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           Clearinghouses                                                                        2
           Clinics                                                                               9
           Hospitals                                                                             14
           Parks & Recreational Activities                                                             19
                 Community Centers                                                                20
                 Daytrips                                                                         21
                 Parks                                                                            22
                 Senior Centers                                                                     23
                 Youth Activities                                                                  25
           Prince George’s County Health Department Services                                        27
                 Child Health Programs                                                             28
                 Drug and Alcohol Programs                                                         28
                 Mental Health Services                                                              28
                 Reproductive Health Programs                                                         28
           Shelters                                                                               30
           Volunteer Organizations                                                                     34

           Clearinghouses:         A person or agency acting as a center for the exchange of information.
           Aerobics and Fitness
           15250 Ventura Blvd, Ste 200
           Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
           Description: International membership organization committed to promoting, teaching, and research for safe
           and proper ways of achieving fitness through aerobic exercise.

           Alliance for Children
           11700 W. Lake Park Drive
           Milwaukee, WI 53224
           1-800-221-3726 (Toll-free)
           Description: Nonprofit organization providing services ranging from residential care to domestic abuse
           prevention and intervention.

           Alzheimer’s Disease Education & Referral Center, National Institute on Aging
           Information Specialist
           P.O. Box 8250
           Silver Spring, MD 20907-8250
           1-800-438-4380 (Toll-free)
           Description: Distributes information in response to written and phone inquiries on topics related to
           Alzheimer’s disease.

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           American Association for Active Lifestyles & Fitness
           1900 Association Drive
           Reston, VA 20191
           1-800-213-7193 (Toll-free)
           Description: Promotes active lifestyles and fitness for all populations.

           American Diabetes Association
           Customer Service
           1701 North Beauregard Street
           Alexandria, VA 22311
           1-800-DIABETES (Toll-free)
           Description: Created to fight diabetes through education and research. Local chapters and affiliates use
           volunteers to organize educational and screening programs, and conduct fundraising activities to support

           American Heart Association
           Inquiries Coordinator
           7272 Greenville Avenue
           Dallas, TX 75231-4596
           1-800-242-8721 (Toll-free, for local AHA offices)
           Description: A nonprofit, voluntary health agency dedicated to the reduction of death and disability from
           cardiovascular diseases.

           Association of Birth Defect Children, Inc.
           Betty Mekdeci, Executive Director
           930 Woodcock Road, Ste. 225
           Orlando, FL 32803
           1-800-313-ABDC (Toll-free, Birth Defect Registry Hotline)
           Description: Provides information and support to families of children with birth defects caused by their
           mother’s exposure to environmental agents such as drugs, chemicals, radiation, and other agents.

           Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
           200 C Street, SW
           HFS-555 (Room 5809)
           Washington, DC 20204
           1-888-SAF-EFOOD (Toll-free, Outreach and Information Center)
           Description: Promotes and protects public health and economic interest by keeping people informed about
           the food they buy; protects public health through scientific research in food and nutrition; ensures accurate
           labeling of food; educates consumers about diet and nutrition.

           Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
           Drug Information Branch
           5600 Fishers Lane, Rockwall II, Suite 618
           Rockville, MD 20857
           1-800-662-HELP (Toll-free, 24 hour routing service)
           Description: Provides and support policies and programs that enhance treatment services for individuals who
           abuse alcohol and other drugs, and addresses individuals’ addiction-related problems.

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           Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
           2950 31st Street, #125
           Santa Monica, CA 90405
           1-888-499-HOPE (Toll-free, donations)
           Description: National non-profit organization dedicated to identifying, funding, and conducting basic
           pediatric HIV/AIDS research.

           Firearms Litigation Clearinghouse
           1000 18th Street, NW, Suite 803
           Washington, DC 20036-5743
           Description: Facilitates the reduction of firearms injuries through the justice system.

           HEAD START Bureau, Administration for Children and Families
           P.O. Box 1182
           Washington, DC 20013
           1-800-303-0705 (Toll-free, Referral and Information Service)
           Description: A national program that provides comprehensive developmental services for low-income
           families, pre-school children, and social services for their families.

           Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence, Family Violence Prevention Fund
           Esta Soler, Executive Director
           383 Rhode Island Street
           Suite 304
           San Francisco, CA 94103
           Description: Provides resources, training materials, and assistance to health care professionals and others
           who serve victims of domestic violence.

           Healthy Start National Resource Center, Georgetown University/National Center for Education in
           Maternal and Child Health
           2000 15th Street North
           Suite 701
           Arlington, VA 22201-2617
           1-800-311-BABY (Toll-free, Prenatal Care Information Line—English)
           1-800-504-7081 (Toll-free, Prenatal Care—Spanish)
           Description: Administers support and education through publications and meetings. Is a leader in the fight
           against infant mortality.

           National Abstinence Clearinghouse
           801 E. 41st Street
           Sioux Falls, SD 57105
           Description: Promotes sexual abstinence until marriage using educational resources on Planned Parenthood.
           Provides information on sexually transmitted diseases.

