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					10 Womans's Surplus Is Compared Man Majority woman of course admire class man.
But several watchfulness show that obvious has several surplus astonishing compared with
mans. The mentioned is enclosed cosmopolitan, and Next the result:

1. Woman berevolusi be more prettyer.

A watchfulness shows that woman berevolusi be prettier, Temporary man off hand. In
watchfulness towards more than two thousands person during four decade, Concluded that
appearance woman interestings has child 16 percents more many than
Appearance usually. Furthermore again, Obvious pretty women's possibility has woman's
child as first child bigger 36 percents from
The other.

2. A more regular's woman congratulation from car's accident.

This matter saddens, But such in reality. Based on watchfulness by university carnegie
mellon, At pittsburgh, United's america, Man 77 percents more berisiko died in car's accident
membanding woman. Should, Mans thankeds in quarrelsome 's woman order it toes
password's belt.

3. Easier woman felts pleasant.

Based on research in two thousands person, Obvious woman far easier talk about the
problem is compared man. As much as 53 woman's percents talks the problem in their
friends, Temporary man that narated only 29 percents.

4. Woman more hold back recession.

Follow a labour's statistics's office, As much as 80 percents one who lose job, Since
december 2007, Man.
This matter is possibility is caused because job's field that dominated man hardest is hitted
global recession's impact. Really resent, but May be it is time to class adam change job has
been nurse or Teacher

5. A more regular's woman passes college.

As we know, Woman more many registered at college is compared man. A statistics unfolds
that man that pass and Get also obvious slimmer than woman. Majority man obvious want
longer time from five year to finish their lecture.

6. Woman eats healthier.

Watchfulness in around 14 thousands one who done by university of minnesota, Axis, Show
that woman more many choose food wells membanding man. When
Man more like to eat frozen food or Fast saji like red meat and Pizza, Women exactly put
amount of fruits and Vegetable in their plate. Really heard well, But also must cure the
addicted in brown hard to lose.

7. Stronger woman's body's invulnerability.

It is not strange when does man flighty within reason a when are they attacked influenza. In
reality, Has body's invulnerability's system stronger membanding man. On the happening of
battle in body, Has secret's weapon that is hormone estrogen. Watchfulness from mcgill
university, Canada, Show that estrogen can overcome enzyme that disturb body's defense
towards bacteria and Virus.
8. Aged woman longer.

Between world's population, As much as 85 percents one who aged more than 100 year
woman. Follow watchfulness new england centenarian, Usually alive's woman five up to 10
year longer membanding man.

9. Woman can be boss better.

This matter is may be a little controversial. Several experts doubtlessly have a notion that
womankind can be boss greater than man.
This matter is caused because woman listener and Menthol better. Besides, Also can finish
problem eminently, and Do two up to three jobs all at once. In a article daily news, Recently,
Expert says that in this time economics more berorientasi in service, So that employee that
can be penyemangat more be need. Woman is evaluated as liaison better membanding
man, With shrewder in give spirit to workers.

10. Woman berinvestasi better.

Watchfulness in 100 thousands portofolio show that woman's investment more produce
membanding man's investment. The comparison 18 percents membanding 11 percents.
This matter is may be is caused because woman carefuler with the investment's decision
And think for.

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