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              Fall 2010

  Children’s Hospital     New Orleans

World’s First
   A groundbreaking stem cell transplant
is helping Quentin Murray defeat leukemia

Jazz Half Struts | Boo x 2 | Sugarplum to Gallop
Holiday Kidcards    by Children’s Hospital patients

                                 The 2010 Holiday KidCard
                                   collection captures this
                                 magical season through the
                                 eyes of a child. All proceeds
                                     benefit the hospital.

                                                                 Children’s Hospital’s mission is to provide
                                                                 comprehensive pediatric healthcare which
                                                                 recognizes the special needs of children through
                                                                 excellence and the continuous improvement of
                                                                 patient care, education, research, child advocacy and
                                              10 cards &
                                                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                                                 Mrs. George Villere, Chairman

                    Out                                          A. Whitfield Huguley, IV, Vice Chairman
               ld                                                William L. Mimeles, Treasurer
                                                                 Mrs. Julie Livaudais George, Secretary
                                                                 Mrs. Norman Sullivan, Jr., Past Chair

Designed with inspiration.                                       Kenneth H. Beer                   Mrs. Francis Lauricella

     Sealed with joy.                                            Allan Bissinger
                                                                 Ralph O. Brennan
                                                                                                   Joseph M. Nadell, M.D.
                                                                                                   John Y. Pearce

   Delivered with hope.                                          Elwood F. Cahill, Jr.
                                                                 Philip deV. Claverie
                                                                 Mrs. Katie Andry Crosby
                                                                                                   Anthony Recasner, Ph.D.
                                                                                                   Elliot C. Roberts, Sr.
                                                                                                   Alan M. Robson, M.D.
                                                                 Kyle France                       Mrs. Robbie Rubenstein
                                                                 Stephen Hales, M.D.               Everett J. Williams, Ph.D.
                                                                 John Heaton, M.D.                 Steve Worley
                                                                 Mrs. E. Douglas Johnson, Jr.

                                                                 Armand LeGardeur
                                                                 Honorary Life Member
                                                                 Henry N. Stall
                                                                 Honorary Life Member
                                                                 Annette Figueroa, MD
                                                                 Parenting Center Advisory Board
                                                                 Kathleen Robert
                                                                 Guild President

                                                                 Steve Worley, President and CEO
                                                                 Alan Robson, MD, Senior Vice President
                                                                    and Medical Director
                                                                 Brian Landry, Vice President of Marketing

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    12                                                       On the Cover: Quentin Murray, the world’s first recipient of transplanted
                                                             human placenta-derived stem cells. Photo by Chris Price.

Features                                                     Hospital News & Events
12 The Power of Stem Cells                                   5 Doctors’ Notes
     Quentin Murray was diagnosed with leukemia, but
     the birth of his little sister provided much-needed
                                                             7 Meet Our New Docs
     stem cells that have helped him beat his disease        10 Out & About
16 Jazz Half Marathon hits the                               18 Helping Hands
   streets, takes the air                                    Departments
     Four hours of live coverage on WDSU helped the
     second annual New Orleans Jazz Half Marathon            8 Under the Microscope
     raise more than $115,000 for Children’s Hospital                 RIC news, discoveries & projects

Columns                                                      9        Family Focus
4 From the President’s Desk                                           The Parenting Center takes on bullies
     Gallop to the Fair Grounds for Children’s Hospital’s
     Sugarplum Ball                                          23 Small World Gallery
                                                                      Patient artwork on display
6    Medical Director’s Message
     Nutrition classes added to curriculum will help fight
     obesity crisis
    From the President’s Desk
    Steve Worley, President and CEO

    Children’s Hospital Celebrating
    International Attention
         Children’s Hospital offers the highest quality of care for the children of our region, and
    has recently been garnering international attention for advancements in medical treatment
    provided right here in New Orleans.
         The cover story in this issue of Small World features one of our young patients who
    faced tremendous odds, yet endured with the help of our medical team. Quentin Murray
    has a heartwarming story that offers a prime example of how and why Children’s Hospital is
    integral to the community.
          This spring, you can help us celebrate our achievements and ensure we continue to be
    one of the nation’s premier pediatric medical centers. Friends and supporters of the hospital
    will come together in celebration of the 30th annual Sugarplum Ball on Friday, April 1,
    2011, at the New Orleans Fair Grounds.
         The first Sugarplum Ball helped the hospital establish its first intensive care transport
    team in tandem with the opening of its Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. This year, with
    your help, the hospital will expand its transport
    services by purchasing its own medical transport
    helicopter. The pediatric transport team provides
    24-hour air and ground emergency transport                  “Children’s Hospital offers the highest quality
    for gravely ill and injured children who need
    immediate care.
                                                                    of care for the children of our region,
         This year’s Sugarplum Ball honoree, David              and has recently been garnering international
    Haydel, Sr., owner of Haydel’s Bakery, has been
    an advocate and very generous supporter of
                                                              attention for advancements in medical treatment
    countless hospital projects for many years. Mr.                 provided right here in New Orleans.”
    Haydel is a business leader dedicated to helping
    Children’s Hospital and other worthwhile
    organizations that serve our community.
         The 2011 Sugarplum Ball gives us all the opportunity to enjoy great food, great
    entertainment and great fun while helping Children’s Hospital save young lives. We hope
    you will join us in celebrating thirty years of Sugarplum Ball! With your help, Children’s
    Hospital will continue to provide superior care to our city’s most precious treasure…our
         Before I go, I would be remiss not to thank each and every one of you who helped make
    the Jazz Half marathon such a success. Led by our Development Director Roger Gorman, in
    two years the event has grown into a fantastic fundraiser and vehicle to share our many good
    stories with the public. Despite tough economic times, several local companies, led by
    Grainger, Walgreen’s, Fujifilm and WDSU, stepped up to make this a remarkable event that
    brought in more than $115,000 for the hospital. Again, thank you.

                                                                                                                 Doctors’ Notes
                                                                                                       News From Children’s Hospital