           National Aging Information Center
           330 Independence Avenue, SW, Room 4656
           Washington, DC 20201

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           Administration on Aging
           330 Independence Avenue, SW
           Washington, DC 20201
           (800) 677-1116 (Eldercare Locator—to find services for an older person in his or her locality)
           (202) 619-7501 (AoA’s National Aging Information Center—for technical information and public inquiries)
           Description: The Administration on Aging leads the nation in creating the shared vision that aging is a
           process, not a point in time.
           National Assembly on School-Based Health Care
           666 11th Street, N.W., Suite 735
           Washington, DC 20001
           1-888-286-8727 (Toll-free)
           Description: Dedicated to promoting accessible, quality school-based primary health and mental health care
           for children and youth.

           National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention
           CDC National AIDS Hotline
           P.O. Box 13827
           RTP, NC 27709-3827
           1-800-342-AIDS (English-24 Hours/day, 7 days/wk)
           1-800-344-SIDA (Spanish, 8 a.m.- 1 a.m. EST)
           1-800-243-7889 (TTY for hearing impaired, M-F 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. EST)
           Description: Responsible for public health surveillance, prevention research, and programs to prevent and
           control HIV, AIDS, other STDs, and TB.
           CDC National STD Hotline
           1-800-227-8922 (Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-11 p.m., EST)

           National Center for Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
           1600 Clifton Road, NE
           Atlanta, GA 30333
           1-888-4HE-PCDC (Toll-free, Viral Hepatitis Hotline)
           Description: The mission of NCID is to prevent illness, disability, and death caused by infectious diseases in
           the U.S. and around the world. Conducts public education programs to develop, evaluate, and promote
           prevention and control of infectious diseases.

           National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information, National Center on Child Abuse and
           300 C Street, SW
           Washington, DC 20447
           1-800-394-3366 (Toll-free)
           1-800-877-8800 (BBS)
           Description: The clearinghouse is an information source for child abuse and neglect.

           National Clearinghouse on Marital and Date Rape
           National Domestic Violence Hotline
           Victim Services
           2325 Oak Street
           Berkeley, CA 94708

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           Description: Contains a network or resources of information and support in order to make intimate
           relationships equal.
           National Vaccine Program Office, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
           Mailstop D66
           1600 Clifton Road, NE
           Atlanta, GA 30333
           1-800-232-0233 (Toll-free, Immunization Hotline, Spanish)
           1-800-232-2522 (Toll-free, Immunization Hotline, English)
           Description: This agency develops and implements strategies for prevention of human diseases through

           National Women’s Health Network
           514 10th Street, NW, Suite 400
           Washington, DC 20004
           1-202-628-7814 (Health Information)
           1-202-347-1140 (Administrative)
           Description: Dedicated to women’s health.

           Office of Special Programs, Health Resources and Services Administration
           5600 Fishers Lane
           Rockville, MD 20857
           1-800-638-0742 (Toll-free)
           1-800-492-0359 (In-state only, Information inside MD)
           Description: Contains programs related to transplantation and donor programs. It also deals with topics
           pertaining to cost containment, financial assistance, and funding sources.

           Public and Indian Housing, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
           Reference Specialist
           451 7th Street, SW
           Room 4100
           Washington, DC 20410
           1-800-569-4287 (Toll-free, Housing Counseling Hotline)
           Description: Ensures safe and affordable housing; creates opportunities for residents’ self-sufficiency and
           economic independence.

           Water Quality Association
           Communications Manager
           4151 Naperville Road
           Lisle, IL 60532-1088
           1-800-749-0234 (Toll-free, Customer Information)
           Description: Facilitates the exchange of information, offers training programs, develops voluntary product
           standards, administers product and dealer certification programs, conducts research, and publishes water
           treatment information.

           YMCA of the USA
           Michael Spezzano, Health Fitness Director
           101 North Wacker Drive
           Chicago, IL 60606
           1-800-872-9622 (Toll-free)
           Description: The YMCA is involved in improving spiritual, mental, and physical health through local member
           associations. Fitness and health programs are based on preventive health care activities of heart disease,

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           stroke, and other medical illnesses before they begin to develop. Prevention programs are designed for a
           person of all ages that includes fitness, aerobic conditioning, health education, individual and group fitness
           regimens, and weight management.


           American Orthopedics
           Located 10.4 miles from Seat Pleasant
           6178 Oxon Hill Road, #200
           Oxon Hill, MD

           Awele Social Health Clinic
           Located 4 miles from Seat Pleasant
           7515 Annapolis Road #406
           Hyattsville, MD

           Capital Hill Pregnancy Center
           Located 4.8 miles from Seat Pleasant
           713 Maryland Avenue, N.E.
           Washington, DC

           Catholic Charities Pregnancy Center
           Located 1.4 miles from Seat Pleasant
           4914 Ayers Place, S.E.
           Washington, DC

           Community Clinic, Inc.
           7676 New Hampshire Avenue, #200
           Hyattsville, MD

           Community Health Center
           Located 1.7 miles from Seat Pleasant
           4650 Benning Road, S.E.
           Washington, DC

