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                                                                                                         Summer 2012

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  President’s Message
                         HAAO MOVING FORWARD
                         By the time that you receive this newsletter you will have already
                         attended your Regional Spring Conference and possibly your own
                         Annual General Meeting. This is the time of year when change is
                         foremost on all our minds as we look to the continuance of our work
                         and to what can be accomplished in the months ahead.

                        As your Executive looks to the future, we are at a critical juncture
                        in our evolution. Two task forces have been initiated (leadership
                        and sponsorship) to review all of our operations in order to improve       Please Share This Copy with
                        service to our membership. We want to know 1) What benefits                      Your Volunteers
   Elayne Meharg        are relevant and valued by your organization; 2) What could we be
                        doing better in providing those benefits?                                                   INSIDE

The first step in this process is the gathering of information from the recent survey that was
distributed to all the Presidents of our organizations. The information from this survey will     From the President’s Desk
guide us in redeveloping benefits and services in a new and exciting way that will address        .......................................Pg. 1/2
your concerns over cost and relevance.
                                                                                                  Ode to Volunteers ............. Pg. 3
Many Presidents will be moving on to be Past President. The position of President is one          Joint Leadership Conference
of significant responsibility and challenge. During your term of office you have met the          ........................................... Pg. 3
day-to-day demands of your volunteers, dealt with various challenges including fundraising
                                                                                                  Did You Know ................... Pg. 4
and provided leadership to your organization. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. I
personally thank you for all that you have accomplished in your community as well as your         Building a Successful
contributions to HAAO.
                                                                                                  Organization....... ............... Pg. 5
HAAO will have six new Region Chairmen attending the May Region Chairmen’s                        Around /Province ..............Pg. 7
Education Day and Board meetings. Our Region Chairmen are a vital link in keeping you             Convention Info ...............Pg.10
informed of new trends in volunteerism and in connecting to HAAO. It is always sad to
say goodbye to the Region Chairmen whom we have gotten to know over a two year period             In Memoriam ..................Pg. 12
and who have worked tirelessly on your behalf especially during our HAAO Reality Annual
                                                                          (continued on page 2)
President’s Message.... (continued from Page 1)
Convention. We look forward to meeting the newest members to our Board.
Our Past President, Joan Farlinger, sent out the Provincial Nomination Forms in the last mailing. I encourage you to
look to the future by nominating someone who will represent your needs and your values on our HAAO Board.

Much effort goes into providing you with the latest information through our newsletter, website and facebook page.
We rely on you to submit articles and news releases of what you are doing in your home Auxiliary/Association and
within your Region. Jim Young is creating a photo library so he is asking that you submit the latest pictures from
your Spring Conference, AGM’s or events as they occur.

Our latest initiative to improve communications has been to recreate, in an online fillable format, the forms that we
send to you through mailings or to download from our website. To date, the President’s List, the Student Award and
the Event Form are being created. Hopefully, these will be online in a fillable format shortly. We are working on the
remainder of our forms. Our aim is to have most, if not all, available in this format by the end of 2012.

Five members of the HAAO Executive attended the “Leaders in Volunteers Seminar” in February, featuring Betty
Stallings as the keynote speaker. A review of the day is provided in this issue by our Director of Education, Sandy

Sandy facilitated a portion of the Joint Seminar as part of her duties on the Joint Planning Committee as well as
participating in the following two days of the February Executive Meetings. Sandy fulfilled her responsibilities to
HAAO despite being involved in a horrific accident on the Via Rail Train that overturned en route from Niagara
to Toronto, on Sunday February 26. Although not visibly injured, she was badly shaken. Nevertheless, she carried
on with her responsibilities to HAAO. This is a true testament of the dedication and quality of individuals who
represent you on the HAAO Board. “Stay Well Sandy!”

As I write this message I am preparing to journey around the province visiting six of our Regional Spring
Conferences. I am told that this is the best part of being the HAAO President so I am truly looking forward to
visiting your Regions. Five other Executive members will represent HAAO in the Regions that I am not able to visit
this year. They are all very pleased to be doing so and will bring back your news to the Board in May.

