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									                                                          Midland College Press

Vol. XXXIX, No. 6
                                                    El Paisano
                                                    The student newspaper of Midland College                                                                    February 10, 2012

 Express                                Father, son showcase art
 MC 12-week                             By Kelsey Parsley
                                        EP Staff Reporter
                                                                              If I could choose a
                                                                              different career, I
   session                                 The     McCormick       Gallery
                                        opened 2012 with the father and
                                                                              probably wouldn’t,”
                                                                              Gordon Sherman
starts Feb. 13                          son printmaking exhibit “He Got
                                        Marks” featuring the works of
                                                                              said. “If I did, it
                                                                              would be in the fine
    MC will offer a 12-week ses-        Gordon and Dagan Sherman.             arts.”
 sion beginning Monday, Feb. 13.           Demonstrations in a workshop          He has done con-
    The new state mandate requir-
 ing all students entering Texas        setting were also held by Gordon      struction and built
 public colleges and universities to    and Dagan during the art opening.     houses, but said he
 receive a bacterial meningitis vac-    This was Gordon Sherman’s first        loves the job he has
 cine became effective in January       workshop to take place in Texas.      now more.
 2012.                                  Gordon Sherman teaches print-            When creating his
    “We had approximately 400           making at Fort Hays State Uni-        prints Gordon Sher-
 new students who did not get the
 bacterial meningitis vaccine in
                                        versity in Kansas.                    man likes to “let the
 time to register for spring semester      He has been teaching at the uni-   image evolve from
 classes,” MC Dean of Enrollment        versity for 14 years and has been     the medium I’m us-
 Management Michael Chavez,             doing printmaking for 37 years.       ing.”
 Ph.D., said.                           His son, Dagan Sherman, is the           His work is some-
    “We hate to see those students      printmaking/drawing/design in-        times       criticized
 wait until summer or fall to begin     structor at Midland College.          because it doesn’t                                                           Photo by Katherine Curry - Inskeep
 their higher education pursuits.
 We are hoping that they will take         Gordon Sherman said he be-         have a consistent
 advantage of the 12-week ses-          came interested in printmaking        look. When people Gordon and Dagan Sherman pose with one of Gordon Sherman’s prints.
 sion.”                                 in undergraduate college. He had      ask him what his                    liked to do so I made it a part of     “I like that my students enjoy
    Offerings during the 12-week        originally been pursuing a major      favorite piece is, he replies, “The my career,” Dagan Sherman said. my class and don’t dread coming
 session include English, math,         in ceramics, but he found print-      one I’m working on.”                Although his father teaches in to it.” Dagan Sherman said.
 government, history, sociology,        making attractive and his teacher        Dagan Sherman is currently Kansas, he has ended up teaching             About 175 people attended the
 education, art appreciation and
 music ensemble classes. In addi-       encouraged him to pursue it.          teaching in his fourth semester here at MC.                             noon-time reception for “He Got
 tion, several developmental math,         Gordon Sherman said that his       here at Midland College.               Dagan Sherman said that what Marks”.
 English and reading courses also       favorite part of his job is when         “I wasn’t too interested in he enjoys most about his job is             The show will hang through
 will be offered. A complete list       he realizes a connection has been     printmaking during high school,” working with the students and March 30 and McCormick Gal-
 of courses is available on the MC      made with a student and also the      Dagan Sherman said.                 helping them to realize things that lery is open 8 a.m.-10 p.m., Mon-
 website, www.midland.edu               self-worth he feels in what he           “It was during my college years they already know and helping day through Thursday and 8 a.m.-
    Chavez said that students who
 plan to take the 12-week session
                                        does.                                 that I realized it was something I them to reach their full potential. 5 p.m. on Friday.
 and are new to MC must have
 received the bacterial meningitis
                                        Presidential views

