Celebrate Snowy Winters Like Never Before With Northern Lights! by quintessentially


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									         Celebrate Snowy Winters Like Never Before With Northern Lights!

The month of December surely makes your days and nights quite hectic with all the preparations.
Your focus is directed to celebrate Christmas and New Year as vibrantly as possible. However, you
have no chance to rest even after that passes because winters are to be celebrated with family. Make
these winters different than that of yesteryear. Enjoy luxury family holidays with colors of northern
lights filling your mood and time with joy. If you haven’t heard about it, it is time to do so. Take a break
that is needed desperately and have some time out in the dead chill when the mystery of nature starts

Northern Lights in Arctic Region

Nature likes it all colorful, especially when the season is festive all around. Northern lights are just one
of many ways nature expresses itself. Nights on regions in and around North Pole are known for this
spectacular phenomenon. The only condition to get spectacular show is no light-pollution. Away from
the lands of human settlements, in the open spaces of regions of Canada, Scandinavia, etc (popularly
referred to as Lapland), anytime between 9 PM to 2 AM you can see sky full of colors. It has a
scientific explanation but does really it matter while you are having wonderful northern lights holidays?

Why This Time 2013

First of all, remember that it is never too late. If you are pondering on going to Northern-most part of
the earth, the winters of 13 just happen to be the best time. Due to ‘Solar Maximum’, the strength of
this activity of night sky will be highest on this duration, in its eleven year cycle.

Make the Most of it

The activity starts from September and lasts till April, every year. However, not always it will be there
where you are. Sometimes, clouds won’t let you see what is happening beyond them. At other times,
you will miss the mark just by few miles. This is the reason you will have to plan a longer light-
adventure holiday in which you can cover as many places as possible with the possibility of the aurora


While you can hope to enjoy your dinner in fine restaurants, you can patiently wait for the alarm to go.
It will be your hint that the night has started unfolding its colors, more prominent than the black. Hotels
and restaurants are assisting their guests with the aurora hunting in this manner. As the date of the
event cannot be predicted with certainty, your long holidays might just be the key. And, do not direct
all your energies in only in this direction, as the same region can also be enjoyed for other attractions,
as well.

Have a blasting winters with the warmth of Nature’s Colors of Northern Lights!

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