Yours in volunteering,

Elayne Meharg
                         “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more
                                      painful than the risk it took to blossom”
                                                     -Anais Nin

                              NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEK – APRIL 15 TO 21

       Thanks to all of the 29,000+ volunteers who belong to the 151 HAAO affiliate organizations. You are

                                  ODE TO VOLUNTEERS

         Report from the February Joint Leadership Conference
Once again HAAO, OHA (Ontario Hospital Association) and PAVR-O (Professional Administrators of Volunteer
Resources – Ontario) cooperated in sponsoring a successful Leaders of Volunteers Conference on February 27th. We
were inspired by many excellent speakers talking on such subjects as Volunteers - Critical Enablers of Quality and
Patient Safety; The Use of Volunteers in the Emergency Departments; Volunteer Development; Customer Service
Training; and Mental Health and Wellness-Keeping Ourselves and our Volunteers Well.

The keynote speaker was Betty Stallings, a highly regarded International trainer, consultant and author specializing
in volunteer management, fundraising, leadership and board development. Betty spoke on The Future of
Volunteerism in Health Care: an International Perspective. Topics covered in her presentation included The
Changing Face of Volunteering – varied ages; shorter commitments; they want to make an impact; they want to
volunteer in groups; many are not interested in membership activities but want direct volunteering; most are highly
skilled; they want virtual types of volunteering.

                        She talked of rebranding – do people in the community know what we do? Do we need to
                        rebrand our Auxiliaries/Associations? We need to ask ourselves: Where are we now? What
                        changes can we make to enhance our future? How can we LEAD the way? How do we
                        identify, nurture and support volunteer leaders we need now and for the future?

                        Ideas about the future of ‘Organized Volunteerism in Health Care: Local Experiences’ were
                        presented, followed by a panel discussion. A transition from a traditional Board model to an
                        alternative, innovative model was discussed. This innovative model introduces community
                        members working in partnership with present Auxiliary Boards. It is expected that much
of what we heard will be repeated at concurrent sessions at the HAAO Reality 2012
Convention scheduled for November 5th to 7th.

Sandy Lundy
Director of Education, HAAO

DID YOU KNOW ..........
You may be able to reduce your newsletter mailing costs!
Many Auxiliaries/Associations mail out newsletters two or more times a year to their members and others. Canada
Post offers what they call the Publications Mail service which has many advantages including a substantial reduction
in costs.
In order to qualify for this service, your publication must meet the following criteria as per information printed on
Canada Post website:
“To qualify as Publications Mail™, ALL of the following requirements must be met. Your publication needs to:
•       Be in the format of a newspaper, magazine (including magalogues) or newsletter.
•       Consist of a single publication or a bundle of publications destined to a single address.
•       Be addressed to a subscriber, non-subscriber or news dealer.
•       Get published with a regular frequency and at least twice a year.
•       Contain news and information intended for public dissemination. It must not contain confidential or
        proprietary information.
•       Contain a maximum of 70% advertising content in more than half of the issues we deliver in a 12-month
•       Be deposited in Canada and addressed to Canadian addresses.”
The Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay has been using this service to mail their quarterly newsletter since 2008.
The former Director of Communications, Bonnie Harris who initiated the use of the Publications Mail service for
the Auxiliary advises: “I found most of the information on the Canada Post website, to start with. Then I contacted
Canada Post and they helped me. They gave us a number and a printable insignia to put on the envelopes. The rate
was based on our circulation numbers, size of the newsletter, destinations, etc.“
The current President of the Auxiliary, Peter de Jong advises that savings are probably at least 50% of what they
would be paying if they used regular mail service.
For more information visit the Canada Post Publications Mail service website at:

This is an excerpt from a letter received by the Past-President, Joan Farlinger:

“I am a member of the Kingston General Hospital Auxiliary and received my Provincial Life Membership in
Toronto in November, 2011 during your Presidency.

