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					The Ultra Sprouter
The Ultra Sprouter allows you to grow delicious bean sprouts time and again at
home. Unlike other sprouters, the Ultra Sprouter is easy to use, and requires
no intervention once it is set up. In a couple of days, you have a delicious crop
of nutritious bean sprouts to add a tasty crunch to your sandwiches and salads.
This is home sprouting with a difference.

How the Ultra Sprouter works
Beans need a warm and moist environment to germinate. In most sprouters,
beans are placed on a damp tray that requires regular water changes to
maintain freshness. In the Ultra Sprouter, an ultrasonic humidifier generates
a fine mist of warm moisture that fills the growing chamber. To add to the
fascination, the ultrasonic humidifier is surrounded by different coloured LED
lights that change on a regular basis. Kids love the light and mist effect.
Sprouting has never been so much fun.

A few minutes after switching on, all parts of the growing chamber are soaking
wet and the beans will start to sprout. A filter pack of activated charcoal under
the germinating beans acts to clean the water dripping back into the water tray.
The charcoal is there to ensure the bean sprouts taste and smell perfectly fresh.

Ready to sprout
1. Assemble the unit according to the instruction sheet provided.
2. Take one assembled Sprouter Tray. Then measure and place one scoop of
   beans (Use half of scoop if using small seeds such as Broccoli, Alfalfa,
   Cress etc.) from the bag into one tray. Place the tray(s) on the Supporting
3. Cover the Container with the Lid.
4. Place the unit on a firm and level surface away from direct sun light which
   can make the sprouts develop a bitter taste. (If the unit is placed in
   darkness, the sprouts will usually be whiter and sweeter.)
5. Taking care to dry your hands and then plug in the A/C adaptor to start the
   Ultrasonic Humidifier. You will quickly see the mist forming in the growing
   chamber, changing colour with the LED lights from the Ultrasonic Humidifier.

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Ready to harvest
1. The sprouts are sweet and full of flavour after 30 hours.
2. Leave the sprouts for a little longer to grow longer according to taste.
    However the longer the sprouts are in, the more they start to develop a
    bitter taste.
3. Unplug the Ultrasonic Humidifier when the time is up and take out the
    Incubating Trays. Consume the sprouts as soon as possible, though they
    can be kept reasonably fresh in the refrigerator for a day or two.

Rinse the unit with fresh water and dry with a soft cloth after every use. Avoid
using detergent or cleaning fluid as these will contaminate the Container. If
mould starts to develop after some usage, clean with a little bicarbonate of soda.
Do Not put these parts in Dish Washer: Base Plate, Supporting Rack, and
Sprouting Trays. Wash by hand.

             Seeds/Beans                     Approximate Sprouting Time
                Alfalfa                              3-4 days
                Barley                               3-4 days
              Buckwheat                              4-5 days
                Cress                                2-3 days
              Fenugreek                              4-5 days
                Garlic                               4-5 days
                Lentils                              3-4 days
               Lettuce                               2-3 days
             Mung Beans                              2-3 days
                 Peas                                3-3 days
                Radish                               2-3 days
              Red Clover                             2-3 days
               Sesame                                2-3 days
              Wheatgrass                             3-4 days

Caution: Regardless of the source, do not use farm grade or seeds treated with
pesticides. Use only organic seeds for sprouting!

Happy Ultra Sprouting!

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