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									                Cloud Computing Services Empowering Global Enterprises

The corporate environment today is made up complex IT infrastructure and largely networked system that
can cater to the globalized organizational setup and a dispersed mobile workforce. However the
complexity and inflexibility of infrastructure makes it difficult for these enterprises to keep pace with the
ever-changing demands of new applications and services leading to slower roll out of critical applications
and poor operational performance.

Request to deliver an application through „traditional' methods may take weeks or months with IT
infrastructure requiring physical provisioning or re-provisioning for each change. Further, the delays in
service delivery caused due to separate infrastructures, decision-making functions, and processes that
exist within IT departments have led to enterprises seeking alternative sources of IT capabilities. With
need to streamline the business process and reduce the operational overheads while ensuring
productivity levels, the techno savvy business enterprise has turned to the benefits of cloud computing
services. Though being around for some time now, this technology has gained momentum now made it
possible for the organizations to handle IT related issues in an efficient and cost effective way.

Wikipedia defines the term Cloud computing as “the use of computing resources (hardware and software)
that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet)”. It entrusts remote services with a
user's data, software and computation. With the increase in IT workload of the technologically sound
business world, the IT departments of corporate sectors make use of the cloud computing services and
relocates to a separate network on the cloud.

The evolution of the cloud has paved way for IT organizations to consider the variety of cloud models -
public, private and hybrid - with different cost savings. The ideal cloud model is one that combines the
benefits of both public and private clouds and offers portability between them according to the business
requirements. Hybrid clouds provide the best of both worlds: improved IT agility together with enterprise-
class software for performance, security and control. They allow delivering the right workload in the right
environment, at the right cost.

Data Centers offer cloud computing services to the clients either as Infrastructure(IaaS), a public cloud
platform or software(SaaS). The Cloud computing services through a public cloud platform are offered
 as an on-demand model facilitating computing within cloud, the network access provided through this
model facilitates organizations with significant reduction in costs, increased storage and high automation
which helps to keep applications up to date with extensive flexibility and control.

Further, the data centers through their shared hosting services helps organizations to reduce the
investments required in additional infrastructure besides offering them benefits of cloud computing
services, secure remote access, application programming interface and agility.

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