I consider this membership a very great honour. My dear mother, who received hers in 1964, would have been so
pleased. I gave her pin to the Museum of Health Care in Kingston which they were very pleased to receive.
My congratulations to you and your executive. You made the presentation so well organized and so personal. We
were each made to feel so very special.

I wish to thank you and the provincial Executive so much for so many things, the special dinner, pin, picture,
certificate but especially for the great honour.”

From Marilyn Bennett

                             Are You A Retiree From A Large
                                Or Financial Institution ?
The following information is from the Spring edition of Vitality (Volunteer Association to Norfolk General
Hospital) and the Winter edition of Heartbeat (Cambridge Memorial Hospital Volunteer Association).

In the Winter 2012 Volunteer, we featured an article about available grants for volunteer service by
current or former employees of Bell Canada. Since that time we have become aware of other companies
that have similar granting programs:
                                     •	 Loblaws
                                     •	 RBC
                                     •	 TD Canada Trust
                                     •	 John Deere
                                     •	 Imperial Oil
If you are aware of other companies that offer employee or retiree volunteer grants, please let us

                    Building A Successful Auxiliary/Association
Editor’s comment: All Auxiliaries/Associations have tips to share on how they have successfully
implemented projects, initiated change, built membership, built well-functioning boards, etc. If you have a
success story or tip that you would like to share, let us know. We will try to feature it in this column.

Who – The South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, Bracebridge
What – a very successful fundraising project – the second annual Christmas House Tour was the largest
       single fundraising event the Auxiliary has ever had. They raised a total of $17,472.76, an increase
       of $9491.51 over 2010.
When – December 2011

Keys to their success:
•	    The	most	important	factor	was	to	have	an	excellent	working	committee	in	place.	Each	member
      was in charge of one area: advertising, food, correspondence, etc.
•	    The	chair	delegated	well	and	each	committee	member	did	his/her	job	without	supervision.	
      Progress reports were given at each meeting and potential problems were caught and solved right
•	    Early	and	detailed	planning	–	they	started	almost	immediately	following	the	2010	event.
•	    Excellent	corporate	sponsor	(Scotiabank)	who	matched	the	sales	from	the	first	200	tickets	sold
	     ($5000)	and	whose	employees	enthusiastically	volunteered	to	serve	at	the	reception.	

We had a bid table. People could submit one bid per item. The highest bidder could purchase
the item. Pictured are volunteers John Aucoin and Barb Berday who organized this.

                          The wait staff at the reception. The lady second from the left is
                          Cathy Smith, Chair of the Organizing Committee.

(information from March SSMH Volunteer Voice)

A Timely Idea from the Thessalon Auxiliary
This note recently appeared on the THA facebook page

“Have you heard that the penny is on its way out? We know what you can do with them!!! Drop them off at Main
Street Pharmacy and fill our jar!!! All proceeds to the Thessalon Hospital Auxiliary!”

Looking To The Future
(reprinted from the Winter, 2011 Vitality – Volunteer Association to the Norfolk General Hospital and Nursing
As many of you are aware, the greatest challenge faced by today’s service clubs and non-profit organizations is
filling their leadership roles with willing and able volunteers. We are no exception. Studies show that placing general
requests for volunteers to step forward to fill those roles is highly ineffective. What works well is asking individuals
personally. Of course we would greatly appreciate it if anyone who is interested would step forward but in the
meantime we want you to know that we may be approaching you in the near future and asking you to consider one
of a variety of positions that secure the functionality of our volunteer program. Our commitment to you, should you
agree to take on a leadership role, is that we will provide adequate training and support to ensure that you not only
succeed but that you enjoy your time in this role. We won’t promise that it won’t be challenging but we know what
it takes to fulfill these roles. We wouldn’t ask unless we were 100% sure that you are capable of doing it as we know
that people often underestimate their skills and talents! The other guarantee we have is that these positions will not
run longer than agreed upon and that you can walk away when your term is complete unless you choose to stay
longer which does sometimes happen. For this reason we need many of our volunteers to help out so that each role
will have a start, a finish and a new person to mentor. I am looking forward to exploring new avenues with those of
you that will soon take on some of our upcoming vacancies.

