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									   H       I     L        L      S     B     O      R    O              P    R     E     S     B      Y     T      E       R       I     A      N

 Good News
Walking the talk...

 Chris Adams | Pastor January 2013
A Note from pastor            Help A Mayan Child    Outreach &              Administration         Christian Education         Food For Thought
chris                         Attend School,        Benevolence             Treasurer’s Report     Out of the Box                           Alicia
The people who                                      Feeding Programs,       and Comments:          Sunday School,                           Bunch:
walked in darkness                                  Zimbabwe Update,        Finance's Looking                                               Word
have seen a great                                                           Back, Going Forward,                                            Made Flesh
light...                                                                    Giving Plans, What                                              Missionary
                                                                                                   Winter Parents' Night
–Isaiah 9:2                                                                 Now?                                               in Bolivia - WMF
                                                                                                   Out, Everywhere Fun
Cold and dark... that’s                                                     Building and Grounds                               Bolivia Seeks to
                                                                                                   Fair: VBS & hi-5
what January means            worship, fellowship                           Report: obtaining                                  practice and
                                                                                                   Page 6
translated into               Bell Choir, Supper                            estimates for two                                  proclaim...
Nashville.                    Sisters               Luke 14:12, Room In     renovations                                        Page 7
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The Good News
     H     I   L   L    S    B    O     R     O          P    R     E    S    B      Y     T    E   R    I   A      N
A Note from pastor chris
         The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light...               PRESBYTERIAN
                                –Isaiah 9:2
Cold and dark... that’s what January means translated into Nashville. The
days are short. It’s often dark when we go to work, and dark again when
we come home. Nowhere in the United States is it dark earlier than on the
eastern side of central time.
                                                                                               Chris Adams
It’s cold out too. This is the month when it is guaranteed to be really cold at                  Pastor
least for a few days. January is the only month of the year in Nashville
when the average low temperature is below freezing at just 28 degrees. I                     Hudson Neely
know people that have lived in other parts of the country that are much
colder think our cold is nothing. But for most of us, grab your extra socks              Minister of Discipleship
and turn up the dial on the electric blanket at home. We’re cold.
                                                                                              Amy Dillon
There is an old Irish Proverb that says, “Firelight will not let you read fine        Director of Children & Family
stories but it's warm and you won't see the dust on the floor.” January is
perhaps the month to stoke up the fires of our faith, and to let our light of                    Ministry
Christ slow burn into a new reality that Jesus came into the world at the
darkest of times with a light that did not change every story all at once, but             Shawn Cothran
that is still transforming the world day by day and year by year.                     Director of Youth & Young
It’s easy to be let down after the holidays. The joy and merriment of seeing                Adult Ministry
family and friends, of celebrating with good food and drink, and experienc-
ing a season in which it seems the whole world is worshipping God begins                      Stephen Nix
to fade again into the dark. Now there are bills to be paid, and exercise to           Director of Music Ministry
endure to take off the pounds gained. That’s our world. For others, even
more, January is yet another month in which there is not enough food, and
clothing and shelter. For others, (really for us as well) January is that time of             Alice O’Dwyer
the year when the darkness comes back with a vengeance. Suffering and                    Child Care Coordinator
loss take no holidays.

Perhaps that’s why God has given us the gift of Epiphany in January. An           Carole Shean
epiphany is a moment when faith becomes visible. One moment, it seems        Financial Administrator
as if God is not there and then suddenly... with every fiber of our being we
know God is present. That’s Epiphany. That’s the joy of a bright star in an       Cynthia White
otherwise dark night. That’s the peace of ancient kings worshipping our
King. When all it seems is descending into chaos again, our Lord reigns. Director of Creative Care Center
That’s the peace found when one person does something in care and
compassion for another, even and especially when it’s unexpected.                  Tim Gmeiner
This month I ask you for your presence with us. When each of us gather
                                                                                            Church Organist
together for worship and for care of those in need around us, there is light
and there is warmth. It’s almost like a fire that burns that chases away
every darkness and every cold. Another quote is from Ben Sweetland who                                          info:
said, “We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening                 
our own.”                                                                                             615.665.0148
It’s January in Nashville, TN. It’s the season of fires. It’s the season of light.    
It’s the season for faith in Jesus Christ. May Christ rule in every heart and
every home this year, and every year to come.                                     The Good News deadline:
Happy New Year HPC!
                                                                                    Newsletter items will be ac-
                                                                                    cepted until the third Sunday of
Peace,                                                                              each month for publication in
                                                                                    the following month’s edition.
                                                                                                           The Good News
   H       I     L      L      S      B      O        R    O           P    R     E    S    B      Y     T     E     R     I    A     N

