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OCU Presents
10-year Vision
» Dr. Malon Mimms Contributes
  Historic $2.5 Million Gift
» Disaster Management Team
  Serves New York Residents
» Microsoft COO Kevin Turner to
  Speak at 2012 Commencement
                                                                          Future Alum!
                                                                          Thank you to entire team at Rock Springs
                                                                          Church for their collaboration with OCU.
                                                                          Shown in picture: Tinley Kate Shiflett (13
                                                                          mos.), daughter of Pastor Cameron Shiflett
                                                                          of Rock Springs Church.

On the Cover                         Features
29   Dr. Malon Mimms                 3    President’s Message
     Contributes Historic $2.5
     Million Gift
                                     4    OCU 10-year Vision

16   Disaster Management Team
                                     6    Academic Updates

     Serves New York Residents       20   Perspectives

27   Microsoft COO Kevin             36   Alumni Updates
     Turner to Speak at 2012
                                     43   Athletics

                                     47   Events

News & Events                                                             Mark A. Smith

27   Microsoft COO - 2012 Commencement Speaker                            DESIGN
                                                                          Renee Handy
28   OCU Team Meets Sierra Leone President
                                                                          Karin Howard
29   OCU Receives Historic $2.5 Million Gift                              Richelle McCullough

30   Students Host Small Business Roundtable                              PHOTOGRAPHY
                                                                          Elayne Cabrera
32   OCU Hosts Church Planting Institute and Pastor Appreciation Day
                                                                          Jerahn Hyman
34   Homecoming 2011                                                      Dale Lear
                                                                          Richelle McCullough
39   Alumni Dr. Keith Grove and Rev. Wendell Brown
                                                                          Korrin Miller
     Serve in Church of the Nazarene
                                                                          Orvil Peabody, Jr.

Send address changes and news to: Alumni Relations, or visit
                                                                                                 President’s Message

                               The next 10 years for Ohio Christian University
                               Ohio Christian University has a wonderful history, dating back to 1948, of
                               educating leaders who impact the world by serving the church and society.
DR. MARK A. SMITH, PRESIDENT   Since 2000, OCU has embarked on a mission to change the world more
                               greatly through implementing multiple strategies and avenues of growth.
                               The University has grown from 400 students to 2,400 in just a short time.

In all we do,                  As Ohio Christian embarks on the future, the University must grow by
                               developing programs, infrastructure, and operational capacity to ensure
we should                      long-term success. The University must be creative in developing a new

have a passion                 model of sustainability, and it must use space more efficiently and maximize
                               its resources.
to accomplish                  OCU is committed to the mission of producing Christian servant leaders
the mission                    who will serve both the church and society. OCU’s graduates will be

of Christ                      leaders in their vocations, professions, communities, families, and churches.
                               The goal for the OCU team is to live as holy servants on this earth. In
and embrace                    everything we do, we should have a passion to accomplish the mission of

holiness.                      Christ and embrace holiness. Through traditional and non-traditional
                               educational delivery methods, students will be impacted throughout the
                               region, state, nation, and world.

                               In addition to providing education and producing graduates who serve the
                               church and society, OCU itself will serve the church and society. OCU
                               will train and refresh pastors and ministry leaders who will revitalize their
                               churches and ministries to make them more effective. OCU will also serve
                               the social needs of its community by making its facilities available for the
                               community’s use and working to improve the local economic situation.
                               OCU is here to serve the world.

                               With a mission focus in mind, the Board of Trustees, Administration,
                               faculty, and staff have created some ideas for the next ten years. We welcome
                               your input and ideas as we look to the future. Please email your feedback to
        OCU Vision

                                Enhancement & Expansion

                                                                                              2    $3-4 Million
       1           Ministry &
                   Church Expansion
                                                                $5 Million                     Campus &
        Eighty percent of all pastors are out of ministry within 20 years, and one of         To impact the world for Christ,
        America’s needs is trained clergy for churches. This initiative will allow OCU        OCU must increase enrollment.
        to serve more than 700 ministry students and provide training for pastors and         In doing so, we must extend
        ministry leaders.                                                                     campus services to provide an
                                                                                              excellent student experience
        Performing Arts &                         Ministry Revitalization                     and make OCU attractive and
        Ministry Center: $3 million               Center: $500,000                            accessible to new students.

        This project will alleviate overcrowd-    To better serve the church, a Ministry      Infrastructure: $2 million
        ing of the current chapel and provide     Revitalization Center will be a home
                                                                                              OCU is building a new student
        a 1,000 seat performance center for       to pastors and ministry leaders going
                                                                                              center to improve dining services
        campus and community music and            through retraining and revitalization.
                                                                                              for the growing student body.
        drama events.                             It will also provide housing for visiting
                                                                                              Phase two of the project will
                                                  parents and alumni.
        Resource Training                                                                     cost $1 million, and additional
        Center: $500,000                          Disaster Management &                       funds will be needed to provide
                                                  Relief Training: $1,000,000                 upgrades to technology, water,
        The Resource Training Center will
                                                                                              and other campus infrastructure.
        assist OCU in cultivating and training    This program is bringing new life to
        ministers. Professional development       the campus, and the “911” students          Campus Housing
        will help pastors and ministry leaders    are flocking to it to serve the world. A    $1-2 million
        increase their skills and grow more       training center and disaster response
                                                                                              John Wesley reminds us, “The
        effective ministries.                     vehicle are needed to meet the needs of
                                                                                              world is our parish,” and OCU
                                                  this nationally recognized program.
                                                                                              currently has an opportunity
                                                                                              to train Christian leaders on
                                                                                              a global scale by focusing
                                                                                              on China, Sierra Leone, the
                                                                                              Caribbean, and Hispanic
                                                                                              communities. OCU seeks to
                                                                                              develop international campus
                                                                                              community housing and increase
                                                                                              on-campus housing to support
                                                                                              these students.

                                                                                                    OCU Vision

                                                                                   Scholarships &
                                                                           4       Endowment
                                                                           Investing in
                                                                           students through
                                                                                            $5 Million
                                                                           scholarships makes OCU an affordable
                                                                           college choice for students. Increasing
                                                                           the endowment funds will ensure
                                                                           availability of scholarship dollars,
                                                                           retention of quality faculty and staff,
                                                                           and sustainability of the university’s
                                                                           programs and campuses to future
                                                                           generations of students.

                       $3 Million
3         Economic &                                                       Ohio Christian has an opportunity to
                                                                           expand its reach by equipping more
          Community Development                                            students to become servant leaders and
                                                                           impact the world for Christ.
Ohio Christian University is        ways to feed billions of people.
unveiling a major initiative to     Students are trained in agricul-
lead economic and community         tural practices that focus on food
development through building        production and reflect the sur-
an Agribusiness and Economic        rounding community, which
Development Center and by           is 70% agricultural.
expanding its efforts with the
                                    STEM Coalition Initiative
STEM initiative on the local
                                    $1 million
campus. We believe this will
increase OCU’s impact on the        The Science, Technology,
local and global economies.         Engineering, and Mathematics
                                    Coalition Initiative known as
Agribusiness & Economic
                                    STEM is of particular importance
Development Center
                                    to OCU’s local community.
$2 million
                                    OCU’s commitment to expand in
Christ’s example of “feed their     this area will provide resources for
stomach, feed their hearts” is      local high schools and businesses,
of the upmost importance as         such as DuPont and PPG, while
the world’s greatest need for the   providing professional opportuni-
next 20 years will be finding       ties for students.

                                                                                                               WINTER 2012   5
          New hybrid learning model
          encourages use of technology
          and enhances student
          preparation for the workplace.

   Books                     Classroom instruction, technology,
                             and real-world experiences merge
                             to provide a complete education.

                             Many of our students today are digital natives. That is, they are
                             “native speakers” of the digital language of computers, video
                             games, and the Internet. Research indicates hybrid classes,
BY DR. HANK KELLY, PROVOST   which blend online and face-to-face teaching methods, produce
                             more learning than completely online or completely face-to-
                             face education. This has prompted the development of hybrid
                             courses at OCU. Several of the faculty have created hybrid
                             courses in which students only attend classes in person once per
                             week compared to typical classes which meet two to three times
                             weekly. The remainder of the course work is accomplished online
                             or independently. Students in these classes have commented that
                             online discussions are fun and similar to “talking” on Facebook.
                             Academic discussions require deeper thinking than those on
                             Facebook, but the point is—the hybrid education model is
                             relevant to today’s students.

                                                                                                 WINTER 2012   7
    Academic Updates

                Students indicating they were
                “likely” or “very likely” to enroll
                in future hybrid courses.
                Based on an anonymous study conducted with
                students in a hybrid Sociology class at OCU.

                ONLINE SUMMER SCHOOL                     NEW & UPDATED PROGRAMS                   RECENT FACULTY HIRES

                For the first time, online summer        Several new programs were started        Several new full-time faculty
                school classes will be offered in        in fall 2011. The associate degree       members were hired in fall 2011:
                2012. Face-to-face summer school         in early childhood development                              Dr. Walicord,
                classes are three weeks long. Online     prepares graduates for public and                           new Department
                summer school classes will be six        private child care settings. If a                           Chair for
                weeks long to allow additional           four-year degree is eventually sought,                      Business &
                time for rich online discussions.        these credits can be fully applied to                       Government.
                Additionally, the online Trailblazer     an OCU teacher education degree.
                                                                                                                     Michael Burchett
                Academy courses, originally              Additionally, the teacher education
                                                                                                                     is an Instructor of
                intended for dual enrollment credit      program for middle grades was
                                                                                                                     History who also
                for high school students, are open       expanded to include math and
                                                                                                                     teaches computer
                to traditional students beginning        science concentrations to allow
                                                                                                                     literacy. He
                spring 2012.                             these graduates to teach courses in
                                                                                                  comes to OCU after teaching in
                                                         these disciplines. Finally, students
                GRADUATE & ONLINE PROGRAMS                                                        middle school and high school for 11
                                                         seeking a teacher education license
                                                                                                  years. He holds a Master of Social
                We anticipate the first graduates of     in early childhood can now expand
                                                                                                  Sciences from Ohio University.
                the Master of Arts (MA) in Ministry      their endorsements to fourth and
                to walk at commencement on May           fifth grades. For fall 2012, we are                            Thad Hicks is an
                5th, 2012. This program is now also      working on rolling out the BA in                               Instructor of
                offered online, and enrollment in        Government Relations program                                   Disaster Relief
                this program has jumped to 50.           (see page 12). This program                                    & Management.
                Online three-credit classes are six      prepares students for work that                                He developed the
                weeks long. Although there are           requires knowledge of government         program and has directed it as
                weekly learning activities and assign-   and politics. We need a university       affiliate faculty since it began two
                ments, work can be accomplished          with a Christian worldview and           years ago. Now that enrollment has
                at the student’s convenience. Total      a reputation for conservatism to         grown to more than 40, he is full
                enrollment in online OCU degree          prepare students to serve God in         time. Thad is a Ph.D. student at
                programs is 1,142, of which 564          government and politics.                 Asbury Theological Seminary.
                (49%) are ministry students.

