; Do HR professionals need continuous professional development
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Do HR professionals need continuous professional development


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									Do HR professionals need continuing professional development?

Continuing Professional Development, also called Continuing Professional Education, is
the education working professionals undergo to update or refresh their existing skill
sets. Unlike traditional college education, CPD involves enhancement of specific, focused
areas of professional knowledge. It is for people who already know what they are good
at, and what they need to improve.

CPD for the HR industry

One can understand the relevance of CPD and CPE for technology-related branches of
knowledge, given their tendency to get outdated very quickly. But does the human
resources field too change as quickly? Don’t we use the same concepts from time to
time? Here is the catch –although it appears that HR is less dynamic than technology; it
is true that HR professionals certainly do require CPE. Here is why:

Changing with the times

It is true that HR professionals use the same concepts throughout their profession, but it
has to be borne in mind that HR policies keep changing every now and then. True, we
don’t keep changing basic work like profiling a candidate, calling her for an interview
and the like, but over time; these concepts are applied in largely differing environments
in situations that keeping changing with time. The way a candidate is sourced today is
vastly from the way it was done a decade ago. CPD is needed in such circumstances;
because it goes a long way in helping HR professionals keep a track of the latest
methodologies, laws and policies.

Helping the organization find the right fit

CPD also helps HR professionals stay abreast of the latest technological changes in the
industry. A CPD that also incorporates the changing technological trends is a great way
to not only stay in touch with the latest happenings; it is a means to ensuring that HR
serves the organization better. When HR professionals are well-equipped with
technological developments, they can have a clearer understanding of the organization’s
needs and can thus get the right candidates. CPD goes a long way in making this

Enhancing for their own good

CPD is also a tool for HR professionals who want to offer their own consulting services.
In order to work independently, an HR professional needs to be well-informed about
the industry. Working in an organization may not always acquaint professionals with all
the happenings in the industry because the area of work they were doing may not have
allowed them to explore anything of it. A course in CPD would ensure that they catch up
with what they have missed out on.



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