Help A Mayan Child                                    Worship                                    Bell Choir
Attend School                                         Thanks to all who helped make our          If you are interested in learning how to
We have been helping our Kekchi Mayan                 Advent and Christmas season a beau-        play handbells, please contact Suzy
friends that live in the Peten region of Guate-       tiful experience. Becky Ross and           Bennett. We have lots of bells that need
mala since 1999. HPC has received a request           Cindi Dingler, along with their hus-       playing, and I would like to start a be-
from the Mayan Kekchi Presbytery of Sayax-            bands and other volunteers, worked         ginning bell choir. Prior music knowl-
che for the money needed to send 35 students          very hard to make sure the sanctuary,      edge is helpful, but not necessary. We
to school in 2013.                                    fellowship hall, inside and outside of     can start from the very beginning.
The school year begins in late January each           the church were beautifully decorated.     Handbell playing is an easily accessible
year. HPC has supported children for 13 years         Lynne McCalla maintained the pew           skill and also lots of fun. Practice times
in Sayaxche Guatemala. These students need            candles, making sure they were filled      can be arranged to suit those interested.
tuition, uniforms, shoes, and school supplies to                                                 -Suzy Bennett
attend high school. The cost is between $500          with oil and lit each Sunday. Thanks
and $700 for each child to attend school. This is     to Joan Adams, who ordered the poin-
a very large amount of money for the parents of       settias, which were particularly beau-     Fellowship
these students to come up with because they are       tiful this year. Thanks to Gloria Shiavi
simple farmers that barely make enough to put         for keeping up with all the memorials
food on the table. If the parents are lucky                                                      Happy New Year!! Calling all HPC
                                                      and honorariums. Cynthia Whitlow           ladies to come join the Thursday
enough to have work as a laborer they make as         donated the beautiful tree in the Nar-
little as $4 per day.                                                                            Prayer Group, January 17 at noon.
                                                      thex, and David Younger and Achuoth        We meet in the home of Julia Harrell,
In 2013 we have 3 students that wish to con-          Kur finally got it to stand up, after      bringing our sandwiches to eat to-
tinue their education beyond high school. Pedro       several collapses. It was decorated        gether after our prayer time. What a
is in his last year of college to get a degree that
will enable him to teach high school. In addi-        with Chrismons which Stephen Nix           good way to start this year of 2013!
tion, Jayme wants to attend nursing school and        found in the attic. And many thanks        Don't forget. We want YOU!!
Yovani wants to study agriculture and forestry.       go to Stephen, who put the finishing
Please consider this Holiday season giving the        touches on everything, including the       Supper Sisters
gift an education to one of these kids. Listed        wreaths on the stained glass and the
below are the cost of individual items that each      trees in the sanctuary. It takes many  We’ll be going to the Dan McGuiness
child needs to attend school. You might con-          hands behind the scenes to make our    Irish Pub on January 8. The address is
sider making a contribution for one or more of        worship experience a visually pleasing 1538 Demonbreun Street...right near
the items below if a $500 sponsorship is out of       experience, and Hillsboro is fortunate the circle. We’ll meet at 6 p.m. and
reach for your family:                                to have so many faithful servants –    would love for you to join us. If you’ll
Uniform:                      $30                     many thanks to all of you.             let me know your coming I’ll save you
Shoes:                        $38                                                            a seat. Bring a friend, if you’d like!
University Tuition:           $77 per month
High School Tuition:          $32 per month           If you have knowledge of the history -Deb Smith
Computer class:               $16 per month           of the Chrismon ornaments decorating
Mechanical drawing:           $6 per month            the tree, please contact Suzy Bennett. Women’s Breakfast
Typing class:                 $16 per month
                                                      If you made an ornament, or know of
Thank you for your commitment and continued           others who made ornaments, please The Breakfast will take place Saturday,
support of these children and our education           share your information. Hopefully you January 12 at the Church. Deb Locke
mission in Guatemala. Your gift gives these
children and families hope. If you wish to con-       were able to observe the different will be hosting and Paula Adams will
tribute make your check payable to HPC and            Christian symbols depicted on the or- speak with us about adoption. Bring
indicate on the memo line of your check “Gua-         naments with very fine needlework. It someone new to the church and come
temala mission” and place it in the collection        would be wonderful to compile a his- join us!
plate or mail it to the church office. If you have    tory of these ornaments.
any questions please call me at 376-9742. -Don                                               Call Deb at 310-2111 to let her know
Srygley                                                                                      you’re coming!

