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					University of British Columbia                                                                                                   Civil Engineering Dept.

                               PRELIMINARY APPLICATION INFORMATION

Thank you for your enquiry expressing interest in our graduate program. Before we ask you to submit a detailed application (which would include an
application processing fee, English language test, official transcripts and reference letters submitted in envelopes that have been sealed and
endorsed by the issuing university and referees, respectively), we require that you complete the enclosed preliminary application form.
The following information is provided to help you complete the preliminary application form:
1.   List all post-secondary institutions you have attended and give the academic standing you achieved for all years in terms of the grading system
     used at the institution (usually grade point average, percentage mark, class or division). The minimum entrance requirements for some of the
     countries from which we commonly receive applications, are summarized on the reverse of this page.
2.   Briefly describe any relevant research or work experience you may have had (e.g., previous thesis, research publications, teaching or design
3.   If you have taken an English language test (TOEFL, IELTS, MELAB), provide your score and test date. If none taken, indicate when you are
     scheduled to take the test. Note, a student cannot be admitted to a graduate program without proof that an English language test has been
     completed. The following scores listed are the minimum required by the Department of Civil Engineering. Exams scores more than 2 years old
     are not acceptable. The Department will require one of the following English Language tests:
                         TOEFL = Minimum of 600 (paper) or 250 (computer). Also required a minimum TWE score of 5.0; or
                         IELTS     = Minimum score of 7 with nothing less than 6.5 each individual test; or
                         MELAB = Minimum score of 81
     The Department will no longer accept letters from granting institutions stating that the medium of instruction is in English. We require one of the
     above tests.
4.   The following graduate degree programs are offered in Civil Engineering:         M.Eng. (no thesis); M.A.Sc.; and Ph.D.
5.   The full application must be completed by the deadlines below:
                                         September Admission (all degree programs)           January Admission (PhD and MEng applicants only)
          All Applicants:                             December 1                                  May 1
          Processing fee: International applicants: CDN$150              Canadian citizens/landed immigrants: CDN$90
6.   Approximate program costs are as follows:
          Program                   International Students           Canadian Students
          M.Eng. (no thesis)        $ 15,000.00 (CDN)/yr             $ 4,512.00
          M.A.Sc.                   $ 7,200.00 (CDN)/yr              $ 3,712.00        Tuition/year
          Ph.D.                     Students starting their PhD program in January 2008 or later will not be eligible for the PhD Tuition Fee Award.
                                    However, those students may be offered funding through their Faculty or graduate program from the Graduate
                                    Student Initiative (GSI). International students are eligible for an International Partial Tuition Scholarship which
                                    is applied to assist with their tuition fees if they are registered full-time in master's programs or in fifth or later
                                    years of doctoral programs. Students are eligible for the scholarship as long as they are not a recipient of external
                                    scholarships or external funding that pays their tuition.
          Student fees              $ 600.00 (CDN)/yr                $ 400.00
          Living Expenses:          $ 15,000.00 (CDN)/yr             $ 15,000.00 yr
7.   Possible areas of specialization within the Department of Civil Engineering include:
               Environmental Engineering – choose one of                   Materials
               the following:                                              Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Geotechnics
               • Environmental Fluid Mechanics                             Construction Engineering and Management Engineering
               • Pollution Control and Waste Management                    Structural Engineering (includes Earthquake Engineering)
               • Geo-Environmental Engineering                             Transportation Engineering
               • Agricultural Waste Management                             Hydrotechnical Engineering

8.   If you have secured your own funding (e.g., scholarship, fellowship, or personal savings), give details on the amount and source. This
     department awards a limited number of Research Assistantships to well-qualified full-time students in the M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. programs, subject
     to funds being available. They are not available to M.Eng. students. The current stipend for Research Assistants is $14,400.00 (M.A.Sc.) and
     $15,600.00 (Ph.D.) per annum. These amounts are under review. Additional support may be gained through Teaching Assistantship positions
     may be applied for but normally only available in the second year of your program. As well, partial tuition scholarships, are available to some
     international students on “student visas” who pursue an M.A.Sc. degree. Further information on this and other scholarships may be found at

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9.   Entrance Requirements:
     The minimum graduate admissions requirements are:
               i) A Bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution
               ii) *An acceptable academic standing
               iii) Sufficient undergraduate background to carry out graduate work in a chosen field.