                                                                                             Academic Updates

Ohio Christian University Board of Trustees
to Establish $5 Million Ministerial Scholarship
Fund for Pastoral Training
The Ohio Christian University Board of Trustees, with
                                                            The Ministerial Scholarship Plan
strong support from the Ohio Christian University           1. Establish the Ministerial Scholarship Fund
administrative team, enthusiastically supported a
                                                            2. Direct Ministers Half-Tithe for pastors to the
motion by Northeast District Superintendent Brad Dixon
                                                               Ministerial Scholarship Fund
and the Finance Committee to establish a Ministerial
Scholarship Fund for the purpose of reducing the cost to    3. Direct all church giving to the Ministerial
ministers so that they leave school with lower amounts         Scholarship Fund
of debt. The University Board voted to begin the process
                                                            4. Seek church partnerships to build this fund
of moving all minister half-tithe dollars to this fund.
Eventually, the Administration wants to put all church      5. Seek Donors who want to invest in this fund
giving into this fund.
                                                            We know this will not happen overnight,
Additionally, the University Administration is establish-   but we believe we must work to address
ing a goal of five million dollars to support this cause.   this problem.

With so few people being trained in ministry around         If you would like to give to this fund
the world, the need is urgent. Even the United States       please contact President Mark A. Smith
Government has identified “Clergy” as a need for the        or Vice President for Advancement
coming years. The soul of America is at stake. Pastoral     Mark Taylor at 740-420-5918.
students who leave college with high debt often do
not stay in the ministry. We are implementing a plan to
change this trend.

                                                                                                             WINTER 2012   9
       Academic Updates


         Enrollment                                                                                                                   2500

         Growth Continues


         Total Enrollment as of November 2011 was 2,680
               Adult & Online

               Graduate                                                                                                                500

               Traditional & PSEO
                                         2006            2007             2008            2009               2010            2011

          OCU Welcomes Additions to the Team

          Kevin Edwards                    Jason Dennis                    Sherika Williams                   Scott Marsee
          Kevin serves as Director         Jason joined the Traditional    Sherika serves as the              Previously part-time,
          of Enrollment for the            Program as an Admissions        Director of AIM Student            Scott now serves as the
          Traditional Program. A           Counselor. He graduated         Services. Rika, as she prefers,    Lead Online Instructional
          Columbus, Ohio, native,          from Circleville High           worked in higher education         Designer for the AIM
          Kevin spent the last 16          school in 2005 and studied      for ten years prior to joining     department. Scott holds a
          years as part of the United      Corporate Communication         OCU. Rika holds a Bachelor         Bachelor of Arts in Business
          States Air Force Recruiting      at Olivet Nazarene              of Arts in Sociology from          Management and a Master
          Service. He was recognized       University. He moved back       Ohio University, a Master          of Arts in Missions and
          as Arkansas recruiter of         to Circleville in 2009 to       of Arts in Sociology from          Evangelism from Asbury
          the year and outstanding         work as a case manager          Ohio University, and a             Theological Seminary.
          performer on an Inspector        with homeless individuals       Master of Arts in Human            Scott is currently a Ph.D.
          General Inspection. Kevin        for Pickaway County             Resource Management                candidate in Online
          holds a Bachelor’s Degree in     Community Action.               from DeVry University.             Instructional Design with
          Business and two associate       Jason is actively involved                                         Capella University.
          degrees. He and his wife,        in various ministries in the
          Cindy have nine children.        Circleville community.

                                                                                                 Academic Updates

New delivery methods, including online
degree programs, post-secondary                 2% Graduate                               16% Traditional
options for high school students, and
                                                                                                                 7% PSEO
graduate programs, have been
a key component of OCU’s                  42% AIM Online
steady growth since 2006. The
                                                                                              33% AIM Onsite
university continues to seek out new
opportunities to impact the world by
preparing Christian leaders to serve in a
variety of ministries and professions.

Sylvia Wilson                 Elyse Billings               Christina Castillo            Beth Wright
Sylvia serves as an AIM       Elyse serves as an AIM       Christina serves as the AIM   Beth serves as the AIM
Recruiter, and our first      Online Recruiter and an      Marketing Coordinator.        Receptionist and Office
full-time employee in         adjunct instructor. Elyse    Prior to joining OCU, she     Assistant in Circleville. Prior
Georgia, at the Rock          served in enrollment         worked as the Advertising     to coming to OCU, Beth
Springs Church location.      positions at Mount Vernon    Manager for the Rudler        worked as the administra-
Prior to joining OCU, she     Nazarene University and      Group. Christina holds a      tive assistant for Pinnacle
worked in leadership for      Central Ohio Technical       Bachelor of Science degree    Building Services. Beth
the Georgia Department        College. She holds a         in Sociology from Mount       is currently pursuing the
of Driver Services and        Bachelor of Arts in          Vernon Nazarene University    Associate of Arts degree in
Department of Labor. Sylvia   Communication from           and is also a graduate of     Business Management with
holds a Bachelor of Science   MVNU and a Master of         the Hallmark Institute of     Ohio Christian University.
in Business Administration    Arts in Communication        Photography in Turners
from Mercer College.          from Akron University.       Falls, Massachusetts.
                              Elyse is currently a Ph.D.
                              candidate in Business
                              Administration with
                              Northcentral University.

                                                                                                               WINTER 2012   11

       Government                                  A
                                                             s a result of a new direction and the creation of a
                                                             new Government Relations major, Ohio Christian

                                                             University has renamed its Business Department to
                                                   Department of Business and Government. The Government

                                                   Relations major was created to serve the nationwide interest
                                                   in a faith-based government and political science education.

                                                   These changes were driven by the belief that a majority
                                                   of university business students around the nation do not
                                                   know enough about government relations, and government
                                                   relations students do not know enough about business.
                                                   Consequently, business students will be required to takes
                                                   courses in government and political science, and government
                                                   relations students will be required to take business courses.

                                                   Dr. Dave Garrison, who is currently running for U.S.
                                                   Congress from Texas and is the former OCU Business
                                                   Department Chair, was instrumental in designing the
                                                   new Government Relations program. Dr. Garrison
                                                   consulted numerous universities, public policy experts,
                                                   and government leaders to determine the most appropriate
                                                   course of study and program features.
       OCU’s new direction for
                                                   Dr. Sacha Walicord, the new department chair, very much
       Business and Government                     welcomes the new major saying, “It is my firm conviction
       Relations programs will                     that Christians have retreated for far too long from the
                                                   political arena. If we really do believe that God has created
       prepare OCU students for                    all things, it must be our inevitable conclusion that God has
       careers in government or                    a plan for all things. We have to teach that plan for all areas
                                                   of life to our students – government affairs included.”
       politics and ensure that
                                                   Students will be offered trips to Washington, D.C., to visit
       business students will have                 with congressmen, senators, and various public policy orga-
       a greater appreciation for                  nizations. They will have opportunities to study abroad and
                                                   see the government operations of other nations firsthand.
       how government impacts
                                                   Government relations students will be required to have an
       the American economy.                       internship with government or political think tank (e.g.,
                                                   Heritage Foundation or Cato Institute). By marrying the
                                                   two programs, Business and Government Relations, students
                                                   should have a greater appreciation for the dynamics that
                                                   have made the United States a world leader.

                                                                                                          Academic Updates

                                                             Staff & Students
                                                             Present at Western
                                                             Michigan University
                                                             BY DR. KRISTA STONEROCK AND CHRIS ZIMMERMAN

A stand-out presentation at the East Central Writing Center Association
Conference held at Western Michigan University highlights the OCU
Writing Center’s unique approach to reflective tutoring.

        ast Spring, members of        While their presentation entitled            to present at professional confer-
        the OCU Writing Center        Breaking Through to Bartleby:                ences is invaluable. Undergraduate
        staff presented at the East   Narrative Reflections of a Writing           students are suddenly exposed to real
Central Writing Center Association    Center Tutor was geared toward               professionals in action, and—often
Conference held at Western            Writing Center practice, the                 for the first time—see themselves
Michigan University. Though many      concepts are applicable in leadership        as more than a student or work
larger universities, like The Ohio    roles of many kinds. The presenters          study employee, but a professional
State University, Michigan State      used the narrator of Melville’s classic      in the field. They gain confidence
University, and Purdue University,    short story, “Bartleby the Scrivener,”       from seeing other professionals
presented at this conference, the     as a backdrop for discussing the             excited about the work that they
OCU group stood out among their       messy, yet mandatory, process of             are doing, and they are motivated
Writing Center peers with their       honest self-reflection in assessing          by the infectious energy in the
unique and engaging presentation      their tutor roles. The presentation          presentations. These Writing Center
on reflective tutoring. Presenting    included drama, film clips, and real         professionals, whether directors,
at the conference were Dr. Krista     excerpts from the tutors’ reflective logs.   graduate consultants, or undergradu-
Stonerock, Writing Center Director                                                 ate peer tutors, are excited to share
                                      This experience marked the
and English professor; Christine                                                   ideas and apply this new knowledge
                                      second opportunity for the OCU
Zimmerman, Tutoring Center                                                         to the Writing Centers in their own
                                      Writing Center staff to present at a
Director; and Peer Tutors Tamara                                                   colleges and universities. The OCU
                                      professional conference. Two years
Holder and Jenni Lloyd. Unable to                                                  community is proud of their Writing
                                      ago, a group of six staff members
attend, yet a valuable contributor                                                 Center staff, for they represented
                                      presented at Purdue University.
to the presentation, was Peer Tutor                                                OCU well at this conference.”
                                      Dr. Stonerock commented, “The
Emily Stacy.
                                      opportunity for undergraduates

                                                                                                                           WINTER 2012   13
     Academic Updates

                Music Department
                Hosts Community
                & DR. JOHN ANTHONY, MUSIC DEPARTMENT CHAIR (right)

                On the evening of December 3, 2011, approximately        The evening was highlighted with the second half
                700 people gathered in the Maxwell Center for the        performance of the Christmas portion of The Messiah.
                Annual Festival of Carols presented by the OCU           Soloists Jennifer Whitehead, Dr. C Andrew Blosser, and
                Music Department. Under the direction of Dr. Rodney      Dr. Carolyn Redman, gave outstanding performances
                Sones, the 31-member university chorale, community       with the chorale. The musical event was capped off with
                choir members, OCU chamber singers, and the 30           the final piece, The Hallelujah Chorus. What a glorious
                member orchestra provided an evening of sacred           way to begin the Christmas season!
                Christmas music. The evening began with the orchestra
                                                                         Immediately following the performance the official
                performing the Christmas favorite, Sleigh Ride and the
                                                                         lighting of the tree and light displays took place at
                exciting sounds of Bugler’s Holiday. Among the musical
                                                                         the front entrance of the campus. The drive-through
                selections performed by the Chorale was The Virgin
                                                                         light display was sponsored by OCU and generous
                Mary Had a Baby Boy, The Glorias of Christmas, Carols
                                                                         community businesses.
                of the King, and The Little Drummer Boy.

