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									       8TH January 2013


       Highlights
     Nifty showed bearish trend on Monday.
     Nifty Future ended 31.95 points down at 6016.05
     Bharti Airtel sell call we recommended executed today
        and is currently trading at cost
     Tata Chemicals sell call remained unexecuted
     Investors’ are advised to hold position in Bharti Airtel
        sell call and take position in the fresh call provided
     Sell Bharti Airtel futures below 328.45 for targets
     Sell Auro Pharma futures below 200 for targets 198/195
       Past Performance:
     Allahabad bank buy call hit both targets.
     Auro Pharma buy call hit 1st target.
     JSW Steel buy call hit both targets.
     Allahabad bank sell call hit both targets.
     Voltas hit both targets
     Adani Enterprise hit target.
     Lupin almost hit 2nd target.
     Havells sell call hit both targets.
        SELL BELOW 328.45 FOR TARGETS 327/325 SL 330.50

         BUY ABOVE 250 FOR TARGETS OF 265/285 SL 235

 Bharti Airtel sell we recommended executed today.
 It made a low of 327.65 near to our 1st target 327
 Currently trading at cost at 328.50
 Investors’ are advised to hold the position with
  recommended SL
 Targets are 327/325 and SL is recommended at 330.50
 Bharti Airtel is making Rising wedge on hourly chart
         SELL BELOW 200 FOR TARGETS 198/195 SL 202

 Sell Auro Pharma future below 200
 Auro Pharma is making Double top on hourly chart
 Currently trading at 202.70
 Investors’ are advised to sell below 200 for targets
 SL is recommended at 367.50
 Auro Pharma is having strong support at 200.50 and
  the call may take time in execution.
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