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									                               Infrastructure as a Service- Building a Competent Enterprise

The technological innovations over the years has facilitated wide range of IT infrastructure to be deployed in the
new age enterprises. Nevertheless, a complex IT infrastructure along with security challenges will pull down the
operational performance levels of the enterprises. Further with the growth of e-commerce the electronic transfer
of digital data has gained momentum across both b2b and b2c market.

With the expansion of enterprises world-wide, the distant and mobile workforce is allowed remote desktop access.
However, the decision making functions, separate infrastructure and security issues cause delays in service
delivery. The need for constant upgrading of infrastructure and security issues have paved way for the wide use of
exclusive data centers deployed by the service providers. Most of the small and medium business enterprises
depend on the services of the data centers. The advent of cloud computing services and the growing popularity of
IT based services, has brought in developments leading to data centers and service providers offering
Infrastructure as a Service.

Infrastructure as a service ( IaaS), one of the features of cloud computing services can be termed as a provision
model, which an enterprise outsource and is used for assisting operations, such as hardware, servers, storage and
other networking components. This results in IT services that can easily be customized to the ever-changing
business needs. With the infrastructure not residing on the premises, there are no hindrances to the decision to
adopt new technology. Further as IT infrastructure, hardware, facilities, and administration being traditionally the
domain of IT departments, infrastructure as a service takes these components off site, and unifies them into a
scalable package manageable through one interface.

By introducing such innovative infrastructure-as-a-service solutions and applications, the service providers assists
the client enterprises to host their mission critical applications and also help to streamline and deploy the IT
infrastructure in an organized way. The characteristics that distinguish the IaaS include dynamic scaling, Internet
connectivity, desktop virtualization, mechanization of administrative tasks along with billing model and utility
computing services. Besides these the enterprises that avail these services accrues advantages such as

         Bringing predictability to IT expenses
         20-30% minimization in cost of IT operations
         IT expenses being directly associated to Infrastructure rather than people

The infrastructure as a service solutions assist enterprises in establishing comprehensive cloud ecosystem and also
help to boost up the business. Further the ease and versatility in operations and business processes facilitates
maintaining costs at a fixed level and saves the organization from incurring any unnecessary costs for hardware or
software upgrading. For the small and medium business enterprises to the outsourcing infrastructure as a service
solution from leading data center service providers has worked out to be very beneficial.

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