                                        Thomas discusses changes for 2012
 vaccine by Feb. 3 (10 days before
 the start of the 12-week session).
    For more information contact
 the MC Admissions Office at
 (432) 685-4501.                        By Ernesto Macias                     seem to get the message,” Thom-        on enrollment compared to last
                                        EP Editor                             as said.                               spring semester. According to
    Swindig                               Vaccines. Celebration. New
                                        buildings. Budget cuts. 2012
                                                                                 The requirement was adver-
                                                                              tised on the MC web and circu-
                                                                                                                     Thomas, this might also be due to
                                                                                                                     the economy in our region.
    honored                             brings this and more to Midland
                                                                              lations the college sends out with
                                                                              the purpose of notifying potential
                                                                                                                        “The fact that we have such
                                                                                                                     low unemployment rates in the
    Former MC Chaparral swimmer           “We have always been an             students, according to Thomas.         Permian Basin affects our enroll-
 Brad Swindig will be formally in-      anomaly,” MC President Steve          Even so, some students failed to       ment,” Thomas said. “Students
 ducted into the 2012 Class of the      Thomas said. “Our spring enroll-      fulfill the requirement.                are working full-time and delay-
 Western Junior College Athletic        ment has always been stronger            “Some of our students prob-         ing school time.”
 Conference Hall of Fame on Mon-                                              ably misread the information              Another phenomenon affect-
 day, Feb. 13, 2012 during halftime
                                        than our fall enrolment.”
 of the men’s Midland College vs.         As part of a new state law tak-     and/or thought they would have         ing the enrollment, according to
 New Mexico Junior College.             ing effect this year, all new col-    some flexibility once they got en-      Thomas, is that students are tak-
    Swindig was a six-time NJCAA        lege students were required to        rolled,” Thomas said. “We didn’t       ing part-time jobs and taking less
 All-American swimmer for the           have a meningitis vaccine 10          have any choice; we wouldn’t en-       credits and hours on campus.
 Chaparrals in 1977. Swindig is         days prior to the beginning of the    roll them without the vaccine,”           Aside from the dip in the en-
 currently the executive director of    spring semester.                          Students who were dropped          rollment MC will be undergoing
 the City of Midland Mabee Aquat-
 ics Center. El Paisano will run an       This new requirement caused         have two options, either wait until    some changes around campus.
 in-depth story in the next issue.      some confusion among students,        next semester (Fall 2012) or en-          All major construction projects
                                        according to Thomas.                  roll in the flex entry classes that     will be completed this spring. The
   In Memoriam                            “This state law imposed on          will last from eight to 12 weeks.      SimLife Center will be dedicated                 Thomas
                                        higher education had a significant        “In response to what we knew        in May. Also the administration
    The MC flags have been flown          effect around the state,” Thomas      was going to be a bit of a prob-       building renovation will be fin-          Half of the new classroom
 at half-staff during the past three                                          lem, we started another round of       ished by the end of summer, ac-        building would be for Early Col-
 weeks in honor of one MC cur-          said.
 rent employee, one MC Upward             More than 250 students were         spring classes,” Thomas said.          cording to Thomas                      lege High School at MC and the
 Bound student and one retired          dropped from enrollment due to           There is a limited offering of         “We have the need for another       other half would be for various
 government professor.                  lack of a Meningitis vaccination,     classes, but this gives students the   classroom building.” Thomas            programs and offices. A design is
    Current MC police officer,           according to Thomas.                  opportunity to finish the spring        said. “There is preliminary dis-       not yet settled but planning is un-
 Larry Hagler, 59, died after a sud-      “As much as we tried to get         semester, according to Thomas.         cussion about one more residen-        dergoing, Thomas said.
 den brief illness on Jan. 29, 2012.                                             MC is currently 4 percent down      tial hall.”                                   See 2012, page 2
 Hagler worked at the Advanced
                                        the word out, students just didn’t
 Technology Center on Cuthbert.
 He loved learning and had around
 228 college credit hours, enough
 for three master’s degrees or a
 doctorate. Any memorial dona-
                                        Book brings past to present                                                                                          awards go
 tions in Hagler’s memory may be
 made to Golf Course Rd. Church
                                        By Sarah Cotton
                                        EP Page Editor
                                                                              few pages at a time and then you
                                                                              have to put it down because the
                                                                                                                                                             to Willis, Mock
 of Christ Benevolence Fund or                                                                                                                               By Giovanni Pantoja
 KWO Ministries (Kenya Widows             A Midland College assistant         narrative doesn’t flow. I am not                                                EP Staff Reporter
 & Orphans) through Golf Course         history professor is making           putting him down. I am standing                                                   Joe Willis, assistant profes-
 Road Church of Christ, 3500            history. Todd Houck has recently      on the shoulders of giants,”
 Golf Course Rd., Midland, Texas,                                                                                                                            sor of speech and Lynn Mock,
                                        written a book, The University        Houck said.                                                                    assistant professor of nursing,
    Josh Hernandez, 17, an Upward       Lands: Resources & Higher                “The man did a fabulous job. I                                              won the Texas Teaching Excel-
 Bound student at MC, died on           Education in Texas from 1838-         didn’t have to do nearly as much                                               lence Award for 2012
 Jan. 29, 2012. His family is ask-      1996. The book, based on his          research I didn’t have to go down
 ing for continued prayers and for                                                                                                                              The TEA award requires a
 community members to help rally
                                        dissertation from college is about    and hunt every law that pertains                                               faculty applicant and nomina-
 youth and advocates for the up-        2 million acres of land throughout    to University Lands up through                                                 tions by fellow colleagues, ac-
 coming events in our community         West Texas that belong to both        the 1980s because he’d already                                                 cording to the Midland Report-
 that focus on teen suicide preven-     the University of Texas and Texas     done it all. It was very easy for
 tion. The family is taking an ac-                                                                                                                           er Telegram. College profes-
 tive stance in preventing this type    A&M University. The idea of           me to get to the original sources,”                                            sors have been recognized with
 tragedy from happening to other        the land dates back to the years      Houck said. “It’s a fascinating                                                the TEA award since 1993.
 families, according to Pervis Ev-      following Texas’s independence        story.”                                            Photo by Kourtney Kelley       Both professors said they
 ans, Upward Bound director.            from Mexico and survived                 At the center of the University
    Jerry Donald Mills, 75, of Hays,                                                                                                                         were stunned when they re-
 Kan., died Feb. 5, 2012, at Hays       through the Civil War.                Lands are the resources and the                   Houck                        ceived the news that they had
 Medical Center. He was born Nov.         “When I was searching for           money that is generated from                                                   won and they thought their fel-
 30, 1936, in Childress, Texas, to      a topic for my dissertation, a        them.                                  oil. Oil doesn’t replenish. When
 Jesse O. and Leona Fay (Zuber)
                                                                                                                                                             low colleagues deserved the
                                        lady named Betty Orbeck was              “Everybody thinks University        that resource is removed, the
 Mills. He married Betty Nell Coo-                                                                                                                           award more then they. Their
                                        the archivist at the Petroleum        Lands is just about oil but there      money from it goes into a PUF,
 per on Dec. 16, 1956, in Willow,                                                                                                                            love of teaching drew them to
 Okla. He grew up in Morton, Tex-       Museum and she was just an            is a lot to do with the surface that   Permanent University Fund that
                                                                                                                                                             their profession.
 as, attended Southwestern State in     absolute walking encyclopedia on      people don’t realize. Some of the      can only be invested and the
 Oklahoma and was a graduate of                                                                                                                                 Mock started teaching at Am-
                                        the history of West Texas and the     earliest settlers in West Texas were   interest off those investments
 Texas A&I University with bache-                                                                                                                            arillo College where she earned
                                        oil industry. She told me about an    people who settled on University       spent,” Houck said.
 lor’s and master’s degrees. He was                                                                                                                          her associate degree. She is cur-
 in business for a short time and       earlier book that had been written    Lands raising cattle. The St.             “Now the grazing leases,
                                                                                                                                                             rently in her 11th year of teach-
 was a college professor for more       by a man at the University Lands,     Genevieve winery down in Ft.           because grass will grow every
 than 30 years, teaching at Whar-                                                                                                                            ing after being a nurse.
                                        a geologist, Berte Haigh. She         Stockton is on University Lands        year, that money goes into the
 ton County Junior College and                                                                                                                                  “Being with my students is
 Midland College, both in Texas.        gave me that book and said go         and was started as an experiment       AUF or the Available University
                                                                                                                                                             really special because, to me,
 He retired in 2006 and moved to        look at this and see if you can do    by the staff. They were also early     Fund. The AUF is also where the
                                                                                                                                                             it’s nursing at its finest,” Mock
 Hays, Kan., to be with family.         better,” Houck said.                  on in signing contracts for wind       interest from the PUF fund goes
    Memorials are suggested to the                                                                                                                           said. “It’s not just my practice
                                          “Haigh was there for many           farms,” Houck said.                    and that money can only be used
 Jerry D. Mills Faculty Develop-                                                                                                                             but now I can share that whole
 ment Fund in care of Midland Col-      many years so he was very                UT and A&M benefit from this         on capital improvements such
                                                                                                                                                             profession with about 30 stu-
 lege, Mayo Clinic cancer research      encyclopedic in the exposition        money but in very specific ways.        as buildings or new computers.
                                                                                                                                                             dents every semester and it’s
 at Scottsdale, Ariz., or First Pres-   of that book. It reads like an           “When a permanent resource is       It can’t be used on salaries only
 byterian Church, Hays, Kan.                                                                                                                                 just a wonderful opportunity.”
                                        encyclopedia, it wasn’t written by    removed from University Lands it       permanent things,” Houck said.
                                                                                                                           See Houck, page 2                        See TEA, page 2
                                        a historian. You can only read a      cannot be replaced. For example,
Page 2                                                            Commentary/News                                                                                  February 10, 2012

