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									january / february 2011

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                                  inside insight:
                            Businesses find ways to
                            encourage employees to
                           embrace a healthy lifestyle
Apple Valley
18564 Hwy. 18
                     “Welcome to Our Valley”
 15545 Bear Valley Rd.
   244-5464                   Palm Sprin
                                         gs 2008       Wrightwood 2008
 14411 Main St., Ste A
       Phelan                           Spring Valley Lake 2008
4634 Phelan Rd., Ste F
   868-6620                  Shear Realty
     Pinon Hills
                               YOUR High Desert
   815 Highway 138              Source for
   868-7720                               Residential
12170 Spring Valley Pkwy.                     Commercial
   243-3803                                Properties
           Victor Valley’s
      #1 Real Estate Company
        19 Consecutive Years
       17 Consecutive Years
                                                                                          CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE
                                                                                             Welcome a Year of Wellness
Executive Committee 2010-11
Sharon Rodriguez
Chairman of the Board
Southwest Gas Corp.
Dale Marsden, Ed.D.
VP Economic Enhancement

Victor Elementary School District
                                                                             t isn’t news that the cost of health care continues to
Pat Caldwell, Ph.D.
VP Business Services                                                         rapidly increase. The impact is felt everywhere; large
Pat Caldwell, Management Consultant                                          companies, small businesses and individuals are
Robert Lovingood                                                         all exploring the available options to provide health
VP Financial Services                                                    care coverage for their employees and families. A
ICR Staffing/                                             newer trend in recent years however, has been to
David Greiner                                                            focus on employee wellness and preventing, or at
VP Special Events                                                        least minimizing, illness in the first place.
Greiner Buick-Pontiac-GMC
Caroll Yule                                                              Wellness programs are popping up everywhere,
VP Membership & Community Services
Shear Realty, Inc.                                                       and I’m not talking about those traditional ones
                                                                         found in health care facilities and the local gym.
John Kelberlau
Past Chairman of the Board                                               Businesses are beginning to implement internal
Desert Community Bank-Hesperia Rd.                                       programs geared towards improving the health
Board of Directors 2010-11                                               and well being of their employees. It makes
Chris Espinoza                Outback Steakhouse                         sense…..there’s an advantage to everyone’s
Dwight Johnson                El Dorado Broadcasters                     bottom line.
Josie Martinez                Century 21 Fairway Realty, Inc.
Val Matteson                  Val Matteson Consulting Services
Bobbi Meikel                  TXI Riverside Cement                       There are many statistics on absenteeism in the work place. According
Vici Nagel                    High Desert Resource Network               to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, up to
Mike Nutter                   ISU Insurance Services - ARMAC Agency      ten percent of the workforce is not at work on any given day. The
Margaret R. Peterson, Ph.D.   Desert Valley Medical Grp./Hosp.
Doug Robertson, Ex Officio    City of Victorville                        Commonwealth Fund reports that in 2003 the lost economic output
Jim Stasiak                   JSC Companies                              of the U.S. labor force totaled $260 billion, about 2.4% of the gross
Stephan Wingert               Daily Press                                domestic product, as a result of sick days, not working because of
Staff                                                                    health problems, and production below par due to health concerns.
Michele Spears     President/CEO
Lisa De La Cruz    Business Development Manager                          Join us in January at the Business Builder Opportunity (BBO) workshop
DeAnna Gorgei-Martindale
                   Special Events Manager
                                                                         where we will learn what a number of local businesses are doing
Starlene Seargeant Communications Manager                                to promote a healthy lifestyle for their employees. Speaking from
Mckenzie Tarango Legislative Affairs Representative                      experience, these do not need to be expensive ventures. There are a
Eldon Kingston     Membership Development Manager
                                                                         number of local physician groups who are Chamber members and
Published by the                                                         willing to present information to your work team at no cost. The BBO
Victorville Chamber of Commerce
14174 Green Tree Blvd., Victorville, CA 92395
                                                                         presenters will share programs put into place in their own companies
P.O. Box 997, Victorville, CA 92393                                      along with success stories and best practices. Take advantage of the
Tel: (760) 245-6506 Fax: (760) 245-6505                                  opportunity to tap into the experience of others and help get your own
                                                                         creative ideas flowing.
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                                                                         May you all have a healthy and happy new year!
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                                               Legislators Records Speak for Themselves

                                                     hank you Senator George Runner and Assemblyman Steve Knight for
                                                     voting for business 80% or more of the time this year. Since elected
                                                     as representatives for the Victor Valley Senator George Runner and
                                               Assemblyman Steve Knight have continued to vote in favor of business in
                                               the High Desert and all of California.

