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					                                 Create a new group in yahoo messenger
Every yahoo user wants to chat with friends. In addition to sending instant messages, people can use
Yahoo Messenger to share photos and documents with each other, and they can use it to connect to play
games. If you have a lot of contacts on Messenger, you may want to create different groups. For example,
you could create a group for your family members or coworkers. This is useful to stay organized.

There are following steps which are helpful to create a group:

    ∑   Sign in to Yahoo Messenger with your username and password.
    ∑   Click the "Contacts" tab from the Yahoo Messenger toolbar. A menu will drop down that gives
        you the options to add a contact, view your message archive and manage your groups.
    ∑   Click "Manage Groups" and select "Create New Group" from the submenu.
    ∑   Enter the name of the new group you want to create and click "OK." The new group will now
        appear at the top of your Yahoo Messenger list.
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