                                                                                           Academic Updates

                                                                         Meet the Team

                                                                                                  D.J. Malone
                                                                                                   Alumnus D.J.
                                                                                                   Malone, class
                                                                                                   of 2011, was
                                                                                                   recently hired
                                                                                                   to serve the
                                                                                                   university as
                                                                             Program Coordinator. He continues
                                                                             with the university after completing
                                                                             a Bachelor of Arts in Business
                                                                             Management. D.J. has already
                                                                             made strides in educating and
Other recent developments in the Music Department include:
                                                                             enhancing the university’s

1                                     6
                                                                             increasingly diverse community.
    The number of incoming            The Chamber String Ensemble
    freshmen music majors has         performed its first performance
    almost doubled this year.         at the “Thanksgiving Feast”

                                      sponsored by the local disabili-
    A new music classroom and                                                                     McCullough
                                      ties organization PDI.

    percussion studio has been
    added to the music facility.      The University Band held

                                      its inaugural Fall Concert on
    $4,000 in new percussion                                                                       came to OCU
                                      November 17, 2011.

    equipment was purchased                                                                        in September
    this summer.                      This fall, Music Education/                                  and serves

                                      Percussion major Tim Hoagland                                as a graphic
    Student performers Tim
                                      served as the percussion               designer. She received her Bachelor
    Hoagland (Music Education/
                                      coach for Canal Winchester             of Science degree from The Art
    Percussion) and Meaghan
                                      High School’s drum line                Institute of Pittsburgh in June
    Stuart (Worship Arts/Piano)
                                      and Circleville High School’s          2011. With her education and
    performed at Circle of Caring’s
                                      percussion students.                   prior work experience, including

    Thanksgiving Dinner.

                                                                             Gtech Strategies and Carpenter
                                      Ashley Kearns (Music Education/
    Instrumental storage units,                                              Connection, Richelle has quickly
                                      Flute) and Larry Spriggs (Music
    risers and music posture chairs                                          become an integral part of the team.
                                      Education/Tuba) have been
    were installed in the existing
                                      assisting the instrumental music
    dual purpose music classroom
                                      program at Brookside Christian
    in order to convert it into a
                                      Academy in Chillicothe, OH.
    Choral/Band rehearsal room.

                                                                                                        WINTER 2012   15
                                 Disaster Management
                                 Students Serve in New
                                 York Following Hurricane
                                 BY THAD HICKS, DISASTER MANAGEMENT DIRECTOR

                                 In October, a call came in to Ohio Christian University, one of fewer than
                                 150 colleges and universities in the United States which is training students
                                 to respond to emergencies and disasters. The call was simple but to the point.
                                 The area around Binghamton, New York, had experienced massive flooding
                                 due to Hurricane Irene, and the residents needed help.

                                 When OCU received the request from officials on the ground, the gears
                                 began to turn. Part of the promise of the Disaster Management program is
                                 that OCU will show up at a disaster scene and help however needed. OCU
                                 Disaster Management student Kyle Landenberger stated, “We don’t want
                                 to just go get in the way. We want to go with a purpose; otherwise, we just
                                 become a hindrance to the process.”

                                                                                                  Academic Updates

                                                                              “   The Disaster
                                                                                  Recovery Team
                                                                                  sent out to assist
                                                                                  us in NY were
                                                                                  some of the
                                                                                  hardest working
                                                                                  young people
                                                                                  you would ever
                                                                                  want to meet.”
                                                                                  “In 2.5 days they worked on 5
                                                                                  buildings: mudding, gutting and
                                                                                  tearing out. They have a great team
                                                                                  and great leaders. Thanks to Tim
                                                                                  and Rachel Fulks, Thad Hicks, and
                                                                                  Dr. Smith for sending us this great
                                                                                  bunch of students. They exhibited
OCU sent a 15-person team to serve    as more than 1,000 homes had been           real servant leadership. Please
alongside Samaritan’s Purse in the    destroyed beyond repair. The greater        continue to pray for us. We had
affected area. Samaritan’s Purse      Binghamton area estimated that              more than 9,000 homes damaged
specializes in meeting the most       7,000 buildings had been damaged.           in this county.”
critical needs of disaster victims.   Buchanan related, “The people don’t
                                                                                  WYATT BUCHANAN, CLASS OF 1980
Working in conjunction with area      know what to do.”                           PASTOR OF JOHNSON CITY CCCU
groups including churches from the
                                      While residents of the area were
Churches of Christ in Christian
                                      overwhelmed by the damage, OCU
Union denomination, the OCU
                                      students who are uniquely trained
team spent several days working to
                                      were able to respond. The students
meet the needs of those affected by
the disaster.
                                      in this program are, by design,
                                      trained to address a person’s total
                                                                                   Learn More!
Wyatt Buchanan, a pastor in the       needs. They can clean out houses             Get more information
Binghamton area and graduate          or sit down and help individuals             or apply for admission
of Ohio Christian University,         process their losses. Emergencies and        to OCU’s Disaster
acted as the point man on the         disasters do not come at opportune           Management & Relief
ground in New York. According         times, and OCU students are                  program online at
to Buchanan, the real need was        learning to be available wherever and
tearing down homes and buildings,     whenever a need arises.                      disaster-management

                                                                                                              WINTER 2012   17
     Academic Updates

                Disaster Management Students Participate
                in Full Scale Emergency Simulation Exercise
                Recently, Port Columbus                   participated in multiple portions       This exercise presented a wonderful
                International Airport in Columbus,        of the event. About half of the         learning opportunity for students
                Ohio, hosted OCU students in              students portrayed victims. In order    in the emergency and disaster
                an exercise designed to evaluate          to provide as real an experience as     management fields. Many of
                emergency plans and response capa-        possible, the students were prepared    the students in the Disaster
                bilities of the airport, tenants, and     by make-up artists according to their   Management program have never
                various other service organizations,      assigned injuries. Disaster Program     been in the field working a disaster
                including, but not limited to, police     Director Thad Hicks added, “These       scene, so the full-scale exercise is a
                and fire, multi-county emergency          guys scared me. They looked like        great chance to experience one just a
                managers, Red Cross Disaster              they had been in an actual plane        few miles from the OCU campus.
                Services, The Salvation Army, and         crash.” Other students had a less
                                                                                                  Ohio Christian University was
                area hospitals, in the event of a large   glamorous, but equally important
                                                                                                  able to send more than 20 Disaster
                scale, mass-casualty accident.            role. They acted as the family and
                                                                                                  Management students to the
                                                          friends of the plane crash victims.
                Simulated hazards included a plane                                                exercise. Many of the students were
                                                          Like those playing the victims,
                crash and a suspected bomb event.                                                 seen discussing the program at OCU
                                                          these students helped to train
                The full day event was coordinated                                                with those in attendance. Hicks
                                                          responders to react to an emergency.
                in real time and allowed responders                                               added, “They were clearly impressed
                                                          The important role the family and
                to check on their knowledge, skills,                                              with the OCU students. Several
                                                          friends actors played helped with
                and abilities concerning emergen-                                                 people handed me their business
                                                          response to secondary victims.
                cies and crises. The OCU students                                                 cards begging me for interns.”

                                                                                                  Plans are currently underway for a
                                                                                                  possible emergency simulation on
                                                                                                  the OCU campus, which will help
                                                                                                  assess OCU’s emergency plans.

                                                                                                  In order to provide as real an
                                                                                                  experience as possible, a bout
                                                                                                  half of the students portrayed
                                                                                                  victims and were prepared
                                                                                                  by make-up artists according
                                                                                                  to their assigned injuries.

                                                                                                  Academic Updates

                                                                                 Disaster Management
                                                                                 Program Receives
                                                                                 International Recognition
                                                                                 The Disaster Management program
                                                                                 at Ohio Christian University was
                                                                                 recently honored by the International
                                                                                 Association of Emergency Managers
Local Businessman Kelly Copeland                                                 (IAEM) for its work in adding almost

Donates Vehicle to OCU’s                                                         40 new members. The IAEM, which
                                                                                 has more than 5,000 members
Disaster Management Program                                                      worldwide, is a non-profit edu-
                                                                                 cational organization dedicated
Since its inception, the Disaster Management and Relief program at Ohio
                                                                                 to promoting the “Principles of
Christian University has always tried to be ahead of the curve. When the
                                                                                 Emergency Management” and rep-
program was designed, the goal was to make OCU graduates as marketable
                                                                                 resenting those professionals whose
as possible. After much research and discussion with leaders in the field, it
                                                                                 goals are saving lives and protect-
was determined that graduates of the program would need real-world experi-
                                                                                 ing property and the environment
ences to augment their classroom education. Ohio Christian University’s
                                                                                 during emergencies and disasters.
program was designed to give its students the “why” alongside the “how,” by
                                                                                 The official honor states,
offering opportunities to practice what they were learning in the classroom.
                                                                                 “OCU has led not only the
It was also determined early on that the university would focus its efforts on
                                                                                 nation but leads internationally
responding to domestic crises due to the extensive costs and travel associated
                                                                                 in new member recruitment.”
with international relief efforts. The university began seeking an emergency
response vehicle which would make it possible for students to gain hands-on      Program Director Thad Hicks stated,
training while helping those affected by domestic emergencies. The process       “There is a real value in membership
of finding a vehicle took more than two years, but President Mark Smith          with this organization. IAEM brings
recently announced that one had been donated.                                    together emergency managers and
                                                                                 disaster response professionals from
Businessman Kelly Copeland approached Dr. Smith after hearing of the
                                                                                 all levels of government, the military,
need, and offered to donate a large delivery truck to the program, free of
                                                                                 private sector and non-profit orga-
charge. Director Hicks stated, “It came just in time.” OCU recently sent a
                                                                                 nizations worldwide.” Hicks added,
team to Upstate New York for flood relief and while there, they worked out
                                                                                 “Just today, a student brought an
of a response vehicle belonging to Samaritans’ Purse. Hicks added, “Several
                                                                                 email to me about an internship pos-
times since they returned, I was approached about getting a vehicle, but we
                                                                                 sibility in Washington D.C. they had
couldn’t afford it. Mr. Copeland’s gift was a Godsend.”
                                                                                 received from IAEM.”
The truck will be sent to a Marysville, Ohio, shop experienced in getting
vehicles into emergency response shape. Tony Ackley, the shop’s owner, has
volunteered his time to prepare the truck for use as an emergency response
vehicle. According to Ackley, the truck should be completed by June.