That on the HAAO website (, you can find over 42 different links to the websites of HAAO member
organizations and 4 member group facebook pages. If your group has a website or facebook page and is not listed,
please let us know. Also, if you have a website, please consider posting a link on your website to the HAAO

When the new HAAO website was launched in July of 2011, each president was sent a confidential user name
and password. This information was sent by a computer generated email. If you do not know your user name and
password, please check your emails and junk mail folder in and around this time frame. If you still cannot find the
information, you must phone Jean Roth at the HAAO Office to re-register you by phone. This process is necessary
because of privacy requirements.

Most sections on the HAAO website are accessible to anyone, - this includes the NEWS, EVENTS and PHOTO
GALLERY sections! However, there are a few portions (i.e. directories) that require an assigned user name and

                                               2012 HAAO PHOTO CONTEST

                     The deadline for submissions will be June 30th, 2012. The submission form and crite-
                     ria can be found on the HAAO website ( under the “Forms and Pub-
                     lications” tab. Last year there were 83 entries in the five categories submitted by 32
                     member organizations. We hope that we can increase participation this year. Winners
                     will once again be announced at the HAAO Convention in November. Winning photos
                     from last year appear on the website.

                                Around the Province
Winchester Makes the Best Puddings!                       Trenton Memorial Hospital Auxiliary
At the Winchester District Memorial Hospital Auxiliary    Makes Great Coffee!
we are very proud of our puddings which are made,         On Monday, March 5th, the Coffee Bar at the Trenton
cooked and wrapped in our hospital kitchen by our         Memorial Hospital celebrated its 10th anniversary. In
volunteers. On January 12th we received the following     those 10 years, $128,000 has been raised to support
letter from Butterfield and Robinson:                                               the Hospital/Auxiliary and
                                                                                    Foundation. Over those 10
                                                                                    years 16 volunteers worked
  Dear Ladies of the WDMH Auxiliary:                                                weekly shifts with a total
                                                                                    of 23,400 hours devoted to
  Many congratulations once again on creating a                                     serving the patients, staff and
  Christmas Pudding that was unanimously considered       visitors to our the Trenton Memorial Hospital. Pictured
  the finest in our Annual Christmas Pudding Taste        are Joan Farrow, Coffee Bar Convener, Faye Burton,
  Off.                                                    Coffee Bar Treasurer and Eleanor Davidson, Coffee Bar
                                                          Volunteer Scheduler.
  Aside from your winning entry we tasted puddings
  from Marks & Spencer’s of England, Hansell’s of         Oshawa Auxiliary gets the Credit! GRAND
  New Zealand and Matthew Walker of England (al-          RE-OPENING OF CARDIAC CARE
  legedly the oldest manufacturer of puddings). As        Cardiac Care at Lakeridge Health Oshawa has a whole
  in previous years, all of the puddings were heated      new look thanks to $800,000 raised by the Auxiliary
  through and then set alight after being dressed with    over the past few years. Much more then a fresh coat
  Cognac: Devon Cream was served as the only side.        of paint, the new unit was designed specifically to meet
                                                          the needs of cardiac patients, Lakeridge Health said in a
  Our tasting party consisted of approximately 20         news release.
  people, including George Butterfield, and our group
  quickly came to the conclusion that your pudding        On February 23, patients officially moved into the
  was by far and away the superior, with special praise   new space, which is equipped with state-of-the-art
  going to its moistness, texture and blend of ingredi-   telemetry (heart-monitoring) equipment The space
  ents.                                                   also features bigger and better team stations, a new
                                                          locked medication room for nurses, a quiet room for
  Many thanks and we look forward to trying it again      patient family members and a lounge for the patients
  this coming Christmas.                                  themselves, says Director of Medicine Lorraine
                                                          Carrington. “The team is very excited about coming up
  With kind regards from us all at Butterfield & Rob-     here to G5,” she adds.
                                                          The renovation was made entirely possible by money
  Johnathon Lansdell                                      raised by the Auxiliary of Lakeridge Health Oshawa,
  (the original letter is posted on the HAAO website)     and many of the volunteers were on hand for the official
                                                          unveiling celebration.

