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                                                    Milne MicroDried™ Production Plant, Nampa, ID
                                                                                                             Innovative New Product
                                                    Milne Fruit Products
                                                    Milne Fruit Products is located in Washington             Milne MicroDried™
                                                    State’s Yakima Valley and has built a
                                                    strong reputation by delivering quality fruit             Vertically               Real fruit color
                                                    products and outstanding service to the                 integrated                 throughout
                                                                                                         fruit sourcing
                                                    food and beverage industries since 1956.                                                 Plump “puff”
                                                    Locally owned by Wyckoff Farms, Inc., the              Nutrient-rich                     appearance
                                                    dedicated team at Milne demonstrates a                                                       100% natural
                                                                                                      No artificial
                                                    continuing commitment to its valued customers
                                                                                                      ingredients                        Whole
                                                    and suppliers and the ingredient industry                                            fruit piece
                                                    through “Concentrated Excellence.”                  Retains fruit
                                                                                                         fragrance                               No additives

Innovative Process                                  Product Sampling                                  100% fruit                                   GMO free
Milne’s proprietary dehydration process
                                                    Milne Fruit Products, Inc. is now operating a
combines conventional and vacuum-
                                                    pilot production plant with complete R&D
microwave technology to produce 100%
                                                    facilities for new Milne MicroDried™. Currently
all-natural whole fruit pieces with no added
                                                    Milne provides product sampling, testing
sugars, flavors, colors or preservatives. In
                                                    and related R&D assistance for blueberries,
addition, this system is capable of producing
                                                    raspberries and blackberries. Milne expects
high quality dried fruit pieces of various                                                                                 Fresh    Micro-
                                                    to be in full commercial production in
moisture levels from low (crunchy) to high                                                                                  Fruit   Dried
                                                    early 2012 with the capacity to meet the
(chewy) with water activity levels below 0.65
                                                    needs of industrial food manufacturers.
(range of 0.35 to 0.70). Milne offers custom
blending and packaging capabilities for all
                                                         For samples or to learn more about
of its dried fruit and powder products.
                                                         these new products, contact:                  Blackberries • Blueberries • Raspberries

                                                         John J. (Jack) Schroeder
      Milne MicroDried™ is GMO Free
                                                         VP, Director of Sales & Marketing
      and Kosher Certified.
                                                         Phone: 509.786.2611
                                    All-natural, All Fruit                                Colorful, Flavorful
                                    Milne MicroDried™ is 100% all-natural fruit. It is    Whole Fruit Pieces
                                    shelf-stable and offers large, plump dried whole
new                                 fruit pieces with strong eye appeal in both shape
                                                                                          using new, innovative dehydration technology,
                                                                                          Milne MicroDried™ retains a full bouquet of fruit
Applications                        and richness of color that permeates through          fragrances and rich fruit flavors throughout the
                                    the whole fruit piece. Available in both crunchy      whole piece. Each fruit item retains its visual
Milne Fruit Products is             and chewy textures, Milne MicroDried™’s 100%          integrity and color and offers high levels of
                                    natural flavor and fragrance result in engaging
introducing a truly unique                                                                polyphenol antioxidants, which are ideal for new
                                    textures and tantalizing mouth appeal.                health and wellness consumer products.
and innovative dried
                                    offered in low to high moisture ranges,
whole fruit piece as a 100%         Milne MicroDried™ controls water activity
all-natural, nutrient-rich fruit    and offers excellent flowability needed
                                    to manufacture and create new and
ingredient to the food industry.
                                    innovative consumer fruit products.
Available in low to high moisture
                                                                                              Fresh                Milne               Freeze
ranges, Milne MicroDried™
                                                                                                                MicroDried™             Dried
fits into a wide range of new                                                Milne-
                                                                           MicroDried™    Milne MicroDried™ retains approximately 80%
applications and consumer                                                                 of its size and, side-by-side, Milne MicroDried™
products such as healthy                                                                  actually looks more like fresh fruit, better retains
                                                                                          its fruit fragrances, and keeps more vital nutrients
snack items, cereals, baked
                                    Milne is currently introducing blueberries,           than most other commercial dehydrated and
goods and trail mixes.              raspberries and blackberries and each variety         dried fruit products. to preserve its taste and
                                    retains its visual integrity, color and high levels   health and wellness benefits, Milne MicroDried™
                                    of polyphenol antioxidants. Plans are underway        is produced using a 100% all-natural process that
                                    to include black raspberries, red and black           uses no artificial ingredients, sugars, flavoring,
                                    currants and other fruit items in the future.         colors or preservatives.

Processed by
                                         Real, rich 100% fruit color permeates through the center of the berry,
Milne Fruit Products; Prosser, WA
                                         and the size of the fruit is closer to fresh than a typical dried fruit.
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