                                                   october 22, 2010     ●
                                                                            Page 12                                                                 california chamber of commerce

                                                   CalChamber Best Business Votes
                                                   Legislators are listed in descending order according to how often they voted in accord with the California Chamber of Commerce
                                                   positions (first number) versus how often their votes were not in accord with the CalChamber’s position (second number) in 2010.
                                                   Total votes may not match the vote record because the tally for not voting or absent is not included in this list.

    Sayonara and                                    80% or more with CalChamber        60%-79% with CalChamber            40%-59% with CalChamber    Less than 40% with CalChamber

                                                   Senate                                       Assembly
    best Wishes                                     Dutton, Bob (R)
                                                    Huff, Bob (R)
                                                                                                  Adams, Anthony (R)
                                                                                                  Conway, Connie (R)
                                                                                                                                                Feuer, Mike (D)
                                                                                                                                                Hill, Jerry (D)

    George Runner
                                                    Strickland, Tony (R)              17-0        Cook, Paul (R)                     17-0       Pérez, John (D)                        6-11
                                                    Wyland, Mark (R)                  17-0        Garrick, Martin (R)                17-0       Portantino, Anthony (D)                6-11
                                                                                                  Hagman, Curt (R)                   17-0       Ruskin, Ira (D)                        6-11
                                                    Aanestad, Sam (R)                 16-0        Miller, Jeff (R)                   17-0

                                                    Emmerson, Bill (R)♠               16-0                                                      Torres, Norma (D)                      6-11
                                                                                                  Nestande, Brian (R)                17-0       Torrico, Alberto (D)                   6-11
           fter serving the High Desert
                                                    Hollingsworth, Dennis (R)         16-0        Nielsen, Jim (R)                   17-0
                                                                                                  Silva, Jim (R)                     17-0       Calderon, Charles (D)                    5-9
           community for over a decade
                                                    Ashburn, Roy (R)                  15-0        Smyth, Cameron (R)                 17-0
                                                    Cogdill, Dave (R)                 15-0                                                      Fuentes, Felipe (D)                    5-10
                                                    Denham, Jeff (R)                  15-0        Fletcher, Nathan (R)               16-0
           as both an Assemblyman
                                                                                                                                                Furutani, Warren (D)                   5-10
                                                                                                  Gilmore, Danny (R)                 16-0
                                                    Runner, George (R)                15-1        Jeffries, Kevin (R)                16-0
    and Senator, George Runner will
                                                                                                                                                Blumenfield, Bob (D)                   5-11
                                                                                                  Tran, Van (R)                      16-0       Carter, Wilmer Amina (D)               5-11
                                                    Blakeslee, Sam (R)*               14-0                                                      Chesbro, Wesley (D)                    5-11
    be resigning in late December as
                                                                                                  Berryhill, Bill (R)                16-1       Lieu, Ted (D)                          5-11
                                                    Walters, Mimi (R)                 13-0        Harkey, Diane (R)                  16-1

    he moves forward to continue
                                                                                                  Niello, Roger (R)                  16-1       Beall, Jim (D)                         5-12
                                                    Correa, Lou (D)                   13-4                                                      De León, Kevin (D)                     5-12
                                                                                                  Berryhill, Tom (R)                 15-0
    his public service as a member                  Harman, Tom (R)                   11-0                                                      Eng, Mike (D)                          5-12
                                                                                                  Strickland, Audra (R)              15-0       Huffman, Jared (D)                     5-12

