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Accessories - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005
This seasons accessories are going to hinge on the adoption of ethnic related fashion. Key pieces include Tribal, Animal and other Ethnic styled Jewellery.

Jewels, Ornamental Effects and Jewellery

Diamante buttons on cardigans, jewelled charms, plastic robot dolls and plastic charms hanging from belts and bags, fruit earrings and rows of rainbow coloured thick plastic bangles are all fads for 2005. Ornamented clothes for special occasions will have jewel studded cuff areas and necklines.
Tribal Beads

One big fashion which has already taken off is the trend for tribal beads whether wooden or bone or plastic. The look is chunky crafts inspired, ethnic arts and crafts and almost what one might imagine a cannibal might don.

In addition to tribal beads look out for Middle eastern and Indian art and crafts inspired coin jewellery where strings of coins create an ethnic Boho look. Snake bracelets, gladiator cuffs and narrow wrist bangles worn by the dozen are all fashions you can wear now and keep wearing this summer. One of the best takes on this tribal/ethnic jewellery look is of chunky turquoise bead rope necklaces wrapped around and around the neck. Ropes of pearls worn twenties style are also in vogue.


In Hollywood there was a decline in huge chandelier style earrings in favour of larger diamond studs. Yet in the UK Chandelier style earrings are more popular than ever and the tribal/boho look is set to create even more dangling styles of strings, ropes and tiers of decorative units from metal discs to jelly bean plastic beads.

It seems like only yesterday that we abandoned those diamond studs. Coloured gems like Aquamarine, Peridot, Amethyst, Citrine and stones like green Beryl, Jade and Turquoise have gained fresh followers.

New style chandelier earrings like straight stiletto sticks are coming in. This link is a nice example of a straight chandelier style perfect as a Valentine's day gift. 14K Diamond Earrings

Cocktail and Dress Rings

2005 sees the return of enormous cocktail or dress rings, chunky gothic poison rings and rings known as gobstopper rings. These fun rings are jewellery pieces you wear on the right hand to match or highlight the colours of an outfit and bring attention to a beautifully manicured hand. Dress rings are also perfect on hands that show the wrist zones of the new cropped jackets with shorter sleeves.

With three quarter and elbow cropped sleeves gaining momentum the time is ripe for the wonderful art deco Estate styled bracelets on offer. The boho version is of semi precious carved stones or plastics in cuff wide bangles with black, amber, rusty coral and deep yellow gold being the colours that look right. Big statement jewellery is back in fashion. Rappers made bling fashionable. But sometimes less is more.

It's worth mentioning that brooches have dived as fast as they rose. The problem seems to have been overkill. Everyone who already had a brooch or acquired one from grandma was happy to instantly pin them to lapel the minute they heard brooches were ok and suddenly brooches were everywhere. They became a normal fashion before we even had chance to buy new ones in boutiques. Just as suddenly they were nowhere to be seen. What a pity - they can be cute and my research suggests individuals like them. So let's put them back on.

Bags - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005

By day chunky handbags with straps and hardware almost like hold alls will be the fashion bag many adopt. Anya Hindmarch and Jimmy Choo produce a workable bag capacious enough to hold a book or small bottle of water whilst remaining stylish.

Ruched leather sack size bags which have a squashy appearance and appear oversized make an appearance against bum bags set to return amid sporty types.

By night streamlined animal skin clutch bags with real or mock croc or python effects will vie with small beaded bags.

Whilst underarm bags have held stage for some years there is evidence of longer small neat shoulder bags with strap to the hip and worn across the body making a slow return.

Shoes - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005

Flats, wedges and platforms and stack heels are the next footwear that we lust after. Wearing flat shoes is a trend that has been growing fast. But keep them for day and wear your heels at night to feel grown up and sophisticated.

Sensible looking flat peep toe natural leather sandals worn with knitted tank tops that scream I made it myself, but produced for the high street give new options to those who don't want to opt for the metallic stiletto sandals also on offer. Many natural earthy coloured flat thong Gladiator sandals have an African/Egyptian feel with embedded large cabochon beads atop a flat leather disc.

Steely silvers, burnished golds, black and white footwear and platinum flats vie for attention besides rounded Tbar shoes, Mary Jane styled crossbar strap shoes and printed platform sole shoes. Tea dance shoes are high heeled and have straps and round toes.

Two tone, three tone and multi tone shoes bring new colour to the foot not seen since the 1980s. Round toed shoes and sturdy heels will compliment cropped pants, knee length trousers and shorts as well as Bloomsbury style floral dresses in sprigged prints.

Flat boots are quite flat and wrinkle. Some have highwayman style cuffs.

Lets not forget patterned Wellington boots which should be arriving in the shops now. Whether or not you will want a pair I have no idea - I know I don't and that's another matter though!


Cloche hats of felt with visible saddle stitching or chunky bead embellishment make for easy to wear hats that are not obtrusive. Floppy wide brimmed Biba style 1970s hats or flowerpot hats set the style.


Matching narrow fabric covered skinny tailored belts and buckles are used to emphasise the 50's feel to clothes, whilst deep wide belts in soft leathers, sometimes jewelled, studded, woven or ethnic coined will be worn set mostly at hip level and make the body appear longer. Alternatives include obis sash belts cord belts and purses that dangle off belts.

Colours - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005 (Page Date Jan 2005)

Timid discreet colours are likely to be some of the most loved, but there will be nothing timid about the bold statements the clothes make. Colours are moving toward brighter, cleaner more vivid tones and shades.

Colour trends for spring summer 2005 which are expected to reach new rainbow heights include a coral toned flaming geranium, nude flesh tones, every hue of blue to lavender lilacs, many greens from light to dark and

acids, plus the neutral white with white and animal tribal earthy tones. Dark saturated blues may become as popular as blacks have been, but black still continues as a strong feature in many women's wardrobes.
Colours for Spring Summer 2005 Move Toward...

Kiwi and watered lime, acid green, colours of lime, chartreuse, sulphurous khaki green, catkin, apple green, mint green, pistachio, lichen, fir green, moss, jade, gun metal copper green, green.....and lots more green.....

.......and just as many Glacial blues, watery icy aquamarine, turquoise, crystal white, electric blue, delphinium, periwinkle blue, sapphire blue, royal blue, indigo, cornflower, delft, lapis lazuli,teal, cobalt, sky blue, grey, slate, lilac, wisteria, purple, heather, Parma violet, mauve, light purple, lilac, lavender, purple primrose, lemon sherbet, lemon barley, melon, lemon rind, daffodil yellow, hot yellow, mango, yellow sunshine, butterball, amber, apricot, nude, golden saffron, sultana, spicy orange, carrot, pumpkin, tangerine, ginger, spice, cinnamon, date, toast, taupe, soft browns,

Geranium red, coral, geranium pink, rosewood, beige rose, rose pink, flesh, peach, pale pink, candy colours, poppy red, watermelon, strawberry, raspberry, fuchsia pink, pink, shell pink, cerise pink, hot pink, raspberry, chilli red, claret, ruby red, paprika. Add to this some neutrals such as oyster pearl grey, silver grey, white, black, parchment and ivory, then vary all these colours further with metallic shimmer effects. Shimmer and coppered bronzes that glow, will be with us for some time.

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