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Dear Stakeholder,
If we had to label the past year with an all-encompassing title, it
would have to be the year of strategic investment. And although we
have invested over £2 million in new technology, the investments
have by no means been only financial.

The Sherwood Press Group has carefully laid the foundation for the
foreseeable future with a strategic, integrated programme of
                                                                           ‘Our confidence
• The development of staff in key positions, including management,
  innovation and production                                                comes through the
• New capabilities and services made available to our customers            belief we have in
  though the award and development of new certifications
                                                                           the foundations of our
• Technology that enhances our environmental credentials through
  providing increased efficiencies, and reduced material wastage.          business, sustainability,
This strategic vision (over the last 12 months) has seen the business
                                                                           innovation, quality
attain BRC/IOP Food Hygiene standard, and establish and maintain
                                                                           and financial stability.’
global colour control through ISO 12647. Both of these standards
are essential for further development within the sustainable aspect
of our greeting card, packaging and commercial work. This has been
complemented with new technical investments, including CTP pre-
press equipment, gluing lines and our Komori Lithrone S40 press –
which dramatically increases production flexibility, as well as reducing
make ready time and material waste.

To invest so comprehensively in such financially turbulent times takes
careful planning, and a total confidence in the decisions being made.
Our confidence comes through the belief we have in the foundations
of our business. These cornerstones of sustainability, innovation,
quality and financial stability will continue to keep the business
focused in the exciting weeks, months and year ahead.

Finally, with this being my first foreword to our annual environmental
report, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all in advance for
your continued support and dedication over the next twelve months.

Yours Sincerely

Graham Garrod
Managing Director

    Vision and Values
    Our Vision
    ‘To be the best in whichever market we serve, by building
    innovative customer focused partnerships that continually
    deliver quality and best value to our customers, staff and

    Our Values
    • To put the customer at the centre of all we do
    • Build successful committed global partnerships
    • Be financially prudent for long term development
    • Innovative quality business solutions
    • Be pro-active and agile in an ever changing marketplace
    • To have honesty, integrity and ethics in all our dealings
    • To develop and manage our business in a sustainable
      and responsible manner


Environmental Policy
The management and all who work at The Sherwood Press are committed to the care of the environment and the
prevention of pollution. The Company makes three core policy commitments; continual improvement, prevention and
legal compliance.

The organisation ensures that all its activities, products and services are carried out in conformance with the applicable
legislation which relates to its environmental aspects.

The organisation operates processes which are prescribed under the Environmental Protection Act 1990: part 1, and
observes the requirements laid down by Nottinghamshire County Council and the Environment Agency.

The organisation seeks to minimise waste, promote recycling, reduce energy consumption, reduce harmful emissions
and, where possible, to work with suppliers who themselves have sound environmental policies.

An essential feature of the environmental management system is a commitment to improving environmental
performance. This is achieved by setting annual environmental improvement objectives and targets, which are regularly
monitored and reviewed. These objectives and targets are publicised throughout the organisation, and all staff are
committed to their achievement.

In order to ensure the achievement of the above commitments, the organisation has implemented an environmental
management system which satisfies the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001:2004.

This policy, along with the obligations and responsibilities required by the environmental
management system, have been communicated to all persons working for, or on behalf,
of the Company. The policy is available to the public on request.

Graham Garrod
Managing Director
Dec 2011


    Environmental Food Packaging
    BRC/IOP Food Accreditation – the essential step in
    strengthening our environmental packaging brand
    for the food packaging market.

    An integral part of our strategy to expand environmental packaging
    to food manufacturers was to be awarded the BRC/IOP Global
                                                                             ‘The BRC certification
    Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials certification in          reassures our customers
    category 1 – Litho print and finishing of packaging for food products.
                                                                             that we work to the
    This is the first time we have gone through this evaluation process
    and we were delighted to gain the accreditation at the first attempt.    highest standards, and
    The award was evaluated by the Royal Society For Public Health           we follow best practice
    (RSPH) for the BRC standard, and is accepted throughout the food
    packaging Industry. We applied because it reassures our customers
                                                                             for low migration
    that we work to high standards and tells them a lot about the level
    of service and efficiency they can expect from us.

    Along with BRC accreditation, The Sherwood Press aims to be at the
    forefront of environmental food packaging innovation, and works
    closely with the Huber Group (our ink supplier) to provide customers
    with printed packaging that complies with the Swiss Ordinance
    introduced in April, 2010.