           Family Service Foundation, Inc.
           Located 4.1 miles from Seat Pleasant
           5301 76th Avenue

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           Landover Hills, MD

           Family Trauma Services of Maryland
           Located 3 miles from Seat Pleasant
           6200 Annapolis Road
           Hyattsville, MD

           Gambor Health Care
           1877 Brightseat Road
           Landover, MD

           Glen Ridge Medical Clinic
           Located 10 miles from Seat Pleasant
           7582 Annapolis Road
           Lanham, MD 20784
           For appointments call 301-322-2326
           Hours 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

           Grant Park Center
           Located 1.8 miles from Seat Pleasant
           5000 Nannie Helen Burroughs, N.E.
           Washington, DC

           Grant Park Dialysis
           Located 1.1 miles from Seat Pleasant
           5155 Lee Street, N.E.
           Washington, DC

           Landover Clinic
           8700 Central Avenue, #100
           Landover, MD

           Maryland Family Resources, Inc.
           Located 2.9 miles from Seat Pleasant
           903 Brightseat Road
           Hyattsville, MD

           Nora Calleb Center for Mental Health, Inc.
           Located 4.3 miles from Seat Pleasant
           2041 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, S.E. #330
           Washington, DC

           Paragon Rehabilitation, Inc.

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           Located 1.2 miles from Seat Pleasant
           5000 Nannie Helen Burroughs, N.E.
           Washington, DC

           Potomac Family Planning Center
           Located 3.4 miles from Seat Pleasant
           3230 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E. #200
           Washington, DC

           Prince George’s Reproductive Clinic
           7411 Riggs Road, #106
           Hyattsville, MD
           Description: Women’s health clinic open to the general public. Deals with all gynecological problems and

           Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
           Located 3.7 miles from Seat Pleasant
           7420 Marlboro Pike
           Forestville, MD

           Southeast Crisis Pregnancy Center
           Located 6.4 miles from Seat Pleasant
           220 Highview Place, S.E.
           Washington, DC

           Takoma-Langley Medical Clinic
           7505 New Hampshire Avenue, #320
           Hyattsville, MD
           Description: Physical Therapy and Injury clinic that accepts most major health insurances. Attorney referral
           required due to injury or accident.

           Teen Life Choices and Catholic Charities Pregnancy Center
           Located 1.4 miles from Seat Pleasant
           4914 Ayers Place, S.E.
           Washington, DC

           Total Health Family Clinic, Inc.
           6521 Annapolis Road
           Hyattsville, MD
           Description: Chiropractor clinic. Attorney referral required. Walk-ins accepted. Most major health
           insurances accepted. However, this clinic does not accept Medicare, Medicaid, or Kaiser Permanente. It is
           Metro bus accessible—A12 and T18.

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           Walker Mill Health Center
           1458 Addison Road, South
           Capitol Heights, MD
           Hours:       Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday--9 a.m.-5 p.m.
                  Wednesday--11 a.m.-7 p.m.
           Description: A general practitioner’s office open to the general public. Most major health insurances

           Whitman Walker Clinic
           1407 South Street, N.W.
           Washington, DC 20009
           202-365-5225 (24 hour line)
           202-939-7814 (TDD)
           202-328-0697 (Spanish)
           202-833-3234 (Gay and Lesbian Hotline)
           877-989-AIDS (Toll-free AIDS information line)
           Description: Provides culturally sensitive, compassionate health care and supportive services to gay men,
           lesbians, bisexuals and transgender individuals in the Washington, DC area. Services include: primary
           medical care, Food Bank, gay men’s health and wellness, lesbian, mental health and addiction, legal, and
           much more.

                                                 How to Choose a Hospital

                  It is always a good idea to do a little research before you’re checked into a
           hospital. Learning about different hospitals beforehand insures that the facility will fit
           all of your needs.

           Here are just a couple of tips:

           1. Take your doctor’s advice but also question it. Find out why he or she suggests a
           certain hospital for you. Does this hospital accept your insurance, can you afford the
           hospital, and does the hospital specialize in the procedure you’re having done?

           2. Shop around. Contact different hospitals and ask about their staff ratios, treatment
           options, referral networks, and outcome measures. This type of information should help
           you in your decision.

           3. Get their grades. Every hospital is rated by the National Accreditation Agency. There
           is a lot of hospital rating information to be found at the library or on Internet. Check
 , this site has everything you need to know about finding a
           hospital. They have hospital ratings, maps to different hospitals, anything you could
           possibly need to know about hospitals.

           4. Ask your friends and family. Often times, word of mouth from those you trust is a
           good way to find out which hospitals are great and which hospitals are not so great.

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           5. Talk to your health care benefit officer at work or other fellow employees. These
           people will most likely have the same health insurance so hospitals they went to will
           probably accept your insurance.

           Children's National Medical Center
           111 Michigan Ave. NW Fl 5
           Washington, DC
           (202) 884-5000
           Located 6.6 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: Multi-specialty hospital for children up to age 19.