                                                                     Tune in for Children’s Hospital
                                                                     on WDSU Fridays at 4 p.m.
2010 Best Docs at Children’s Hospital
                                                                           When WDSU activates its OnCall Network during their
General Pediatrics               Pediatric Hematology/Oncology       4 p.m. Friday broadcast, an expert from Children’s Hospital
    Hales Pediatrics                  Renee Gardner                  is there to discuss breaking medical news and issues pertinent
        Stephen Hales                 Maria Velez                    to the local region. Tune in each Friday to hear the latest
        Elizabeth Milvid              Lolie Yu                       healthcare news from Children’s Hospital!
        M. Nora Oates            Pediatric Nephrology
    Lakeside Pediatrics               V. Matti Vehaskari
        Scott Zander
                                 Pediatric Neurology
    Metairie Pediatrics
                                      Stephen Deputy
        Mark Morici
                                      Ann Tilton
    Napoleon Pediatrics
                                      Maria Weimer
        David Estes, Jr.
        Michael Heller, Jr.      Pediatric Neurological Surgery
        Keith Perrin                  Joseph Nadell
        Sam Solis                Pediatric Neuromuscular Disease
    Ormond Pediatric Group            Ann Tilton
        Thomas Babin
                                 Pediatric Ophthalmology
Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine           George Ellis, Jr.
    Brian Barkemeyer                  Horatio Sprague Eustis
    Staci Olister
                                 Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery
    Duna Penn
                                      Stephen Heinrich
    Dana Rivera
                                      Andrew King
                                 Pediatric Pathology
     Herbert Marks, Jr.
                                      Randall Craver
Pediatric Allergy & Immunology
                                 Pediatric Rheumatology
     Ricardo Sorenson
                                      Abraham Gedalia
Pediatric Anesthesiology                                               Ain’t That a Kick
                                 Pediatric Surgery
     Stanley Hall                                                            San Diego Chargers punter Mike Scifres, one of
                                      Charles Hill
     John Heaton                                                       the top punters in the National Football League (NFL),
                                      Rodney Steiner
     George Koclanes                                                   credits Children’s Hospital for saving his life and his career.
     Sheryl Sawatsky             Pediatric Urology                     Growing up, Scifres developed severe allergies and eczema
                                      Joseph Ortenberg                 and was hospitalized after developing blood poisoning due
Pediatric Cardiology
     Robert Ascuitto             Plastic Surgery                       to a dangerous leg infection that if it progressed any further
     Nancy Ross-Ascuitto               Michael Moses                   would threaten his life. No one knew that by saving Mike’s
     Aluizio Stopa                                                     leg, the doctors would be saving his career. Over the past
                                 Psychiatry (Child and Adolescent)
                                                                       several years, The Mike Scifres Foundation has donated more
Pediatric Gastroenterology            Humberto Quintana
                                                                       than $10,000 worth of recreational and educational items to
     Raynorda Brown
                                                                       stock the teen playroom.

    Medical Director’s Message
    Alan Robson, MD, Medical Director

    Schools Should Teach Nutrition
    To Help Fight Obesity Crisis
         Severe obesity has become one of the scourges of modern society. It results in many
    complications including Type II diabetes, hypertension and heart failure. Traditional treatments
    include behavior modification, increased exercise, reduction of caloric intake and bariatric surgery
    for certain patients.
         The issue of obesity represents an enormous public health challenge for the country and
    especially for Louisiana where 64.9 percent of adults and 47.5 percent of children are either
    obese or overweight. The State ranks fifth highest for the incidence of adult obesity (31%) and
    fourth highest (29%) for children and teenagers aged 2 to 15 years. There are more than 1.1
    million children and teenagers in Louisiana of whom up to 30 percent - 330,000 - are obese. It
    was recently estimated that the annual cost of child obesity-associated illness in Louisiana was
    approximately $127 million. It is obvious that obesity represents a huge public health challenge.
    There is no way that the current pediatric healthcare services in the State can adequately address
    the problem of obesity in the younger population.
         It has been proposed that families can do their part
    to reduce obesity by adopting a more heart healthy diet,
    exercising more and reducing the time that their children
    participate in sedentary activities, such as watching TV or           “It was recently estimated that the
    playing computer games. I support this recommendation.
    However, children tend to mimic their parents and               annual cost of child obesity-associated illness in
    since there is such a high incidence of adult obesity I am
    skeptical that such a program would be effective.
                                                                      Louisiana was approximately $127 million.”
         A can of soda provides 155 calories, sports drinks
    are high in sugar also and “energy drinks” are even
    worse. Many people now drink diet sodas in which
    sugar is replaced by an alternate low calorie sweetener. Unfortunately this may not be a successful strategy. Between 1987 and 2000
    the number of Americans consuming sodas with sugar-free sweetener doubled. During the same period, the incidence of obesity
    doubled from approximately 15 percent to 30 percent of the population. This could be coincidence, but there is increasing evidence
    that this is not the case. In both man and in experimental animals it has become apparent that low calorie sweeteners and sugar are
    not interchangeable. Although they both saturate “sweet” receptors in the tongue, they stimulate different areas in the brain. It
    is proposed that eating foods containing sugar generates a feeling of satiety which provides feedback to limit further food intake.
    Conversely, non-caloric sweeteners do not stimulate the same areas of the brain so that additional eating is needed to provide the same
    sense of satisfaction. In support of this hypothesis, rats fed low calorie sweeteners ingested more food than those fed sugar.
         Children’s Hospital was one of six centers in the country that was chosen to participate in the National Institutes of Health
    funded Dietary Intervention Study in Children (DISC). In this study, eight and nine year old children and their families were given a
    very intensive course on providing a heart healthy diet designed to reduce blood levels of cholesterol, especially the “bad” cholesterol.
    The program accomplished its goals. Recently there was a follow up evaluation of participants. Almost 20 years after the initial study
    there was evidence that this training was still effective when data from the intervention subjects was compared to that from the control
    group. Based on this data, I believe that schools need to implement into their curriculum a course on healthy nutrition. This should
    begin as early as the second or third grade and continue each year in elementary school. Not only would this help the children it could
    also help their entire family. Children can have a powerful influence on their parents.

                                                                                                   Meet Our New Docs

Children’s Hospital welcomes these new members of the medical staff:

Jaime Dorotan, CT Surgery                    Amy Henke, PhD, Psychology                   Cori Morrison, Hematology/Oncology
Medical School: University of Santo Tomas,   Graduate School: NOVA Southeastern           Medical School: LSU Health Sciences
Manila, Philippines                          University, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.             Center, New Orleans
Residency: New York Medical College,         Internship: LSU Health Sciences Center,      Residency: Charity Hospital and Children’s
Valhalla, N.Y.                               New Orleans                                  Hospital, New Orleans
Fellowship: University of New Mexico         Fellowship: Children’s Hospital,             Fellowship: Children’s Hospital,
Health Sciences Center, Albuquerque, N.M.    New Orleans                                  New Orleans

Lawrence Simon, Otolarynology                Lindsay Wells, Gynecology                    Ellie Wetsman, CARE Center
Medical School: Baylor College of            Medical School: LSU Health Sciences          Medical School: LSU Health Sciences
Medicine, Houston                            Center, New Orleans                          Center, New Orleans
Residency: Baylor College of Medicine,       Residency: Ochsner Clinic Foundation,        Residency: Children’s Hospital King’s
Houston                                      New Orleans                                  Daughters, Norfolk, Va.
Fellowship: Rady Children’s Hospital,        Fellowship: University of Iowa Hospitals &
San Diego                                    Clinics, Iowa City, Iowa