                                                          “Your generosity will leave a long lasting impression,”
                                                          Kevin Empey told them before unveiling a special
                                            Dawn          plaque that hangs in the hallway of the unit recognizing
                                            Atwood-       the hard work and dedication of volunteers. “It’s really
                                            Ouellette     a significant contribution.”
                                                          Of course no celebration is complete without cake. This
     The Taste-off                                        particular one featured a heartbeat of red frosting across
                                                          the top, perfect for the occasion. (reprinted from March
                                                          2012 Newsletter of the Auxiliary of Lakeridge Health

Around the Province
Belleville Auxiliary Constitution and Bylaws                 You may wonder how we are going to do this? The
Committee Hard at Work                                       Auxiliary will continue to effectively manage our
The Committee has been putting in a lot of time trying       businesses (Tim Hortons and the Gift Shop) and hold
to complete the Board of Directors Job Descriptions by       our annual signature events, such as the Antique and
our year end. The Committee appreciates the help we          Collectable Auction and the Party-in-White Fashion
continue to receive from BGHA members as we review           Show. There is a renewed enthusiasm for new and
and revise those and Convenor Job Descriptions. The          innovative events so stay tuned. In addition to the
first draft of our new By-Law has just been received and     many hours of service, individual volunteers have
work has started on reviewing it and the advice provided     always played an important role by making their own
by our lawyer. The recorded volunteer hours continue to      personal gifts and pledges. Our hope is that, with the
mount especially for a small group of six who recorded       Redevelopment and Hospital Expansion Campaign,
179 hours for the month of January 2012 and 152 hours        this individual support will continue and grow. Many
in February. This is just an indication of the support and   volunteers are currently donors to the Foundation
dedication of the committee and BGHA members who             through personal givings, memorial gifts and special
help us to bring the BGHA governance up-to-date and          contributions. We are working closely with the
in compliance with required legislation and regulations.     Foundation to ensure that any donations made by our
This is required if we want to continue to be a registered   Auxiliary volunteers will be allocated towards our
non-profit corporation. Pictured below are:                  pledge. For example, special pledge forms have been
                                                             developed so that any and all gifts that are made to the
                                                             Foundation by Auxiliary volunteers will be directed
                                                             towards our pledge. Along with our business and special
                                                             events revenue, your gifts will help us meet our $5
                                                             million goal that much sooner. You will be receiving
                                                             more information on this and other fund raising
Left to right: Bev Kennedy, Marlene Corfield, Mary           activities in upcoming newsletters. Action plans are
Bould, Anthea Savidge, Selma Bochnek, Cathy Martin           being implemented to ensure we deliver on our strategic
and taking the picture Leah Johnson. ---submitted by         directions of Innovative Revenue Generation. – Message
SELMA BOCHNEK (Reprinted from the March 2012                 from the Chair—Barbara Hladysh
Belleville General Hospital Auxiliary Bulletin)

Ed Note:                                                     (Reprinted from the Winter
Governance work is essential and often people                Newsletter from the Joseph Brant
who are involved get little recognition for their            Hospital Auxiliary, Burlington)
efforts. Congratulations to everyone in our member
organizations who contribute to this important work!!

Joseph Brant Auxiliary makes $5 Million                      One of the ongoing projects of the Auxiliary to JBMH
Commitment                                                   was the 13th Annual Antique & Collectible Auction
For over 50 years, the Auxiliary to JBMH has been            which netted $30,000. Donated items included furniture,
raising funds for the hospital. In keeping with our long     china, glassware, jewelry and much more. Plans are
term commitment, the Auxiliary to JBMH has recently          underway for their 14th Annual Auction on Saturday,
pledged to contribute $5 million over the next 10 years      September 22nd.
towards our hospital’s redevelopment and expansion
campaign. All of these funds will be used to purchase
equipment needed to make this a first class facility. Our
pledge is the single largest donation ever made to the
hospital. Congratulations!