           Columbia Hospital for Women
           650 Pennsylvania Ave. SE #1r100
           Washington, DC
           (202) 546-8336
           Located 5.0 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: A multi-specialty hospital for women including the center for fertility and
           reproductive endocrinology, maternal-fetal medicine, reproductive toxicology, and
           parenting education classes.

           D C General Hospital
           1900 Massachusetts Ave. SE
           Washington, DC
           (202) 675-5000
           Located 4.0 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: This is a multi-specialty hospital serving children and adults.

           Doctors Community Hospital
           8118 Good Luck Road
           Lanham, Maryland 20706
           (301) 552-8118
           Located 9.2 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: This is an acute care medical and surgical hospital. Multi-specialty services
           include diabetes care center, women's services, ambulatory services, and joint and
           spine center.

           Family Medical & Urgent Care Center
           8409 S. Crain Highway. Rt. 301
           Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
           (301) 952-8614
           Located 15.5 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: Adult & pediatric care, wellness exams & preventive health care, minor injuries,
           and immunizations.

           George Washington University Hospital
           901 23rd St. NW
           Washington, DC

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           (202) 994-1000
           Located 10 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: GWUH offers an extensive list of health services including open-heart surgery for which they
           are a top ranked facility.

           Greater Southeast Community Hospital
           1310 Southern Ave. SE
           Washington, DC
           (202) 574-6000
           Located 5.4 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: A multi-specialty hospital. Services include rehabilitation, cardiac care, and cancer care, labor
           and delivery, and home health care.

           Hospital for Sick Children
           1731 Bunker Hill Rd. NE
           Washington, DC
           (202) 832-4400
           Located 5.7 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: Provides pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation.

           Howard University Hospital
           2041 Georgia Ave. NW
           Washington, DC
           (202) 865-6100
           Located 5.3 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: A multi-specialty hospital. Services include: Family Medicine, Mental Health, Ambulatory
           surgery, and an Endoscopy suite.

           John Hopkins Hospital and Health System
           600 North Wolfe Street
           Baltimore, MD 21287
           (410) 955-5000
           Located 42.7 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: This is a multispecialty hospital. Some services including Neurology and
           Neurosurgery, Infectious Disease, Hepatology, Gastroenterology, Cancer, Cardiology
           and Cardiac Surgery, Critical Care, Immunology, Urology, Rheumatology, Radiology,
           Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Pathology, AIDS, and Gynecology and Obstetrics.

           Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital
           3001 Hospital Dr. Cheverly, MD
           (301) 618-3866
           Located 3.3 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: Inpatient programs offer a wide range of services for infants and children including: medical
           management of premature infants; treatment of children with respiratory diseases and other chronic
           conditions; and physical rehabilitation after illness
           injury, or surgery. Outpatient services are also available.

           National Rehabilitation Hospital
           102 Irving St. NM
           Washington, DC
           (202) 877-1000

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           Located 6.6 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: Comprehensive in- and out-patient medical rehabilitation for: stroke, arthritis, chronic pain,
           post-polio, head, back & spinal injuries, neuromuscular conditions.

           Prince George’s Community Hospital
           Prince George’s Hospital Center or
           Gladys Spellman Specialty Hospital and Nursing Center
           Contact person: Karen Goldman

           Prince George's Hospital Center
           3001 Hospital Dr.
           Cheverly, MD
           (301) 618-2000
           Located 3.3 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: This multi-specialty hospital includes trauma center, cardiology, maternal and child health,
           mental health, surgery and joint replacement programs.

           Providence Hospital
           1150 Varnum St. NE
           Washington, DC
           (202) 269-7000
           Located 6.1 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: A multi-specialty hospital including substance abuse and psychiatric services.

           St. Elizabeth's Hospital
           2700 M L King Ave. SE
           Washington, DC
           (202) 562-4000
           Located 5.5 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: This hospital specializes in Mental Health.

           Suburban Hospital
           8600 Old Georgetown Rd.
           Bethesda, MD
           (301) 896-3100
           Located 12 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: This facility is affiliated with Johns Hopkins. It houses the Emergency Shock Trauma for
           Montgomery County. The hospital also provides: cancer treatment, addiction treatment, mental health, senior
           services and physical, and occupational and speech therapies.

           Washington Adventist Hospital
           7600 Carroll Ave.
           Takoma Park, MD
           (301) 891-7600
           Located 10 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: This hospital offers cardiac care services, cancer treatment, psychiatric services, and family-
           centered maternity care.

           Washington Hospital Center
           110 Irving St. NW
           Washington, DC

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           (202) 877-7000
           Located 6 miles from Seat Pleasant.
           Description: Cardiac care: open-heart surgery, chest pain center. Surgery: laser, general & short-stay. WHC
           provides psychiatric services, maternity, and radiation oncology. It has a pain resource center and health
           education classes. In addition, the center treats asthma, burns, and infectious diseases.

