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Android- A Smart Platform for Application Development


Android offers many tools for developing highly interactive apps that captivate the users’ attention. It is indeed the most popular OS with a wide percent of the smartphone market share.

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									            Android- A Smart Platform for Application Development
Android offers many tools for developing highly interactive apps that captivate the users’
attention. It is indeed the most popular OS with a wide percent of the smartphone market share.
It is an open-source platform with Google’s brand; this makes it a smart platform for app

Smartphones are the most happening devices in the world of work. There is a constant flow of
mobile devices in the market, giving users a wide variety to choose from. Android dominates
the smartphone world, capturing a wider share in the mobile industry. It has indeed made it big
with its unique features and innovative apps. Mobile phone users choose Android for a variety
of reasons.

Mobile app development is a vast industry and there are lots of apps created for targeting the
Android platform. Developers enjoy working on this platform as it offers lots of customization
options and is a versatile stage for app development. Most of the smartphones are powered by
this most popular OS and Android phones come in different sizes and shapes with attractive
appearances and in a wide range of prices. Students, business professionals, and elderly people
– all find a phone with this smart OS to suit their specific requirements.

Advantages with Android Development:

   1. It is an open-source platform that encourages third-party developers to design
      interactive apps. The OS is absolutely free and Google makes the code easily available
      to mold the platform smoothly to match each one’s unique requirements.

   2. It is an easy to work on platform. Developers can speedily work with Android and it
      enables them to increase their productivity. Making innovative apps on this platform is
      practically quick and easy.

   3. Android offers amazing applications to its users. This is the best attraction for Android
      smartphones and the topmost reason for its accelerated growth in the smartphone
      world. This OS allows for multitasking which enables users to run varied apps at the
      same time. This feature becomes important when the user needs to perform multiple
      operations within a specific span of time. It enables users to check mail, surf the
      internet, and engage in social media activities – all at a time.
   4. Android Platform is also well-known for its game applications worldwide and the
      games that run on this OS are graphically attractive. This has also increased the demand
      of Android game application development, as most of the Android users are impressed
      with the series of game apps available on Android OS.

It is a user-friendly platform that provides many capabilities for developing interactive

The latest version 4.2 – Jelly Bean has rich features and is more powerful and quick as
compared to its earlier versions. Android applications can be used to boost conversions and
increase business for the company. This platform provides different libraries for graphics
which makes the 2D and 3D graphics appear like-like and real. Owing to all these reasons, it
rules the smartphone world with a huge fan list.

The future for Android seems bright as it will run on more and more smartphones and
computer tablets. It gives a tough challenge to iOS based products. Android apps easily find
their way to the search engines, making it simple and easy for users to reach those apps.

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