                                                                                                                WINTER 2012   19
     Students, alumni, and donors
     reflect on the OCU experience
     and changed lives.                                                                        Pictured: Jay Allen, Sophomore

                                 Jay Allen {Sophomore, Traditional Program}
                                 Hometown: Lebanon, Ohio                          What is your favorite class and why?
                                                                                  New Testament with Dr. Williamson. His
                                 Major: Double major in Business
                                                                                  style of teaching makes learning God’s
                                 Management and Disaster Management
                                                                                  Word interesting and rewarding.
                                 Why did you choose to attend OCU?
                                                                                  What is your favorite campus activity?
                                 The people at OCU are so welcoming
                                                                                  Frisbee and working in the university
                                 and nice. As soon as I got here, I felt like I
                                                                                  Admissions office.
                                 belonged. I also felt convinced that this is
                                 where God wanted me to attend college.           What are your future plans?
                                                                                  Whatever God has in store for me, I
                                 What is your favorite spot on campus
                                                                                  want to be open to it. I plan to work in
                                 and why? The cafeteria, because that’s
                                                                                  the Disaster Management field and
                                 where I get to see all my friends on
                                                                                  hopefully have a family.
                                 campus and socialize.


                              Alexandria Hardy
                              {Freshman, Traditional Program}
                              Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio               What do you like about OCU the
                                                                       most? I like that the professors
                              Major: Youth Ministry
                                                                       seem to genuinely care about
                              Why did you decide to attend             our education.
                              OCU? I decided to come to OCU
                                                                       What is your favorite class and
                              because I believe this is where God
                                                                       why? My favorite OCU class is
                              wants me to be.
                                                                       Sociology because Dr. McDonald is
                              What is your favorite thing about        a great teacher who is passionate
                              your major(s)? My favorite thing         about her job and hilarious.
                              about my major is the fact that I will
                                                                       What is your favorite campus
                              get to learn more about the Bible
                                                                       activity? My favorite campus
                              and how to understand it.
                                                                       activity is The Drop (an event where
                                                                       bands play in The Blaze Café).

                              Ami DeMint
                              {High School Sophomore, Trailblazer Academy*}
                              Hometown: Hallsville, Ohio               Has your experience changed
                                                                       your outlook on college
                              Why did you decide to take your
                                                                       academics? Yes. I now know that
                              PSEO courses at OCU? I’ve found
                                                                       although college work is hard
                              PSEO to be a great opportunity to
                                                                       and sometimes scary, I can do
                              earn credit for not only high school,
                                                                       it! This experience has given me
                              but also for college; and because I’m
                                                                       confidence and helped me see the
                              homeschooling online through K12
                                                                       importance and reachability of
                              (, all classes I take in
*The Trailblazer Academy                                               college academics.
                              high school are FREE!
 is OCU’s Post-Secondary
                                                                       What do you like most about
 Enrollment Option (PSEO)     How will PSEO impact your future
                                                                       OCU? The Godly atmosphere. Not
 program, which allows        college experiences? Many of my
                                                                       only do the leaders and staff of OCU
 students to earn college     general education courses will be
                                                                       have faith in God, but my college
 credit during high school.   completed by the time I graduate
                                                                       friends do, too.
                              from high school, and I will be able
                              to jump right into my major courses.     It’s really cool that I don’t have to
                                                                       worry about being persecuted for
                                                                       my belief in the Savior.

                                                                                                               WINTER 2012   21

                                                                                  Jeanine McDowell
                                                                                  Establishes Scholarship
                                                                                  in Honor of Her Parents,
                                                                                  Oakley & Inez Leist
                                                                                  BY JEANINE MCDOWELL

          I was fortunate to be raised in a         worked his entire life. Many of Dad’s      God gives us a directive in
          Christian home where my parents,          former students have told me how he        Deuteronomy 5:16 to “Honor thy
          Oakley and Inez Leist, revered and        positively impacted their lives through    parents.” Now that they both have
          trusted the Lord. They taught me the      his teaching.                              gone on to receive their heavenly
          importance of living a life founded                                                  rewards, I thought it appropriate to
                                                    My mother’s gift was in music. She
          on Godly principles and were role                                                    honor their years of dedicated service
                                                    utilized this God-given talent by
          models for me as well as many others                                                 in this community by establishing a
                                                    teaching piano to many students in
          whose lives they impacted. Dad’s gift                                                scholarship named in their memory.
                                                    the Circleville area. She also served as
          was teaching, and he respected the
                                                    church organist and pianist in several     I am pleased and excited to witness
          institution of education. He felt that
                                                    local churches. At Mother’s funeral,       the growth at Ohio Christian
          one of our great liberties as Americans
                                                    one of her former students commented       University and the educational oppor-
          was the freedom for all children
                                                    on one of Mother’s virtues, that of        tunities being offered to individuals
          to receive a quality education. His
                                                    patience. She summed it up when she        both here in Circleville and around
          passion was demonstrated through
                                                    stated, “She taught more than just         the globe. Even more, I am glad that
          a career as both a teacher and a
                                                    piano to me on that bench.”                this university is grounded in Godly
          principal in Washington Township,
                                                                                               principles as set forth by His Word.
          a community where he lived and

          leave a
                                                                  There are many great ways you can leave a legacy on behalf

                                                                  of someone who has impacted your life for Christ.

                                                                  » Create a scholarship

                                                                  » Name a facility

                                                                  » Sponsor a team

                                                                  To establish a fund or get more information, please call the
                                                                  University Advancement office at 740-420-5918.

Kimberlee Brown
{Junior, Traditional Program}

Hometown: Clarksville, TN             What is your favorite thing
                                      about your major? I love children.
Major: Elementary Education (K-3)
                                      A lot of people are intimidated
Why did you decide to transfer        by the responsibility of helping
to OCU? After I graduated high        children develop into educated
school, I attended a local secular    adults, but I see it as an opportu-
college because it was inexpen-       nity to implant Christian values
sive and convenient. While there, I   into secularly influenced minds.
connected with a Christian group.     I want to be a part of growing
I felt like a part of the group and   a new generation and showing
loved, but while in leadership,       Christ’s love to those who may not
I discovered it was all a mask.       see it on a day-to-day basis.          Favorite spot on campus and
Meanwhile, my two great uncles                                               why: My favorite spot on campus
                                      Favorite campus activity:
would badger me to check out                                                 is the field. When I sit in the
                                      Chapel. I love worshipping and
OCU. My response was always,                                                 middle of the field staring at the
                                      growing in the Lord. Since I
“Next year,” or “Next semester.”                                             sky on a warm sunny day, I can’t
                                      transferred to OCU, attending two
It wasn’t until I went on a mission                                          help but think of how awesome
                                      chapel services weekly has given
trip during spring break (2011)                                              our God is for making such a
                                      me a stronger desire for the Lord.
that I discovered I shouldn’t be at                                          beautiful creation, the world.
my college and decided to check       What do you like most about
                                                                             What are your future plans?
out OCU as soon as possible. God      OCU? I love the community
                                                                             I transferred to OCU as a
tugged at my heart saying, “This is   feeling. Since it is a small campus,
                                                                             sophomore, and I plan to graduate
where I want you to be.”              everybody knows everybody.
                                                                             from OCU with a bachelor’s
                                      Yes, everybody will know your
Many people I’ve met at OCU                                                  degree in Elementary Education
                                      business. But that’s what comes
have become great accountability                                             focusing on kindergarten through
                                      with being a family. That is
partners for me. The people here                                             third grade. I plan to teach the
                                      what OCU is, a family. We love,
are uplifting and authentic, and I                                           following fall; although I have no
                                      encourage, and help each other
love it! Although I miss home and                                            specific place I want to teach. God
                                      through the toughest of times. I
can’t visit on the weekends, I know                                          guided me here, and I know I can
                                      can always count on those around
I am loved just as much here. God                                            trust Him to guide my future.
                                      me for anything I would ever need
is doing a great work at OCU, and I
                                      from financial to spiritual support.
am grateful to be a part of it.

                                                                                                                   WINTER 2012   23

                Kris Olsson
                California Vice President Experiences
                Spiritual Awakening in Online
                Christian Ministry Program

                I was born and raised in Southern       and public works
                California as the oldest of three       construction projects
                                                                                                class would be interesting…and that
                children. We had a fairly “normal”      in Southern California, specializing
                                                                                                one would be neat…and that one
                suburban life growing up. My            in water/wastewater treatment plants
                                                                                                would be fun…” all the way down
                parents, as products of a non-          and pump/lift stations.
                                                                                                the list. I felt it was not a coinci-
                practicing Catholic upbringing,
                                                        Learning is a passion of mine. I        dence, and I was supposed to take
                came to Christ in a meaningful way
                                                        spend quite a bit of time studying      action. I went home that night and
                when I was about five years old.
                                                        books on leadership and personal        told my wife about it. She thought
                We faithfully attended Christian
                                                        growth, or participating in growth      I was nuts. The general feeling was
                churches throughout my early
                                                        events such as those put on by John     that I already spent more time at
                years until I broke away in my late
                                                        Maxwell and others with a more          work than she would like, I was
                teens, attending sporadically for a
                                                        spiritual emphasis like The Master’s    already reading and studying quite
                number of years, and then returning
                                                        Program, a non-profit ministry,         a bit in my free time, and to add
                sometime in my twenties.
                                                        founded by Bob Shank, designed          a full-time school schedule would
                Today, I am happily married to          to help leaders leverage their time,    mean even less of me would be
                a very charming and beautiful           treasure, and talent for eternal        available for her and the kids.
                wife who inspires me to work            significance.
                                                                                                A week later, the feeling inside
                toward living and leading in a
                                                        Last January, I received an email       hadn’t diminished. In fact, it had
                God-honoring way. We have two
                                                        from the staff at EQUIP Leadership      grown stronger. So, I picked up
                wonderful children, a boy and a girl,
                                                        (a non-profit organization, founded     the phone, called Admissions, and
                who are constant reminders to me
                                                        by John Maxwell, whose vision I also    requested information. By the time
                not to take life so seriously. We are
                                                        believe in and support) informing       I left the office that day, there was
                blessed to have our third bundle of
                                                        me of some new leadership programs      no doubt that I was supposed to
                joy on the way.
                                                        that had been implemented at            register. I remember telling God that
                Currently in my twentieth year          Ohio Christian University. While        if He wanted me at OCU, He was
                working in the construction             browsing the OCU website to check       going to have to convince my wife.
                industry, I am now serving the          out the new things EQUIP had            That night, I brought it up again,
                role of Vice President at Olsson        been doing, I happened upon the         and without hesitation my wife told
                Construction, Inc., a family business   course descriptions for the Christian   me that if I decided to go for it, she
                which was founded by my father in       Ministry program. As I looked, I        would support me.
                1995. The company performs private      remember thinking to myself, “That


I assured her that if things were
not working by the end of the first
semester, I would know it was not
from God, and I would quit.