                                                             Parks and
           Community Centers
           Berwyn Heights Community Center
           6200 Pontiac Street
           Berwyn Heights, MD 20740
           301-345-2808            301-445-4512 (TTY)
           Description: Includes a lobby, gymnasium, fitness room, and offices. Play equipment, playfield, and tennis
           courts are located adjacent to the center in the neighboring park. Recreational programs and classes in the
           areas of sports, arts, fitness, dance, crafts, cooking, self-improvement, computers, drama, games, hobbies,
           martial arts, music, and do-it-yourself instruction are among the activities offered.

           Cedar Heights Community Center
           1200 Glen Willow Drive
           Seat Pleasant, MD 20743
           301-773-8881             301-218-6768 (TTY)
           Description: Includes a gymnasium, pre-school room, lounge area, multi-purpose room, dance room, fitness
           room, pantry, photography dark room, office, and front lobby. Recreation programs and classes in the areas
           of sports, arts, fitness, dance, crafts, cooking, self-improvement, drama, games, hobbies, martial arts, music,
           and do-it-yourself instruction are among the activities offered.

           College Park Community Center
           5051 Pierce Avenue
           College Park, MD 20740
           301-441-2647            301-445-4512 (TTY)
           Description: Center includes a pre-school room, gymnasium, dance room, multi-purpose room, class/meeting
           room, and fitness room. A softball field is located outside the center. Recreation programs and classes in the
           areas of sports, arts, fitness, dance, crafts, cooking, self-improvement, computers, drama, games, hobbies,
           martial arts, music, and do-it-yourself instruction are among the activities offered.

           John E. Howard Community Center
           4400 Shell Street
           Capitol Heights, MD 20743
           301-735-3340          301-218-6768 (TTY)
           Description: This recreation facility is located within the John E. Howard Elementary School building. The
           community center portion of the building includes a gymnasium, game room, multi-purpose room, warming
           kitchen, lobby, and offices. Play equipment, tennis courts, two athletic fields, and a picnic area are located
           outside the building. Recreation programs and classes in the areas of sports, arts, fitness, dance, crafts,
           cooking, self-improvement, drama, games, hobbies, martial arts, music, and do-it-yourself instruction are

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           among the activities offered.

           Marlow Heights Community Center
           2800 St. Clair Drive
           Marlow Heights, MD 20748
           301-423-0505           301-203-6030 (TTY)
           Description: The center includes a game room, fitness room, gymnasium, warming kitchen, and office space.
           A community building, which is used for recreation activities and is also available for public rental, is located
           adjacent to the center. Pre-school children, teens, adults, and senior citizens will find a variety of recreation

           Oakcrest Community Center
           5200 Marlboro Pike
           Capitol Heights, MD 20747
           301-736-5355            301-218-6768 (TTY)
           Description: The facility includes a gymnasium, offices, game room, meeting room, and warming kitchen.
           Outside the facility, recreation amenities include a playground, basketball court, softball field, and
           football/soccer field.

           Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex
           8001 Sheriff Road
           Landover, MD 20785
           301-583-2400            301-583-2483 (TTY)
           Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. – 9 p.m., Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.,
           Sunday Noon – 5:00 p.m.
           Description: The facility is dedicated to improving the educational needs of the community. A classroom
           contains state-of-the-art technology and over twenty computer workstations. The learning center offers
           tutoring as well as job skill enhancement and interactive learning opportunities. Also contains an indoor sports
           facility, which includes a field house, fitness center, gymnastics facility, and aquatic center.

           Seat Pleasant Activity Center
           5720 Addison Road
           Seat Pleasant, MD 20743
           301-736-6685             301-218-6768 (TTY)
           Description: Located next to Seat Pleasant Elementary School. Includes a multi-purpose room, game room,
           kitchen, fitness room, gymnasium, and offices. Outdoor recreation facilities used by visitors at both the
           community center and the school includes basketball courts and play equipment. Recreation programs and
           classes in the areas of sports, arts, fitness, dance, crafts, self-improvement, drama, games, hobbies, martial
           arts, music, and do-it-yourself are among the activities offered.

           College Park Aviation Museum
           1985 Cpl. Frank Scott Drive
           College Park, MD 20740
           301-864-6029          301-864-4765 (TTY)
           Description: The museum is located on the grounds of the College Park Airport—the world’s oldest
           continuously operating airport. It includes an open, 1 ½ story exhibit area for full-sized aircraft, as well as

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           display and exhibition areas, library, preservation and collection rooms, gift shop, and auditorium. The
           facility is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily to the public for self-guided tours and for a variety of special
           events and lectures. Admission is $4 for adults, $3 for seniors, $3 per person for members of groups of 10 or
           more, $2 for children, and $1 for children in school groups.

           Montpelier Mansion
           9401 Montpelier Drive
           Laurel, MD 20708
           301-953-1376 301-779-5321 (TTY)
           Description: Montpelier Mansion, a National Historic Landmark, is used as a house museum and rental
           facility. It offers tours, concerts, teas, festivals, re-enactments, and exhibits.

           Piscataway Park
           1900 Anacostia Drive, S.E.
           Washington, DC 20020
           301-763-4600 (Information)
           Description: Piscataway Park, which stretches for 6 miles, is preserved as a project in protecting Maryland
           parklands. Activities at the park include: picnic areas, fishing, bird watching, and farm tours. The facility
           has a picnic area, dock area overlooking the Potomac River, and the National Colonial Farm. There is a
           $4.00 per car entrance fee.

