Nathalie Kongtcheu: Paralegal at Greenberg Traurig, LLP, in New York, NY

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					PARALEGAL PROFILE                                                                                 1. 800.973.1177

                           Nathalie Kongtcheu: Paralegal at Greenberg Traurig, LLP,
                           in New York, NY
                           [By Judith Earley]
                           Paralegal Nathalie Kongtcheu works in the New York office of Greenberg Traurig, LLP, where she assists the attorneys
                           in all matters related to patent and trademark prosecution in the United States and foreign countries. Her responsibilities
                           include the electronic filing of patent and trademark applications, handling issue fees, research, and preparation and analysis
                           of documents. She found her current placement through a headhunter.

Kongtcheu said what she enjoys most about          documents-to be submitted in a portable             project, I usually try to get my work right the
her position is searching patent law and           document file (PDF) format,” said Kongtcheu.        first time,” said Kongtcheu.
rules to find answers to questions. On the
flip side, one of her most difficult challenges    Another change she has seen is the online           “I also try to have a time that I could use
is meeting deadlines to prevent her clients        availability of file wrappers and patent law        to make improvements on my career.
from losing their rights to inventions. Some       and rules.                                          I’m taking some physics classes to meet
of the highlights of her career have been                                                              the requirements to pass the patent bar
getting to know her clients and giving her         “These changes are making our work as               examination with the USPTO (United States
clients and the attorneys at her firm the best     paralegals more efficient,” said Kongtcheu.         Patent and Trademark Office). During
service every time they need her.                                                                      the weekend, I usually have activities that
                                                   One person who significantly influenced             my family can do all together-gardening,
Over the course of her career as a paralegal,      Kongtcheu’s career was the senior paralegal         swimming, walking, etc.”
one of the changes she has seen in the legal       who served as her mentor when she joined
                                                                                                       On the net
industry has been the United States Patent         the firm. “[She] was very demanding,” said
and Trademark Office’s implementation of           Kongtcheu. “Her requests increased my
                                                                                                       Greenberg Traurig, LLP
the electronic filing system (EFS) for patent      curiosity and my knowledge in the field.”
correspondence and, in particular, the web-
based electronic filing system (EFS-Web).          Kongtcheu works very long hours-sometimes
                                                                                                       New York City
                                                   55 hours per week. “I have to commute
“EFS-Web permits most patent                       about three hours every day and take care
correspondence-that is, most patent                of my family (my five-year-old son and my           United States Patent and Trademark Office
applications and other patent-related              husband). Therefore, when I’m assigned to a


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Description: Nathalie Kongtcheu Working As Paralegal At Greenberg Traurig And Her Work Is Electronic Filing Of Patent And Trademark Applications, Handling Issue Fees, Research And Searching Patent Law And Rules To Find Answers To Questions.
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