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									                                            Dax DX-0930PC-AC

                                     Dax DX-0930PC is a high performance 10 slot chassis-based
                                     Layer-3 switch. It is an ideal core switch for campus,
                                     enterprise network and aggregation layer of IP metropolitan
                                     network. DX-0930PC has 10 slot configurations with 8
                                     Network modules slots and 2 Management Module slots.
                                      DX-0930PC can support maximum 192 # 10G ports or 768
                                     Gigabit ports. The high capacity enables the switch to
                                     forward Layer 2 / Layer 3 traffic in line speed. DX-0930PC
                                     supports various types of Network Interface modules,
                                     including Gigabit and 10G modules. The chassis supports
                                     high-end dynamic routing protocols with IPv6 support
                                     Phase II implementation.


DX-0930PC is equipped with Fan, AC Power, Switching Fabric (CPU Management Module) and
Link Redundancy. Redundancy is available in all the level of critical modules. Hot swappability is
supported in all the modules. The redundancy support ensures the availability of critical modules
for the network at any time, there by offering continuous operation with 99.9% network uptime.

High Scalability and Performance

DX-0930PC supports up to 192# 10G ports or 768 Giga ports providing flexibility and high port
density. With 24 port 10G modules, the DX-0930PC core switch can have 10 Gigabit speed

Uplink to Layer 3 10G distribution switches.

DX-0930PC provides 1.5Tbs wire speed switching capacity and 1142Mpps forwarding rate
enabling forwarding of Layer 2, 3 and 4 packets at line speed.

 Redundancy and Survivability

Designed for mission-critical network core operation, DX-0930PC architecture incorporates
multiple levels of redundancy including FAN, Power and Management cards. This redundancy at
each level offers non-stop forwarding and Stateful switchover.
In terms of software, the switch supports spanning tree based on the IEEE 802.1D, IEEE 802.1W and
IEEE 802.1s that offers loop free network and redundant link for quick convergence. The link
aggregation as per IEEE 802.3ad offers logical trunk and provides load balancing and fault tolerance
for uplink.

IGMP snooping prevents flooding of IP multicast traffic and limits bandwidth intensive video traffic
to the subscribers.

Advanced Enterprise Features

DX-0930PC delivers high-performance hardware based IP routing. RIP, OSPF and BGP provides
dynamic routing by exchanging routing information with other Layer 3 switches or routers. DX-
0930PC supports DVMRP, PIM Multicast Routing Protocols which is used to send IP multicast
traffic from one subnet to another and the support of VRRP prevents your system from failing by
dynamically backing up multiple L3 switches for routing.

Comprehensive Traffic Control

Network Managers can use DX-0930PC to build high performance backbone that provides
comprehensive support for traffic management. DX-0930PC provides advanced traffic control by
preventing broadcast storms and significantly reduces packet loss with a built in flow control
mechanism. In addition 8 levels of egress queues per port enable differentiated management of up to
8 traffic types and the traffic is prioritized according to 802.1p, DSCP, IP precedence and TCP/UDP
port number giving optimal performance to real time applications such as voice and video. Further
DX-0930PC offers Bidirectional rate-limiting, per port or traffic class preserves network bandwidth
and allows full control of network resources.

Enhanced Network Security

As networks grow and branch out to remote locations, network vulnerability increases in importance
and administration complexity. Customers need to protect networks and network services from
unauthorized access by remote users. DX-0930PC provides multiple security algorithms such as
IEEE 802.1X Port security, ACLs based on L2 / L3 / L4 headers, SSL, Web Management
Encryption, RADIUS and TACACS+ to protect data communication to ensure data privacy.The
switch supports DOS/ DDOS protection thereby offering strong anti-attack protection to the
Flexible System Management

The System can be managed and monitored via the SNMP protocol through any computer using
Network management Software or via an internet web browser. DX-0930PC supports Industry
standard Command Line Interface (CLI) configuration via console port or Telnet for switch

Features & Benefits:

    Ø    Supports 192 #10G modules for downlink to L3 Gigabit distribution layer switches or L2
         Gigabit switches.
    Ø    All the line card modules, Management cards and power supply are hot swappable.
    Ø    Supports IGMP snooping to prevent flooding of IP multicast traffic, and limits bandwidth
         intensive video traffic to only the subscribers.
    Ø    The Switch delivers high-performance hardware based IP routing with dynamic routing
         and IPv6 Phase II implementation.
    Ø    Supports VRRP which prevents system from failing by dynamically backing up multiple
         L3 switches for routing.
    Ø    Supports 8 egress queues per port enable differentiated management of up to 8 traffic types.
    Ø    Traffic is prioritized according to 802.1p, DSCP, IP precedence and TCP/UDP port number,
         giving optimal performance to real-time applications such as voice and video.
    Ø    Supports IEEE 802.1X port-based access control ensures all users are authorized before
         being granted access to the network.
    Ø    Supports Access Control Lists (ACL) to restrict access to sensitive network resources by
         denying packets based on L2/L3/L4 headers and time based access control.
    Ø    Supports SSL, Web Management Encryption, RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication
         which protects data communication and ensure data privacy.
    Ø    Supports sFlow for traffic monitoring and accounting traffic analysis.
    Ø    Supports Industry standard Command Line Interface (CLI) via console port or Telnet for
         switch management and also support Web based Interface for simple and quick
    Ø    Backup and restore Firmware and configuration files via TFTP.