    Under the Microscope
    RIC news, discoveries & projects

    The SpeechEasy Device in
    Children who Stutter
    Dr. Anne L. Foundas, professor & vice-chair of clinical research of
    the Neurology Department at LSU Health Sciences Center, New
    Orleans in the Research Institute for Children at Children’s Hospital,
    is conducting a study with the SpeechEasy device to see if it can help
    children with developmental stuttering, a major source of disability
    and suffering. Stuttering is the most common developmental speech
    disorder and affects an estimated 1.5 million Americans, including
    four percent of children. Although the disorder significantly impacts
    social, academic, and vocational achievements of individuals who
    stutter, important questions remain regarding factors that cause,
    exacerbate and/or maintain stuttering. There are very few behavioral
    or drug treatments that effectively reduce stuttering. The efficacy of
    various treatments for stuttering remains a source of vigorous debate
    and investigation.
          Historically, there have been claims of “cures” or that stuttering
    has been “solved” as a developmental disorder. There are currently
    a range of clinical practices and therapeutic strategies that may
    successfully treat stuttering in some children, adolescents and adults.
    It is generally agreed that stuttering is best managed in childhood
    because children often respond faster, become more fluent, and
    maintain fluency longer than adults. Although many people achieve
    significant decreases in stuttering with treatment, many others
    continue to have difficulty communicating throughout their lives.
                                                                                      The specific aims of this proposal are twofold: (1) to examine
         The SpeechEasy is a medical device designed to enhance
                                                                                the safety and effectiveness of the device in children, and (2) to
    fluency in adults who stutter using principles of altered auditory
                                                                                integrate those results into preliminary studies of the relationship of
    feedback (AAF). Several studies have been designed to examine
                                                                                treatment response to brain structure. Multiple measures will be used
    the effectiveness of the SpeechEasy in situations of daily living. In
                                                                                to assess treatment efficacy including: reductions in stuttering, speech
    general, these studies have found the device to be effective. These
                                                                                behavior (e.g., speech rate and speech naturalness), and the subject’s
    studies are a natural extension of our research program in adults
                                                                                self-evaluation of performance.
    including recent studies of the SpeechEasy device.
                                                                                     Results from these studies will allow us to determine whether
         The principal aim is the systematic evaluation of the SpeechEasy
                                                                                large-scale, multi-site and real-world studies should be undertaken to
    device, a hearing aid- like device, as a treatment of stuttering children
                                                                                examine this device in children. These studies will also provide us
    aged eight to 18. The proposed studies target school-age children
                                                                                with important information into brain mechanisms, and may help us
    and adolescents, but if the device is well tolerated and effective in
                                                                                identify biological subtypes who are more responsive to treatment
    these older age groups then we would like to conduct pilot studies to
                                                                                with AAF to enhance fluency.
    determine whether this device can be used in younger children. This
    is important because the onset of stuttering is greatest at 3 to 5 years
    of age.

                                                                                                                                Family Focus

                          Talking about Feelings:
              The Importance of Emotional Communication Skills
      Parents everywhere want their children to learn the skills they will          Naming Emotions. Help children identify and name the
need to succeed in everyday life. One critical – but often overlooked –       emotions they are experiencing instead of telling them how they should
skill is the ability to deal with emotions. How does a child learn how        feel. Set a good example by naming your own emotions and talking
to deal with sadness, anxiety, excitement and joy? What are appropriate       about them.
ways to cope with intense feelings? What can a parent do when a child              Finding Good Solutions. Support children as they explore
explodes in anger or seems overwhelmed by fear?                               appropriate solutions to problems. Discipline misbehaving children for
     Children can’t be happy all the time and sheltering children from        what they do, not for what they feel. Encourage emotional expression,
upsets does not teach them the skills they will need to handle life’s         but set clear and consistent limits on behavior. Help children think
disappointments. We build the ability to approach life with optimism          through possible solutions.
when those around us show empathy for our struggles and model how                  Using these new skills may seem awkward at first. Most parents
to put setbacks in context. Just like teaching any skill, it takes time and   find it much easier to tell children what they should do and how they
practice to learn how to manage our feelings.                                 should feel. Learning how to watch and listen more than talk takes
     John Gottman, author of Raising an Emotionally Intelligent               practice. Think about who you go to when you are upset. It’s probably
Child and What Am I Feeling? The Five Steps of Emotion Coaching, has          not the person with a ready solution, but the one who listens while you
discovered that children who understand their feelings and learn to           think through your options.
handle emotions do better in many ways. He recommends five steps of                The first step in changing how to parent is recognizing that what
emotion coaching that parents can use to help their children deal with        you just tried wasn’t very successful. Don’t worry, children always give
their feelings:                                                               you another chance to handle things better. Just wait for the situation
      Emotional Awareness. Identify your feelings about feelings.             to happen again; if you try a new parenting skill, your children will also
Becoming comfortable with and accepting feelings as a natural part of         learn new behaviors and skills.
life will help you help your child. Develop your observation skills as            For more information about Emotion Coaching and Gottman’s
you listen and learn how children express different emotions.                 methods, talk to the parent educators at
     Connecting. Don’t dismiss or avoid a child’s emotional moments,          The Parenting Center or log on to
but see them as an opportunity for drawing close and teaching.                www.parentingcounts.org.
Encourage children to talk about how they feel, but provide guidance          The Parenting Center provides its services –
before things escalate into a crisis.                                         classes, lending libraries of parenting books
                                                                              and videos, drop in playrooms and activity
     Listening. Listen with empathy, take a child’s feelings seriously,
                                                                              yard – in two locations, Uptown and
and show them you understand. Avoid judging or criticizing a child’s          Metairie, and on WWL-TV, every
emotions. Showing your child empathy helps them develop empathy               Tuesday morning at 8:50 a.m.
for others.                                                                   For more information, please
                                                                              call The Parenting Center at
                                                                              (504) 896-9591, send an e-mail to
                                                                              parenting@chnola.org or log on to

                                                                                  Watch for timely parenting topics presented by
                                                                                  The Parenting Center staff on WWL-TV every Tuesday
                                              on                                  morning at 8:50 a.m. Topics can be found under
                                                                                  Parenting Resources at www.theparentingcenter.net.
     Out & About
     Children’s Hospital Events & Celebrations

     Alfre Woodard
          Instantly recognized by
     star-struck staff and parents,
     Alfre Woodard, of Memphis
     Beat and True Blood fame,
     recently visited the hospital to
     bring cheer to patients during a
     shooting break. Alfre’s work has
     earned her an Oscar nomination, four Emmys, three Screen
     Actors Guild Awards and a Golden Globe.

                                                                                  Boo at the Zoo
                                                                                       Boo at the Zoo cast its spell for two fun-filled weekends on
     Reach Out and Read                                                           October 22–23 and 29–30 as the annual Halloween fundraiser
          U.S. Representative Joseph                                              benefiting Children’s Hospital and Audubon Zoo expanded to four
     Cao read to patients at the KidsFirst                                        nights. Children of all ages enjoyed trick-or-treating, a ghost train,
     Prytania Clinic to highlight Reach                                           haunted house, games with prizes and live music. BATZ raised more
     Out and Read, a program designed                                             than $150,000 for the hospital.
     to make literacy a standard part of
     pediatric primary care. Children
     at participating clinics get a new
     book each time they visit beginning at the six-month checkup
     and continuing through age five. Four CHMPC clinics currently
     participate in the program and distribute several hundred books
     per month.

