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									A Groom-to-Be’s Guide to Choosing the
      Perfect Wedding Venue
Congratulations! So you have proposed to your girlfriend of 8 years—finally! Well, brace
yourself for the endless list of things to do to make the most momentous day of your life
unforgettable. More often than not, people think that grooms are not as hands-on as the bride
when it comes to wedding preparation. So, if you want to prove them wrong, get up and help
out in carrying out some essential tasks for your wedding.

It is quite understandable if you leave some responsibilities to your bride-to-be—decorations,
wedding dress, theme and other elements that would be fulfilled best by someone with grace
and creative juices. As for you, dealing with technical matters can be your forte. You can take
on the mission of choosing the best wedding photographer in Perth or in your area, or you can
deal with the owner of a certain venue that’s appropriate for your wedding.

Now, when choosing your wedding venue, you don’t just go for the most expensive or the
biggest, for there are other things you need to consider. And to show the people that you’re
the right guy for this task, here are some tips that you may find helpful:

   ● Discuss with your fiancée about the setting of your wedding, whether you like to say
     your “I do’s” in the church, a garden, beach or a shabby chic venue. By knowing what
     you want ahead of time, you will be able to reserve the location opportunely and avoid
     being overtaken by other couples.
   ● Fees for wedding venues vary from one season to another. So, if you don’t want to pay
     an arm and a leg, you should avoid wedding dates that fall on the busy months of
     January through August, as well as holidays and weekends.
   ● Most of your relatives and friends will probably attend your wedding so expect a huge
     crowd. Plus, there will be other people present such as the caterers, servers, Perth
     wedding photographers, videographers and stylists. So, make sure that the place you’re
     going to select can accommodate everyone without compromising comfort.
   ● Most of your budget will be allotted to the venue, but make sure that you will not
     exceed your financial capacity. Sure, you want to give your wife-to-be a grand
     celebration, but be realistic. If you force yourself on spending more than what you
     planned for, other wedding essentials may be compromised or worse, you may start
     your married life in a pothole.

Yes, most people associate weddings to brides but whether you admit it or not, you want it to
be “your” day too. And well, during the planning phase, your part may just be finding the right
venue but without doubt, once you find the perfect location, everything else will follow. And to
make your big day more special, you can hire a wedding photographer in Perth or in your area
for lifetime souvenirs.

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