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Market surveys provide a well of rich insights and information than a reputed SEO agency can use to bolster its link building efforts for its clients.

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									The Top Benefits of Utilizing Market Surveys in
                Link Building
Every once in a while, a search engine marketing company hits a link building wall.
After a number of great link building strategies and executions, you are suddenly
blank and have no idea how to move forward.

The answer to this problem: use market surveys in your link building campaigns.

Market surveys provide a well of rich insights and information than a reputed SEO
agency can use to bolster its link building efforts for its clients. Here are some of the
advantages of using this technique.

Understanding What Products/Categories You Need to Focus On

When you execute a market research or survey, include a question that asks your
customers what product/s they bought from your client over a certain time frame.
For sure, there would be standouts – those that are selling like hotcakes and those
that are not moving quite as well.

Once you have this figured out, you can zoom in your link building efforts to
frontload these wallflower products. In traditional marketing, this is the equivalent of
point of purchase marketing efforts wherein you are stimulating customer interest
just before a purchase is made.

A Rich Source for In-depth Case Studies

Every reputed SEO agency knows that unique, in-depth content is a vital ingredient
for effective link building and a market survey can serve as a trigger for case studies.
When you implement a market survey, include a portion that informs the
respondents that you will be conducting further interviews and if they would like to
participate, they can simply provide you with their contact details. In order to make
this attractive, you may include small tokens or minor incentives to entice

A Fountain of Article and Blog Ideas

A market survey gives you access to the minds of your consumers or audiences.
Through carefully crafted questions, a search engine optimization company will be
able to find out what things they are interested about and their motivations for
consuming products/services and information.
When you formulate your survey questionnaire, include statements that are relevant
to your client’s business and ask them how much they agree or disagree with these
statements. This will give you great statistics which is always a good inspiration for
fresh content. You can also write an article or blog posts delving deeper on each
statement and omnibus materials that cover all the statements. You may opt to do
this in many ways, but one thing is for sure: if you are running out of fresh content
ideas, rolling out a market survey is a good solution to this predicament.

Mining Market Surveys for Testimonials

Credibility and authority are becoming more and more important in link building
campaigns. One way to build these is via customer testimonials. This is extremely
beneficial especially for online retailers and other e-commerce sites. Using these
testimonials as actual links can also help diversify your inbound link profile which is
very important if you want to strengthen your site's search engine performance.

How to Craft Effective Market Surveys

Keep in mind that you are asking your customers or your audiences for a favor when
you ask them to fill out a survey form. With that being said, you and your partner
reputed SEO agency need to carefully make this surveys so as not to waste your
respondents’ time. Here are a few pointers:

      Make questions interesting
      Don’t ask leading, vague and partial questions
      Don’t be too “hard sell”
      Questions should be able to give you data which you can use to create charts
       and infographics

If you don’t know where to start, there are great survey tools online where you can
browse through tried and tested market survey formats.

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