                                                                             Mirror, Mirror
              Support                                                         By Ernesto Macias, EP Editor
             MC sports                                                        It’s a new year and like many
                                                                           people out there I found myself
                                                                                                                  ning? Or is it simply an auto-pilot
                                                                                                                  tradition with no meaning?
                                                                                                                                                            which end up becoming regrets.
                                                                                                                                                            This huge finding startled me.
    Are you looking for inexpensive entertainment in Midland …             on a self-voyage trying to fig-            Most resolutions start with            Years and years of setting reso-
 somewhere you can take the whole family and not spend of fortune?         ure out what my resolutions for        phrases such as stop this, improve        lutions like working out, learn a
    Here’s a suggestion. Support the Midland College athletic teams.       2012 were going to be. After all       that and become better at… I              new language, dance, meet new
    It’s great for the teams and it’s a good way to spend quality family
                                                                           the New Year’s parties and so-         soon realized that humans are in a        people, etc. have piled up like
 time and very little money. Admission to all college games is free to
 MC students and employees with a current I.D.; admission for oth-         cial gatherings I noticed a trend      desperate need for improvement,           dust bunnies under a bed.
 ers is minimal.                                                           among the people toasting and          always looking to achieve perfec-            Then, why do we set resolu-
    For the next few weeks, MC will have five teams competing at            celebrating the end of the year.       tion in all areas of their lives.         tions for every New Year? I came
 one time—women’s basketball, men’s basketball, softball, baseball            The resolutions were, if not the       Another thing I found out about        to the conclusion that it is a com-
 and golf. That’s a lot of student athletes competing for fan support.     same, similar in context. I started    this is that most people do it just       bination of two things.
    Beginning on Feb. 16, the MC Lady Chaps softball team will play        observing and talking to people        to follow the crowd. This tradi-             One is tradition; we do it be-
 its home games on the main campus at the new softball field that sits      about their resolutions, most of       tion has been practiced for so            cause we have been taught to do
 behind the Fox Science building on the northeast side of campus.          them laughed and joked about           long now that it has become just          it for years and years. The other
 Offering an outdoor sport on campus is something administrators,          actually completing their 2011         another part of the celebration           reason is the human need to be
 coaches and players have wanted. The new field is equipped with            resolutions.                           like toasting and kissing at mid-         better. This seeking for improve-
 bleachers, but fans may want to bring their own chairs. We hope the
                                                                              This turned out to be a common      night.                                    ment will never cease, therefore
 new field will encourage more fans to attend the games.
    The coaches, team and trainers work hard every week. Students          epidemic amongst the people I             Analyzing in-depth it became           the resolutions to improve one-
 attend classes and practice on a daily basis. The Lady Chaps basket-      talked to. As I made this discov-      clear that resolutions were more          self and everything around us will
 ball team consistently goes to regional finals and have made several       ery I had an epiphany, I had set       than just a tradition. It’s like a 101    never stop.
 trips to nationals in Salina, Kan. The Chaps men’s basketball team        resolutions every year and had         survival kit for the upcoming 12             It is because of these resolu-
 also consistently makes it through regionals and the team won the         actually completed very few of         months, like a map showing the            tions that society has evolved. I
 national championship in 2007.                                            them.                                  lost adventurer the way out of the        realized that it is not necessary to
    The baseball team plays at Christensen Stadium, not far from              I started wondering why soci-       forest.                                   wait until 2013 or the end of the
 campus. It is an excellent facility and a great place to watch a base-    ety has this tradition of self-reno-      I soon realized that these for-        year to improve. It all becomes
 ball game.                                                                vation every year. Is it because the   gotten resolutions soon become            part of one’s life plan to succeed
    Although less of a spectator sports, the MC golfers also play dur-     New Year allows for a new begin-       goals that then evolve into dreams        and be happy.
 ing the spring. We’re sure team members wouldn’t mind some fans
 walking the links with them. The golf team has won several national
                                                                           Creative Writing
                                                                           Contest deadline extended
    Community colleges sometimes struggle with attendance at ath-
 letic events. Most community colleges are “commuter” colleges so
 there are few on-campus fans.
    But with three residence halls full of students and hundreds of MC
                                                                           By Kourtney Kelley                     not won, McKenzie said.                   en.
 employees, we should see more people at all campus events, not just
 sporting ones.                                                            EP Staff Reporter                         Contest rules and submission              “We do give away cash prizes.
    In a town that consistently has 5,000 people at Friday night high        The 37th annual Rebecca T. Wat-      forms are online at the MC                For first place, we give $150. For
 school football games, one would think we could draw some of              son Creative Writing Contest           website.                                  second place, we give $100. For
 those same people to MC athletic contests.                                deadline for essays, poems and            “There is a website the students       third place we give $75 and we
    Going to the games can be an exhilarating experience. Fans get to      short stories has been extended to     may go to easily access the form,         also give honorable mentions as
 see students from across the state, nation and world competing in a       March 9.                               if they just go to the English            well as award certificates,” McK-
 game that means nothing to some, but everything to others. These             In the spring of 2011, English      department on the Midland Col-            enzie said.
 students come from all of the United States as well as several for-       Professor Rebecca T. Watson re-        lege website,” McKenzie said.                “MC reserves the right to with-
 eign countries. Most of them are competing far from home without          tired from the Midland College            Simply click on the Creative           hold awards if entries in a cat-
 the support of families or “old” friends. The least we could do this      English department and the con-        Writing Contest link and start.           egory are deficient in satisfactory
 spring is show up at Chap Center, the softball field, Christensen Sta-
                                                                           test was re-named in her honor.        There will be a submission form           quality,” McKenzie said.
 dium or the local golf course to support them and watch them play.
    When you find yourself saying “There’s nothing to do in Mid-               Watson taught creative writing,     to complete and upload the file               Presentenced will be an awards
 land,” then make your way to one of the sports venues and support         among other English classes, and       wished to holding the entry.              celebration upon the winners for
 our student athletes.                                                     she judged the first contest that          “The contest has three main            the contest. The winners will not
    For schedules and more information, go to www.gochaps.com              was held.                              categories for the contest, poetry,       be informed of their winnings be-
 and GO CHAPS!                                                              The contest coordinator this year     short story and essay. There is no        fore the contest. All contestants
                                                                           is Laura Latham McKenzie, Eng-         limit on what subject a student           are asked to be present in atten-
                                                                           lish professor, who teaches at the     may write about. They can write           dance of the awards ceremony
2012                         from page 1
                                                                           MC Williams Regional Technical
                                                                           Training Center in Fort Stockton.
                                                                                                                  about any topic they choose. For
                                                                                                                  each main category they are al-
                                                                                                                                                            unless in explanatory position.
                                                                                                                                                               Winners also have an opportu-
  Education has received less get feedback from students about                 “Ms. Watson guided the con-        lowed to have a maximum of 3              nity to have publicity in the Tab-
funding from the state, due to this issues at MC.                          test for about 30 years. The MC        entries per category,” McKenzie           leau, which is an annual student
some programs at MC have been           “I think it would be good to get   English department is grateful for     said.                                     publication created by the depart-
cut, 2012 will be no exception, some more feedback,” Thomas                all the years and time Ms. Wat-           Contest judges are published           ments of communications and
Thomas said.                         said. “I was disappointed in the      son dedicated upon the school,”        writers and/or teachers from col-         English.
  “I won’t say yes, I won’t say student turn out last semester.”           McKenzie said.                         leges or universities.                       “I’m very hopeful for this
no,” Thomas said. “We are re-           More information about the            Also new this year, all students      “We only have judges judge this         year and all of the interest in the
viewing all of our programs right student forums will be available         are allowed to enter the contest       contest from the outside; there are       contest going on. We certainly
now, but have not made a final de- in upcoming issues.                      even if they are not enrolled in       no judges that are from Midland           expect the outcome to be great,”
cision.”                                The year 2012 marks the 40th       English classes.                       College. We send all of the entries       McKenzie said.
  A final recommendation of anniversary of MC. The official                     “There is no set age limit on       to the outside judges, they may              “Last year we had about 50 to
which programs should be cut celebration will not take place un-           who may enter the contest, as long     not even be from the state and            75 total entries and we were very
will be given to the board of trust- til the fall semester.                as the student has been enrolled at    they make the final judgments              pleased. We expect the outcome
ees by May, according to Thomas.        “40 years is an important time-    MC by the set date may partici-        and place their comments on who           to be even better this year,” McK-
  During the fall semester, line for the college,” Thomas said.            pate,” McKenzie said.                  the winners will be. The submis-          enzie said.
Thomas held town-hall meetings “We want to do something special               However, any past first-place        sions are submitted anonymous-               The deadline for the writing
for students.                        to celebrate people and events        winner is only eligible to enter a     ly,” McKenzie said.                       contest has been officially ex-
  The forums served as a way to that marked MC’s history.”                 category in which that student has        Awards and cash prizes are giv-        tended to March 9, 2012.