    Technical Specification:

        Model                    DX-0930PC-AC
        Physical Slots           8 # Network Module slots
                                 2 # Management card slots
                                 2 # Redundant power supply slot
                                 1 # console port
Ma xim um Ports     7 68 # Giga Ports
                    1 92 # 10G por ts
Perf orm ance       B ackplane Capacity: 3.8Tbs
                    Switchin g Capacity : 1.5 Tbs
                    Fo rwarding R ate: 1142 Mpps
VLAN Table          4K
Routing Table       2 56K fo r IPv4 and 12 8K for IPv 6
L2 & L3 Fea tures
Architecture        Store an d Forwar din g
                    IEEE80 2.3(1 0Base-T)
                    IEEE80 2.3u( 100Base-TX)
                    IEEE80 2.3z(1000 BASE-X)
                    IEEE80 2.3ab(100 0Base-T)
                    IEEE80 2.3ae (1 0GBase)
                    IEEE80 2.3X and B ack-Pressure
                    IEEE 8 02.3af (POE)
                    IEEE 8 02.1P ( QOS)
                    IEEE 8 02.1Q ( VLAN)
                    IEEE 8 02.1V ( Pr otocol VLAN)
                    IEEE 8 02.1x ( Port based Access control)
                    IEEEE802. 1D(STP)
                    IEEEE802. 1w(RSTP)
                    IEEEE802. 1s(MSTP)
                    IEEE80 2.3ad(LACP)
                    Loop back interface
                    9 k Jum bo Frame
                    Po rt loop d etect
                    Lin k Layer Discovery Protocol ( LLDP)
                    Un idirectional Lin k Detectio n (UDLD)
                    IEEE80 2.3X and B ack-Pressure
Flow control
                    B roadcast / Multicast / Unicast Storm Control
                    IEEE80 2.3ad (LACP)
                    Static Tr unk
                    Trun king across line cards
Link Agg regation   Load Balancing f or both Unicast and Multicast
                    Nu mber of ports per trun k: 2~8 ports
                    No of gro ups : 128 Gro ups
                    IEEE80 2.1d (Span ning Tree Pr otocol)
                    IEEE80 2.1w (R apid Spanning Tree Protoco l)
                    IEEE80 2.1s (Mu ltiple Spanning Tree Protocol)
Spa nning Tree
                    R oot Guar d
                    B PDU Gu ard
                    B PDU Fo rwar ding
                    On e to one Port Mirr orin g
                    An y to one Port Mirror ing
Po rt M irro ring
                    In gress , egress
                    R SPAN
                    Port-based 802.1Q
                    4096 VLAN IDs
                    Private VLAN
VLAN                IP subnet VLAN
                    Protocol VLAN (IEEE 802.1v)
                    Voice VLAN
                    MAC based VLAN
                    Inter VLAN Routing
                    Port Isolation
                    MAC binding(Ipv4 /Ipv6)
                    MAC filtering
MAC Operation       MAC limit
                    Port binding(Ipv4 /Ipv6)
                    IP source guard
                    ARP guard
                    Dynamic ARP Inspection
                    Local ARP proxy
                    Proxy ARP
                    ARP binding
                    Anti ARP attack, ARP rate limit
                    Gratuitous ARP
                    ARP Scan
                    IGMP v1/v2/v3
                    IGMP v1/v2/v3 Snooping, Query
                    IGMP proxy
                    ND, ND snooping
                    MLDv1/v2, MLDv1/v2 snooping
                    PIM-DM/ PIM-SM/PIM-SSM
                    Multicast VLAN Registration (MVR) for IPv4 and IPv6
                    Static Multicast route
                    Multicast receive control
                    Illegal multicast source detect
                    In Steps of 64 Kbps on FE/GE Ports and 1Mbps on 10GE Ports
Bandwidth Control
                    Broadcast StormControl
                    Priority Queues: 8 hardware queues per port
                    Bandwidth Control: Egress rate limiting, Ingress rate limiting
                    Traffic classification based on :
                    IEEE802.1p CoS, IPv4 TOS, IP Precedence, DSCP, TCP/UDP port
                    number, Source/destination Address, Access Control List.
QoS                 Marking and Re-marking
                    Weighted Round Robin (WRR), Scheduled Weighed Round Robin