The Good News
     H   I   L   L   S   B   O    R    O        P      R    E   S    B     Y    T    E    R    I    A     N

Outreach & Benevolence
                                 Please remember to bring food for Second Harvest and Spruce
                                 Street Feeding Program. Much needed items for Second Har-
                                 vest are: Meals in a can (stew, chili, soup); Tuna and canned
                                 meat; Peanut butter; Canned foods with pop-top lids; Low-
                                 sugar cereals; 100% fruit juices in single serving boxes; canned
                                 fruit packed in juice , and Canned vegetables (low salt). Our
                                 friends at Spruce Street feed over 100 at each seating. They ap-
                                 preciate large, industrial-sized cans of meats, veggies, fruits,
                                 rice & pasta and anything else you’d like to donate.
ZIMBABWE                                                                                           We h a v e
               As you read this, we are trav-
               eling through Zimbabwe, vis-                                             had such marvelous
               iting with its beautiful people                                          participation so far
               and gathering stories to share                                           this year for Room
               with you when we return.                                                 In The Inn. Our HPC
               Please hold us in your prayers          family has such a heart for service, and nowhere
               and look for updates in next            is that better witnessed than each Friday night from
month's newsletter! Much love from far away            November through March when so many individuals
              -The Kidd and Cannon Families            pitch in together to transport, host and feed twelve
                                                       men. Our great and sincere appreciation goes out to
                     Hillsboro had the opportu-        everyone who has been helping with such dedication
                     nity to serve twice in the last   and enthusiasm.
                     month.     November 30th -                Many, many thanks to our December volun-
                                                       teers: Maurice Bondurant, Carol Nations, Gayle
                     we helped serve 235 hungry        Sanders, Linda Diguette, Woody Gant, Cynthia
                     folks meatloaf and mashed         Whitlow, Joicelyn Gregory, Helen Adams, Gloria &
potatoes, peas, blueberries and peaches and            Rich Shiavi and their grandchildren, Linda and Deke
wonderful molasses  cookies. On our regular 2nd        Smith, Sharon Yokely, Kerry and Lynn McCalla,
Friday, we served 230 hungry people turkey te-         Kurt and Carolyn Musfeldt, Judy and Don
trazzini with mixed vegetables, pears, peaches,        Beisswenger, Melinda Culver and Rod Bellomy, Jen
corn bread  and cookies.  Serving from Hillsboro       and Dwight James, Scott Brunette, John Howard,
                                                       Russ Phillippi, Logan Verner, Morgan Strobel, Jim
were Lucy Carroll, Paula Yelverton, Lydia Spra-        and Hazel Nichols, Cindi Dingler, the Center Fam-
gens, Joicelyn Gregory, Woody Gant, Carol Na-          ily, Pat Fiete, Beth Baxter, Sally Miller, Eric Lim-
tions, David Dingler, Melinda Culver, Hazel            bird, Tom and Lee Limbird, Joyce Smith, Jackie
Nichols, Cathy Pallardy,   Gloria Shiavi, Debra        Kerby, Marge and John Lewis, and Jen Steinert.
and Keltner Locke, Jim and Julia Harrell, Lyn-                 The coldest part of the winter lies before us,
ne   McCalla, Gayle Sanders, Jill Reddig and           and the need for food and shelter is a daily challenge
Linda Kilpatrick.                                      for so many individuals in Nashville. Who are our
                                                       neighbors, we ask? Jesus answers us in Luke
"      Luke 14:12 is a growing charitable              10:29-37. How do we serve our Lord? Jesus answers
organization. As of the end of October, they have      us in Matthew 25:35-40. There are still many oppor-
served over 20,500 people good, hardy meals.           tunities left to serve our neighbors in Nashville who
Through their G.R.O.W. (Grace, Respect and             can use our help over these next few months. Check
Opportunity through Work) Program, they have           out the Room In The Inn sign-up board each week
helped in bringing 2 of their employees off the s-     and see where you might be able to pitch in to help
treets and into permanent housing by providing         out. And please remember also to check your closets
                                                       for warm clothing that you might not have a need
job training, skills and opportunities for the         for any longer, and bring them to church for the
future. This is an exciting, well run organization.    Men’s Closet downstairs.
Follow them on Facebook and give generously                    And thank you for everything you do to make
to this  cause.                                        this a vibrant mission of HPC!
                                  -Linda Kilpatrick                               -Carolyn and Kurt Musfeldt
                                                                                                 The Good News
   H       I     L   L   S   B   O   R   O       P    R   E    S    B      Y T E R I A N
Administration                       Buildings & Grounds Notes          around the glass sections is de-
                                                                        teriorating. The windows are 60
                                      There are two major expensive
Treasurer’s Comment                                                     years old. A solution for both
                                      renovation for which we are ob-
                                                                        problems is to have clear storm
Finances Looking Back – For No- taining estimates:                      windows installed over the
vember we received $63 Thou-
sand income, $6 Thousand less 1) The metal roof over Fellowship         stained glass. Estimates for this
than budgeted; and we spent $75 Hall will have to be replaced or        are now being obtained.
Thousand, $3 Thousand more coated with a special paint within
than budgeted. The result is that                                       On a final note, I’ve been serving
for the year so far we are $9 the next several years. The ap-           as Chairperson of Buildings &
Thousand under budget on ex- proximate costs are $70,000 and
penses, and our giving receipts $35,000 respectively                    Grounds for the last three years.
are ahead of spending by $56                                            I’ll be stepping down as Chair at
Thousand. We should end 2012 2) The stained glass windows in            the end of 2012 but will continue
on or ahead of budget for both
income and expenses.                  the Sanctuary are single-pane     to be part of the committee.
Finances Going Forward – For glass only; so they are very en-           Rich Shiavi
budget planning every year we ergy inefficient. Also, the grouting
make an estimate of what we
think HPC’s income will be. $850
Thousand income is our Finance
Team consensus for 2013 plan-
ning purposes. Since our $936
Thousand initial budget estimate is
higher than our expected income,
Session decided in our December
meeting to seek additional poten-
tial expense savings which can be
achieved without reducing our ca-
pacity for ministry. Session will be-
gin review of proposals for addi-
tional savings in early January and
will finalize and approve our
budget for 2013 on January 22.
Giving Plans -- We are still receiv-
ing 2013 Giving Plan commit-
ments, and we have not yet re-
ceived 2013 Giving Plans from
everyone who participated with a
plan in 2012. If you have not yet
submitted your 2013 Giving Plan,
please prayerfully consider how
you can support HPC activities in
What Do We Do Now? – Let’s
keep meeting our giving commit-
ments for the rest of year so that
HPC can remain stable and fully
prepared for the great things God
has planned for us to do. As al-
ways we extend sincere thanks for
the faithfulness everyone has
shown in giving their time, talents,
and money to HPC.
Jody Grantham