                                             Glamour Squad
                                                  Jenna Owens, a radio personality on B-97’s Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show recently treated
                                             almost 20 girls aged 12-18 to a full spa day, complete with facials, massages, makeup, hairstyling,
                                             manicures, robes and flip-flops. Jenna’s Glamour Squad visits patients to give them a day of pampering
                                             and a boost in confidence.

                                                                                             Calendar of Events

Supriya Jindal
     Louisiana’s First Lady Supriya Jindal visited the CICU and the Cardiology Clinic.
Mrs. Jindal, whose son was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and underwent            23  State Farm Bayou Classic teams visit
surgery as an infant, is an advocate for heart health awareness. Cardiac patients received            10 am, Room-to-Room
special Build-A-Bears along with a personal note of encouragement.
                                                                                             16   Physician’s Reveillon Dinner
                                                                                                      7 pm, Meson 923

                                                                                             17       Royal Sonesta Teddy Bear Tea
                                                                                                      2 pm, Royal Sonesta

                                                                                             23       Teddy Bear Tea
                                                                                                      9:45 am, Auditorium

                                                                                             10   Medical Staff Annual Dinner
                                                                                                      6:30 pm, Auditorium

                                                                                             1   Guild Mardi Gras Mambo Bingo
                                                                                                      TBA, Pontchartrain Center
                                                                                                      $35 members/$40 non-members
                                                                                             5        Brian Harris Chevrolet’s
                                                                                                      Children’s Hospital Bass Classic
                                                                                                      Doiron’s Landing, Stevensville, La.

Children’s Hospital’s Black & Gold Pep Rally                                                 APRIL
     Pierre Thomas, Chris Reis, David Thomas and Nick Leckey took some time
from their Tuesday off-day to visit patients during the annual Children’s Hospital’s         1     Sugarplum Ball
Black & Gold Pep rally. The guys arrived on and led chants from Drago’s fire engine,                  7:30-11:30 p.m., The Fairgrounds
played tailgating games and enjoyed lunch and refreshments with the kids.                             $150 per person

                                                                                             11-12    Telethon

                                                                                                    For more information,
                                                                                                  please call 504-896-9373.

                                                                                                  Follow us:
     An unexpected child and
     groundbreaking procedure
     arrive in time to save
     Quentin Murray’s life

A Family’s Gift
M             ost parents will describe their babies as
miracles, but when Mary Webb and Corwin Murray
                                                                      When they received the diagnosis, Webb was three
                                                                 months pregnant and the thought of caring for her son
describe their daughter, Jory, as a blessing, they aren’t        through her pregnancy was almost overwhelming. With
tossing a cliché. She was unexpected, but she arrived just in    chemotherapy, he would have had about a 35 percent chance
time to save her older brother Quentin’s life.                   for survival, but hospital staffers gave her hope that her new
    In early summer 2007, Webb consulted a half dozen            baby might hold the key to curing her son’s disease.
doctors to discover what was causing pain all over Quentin’s          Children’s Hospital was participating in a multi-center
body before the four-year-old was diagnosed with acute           clinical trial being conducted at LSU Health Sciences
lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a cancer of the bone marrow        Center, together with Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital
and white blood cells which normally fight infections.           of New York-Presbyterian and Columbia University Medical
      “I was devastated that he had cancer, but we had           Center using human placenta-derived stem cells (HPDSCs)
struggled for so long to determine what was wrong with him       for patients with a range of disorders including cancers
– going back and forth to different doctors, his pediatrician,   and non-malignancies, including stroke, multiple sclerosis
orthopaedist, ophthalmologist.” Webb said. “I was relieved       and Crohn’s disease. HPDSCs are immature and versatile
to know what he had, and confident in Children’s because of      stem cells with potentially broad therapeutic applications
its reputation as a great facility.”                             in the treatment of leukemia and other hematological
                                                                 malignancies, solid tumor cancers and autoimmune diseases.

     The transplanted cells improve patients’ treatment by expediting
     engraftment and restoring normal blood formation and immune
          Quentin’s doctor, Lolie C. Yu, MD, professor of pediatrics, chief of
     the pediatric Hematology-Oncology program and director of the bone
     marrow transplant (BMT) program at LSU Health Sciences Center
     and Children’s Hospital, said studies showed HPDSCs are very similar
     to umbilical cord blood stem cells (which have been used medically for
     years), but they have distinct differences that provide an anti-leukemic
     effect. Combined, the two types of stem cells could work together to
     make the transplantation successful and greatly improve the rebuilding of
     blood and the immune system.

     One in a Million Chance
          With chemotherapy Quentin went into remission less than a month
     after his illness was diagnosed, but his parents were warned that he was
     at high risk for a relapse. When Jory was born on Dec. 3, 2007, she was
     tested to see if she could be a donor.
          She was a perfect match. “We were told that was like the equivalent
     of winning the lottery,” Webb said, “to have a child on the way who was a
     perfect match for him – what a blessing.”
           Doctors sent her placenta and umbilical cord blood to Celgene
     Cellular Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical firm in Summit, N.J., for the
     cells to be collected, cryo-preserved and stored for the transplant.
          On March 28, 2008, Dr. Yu performed the groundbreaking
     transplant at Children’s Hospital. For the first time ever, HPDSCs would
     be used in cancer treatment.
          “You hear transplant and you picture a high-intensity ER, but it was
     really low key,” Webb said. “It was like a transfusion, but the stem cells
     looked like pink hair gel.”
          With his immune system in ruins, Quentin had to remain isolated
     in his room for four months, until his body was able to sufficiently
     fight viruses and infections. But the transplant appeared to be a success.
     Within 28 days, his body was creating all types of new blood cells,
     restoring normal blood formation and immune function, and he was
     discharged from the hospital two weeks earlier compared to traditional
     cord blood transplants.
          “I don’t think that we can clearly establish that this result is due
     to the placenta stem cells because it’s only one patient. But, certainly,
     the results are very encouraging and suggestive that these cells do make

a difference, further raising our hopes regarding the benefits of this
treatment,” Dr. Yu said. “I had another patient who presented almost
exactly like Quentin – same time, same type of leukemia, high-risk
features – but this patient did not receive the placenta stem cells, and,
unfortunately for that patient, the leukemia came back shortly after.”
      Robert Hariri, MD, PhD, CEO of Celgene Cellular Therapeutics,
the company that owns proprietary technologies for collecting,
processing and storing HPDSCs, said, “The transplanted cells worked as
expected. We are pleased with this first positive step, and are excited to
advance our study of the placenta as a source of stem cells that have the
ability to effectively treat patients worldwide.”

