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									                            Toddler Bunk Beds – Are They Safe?
Many people who are looking to save space in rooms turn to bunk beds for their children. The
ability to make use of 'air space' that would otherwise be wasted can be a tremendous help when
floor space is at a premium. But are toddler bunk beds safe?

Yes and no. There are a number of safety factors that you need to be taking into consideration when
you are choosing bunk beds for children and especially when you are choosing toddler bunk beds.

Ages of the Toddlers

First thing to consider is the age of the toddlers that you are looking to put into bunk beds. Whilst
the lower bunk is not an issue, after all there is no real difference between that bunk and a normal
bed, the upper bed is more of a concern.

Because of the height a number of factors come into play. First of all is your child co-ordinated
enough to regularly use a ladder to get in to bed? Toddlers and young children develop hand-eye
co-ordination at different rates and you need to be confident in their ability to traverse the method
of climbing into bed.

Many think 'well I'll be putting them to be' but remember your child may well have to leave the bed
during the night to use the toilet and, at the very least, needs to be quickly able to leave the bed in
an emergency.

The age is a factor as well. The American Academy of Paediatrics and the Consumer Product
Safety Commission suggest that the minimum age for a child using the upper bed of toddler bunk
beds is 6, whilst many other experts put the age at more like 8 or 9.

Certainly you need to trust them to understand how dangerous playing around at height can be. All
too often injuries, cuts, broken bones and concussions occur because a child has not understood the

That is not to say that toddler bunk beds are a bad idea. If your child is old enough and sensible
enough to use the upper bunk properly then they can be a great method of saving space. Should this
be the case an important point to consider is that you need to know that the toddler bunk bed itself
is safe.

Most western countries have safety guidelines in place about bunk beds, in the case of the United
States that is the job of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission who have a mandatory
safety guideline in place, so make sure that any bunk beds that you are considering adhere to these


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