           Prince George’s Public Playhouse
           5445 Landover Road
           Cheverly, MD 20784
           301-277-1710 (Box Office)            301-203-6030 (TTY)
           Description: The Public Playhouse is committed to making the arts a vital element of the community.
           Cultural diversity is the hallmark of this theater’s success, attracting audiences from the greater Washington
           metropolitan area for jazz and gospel to modern dance, from musical theater to historic drama. Seating is
           general admission; box office hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., and one hour before
           each performance.

           Fairland Regional Park
           13950 Old Gunpowder Road
           Laurel, MD 20707
           301-699-2407 (Information)            301-699-2544 (TTY)
           Description: Includes more than 150 acres of parkland in Prince George’s County. The park includes: three
           lighted softball fields and one unlighted softball field, storm water management demonstration project area,
           picnic shelter, and play equipment.

           Goodwin Park
           Located on 69th Street; next to the police department
           Seat Pleasant, MD
           For reservations call: 301-336-2600
           The park is a recreational facility with a basketball court and baseball field.

           Holly Neighborhood Park
           Located on Birchleaf Street
           Seat Pleasant, MD
           First come, first serve basis.

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           Walker Mill Regional Park
           8840 Walker Mill Road
           District Heights, MD 20747
           301-699-2407 (Information)           301-699-2544 (TTY)
           Description: Facility includes 100-space parking area, lighted baseball field, two lighted softball fields, lighted
           soccer/football field, two tennis courts, two basketball courts, play equipment, picnic area, open shelter,
           comfort station, and trail.

           Watkins Regional Park
           301 Watkins Park Drive
           Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
           301-218-6700 (Information)            301-218-6768 (TTY)
           Description: Enjoy nature, sports, picnics, hiking, camping, or outdoor family activities. There are several
           miles of trails for hiking and biking. The park is also home to the following facilities: Watkins Nature Center,
           Chesapeake Carousel, Old Maryland Farm, Watkins Regional Park miniature train, Watkins Miniature Gold
           Course, practice softball field, outdoor basketball courts, four lighted outdoor tennis courts, five indoor tennis
           courts at the Watkins Tennis Bubble, 34 campsites at the park campgrounds, picnic area with shelters,
           playgrounds, snack bar, comfort stations, and three volleyball courts.

           Senior Centers
           Camp Springs Senior Center
           6420 Allentown Road
           Camp Springs, MD 20748
           301-449-0490                  301-203-6030 (TTY)
           Description: Offers recreational programs, classes, and services for independent and active seniors.
           Recreational programs include: bingo, bridge, dance classes, glee club, Bible study, and trips. Prince
           George’s Community College offers classes at the center for individuals age 60 or older, with a $50
           registration fee each semester. Services such as health seminars, tax assistance, legal aid, and the 55-Alive
           program are offered. The center is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

           Cora B. Wood Senior Center
           3601 Taylor Street
           Brentwood, MD 20772
           301-699-1238                   301-445-4512 (TTY)
           Description: Activities at the center include: theme parties, educational programs, bingo, exercise and dance
           programs, cultural events, day trips, and college classes. Amenities include computer lab, treadmill, and
           library. Lunch and transportation are available through the Prince George’s County Department of Family
           Services. The center is open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

           Evelyn Cole Senior Center
           5720 Addison Road
           Seat Pleasant, MD 20740
           301-386-5525           301-218-6768 (TTY)
           301-454-1252 (Events hotline)
           Description: Located within the Seat Pleasant Activity Center, it is an intergenerational senior center
           providing programs and activities for children, teens, and seniors. The senior wellness center offers a
           well-equipped weight training facility with classes in step aerobics, exercise, line dancing, and weight training
           for high-functioning, active seniors. The center also hosts a number of countywide special events for seniors
           including the annual Grandparent/Grandchild Festival, Seniors Weight Training Meet, and Centenarian

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           Langley Park Senior Center
           1500 Merrimac Drive
           Hyattsville, MD 20783
           301-434-2900                   301-445-4512 (TTY)
           Description: Located off Merrimac Drive in the old Langley Park Elementary School. The building has been
           extensively renovated to accommodate the needs of the senior community. Activities include special events
           and trips, holiday celebrations, educational and art classes, and
           exercise programs. The center is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

           Youth Activities
           Fairland Batting Cages
           13820 and 13950 Old Gunpowder Road
           Laurel, MD 20707
           Aquatics Center—301-206-2464 (Recorded information); 301-206-2359 (General inquiries);
           301-317-1340 (TTY)
           Athletic Complex—301-953-0030               301-490-4750 (TTY)
           Description: The aquatics center includes: heated, 50-meter indoor pool; heated, indoor 25-yard leisure pool
           with a fountain; heated, whirlpool with waterfall; family changing room and locker rooms; meeting rooms;
           spectator seating; and outdoor volleyball court.
           The athletic complex, located at 13950, is a multi-sport complex that includes: gymnastics facility, indoor
           tennis courts, outdoor tennis courts, indoor racquetball courts and weight training center. Fitness center
           passes and combination fit-n-swim passes are available for sale.