Houck                         from page 1
   “A lot of people are totally revision of the constitution
unaware that after the Civil because they don’t want to have
                                                                           TEA                                              from page 1
War the Republicans in Texas to share that money,” Houck said.             pinnacle for her would be seeing her
who were the party that was            Houck has been on staff at          students accomplish what they had said
reconstructing        the     South, MC for more than 10 years and         they wanted to do in her classroom and
established A&M as a school to is a graduate from Texas Tech               her being able to have a small part in
train farmers. While UT wasn’t University where he received his            that.
established ‘til later by a bunch of doctorate.                              Willis has been teaching for 35 years,
Confederates and Democrats in          He is a native West Texan who       he earned his bachelor degree at Eastern
the state,” Houck said.              said he feels a strong connection     New Mexico University and later re-
   “In fact A&M was created first to this land.                             ceived his masters degree at Texas Tech.
as a branch of UT which didn’t         “I was born in Odessa but I           Willis’ goal for students is for them
even exist. They didn’t split the was raised in Midland. I attended        to leave his class with an understand-
two of them until the 1950s. At Emerson, Goddard and Lee High              ing of communication and the ability to
first UT was keeping all that PUF School. My grandfather was an             execute what they’ve learned in class in
money for themselves until after oil man, as a child I knew what           the real
years and years A&M was able the price of oil was,” Houck said.
to obtain one-third of that and “ It had an impact on my life; it             world.
one-third of the control of the had a direct impact on my life.               “This award shows that I’ve been on
exploitation of resources,” Houck I lived through the bust in the          the right path but is a long way from
said.                                eighties and it was bizarre,”         reaching a pinnacle in my career.” Wil-
   Along with the money comes          Sharon Burks, assistant to Steve    lis said.
the power and responsibility of Hartmann, former executive                    Willis is retiring after this semester, he
maintaining it.                      director of University Lands, and     wants to use his retirement time to pur-
   “Some of the most powerful Jim Benson, current executive                sue his dreams, advice he often gave his
people in this state are UT alumni director, said, “Steve Hartmann         students. One of the biggest dreams Wil-
or A&M alumni and they protect collaborated with Houck every               lis has is to finish the book he has been                                              Photo by J.Don Wallace
that money. They don’t share it step of the way and we are very            working on for several years. It is mainly
with any other institution like pleased with it.                           about his teaching experience. Willis said Lynn Mock, assistant professor of nursing, and Joe Willis,
Texas Tech and, in fact, I get         “We       [University     Lands]    he still plans on teaching part time at MC, assistant professor of speech, won the Texas Teaching Ex-
into a little bit in the book how purchased many copies of it to           but both his wife and he believe it’s best cellence Award for 2012.
attempts at constitutional revision give out to new board members          to retire.                                             and a permanent listing displayed in the Pevehouse
could have played some role in to learn about University Lands,”              Mock and Willis received a cash reward, a plaque Administration Building.
some of those institutions fighting Burks said.

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February 10, 2012                                                                     News                                                                                         Page 3

Freebies, social scene draws students to club fair
By Stephani Garcia                    fered heart shaped cookies to         teachers involved
EP Staff Reporter                     booth visitors. This is a new club    and bring their
   Free food, t-shirts and a social   forming this semester, through        classes to the fair,
scene attracted Midland College       which women can connect, share        as well as more
students to this spring semester’s    their strategies for success, find     advertisement     in
club fair.                            support, and increase their self-     order to get traffic
   “We had about 120 students         esteem.                               from other build-
come through,” Student activities        The Amtguard (Live Action          ings towards the
coordinator Stephanie VanCuren        Role-Play Organization) club had      location of the club
said. “It was great.”                 members “larping” behind the or-      fair.”
   An assortment of pepperoni,        ganizations table, giving students      During the two-
sausage and vegetable topped          a preview of what the club con-       hour time period
pizzas and drinks were provided       sists of.                             students socialized
at no cost for students with an MC       “The new organizations are         throughout the stu-
I.D. as they browsed through a        really taking off,” VanCuren          dent center.
number of campus organizations.       said.                                   “It was awe-
   “We had a great turnout of stu-       “There were a lot of students      some seeing the
dents,” VanCuren said. “All the       who didn’t realize we had so          student body com-
pizza was gone.”                      many clubs on campus and so           ing together to get
   Old and new clubs also offered     many different ways to get in-        involved     around                                                             Photo by Kourtney Kelley
freebies such as t-shirts, koozies    volved,” VanCuren said. “The          campus,” student
and snacks.                           spring fair is always smaller as      Marissa said.         Michael Hubbard and Kent Moss representing the newly-formed Art Club.
   Student Baptist Ministries         far as number of organizations.”        The clubs and or-
shared information on it’s Thurs-        Even though the turnout was        ganizations which                  Bank, Habitat for Humanities, In- The Gideons, The Womens Cir-
day lunch activities as well as       good according to VanCuren,           participated in the club fair were ternational Students Club, Intra- cle, Upward Bound and Wells
other Bible study opportunities       Student Government President          Amtguard, Anime Club, Art murals, MC Press/Student Pub- Fargo.
and handed out free t-shirts and      Carl Moore thinks there are ways      Club, Baptist Student Ministries, lications, MCLASS, Petroleum         For more information check the
goodies.                              to improve attendance                 Community and Senior Services, Museum, Recycling, Respiratory schools website at http://www.
   The Women’s Club which                “Some ways to increase stu-        Engineer Club, Every Nation Care Club, Student Activities/ midland.edu/students/student-
meets at noon Wednesdays of-          dent attendance would be to have      Campus Ministries, First Capitol SGA, Student Support Services, clubs.php

Financial aid office needs scholarship applications
By Anna Spencer                       said.                                 for graduating sophomores.               Williams said graduating soph-       Pell Grant.”
EP Staff Reporter                       Transferring scholarships re-          It requires a minimum 3.0 GPA       omores should apply for The               It is renewable for two years or
   Applicants are needed for          quire that one must graduate          and the student must be and re-        Charles, Lela and Mary Slough          four semesters. A personal inter-
scholarships at Midland College.      from MC this spring with an as-       main unmarried.                        Scholarship.                           view is one of the requirements of
Graduating sophomores who are         sociate’s degree and participate         The student must also demon-          Very few sophomores apply            the scholarship.”
transferring to four year colleges    in spring commencement on May         strate financial need and must at-      each year, and this scholarship           “These are great opportunities
and universities are eligible.        13, 2011.                             tend an accredited college or uni-     awards $5,000 per year maxi-           for graduating sophomores to not
   “We need to increase the stu-        The Abell–Hanger Endowed            versity in Texas.                      mum.                                   have to worry about paying tu-
dent’s awareness of these schol-      Scholarship for UTPB or Sul              This scholarship awards $1,500        Submission of a 200 word es-         ition and fees,” Williams said.
arships that are being offered        Ross requires a minimum 3.0           per semester and is renewable for      say is required describing the            “Students are recognized at
here at Midland College,” Latisha     GPA on course work taken at           two years or four semesters.           student’s need of this scholarship     graduation each year for the schol-
Williams, director of financial        MC.                                      The Leonardo B. and Eva             and must demonstrate the need          arships they have received,”she
aid, said.                              The applicant must be accepted      Carrasco Commitment to Educa-          through the FAFSA application          said.
   “There are applicants all over     for regular admissions at UTPB        tion Scholarship is for graduating     process.                                  The deadline for all scholar-
the state applying, but very few      or Sul Ross. The amount of award      sophomores.                              The Abell Educational Contin-        ships isat 5 p.m. April 2 and ap-
Midland College students,” Wil-       for this scholarship varies and is       It requires the student to have     uance Scholarship applies to any       plications must be turned into the
liams said.                           renewable for two years or four       a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA           university, but the student must       Financial Aid Office before the
   “I encouraged all students to      semesters.                            and be a participant in school ac-     be part of the Midland Legacy          deadline.
apply for scholarships especially        “There is a low application rate   tivities with a good citizenship       Program.                               Applications are available at the
those in need of them.”               for these scholarships specially to   record.                                  “This is an awesome scholar-         Financial Aid Office located in
   “Any student that was in the       Sul Ross,” said Williams.                This scholarship awards $500        ship,” Williams said. “It awards       the Scharbaeur Student Center
Legacy Program can apply for            The Fasken Foundation En-           per semester and is renewable for      the student up to $6,250 per se-       or online at http://www.midland.
these scholarships,” Williams         dowed Scholarship is available        two years or four semesters.           mester reduced by the amount of        edu/admissions/aid/forms.php.