Around the Province

Superior North Region – A Busy Place!                        “Black and White, Starry Night” in Minden
Member organizations of the Superior North Region            On November 12, 2011 the Minden Health Care
have been very busy during the last year. Here are a few     Auxiliary (MHCA) held its second Gala, called “Black
of their activities:                                         & White, Starry Night”. A superb dinner was followed
• Geraldton District Hospital Auxiliary – donated a          by a silent and loony auction. The hard work of our
new Chemotherapy Chair and are raising money for a           members resulted in a profit of almost $10,000 which
new flat-screen TV and DVD for the Chemotherapy              will be used to support not only the Minden Hospital but
Room.                                                        also our long term care facility, Hyland Crest. Because
• Manitouwadge General Hospital Auxiliary –                  the event proved to be such an extremely successful
recently held an “Everything Chocolate” Bake Sale            fundraiser, we have decided to do this once again on
which was held in conjunction with the town’s Winter         Saturday, November 17, 2012. Our theme this year will
Carnival and Valentine’s Day.                                be “An Evening in Paris” - Val du Manoir
• Wilson Memorial Hospital Auxiliary (Marathon)
– donated approximately $10,000 for the purchase of
various hospital equipment including trolley carts for the
kitchen, an ultrasound cart, 3 ophthalmoscopes, etc.
• Auxiliary to the McCausland Hospital (Terrace
Bay) – recently completed their commitment to furnish
the Activities Room in the recently opened long-term
care wing of the hospital.
• Auxiliary to St. Joseph’s Health Group (Thunder            Arnprior Auxiliary pledges $100,000
Bay) – donated almost $72,000 including $10,000 to           The Auxiliary to the Arnprior and District Memorial
the Hospice Palliative Care Campaign and $40,000 for         Hospital has pledged $100,000
the purchase of a hydrotherapy tub, portering chairs and     towards the new Digital
wheelchairs.                                                 Mammography Campaign. They
• Helping Hands Auxiliary to Pioneer Ridge                   hope to have the commitment
(Thunder Bay) – purchased various equipment items.           paid off by December of this
They hold St. Patrick’s Day and Hallowe’en Parties for       year. A hospital spokesperson
the residents – volunteers dress up for both and have        said “we are very proud of the men and women who
musical entertainment as well as great food and drinks.      work so hard to benefit our hospital and nursing home.
• Volunteer Association to Thunder Bay Regional              When we announced the Digital Mammography
Health Science Centre – Besides their many other             Campaign, they were the first to step forward and lend
activities, they continue to support education through       their support.”
bursaries to students at Confederation College, Lakehead
U, Northern School of Medicine as well as to a RHSC          Auxiliary Donates to Kemptville District Hospital
employee.                                                    On March 27, KDH Auxiliary President Bev Carson
(information from the Spring Northern Reflections            presented a cheque for $50,000 to KDH CEO Colin
Newsletter)                                                  Goodfellow. The donation will purchase a heart monitor,
                                                             a defibrillator, and a blanket warmer for
Welland Hospital Auxiliary - $700,000 of a $1 Million        operating rooms in the hospital. With
Commitment                                                   this cheque, the Auxiliary has donated
The Welland Hospital Auxiliary recently donated              over $875,000 to purchase equipment
$100,000 to the Welland Hospital Foundation in support       at the hospital since the KDHA was
of the Hospital’s Dialysis Unit. This is part of the         founded in 1959. (In addition, we
Auxiliary’s $1 million commitment to the Unit. This          are on track to raise $100,000 for the
is their 7th annual donation. Auxiliary president Jeanie     mammography fund.) This year’s
Bourque who made the presentation, said, “all of our         donation is double the amount the Auxiliary has given in
volunteers, volunteer because this is their only way of      recent years, an increase that largely reflects the growth
supporting the hospital. They give freely of their time      in revenue from the new gift shop and coffee bar.
and we really appreciate their contributions.”


                                   Convention Preview

                                           Mark Your Calendars
                                          HAAO - Reality - 2012

                    Four days of Educational Sessions; Great Speakers; HAAO’s Annual Meeting;
                      Gala Banquet with the recognition of many new Provincial Life Members
                and much more. The Student Convention will be held on Saturday November 3rd.

