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									                        Calaveras Dam Replacement Project

                        Construction Advisory
March 2012                                            866- 973-
                                                                                    Phone: 866-973-1476

Calaveras Road Closure

Calaveras Road will be CLOSED to vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic between
Geary Road to the Alameda / Santa Clara County boundary beginning April 9, 2012
through June 8, 2012, Monday through Friday.

   •   Road closures are scheduled for WEEKDAYS ONLY.
   •   Calaveras Road will remain OPEN on weekends -- Saturdays 6:00 a.m. through Sundays at midnight.
   •   The road will be swept clean of debris prior to opening on weekends.
   •   Access to the East Bay Regional Park District’s Sunol Regional Wilderness will remain open from the
       north at all times. From both the north and south on weekends.
   •   Access to Ed Levin County Park will remain open at all times.
   •   Emergency vehicles would have access to the road at all times.
   •   Anticipate increased construction traffic on Calaveras Road, especially south of I-680.
   •   Note: Special accommodations have been made for pre-approved cycling events.
   •   A future second road closure (18 months total) is scheduled for 2013.

During this closure large trucks will transport
sands and gravels for dam construction onto the site.
It is not safe for private vehicles or cyclists to share the
narrow portions of Calaveras Road with these large haul
trucks. Therefore, Calaveras Road will be
temporarily closed.

Project Summary
The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is
rebuilding Calaveras Dam, our largest local Bay Area drinking
water reservoir. The existing dam is located near the active
Calaveras earthquake fault. We lowered water levels in the
reservoir in response to seismic concerns in 2001. The project
consists of building a new zoned earth and rock fill dam
next to the existing dam. The replacement dam will restore
the reservoir to its original capacity.
Anticipated completion of the entire project is late 2015.

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