    of the California State Board of                Wright, Rod (D)                    9-8        Fuller, Jean (R)                   15-1       Lowenthal, Bonnie (D)                  5-12
                                                                                                                                                Ma, Fiona (D)                          5-12
                                                                                                  Knight, Stephen (R)                15-1       Mendoza, Tony (D)                      5-12
    Equalization. Runner is scheduled
                                                    Price, Curren (D)                  8-9        Logue, Dan (R)                     15-1       Salas, Mary (D)                        5-12
                                                                                                  Villines, Mike (R)                 15-1

    to swear in as a BOE member on
                                                    Calderon, Ronald (D)               7-9                                                      Brownley, Julia (D)                    4-12
                                                                                                  DeVore, Chuck (R)                  15-2       Fong, Paul (D)                         4-12
                                                    Cedillo, Gilbert (D)              7-10        Gaines, Ted (R)                    15-2
    January 3rd after which the 17th                Negrete McLeod, Gloria (D)        7-10        Galgiani, Cathleen (D)             15-2       Jones, Dave (D)                        4-12
                                                    Padilla, Alex (D)                 7-10                                                      Nava, Pedro (D)                        4-12

    Senatorial District’s seat will become                                                        Norby, Chris (R)†                  14-1       Saldaña, Lori (D)                      4-12
                                                    Alquist, Elaine (D)               6-11                                                      Ammiano, Tom (D)                       4-13
    vacated. At that time the governor
                                                    Ducheny, Denise (D)               6-11        Anderson, Joel (R)                 14-2       Bradford, Steve (D)                    4-13
                                                    Florez, Dean (D)                  6-11                                                      Hayashi, Mary (D)                      4-13
                                                    Kehoe, Christine (D)              6-11
    will call a special election to fill the
                                                                                                  Huber, Alyson (D)                  11-5       Monning, Bill (D)                      4-13
                                                    Romero, Gloria (D)                6-11                                                      Skinner, Nancy (D)                     4-13
                                                    Simitian, Joe (D)                 6-11        Hall, Isadore (D)                   9-8
    seat. The special election will take            Steinberg, Darrell (D)            6-11                                                      Swanson, Sandré (D)                    4-13
                                                    Wolk, Lois (D)                    6-11        Buchanan, Joan (D)                  8-8       Torlakson, Tom (D)                     4-13

    place in February. If no candidate              Liu, Carol (D)                    5-11
                                                                                                  Caballero, Anna Marie (D)           8-8       Evans, Noreen (D)                      3-13

    receives a majority of the votes,
                                                                                                  Solorio, Jose (D)                   8-9
                                                    Lowenthal, Alan (D)               5-12
                                                    Pavley, Fran (D)                  5-12        Bass, Karen (D)                     7-9     ♠Bill Emmerson sworn into office in Senate on
    the top two vote-getters will move              Hancock, Loni (D)                 4-11
                                                                                                  Block, Marty (D)                    7-9     June 9, 2010. Total combines Assembly and Senate
    on to a final election in April. The            Leno, Mark (D)                    4-13
                                                                                                  Arambula, Juan (I)
                                                                                                  Pérez, V. Manuel (D)
                                                                                                                                     7-10     *Sam Blakeslee sworn into office in Senate on
    newly elected Senator will serve the            Corbett, Ellen (D)                3-13        Gatto, Mike (D)‡                    6-8
                                                                                                                                              August 23, 2010. Total combines Assembly and
                                                                                                                                              Senate votes.

    remaining two years left on Senator
                                                    DeSaulnier, Mark (D)              3-13
                                                                                                  Davis, Mike (D)                    6-10     †Chris Norby sworn into office in Assembly on
                                                    Yee, Leland (D)                   2-13        Hernandez, Ed (D)                  6-10
    Runner’s term.                                  Oropeza, Jenny (D)                 1-0        Coto, Joe (D)                      6-11
                                                                                                                                              January 29, 2010.

