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					                                              GUIDE TO THAILAND MARKET
                                              SALARIES AUGUST 2008


Typically Gemini’s Guide to the Thailand market salaries is prepared from three main sources of
 Discussions with clients
 A review of positions advertised in the local media
 An analysis of Gemini’s database of vacancies and applicants

We don’t note particular changes in the base salaries per job family quoted in the following
pages, but rather in allowances and subsidies.

This time we participated in a cost of living survey among foreign invested companies in
Companies are taking this flexible route to cope with rising world food and fuel prices:
       41% of respondents do not plan any cost of living adjustments.
       Of the 59% planning for some form of cost of living adjustments

These temporary increase take the form of :
    Transportation allowances: average increase around 40 %(!!)
    Food subsidies including distribution of food (rice) or food vouchers
    Standard COLA, or cost-of-living adjustment allowances

More than 60% of these respondents have already implemented increases or plan to by August


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                                                        GUIDE TO THAILAND MARKET
                                                        SALARIES AUGUST 2008

      JOB               EXP             QUALS                    JOB DESCRIPTION                           SALARY


 Junior               0-1 yr.        Diploma, Degree,     Filing, typing, Thai word processing & fax.     9,000 -
 Secretary                                 Fair                                                           13,000
                                      Degree, Good        Draft simple correspondence, typing, Thai
 Secretary            1-2 yrs            English          word processing, travel arrangement,            10,000 -
                                                          prepare presentation material and provide       20,000
                                                          admin support

 Secretary            3-4 yrs         Degree, Good        Independent correspondence, draft fax,          20,000 -
                                       English, Fair      arrangement of appointments, travel             30,000
                                      Japanese (L3)       arrangement, prepare presentation material
                                                          and provide admin support

 Senior               5-8 yrs         Degree, Good        Independent correspondence, supervise           30,000 -
 Secretary                              English/          staff, provide admin support, travel            40,000
                                        Japanese          arrangement, presentation material.

 Executive             8+ yrs       (Foreign)University   Responsible for all secretarial/PA duties       40,000 -
 Secretary/PA                          Degree, Good       including presentation material, audio          60,000
                                     English, Japanese    typing, administration & personnel,
                                     University Degree    supervise staff. Run the office in absence of


  Jr.               '0 -2 yrs       Diploma, Degree       Typing, follow up, contact with                 10,000 -
  Merchandiser/                                           factories and different departments.            15,000
  Assistant           1-3 yrs,      Degree, English                                                       15,000 -
                                                          Prepare product details and pass to
  Merchandiser      production                                                                            25,000
                                                          factories. Prepare shipping, quality and
                    control or
                                                          fabrication control forms.
  Merchandiser       3-5 yrs in     Degree, English       Supervise 2-3 staff, control & follow           25,000 -
                       major                              up on all production, shop execution,           40,000
                   merchandise.                           schedules, quality control, final
                                                          inspection and delivery.
  Senior            5+ yrs,some     Degree, English                                                       50,000-
  Merchandiser      in particular                         Review pre-production & shipment of             75,000
                        field                             samples. Troubleshoot production
                                                          problems; supervise 6+ Merchandisers
                                                          and Assistant Merchandisers.

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                                                      GUIDE TO THAILAND MARKET
                                                      SALARIES AUGUST 2008

      JOB              EXP            QUALS                  JOB DESCRIPTION                        SALARY


  Accounting          0-2 yrs         Diploma          Invoicing, prepare cheques, data entry        9,000-
  Clerk                                                                                              10,000
  Sr. Accounting      2-3 yrs       Diploma, Fair      Handle bank books, invoicing, prepare        10,000 –
  Clerk                                English         cheques, petty cash, A/R, A/P                 13,000
  Jr. Accountant      1-2 yrs          Degree          Work under guidance of accountant on         12,500 -
                                   Accounting, fair    closing financial statements, preparing       18,000
                                       English         details    and    reconciliations    and
                                                       preparing monthly tax returns for both
                                                       VAT and tax withholding.
  (Assistant)         2-4 yrs            Degree        Handle set of books, assist in               20,000 –
  Accountant                      Accounting. good     management           analysis        and      30,000
                                        English        reconciliations
  Accountant           3-5 yrs           Degree        Handle full set of books, costing, assist    30,000 –
                                  Accounting, good     in prepare management reports                 45,000
  (Chief)            Min.5yrs            Degree        Program month-end closing, budgeting,        45,000 –
  Accountant                          Accounting,      balance sheets, P/L account, supervise        70,000
                                     fluent English    staff, prepare management reports
  Accounting         5-7 yrs in   Degree               Supervise A/C dept, monitor finance of       60,000 –
  Manager            Auditing,    Accounting,          company, inventory and debtors                90,000
                   Accounting+    fluent English,      control. Handle annual audits, taxation
                   Management     GAAP/IFRS            and accounts consolidation, etc.
  Financial          8 yrs        BA+MBA degree,       Supervise and control A/C & Admin            100,000 -
  Controller       managerial      English, GAAP,      dept, monitor finance of company.            170,000+
                                    GPA qualified      Prepare annual budget, management