Now, after having been in the
Christian Ministry program at
OCU since March, it is evident
that God wanted me there. He has
come through in a supernatural way.
I am doing more than ever, but it
is working. My marriage is better
than ever, and I am still managing
to spend more time with my family
than I had been previously. People
who have known me for years have
said they notice something different
                                           The Talleys Begin Online
about me—good different. For               Education at OCU
years, I watched men and women
                                           Ohio Christian University is happy to announce the recent
come to Christ in their 20’s, 30’s,
                                           enrollment of members of the nationally known Southern
40’s… and their lives were trans-
                                           Gospel recording artists, The Talleys. Debra Talley (above,
formed. They were “on fire.” Being
                                           left) and Brian and Lauren (Talley) Alvey (above, right)
in the church since I was a child,
                                           recently enrolled in OCU’s online degree program. We
I never had that experience. I had
                                           welcome them to the OCU family. The AIM program
always viewed those experiences in
                                           opens the door to continuing education for those whose
one of two ways: either there was
                                           ministries or careers make it impossible to be a part of a
something wrong with me, or those
                                           traditional campus program.
people were phonies. However, I
now find myself in the middle of just      Other artists include recent OCU graduate, Brooklyn
such a spiritual awakening.                (Collingsworth) Blair of the Collingsworth Family, “the
                                           Singing Cop” from season nine of American Idol, Bryan
I’m not going to tell you that all
                                           Walker of the Perrys, Vincent & Leighton Dubbeld, and
of these great things are solely the
                                           Shannon Smith of Three Bridges.
result of the Christian Ministry
program at OCU, but God has
certainly used it to bring about
growth and change in my life. The        Complete your degree at OCU
program has offered wonderful new
insights, exposed me to new ways
                                         — on campus or online!
of thinking, and has stretched me        To apply or learn more about OCU’s Adult & Online degree
spiritually. I am closer to God than I   programs, please visit or call
have ever been, and loving it.           1-877-496-8342 to speak with an enrollment counselor.

                                                                                                 WINTER 2012   25

                                 Larry & Joanne Powell
                                 { Established New OCU Scholarship }

                                 A college degree in engineering lifted my father and grandparents from
                                 near poverty. They knew the meaning of sacrifice, and my grandmother,
                                 all off five feet tall, would not take no for an answer when she chose a
                                 college for my father and said he was going to Ohio Northern. For my
                                 father, it would become a life-long passion for education and a loyalty to
                                 the college which so greatly benefited him, and later, those of his children.

                                 My father’s “home version” of a scholarship started with the education of
                                 his three children. As each of his grandchildren was born, their college
                                 funds were created. It was considered one of the most important parts of
                                 their inheritance from Grandpa. None dared to question if college was an

                                 option for them.
        When truth is            My father was a loyal giver to his college, as well as my mother’s (the same
        treated as optional,     as mine), and my sister’s. He helped to establish a scholarship fund for

        or nonexistent, the      minorities at my brother’s alma mater. By the time he passed away, he had
                                 established scholarships at three different universities.
        need for a Christian     Larry and I can do no less than carry on that legacy of giving by establish-
        education becomes        ing a scholarship at Ohio Christian University. Through the years we have

        more urgent.”            understood the tremendous advantage of a college degree, and we wholly
                                 support Christian education that teaches with a Christ-centered worldview.
                                 In a time when truth is treated as optional, or nonexistent, the need for a
                                 Christian education becomes more urgent.

                                 Sadly, the need for tuition resources becomes an obstacle for some
                                 students, and that is where we can all help. Establishing a student scholar-
                                 ship can make the difference in the lives of so many students who may not
                                 be able to apply or stay in school until their degree is completed. These fine
                                 young men and women need to see first-hand the faithfulness of giving
                                 from those who have already been blessed.

                                                                Microsoft COO
                                                                Kevin Turner to
                                                                Speak at OCU
                                                                Dr. Smith had the privilege of meeting with
                                                                Microsoft COO, Kevin Turner while at the John
                                                                Maxwell Exchange event in November. OCU is
                                                                pleased to announce that Mr. Turner will be the
                                                                speaker for the 2012 Commencement Ceremony.

Ministering to                                        MARCH
Generation Z 23
                                                                          per person

                                                                   $25    per group of 3+

How can the church connect with Generation Z teens who were born with PCs,
mobile phones, gaming devices, MP3 players, the ubiquitous Internet, and have
grown up in a world of iPhones and iPods? There’s never been a better time to
make the connection. Speakers include Ray McCrary, President of Live God Loud
Ministries (formerly known as Appalachian Youth Ministries); Dan Coy, Youth
Pastor, Parkway House of Prayer in Roanoke, Virginia; Jon Truex, Youth Pastor,
Heritage Memorial CCCU in Washington Court House, Ohio; and Aaron Duvall,
OCU Chaplain and pastor of University Church.

 Ray McCrary          Dan Coy               Aaron Duvall          Jon Truex

For more information, call 740-420-5903 or visit the website:
       News & Events

               OCU Team Meets
               President of Sierra Leone
                                                                Drs. Mark Smith, Hank Kelly, and David
                                                                Lattimer met with the President of Sierra
                                                                Leone and invited him to visit campus.
                                                                BY DR. HANK KELLY, PROVOST

                                                                In photo, from left: Charles Roberts, OCU Alumnus from Sierra
                                                                Leone; Sierra Leone President Ernest Koroma; OCU President Mark
                                                                Smith; OCU Professor David Lattimer; and OCU Provost Hank Kelly.

                Ohio Christian University (OCU)        Perhaps OCU can help the country       chromite. It covers a total area
                President Mark A. Smith met the        with education. We will explore        of 27,700 square miles (slightly
                Republic of Sierra Leone President     options with the president’s staff.”   smaller than South Carolina) and
                Ernest Bai Koroma and several of his                                          has a population of 5.4 million
                                                       Other OCU representatives who
                cabinet members on September 28,                                              people. Sierra Leone is located in
                                                       met President Koroma and his
                2011, in Charleston, West Virginia.                                           West Africa, bordered by Guinea to
                                                       cabinet members were Provost Dr.
                President Koroma was visiting                                                 the north and east, Liberia to the
                                                       Hank Kelly, Professor Dr. David
                America to attract investors to his                                           southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to
                                                       Lattimer, and recent Alumnus
                country—including institutions of                                             the west and southwest.
                                                       Charles Roberts, class of ?, who is
                higher education. President Koroma
                                                       originally from Sierra Leone and       From 1991 to 2002, Sierra Leone
                told Dr. Smith that when he returns
                                                       spoke with President Koroma in his     was embroiled in a brutal civil
                to America next year he will visit
                                                       native language.                       conflict which saw more than
                Ohio Christian University.
                                                                                              50,000 people killed and thousands
                                                       President Koroma has been president
                When asked about the meeting,                                                 more mutilated. But today, Sierra
                                                       since 2007 and is only the fourth
                President Smith said, “This is an                                             Leone is safe and functioning as a
                                                       president of Sierra Leone. He will
                experience of a lifetime. President                                           democracy. The country consists of
                                                       run for re-election in 2012. Sierra
                Koroma is a Christian in a primarily                                          sixty percent Muslim, ten percent
                                                       Leone is rich in natural resources,
                Muslim country and is trying to                                               Christian, and thirty percent
                                                       especially diamonds, titanium
                clean up corruption in his country.                                           indigenous beliefs.
                                                       ore, bauxite, iron ore, gold, and

C              mpusUPDATES
Dr. Malon Mimms honored at 2011 OCU Commencement


Student Center Construction Update
                                                                                      Con nce            News & Events


                                                                                                                   Meeting Rooms

     Dr. Malon Mimms
     Provides Historic
As of December 1st, steel has been erected, and roofing has been started. Completion
date is set for December 2012.                                                                                      Computer Labs

     $2.5 million Gift
     OCU is pleased to announce that Atlanta
     businessman, Dr. Malon Mimms, has gifted

     a 2.5 million dollar building and property
                                                                                                                      Food Services
     in Atlanta, Georgia.
     The building is located on I-75 and will establish the second                                                        , such as
     Georgia site for OCU. President Mark Smith in making the
                                                                                               �     BANQUETS
     announcement said, “This gift is the largest ever received by                             �     CONCERTS
     OCU, and we are so grateful for the generosity of our friend,                             �     WEDDINGS
     Dr. Malon Mimms.”                                                                         �     SUMMER CAMPS
                                                                                               �     ATHLETIC EVENTS
  In giving 1               PHASE 2*
PHASE the gift, Dr. Mimms expressed a hope to provide a
     great opportunity for the Atlanta area by investing in Ohio
 OCU Bookstore                        Finish Intramural gym                             “Come enjoy our state of the art
      Christian University. Dr. Mimms Add workout space he
    e Blaze Coffee Shop                also expressed that                                 campus 20 minutes south of
 Student Game Room be inspired to give to the causes of
      hopes others will               Second floor classrooms                           Columbus with professional and
 Student Development Office Suite
      Christian Education.            Office Suites                                     courteous staff to serve your needs.”
 New 21st Century Cafeteria           Additional Parking lot                                         –Ben Belleman,
 Intramural Gym                                                                                Conference Services Director
                                      *Phase two of the project will start
                                       when we have secured an additional                     For more information email us at
                                       $1 million in construction money.     or call 740-477-7769
 Back Row: Jenni Lloyd, Nonna Melnik, Tamara Holder, Jermaine Wilson, Jenna Wood, Mike Farrell, Dexter Chapman
 Front Row: Larry Powell, Doug Baker, Scott Applegate, Dan DeLong, Becky Mancini, Larry Schieber, Sacha Walicord, Dale Lear

                                 The Classroom Meets
                                 the Real World at OCU
                                 Ohio Christian University’s Business Association hosted the
                                 second annual Small Business Round Table in November,
                                 bringing together sixty-five OCU students and six business
                                 people, most of whom are small business owners. The
                                 topic was starting and managing a small business.

