Skin Care - Tips for Removing Body Scars

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                                                     cellular turnover.
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                                        Shed Those Blemishes And Reveal A New You!
                                                             By Martha Fitzharris

  Imagine a beauty so perfect that a single scar ruins every detail of perfection by which a body has
been known for. Frustrating right? But should this scar disfigure a face eternally? Not if you use BIO
SKIN CARE cream, a great new product that helps you restore blemished skin with its NATURAL SKIN

Competing pharmaceutical companies rally efforts towards the development of a beauty care product
to enhance cell rejuvenation and repair have develop a variety of creams, tonics and lotions, but none
has ever surpassed BIO SKIN CARE cream because it produces quicker and better results.

Most scar removal creams try to restore damaged skin cells bringing new ones to the surface.
Production of collagen and elastin skin fibers is needed because they are the primary constituent of our
skin. Collagen fibers confer flexibility to the skin and once this is lost, damage accumulates and scab
forms on the skin as a dark overgrowth atop of wounded tissue.

Burns, accidents and cuts can also bring about scars.

Following are common techniques and procedures used to improve acne scarring:

Dermabrasion: This procedure involves the dermatologic surgeon utilizing a high speed rotating brush
to remove the top layer of skin. The doctor mechanically carries away the skin to improve the contour
and achieve a rejuvenated appearance as a new layer of remodeled skin replaces damaged cells.

The new skin generally has a smoother and refreshed appearance. Altough, possible complications
associated are fever blisters, pigmentation changes and thickened skin.

Laser Treatment: By delivering short pulses of a laser beam, a dermatologic surgeon can smooth,
sculpt and normalize the appearance of acne scars. It works like this: the outer layers of damaged skin
are stripped away, then, as new cells form during the healing process, a smoother, tighter and
younger-looking skin surface appears.

Laser treatment can be administered several times but must be spaced in 3 to 4 weeks to allow skin
healing for the previous procedure. A minimal burning sensation can be felt, as the radiation is

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

delivered through a special handpiece that is dabbed across the skin.

There are risks associated with this type of procedure like burns or other injuries (because of the heat
of the laser energy), scarring, lightening or darkening of the treated skin. Laser resurfacing can also
activate herpes virus infections ("cold sores") and, rarely, other types of infection. And if abnormal
pigmentation or scarring presents, additional corrective measures and treatments may be required.

Scar removal products: In general, are good solutions for people who cannot afford the luxury of
advanced technology that improves scars, and who are also unhappy with these invasive and artificial
procedures. There are a plenty of cosmetic products in the market that claim to restore your skin and
get rid of all your skin blemishes. But most of them dont have a definitive solution.

The good news is that BIO SKIN CARE cream is effective in significantly reducing or even eliminating
scars by application twice or three times a day on the affected area, and it is also recommended after
laser resurfacing treatments or for people undergoing intense pulsed light skin renewal therapies,
microdermabrasion or chemical peeling, as it both accelerates the replication of new healthy cells and
dissolves those ones that are damaged.

We encourage the incorporation of this natural product into any carefully planned skin renewal
program. It fits into the skin care program of virtually anyone because it causes no skin irritation or
sensitivity to light.

BIO SKIN CARE Cream penetrates so deeply into the skin that it actually jump-starts and reactivates
the skin's own dormant youthful processes - as if the clock was turned back, the skin once again
begins to produce more collagen and its own natural moisturizers.

The rate of skin cell production and shedding is increased. Wrinkled, sun-damaged, blemished skin
cells are rapidly stripped away, and the skin works quickly to replace the old cells by bringing brand
new baby-soft skin cells to the surface, resulting in a youthful, dewy complexion. BIO SKIN CARE
cream then bathes these beautiful new skin cells with nourishing vitamins and protective nutrients.

Finally, if sun protection SP30 is applied the new skin cells will keep looking smooth and youthful. After
only one treatment the skin looks younger, firmer and lustrous, and continues improving with each
successive treatment.

Martha Fitzharris is a free lance journalist for a website offering a
new biological natural skin care product that activates skin renewal.

If you want more information about Strech marks, please clic natural skin care cream with natural skin
renewal activators.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                     Its Time To Say Good Bye To Acne And Blemishes Once And For All!
                                                             By John Wellington

 What comes to mind when you hear the terms acne and blemishes? Do you picture a pizza faced boy
from your high school class? Or maybe your personal affliction with acne and blemishes comes to
mind. The truth is the majority of us human beings are afflicted with this skin disorder and nothing is
going to change that. It basically comes down to how you care for your skin.

Are you a sufferer? Come on, all of you out there who feel afflicted, go ahead and raise your hand. You
surely know what I'm referring to. You can't help but wince at it every time you glance in the mirror.
Yep, it's all about the acne and blemishes. You want to just obliterate them into oblivion, don't you? I
mean, why in the heck did they have to take up residence on your face anyway? You certainly didn't
invite them here. Well, don't get too bent out of shape.

Find out what level of acne and blemishes you're grappling with. Most likely the doctor will offer you a
prescription for one of those new-age acne treatments. Differin is a major one now days. It's a topical
cream that's smeared on the face in order to battle bacteria and keep new acne from forming.

Sure there are folks out there with flawless complexions, who tend to get you down. But, the good
news is that you can say bye bye to those irksome acne and blemishes once and for all with the proper
skin care system. Get that complexion you're so envious of. It's time to stop dealing with the battles
and start winning the war.

What are you currently using to battle those nasty acne and blemishes, and keep them in check? You
want them to vanish and not leave any confidence-breaking aftermath behind. Well don't just sit there
and ponder how great it would be to be acne-free. Get up and do something about it. Your first notion
may be to see the local dermatologist. This is a great way to assess your situation.

If your acne and blemishes are too far out of hand, you can also acquire an oral prescription. This will
aid you in the battle against ruthless pimples and zits. And don't forget to jump online and see all there
is to offer. A number of acne treatment kits are available in cyberspace, and need no prescription.
Possibly one of these remedies would be choice for waging war on your acne and blemishes.

John Wellington provides readers with up-to-date commentaries,,
and reviews for health,, and other related information.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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