                                                                                                  De La Torre, Hector (D)            6-11     ‡Mike Gatto sworn into office in Assembly on
                                                    Wiggins, Patricia (D)              0-0                                                    June 10, 2010.

insight magazine vICtoRvIllE CHAMbER of CoMMERCE

                           City of Victorville
                           Election Recap

                                  f the 37,881 people registered to vote in the                        the eight vacated law enforcement positions, and
                                  City of Victorville, over 50% showed up                              becoming a business friendly city by supporting
                                  to vote this past November. This is a fair                           public private partnerships when they benefit the
                           increase in voter turnout in contrast to the 46.3%                          public and the private sector takes the risk, not the
                           who turned out in 2002, the city’s last council race                        taxpayer.
                           held during an off year election. With the results
                           in and certified, let us welcome our newly elected                          The Victorville Chamber of Commerce would like
                           city council members Angela Valles and James                                to congratulate and welcomes both Angela Valles
                           Kennedy, who were recently sworn into office on                             and Jim Kennedy on their recent victory. To learn
                           December 7th.                                                               more about Angela Valles and Jim Kennedy, please
                                                                                                       look in future publications for the “Getting to
                           While running on different platforms, it appears                            Know Your Electeds” article.
                           as though Kennedy and Valles have very similar
                           backgrounds. Both have a career in Finance with
                           Kennedy as a Certified Public Accountant and
                           Valles as a Director of Finance. Both Kennedy and
                           Valles have a Master’s degree, previously held
                           public office, a background in public water, are
                           instructors for higher education and have lived in
                           the High Desert for many years.

                           What can we expect from our new council
                                                                                                             Valles                           Kennedy
                           members and what are their priorities? Kennedy
                           has identified his top three priorities as follows:
                           balance the general fund, establish new directions
                           for-long term water planning and conservation,
                                                                                                       Farewell and Thank You!

                           and work with the police chief to achieve the                                      s the year draws to an end it is common
                           council’s law enforcement goals. In contrast, Valles                               to reminisce on the experiences and
                           has identified her top three priorities to include                                 good fortune that have been brought to
                           changing the culture in city hall, filling                                  us. Before we enter the New Year with new
                                                                                                       city leadership let us reflect on the 54 years
                                                                                                       of combined service that Terry Caldwell and
                                                                                                       JoAnn Almond have dedicated to the City of
                                                                                                       Victorville. Throughout Caldwell and Almond’s
                                                                                                       tenure they have continued to exemplify public
                                                                                                       and private support of the Victor Valley’s
                                                                                                       business community. As small business owners
                                                                                                       and members of the Victorville Chamber of
                                                                          SAME AS CASH
                                                                     NO PAYM                           Commerce we look forward to their continued
                                                                    *On Ap credit, through ENTS
                                                                   OnapprovedprovedAmerican General.
           See Store
                                                                                           Credit.     involvement in the community and strong
                                                                  See Store for De
          for Details
                                                                                            tails.     support of business.

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                      sales and site selection as well as land sales and                                                                                                               the local chambers of commerce and The Rotary Club
                                                                                                                           3 Bed 2 Bath Apple Valley
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               development. As a member of the only real estate firm
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               and International presence, Bob represents buyers and                                                                                3130 sqft. Apple Valley
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               sellers, performs property valuations, in addition to $125,900                                                                                                                  an on
                                                                                                                                                                                       Bob is $70,000 and off-road motorcycle enthusiast,
Lovely Custom Home, 3bd, 3.5 ba.     Beautiful Gold Course Home, 4bd,         Unbelievable Price, 4bd, 2ba,               Very Nice Home, 4bd, 3ba,     760-245-3471                                 760-245-3471                       760-245-3471                              760-245-3471
     3130 sqft. Apple Valley                   3 ba, 2500 sqft.                        1518 sqft.                             2258 sqft. Hesperia
                                                                                                                                                                                                               $127,900       $99,400
                                                                                                                                                                                       and loves to call the High Desert home. Bob Basen
          (17030Tok)                             (15889Nas)                           (11340Dar)                                  (7468Cot)

               site selection and entitlement work.