3 now 4
     For the past two years, Dr. Yu has carefully monitored Quentin, and
she says his prognosis is excellent. “I was extremely encouraged by his
course after the transplantation,” she said. “He did not develop any major
complications and recovered at a rate much faster than giving just cord
blood stem cells.”
     Dr. Yu will continue to see him twice a year for the next 24 months
and then annually. “Quentin is doing extremely well, and I’m so proud
of him. He’s an inspiration. He brings life into the room when he enters.
He’s a very happy child in a very happy family, who should have a long
fruitful life ahead.”
     Today, Quentin is a benevolent boy, who recognizes the gift of life
he received from his sister. “Jory saved my life,” he says. “My sister is my
special angel. I love her.”
     Webb continually gives thanks to Quentin’s medical team for the
care he received. This fall, she wrote a book about Quentin’s journey and
the support they continue to receive from Children’s Hospital.
     “My husband and I used to live in Memphis, so we know how strong
a reputation St. Jude’s has, but we received world-class care right here,
close to home. Children’s Hospital is the reason our son is alive today,
and I can’t thank you enough.”

     Webb, a journalist, wrote a book about her family’s experience. The
Summer of Superheroes and the Making of Iron Boy sells for $15.95 and is
available at the New Orleans Community Book Center and The Afro-American
Book Stop as well as www.amazon.com and www.createspace.com/3458326. A
percentage of the proceeds will benefit Children’s Hospital, The Leukemia &
Lymphoma Society and The JL Foundation, which provides financial assistance
to families dealing with leukemia. On November 23 from 10 to noon, Webb will
hold a reading and book signing at Children’s Hospital.

                   Second Annual Jazz Half Marathon
                  Strikes a Chord For Children’s Hospital
         With four hours of live coverage on WDSU and             Four-person teams participated in the “Run
     musical entertainment along the route ranging in style   for the Children” Relay Challenge presented by
     from jazz to rock to country, more than 2,500 runners    Merrill Lynch with each team member covering
     from 43 states and three foreign countries raced         approximately three to four miles.
     through the streets of New Orleans on Saturday, Oct.         The marathoners exerted their last bit of energy
     30, to scare up more than $115,000 for Children’s        dancing to Kermit Ruffins & the BBQ Swingers,
     Hospital in the second annual New Orleans Jazz Half      Gal Holiday & the Honky Tonk Revue and NO
     Marathon presented by Grainger.                          LowGeaux Trio at the post-race celebration. The Jazz
         Matthew T. Manning won the race with a time of       Half introduced a commemorative poster this year
     1:11:04. Sarah Skotty, 1:19:05, was the first female     featuring an image of Ruffins blowing his trumpet
     to complete the 13.1 mile race, which began on           outside of a New Orleans music club. Graphic
     Convention Center Boulevard and wound through            designer Chris Snizik and art director Chris Price
     the CBD, Warehouse District, up historic St. Charles     used a David Rae Morris photograph as the basis
     Avenue through the Garden District and Uptown to         for the poster. A limited number are still available at
     Audubon Park. After circling the Park’s two-mile         www.jazzhalf.com. Ruffins has signed 200 copies,
     track, runners returned back down St. Charles before     which are selling for $50, and 800 numbered copies
     ending at Harrah’s Fulton Square.                        are available for $30.

    “Every aspect of the race was perfect,” said Mike Cambre, the      Overall Male Open Winners
race’s director. “It was a special day for a special cause. My hat’s
                                                                       Place Name                      Age Time
off to all the volunteers who helped and, of course, to the musicans
who provided an outstanding post-party.”                               1       Matthew T. Manning      30     1:11:04.9
    All Half Marathon finishers received customized finisher           2       Brendan Minihan, Jr.    35     1:15:22.4
medallions upon completion of the course, and individualized           3       Chad Callais            40     1:15:53.4
finisher certificates – suitable for printing – are available on the
race Web site, www.jazzhalf.com.
                                                                       Overall Female Open Winners
    Major sponsors included Grainger, Merrill Lynch, Walgreens,
Fujifilm, New Balance, Offbeat, nola.com, Southern Eagle, Rouses       Place Name                      Age Time
and Wellness Water. Fleur de Lis Framing and Gifts, Blue Bell          1       Sarah Skotty            27     1:19:05.1
Creameries, Acadian Ambulance, Take 5 Oil Change, Marriott             2       Michelle Hymel          26     1:21:35.13
International, H2O Specialties, Southern Runner and Ernst Café
participated as mile sponsors.                                         3       Barbara Gubbins         50     1:25:48.0

  Thanks and congratulations to all of the runners and walkers
who participated in the Jazz Half Marathon.                            A list of all winners in all classifications
                                                                       is available at www.jazzhalf.com

                            Helping Hands
        Building a healthy future for kids.                    June 1, 2010 – October 31, 2010

                                                               Mark Edward Ahlemeyer                 Lillian Benton
                                                                Lisa Beacher                           Shirley L. Ganucheau
     Kids Fund Kickoff                                         Landen L. (“Snooky”) Alexander, Jr.   Kyle Bergeron
                                                                 Leslie Williams Aronson               DynMcDermott Petroleum
                                                                 Associated Branch Pilots                Operations
                                                                 Brusly Hunting Club
                                                                 Clipper Americas, Inc.              Matthew John Bertucci
                                                                 Douglas K. Harris                    Angie Gobert
                                                                 The David J. Joseph Company          Inner Wheel Club of Metairie
                                                                 Laurin Maritime (America), Inc.
                                                                                                     Helen Gross Bianchini
                                                                 Mississippi Valley Trade &
                                                                                                      Bernard & Jane Berins
                                                                  Transport Council
     Evans Valerie, M.D.      Charles Hill, M.D.                                                      Paul & Anita Bertuccini
                                                                 Captain & Mrs. William O.
                                                                                                      Linda L. Hartwell & Family
                                                                  Watson, Jr.
          The 2010 Kids Fund Campaign is raising                                                      Harlan & Hank Pollock
                                                                 David H. Wilcox
     money for a new emergency transport helicopter,                                                  Harold Wainer
     which will help Children’s Hospital better fulfill        Marion Helmstetter Allerton
                                                                                                     Betty Elizabeth Bladow
                                                                Bill & Sandra Lowe
     its mission as the regional healthcare center for                                                 Judy Blanchard
     children by reaching all areas of Louisiana and the       Bryce Robert-Gail Anastasio
                                                                                                     Dr. James R. Bobo
     Gulf South in an expedited manner. Hospital board           Elmore & Dottie Bauer
                                                                                                       Paul & Anita Bertuccini
     member William Mimeles is serving as the chair              Jeff & Kelly Benedic
     of this year’s campaign. Surgeons Evans Valerie,            Donna M. Bennett                    Troy Lynn Boutte
                                                                 Willy & Liz Brown                     Jim & Betty Jo Bennett
     M.D., and Charles Hill, M.D., are serving as heads
                                                                 Bobby & Jayne Christensen
     of the Physicians Campaign. Your support helps the          Alice J. Defenbaugh                 Richard Buras
     hospital’s staff provide care as quickly as possible to     Dixieland Forest Corporation          Simone F. Wiltz
     those in most critical need, and helps the hospital         Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat
                                                                 Foundation                          Morris E. Burka, Jr.
     maintain its policy of never turning away a child
                                                                 Audry S. Flathers                    Vincent P. Saia
     who needs the care we provide.                                                                   Glynn Stephens, Jr.
                                                                 Jennifer M. Kinneer
                                                                 Kiwanis Club of Greater
                                                                                                     Paul V. Burke
                                                                   Covington, Inc.
     Valero St. Charles Refinery                                 Mickey & Karen Klotthor
                                                                                                       Yvonne Bascal
                                                                                                       Janis Boykin, Doris, Violet,
          Valero St. Charles Refinery made a wonderful           Brenda Leng
                                                                                                         Clyde & Fred
                                                                 Kenton & Carol Moore
     contribution of $75,000 to Children’s Hospital.                                                   Jerry, Jackie & Judy Burke
                                                                 Pontchartrain Hunting Retriever
     The decision to make the donation, raised through                                                 Edna M. Hyde
     the Valero Texas Open, was made by an employee                                                    Cindy Lagasse
                                                                 Cary & Linda Vincent
                                                                                                       Emile & Clarisse Schayot
     committee and continues the company’s very                  Brandon, Alisa & Autumn Wand
                                                                                                       Spencer & Mary Schayot
     generous support of the hospital. Since Hurricane                                                 Alice B. Schilling
                                                               Evelyn L. Ariatti
     Katrina, the company and its employees have
                                                                 Roy & Sandra LeBlanc
     contributed more than $820,000 to support the                                                   Myrtis M. Butzman
     work of our hospital. Valero employees are also           Rose Badalamenti                       Paul & Anita Bertuccini
     among our most dedicated volunteers, helping with           Sadie M. Marcello
                                                                                                     Joan Donahue Caffarel
                                                                 Vincent Marcello, Jr.
     such projects as the hospital’s annual Telethon,                                                  Jeff & Michelle Bockmeyer
     Radiothon, Boo at the Zoo and the Jazz Half               Marguerite Bagaley                      Gary & Jane Caffarel
     Marathon. Valero employees also conduct an annual          Sadie M. Marcello                      Jody Yeisley
     toy drive for our young patients who are in the                                                 Dianne Marie Ehlers Caillouet
                                                               Ronald John Ballestas
     hospital during the holidays.                               Britt Lab                             Louis & Enid Riecke