           J. Franklin Bourne Memorial Pool
           6500 Calmos Street
           Seat Pleasant, MD 20743
           301-218-6700         301-218-6768 (TTY)
           301-350-4422 (Summer)
           Description: Make a splash in the summer at this 50-meter, seasonal, outdoor public swimming pool.
           Recreational swim and swim instruction are available on-site.

           Softball Leagues
           Men’s Teams: 301-699-2424
           Coed or Women’s Teams: 301-699-2431
           Youth: 301-779-8634
           Description: More than 600 teams play throughout Prince George’s County in the summer and fall softball
           leagues. Leagues are grouped according to age and ability of the players, and location of teams.

           Tucker Road Ice Rink
           1770 Tucker Road
           Fort Washington, DC 20744
           301-248-2508           301-249-4252 (TTY)
           Description: Open for ice-skating seasonally, from October through March. Facility includes: rink, indoor
           warming room, party room and snack bar. Rental skates are available. During the summer, the facility is
           used as a picnic pavilion for group picnics.

           Watkins Miniature Gold Course
           301 Watkins Park Drive

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           Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
           301-218-6760           301-249-4252 (TTY)
           Description: 18-hole miniature golf course located in Watkins Regional Park. Open seasonally.
           Youth Sports Leagues
           Description: Interclub and intramural competition among Boys and Girls Clubs in the county in football,
           soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, t-ball, track, boxing, and cheerleading. The Maryland-National Capital
           Park and Planning Commission sponsor the leagues. Some clubs also have teams in other sports, such as

                               Prince George’s County Health Department Services
           Child Health Programs:
           Healthy Start
           Phone: (301) 883-7230
           Description: Provides immunizations for children from ages 2 months up to 21 years old.

           Infant and Toddler Program
           Phone: (301) 883-7250
           Description: Case management for developmentally disabled children ages 0-3.

           Drug and Alcohol Programs:
           Phone: (301) 490-0877 / (301) 490-5551
           Description: This is a $35 inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program for 28 days.

           Mental Health Services:
           Community Outreach and Treatment Services
           Phone: (301) 772-1192
           Description: This clinic offers mental health services such as psychiatric
           rehabilitation, outpatient clinic services, and mobile treatment.

           Oasis Youth Services
           Phone: (301) 498-4500
           Description: Offers counseling to children, teens, families, and couples. This clinic is geared toward
           individual mental health therapy for youth and families.

           Psychotherapeutic Rehabilitation Services
           Phone: (301) 498-7500
           Description: Offers individual mental health assessments along with individual and group therapy and
           counseling. There is a dual diagnosis and treatment program for chemical dependency.

           Reproductive Health Programs:
           Belcrest Road Health Center
           Phone: (301) 209-2400
           Description: Provides pregnancy testing, prenatal and postnatal care, contraceptives, sexual education
           counseling, and STD testing.

           Dyer Regional Health Center
           Phone: (301) 856-9520

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           Description: Offers maternal services and family planning services based on sliding scale fees.

           Family Planning Services
           Phone: (301) 209-2415

           Health Choice Line
           Phone: (888) 561-4049 / (301) 856-9550
           Description: Offers free health insurance for eligible pregnant women and children up to the age of 19.

           Healthy Teens and Adult Center
           Phone: (301) 324-5141
           Description: Provide services for teenage males and females, offering contraceptives, pap smears and STD
           screenings. Free for individuals ages 12-21.

           HIV/AIDS Prevention Service
           Phone: (301) 817-3130 / (301) 985-5400
           Description: Provides confidential testing for HIV, counseling and client intervention.

           Maternal Health Program
           Phone: (301) 817-3030
           Description: Provides birth control, colposcopy services and gynecological exams.

           Ow Phair Clinic
           Phone: (301) 725-8546
           Description: Offer family planning services, prenatal services, and birth control. Fees based on a sliding

           Penn Silver Health Center
           Phone: (301) 817-3131
           Description: Provides testing and counseling for STD’s.

           Women, Infant, and Children
           Phone: (301) 856-9531
           Description: This is a supplement program for low-income families. They provide infant formula, milk, juices
           and cereal. Must meet eligibility requirements.

           Baptist Home for Children and Families
           Bethesda, MD
           Description: Provides housing and necessities to people in need.

           Bright Beginnings, Inc.
           Washington, DC
           Description: Services children ages 6 weeks to 5 years who are homeless.

           Calvary Women’s Shelter
           Washington, DC

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           Description: Provides overnight emergency shelter for single, homeless women.

           Capital Area Community Food Bank
           Washington, DC
           Description: Serves as a collection and distribution point for donated food for over 500 charitable feeding
           programs throughout the DC area.

           Carroll House
           Silver Spring, MD
           Description: Provides a transitional shelter and services for homeless men.

