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									1    Contestpayments.com – News Release

    A Fresh Approach, A New Deal: Payment
    Gateway Solutions Arrive in India


    Payment gateway holds the key to smooth monetary transactions online. Payment gateway is certainly
    the most essential part of e-commerce, which has itself become essential for all classes and categories
    of businesses. In the present age of advanced technological know-how, maintaining a healthy and
    competitive web presence is undeniably an indispensable facet of ‘being in the business; whereas a safe
    and reliable payment gateway serves as an embodiment of the physical Point of Sale in the traditional
    retail outlets. In actual practice payment gateway solutions are services that make or receive payments
    for e-businesses and online retailers.

    While e-commerce is making a rage all across the globe, India is not lagging far behind. It is estimated
    that presently only around 8.4% of the Indian market is online, nonetheless it adds up to approximately
    100 million users. Needless to say the numbers are increasing with great speed, which has already made
    India the fourth largest online country in the world.

    Contest Payment is the latest addition to the payment gateway service providers, which targets at
    becoming the premier service provider offering next generation cloud and payment gateway solutions.
    Based in Sector 16, Noida, India, the company aims to provide superior, quality and user friendly
    services to merchants.

    Contest Payment was in fact conceived with the idea of revolutionizing the entire scenario of online
    payments in India. The underlying idea has been to build a forum that is not just better than the
    competitor’s, but to build a niche for itself that is no less than the best. The dedicated team at Contest
                                      Payment strives to provide merchants with greatest flexibility and ease
                                      that they will experience nowhere else.

                                     E-commerce payment processing solutions are the principal focus for
                                     Contest Payment, which is offered through collaboration with PCI
                                     compliant payment gateway. An e-commerce merchant account with
                                     Contest Payment sanctions merchants to admit e-check, debit card and
                                     credit card payments, straight from merchant’s website (in real time).

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2    Contestpayments.com – News Release

    Security is undoubtedly one of the major concerns when it comes to e-payments, especially with cyber-
    crime, hacking and online fraud increasing by the day. In fact the online frauds seem to have
    incremented in direct proportion with the rising online business transaction. Provision of comprehensive
    security for all its clients has been a top priority for Contest Payment, which is ensured through an
    automated telephonic contact with the person involved in the online transaction. Good security
    translates into greater profits, as potential profits are not lost due to frauds and unnecessary credit card
    charge back service charges.

    The unprecedented rise of e-commerce in India is literally imposing the need for e-payments, justifying
    the emergence of payment gateway solution providers. Contest Payment is open to catering clients
    from all over the world, but will specifically prove to be a boon for Indian merchants who are looking for
    a reliable, secure and sustainable option at home. Contest Payment has already proven its worth with
    an impressive number of satisfied merchants...

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