                                                               Elizabeth Barton                      Anne Cook Carriere
                                                                 Richard & Sandra Bonnet               Alexander Navarro

Adrianna Cavanagh                         Roy Dale Fisher
  Franklinton Supper Club Group             Gwen Fisher
  Jack R. Kulman
                                          Patricia B. Florane                 Independent Pilots Association
Gabby Chiasson                              Suzanne Boudreaux
 Tracy W. Fury
                                          John S. Franceski
Michael Andrew Carl (“Mickey”)              255th Air Control Squadron
 Chosa                                      Sarintha Buras
 Yvonne R. Bocage                           Mr. & Mrs. David Canonici
                                            Janie Jacobs & Family
Frederick Francis (“Fritz”) Clasen, Jr.     Pivach Law Firm
  Reliable Disposal Co., Inc.
                                          Helene Pilon Francher
Charles J. Clulee, Jr.                     French Quarter Citizens, Inc.
 Harold Wainer                                                                     The Independent Pilots Association, an
                                           Brad J. Persons
                                                                              organization based in Louisville, Ky., comprised of
William Holt (“Bill”) Crawford, Sr.       Richard Galiano                     pilots who fly for Fed-Ex, made a gift of $25,000,
 Laura Stegen                               Cheryl Galiano                    through the IPA Foundation, in support of the School
Robert Fernandez de Castro, Sr.                                               Kids Immunization Program (SKIP). The pilots began
                                          Shirley Geller
  Kevin S. Byrne                            Audrey F. Richoux                 supporting Children’s Hospital in the wake of Hurricane
  Barbara B. Eschete                                                          Katrina and have made several very generous gifts since
  Marilyn Fowler                          Louis Girouard                      that time. Pilot Joby Soileau and his wife presented the
  Marylin Gasquet, Cathy, Karen,            Paul & Anita Bertuccini
                                                                              check to SKIP program director Charmaine Allesandro.
    Lorraine, Carol, Michelle & Carrie
  Joyce R. Griener                        Garrett Grefer
  Mary Lynn Gwartney                       Patsy M. Grefer
  Ernest & Mary Haydel                                                        Operation Pumpkin
                                          Barbara Grizzle
  Donald A. Hoffman                                                                 Children’s Hospital physicians lent their surgical
                                            Audrey Doyle Dysart & Family
  William J. Hrapmann, Jr.
                                                                              skills to Operation Pumpkin at The Shops at Canal
  Tim Kibler                              Tez Guidry
  The Kleehammer Family                                                       Place. The doctors carved jack-o-lanterns, which were
                                            Alexis O. Navarro
  Frances Knoop                                                               judged by local celebrities and sold to the public for $25
  Mary Muniz                              Donald Albert Hammett               apiece. Uncarved pumpkins were available for purchase
  Judy Nodurft                             Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Melius           for $15 each for children to decorate with help from
  Dr. David C. Raphael                                                        RHINO gallery artists. Children came dressed in their
  Marilyn Silbernagel                     Dr. Judith A. Harris
                                            Clay Latimer                      best costumes so they could trick-or-treat throughout
  Patrice K. Zimmerman
                                            Mindy Milam                       the mall and enjoy special in-store promotions at
Rose Delaney                                                                  participating shops. The event raised close to $1,000
  William E. Delaney, Jr.                 Betty Jelks Hayden
                                                                              for the hospital. The hospital kick-off party was a huge
                                            Gary & Kate Elkins
Laura Griffin DeVille                       Harold & Gucci Gerkin             success and helped the overall emotional well-being of
  Charles, Georgmarie &                                                       the patients by giving them a chance to be a kid during
   Georgia Moore                          Mary McGill Haygood                 a fun holiday time.
                                           Joanne Ayoub
Philip Joseph DiSalvo, Sr.                 Ann H. Callaway
  Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. Danna, III        Roseanne Joaquin
                                           Doane & Kathie Kelly               Louis “Ted” Schwander
Andrew W. Dunn
  Bobby & Debbie Hamilton
                                           Don & Louan Loverich               Memorial Golf Tournament
                                           The Mabie Family
                                           Maison Chartres Maison St. Louis         This year’s Louis “Ted” Schwander, Jr.
April Leigh Eggerton                                                          6th Annual Memorial Golf Tournament was held at
                                           Condo Association
  Judy Haller
                                           Kim L. Pinto                       Stonebridge Golf Club of New Orleans on Friday, Oct.
Eunice Jeanne Fazende                      Becca Schader, Dave, Carrie,       29. In all, 92 golfers participated, enjoying a round of
  Mr. & Mrs. Harold C. Putfark               Sarah & Abby                     golf, great food from Ruth’s Chris Steak House and
                                           Dave & Cait Tchaikowitz
                                                                              Acme Oyster House, and live and silent auctions. The
John Frank Ferrara, Sr.                    Carol Weyman
  John & Carol Ferrara                                                        event raised nearly $15,000 for the Heart Center at
  Joe & Karen Kabel                       Cooper Hebert                       Children’s Hospital
  Albert S. Pappalardo                     Rachel Hebert
  Dora Ferrara Saigeon                                                                                                                     19
                                                               Una Dunigan Hoyle                      Henry Edgar Lescale, Jr.
                                                                Louis & Enid Riecke                    Ree Anderson
                                                                                                       Matt & Shaan Aucoin
     Will Rogers Institute donation                            Raley Donnie Jones                      Scott Blanchard
                                                                 John & Ruth Cetinich                  Lucille H. (“Duchess”) Brian
                                                                                                       Friends at Chevron
                                                               Lynn Freeman Kimble
                                                                                                       C-Shop Maintenance (Monsanto)
                                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Melius
                                                                                                       Roger Gonzalez
                                                               Rose Mary P. Lagarde                    William & Coleen Hurley
                                                                 Dorothy DelBuono                      Leslie Nuccio
                                                                                                       Dr. & Mrs. Karoly G. Pinter
                                                               Kathryn Lambert                         Mr. & Mrs. Marvin M. Thorning
                                                                 Jean W. Anderson
                                                                 The Caneza Family                    Stanley H. Levin
          The Will Rogers Institute of Toluca Lake,                                                     Melva Duhon
                                                                 Anthony J. Cash, III
     Calif., contributed $41,000 to the hospital to fund
                                                                 Janyce D. Degan
     the purchase of a Servi-I Ventilator for the hospital’s                                          Anne Pence Little
                                                                 Tom & Connie DeGenova
     Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The Institute                                                 The Calendar Girls
                                                                 The Jim & Margaret Ermon Family
     has a deep commitment to serving the healthcare             Margaret E. Fleming                  Frank Lodato, Sr.
     needs of babies born prematurely or with serious            Alan & Connie Galy                     The Marcello Family