                                Interesting Workshops all lined up for
                                    Tuesday November 6th, 2012.
                                          This promises to be
                               A Day of Learning, Fun and Excitement !

                                            Plan to Attend !!

This year we will have a session for Presidents and Treasurers. We are looking for your suggestions as to discus-
sion topics for this session. Please email your suggestions to: Joan Farlinger, Past President,

We will have a session with Rick Sleaver regarding HELPP tickets. In the Gift Shop area we will have two ses-
sions, one specifically for small shops and one for large shops.

 A few topics we are exploring are: Developing a Newsletter; Developing Policies and Procedures; Legal Mat-
ters – FIPPA – Freedom of Information Act, Bill 65; and Fraud in the Not-for-Profit Sector. We are looking into
Infection Prevention and Control; Oral Health & Body Health - How they Connect; a Naturopath; Management of
Coffee Bars; and The Governance Role of the Executive.

Monday evening we are having Round Table. Please forward topics you wish to have to discussed to me at –

I look forward to receiving your suggestions.

Sandy Lundy,
Director of Education

                Convention Preview

                 SATURDAY NOVEMBER 3rd, 2012
                    FAIRMONT ROYAL YORK

  The Student Convention format for 2011 was a great success and well received.

      The programme will be held ONE DAY ONLY, November 3rd, 2012.

                 Registration will be held from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m.

Education, inspiration and networking for students and their coordinators is planned.

            Included in your Registration Fee will be Lunch and Dinner.

                   Topics scheduled are “Give ’em the Pickle!”
                  “Eating Disorders” and “Juggling to Motivate”.

              Awards Dinner will include a panel discussion featuring
                Sports Medicine, a Nutritionist, EMS Specialist,
                        and other topics to be announced

              The Student Coordinator Program will be overseen by
            Cathy Martin-Volunteer Coordinator at Quinte Healthcare.

                  We Encourage Students to Attend
                 This is sure to be an Exciting Event!

  Please consider making application for financial assistance with an HAAO grant.

            Forms will be mailed to Auxiliary/Association Presidents
           and will be available on the website (

                                                  Dorothy Martell, Director of Students



                                    In Memoriam
                                                                              Copy Deadlines
               Our deepest sympathy is extended to the families and friends   Volunteer copy must be received by the Director of
               of the following Provincial Life Members:                      Resources by the dates listed below:

                                                                              Spring Issue.......................Feb 15
                                                                              Summer Issue ..................April 15
                                                                              Fall Issue ......................August 15
                                                                              Winter Issue............ November 15
Barbara Lesslie
Provincial Life Member, 1990                                                  Elayne Meharg
Kingston General Hospital Auxiliary, Kingston                                 HAAO President and OHA Contact
                                                                              2-1 Mortimer Street
Doreen Robertson                                                              Picton, On K0K 2T0
Provincial Life Member, 1985
Douglas Memorial Hospital, Fort Erie                                          Jim Young, HAAO Director of Resources
                                                                              24 Karen Drive
                                                                              Lindsay, ON K9V 5V5
Dulcie Crone                                                                  E-MAIL:
Provincial Life Member, 2008                                                  Phone:	(705)	328-0507
Norfolk General Hospital and Norfolk Hospital Nursing Home, Simcoe            Submissions to HAAO Web Site
                                                                              Attention: Jim Young

Evelyn Dangerfield                                                            Jean Roth CAP
Provincial Life Member, 2010                                                  HAAO Administrative Assistant
Kemptville District Hospital Auxiliary, Kemptville                            200	Front	Street	West,	Suite	2800
                                                                              Toronto, ON M5V 3L1
Margaret Lillie Ducharme                                                      Phone:		(416)	205-1407
Provincial Life Member, 2004                                                  Toll	Free:	1-800-598-8002	ext.	1407
Volunteer Association of Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital, Windsor                   Fax: 416-205-1596

Marlene Augustine