     Because the number of applicants greatly exceeds the number of positions available, a record that satisfies basic entrance requirements does
     not guarantee admission to Graduate Studies.

     To calculate your overall Grade Point Average (GPA) International applicants need to use all courses taken. Canadian and US applicants
     calculate their GPA using senior level coursework ( 3rd and 4th years).

     *Grading systems differ widely among countries. We recommend that applicants have an academic standing within the general requirements
     listed below to ensure a chance of gaining admission to graduate studies.

Canada & USA: Honours or a Bachelor’s degree requiring at least four years of study with a B+ (76% at UBC or GPA of 3.3/4) average in third and
        fourth year course work prescribed by the Department concerned as prerequisite to the Master’s program. From Quebec, a three-year
        Bachelor’s degree is acceptable provided the Diplôme d’Etudes Collégiales has been awarded.
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh: B.Eng., B.Sc. (Eng.), B.Tech., B.Arch.; or a Master’s degree in a non-engineering field. All degrees must be awarded
         with First Class Division standing. Applicants must arrange for the submission of certified copies of detailed mark sheets and degree
         certificates to be sent to UBC in envelopes sealed and endorsed by the issuing institution.
People’s Republic of China: A four-year Bachelor’s degree with an overall “B+” average (85% or better). Applicants must arrange for the
         submission of official transcripts in Chinese and certified English (literal) translations to be sent to UBC directly from the home university.
         Official proof of degree conferral is required in the form of a degree certificate.
United Kingdom (and other Commonwealth countries whose system follows that of the U.K.): Honours Bachelors degree with at least an Upper
         Second Class standing. Official statements from the University Registrar indicating program of study, courses taken and grades achieved
         are required. An attested copy of the degree certificate showing class and division of degree awarded must also be submitted.
Australia & New Zealand: Honours or Bachelor’s degree requiring four years of study with an overall minimum standing of Second Class, Upper
France (and other schools modeled after the French system): Diplôme or Maîtrise; or title of Ingénieur with at least an overall “Bien” standing.
         Applicants should arrange for the submission of official relevé de notes showing all courses and grades/mentions for each year of study to
         be sent to UBC directly by the home university.
Germany: Hauptdilom Magister Artium, or Staatsexamen with at least an overall “Gut” standing. Applicants should arrange for the submission of all
       examination records, Seminarscheine, and diplom certificates to be sent to UBC directly by the home university. Graduates of Polytechnic
       Institutions (or Fachhochschulen) are not admissible).
Denmark, Norway & Sweden: The minimum qualification required is the Candidatus, Sivilingenor or Hogskolexamen or equivalent.
Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile & Colombia: 8.0 GPA on a 10.0 scale             }
Iran: At least 16 on a GPA scale of 20.                                          } Overall or 3rd and 4th year.
South Korea: At least 85% overall average.                                       }

Please complete the attached Preliminary Application Form and return to:

                    Graduate Advisor of Admissions
                    Department of Civil Engineering
                    University of British Columbia
                    6250 Applied Science Lane
                    Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6T 1Z4
                    Phone: (604) 822-2637      Fax: (604) 822-6901
                    E-mail: Web address:

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University of British Columbia                                                                                 Department of Civil Engineering
                                           PRELIMINARY APPLICATION
                                            FOR        GRADUATE ADMISSIONS
                                                       (PLEASE   TYPE OR PRINT IN BLOCK LETTERS)

NAME (in full):    Mr./Ms.
                                            Surname                                                      Given Name(s)
ADDRESS:                                                                                 CITIZENSHIP:

                                                                                                                         Day / Month / Year

with undergraduate degree)
                                                                                             Degree & Date          Academic Standing Obtained*,
           Institution                Dates Attended         Major Course of Study
                                                                                           Received/Expected          i.e. Grade Point Average



ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEST:* (only one required)                  TOEFL:                     IELTS:                     MELAB:

ADMISSION DESIRED:            Month (either September – all degrees                                                       Year
                      or January - MEng and Ph.D. Programs only)

DEGREE:                                                 SPECIALIZATION:


FUNDS AVAILABLE: (for each year)*                                             SOURCE:
If you do not receive financial aid from this university, will you be able to attend?              Yes            No

                                                                                                   *See accompanying instruction sheet for explanation

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