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									How To Use Job Sites

Sometimes it’s easy to spend entire days sat in front of the computer, especially if you’ve
got a cup of tea in front of you and a few hours to kill. But if you are looking for a new
job, then why not try some online job-hunting? Here are our top tips on using jobsites to
attract employers to your awesome CV and work potential.

First of all, pick a specialist job board that works for you. Just like cake shops, with so
many jobsites out there, it can be really confusing to know where to start. If you don’t
need any careers advice and already know exactly what industry you want to work in,
then it’s always a good idea to start looking at specialist job sites. By saying that we
mean sites that only advertise for a particular industry. You’ll find them for most careers,
from media and finance, to retail and IT.

Most job sites have clocked on to the need for specialist job boards, and have set up spin-
off sites which only advertise a particular profession, so you shouldn’t have any trouble
finding them. Google is your friend.

Be advanced with your searches, whether you are pining after someone or something, but
especially when you are job hunting. Jobsites can have thousands of jobs on any given
day, so whilst many say they’re advertising your dream job, what they don’t tell you is
you’ll have to wade through several pages in order to find it. The easiest way to avoid the
pages of unrelated information is to do an advanced search. By simply putting in your
desired location and general job description, you’ll be cutting down several hundred
pages, and that’s without specifying salary and job level. Unfortunately, you will still
come across completely unrelated jobs, but you’ll see them less often.

Remember to register with job websites. Registering often just involves uploading your
CV and covering letter, telling the site what jobs you’re interested in, and providing an
email address. By registering with jobsites, you will have relevant jobs sent straight to
your email the minute they get advertised so you don’t have to spend weeks trawling
through jobs you don’t want. Not only that, but your newly uploaded CV can now be
viewed by potential employers too, so they can come to you for a change. By registering
the jobsite does all the hard work for you, so you can go out and enjoy yourself.

Don’t underestimate social media in your job hunting. That’s right, you are given an
excuse to go on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites you spend hours on
anyway. Many companies now use social media as well as jobsites to advertise their
latest vacancies and tell people what they have to offer. So if you see your dream career
advertised on a jobsite, put your internet stalking skills to good use and look at their
Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profile (make sure you follow or like them if it gives the
option too for the latest updates). By doing so you will not only have easy access to
information that can help when it comes to adapting your covering letter, but you may see
other jobs that they are only advertising through social media (it does happen). If there
are particular brands you want to work for, follow them too.
Last but not least, remember to always adapt your CV and covering letters for every
online job you apply for. Employers won’t be impressed if they can tell you’ve sent the
same thing to every company, regardless of what the job was. Make a note of any jobs
you apply for, there’s nothing more annoying than spending hours applying for jobs, only
to apply for the same ones again the next day. And finally make a note of any contact
information given in the advert before you click the “send” button. This way you can
chase up employers if you don’t hear from them.

And there you have it – job hunting online made easy.

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