transforming self1 by afterschool


The punch line of AFTERSCHO☺OL is Lets change the world. How do we start? The first step is to change ourselves. We have to change ourselves, to be able to change the world. The beginning has to come from our inner self. We have to start from our soul. Our inner self has immense power, immense understanding and immense capability. This will help us in transforming ourselves. This will help us achieving success beyond imagination. We have to start by changing ourselves. We have to start the change process from inner self. We have to do soul searching. Are we able to break the chains of false notions, prejudices and ideas that surround us? Are we able to start the process of self inspiration? The path of success starts from inner self. Are we able to regulate our own thinking? Are we able to give ourselves much needed vision and vitality? Are we able to give ourselves intellectual stimulation necessary for self transformation? Are we able to give ourselves stimulations necessary for self renewal and self transformation? Our upbringing has set certain constraints on our thinking and we fail to think beyond those limits. We have been constrained to think linearly. We have been trained to believe some things. We have been oriented to reason in a particular manner. You must have all heard of the story of the frog inside a well. The frog believed that his well was a huge well. When he encountered another frog from a sea, he was not convinced about the statements made by the other frog. The other frog told him that he had come from a huge water reservoir, which was not understandable for the first frog. We are all like this first frog. We get habitual to our own preconceived notions and ideas and fail to understand logics and reasoning beyond our set of ideas. This creates our boundary. We fail to reach beyond this limit and fail to achieve transformations needed beyond these chains. At AFTERSCHO☺OL we train PGPSE participants to go beyond traditional thinking. We train them to reason differently. We enable them to break all false notions and ego that they have acquired. Degrees also create false ego and impropriety and therefore at AFTERSCHO☺OL we break all myths about degrees. We believe in true knowledge, expertise and commitment and remove any false notions about degrees. For us an illiterate person is as much respectable as a Ph.D. (so long as both have similar innovative, creative and intellectual capabilities). The way the degrees are distributed and sold in Indian market, it is no longer education. It is no longer an institution, which helps in social transformations. The persons with higher and higher qualifications are often cut off from the harsh social realities. Due to some specific government requirements, these people are able to get commanding positions, but who benefits from them remains doubtful. The true innovator, social transformer and adventurer gets disillusioned in this environment of mediocrity.

We want to promote an environment, a system, an order, where a person is valued for his achievements, capabilities, creativity and innovations and leadership capabilities and not for the degrees that he has acquired by fair or foul means. True knowledge should have the capability of giving us power of social change. We believe in true knowledge and we strive to acquire and disseminate this true knowledge.

Let us not treat life as a picnic, but has a journey with a purpose. Someone has rightly said that it is not important how many breathes we take, but it is important as to how many breathless moments do we live. Let us transform every moment into fruitful moment.

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