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									Leveraging the Benefits of Oracle Technology
Operational excellence is critical to every enterprise. Cost-heavy operations, long time-to-market, and
on-going quality issues can threaten the very survival of a business, and that is why most companies
implement solutions for Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Human
Resource Management, Supply Chain Management etc.

However, an organization can achieve competitive advantage only when operational excellence is
combined with management excellence. This is easier said than done, because it requires transforming
management activities into processes that connect operational activities with management processes. It
is to cater to this need that technology experts have designed advanced integrated solutions that can
help organizations manage all aspects of a business including operations and management related
activities on a single platform. Oracle technology solutions have also been designed with this aim.

Oracle technology solutions include a wide range of applications such as: Oracle Business Intelligence
applications that provide an integrated view of information from across the enterprise and enable
informed, strategic, timely decisions, and help drive new business insights; Oracle E-Business Suite,
which is a comprehensive suite of applications designed to manage all areas of a business on a single
platform; and Oracle Financial Management applications that help in the efficient management of
complex financial activities, and ensure the quality and reliability of an organization’s financial data.
Many such Oracle technology applications are now available for businesses to benefit from. Investing in
Oracle technology solutions can bring great value to a business.

By leveraging the advanced features of Oracle technology solutions, organizations can:

       Empower their employees with market-leading products and technology solutions that in turn
        can help manage requirements and drive new insights across the business and enterprise
       Enable integration of operational and management activities thereby improving agility and
        lowering total cost of ownership
       Connect strategic, financial, operational, and management processes across the enterprise to
        drive valuable business intelligence.

Oracle technology applications are undoubtedly beneficial for enterprises today. But the most significant
question is whether merely investing in Oracle technology solutions is enough. The answer is ‘No’. While
Oracle technology solutions can bring about dramatic improvement in performance and productivity, it
is only so when these applications are implemented well. Not all organizations possess the expertise and
experience required for successful implementation of Oracle applications. In such a case, adopting the
services of Oracle experts may prove highly valuable and can help enterprises leverage the benefits of
Oracle applications to the fullest extent.

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