     health problems. Hundreds of infants will be                Patty & Rod Hadley
                                                                 Ron & Judy Peterson                  Lauren Alise Lorbeck
     helped each year through the Institute’s generosity.
                                                                 Jean Russo                             Diane Sehrt
     Executive Director Todd Vradenburg, General
     Manager Pat Samuelson, and Institute Board member         Richard Landry, Sr.                    Lula Belle Louviere
     Braden Miller are shown here presenting the check to        Dot DelBuono                           Andrew & Laura Stegen
                                                                 Kathi Mureen
     Hospital President & CEO Steve Worley.                                                           Dee Manuel
                                                               Doris Langer                            Lynda Roberts
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Steven Cook
     Hyundai Hope on Wheels                                                                           Hilliard P. Marcev
                                                               Violet Hountha Lauga                     Mr. & Mrs. John N. Cetinich
                                                                 Mary K. Forbes
                                                                 Arthur & Stella Kalpakis             John T. Marchese
                                                                 Louis & Jackie Lorio                   Faculty & Staff – Alice M. Birney
                                                                 Drivers & Staff – Royal Carriages,            Elementary School
                                                                 Inc.                                   Marty & Renee Demaret
                                                                                                        The Edie Family
                                                               Dr. Sherling Theresa Lauricella          Mike & Linda Nicolosi
                                                                 Charlotte C. Montgomery                Robbie M. Thibodeaux
          This summer a white Hyundai Sante Fe
                                                                                                        Nace Valenti
     traveled coast to coast collecting red, green and         Arthur LeBlanc, Sr.
     blue handprints from past and present pediatric             Toby & Jenny Lafont                  Pauline Martin
     cancer patients at more than 40 children’s hospitals.                                              Cassandra Dent
                                                               Sheriff Harry Lee
     The vehicle represents Hyundai’s Hope on Wheels             Marsha M. Crozat                     Billy Joe McDougal, Sr.
     foundation, which is donating $2.1 million to cancer                                               Buddy, Faye, Patrick &
     research. Every time a new Hyundai is sold in the         James Randolph (“Randy”)                    Shannon Troxler
     United States, $5 is donated to Hope on Wheels.
                                                                 Elouise Chapman                      Tracy Kathleen McGlinn
     During the handprint ceremony at Children’s                 Ed & Carol Collier                     Coleen McGlinn
     Hospital, Van Bohn of Hyundai of Metairie presented         Friends of the Cootie Club             John A. Potier
     Kishor Bhende, a pediatric hematologist and                 Victor & Jill Hilderbrand              Lola L. Sinnott
     oncologist fellow working in The Research Institute         Mr. & Mrs. Phil Holloway               Robert Sinnott
     for Children, $40,000 to support his research of            Junior League of Greater Covington
                                                                 Jack & Sue McGuire                   Elda Katherine Meyers
     the role of dendritic cells in hematopoietic stem cell                                             Lloyd J. Meyers
                                                                 Vicki Morgan
     transplants. Since 1998 Hope on Wheels has donated          Gene Pereira, Jr.
     more than $14 million to pediatric cancer research.                                              Loreto Montagnino
                                                                                                        The Culberson Family
                                                                                                        The Raimondo Family
Anthony Montalbano, Sr.               James Maxwell Ruffin
  Dr. & Mrs. Jack C. Castrogiovanni     Faculty & Staff – East Jefferson
  Yvonne B. Foerster                     High School
                                                                           Woodside Energy donation
Wilma Mae Montgomery                  Dr. Jack Ruli
 Rusty & Charlene Gilardi &             Mr. & Mrs. Harold C. Putfark
                                      Irene Russ
Juan de la Cruz Ortiz                   Roy & Sandra LeBlanc
  Employees of YPP & SM
                                      Alpha Andrea Orth Satter
Captain George J. Peterson, II          Carolyn Cassata, Jolyn, Julie &
  Andrew & Laura Stegen                 Jodi
                                        Dolores R. Danna
Vicki Ruth Naul-Uriarte                 Mr. & Mrs. Rene J. Lazare, Jr.
  Charlene, Rusty & Lauryn Gilardi
                                      Edwina Brunet Schexnayder
Hazel Newman                                                                     The employees of Woodside Energy’s
                                        Sharon Peltier
 The Doug Carlin Family                                                    Mandeville office visited Children’s Hospital over
 John Mason                           Edmund J. Schmidt, Jr.               the summer to host an art activity with the hospital’s
 Robert Newman                          Frank & Arden Dalia                young patients. The group also raised funds through
 Preceptor Sigma Chapter of BSP                                            a variety of projects and presented a check for $5,575
 Winifred E. Sands                    Georgette Lier Scofield
                                       Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. Danna, III   as a donation to the hospital. Pictured at right is
 Louis Trachtman
                                       Jean Gonzales                       Hospital Development Director Roger Gorman with
Anthony V. Palmisano                                                       Woodside Energy’s Faith LeBlanc and John Ebert.
  Sonny Walsh                         Taylor Sedlock
                                        Jennifer A. Solana
Ron Patterson
  Robert B. McDonough                 Charles A. Snyder                    Car Sales for Kids
                                       Sidney & Esther Light
Harrison Thomas Pitre
 Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Diem           William A. Sumick
                                       Bobby & Debbie Hamilton &
Peter George (“Sonny”) Rappold         Family
  Betty K. Adams
  Azalea Hall                         Lillian Bodenheimer Taylor
  Barbara Blanchard                     Enhanced Capital Partners, Inc.
  Frederick & Kathy Christian
                                      Grayce Elizabeth Perkins Thiaville
  Bill & Frances Dantin
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Charles Knopp, Jr.
  Divine Mercy Men’s Club
  Truman & Beckie Dobbins             Brett Wimberly Thomas, Jr.           Coastland Federal Credit Union and Enterprise Car
  Jeanne S. Duhe                        Mr. & Mrs. Charles Knopp, Jr.      Sales have donated $3,800 to Children’s Hospital
  Richard Dunkin, Jr.                                                      since their partnership began in 2007. Up to $200 is
  Harold & Shirley Hochhalter         Barbara K. Trosclair                 donated for every Enterprise Car sold and financed
  Holy Apostles Lovers Marriage         Mr. & Mrs. Harold C. Putfark
                                                                           by a Coastland member! Pictured are (left to right)
  Kay’s Vending, Inc.                 Bailey Vaughn                        Stacey Barth, CFCU branch coordinator; Staci
  Mary Kilpatrick                       Stephen J. Davis                   Arceneaux, Children’s Hospital’s assistant director of
  Mary J. Koss                                                             development; Brandi Cummins, Enterprise’s business
                                      Martin Weitzner
  Lumber Products, Inc.                                                    development manager, Lindsay Bagnell, CFCU’s
                                       The Neibergs
  Notari Sales, Inc.                                                       marketing director and Tammy Reites, Children’s
  Debbie Perrie                       Miriam Holtzman Sinon Wilson         Hospital’s vice president of PFS/IT. For more
  Lydia Pollard                        Lisa, Vinnie, Ethan & Braden
  R.C. & Nancy Smith                                                       information please visit www.coastlandfcu.com.
  Marc & Ellen Yellin
                                      Dorothy Soule Zimmer
Larry J. Remont                        Laura Dufrene
  Andrew McCollam, Jr.                 Mary F. Hargis
                                       Gustave & Linda Soule
Rubenia Rodriguez
  Rubenia’s Gifts

