarely in your eyes if you don’t
abstain from binging and sedentary lifestyle. You won’t be entertained by your digital weighing
machine if you don’t leave mayonnaise and the scrumptiously suicidal cheese fries behind.

Staying in shape has got its own advantages. Your daily ritual of physical exercises keeps
you far away from the harm’s way. You stay protected from the menace of heart diseases and
obesity which directly contributes to the standard of your life. The best place to find useful
devices like a weighing scale is undoubtedly an online shopping portal. These portals dabble
in cutting edge fitness equipments. A trustworthy web shopping portal keeps its hands full with
myriad products; stretching in the range of clothes, pen drives to books and cosmetics.

If civilization hasn’t reached your part of the town; if you are still unaware of something called
web shopping, it’s time for you to take your head out of the sand. Traditional mode of shopping
is so old school. To get a grip on modern times you must switch over to e-shopping. An avid
user can pen hymns and canticles; a traditionalist can call this innocuous act a perfect example
of panegyric submission, but you don’t need to lend your ears to this stuff. It’s always better to
flow in a wave then trying desperately to look unique.( Remember you heard it first from me!)

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