    We ensure our manufacturing follows the best practice for low
    migration printing. This includes using:

    • virgin food grade, certified packaging boards

    • conventional low migration inks produced and used according to
     Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

    • alcohol free printing

    • low migration chemicals and coatings used on press.

    The Sherwood Group will continue to ensure they remain at the
    forefront of ethical and environmental best practice in regard to any
    manufactured products they produce, affording our customers the
    peace of mind that their requirements are in safe hands.


Paper matters
Responsible paper purchasing policy

Last year we set ourselves the tough target of eventually moving all of our
production onto FSC, PEFC or recycled material. This target has become even
more challenging as the availability of FSC packaging material is relatively low
in comparison to the greeting card and commercial markets.
                                                                                     ‘Our aim is to
                                                                                     produce 100%
However, we have monitored and recorded our paper purchases over the last
12 months, and have found encouragement in the results.                              of our products
Greeting Card and Commercial accounts                                                on FSC, PEFC or
On average we purchased 158.4 tonnes of material per month, of which;
                                                                                     Recycled material.’
• The average percentage of material that was FSC or PEFC                100%

Packaging accounts
On average we purchased 56.6 tonnes of material per month, of which;

• The average percentage of material that was FSC/PEFC/Recycled          35%
• The average percentage of material that was non of the above           65%

It can still be seen by looking at the packaging figures that the availability for
FSC packaging material is still relatively low in comparison to the greeting card
and commercial markets. However, we have increased the usage considerably
compared to last year, and feel that 35% gives us a strong platform for
further improvement. The team will continue to monitor all material
purchased, with special emphasis on increasing the FSC and PEFC material
utilised for our packaging business in 2012.

Continual achievements - A year with
    Best practice for low
    migration printing
    The Sherwood Press Group is at the forefront of
    environmental food packaging innovation, and we
    ensure our products are manufactured following the
    best practice guide for low migration printing.
    This includes using:

    • food grade, certified packaging boards                   Strategic benefits seminar
    • conventional, vegetable based, low migration inks
    • alcohol free printing                                    We combined one of our key markets with our core
    • low migration chemicals and coatings used on press       standard when we held a strategic benefits seminar,
                                                               outlining the progress that packaging is making in
    These measures mean that we minimise the risk to           the area of sustainability.
    consumers, and the environment as a whole.
                                                               The seminar was a great success, with key speakers from M&S,
                                                               Xerox, The Sherwood Press and Sun Chemical.

                                                               Speaking to an audience of retailers, brand managers and
                                                               packaging buyers the day began with Gordon Henman, Technical
                                                               Manager of M&S who said that the retailer’s Plan A strategy had
                                                               helped concentrate minds and shape strategy within the business,
                                                               giving practical examples of the key initiatives implemented.
    Combined effort in                                         Xerox Product Marketing Manager Kevin O’Donnell explained that
    reducing emissions                                         digital print could play a key role in reducing the amount of
                                                               packaging through shorter runs – demonstrating current brand
    The Sherwood Press has worked closely with its
                                                               applications of the latest technology. Sun Chemical Business
    strategic partner Loxleys, to reduce the impact both
                                                               Development Manager Richard Kemp warned the attendees of the
    companies’ transport activities have on the environment.
                                                               issues surrounding ink migration into food and the possibility of
    Through careful analysis and planning, Sherwood now
                                                               product recalls. Kim Durose, Lead Constructional Designer at
    manage the transport requirements for both
                                                               Sherwood, gave a presentation on Pura®, with focus on packaging
    businesses – collecting and distributing in a manner
                                                               minimisation and optimisation – highlighting the savings available
    that optimises the travel routes, increases the fuel
                                                               both in waste and cost. The day was brought to a close with
    savings, and greatly reduces emissions.
                                                               Jeremy Bacon giving practical steps on how a business can increase
    Over the first year the scheme has saved;                  its own environmental aspects, avoid green wash and, through
    • 62,500 road miles                                        implementation, make a tangible difference to the bottom line.
    • 3,936 gallons of fuel
    This equates to 46 tonnes of saved CO2 emissions.

    The Sherwood Press Group has also invested in new
    vehicles for its transport fleet, which doubles the
    capacity over previous vehicles, reducing the journeys
    required, and greatly increasing efficency giving more
    miles to the gallon.