Technology changes enhance teaching delivery
By Sarah Cotton                       president of information technol-     up with the teachers but some-         Ross University.                       they still have that interaction of
EP Page Editor                        ogy and facilities.                   times it has its hiccups,” said Lori      “The students can basically         the true traditional classroom,”
   Technology has been a front           Technology can be frustrating.     Cast and Megan Markham, third-         come to MC and still get their de-     Garza said.
runner in the news and on Face-          “It’s taken us over two years to   semester nursing students in the       gree in math or science from Sul          Despite being in separate loca-
book lately with the SOPA/PIPA        do the Cisco phone implementa-        ADN-RN program.                        Ross,” said Christy Garza, video       tions students and teachers can
going through Congress and with       tion because we have to re-cable         “For example, the other day we      conference service manager at          meet for office hours.
that comes a look at technology in    the buildings and install new         were watching a video on neo-          MC. `As with any type of new              “We try to set up video con-
general.                              electronics in order to be able to    natal resuscitation and there was      class there are advantages and         ferencing office hours where the
   Looking around Midland Col-        support the Cisco phone system,”      video but no sound and the per-        disadvantages.                         student and the teacher can meet
lege there are routers for wireless   Sever said.                           son who came out to try and fix            “The advantage, if you want to      in the video conferencing class-
internet, smart boards and the           So that migration from the         it couldn’t even fix it,” Cast and      compare it to online, is you really    room” Garza said.
common computer connected to          TDM switch to the IP switch has       Markham said.                          truly have live interaction with the      With technology constantly
an LCD projector with internet.       been quite cumbersome and quite          Another factor of technology at     instructor and other classmates.       changing and improving can stu-
   Technology     is     constantly   aggravating for me and my staff       MC is video conferencing specifi-       You don’t have the distance of         dents expect MC to continue to be
changing.                             as well as the average user espe-     cally video classes. Most of the       not meeting or seeing anyone,          a candidate for new and improv-
   “Change is imperative and its      cially, if you are trying to send a   basic courses at MC are available      you do,” Garza said.                   ing technology?
[technology] going to change. It’s    fax, but we are nearing the end of    to share with a video classroom.          Through the student cameras            “It’s a do or die. It’s not about
going to change tomorrow and          that.”                                   Through video conferencing          “students can see students and         being a candidate, it’s about con-
it’s going to change the day af-         “Both of our teachers use a        MC, students are able to join a        they start recognizing each other      tinuing to grow and serve our
ter that,” said Dennis Sever, vice    smart board and it’s easier to keep   math science initiative with Sul       and they start talking... and so       community.” Sever said.

                                                                                              PTK seeks members
                                                                                              By Emiley Taylor                                 never act on it, because they don’t know
                                                                                              EP Staff Reporter                                about all of the opportunities.
                                                                                                 The Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK)          Once in the organization members get to
                                                                                              at Midland College is doing its best to boost    go to high schools and help tutor the students
                                                                                              membership this year.                            there.
                                                                                                 This organization recognizes MC students         “We are working on trying to also offer tu-
                                                                                              who have achieved academic excellence.           toring on campus so it helps out MC students
                                                                                                 Entry to PTK is by invitation only.           as well,” Poage said.
                                                                                                 Any MC student who meets the require-            “We do not currently have a specific schol-
                                                                                              ment of a 3.5 grade-point average and has at     arship for PTK members, but it is something
                                                                                              least 12 cumulative hours of credit will re-     we are working on getting this year.”
                                                                                              ceive an invitation letter.                         “Students that are in the organization are
                                                                                                 However, students are not automatically       offered help in filling out scholarship appli-
                                                                                              admitted just because they receive a letter.     cations, and in finding financial aid,” Willis
                                                                                                 Students have to act on it and follow the     said.
                                                                                              letter’s instructions on registering as a mem-      “The greatest thing is the recognition and
                                                                                              ber.                                             honoring of academic achievement,” Willis
                                                                                                 Joe Willis, who has been the PTK spon-        said, “I really enjoy being around the students
                                                                                              sor since February 2011, said, “We are really    and helping further their education.”
                                                                                              trying to do better with membership drive.
                                                                                                                                                  “The most important thing about PTK is
                                                                                              Pushing membership is our main priority this
                                                                                                                                               that it’s a way for students to get involved,
                                                                                                 “We sent out about 400 invitations, and       when you get all of those minds together you
                                                                                              only inducted about 100 new members,” Mi-        can really make a difference,” Poage said.
                                                                                              randa Poage, co-sponsor since April 2011,           To learn more about PTK contact Willis at
                                                                                              said.                                            685-6700, jwillis@midland.edu or Poage at
                                                                                                 Students that receive an invitation often     685-6754, mpoage@midland.edu.
Page 4                                         Lady Chaps Softball                                                  February 10, 2012

         #14 Ashley Chavez      #20 Diana De La Paz    #27 Genevieve Estrada    #33 Emily Falcon          #21 Camille Hampton
             2B/SS                  SS/2B                  1B/OF                   1B/C                       3B
             Sophomore              Sophomore              Sophomore               Sophomore                  Sophomore
             Midland, TX            Paramount,             Ontario,Calif.          Andrews, TX                Lakewood, Calif.

         #1 Samantha Kuakini    #3 Gabee Losoya         #10 Debra Lovell        #5 Meghan Macias          #23 Kayla Parra
            OF/2B                  P/OF                     3B                     C/Inf                     OF
            Sophomore              Sophomore                Sophomore              Sophomore                 Sophomore
            Waianae, HI            Midland, TX              Downey, Calif.         Buena Park, Calif.        Fullerton, Calif.

         #9 Yolanda Rios        #25 Tami Sisneros       #4 Allie Woodward       #8 Taylor Clancy          #17 Marlene Fields
            P                       C/OF                   OF/2B                    C                         OF
            Sophomore               Sophomore              Sophomore                Freshman                  Freshman
            Fullerton, Calif.       Midland, TX            Menifee, Calif.          Los Banos, Calif.         Stockton, Calif.

         #6 Kelcey Gomez        #16 Holly Herrington    #12 Earnysha            #18 Kristine Vargas       #22 Carly Weidenbach
             OF/1B                  P/1B                    Scroggins               P                         3rd/C
             Freshman               Freshman                OF                      Freshman                  Freshman
             Temeula, Calif.        Odessa, Texas           Freshman                Jal, NM                   North Bend, WA
                                                            Riverside, Calif.

                                                                                       Mailei Hilva            Tommy Ramos
                                                                                    Assistant Coach              Head Coach
                                                                                  Coach Hilva is from         Over the past 13
                                                                                Riverside, Calif. While     seasons Ramos has
                                                                                 a student at Midland            amassed an
                                                                                  College, she helped      impressive 598-183-3
                                                                                 lead the Lady Chaps      overall record. He has
                                                                                to 118 wins, 16 losses    led the Lady Chaps to
                                                                                 and a trip to the 2003    four NJCAA National
                                                                                 NJCAA World Series.        Tournaments (2001,
                                                                                 She was recognized       2002, 2003, and 2008).
                                                                                 as an All WJCAC 1st       Additionally, the Lady
                                                                                baseman two years in       Chaps have won nine
                                                                                 a row and made first               WJCAC
                                                                                  team Region V both      Championships along
                                                                                  years. As a sopho-          with four NJCAA
                                                                                 more Hilva made the              Regional
                                                                                 NJCAA All American           Championships.
                                                                                  team. After MC, she         Ramos has been
                                                                                attended New Mexico       named WJCAC Coach
                                                                                    State University,       of the Year six times
                                                                                  where she received      and four times NJCAA
                                                                                 her bachelors of arts    Region V Coach of the
                                                                                degree in history with     Year. Ramos has had
                                                                                         a minor               the pleasure of
                                                                                     in psychology.        coaching the Region
                                                                                                           V and Region V-West
                                                                                                            JUCO All Stars five
                                                                                                          times. Ramos has four
                                                                                                             children, Thomas,
                                  Don’t miss the dedication                                                 Breanna, Sarah and
                                    of the new on-campus                                                             Eli.