                                                                                                            News & Events

                                                             (Left) Doug Baker, Becky Mancini,
                                                             Larry Schieber, & Scott Applegate

                                                              While not an        that the current policies have had a
                                                              owner of a          significant impact on their pricing.
                                                              small business,     Both pharmaceutical and insurances
                                                              Applegate was       industries are heavily regulated by
Present at this year’s event were        instrumental in giving key advice        the federal government. Schieber
Scott Applegate of US Bank, Doug         from the lender’s point of view.         said that pricing is no longer a major
Baker of Sharffs, Dan DeLong of                                                   issue for his business because the
                                         Powell, who is also an adjunct
DeLong Insurance, Becky Mancini                                                   government tells him what he can
                                         professor at OCU, made certain that
of Maggie & Me Fashions, Larry                                                    and cannot charge for medicine.
                                         students understood that when you
Powell of Bowen Powell and
                                         own your own business, you must          Most of the students attending the
Company, and Larry Schieber of
                                         have a work ethic; you do not always     event are majoring in Business, and
Schieber Family Pharmacy.
                                         have the luxury of vacations—            some indicated their plans to start a
“We greatly appreciate these business    especially when you want them.           small business upon graduating.
leaders assisting with the education     Powell asked the other panelist how
                                                                                  The event was organized by
process of our students,” said OCU       many were in the office during the
                                                                                  OCU’s Business Association, led
President Mark Smith.                    Thanksgiving weekend, and two of
                                                                                  by students. Jermaine Wilson, as
                                         other panelist raised their hand.
Dr. Sacha Walicord, Chair of                                                      president, served as moderator for
the OCU Business Department,             Passion for your business niche was      the event. Also assisting with the
commented, “It is important that         a point stressed by Doug Baker.          event were Vice President Jenna
students not only understand the         He told students that if you are not     Wood, Secretaries Jenni Lloyd and
academic principles of business, but     passionate about what you do, it is      Tamara Holder, Treasurers Mike
also see that what is learned in the     very unlikely that you will endure       Farrell and DeLorean Glanton, and
classroom is really applicable to real   the difficult times in business.         Nona Melnik and Dexter Chapman,
world experience.”                                                                in charge of public relations.
                                         The question was asked, “How
From Mancini, students learned           has the current federal administra-
how to secure funding and were           tion’s policies impacted business?”      (Below) Jermaine Wilson, Larry Powell,
warned to not accept high balance        Both Schieber and DeLong said            Dan DeLong, Doug Baker, & Becky Mancini
credit card offers. Applegate
further explained how important
personal credit is when trying to
secure funding. “How you pay your
personal bills, is how you’ll pay your
business bills,” said Applegate.

                                                                                                                           WINTER 2012   31
       News & Events

                                 Church Planting Institute
                                 & Pastor Appreciation Day
                                 Pastors and church leaders from several states gathered
                                 with OCU ministry students in Detty Chapel on October
                                 6, 2011, to be challenged and inspired at the Church
                                 Planting Institute and OCU’s first Pastor Appreciation Day.
                                 BY TONY MCCRARY, DIRECTOR OF CHURCH RELATIONS

                                 Dr. Mark Smith, President of Ohio Christian University, and Dr. Benny Tate, Pastor of Rock
                                 Springs Church in Milner, Georgia, presented three sessions on church growth and leadership.

                                 The day began with Dr. Smith’s presentation of Partnerships – Achieving the Great
                                 Commission. His message to those in attendance was to find partnerships in order to enhance
                                 one’s individual ministry and to challenge churches to serve within their communities by
                                 finding common ground to meet needs such as poverty, medical needs, hunger, safety, and
                                 education. These partnerships can be built by connecting with community leaders–seeking their
                                 advice, inviting them to your congregation–and by committing to help solve community needs.

                                                                         Dr. Benny Tate was the presenter for sessions two and
                                                                         three. Dr. Tate is the Pastor of Rock Springs Church,
                                                                         which under his leadership has grown from 100 to
                                                                         6,000 in 20 years. His first session was entitled: The
                                                                         Pastor Who Will Pastor the Mega-Church. In this
                                                                         session, Dr. Tate presented tools for personal growth
                                                                         and reflection, as well as points for effective pastoral
                                                                         leadership. His second session, The Healthy Church,
                                                                         focused on the dreams that pastors and church leaders
                                                                         must have in order for the church to grow. Dr. Tate
                                                                         gave three reasons that the church’s best days are ahead:
                                                                         greater population, greater technology, and greater Holy
                                 Spirit power. He closed by challenging the pastors to go back to their churches with a renewed
                                 passion to be shepherds called by God to minister and be leaders, not only in the church but in
                                 their communities as well.

With these great messages, moments of worship, and special music by
OCU’s Ablaze, everyone in attendance left with a fresh inspiration for
new personal and spiritual heights.

Following the Church Planting Institute sessions, pastors were invited to
the Maxwell Leadership Center for a Pastors Appreciation Luncheon. All
in attendance, many of whom were alumni, also received gifts to show
the university’s gratitude for their ongoing work to build God’s kingdom
                                                                            OCU Pastor of the Year, Rev. David & Connie Dean
around the world.

The next Church Planting Institute event, Ministering to Generation
Z Teens, will be Friday, March 23, 2012. How can the church connect
                                                                            Rev. David Dean, class of
with Generation Z–teens who were born with PCs, mobile phones,              1970, was presented with the
gaming devices, MP3 players, and the ubiquitous Internet, and have
grown up in a world of iPhones and iPods? There’s never been a better
                                                                            distinguished Pastor of the
time to make the connection. Speakers include Ray McCrary, President        Year Award in recognition
of Live God Loud Ministries (formerly known as Appalachian Youth
Ministries); Dan Coy, Youth Pastor, Parkway House of Prayer in
                                                                            of his years of partnership
Roanoke, Virginia; Jon Truex, Youth Pastor, Heritage Memorial CCCU          with the university and
in Washington Court House, Ohio; and Aaron Duvall, OCU Chaplain
and pastor of University Church. Mark your calendars now and plan to
                                                                            his pastoral ministry and
join us on the OCU campus for another great training day sponsored by       leadership within the
the Melvin Maxwell Church Planting Institute. For more information,
please call 740-420-5903 or visit
                                                                            communities he has served.

                                                                                                               WINTER 2012   33

                One weekend a year, students, faculty, alumni and
                friends gather together to celebrate the legacy and
                tradition of Ohio Christian University. This year’s
                homecoming featured a number of great events,
                including our annual Gospel Concerts, Linking Legacies
                Golf Outing, and Alumni Gathering.

                Kicking off the weekend, students participated in a
                backyard brawl, where the freshman left champions after
                a tough game of flag football. The following morning,
                students, alumni, and staff were encouraged to attend
                the Homecoming Chapel service led by 2006 graduate,
                Cory Sullivan.

                On Thursday morning, Rev. Benny Tate and Dr. Mark
                Smith hosted the annual Church Planting Institute
                (see page 32). The event focused on two main points:
                Becoming a Healthy Church, and Community &
                Church Partnering. It was immediately followed by a
                pastor appreciation luncheon, hosted by Director of
                Church Relations, Tony McCrary. Thursday evening,
                students were invited to participate in the first annual

                                                                                                   Alumni Updates

Alumni Panel. The Alumni Panel featured graduates
Dr. Jonah Mitchell (1970), Mr. Tony Mosley (1986),
and Mrs. Chris Zimmerman (2011). This event gave
students the opportunity to ask panelists questions
concerning life after college and how alumni have
utilized their degrees. Later that night, students and
faculty had the chance to play a part in the Follies,
hosted by OCU’s Student Activities Council (SAC),
followed by a torch run through the city of Circleville.

Bright and early Friday morning, OCU hosted the
annual Linking Legacies Golf Outing. With a great
turnout and perfect weather, the event was a hit,                   Alumni Events
raising almost $25,000 for scholarships. That evening,
OCU hosted the first of a two-night Gospel Concert,                      Indianapolis Alumni Lunch &
featuring The Greenes, Karen Peck & New River,                           Concert with the OCU Choir
Brian Free & Assurance, and The Talley Trio.
                                                           Join us at the Southwest Church of the Nazarene in
On Saturday, OCU celebrated its 6 Annual Alumni
                                                           Indianapolis, Indiana, for a luncheon honoring all
Gathering with alumni, faculty and friends. President      Ohio Christian University Alumni, while enjoying
Smith opened by welcoming everyone and giving              music performed by the OCU Choir. Sponsored by
updates on the university. After lunch, children were      alumnus, Dr. Keith Grove (‘75)
encouraged to participate in games led by OCU’s
Student Government, while alumni spent time in
                                                                         Toler Brothers & Sandi Patty
fellowship. Homecoming came to a close with the
                                                                         HOMECOMING WEEKEND
final Gospel concert of the weekend featuring The
Perry’s, The Dove Brothers, Mark Trammell Quartet,         This year’s homecoming will feature events for the
and The Royalaires.                                        whole family, as well as class reunions and alumni
                                                           athletic events. Mark your calendars for OCU’s finest
This year’s homecoming was a great success. Alumni         homecoming yet.
had the chance to reunite with former classmates,
                                                           Also, join us in honoring alumni, Stan Toler
catch up with old friends, and celebrate the ministry
                                                           (‘73), with brothers Terry Toler (‘88) and Mark
of OCU. It was a great weekend for alumni of all ages!
                                                           Hollingsworth (‘81) as they perform at this year’s
                                                           Gospel Concert.

     Did you travel with a music team?
                                                                For more information, contact Julia Sorley at
     The Alumni Relations office is working on                 (740) 420-5903 or alumni@
    a reunion of music groups for Homecoming
    2012. If you were part of a traveling team at
                                                                 Join next year’s homecoming committee
    OCU/CBC and are interested in getting your
                                                                     or help plan your class reunion!
     group back together, please send email to
                                                              If you have ideas or want to help, send email to
                                                   or call (740) 420-5903.

                                                                                                                 WINTER 2012   35

                                  1 A group of OCU Alumni connected at Wesley Biblical Seminary’s Transform:ED
                                 Conference in October. It was a great time to see old OCU friends and meet new ones.

                                 Above, left-to-right: Michael Tipton (‘04); John Phillips, OCU Online Adjunct
                                 Faculty; Dr. Dan Burnett, former Academic Dean; Michael Culp (‘09);
                                 Jessica Peabody (‘06); K yle Dearing (‘11); Rebecca Scribner (‘05);
                                 Matthew Newman (‘09); Sean Scribner (‘04); Jeremy Kamer (‘11).

                                 Kyle Dearing, class           Tina Craft, class of        military wives on the
                                 of 2011, and his wife,        2010, has begun graduate    biblical understanding of
                                 Stephanie (Lindeman),         studies at Kent State       PTSD (Post Traumatic
                                 class of 2011, were           University in Library and   Stress Disorder). Tim and
                                 married on May 21, 2011,      Information Science with    Diane currently reside in
                                 at Crossroads CCCU in         the goal of becoming        Alma, Georgia.
                                 Circleville. Immediately      a music librarian with
                                                                                           Derek Catron, class of
                                 following their marriage,     expertise in cataloguing
                                                                                           1994, and his wife, Amy
                                 they began a new              and acquisitions.
                                                                                           (Brown), class of 1994,
                                 pastorate at Faith Chapel
                                                               Tim Bennett, class of       previously served at Lake
                                 CCCU. Kyle is now
                                                               1981, and his wife, Diane   Charles 1st Church of the
                                 working on his Master of
                                                               (Christy), class of 1982,   Nazarene in Louisiana.
                                 Divinity at Wesley Biblical
                                                               began pastoring at the      In the winter of 2012,
                                 Seminary, and Stephanie
                                                               Westside Church in the      Derek and Amy moved
                                 has begun working on a
                                                               spring of 2011. Diane       to Frankfort, Kentucky,
                                 Master’s in counseling at
                                                               has recently begun a new    to accept the position
                                 Liberty University. The
                                                               ministry, Diane Bennett     as senior pastor at the
                                 couple currently resides in
                                                               Now Ministries. Her         Cornerstone Church of
                                 Ontario, Ohio.
                                                               most recent speaking        the Nazarene. Derek and
                                                               engagement gave her the     Amy have two children,
                                                               opportunity to speak to     Ben, 12, and Emi Shay, 4.