                    Strict Priority and Hybrid Queuing
                    Bandwidth Control: Egress rate limiting, Ingress rate limiting
                    IP (IP support both of IPv4 and IPv6)
                    ICMP Router discovery
                    Default Routing
                    Static Routing
                    BGP4 (RFC 1771)
L3 Features(IPv4)   IS-IS
                    Policy based Routing(PBR) for IPv4
                    Longest Prefix Match Routing
                    VRRP/VRRP v3
                    URPF for IPv4
                    ECMP(Equal Cost Multi-Path)
                    MD5 authentication
                    Super-netting (CIDR)
                    DNS proxy
                    ND,ND Snooping
                    PIM-SM/DM for IPv6
                    MLD v1/v2 snooping
                    URPF for IPv6
                    Policy based Routing(PBR) for IPv6
                    255 VRF/VFI
                    L3 MPLS VPN
                    L2 VLL/VPLS*
                    MPLS/VPLS proxy
                    Cross domain MPLS VPN
                    MPLS QOS
                    Standard and extended ACL
                    Time Based ACL
                    ACL based on physical port
                    MAC ACL and IP ACL combination
                    IP ACL based on:
                    Source/destination IP
                    IP protocol
                    IP priority (DSCP, TOS, Precedence)
                    TCP/UDP source/destination port
                    MAC ACL based on:
                    Source / destination MAC Address
                    Class of Service
                           Time-based security auto-negotiation
                           ACL rules can be configured to :
                           VLAN routing interfaces
                           QoS classification
                           S-ARP: ARP inspection, defense ARP-DOS attack and address clone
                           Anti-Sweep: prevent ping Sweep
                           S-ICMP: resist PING-DOS attack, ICMP unreachable attack
                           S-Buffer: prevent DDOS attack
                           Switch engine CPU protection
Anti-Attack and Security   Key message priority: secure processing of key legal messages
                           Port credit: inspect illegal DHCP Server, Radius Server. Connection
                           via credit port only
                           Advanced LPM: filter “Bluster”, “zero day” and ”SQL slammer warm”
                           Supports URPF, avoid IP address clone
                           IEEE 802.1X port-based access control
                           MAC-based access control
                           User based access control
IEEE 802.1X                Account based on time length and traffic
                           Guest VLAN
                           Auto VLAN
                           RADIUS for IPV4 and IPv6 (standard support client, MD5/PEAP/TLS)
AAA                        TACACS+
                           Processing LDAP
                           Virtual Routing Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
                           LACP load balance
                           MRPP - Multi-layer Ring Protection Protocol
                           VLAN based traffic balance
                           Redundant power supply and Management module with power load
                           balancing for nonstop forwarding and Stateful switchover.
                           DHCP Server for IPv4 and IPv6
                           DCHP Client
DHCP                       DHCP Relay
                           DHCP Snooping
                           DHCP Option 82
                           DNS Client
                           DNS Proxy
                           Dual firmware images
                           Firmware upgrade via TFTP server
Firmware & Configuration
                           Multiple configuration files
                           Configuration file upload/download via TFTP server
                        CLI, console port(RS-232)
                        Telnet (Ipv4/Ipv6)
Management Features
                        MIBs (MIB-I &II)
                        RMON(groups 1, 2, 3and9)
                        Simple NetworkTim Protocol (SNTP), NTP
                        Event/Error Log/Syslog