                                         softball field,
                                        Noon, Thursday,                                                        Not Pictured:
                                   Feb. 16. Field is located                                                  Sonya Mikeska
                                                                                                              Athletic Trainer
                                   behind the Fox Science
                                    For more information,                           Forrest Allen
                                                                                   Athletic Director
February 10, 2012                                             Chaps Baseball                                                            Page 5

#21 Matt Bienek     #18 Colter             #32 Hunter Flake    #20 Niko             #5 Justin Lee      #19 Patrick Lopez      #24 Jesse Loter
   R/R, Outfield         Bostick                R/R, Pitcher        Gonzalez            R/R, Infield         R/R, Catcher           R/R, Infield
   6’/185               L/L, Pitcher           6’1”/209            L/L, Pitcher        5’10”/165           6’1”/200               6’/200
   Sophmore             6’3”/221               Sophmore            5’9”/160            Sophmore            Sophmore               Sophmore
   Bulverde, TX         Sophmore               Schertz, TX         Sophmore            Strathmore,         Artesia, NM            Round Rock,
                        Powell, WY                                 Boerne, TX          ALB                                        TX

#3 Jordan               #13 Steel          #28 Nick Salois     #1 Luke Slentz       #23 Levi           #2 Joel Atkinson       #38 Garhett
   Richburg                 Russell            R/R, INF/RHP       S/R, Infield           Westerlund        R/R, Infield             Avery
   R/R, Pitcher             L/R, Catcher       6’/197             5’9”/154              R/R, Pitcher      5’8”/1150               R/R, Pitcher
   6’/162                   6’/192             Sophmore           Sophomore             6’5”/240          Freshman                6’3”/200
   Sophomore                Sophomore          Midland, TX        Midland,              Sophmore          San Clemente,           Freshman
   Lubbock,TX               Bradenton,                            TX                    Oyen, ALB         CA                      Midland, TX

#14 Tyler Barlow        #34 Jake           #7 Blair Beck       #16 Ricky Bertrand   #4   Ozzie Bueno   #15 Jeremie            #31 Jeremy
    R/R, Catcher           Bateman            R/R, Outfield         R/R, Outfield          R/R, Infield       Fagnan                 Filipek
    5’10”/175              R/R, INF/RHP       6’1”/175             6’4”/175              5’7”/140          L/R, Outfield           R/R, Pitcher
    Freshman               6’2”/220           Freshman             Freshman              Freshman          6’/185                 6’2”/188
    Maple Ridge,           Freshman           Midland, TX          Surrey,               Andrews, TX       Freshman               Freshman
    British                Dallas, TX                              British                                 Calgary,               Langley,
    Columbia                                                       Columbia                                Alberta                BC

#17 Gunner Garry    #36 Jake               #37 Kory Hollums    #27 Ethan Kohnle     #40 Monty          #8   Hunter            #22 Jayden Odell
    R/R, Outfield        Holifield               L/L, Pitcher        L/R, Outfield         McCasland           McFall                R/R, Pitcher
    5’9”/150            R/R, Pitcher           6’3”/165            6’/188               L/L, Pitcher        L/R, Infiield          6’2”/186
    Freshman            6’2”/186               Freshman            Freshman             6’3”/206            5’10”/172             Freshman
    Lubbock, TX         Freshman               Greenwood,          Lubbock,             Freshman            Freshman              Tuscola, TX
                        Midland, TX            TX                  TX                   Bushland, TX        San Antonio,

#29 Keanu           #10 Matt Reyes         #9 Jared            #26 Shane            #33 Daniel         #11 Steve              #6 Jason
    Ramos               R/R, Infield           Robinson             Sawyer               Vargas             Withrow               Zgardowski
    R/R, Pitcher        5’10”/160             R/R, Pitcher         R/R, Infield          R/R, Outfield       R/R, Outfield          R/R, Pitcher
    6’/202              Freshman              6’/165               6’/175               6’/185             5’10”/183             6’3”/176
    Freshman            Midland,              Freshman             Freshman            Freshman            Freshman              Freshman
    Lubbock, TX         TX                    Lubbock,             Midland, TX         Midland, TX         Odessa, TX            San Antonio,
                                              TX                                                                                 TX

                                                                                                       Hector Rodriguez        David Coleman
                                                                                                       Assistant Coach          Head Coach
                                                                                                        Rodriguez is in his    Coleman is in his
                                                                                                       seventh year on the      sixth year at the
                                                                                                           baseball staff.          helm of the
                                                                                                          Rodriguez was       Chaparral baseball
                                                                                                          hired by David      program. In his four
                                                                                                          Coleman as the       previous years he
      Not Pictured:                                                                                      pitching coach in     has led the Chaps
     Sonya Mikeska                                                                                       2006. Rodriguez          to a 177-116-1
     Athletic Trainer                                                                                   came from UT-San      record and a trip to
       Jim Lawler,                                                                                      Antonio where he           the regional
                                                                                                        was the volunteer        tournament. He
    Jesse Benavidez,                                                                                     assistant coach.      earned a bachelor
     Chris Rowland                                                                                        Rodriguez is a           of science in
    Assistant Coaches                                                                                      native of San          interdisciplin-
                                                                                                            Antonio, but        ary studies from
      Sam Bryand,                                                                                      completed his high      Lubbock Christian
      Cortney King                                                                                        school years at      University in 1992
    Student Trainers                                                                                      Corpus Christi         and a master of
                                                                                                       Carroll High School.          education
                                                                                                        Rodriguez earned          administration
                                                                                                              his BA in        degree from Texas
                                                                                                       Kinesiology in 2004     A&M University in
                                                                                                            from UTSA.          1995. He and his
                                                                                                       Hector was recently    wife Terri have two
                                                                                                        married to Ember        sons, Hunter and
                                                                                                       Rogers of Midland,               Ty.
Page 6                                                                            Sports                                                                   February 10, 2012