                                                        June 1, 2010 – October 31, 2010
     Holiday festivities keeping
     The Guild busy                                     Brayden Anastasio                 William L. Mimeles
                                                          The Frady Family                 Henry & Nini Bodenheimer
     The Guild is in full-swing preparing for its                                          John & Yvette Rosen
     busy holiday season! Festivities will begin with   Jack Anderson
     a general meeting and luncheon at 11 a.m. on         Mary Ellen Kilgore              Camille Reynolds
                                                                                            Salutare Deum Foundation
     Friday, December 10 at the home of Mrs. Kristin    John & Connor Chauvin
     Isenberg. On December 13, The Guild will             Mr. & Mrs. Philip Hinson        Kathleen Robert
     continue its long-standing tradition of bringing                                       Kristin Isenberg
                                                        Jude & Jacob Clayton
     holiday cheer and gifts to patients and families
                                                          Carolyn Carter                  Ed & Elaine Schlesinger
     throughout the hospital.                             Gretchen Chase                    Charles & Elise Kaufman
           Save the Date! The Mardi Gras Mambo            Catherine Clayton
                                                          Tiffany Crawford                Kendall Springman
     Bingo is fast approaching! The Guild’s foremost                                        Steven Fleury
                                                          Joyce, Gina & Jill Domingue
     fundraiser will take place at The Pontchartrain                                        Michael Munch
                                                          Vaughn R. Fauria
     Center on Tuesday, March 1, 2011. With a new         Joanna Kukuy
                                                                                          Darryl Suarez, Jr.
     venue, new menu and always fantastic prizes,         Christian Robinson
                                                                                           Curtis L. Akey
     The Mardi Gras Mambo Bingo is a festive way          Nola Thompson
                                                                                           Barbara P. Albert
     to kick-off the Mardi Gras season. Doors open        Charyn Urban
                                                                                           Darryl Albert
     at 9:30 a.m. with bingo starting at 10:30 a.m.       Mark & Shawn Verrett
                                                                                           Harry S. Albert, Sr.
     Pricing: $35/members, $40/nonmembers.              Gayle M. Cohen                     Carlie Care Kids, Inc.
                                                         Mildred L. Krieger                Dr. Joy Cohen
          Anyone interested in joining The Guild or                                        Angela H. Edwards
     attending the Mardi Gras Mambo Bingo should        Holden Cotes                       Sherome Hankton
     contact the Public Affairs Department at            Lisa Banderet                     Darlene J. Hutchison
     (504) 896-9373.                                                                       Garmanne A. Mack
                                                        Grace Elizabeth Dickey             Cynthia A. Thomas
                                                         Keith & Lizette Boudreaux         Debroah A. Wilson
                                                        Sam Hussey                        Matt & Sherri Tarr
                                                          Mark & Aimee Gold                Joshua B. Tarr
                                                          Bill Hussey
                                                          Anne M. Maxwell                 Kaitlin Truxillo
                                                          Jeff & Laura Wright               Debbie Pylant
                                                          Princeton Kelly
                                                          Karen Kelly                     John Van Bindewald & Nicole
                                                          Toshia Kelly                      Marie Finnan
                                                                                            June Duckert
                                                        Paul J. Leaman, Jr.                 Felix & Joan Riggio
                                                          Marilyn V. Dittmann               Vincent & Ann Stuprich
                                                          Claire M. Leaman                  Fred & Pam Whitecotton
                                                          George & Susanne Leaman
                                                          Marie R. Scallan                Steve Worley
                                                                                            Institute of Healthcare Executives
                                                        Phyllis Loubier                     and Suppliers
                                                          Barbara B. Callan
                                                          Joel & Helen Cohen              Lauren Wright
                                                          David & Doris Zuckerberg          Jerrol Larrieu

                                                        Elizabeth Maronge
                                                          Marilyn Maronge
                                                          Paul Maronge

  patient inspirations

                                                                                 PURPLE MARTIN           KeKe Parker, 12
                                                                                 construction paper

                                          Ty Gross

       FISHIN’          n paper
               marker o

                                                        DRAKE’S HOG                                   Drake Guidroz, 15
                                                        pencil on paper

HOME                              Iris Amador, 8
crayon on construction paper

                                                        PARIS         Crissi Buffinet, 13
                                                        acrylic paint on canvas

                                                                                                                    NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                      US POSTAGE
                                                                                                                    NEW ORLEANS LA
                                                                                                                     PERMIT NO. 285

200 Henry Clay Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70118
If your name or address as it appears on the mailing label is
incorrect, please write us, enclosing the old mailing label and the
revised information. Other corrections, such as the receipt of more
than one copy or removal from the mailing list, may be directed to
this department as well.

                                                … And we’re off!

                                                               Children’s Hospital Sugarplum Ball • 30th Anniversary
                                                                     New Orleans Fair Grounds • April 1, 2011
                                                                 Sponsorship levels from $300 – $10,000 available
                                                                                        For more information:
                                                                      please call (504) 896-9373 or e-mail kleaumon@chnola.org

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