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                                                 GUIDE TO THAILAND MARKET
                                                 SALARIES AUGUST 2008

       JOB             EXP           QUALS                 JOB DESCRIPTION                       SALARY

    Production/       2-4 yrs    Diploma/ Degree.   People management of a team of               18,000 –
   Manufacturing                  Fair English or   production operator/technicians.              25,000
    Supervisor,                      Japanese       Ensures that quality and volume targets
    Production                                      are met. Plans and directs production
     Engineer                                       activities. Monitors and initiates action
                                                    to reduce cost of production
     Assistant        5 yrs +     Degree. Good      Coordinates production process steps         30,000 –
    Production                     English or       Plans and directs production activities,      60,000
     Manager,                       Japanese        schedules maintenance. Develops
      Senior                                        operating methods and procedures to
    Production                                      eliminate problems. Promotes
     Engineer                                       continuous improvement
     Factory          5-10 yrs   Degree (BE/ME),    Supervises Asst. Manager/ Manager.           90,000-
     Manager,                     Good English      Plan, assign, follow up and improve         150,000+
    Production                                      production process and motivates team
     Manager                                        to meet targets.
      Safety           < 5yrs        Degree         Provides daily specialist support to         20,000-
    Supervisor,                    Engineering/     production departments like machinery        30,000
   Maintenance                   Specialization ,   ( or safety) audits & follow- up,
     Engineer                     Good English      personal protection
   Maintenance        5 yrs +        Degree         Coordinates planned and unplanned            50,000-
   Section Head                    Engineering,     maintenance activities for a section of      60,000
                                  Good English      the production process
   Maintenance        5-7 yrs        Degree         Advices management on EHS policies.          60,000-
   Manager, EHS                  Engineering and    Implement a plan for improving safety,       100,000
     Manager                          EHS ,         hygiene condition and environment
                                  Fluent English    performance.
                                                    Assures compliance to Thai and
                                                    international regulations

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                                                  GUIDE TO THAILAND MARKET
                                                  SALARIES AUGUST 2008

       JOB             EXP            QUALS                 JOB DESCRIPTION                      SALARY


  QC/QA Officer/      '1 -2 yrs   Diploma/ Degree,       Responsible for line or supplier        15,000 –
    Engineer                       Fair English or      auditing based on quality system,         25,000
                                      Japanese       document control and problem solving.
                                                          Ensures compliance with ISO
     QA/QC            3-5 yrs      Degree, Good               Supervise 2-5 QC/QA                20,000 –
    Supervisor                      English or            auditors/engineers; liaise with         35,000
                                    Japanese.                 production/shipping on
                                                        audit/inspection results. Provides
                                                      assistance/training in problem solving
                                                      and continuous improvement projects.
   (Asst)QC/QA         5yrs +      Degree, good        Provide support and direction to the      40,000 –
     Manager,                     Eng. or Jap. ISO   QC/QA/ISO team; set-up, maintain and         70,000
                                    specialist.         manage an efficient and effective
                                                       QC/QA process & system; drive for
                                                         continuous improvements of the
                                                       processes based on audit results and
                                                                customer feedback.
   (Senior) QC/       7 yrs +      Degree, good        Provide support and direction to the      70,000 –
   QA Manager                     Eng. or Jap. ISO      QC/QA/ISO team. Advice senior            110,000
                                    specialist.        management on QA matters; set-up,
                                                      maintain and manage an efficient and
                                                       effective QC/QA process & system;
                                                      drive for continuous improvements of
                                                     the processes based on audit results and

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                                                     GUIDE TO THAILAND MARKET
                                                     SALARIES AUGUST 2008

       JOB               EXP              QUALS                 JOB DESCRIPTION                     SALARY

                                                SUPPLY CHAIN

  Purchasing/Log        '0 -1 yrs     Diploma/ Degree.   Understanding of product flow,            10,000 -
  istics Staff                        Minimal English    warehouse organization and transport.     15,000
                                         or Japanese     Handle full set of I/E documentation.
  Senior Logistics      2-3 yrs       Diploma/Degree     Operate product flow, warehousing and     15,000 -
  Clerk or                               Fair to good    transport. Familiar with QC /ISO          20,000
  Engineer                              command of       procedures. Handle full set of I/E
                                          English or     documentation.
  Logistics             4-5 yrs,         Degree, by      Supervise clerks and manual labor.        20,000 -
  Supervisor/         partially in      preference in    Maintain quality system in/externally.    40,000
  Officer            relevant field       Logistics,     Manage, planning problems in the
                                       Engineering, or   supply chain. Good command of
                                          Business       English or Japanese.
  Logistics           5 - 10 yrs,          Degree        Manage fully or partially the supply      50,000 -
  Management         minimum 3 y        (BA/MA),in       chain to bring products to market.        80,000
                      in Supply           Logistics,     Develop and implement local materials
                        Chain           Engineering,     policies, within the parameters of cost
                     Management         Business and     control, quality, and environment.
                                        knowledge of     Fluent in written and spoken English or
                                          MRP/ERP        Japanese
  Senior Logistics     10 + yrs,           Degree        Manage the entire supply chain to bring   80,000 –
  Management         minimum 5-7        (BA/MA),in       products to market. Works in major        120,000 +
                      y in SCM            Logistics,     internationally oriented organization.
                                        Engineering,     Develop and implement materials
                                        Business and     policies, within the parameters of cost
                                        knowledge of     control,quality,environment.Fluent in
                                          MRP/ERP        written and spoken English or J