Chaps win homecoming game vs. FPC
 By Gabby Sanchez                    a loose ball in the                                                                       range.                and nine rebounds. Agee finished
EP Staff Reporter                    second half, giving                                                                          With       3:37    with 17 points and six rebounds
   “Coach       threatened    us,”   him his first technical                                                                    remaining             in less than 16 minutes.
Midland College sophomore            foul. His second                                                                          in the game,          Jan. 23 vs. Howard College
forward Melvin Tabb said, in         technical foul came                                                                       Lucas’ 3-pointer        Going into conference play
the Midland Reporter-Telegram        afterwards       when                                                                     followed         by   against the WJCAC rival Howard
(MRT), after the Chaps trailed       Agee said something                                                                       a dunk two            College, Craig said he was
Frank Phillips College (FPC) 39-     to Barnes later in the                                                                    possessions           cautiously optimistic about the
33 at halftime Feb. 2.               second half. Losing                                                                       later gave the        outcome. The Chaps were playing
   Coach Chris Craig made his        one of MC most                                                                            MC a 73-56            as hard as during any portion
message heard when he told the       consistent     players                                                                    lead. Lucas was       of the season and had put two
team that if they lose this game,    was a tough blow on                                                                       feeling      pretty   consecutive, productive practices
practice tomorrow is going to be     the Chaps.                                                                                confident about        together, Craig said.
hell.                                   Craig was more                                                                         his second half         Along with assistant coach,
   “I’m sure that triggered us. In   upset with the way                                                                        play according        Jeff Mailhot, Craig knew that the
all actuality, everybody just had    the Chaps continued                                                                       to the MRT            game would be akin to a MMA
their input on the game and we       to turn the ball over                                                                        “Coming into       heavyweight brawl. Both coaches
just gave,” Tabb said.               and bad possessions                                                                       the season I was      had some historical perspective
   The Chaps won the game 86-        after Agee        was                                                                     a little nervous      from which to draw.
64.                                  ejected. “We’ve got                                                                       because I was           Craig faced HC Hawk’s head
Jan. 30 vs. NMMI                     guys who get bored                                                                        a freshman and        coach Mark Adams in the 2008
   Midland College rallies with a    on making simple                                                                          wasn’t        sure    NJCAA National Tournament
74-62 win against New Mexico         plays. That’s the only                                                                    what the college      semis, while Craig was the head
Military Institute (NMMI) on         way I can describe                                                                        game was really       man at the College of Eastern
Monday’s game. Kelvin Agee           it,” Craig said in                                                                        like. But I got       Utah.
was ejected due to his second        the MRT. “Clearly,                                                                        the confidence,          Mailhot had served as Adams’
technical foul in the game against   we’ve got to get                                                                          and coach was         assistant coach for several
NMMI. Freshman guard Brandon         better in a hurry, or                                                                     telling me to         seasons. All the insight was
Lucas knew that MC needed to         it’s going to be a sad                                                                    stay      strong,”    needed in order to secure the 66-
step up and respond.                 end to the year for                                                                       Lucas said in the     60 win over HC in front of the
   NMMI Broncos were still           us.”                                                                                      MRT.                  home Chap Center crowd.
hanging in the game and had             Lucas said he                                                                             “I tried to          MC improved to 13-4 this
crept up to 46-35. Lucas scored      believes that his                                                                         take over when        season and recorded their first
11 of his 16 points in the second    team still needs to                                                                       (Agee)        went    conference win of the season
half giving MC a broader lead        improve in many                                                                           out, and I guess      against two losses.
with 55-35. The Broncos did not      areas in order to                                                  Photo by Gabby Sanchez that    kind of         The loss dropped HC to 13-4
take any charge in the second half   compete against the                                                                        trickled down        overall and 2-1 in the WJCAC.
                                                            Two MC players take to the air to be sure the ball stays
of the game, guaranteeing a win      best teams in the                                                                          to the rest of the   Despite the Chaps 27 turnovers in
                                                            in the net during the Feb. 2 homecoming game against
for the Chaps.                       league. “We came Frank Phillips College.                                                   team, who also       the game, they managed to fight
   “Kelvin is one of our main        out and played really                                                                      picked up their      off a furious HC rally, spurred in
leaders, and that was kind of a      well, but then we got                 With Agee being out, this gives                      game”.               great part by the Hawk’s pressure
small blow to us,” Lucas said, in    too comfortable. That’s a problem other guys the opportunity to step        The Chaps improved to               defense down the stretch. MC
the Midland Reporter-Telegram.       of ours that we need to fix,” Lucas up, Craig said in the MRT. Craig 15-4 overall and 3-2 in the                 dominated on the boards pulling
“But we’re mature enough to pick     said in the MRT. “We’re a team singled out Taylor, who gave the Western Junior College Athletic                 down 46 caroms to HC’s 31
up the slack on the team.”           that can beat anybody in this Chaps some good minutes on the Conference despite the team’s 24                   rebounds. MC also shot 51%
   Agee got into a scuffle with       conference if we play to our full offensive end. Lucas stepped up turnovers in the game. In addition,           from the floor to Howard’s 40%.
NMMI Desmond Barnes after            potential. We just can’t let up, no as well with some key shots and Mike Taylor contributed 13 points           Midland scored 34 bench points
both teams were battling over        matter what.”                       going 3 for 4 from the 3-points and Melvin Tabb had 12 points               to Howard’s 14 in the game.

Women’s basketball

Lady Chaps 4-2 in WJCAC
By Gabby Sanchez                             back of conference leader New Mexico
EP Staff Reporter                            Junior College. HC sits a half game be-
   The Lady Chaps have won two out of        hind Midland College and Odessa Col-
the three most recent games played post-     lege, both with 2-1 conference records.
ing an 18-6 season place and a 4-2 in the      MC’s defense held HC to 35% shoot-
WJCAC.                                       ing in the contest.
   On Feb. 6 the Lady Chaps played             Both teams struggled from the three
against OC, 66-70, Feb.2 they played         point line with Howard scoring on 6 of 30
against Frank Phillips College, 74-53.       while MC went 0-9 from long distance.
Jan. 26 the Lady Chaps won against           Midland’s inside size created a disadvan-
Western Texas College, 65-53.                tage for HC.
   A match-up between two proud pro-           Midland shot 61 percent from the floor,
grams saw the #19 Midland College Lady       many of which came from inside the
Chaparrals emerge victorious in a 59-53      paint area. MC’s 21 turnovers and HC’s
game against the Howard College Lady         18 offensive rebounds made the game
Hawks.                                       closer than Chap fans and coaches would
   Midland College, 16-5 overall, asserted   have preferred.
its defense to outlast the Hawks in a game     MC’s Danesha Long led all scorers
played at the Al G. Langford Chaparral       with 15 points, followed by teammates
Center in Midland. The loss dropped HC       Ornela Bacchini and Achiri Ade who re-
to 14-5 on the season and 1-1 in the con-    corded 12 and 10 points respectively.
ference.                                     Ade also pulled down a game high eight
   The win helped MC remain a half game      rebounds.
February 10, 2012                                                            Entertainment                                                                                         Page 7

Armstead rocks the house
By Stephani Garcia                                          Norris’ interest in music began growing up in the
EP Page Editor                                            church and singing in the choir. While in junior high
   “We have an EP album on iTunes, as well as on          Norris began playing instruments. He plays the pia-
Amazon,” Swaney said. “Is This a Trap for Me is           no, guitar, bass and the cello.
our most popular song.”                                     Norris and Gonzales have been friends for about
   Armstead’s current lineup consists of lead singer      two years.
Jon Swaney on guitar, Corey Norris on drums, back-          “ We just kind of joined Armstead,” Norris and
ing vocals and Tim Gonzalez on guitar and backing         Gonzales said.
vocals.                                                     The band plays more original music than they do
   The band originated in Mississippi, Swaney part-       covers. In the near future band members want to do
ed ways in 2010 and moved to Midland where close          as many shows as possible at colleges and events.
friends Gonzales and Norris had already started a           Gonzales plays drums as well as piano and violin.
band called Almost But Not Quite.                         Most of the time he plays the lead parts in the songs,
   “My dad was a big music guy. One day I walked          according to Norris.
into the room and my dad was playing his guitar. He         “Swaney writes the songs and gives them to us,”
saw how much I liked it and went and bought me my         Norris said. “We just play it our way and put it to-
first instrument, a bass,” Swaney said. “That’s when       gether.”
I fell in love with the art.”                               Armstead’s love of performing doesn’t come at
   “Eventually they agreed to join and help me with       an easy cost, Swaney said. One of the biggest obsta-
the band,” Swaney said. “We officially became              cles for this up and coming indie/alternative band is
Armstead in the fall of 2010.”                            the cost of equipment, lights and everything it takes
   The biggest show performed by the band to date is      to put on a show.
Arturo Fest, a local house show.                              “I was about ten years old when I fell in love
   “We had a lot of fun, we had a bigger turnout than     with music,” Swaney said. “It’s a great way to say
what we expected,” Norris said. “The crowd seemed         anything you want to say. A form of self expression                                                  Graphic courtesy of Armstead
into it.”                                                 in itself.”