           Community for Creative Non-Violence
           425 Second Street, N.W.
           Washington, DC
           202-393-1909 or 202-393-4409
           Description: 1400 bed federal city shelter provides medical and social services.

           Echoes From the Street
           407 Thayer Avenue
           Silver Spring, MD
           Description: Food pantry. Delivery can be arranged for the elderly, handicapped. Also provides counseling,
           clothing, and job referrals. Open 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., weekdays.

           Hand to Hand
           Potomac, MD
           Description: Delivers food that has been prepared by volunteers to people who are homeless in DC.

           Loaves and Fishes
           Washington, DC
           Description: Provides a nutritious meal every Saturday and Sunday to people who are homeless.

           Luther Place
           Washington, DC
           Description: Addresses the immediate needs of people who are homeless, particularly women.

           Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless
           600 East Guide Drive
           Rockville, MD
           Description: Overnight emergency men’s shelter open 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. Also provides clothing and mobile
           medical van every Friday. Open 24 h ours a day, meals provided.

           My Sister’s Place
           Baltimore, MD

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           Description: Provides a daytime shelter and case management for women and children who are homeless.

           Northwest Pregnancy Center and Maternity Home
           Washington, DC
           Description: Provides housing, pre-natal care, counseling, and job referral for pregnant women.

           Prince George’s House
           603 South Addison Road
           Capitol Heights, MD
           Description: Men’s homeless shelter with 36 beds. Provides classes such as GED, anger management, how to
           find housing, and employment.

           Ronald McDonald House
           Description: Provides temporary lodging for families of children being treated for cancer and other
           life-threatening illnesses.

           Sasha Bruce Youthwork
           Washington, DC
           Description: Administers 11 residential programs directly for children who are homeless, runaways, and
           Shepherd’s Cove Shelter
           Capitol Heights, MD
           Description: Offers adult and child shelter for women who are homeless as well as education, childcare, and

           Shepherd’s Table
           8210 Colonial Lane
           Silver Spring, MD
           Description: Daytime homeless community shelter. Provides clothing, food, medical care, and referrals.
           Dinner served at 7 p.m., 7 days a week. Clothing closet open Wednesday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
           Also provides transportation assistance to overnight shelters in Rockville.

           So Others Might Eat (SOME)
           Washington, DC
           Description: Prepares and serves food every day to over 1200 homeless adults and children.

           Watkins Mill House
           20201 Watkins Mill Road
           Gaithersburg, MD
           Description: Halfway house for homeless women with mental disorders. Provides wraparound services such
           as: medical attention, therapy, and job training. Open 24 hours a day.

           Zacchaeus Kitchen

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           Washington, DC
           Description: Services a brunch-type meal to over 300 of DC’s homeless.

           American Cancer Society
           1875 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
           Suite 730
           Washington, DC 20008

           American Red Cross-Prince George’s County Chapter
           6206 Belcrest Road
           Hyattsville, MD 20872-2944
           Description: Provides multiple courses and programs including: aquatics courses, babysitting courses, care
           giving, First Aid & CPR, HIV/AIDS education, and workplace training programs.

           Association for Retired Persons (AARP)
           Maryland State Office
           1600 Duke Street
           Alexandria, VA 22314

           Capitol Heights/Seat Pleasant Boys & Girls Club
           P.O. Box 3334
           Capitol Heights, MD 20791
           Description: The purpose of this club is to bring together the community youth, provide them with training
           and recreation, promote principles of good sportsmanship, and to develop their ability to express themselves.

           Epilepsy Foundation
           4351 Garden City Drive
           Landover, MD 20785
           Description: Provides information and referral services to patients with epilepsy and seizure disorders, their
           families, health professionals, and the general public.

           Global Developmental Services for Youth, Inc.
           P. O. Box 3951
           Seat Pleasant, MD 20791-3951
           Description: Non-profit organization whose mission is to develop mental, physical and social skills in youth
           grades 5-12.

           National Crime Prevention Council

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           1000 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
           13th Floor
           Washington, DC 20036
           Description: Their mission is to prevent crime and build safer, more caring communities. The council has
           information on local initiative programs, training, and information on joining and starting a neighborhood

           National Organization on Disability
           910 16th Street, N.W.
           Washington, DC 20006
           TDD: 202-293-5968
           Description: Provides referrals and printed information including newsletters and sponsors community based
           programs aimed at increasing participation of persons with disabilities.

           National Voluntary Health Organization
           1140 19th Street, N.W.
           Suite 520
           Washington, DC 20036
           Description: America’s leading health organization working to improve the nation’s health.

           Patriots Technology Training Center
           5800 Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway
           Seat Pleasant, MD 20743
           Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
           Description: Serves to generate interest, education, jobs, and careers for all ages and for those at present who
           may not have close or convenient access to today’s technology. The aim of the center is to work closely with
           local and national businesses to establish a curriculum of training that matches the need of the industry.

           Seat Pleasant Volunteer Fire Company
           6305 Addison Road
           Seat Pleasant, MD 20743
           For emergencies: Dial 911
           Description: Provides protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. The company has over
           40 active volunteers who are truly dedicated.

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