                        RFC1213(include system ports informationMIB)
                        RFC1215 type définition
                        RFC1271RMO   N
                        RFC1354IP-Forw ardingMIB
                        RFC1493Bridge MIB
                        RFC1643Ether-like MIB
                        RFC1724RIPv2 MIB
                        RFC2233if MIB
                        RFC2465IPv6 MIB
                        RFC2466ICMP6 MIB
                        RFC2573, RFC2574 SNMPV3notify
                        RFC2674Bridge MIBExtensions (IEEE802.1QMIB)
                        RFC2674Bridge MIBExtensions (IEEE802.1PMIB)
                        Strict access control byACL
                        Access Switch throughAAAor Local Authentication
                        SNTPfor IPv4andIPv6
                        NTPfor IPv6

                        Supervise abnormityof task, mem CPU, stack, switch chipand
                        tem perature
SupervisionandTrouble   Ping
  Physical and Environmental
                               220VAC, 50 ~ 60Hz
  Power Supply                 Built-in Universal Power Supplies
                               DC: Input-36V ~-72V; output 12V/25A, 5V/10A
  Power Consumption            <=600W (max)
  Temperature                  IEC 68-2-14
                               0° to 40°(Standard Operating)
                               -40° to 70°(Non-Operating)
  Humidity                     10% to 90% (Non-condensing)
  Vibration                    IEC 68-2-36, IEC 68-2-6
  Shock & Drop                 IEC 68-2-29
  Drop                         IEC 68-2-32
  Safety                       CSA/NRTL (UL60950, CSA 22.2.No 60950-00)
                               TUV/GS (EN60950)
  EMC Certification            CE Mark
                               FCC Class A,VCCI Class A
  Dimensions                   708.4x 450 x 482.6mm
  Size                         16RU- 19” Rack Mountable
 *-Future firmware

Ordering Information:

   DX-0930PC-AC                     DX - 0930PC Chassis with 2 Management Module slots, 8 business
                                    Module slots, one power supply included and 2 additional slots for
                                    redundant power supply modules. Management Module, Line Card
                                    Module and redundant Power Modules to be ordered separately.
   DX-0930PC-XMGT                   Management Controller Module for DX-0930PC Chassis
   DX-0930PC-AC-PWR                 220V AC Power Supply Module for DX-0930PC Chassis

   Line Card Module for DX-0930PC
   DX-0930-4-XFP                    4 # 10G XFP slots Module for DX-0930PC chassis
   DX-0930-8-XFP                    8 # 10G XFP slots Module for DX-0930PC chassis
   DX-0930-24SFP+                   24 # 10G SFP+ Slots Module for DX-0930PC chassis
   DX-0930-24GT                     24 # 10/100/1000 Base T Ports Module for DX-0930PC chassis
   DX-0930-48GT                     48 # 10/100/1000 Base T Ports Module for DX-0930PC chassis
   DX-0930-96GT                     96 # 10/100/1000 Base T Ports Module for DX-0930PC chassis
   DX-0930-24GTPOE                  24 # 10/100/1000 Base T POE Ports Module for DX-0930PC chassis
   DX-0930-24SFP                    24 # Unpopulated miniGBIC SFP Slots Module for DX-0930PC chassis
   Dax DX-MGBIC-SX-LC               MiniGBIC 1000SX Transceiver with LC Connector, Multimode
                                    (850nm) 550m
   Dax DX-MGBIC-LX-LC-10            MiniGBIC 1000LX Transceiver with LC Connector, Single mode
                                    (1310nm) 10Km
Dax DX-MGBIC-LHX-LC-40         MiniGBIC 1000LH Transceiver with LC Connector, Single mode
                               (1310nm) 40Km

Dax DX-M GB IC-LH X-LC-40      M ini G BIC 1 000L H T rans c ei ver w it h LC Con nec tor , S ingl e mode
                               (1310nm) 40Km

Dax DX-MGBIC-ZX-LC-80          MiniGBIC 1000ZX Transceiver with LC Connector, Single mode
                               (1550nm) 80Km
Dax DX-10 G-SR-XF P -LC        10G SR T ra nsce ive r wi th L C Co nne ct or, Mul ti mo de ( 850nm ) 30 0m
DX-SFP+ -10GT-3M               10G copper transceiver with 3mtrs Cable
Dax DX-10G-LR-XFP-10-LC        10G LR Transceiver with LC Connector, Single mode
Dax DX-10G-ER-XFP-40-LC        10G ER Transceiver with LC Connector, single mode (1550nm),40km
Dax DX-10G-ER-XFP-70-LC        10G ER Transceiver with LC Connector, single mode (1550nm),70km
DX-SFP+-850MGL                 SFP+ transceiver, 10G, MM, 850nm, 0.3km, LC connector
DX-SFP+-310S10GL-J             SFP+ transceiver, 10G, SM, 1310nm, 10km, LC connector
DX-SFP+-550S40GL-J             SFP+ transceiver, 10G, SM, 1550nm, 40km, LC connector

DX-0930PC is brought to you by Dax (An Apcom Company) one of India’s most renowned,
technically qualified Data/ Voice Networking vendor. Dax offers an India-Centric, diverse product
range which conforms to the highest world standards and meets the “edge to core” networking
technologyneeds of all verticals.Dax is probably the most respected independent OEM supplier
in India.

In the last 25 years, Dax has made wide country inroads through its Enterprise networking
partners andnational ADSPs. Dax is synonymous with high business ethics, consistent quality,
optimized performance and support- commitment to Indian customers which supersedes MNC
standards. Dax continues to synergistically work with Indian Customers to design products and
networking solutions.

Today, Dax is the one of the Top Networking companies in India. We have achieved this status by
a combination of relentless single-minded focus on cutting edge Networking technologies and a
proud dedication (since 1986), to true professionalism.
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