The Good News
     H   I   L   L   S   B   O   R   O       P    R    E   S    B   Y    T    E   R    I   A      N
Christian Education

Out of The Box
Sunday School                                    Winter Parents' Night Out
                                                 !       Children 6 months-5th grade are invited to
                                                 our annual Winter   Parents'   Night   Out   in The
                                                 Well   on Saturday, January 12th from 5:00-8:00
!      The Out of the Box class will start a     pm! Our theme for that evening will be the movie
new book on the first Sunday of the new           Brave. We'll have Brave themed crafts, games,
year, January 6th. Pastor Chris will be fa-      snacks, a pizza dinner and of course we will watch
                                                 Brave. The cost is only $5 per child. Please let
cilitating the discussion on the highly ac-      Amy Dillon know if your child will attend and
claimed book When Helping Hurts: How to          friends are more than welcome to come along too!
Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the
Poor…And Yourself by Corbett and
Fikkert. “While this book exposes past and
current development efforts that churches
have engaged in which unintentionally un-
dermine the people they’re trying to help,
its central point is to provide proven strate-
gies that challenge Christians to help the
poor empower themselves. Focusing on both
North American and Majority World con-
texts, (the book) catalyzes the idea that sus-
tainable change for people living in poverty
comes not from the outside-in, but from the

!     All are welcome to join us in reading
and discussing this powerful book. We meet       Everywhere Fun Fair: Vacation Bible
in the chapel on Sunday mornings, gather-        School and hi-5
ing at 10:00am for socializing and starting  !     As you are planning your summer camps
                                             and vacations we wanted to make sure that you
the class promptly at 10:15. We have or-     have the week of July 8-12, 2013 marked on your
dered 10 copies of the book through Cokes-   calendar for our Everywhere Fun Fair Vacation
bury and can order more if there is demand.  Bible School and hi-5 afternoon program. Lots
                                             more information will be headed your way in the
                                             coming months about this exciting program.
                     Kerry and Lynne McCalla Please contact Amy Dillon for more information.
                                                                                         The Good News
   H       I     L   L   S   B   O   R   O   P   R   E   S   B   Y   T   E   R   I   A   N

The Good News
  H    I    L    L    S   B   O   R    O         P    R   E    S   B   Y   T   E   R   I   A   N

The Good News this month:
A Note From Pastor Chris, Help A Mayan Child Attend School, Worship,
Bell Choir, Fellowship, Supper Sisters, Outreach & Benevolence, Zim-
babwe, Administration, Treasurer’s Report, Building & Grounds, Chris-
tian Education, Parents’ Night Out, VBS, Food For Thought

Hillsboro Presbyterian Church DECEMBER 2012
5820 Hillsboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37215

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