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									                                                    PLP 2006-07 - Nagaon, Assam

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National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
                Assam Regional Office
              Laxmi Bhavan, Panbazar
                   Guwahati - 781 001
  Tel: 2540873, 2540875, 2523872, 2519247 Fax: 2541131
             e-mail : nabassam@dataone.in
                                                                         PLP 2006-07 - Nagaon, Assam


Potential Linked Credit Plan (PLP)       is prepared to estimate potentials for investment
opportunities under different sectors and sub-sectors of economy for each district. In the
PLP for 2006-07, we have made assessment of potentials, keeping in view the infrastructure
and other necessary support services available in the district. It also identifies the
infrastructural constraints hindering the flow of ground level credit and the infrastructure
requirement of the district for balanced development. The process of preparation of PLP has
been made consultative particularly through pre PLP discussions with the concerned
stakeholders to fine tune the potential estimates. Tapping these potentials call for concerted
action on the part of the banks, Government, NGOs and other related organisations.

NABARD has been constantly endeavoring to facilitate smooth credit flow through
various measures like refinement in policies and products, redesigning and launching
new   products/schemes,     promotional interventions       to   enhance credit       absorption
capacities, providing assistance to state government for creating infrastructural facilities,
organising rural people into SHGs/JLGs, promotion of Farmers Clubs and other relevant
initiatives. NABARD had prepared and provided model bankable schemes for more than
100 activities to banks in the form of CDs. Banking plans on Bamboo cultivation, Dairy
Development, Piggery, Fishery and Vermicompost have been launched in various
districts of the state. The efforts for doubling of agriculture credit in three years witnessed
growth of more than 200% in the first year itself i.e. 2004-05. This is the result of collective
and concerted efforts made by banks, line departments and all concerned. We hope, the
same tempo will be maintained in the current year and the following years as well.

GoI has recently announced various initiatives viz. doubling of credit flow to Small and
Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by the end of 2009-10, Horticulture Mission for development
of Horticulture, renovation and development of Water Harvesting Structures etc.
Achieving higher growth rate of economy and for                  providing self employment
opportunities to unemployed calls for organised and intelligent          efforts by banks for
facilitating hassle free credit flow to various sectors and the needy sections.

Due publicity of investment opportunities available in the district coupled with
coordinated efforts by all concerned is vital for higher credit flow in the district. Sanction
of Kisan Credit Cards to farmers and Swarozgar Credit Cards to rural artisans/SMEs/self
employed persons would ensure smooth credit flow in a hassle free manner and also
reduce transaction cost to banks. Therefore coverage under these schemes need to be
increased. Setting up of 10 agri-clinics per district would encourage adoption of improved
technologies and better cropping patterns by the farmers. It would also help in adopting
technologies developed by agriculture universities/ research centers by the farmers.
Encouraging adoption of improved technologies for higher productivity and efforts to
minimising risk would enable banks to lend.
                                                                        PLP 2006-07 - Nagaon, Assam

Matching support is required from State Govt. and the district authorities in the form of
providing needed infrastructure facilities and assistance for recovery of sticky loans. The
progress made by banks in doubling credit flow to agriculture and SMEs need to be closely
monitored at the district level. For this purpose BLBC/DCC meetings should be conducted
periodically so that issues hindering credit flow could be sorted out in these meetings.
Banks need to give attention to timely and regular submission of LBRs by branches to
generate data needed to facilitate monitoring of credit flow for each sector/activity.

We would like to place on record our sincere appreciation to the Deputy Commissioner,
Lead District Officer of RBI, Lead District Manager, Line Departments and other agencies
for extending their cooperation, guidance and active support in finalisation of this PLP. We
also appreciate the support received from controlling offices of Commercial Banks, RRBs
and Cooperative Banks.

We hope, the PLP will assist banks in development of potential available in the district
through provision of credit and in improving their business. We do hope that the PLP
would also help the State Government in identifying and creating infrastructure needed in
the district for enabling banks to increase credit flow.

(C. K. Gopalakrishna)
Chief General Manager
Assam Regional Office
NABARD, Guwahati

10 October 2005
                                                                                PLP 2006-07 - Nagaon, Assam

                                           CONTENT S
   Chapter                                           Items                                      Page No
                Executive Summary                                                                 1
                District Profile                                                                  7
                Summary of Broad Sector-wise PLP Projections                                      13
                Summary of Detailed Sector-wise PLP Projections                                   14
Chapter I       Introduction                                                                      15
Chapter II      I. Sectoral Review and Potential projections
                1. Crop loan                                                                      18
                II. Investment Credit for Agriculture and Allied Activities
                A. Investment Credit for Agriculture
                2. Minor Irrigation                                                               22
                3. Land Development                                                               25
                4. Farm Mechanization                                                             30
                5. Plantation & Horticulture                                                      32
                6. Forestry and Wasteland Development                                             41
                B. Investment Credit for Allied Activities
                7. Dairy Development                                                              45
                8. Poultry                                                                        49
                9. Sheep, Goat and Piggery                                                        52
                10. Fisheries                                                                     54
                11. Storage/Godowns and Market yard                                               57
                12. Renewable Sources of Energy and Waste Utilisation                             59
                13. Other Allied Activities (Bullock/Bullock carts, etc.)                         61
                III. Credit for Non-farm Sector Activities                                        63
                IV. Other Priority Sector                                                         68
Chapter III     Infrastructure Support                                                            70
Chapter IV      Support requirement for Government Sponsored Programmes                           74
Chapter V       Role of Informal Credit Delivery System                                           82
Chapter VI      Performance of Credit agencies                                                    87
Chapter VII     Policy initiatives of GoI/State Govt./RBI/NABARD and other agencies               91
Chapter VIII    Response from the farmers                                                         99
Annexure I      Activity wise / Block wise Potential Linked physical and financial estimates
Annexure II     An Overview of Ground Level Credit Flow - Agency wise
Annexure III    Sector wise Ground Level Credit Flow under Agri. and Allied activities
Annexure IV     Scales of Finance for different crops as approved by DLTG

Annexure V      Unit Cost for the activities relevant for the District
Unit Cost for   Unit Cost for NFS Activities Finalised at District Level
Annexure VI
Annexure VII    Model Scheme relevant for the District

Annexure VIII   Information on Selected Commodity

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