                       2         3

send your updates!
Visit or send email
to by April 1, 2012 to be
included in the next issue of OhioChristian.
                                                                                                 4      5

    2 Following her                   3 Sarah (Johnson),           4 Aaron Shipe, class          5 Lacey (Runion),
   graduation from the               class of 2010, was married   of 2011, and Joanna           class of 2011, was
   AIM program, Kenna                to Max Ray, current OCU      (Haworth), class of           married to Mike Cessna,
   (Bolender), class of              senior, on August 16         2011, were married            current AIM student,
   2011, was married to              2011. Sarah now works in     on July 16, 2011 at the       on June 18, 2011. Lacey
   Michael Blevins on June           the Financial Aid Office     Circleville First Church      plans to begin Ashland
   12, 2011 at the Pinnacle          at the university. Max       in Circleville, Ohio.         Theological Seminary
   Golf Club in Grove City,          serves as the Assistant      Joanna now serves as          in January 2012 with
   Ohio. The ceremony was            Resident Director of         the Administrative            the intent of receiving a
   performed by Rev. Gerald          York Hall where he and       Assistant for the Office      Master’s degree in Clinical
   Mershimer, a professor at         Sarah currently reside in    of Operations at OCU.         Counseling. She and her
   OCU. Kenna is a full-time         Circleville, Ohio.           Aaron works at the            husband currently reside
   employee in the OCU                                            Kingston National Bank        in Circleville, Ohio.
                                     Tristan Borland, class of
   Traditional Admissions                                         in Bloomfield, Ohio. The
                                     2001, is currently serving
   Office. Michael works                                          couple currently resides in
                                     as the senior pastor at
   for Maintenance and                                            Circleville, Ohio.
                                     Riverview Church in Pine
   Athletics, while serving
                                     River, Minnesota, with his
   as the youth pastor for
                                     wife Jill.
   the Oakthorpe Church
   in Rushville, Ohio. The
   couple currently resides in
   Circleville, Ohio.
                                        Congratulations to Dr. Ralph Hux!
                                        Ralph, class of 1989, was recently awarded
                                        a Doctorate of Ministry, from Asbury Theological
                                        Seminary. His dissertation evaluated the
                                        effectiveness of assimilation strategies of
                                        The Churches of Christ in Christian Union
                                        (CCCU). Please join us in congratulating Dr.
                                        Hux on this great accomplishment!

                                                                                                                              WINTER 2012   37
      Alumni Updates

                                                                                in Memoriam
          Welcomes                                                    Tom Bender
          New Alumni                                                  Awarded
          Coordinator                                                 Master of Arts
          In July, Ohio Christian
          University welcomed alumnus Julia Sorley to the
                                                                      Ohio Christian University honors the life
          Advancement team as the new Alumni Coordinator. Julia
                                                                      of Rev. Tom Bender. Tom was in OCU’s
          attended Indiana Wesleyan University for three years
                                                                      Master of Arts in Ministry program from
          before transferring to Ohio Christian and graduating
                                                                      its inception and was to finish all require-
          in the spring of 2011 with a degree in Interdisciplinary
                                                                      ments for the degree in fall 2011. He was
          Studies, focusing in youth ministry and education.
                                                                      going to be the program’s first graduate.
          During her time at Indiana Wesleyan University,             Tom was the Dean of Students at Valor
          Julia worked for two years in the Alumni Relations          Christian College and an elder of World
          Department. Prior to coming to Ohio Christian, she          Harvest Church. Both organizations were
          served as the Youth and Children’s Director at Logansport   founded by OCU Alumnus Pastor Rod
          United Methodist Church in Logansport, Indiana. While at    Parsley, who said of Bender:
          Ohio Christian, she served as the interim youth pastor at
                                                                      “He was not only a fearless minister of the
          Good Shepherd Wesleyan Church in Jackson, Ohio.
                                                                      Gospel, but also an encourager and leader
          On June 11, 2011, Julia married Reece Sorley, OCU           to everyone associated with this ministry.
          Assistant Director for Conference Services and the          He was especially devoted to his students
          Custodial Service Coordinator. Julia also serves as the     at Valor Christian College, and the
          Assistant Resident Director (ARD) for Moore Hall, where     messages received after his entry into his
          she and her husband reside.                                 eternal reward testified of the tremendous
                                                                      legacy he left in their spirits.”

                                                                      OCU President Mark Smith adds,
                                                                      “Rev. Bender was a friend and encourager
                                                                      to those in the ministry. He was a true
                                                                      servant who poured his life into serving
                                                                      others. Only heaven will reveal how many
                                                                      people were led to Jesus by Tom Bender.”

                                                                      We ask that you remember Tom’s wife and
                                                                      daughters in prayer.

                                                                                                            Alumni Updates

Alumni Pastors in the
Church of the Nazarene

The alumni of Ohio Christian              I met Teresa Hamilton a few days
University are changing the world         after arriving on campus. I knew
for Christ in many different areas of     immediately that she was a special
ministry and service. Stories are often   person and that I wanted to know
told of what God is doing through the     her. We had our first date for the
lives and ministries of individuals who   annual Valentine Party in February
have graduated from OCU and are           1971, and on August 14, 1971 we
now in ministry.                          were married. We celebrated our            Dr. Keith & Teresa
                                          40th anniversary this year. God             Hamilton, then
This article highlights the ministry
                                          has blessed us with three beautiful                and now:
journeys of two graduates who are
                                          daughters, three handsome “sons-in-             1971 (above)
currently pastoring in the Church
                                          love” and five exceptionally talented,           2010 (right)
of the Nazarene.
                                          smart, pretty/handsome grandchil-
o Dr. Keith Grove                         dren (I’m prejudiced). We are further
                                          blessed in that our family members
Dr. Keith Grove is currently the                                                   I was ordained in 1975 by the
                                          are involved in our pastoral ministry.
Senior Pastor at Southwest Church                                                  Churches of Christ in Christian
of the Nazarene in Indianapolis,          I graduated from OCU in 1975,            Union and in 1983 joined the
Indiana. In his own words, Dr. Grove      completed my Masters of Arts at          Church of the Nazarene. During my
shares his ministry story:                Ashland Theological Seminary             nearly 40 years of pastoral ministry,
                                          in 1979, and I received a Doctor         I have also had the privilege of
“January 1971, I enrolled as a
                                          of Divinity degree from Faith            serving as an evangelist for 70 plus
student at Circleville Bible College,
                                          Christian College in Largo, Florida,     revival meetings. I have been on
now Ohio Christian University, in
                                          in 1999.                                 work and witness trips to South
search of a spiritually safe environ-
                                                                                   America and the Caribbean. My
ment. I had been rebelling against        In 1973, I began my pastoral
                                                                                   ministry has also included teaching
God and His call on my life for           ministry as a student pastor in
                                                                                   in District Ministerial Training
several years. On January 29, 1971,       Greenfield, OH, Church of Christ
                                                                                   classes. A highlight for me has
during the winter college revival, I      in Christian Union. The Lord has
                                                                                   been those who have been called
made my way to the altar with the         blessed us with pastoral ministries
                                                                                   into ministry during our pastoral
purpose of repenting of my sins and       in Ohio, Florida, Maine, Michigan,
                                                                                   leadership. It has been my privilege
getting back in fellowship with the       and for the last 16 years in
                                                                                   to serve on numerous denomina-
Lord. He was faithful to forgive me.      Indianapolis, Indiana.
                                                                                   tional boards and committees.
Praise the Lord!

                                                                                                                           WINTER 2012   39
       Alumni Updates

                 I am deeply grateful for the                                                       “My ministry story starts with two
                 professors, administrative staff,                                                  very significant pieces that God put
                 and personnel of OCU whom God                                                      together. The first was my education
                 used to help develop me spiritually,                                               at Ohio Christian University, and
                 emotionally, academically, and                                                     the second is my wife Tammi
                 theologically. I am proud to be an                                                 (Elkins,’96) who I met at OCU.
                 alumnus of OCU. May the Lord
                                                                                                    It is fair to say that I have been
                 continue to bless the ministry of
                                                                                                    blessed wonderfully through my
                 Ohio Christian University.”
                                                                                                    education, and continue to be
                 Dr. Grove continues to support                                                     blessed because of my wife, her
                 OCU and its alumni by hosting                                                      encouragement through the years,
                 banquets and gatherings. In the                                                    and our four children: Emma,
                                                          o Rev. Wendell Brown
                 summer of 2009, he hosted a banquet                                                Abigail, Grace, and Christian.
                 in Orlando, Florida, and invited         OCU Alumnus Igniting                      Ministry life has not always been
                 alumni from around the world to          Spiritual Renewal in                      easy, but it has been very rewarding
                 attend the banquet held during           Circleville Community                     and fulfilling.
                 the Nazarene General Assembly.
                                                          After graduating from OCU and             It is hard to believe, but I have
                 On March 24, 2012, he will
                                                          leaving the Circleville area, Pastor      been in ministry 17 years, serving
                 host another alumni banquet in
                                                          Wendell Brown has returned as             in four churches during that time.
                 Indianapolis, Indiana. Many of
                                                          the Senior Pastor of the Circleville      I began in youth ministry while I
                 the OCU staff and personnel will be
                                                          Church of the Nazarene. The church        was a student at OCU, as I served a
                 present for the gathering, and the
                                                          has exploded in growth, building          wonderful congregation at Frankfort
                 university chorale will be performing
                                                          programs, and community outreach.         United Methodist Church in
                 as well. Plan now to join us for this
                                                          Wendell shares his ministry journey.      Frankfort, OH. Statistics show that
                 exciting event.
                                                                                                    the first five years in ministry make
                                                                                                    or break the minister. I believe I

     OCU Soccer (below) and Basketball Teams Participate in the Upward Sports program at Circleville Church of the Nazarene