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                                                GUIDE TO THAILAND MARKET
                                                SALARIES AUGUST 2008

       JOB             EXP          QUALS                 JOB DESCRIPTION                     SALARY

                                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

     Computer           0-2         Diploma         Administer and set-up end users on the     10,000 -
   Operator/ IT                                     system/network. Trouble shoot routine       15,000
   and Network                                       user problem. AS 400 operation and
  Administrators/                                               maintenance.
   Programmer/          0-2         Degree               Program development and               18,000 -
      System                                          maintenance/ system and network           30,000
   Engineer/ IT                                      administration and problem solving
      Analyst           2-3     Degree Computer       Program development and system           25,000 -
   Programmer/                     Science,           design, user training and support,        40,000
     Network                     Good English       problem solving and customer service
   engineer/ DB
  System Analyst/       4-8     Degree Computer      Project management, system design/        40,000 -
    IT System                       Science,        system support, development, training,      65,000
     Support/                    Good English           co-ordinate or supervise a team
      Project           5-8     Degree Computer     Supervise and coordinate department.       60,000 -
   Manager/ IT                   Science/Master      Project, system design and training,      120,000
     Manager                       MIS, Fluent            Responsible for functional
                                     English           specification & documentations
   Sales Engineer       2-3     Diploma/ Degree,    IT project sales, IT customer service      25,000 -
                                  Good English               and problem solving                45,000
  Sales Manager/       5-8y     Degree Computer     Manage and supervise IT sales team,         60,000-
     Account                    Science/Business,     responsible for one or more major       100,000++
     Manager                      Good English                     accounts                  Commission
                                                                                             or incentives

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                                                    GUIDE TO THAILAND MARKET
                                                    SALARIES AUGUST 2008

       JOB             EXP            QUALS                 JOB DESCRIPTION                      SALARY

                                        HUMAN RESOURCES

     Junior HR        '0 -2 yrs   Diploma/ Degree    Handling partial personnel functions        12,000 –
      Officer                                        including payroll, staff recruitment,        20,000
                                                     employee benefits, compensation
  HR Officer, HR      2-5 yrs     Diploma/ Degree    Handling all or partial personnel           20,000-
  supervisor, HR                   (HR, Political    functions including payroll, staff          40,000
   Section Head,                      Science,       recruitment, training, employee
      Training                    Industrial),Good   benefits, compensation & Benefits
      Officer                         English
    HR&Admin          5-6 yrs         Degree,        All administrative function. Supervise      40,000-
     Manager,                      Good English      Department, ensure smooth running or        65,000
       Office                                        equivalent of communication and the
     Manager,                                        office.e.g.leasing of offices, solve HR
    Senior HR                                        problems, etc.
  Senior Training
   HR Manager ,       7-8 yrs      Degree, Good      Responsible for full spectrum of            70,000 –
      Training                       English         personnel functions, such as                110,000
  Manager, HRD                                       recruitment compensation & benefits,
  Manager, HRM                                       training, payroll and supervision of the
      Manager                                        department
    Senior HR        8 -10 yrs        Degree,        Responsible for development and            120,000 –
      Manager                      Fluent English    implementation of the Human                150,000+
                                                     Resources program in regional office
                                                     covering recruitment, compensation
                                                     and benefits administration, welfare
                                                     administration, employee relations, and
                                                     staff development.

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                                                        GUIDE TO THAILAND MARKET
                                                        SALARIES AUGUST 2008

                                                                                               MONTHLY          STAFF
       JOB               EXP             QUALS               JOB DESCRIPTION                    SALARY         AVAIL-
                                                                                                RANGE          ABILITY

Technician/ Assistant        '1 -2 yrs     Diploma/       Data collection and supervise        12,000 –
Engineer                                   Vocational     workers                              18,000
Engineer                     0-2 yrs'/     Degree         Supervise 2-3 Asst. Engineers,       20,000 -
                             2-5 yrs                      design and follow up entire          25,000/
                                                          production process, schedule         25,000 –
                                                          planning, cost estimation,           40,000
                                                          maintenance, final inspection and
                                                          technical advice.
Senior Engineer              5-8 yrs         Degree       Supervise 6+ Engineers and           40,000 -
                                           (BA/MA)        Assistant Engineers, review          70,000
                                                          production and quality system,
                                                          trouble shooting on all production
Engineering Manager         8 - 10 yrs     Degree         Supervise 10+ Engineers and co-      75,000 -
                                           (BA/MA),       ordinate entire Engineering          125,000
                                           Good English   department, review production
                                                          system periodically, price
                                                          negotiation with vendors.
Sales Engineer           1-3 years         Degree,        Sales and engineering of             15,000-25,000
                                           Good English   products/solutions                   + commission
                                                                                               25,000 -
                         3+ yrs                                                                50,000+



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