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									                                       INSY 2303
                                   Final Exam Review

                                        Chapter 1

Processor/Integrated Circuit/CPU                  Compiler vs. Interpreter

ALU                                               Types of Computers

Control Unit                                                  Personal Computer

Digital Device                                                Mainframe

Binary Digits                                                 Super Computer

                                        Chapter 2

RAM                                               Pipelining

ROM                                               Serial Processing

Disk Storage                                      Magnetic Storage

Multi-threading                                   Optical Storage

Multi-tasking                                     Solid State Storage

                                        Chapter 3

Application Software                              Trojan Horse

Virus                                             Keylogger

Worm                                              Bot/Botnet

                                        Chapter 4

Operating System Software                         GUI

User Interface                                    DOS

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                                         INSY 2303
                                     Final Exam Review
Linux                                                           Full

Open Source Software                                            Differential

Logical vs. Physical Storage Model                              Incremental

File Management Utility                             Formatting

Types of Backups                                    Deleting Files

                                          Chapter 5

LAN                                                 High Bandwidth vs. Narrow Bandwidth

WAN                                                 Packet Switching vs. Circuit Switching

Network Devices                                     Advantages/Disadvantages of Wireless

Network Topologies                                           Network vs. Wired Network

            Ring                                   Plaintext vs. Ciphertext

            P2P

                                          Chapter 6

ISP                                                 FTP

TCP/IP                                              Router

Static vs. Dynamic IP Addresses                     Internet Services (Dial-up, Cable, DSL,

Private vs. Routable IP Addresses                            Satellite, Wi-Max)


                                          Chapter 7

Web Browser                                         HTTP

HTML                                                Search Engine

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                                      INSY 2303
                                  Final Exam Review
E-Commerce/4 Main Sectors                             Pharming

POP                                                   Spoofing

SMTP                                                  Phishing

Web-Based E-mail                                      Cookies

                                            Chapter 8

Voice Recognition vs. Voice Synthesis                 High-Res Graphics vs. Low-Res Graphics

Bitmap vs. Vector Graphics                            Rasterization

                                            Chapter 9

Offshoring vs. Outsourcing                            Technical Writer

Database Administrator                                Software Engineering

Computer Engineer                                     Network Specialist/Administrator

                                           Chapter 10

Exception Report                                      WBS

Summary Report                                        Gantt Chart

Ad Hoc Report                                         SDLC/Phases of the SDLC

Decision Support System                               Centralized vs. Distributed Processing

Expert System                                         Unit, Integration, System Testing


                                           Chapter 11

Database                                              Data Warehouse

DBMS                                                  Data Mining

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                                        INSY 2303
                                    Final Exam Review
XML                                                   SQL Statements


                                           Chapter 12

Algorithm                                             Attribute

Syntax, Run-Time, and Logic Errors                    Method

Selection vs. Repetition vs. Sequence                 Inheritance

Class Hierarchy                                       Polymorphism

Object vs. Class                                      Encapsulation

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