                                                                                                           Alumni Updates

am still in ministry today because       cocaine. We gather around her and       it is such a tremendous blessing to
of that great congregation loving        prayed. To God’s glory, she was         have a group of people that desire to
on Tammi and I, and our family. It       delivered from her addiction. It was    please the Lord with their abilities
was a great experience, and we have      a great experience to see God work      and talents. I am blessed to have a
friendships there to this day.           in that manner!                         fantastic staff and an amazing lay
                                                                                 leadership team. I thank God every
From there, we landed all the            In 2005, the Lord directed us to
                                                                                 day for the group He has assembled
way south in my hometown of              Dickson, TN, and we began to
                                                                                 and how He is using us!
Huntsville, Alabama. In 2002, we         pastor Jason Chapel Church of the
began to pastor Huntsville Calvary       Nazarene. We were blessed to see        Looking back on this journey,
Church of the Nazarene. It was           God work as we started a MOPS           there have been many more ups
a return to my roots another way         ministry, two Upward Soccer             than downs. I am grateful for
as well, as I was returning to the       seasons a year, and adjusted to a       my education at Ohio Christian
denomination I grew up in. It was        church in a rural setting instead of    University, and the education that
my first time to be a “Senior” pastor,   being in an inner city ministry as we   God has given me on the job. If
and it certainly was a learning          were in Huntsville. Our church was      there is one thing I have learned
experience. The congregation was         located about eight miles outside of    more than any other, it is that faces
patient with me, and we were so          town, but during that time we saw       are what matters, not numbers.
blessed to have a group of people        great growth. We were blessed to        Loving others cannot be learned
willing to let God lead them. We         see over 100 people come to Christ      in a classroom, it must come from
saw God do some wonderful things         and join the church during our time     the love of God within you. If you
there, as we began to reach out to       there. Many more came to Christ         love people, I believe ministry is
one of the worst crime-ridden areas      through Upward and MOPS.                ALWAYS rewarding!”
in Huntsville. One great highlight
                                         The year 2009 found God leading         These are just two of the many stories
happened when a grandmother
                                         us back to Circleville, Ohio, a         that could be shared as God continues
stood up in that multi-cultural
                                         place where we never dreamed we         to use our graduates to accomplish His
setting and confessed to the church
                                         would return. We are now pastoring      mission around the world.
that she was addicted to crack
                                         Circleville Nazarene Church, and

                                                                                                                          WINTER 2012   41
         You can help
         train leaders to
         change the world.
                                                our needs getting involved
                    Disaster Management & Relief Training    $1 million    Ohio Christian University is experiencing one of the most
                       Ministry and Performing Arts Center   $3 million    exciting times in its 64-year history. OCU is impacting the
                                                                           world through graduates who are leaders in their vocations,
                         Ministry Resource Training Center   $.5 million   professions, communities, families and churches. As we
                                     Campus Infrastructure   $1 million    continue to grow and look to the future, we need your help.
                                           Student Center    $1 million
                                               Endowment     $5 million    Will you join us in continuing to impact the world for Christ?
                                                                           To direct your contribution toward one of these needs,
                                             Resident Hall   $2 million    contact President Mark Smith at (740) 477-7713 or Vice
                    Agribusiness & Economic Development      $2 million    President for Advancement Mark Taylor at (740) 420-5918.

                       OHIO CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY

OCU Baseball National Appearance                   Volleyball Finishes 3rd
                                                   in Mid-East Region
The 2011 baseball season ended with another
National Tournament appearance. Led by All         The 2011 Volleyball season
American’s Brandon Metzger, Mike Blevins and       brought a new look with a new
Stephan Vasiloff, the team battled through the     head coach, Dave Hopewell,
season with a 17-15 record.                        who stepped up when former
                                                   coach Wes Brothers moved
Coaches Greg and Brian Bigam continue to grow                                            BY BEN BELLEMAN
                                                   into the position of Director         ATHLETIC DIRECTOR
the program and get the most out of each player.
                                                   of Financial Aid. The team
In winning the Mid-East Region, the team had
                                                   had just a few returners play this season, but they came
five players make the All Region team: Max Ray,
                                                   together on the court to win a record of 17-14, their best
Kelton Sines, Stephan Vasiloff, Mike Blevins,
                                                   in recent history. The Lady Trailblazers finished 2nd in
and player of the year Brandon Metzger.
                                                   the OCAC, 3rd in the NCCAA Mid-East Region and
                         Mike Blevins was          brought an exciting brand of play to the court. The team
                         recognized by OCU         is excited for the future with many key players returning
                         coaches and received      and the prospect of adding some good recruits.
                         the prestigious
                         Trailblazer Award,
                         which honors OCU’s
                                                      2012 Volleyball Recognitions
                         top athlete who also
                         demonstrates character,      » OCAC Player of the Year
                         serves in ministry, and        Kristen Uetrecht
                         demonstrates respect.
                                                      » 1st Team OCAC
The 2012 version of the baseball team looks             Mary Ashbaucher, Abigail Ashbaucher
even brighter with key returners Kelton Sines,
                                                      » 1st Team Mid-East Region
Brandon Metzger, Max Ray, Ryan Black, and
                                                        Kristen Uetrecht, Abigail Ashbaucher
Ron Goodwin. Key recruits and deeper pitching
will add to the team for the upcoming season.         » Honorable Mention
                                                        Mary Ashbaucher, Rachel Briggs

                                                                                                                WINTER 2012   43
                Women’s Soccer:                                               Men’s Soccer Finishes #4 in Nation
                Best Season, but Not Settling
                                                                              The Men’s Soccer team of 2011 at OCU started the year
                The 2011 Women’s Soccer team was very young but               with high hopes coming off a great run into the NCCAA
                high in new talent. Having to face mostly NAIA                Championship game of 2010, finishing #2 in the Nation.
                opponents, the team fought hard and was determined,           Additions to the roster and the return of numerous key
                but often came up short. The 6-14-0 mark is the best          players made OCU one of the nation’s favorites to win
                record this young program has had but is by no means          the title this season.
                where they want to be. “We have our goal out there
                                                                              The team finished the regular season with a 14-3-1
                and that is to make it to nationals. In all 3 years of the
                                                                              record, ranking 2nd in the NCCAA top-ten poll. The
                program we have come up one game short of that. It’s
                                                                              men won for the first time in program history over an
                going to happen, and we’re hoping it will be next year,”
                                                                              NAIA (St. Catherine College) and NCAA D3 (Bluffton
                stated Coach Murton.
                                                                              and Anderson) schools. In the Mid-East Regional
                The ladies were led by freshman standout Katie Saha           Tournament, the Trailblazers finished the sweep of
                with 12 goals, a school record for most goals in a season.    the region by winning both games and securing an
                Katie is now the school’s all-time leading goal scorer.       automatic berth to nationals. The wins gave OCU a
                Another freshman to standout was Kaitlyn Howard               30-0-0 record against the region over the last 3 years,
                who led the team in five assists, a school record for         and the men also did not allow a goal by any Mid-East
                most in a season, and a tied record for most assists in       Region opponent all year, a first in school history.
                school history. Junior Captain Kim Uetrecht led the
                                                                              The National tournament began with a great win over
                team in many facets during the season. She even played
                                                                              Dallas Christian (7-1) but fizzled with tough and contro-
                goalkeeper at the end of the season, a first in her career.
                                                                              versial losses to Northland International and Clearwater
                Post season honors were once again awarded to the             Christian, leaving the Trailblazers at number four.
                ladies. All-American 2nd Team honors went to freshman         “What came out of our trip to the nationals were
                Katie Saha. She is the third OCU player to get such           important life lessons. God doesn’t tell us life is fair.
                honors. All-Region 1st Team honors went to Katie              He doesn’t say life will be fun. But He does put us into
                Saha, Kim Uetrecht, Heidi Bryan and Karissa Saultz.           positions to learn and trust Him more. He gave us a full
                Academic All-American went to Kim Uetrecht.                   dose of this, and we are extremely grateful. We are here
                                                                              to serve Him, and if that means we persevere through
                “The season didn’t end the way we had hoped, but we
                                                                              tough times, then let’s do it” added Coach Murton.
                have a solid young class and a bright future with this
                program. With two recruits already committed to 2012,         Although the team faced these obstacles and will lose five
                we are well on our way to making 2012 be OCU’s best,”         key seniors, optimism remains high for OCU to make
                said Coach Murton.                                            yet another run in 2012 at the National Championships
                                                                              with a solid young class and an experienced group of
                                                                              older players.

                                                                    a + hts Points
                                                                 izz roup Nig Basketball
                                                                P h G lazer
                                                                    Youtwith Trail

Dave Blamo led the team with 20 goals and 18 assists.
Goal Keeper, Steven Fabian broke school records in
shutouts (11) and in goals allowed per game (0.80).

The men again were honored with the school’s biggest
                                                             February 3, 8:00pm
list of All Americans in 2011 with three 1st Team players,   OCU vs. Freewill Baptist
Anthony Delong, Steven Fabian and Dave Blamo, all of
whom were selected for the first time. On the 2nd Team       Bring your youth group to
was Emanuel Harris, who two years ago was a 1st Team
player and three years ago was a 2nd team All-American.
                                                             an OCU basketball game this
All-Tournament Team honors went to Steven Fabian and         season! Your entire group will
Emanuel Harris. Academic All-American honors went to
Chad Dobbs.
                                                             receive free game admission
The 1st Team All-Region players were defender, Anthony
                                                             and free pizza after the game
Delong; goalkeeper, Steven Fabian; midfielder, Emanuel       with the OCU basketball team.
Harris; and forwards, Dave Blamo and Adam Knox.
All Region 2nd Team players were midfielder, Dexter          Group campus tours are
Chapman, and defenders, Stu Hostetter and Jake
Morrison. Anthony Delong extended the streak of OCU
                                                             available before the games at
athletes being named Regional Player of the Year for the     5:00PM. Reserve your spot today
third year in a row. Previous Players of the Year were
Kevin Street (2010) and Emanuel Harris (2009). Coach
                                                             by emailing Rachel Fulks at
Josh Murton was named Region Coach of the Year for 
the second time in 2011.

                                                                                       WINTER 2012   45
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 March 17, 2012, 5:45pm
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* $25for the concert and dinner                                                                       Ha rvest Sa
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         3     Pizza & Points Night - 5 pm
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        16     AIM Information Session
               in Circleville - 6 pm
                                             University Chorale & Ablaze
                                             Performance Schedule
        20     Traditional Program
               Preview Day - 9 am            February 26 Chorale

                                             Church of the Nazarene, Marysville, OH
Mar            Traditional Program
               Spring Break Begins           February 29 Ablaze

        17     Dinner & Concert - 5:45 pm
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                                             Grace Ministries , Lockbourne, OH

                                             March 18      Chorale

        22     Traditional Program
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                                             March 24       Chorale (Alumni Banquet)

        23     Church Planting Institute
               (see page 27)
                                             Southwest Church of the Nazarene, Indianapolis, IN

                                             March 25       Chorale
               Traditional Program
                                             Southwest Church of the Nazarene, Indianapolis, IN
               Mr. and Miss OCU Banquet

                                             March 25       Chorale
 Apr           Good Friday - No Classes      Church of Christ in Christian Union, Urbana, OH

        12     Traditional Program
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        24     Leadership Forum
               (see back cover)
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         5     Commencement - 10 :00 am
               (see page 27)
                                             of Church Relations at (740) 420-5902 or

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                                                              1476 Lancaster Pike
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             @                                               Dr. John C. Maxwell Tim Tebow
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                                                             Renowned Leadership Expert
                                                                                                         Heisman Trophy Winner
                                                                                                         and NFL Quarterback

                                                             Executive Session 11am – 4pm
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