Music department
GLEE combines talents
of band, choir, orchestra
                                                                                Spoiler Alert
                                                                                By Grayson Bewley, EP Staff Reporter
By Grayson Bewely                     are a musical idea freight train.”        Remember when you were a           supposed to win an Oscar any-           very meaningful line to Charlie.
EP Staff Reporter                        The idea came from the success      kid and you used to play games        way. The Lost star, Evangeline          He says, “I just wanted you to
   What does a jazz band, or-         that they had when combining the       like Monopoly or Clue. Well, did      Lilly, who plays Bailey, does a         fight for me.” This line is emo-
chestra, choir and the song “Fire-    jazz band and choir to sing songs      you ever play the game Rock’Em’       good job at playing the love inter-     tional and really makes the audi-
works” by Katy Perry all have in      from the musical Hairspray.            Sock’Em Robots? The movie             est.                                    ence want them to be together.
common? These are all the things         This lead to the full-scale per-    Real Steel is basically a Holly-         Even though the plot seems a            The cinematography and di-
that make up the Glee concert         formance of Hairspray.                 wood version of this game.            bit silly when reading it on paper,     recting in this film is average. Di-
which opens Thursday, May 3.             Bewley and Elderkind came              This movie starring Hugh Jack-     it is still an enjoyable film.           rector Shawn Levy is no Steven
   “When we started picking out       upon the question: “What kind of       man, Evangeline Lilly and Dako-          There is a heart to the film that     Spielberg but he still does a de-
music, really, the first place we      production is not as big as a musi-    ta Goyo is set in the future when     is noticeable that makes up for the     cent job.
went to was Amazon to look            cal, like Hairspray was, but has       robot boxing becomes a sport.         somewhat silly plot.                       Since this film is set in the
at the Glee recordings that you       the same kind of values.”                 Charlie (Jackman) discovers          A conflict emerges when Max            future the cinematography and
could buy,” Rabon Bewley, assis-         They asked students about get-      that he has an 11-year-old son        wants to know his father but            lighting is done a certain way.
tant professor of music and direc-    ting involved, and the students        named Max (Goyo) who wants to         Charlie seems to want nothing of        For instance, the cinematogra-
tor of instrumental studies, said.    were just as excited as they were.     know his father.                      him. This makes the viewer want         phy and lighting is done much
   After narrowing down the              There are many people in-              They discover a discarded ro-      them to make ends meet by the           differently in Lord of the Rings
songs, they chose ones that peo-      volved in this concert including       bot who has talent in the sport of    end of the movie.                       or Harry Potter. The lighting is
ple would recognize. Such as,         the choir and both the orchestra       boxing. They decide to take ad-          The love story between Charlie       futuristic and there are also some
Don’t Stop Believing, Time Warp       and jazz band.                         vantage of this and begin teaching    and Bailey is a bit lame and kind       cool shots in this film.
from Rocky Horror Picture                According to Bewley, student-       it to box.                            of takes away from the film. The            If you are looking for a movie
Show and Pure Imagination from        wise, “40 or 50 by the time every-        Goyo’s performance of Max in       movie is about fighting robots so        that has fighting robots, then this
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate         thing is said and done,” will be in-   this film is very impressive. He is    this random love story seems out        is the one for you. It has funny
Factory, just to name a few.          volved in the actual performance.      a young actor but he really does      of place at times.                      moments and a plot about the re-
   Bewley along with Bert Bostic,        When audition time came             steal the show.                          Overall, this film is a little slow   lationship between a father and
the director of choral activities,    around small portions of the              There are many moments in the      starting out, but once it gets going    son.
and Nicholas Elderkin, assistant      songs that were being considered       film where you really feel for his     it is pretty fun to watch.                 Overall, this is an enjoyable
professor of piano and depart-        for Glee were selected and posted      character. Jackman also does a           The script of Real Steel is well     film to watch, which is why I give
ment of music coordinator, are all    on the Midland College website.        decent job in this film.               written.                                Real Steel two and a half stars, or
involved in the behind the scenes     `Students could download that             Although, it may not be his best      There are moments that are           should I say Rock’EM Sock’EM
of this concert.                      part of the song and come to MC        performance, Jackman was not          funny and heartfelt. Max has a          Robots, out of four.
   Elderkin is playing piano and      to audition.
“keeping everything running on           “That gave us a chance to place
task,” Bewley said.                   them in proper voice class and
   Bewley takes care of the instru-   also get a feel for who were good
mental preparation and perfor-        soloists,” Bewley said. “I think
mance, while Bostic handles the       everybody did a really nice job!”.
choir.                                   The Glee concert will be held
   “Really, the whole department      in the Wagner Brown Auditorium
is involved to some capacity,” Be-    at 7 p.m., Thursday, May 3.
wley said, “We are never short on        For more information, visit
ideas in the music department, we     midland.edu

Energy technology program
offers two-year degree
By Adebayo Orenuga                   reer.
EP Staff Reporter                       Terry Dummer, the electricity
   The new Midland College en- principles instructor, said that he
ergy technology program pre- had a successful previous career
pares students for careers in the as an air traffic controller at the
oil and gas and wind industries.     United States Federal Aviation
   The program can be completed Administration before he joined
in four semesters.                   the energy technology faculty.
   Upon completing 64-65 se- Gavin Frantz, the dean of busi-
mester credit hours, students will ness studies, who teaches auto-
receive an Associate of Applied
                                     mation and petroleum instrumen-
Science (AAS degree) in energy
                                     tation, said that he is an electrical
technology with emphasis in ar-
eas in petroleum energy and/or engineer.
wind energy.                            Gandy said that the program
   The classes offered during the    also offers levels one, two and
first semester are basic fluid pow- three certificate options.
er, basic mechanic skills, automa-      In 2011 and 2012, 21 current
tion, energy industrial safety, field students and graduates have been
reports and data transfer and in- employed by the local oil and gas
dustrial mathematics.                companies.
   The 2011-2012 MC catalog and         Tracy said that he graduated
handbook provides more infor-        from the University of Southwest
mation on the pro-                   Louisiana in Lafayette.
   The energy tech-
nology       program
classes at MC are
currently       been
taught by instructors
with diverse back-
   For example, Tra-
cy Gandy, the direc-
tor of the program
said that he came to
MC from Pathfinder
Oil and Gas Com-
pany. Lynn Bryant,
the basic fluid power
instructor said that
he worked for Hal-
liburton before his                             Photo by Adebayo Orenuga
current teaching ca- Tracy Gandy stands near the MC Tech Cen-
Page 8                                                          Feature                                                        February 10, 2012

Homecoming, Casino Night 2012

                                                 King                            Queen
         Ambassadors                                                                                          Student Government
   Amanda Lee & Patrick Ybarra                                   Athletics                              Lauren Laughlin & Ernesto Macias
                                                      Colan Weasby & Morgan Schwartz

     Baptist Student Ministries                           Students in Philanthropy                                Cheerleading
    Megan Olsen & Chad Farley                         Christina Flores & Gabino Michel                    Janet Moreno & Donny Dodson

                                                                     Some Lady Chaps coach a young fan giving him tips on shoot-
                                                                     ing a miniature basketball. Earlier the Ladies beat Frank Phillips,

Brandon Maclin, 11, goes up for a shot agains Frank
Phillips during the Feb. 2 game. The Chaps won the
game 86-64.

  Gabby Sanchez                                           Casino Night, on Feb. 2, followed the men’s game. Students played games using tokens
                                                          and had the opportunity to win a variety of prizes.

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