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									 Mail Order Pharmacy

 A Method of Dispensing Medication
 Directly to the patient through the
mail.  Mail order drug distributors can
purchase drugs in larger volumes than
      retail or wholesale outlets.
      About: Online
Online pharmacies, Internet
 pharmacies, or Mail
  are pharmacies that operate over
 the Internet and send the orders to
 customers through the mail or
 shipping companies.
Online Chemist
Mail-order chemists work best for ongoing
 medication and refills.  For example, if you
 need immediate medication for an
 infection, you wouldn't use the mail-order
 service.  But if you need ongoing
 medication (for example, for a chronic
 problem such as asthma), it is very
 convenient to have your medication
 delivered to you in the mail.  That way, you
 can save money and avoid repeated trips
 to the pharmacy.
Benefit of Online Pharmacy (Mail Order Pharmacy)

Lower prices are just one of the many benefits of
  using an online or mail order pharmacy. Added
  convenience and anonymity attract many to
  mail order pharmacies, while the ability to
  quickly compare prices between companies
  entices many consumers. In addition, many
  Canadian pharmacies distribute generic forms of
  brand name drugs that are not available in the
  United States.
In Press
The Washington Post reported that
 "..millions of Americans have
 turned to Mexico and other
 countries in search of bargain
 drugs...U.S. Customs estimates 10
 million U.S. citizens bring in
 medications at land borders each
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