                                                               To keep up-to-date with all of our latest
                                                               environmental news please visit our website

plenty to talk about

                                           Out with the old... in with the new
                                           We welcome the arrival of our latest investment
                                           During the summer we welcomed the latest addition to our plant list. Our new
                                           £1.4 million Komori Lithrone S40 press is dedicated to environmental packaging
                                           production and the on-press efficiencies massively reduce waste, first through the
                                           fast start up system, then through the labour and time saving benefits of its very
                                           high level of automation. The press also allows for alcohol free printing through
                                           its innovative damping system and consistently produces high quality work using
                                           conventional low migration soya based inks.

                                                                                          From Pure to Pura®
                                                                                          After several months of application and awaiting
                                                                                          confirmation, The Sherwood Press Group announced
                                                                                          that their Sustain® and Pura® brand names had been
                                                                                          accepted as official registered trademarks by the UK’s
  Carbon                                                                                  Intellectual Property Office.

  balanced first...
  Sherwood help launch the first World Land Trust
  carbon balanced paper products.
  Sherwood was the first company to use a Carbon Balanced
  Paper from PaperCo on a project for Cath Tate Cards, the
  specialist greetings card company who have a keen
  environmental approach to their whole business.

  The Carbon Balancing scheme is a partnership between the
  conservation organisation The World Land Trust and The Paper
  Company (PaperCo). The Trust has been working to purchase
  and protect threatened habitats and species throughout the

  The World Land Trust uses funding from the sale of Carbon
  Balanced Paper to undertake restoration ecology projects, which
  offset emissions from the Paper’s production though the
                                                                                         Continuing our support
  protection of critically threatened                                                    Doing our bit for the Caledonian Forest
  forest and reforestation of                                                            2011 once again saw The Sherwood Press Group
  degraded habitat.                                                                      pledge its support for ‘Trees for life’, with employees
                                                                                         spending a week in the Scottish Highlands planting
                                                                                         some of the 100,000 trees introduced annually.


Measurements of Environmental Performance
Our core target is to minimise our carbon footprint and we strive to reduce all contributing factors. We
measure all areas that affect our footprint, and use this data as key performance indicators. Below, we have
shown the measurements recorded over the last three years in relation to the output of the factory (number
of impressions). The measurement period is our financial year which runs from May to the following April.

                                       2011-12             2010-11            2009-10            2008-09
                                       per million         per million        per million        per million
                                       impressions         impressions        impressions        impressions

 tonnes of CO2 emissions               24.26               31.20              22.64              23.54
 solvents used (kilograms)             145                 410                223                245

 electricity (KWH)                     39,608              47,068             32,576             35,867

 gas (KWH)                             4,800               5,512              7,611              5,720

 water (cubic metres)                  35.91               40.02              29.80              39.35

 waste to landfill (litres)            440                 440                569                589

 packaging (kilograms)                 1362                1887               1233               790

 total CO2 (tonnes)                    1092                1170               1107               1055

 total impressions                     45,000,000          37,576,680         48,982,000         44,830,000

On first reflection, this year’s results look to have been disappointing. However, we have to analyse the varying
factors that affected our performance during the 2010-11 period this report covers. We have also included a
2011-12 end of year prediction based upon the eight month run rate for this current year, as this shows the
quantitative environmental benefits our investments are achieving.
• As with most UK-based manufacturing companies, the global recession has continued to have a direct
  impact on the turnover of our business. This loss of sales was part responsible, but not the sole reason for
  the reduction of total impressions in 2010-11. In this period our development into packaging with its
  shorter run lengths and reduced sheets through press was another contributing factor in the drop, however
  in the projected figures for 2011-12 the rapid increase in turnover that packaging has brought to the
  business is clearly showing with total impressions rising back to 2008-09 levels.
• The increase in electricity consumption can be directly attributed to the press configurations we had and the
  extended working hours employed, we also considerably increased the quantity of finishing equipment
  within our factory to support our packaging business. The benefits of our equipment investments can
  clearly be seen in 2011-12, with a projected reduction in electricity usage of 16%.

• The reduction in gas is a positive, especially as the period covered a winter that was even harsher than
  the year before, a trend that can be seen continuing in 2011-12. We are very pleased with the reduction in
  solvents that will be achieved in the coming year, again this can be directly attributed to the new press
  and alcohol free printing.

• Finally the further drop in waste sent to landfill shows the effectiveness our recycling waste streams,
  especially as we have now installed even smaller capacity bins with longer periods between emptying.

As a team we will aggressively target further reductions where possible, using these figures to focus our
efforts over the next twelve months.




                                                sustainable packaging

Hadden Court, Glaisdale Parkway, Glaisdale Drive West, Nottingham NG8 4GP
Tel: 0115 928 7766 Fax: 0115 928 0271 Video Conf: email:

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