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									                         Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, Inc.
                        2009 NW 70th Ave. – Miami, FL. 33122
                     Phone: (305) 499-9144 Fax: (305) 470-8091
                         E-mail: mike@jetfreshflowers.com

                           Credit Card Authorization Form

Name On Credit Card: ______________________________________

Billing Address: ___________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________

Card Type:        Mastercard           Visa      American Express               Discover

Credit Card Number: ________________________________________

Expiration Date: _____/_________                            Security Code: _________

I, ___________________________, hereby authorize Jet Fresh Flower
Distributors, Inc. to charge my credit card account for approved purchases
made by my company _________________________________________.

Cardholder’s Signature: _________________________________

Date: ____/____/_________

As The Credit Card Holder, I also Authorize Jet Fresh Flower Distributors,
Inc. to charge my credit card for future purchases verbally approved by me

Authorization Valid Until: ______/_________ Initials: _______

As a representative of the above mentioned company, signing this credit card authorization formstates you are
    also agreeing to adhere to our credit & return policy. Jet Fresh Flower Distributors Inc. may not be held
                responsible for damage related to temperature or transportation related issues

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