        $125,900            $70,000

                                            $127,900         $99,400
                                                                                     760-245-3471                               760-245-3471

                                                                                                                                                                                       can be reached at Coldwell Banker Commercial
                       Bob obtained his real estate license in 1975 and is also a                                                                      Large Lot - Bring Your Toys,
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                       licensed General Building and Engineering Contractor.
  Large Lot - Bring Your Toys,          Great Investment, 3bd, 2ba,
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                                                                                                                         Serving the
      4 BD, 2 BA, 1646 SF,
                                      2 BD, 2 BA, 1080 SF, Bank Owned
                                              Condo. #38H446.
                                                                            4 BD, 3.5 BA, 2686 SF, built in 2006,
                                                                                  EZ commute. #38H677,
                                                                                                                    4 BD, 2 BA, 2385 SF, den,
                                                                                                                       built 2004. #36H606,                                                           Visit Our Websites:
                                                                                                                   Chamber and Our
                                                                                                                                          Century 21 Desert Rock                                        Century 21 Fairway
     #37H529. 760-244-8557
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Century 21 Rose
                                                760-244-8557                           760-244-8557                        760-244-8557

                                Visit Our Websites:                                                                Local Community
            760-245-3471 • 760-242-2121
Century 21 Desert Rock Century 21 Fairway
                                                                                                               CenturySince 1964
                                                                                                                           21 Rose
                                                                                                                                                                                                           760-245-3471                                             760-244-5481
    760-244-8557                        760-245-3471                                                                                                            “Rock Solid Since 1989”                    760-242-2121                                   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “Serving The Area For Over 40 Years”

     “Rock Solid Since 1989”            760-242-2121      
                                                                 “Serving The Area For Over 40 Years”
                                                                                                                                                                                                    “Where Quality Service is a Time Honored Tradition”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       For 43 Years
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                                                    v   ictor Valley Community Hospital (VVCH)
                                                        continues its mission of providing the High
                                                    Desert residents with quality, compassionate
of the nationally known FASTSIGNS. Owner            care through a generous earlier this year from
Dick Freeborg says, “Joining FASTSIGNS              Prem Reddy, M.D. The gift of $750,000 was
presents a great opportunity to take my             earmarked for the purchase of new equipment
business to the next level with the ability to      in both the Surgical and Imaging departments.
utilize a nationwide pool of resources, I’m
expecting to see an immediate increase in           Two anesthesia machines and a ConMed
business.” The conversion to FASTSIGNS              Linvatec video tower for orthopedic procedures,
is expected to happen in January 2011.              arrived earlier this month. “The addition of the
Continuing to set the bar as the leader in the      new equipment is an investment in the health
visual communications industry, FASTSIGNS,          of our community and this generous gift has
the world’s premier business-to-business            enabled our hospital to provide our patients with
marketing solution franchise with more than         the latest technology. At VVCH, patient care is
530 locations, announces the signing of a new       still number one. Dr. Reddy has given VVCH,
conversion franchise in Victorville, Calif.         and the residents we serve, a tremendous gift!
                                                    said Catherine M. Pelley, CEO.
The deal is part of a national growth strategy
focusing on expansion through a combination         The two anesthesia machines and the video
of new center development and conversions           tower are immediate assets to the surgical
of existing independent sign shops. As part         department as the schedule of surgeries has
of the conversion initiative, FASTSIGNS             increased. The new anesthesia units are critical
offers the dominant brand name in the               care ventilators with multiple settings that enable
visual communications industry, the highest         the physicians to provide patients suffering
average unit volumes, unparalleled franchisee       with COPD, obesity, and difficulty breathing
satisfaction, access to endless marketing           better anesthesia coverage. The new video tower
resources and all of the benefits that come from    provides surgeons with high definition images
networking with various centers nationwide.         for orthopedic procedures. Having the highest
                                                    level of precision in surgical images allows
“FASTSIGNS offers a proven economic model           for a more precise surgery and better patient
and stability to individuals looking to increase    outcomes.
their profits while decreasing costs,” said Mark
Jameson, Senior Vice President of Franchise         The final piece of equipment, the Siemens
Development for FASTSIGNS. “Our conversion          Symbia S-Series Dual Head SPECT Nuclear
initiative allows store owners to experience all    Medicine Camera, will be an immeasurable
the benefits and support of an established system   asset to the residents of the high desert and is
while remaining in business for themselves.”        expected within the next few weeks. “The new
                                                    camera is a dual head camera which will expand
The new location marks the first conversion         the hospital’s capabilities in imaging. The unit
deal to take advantage of FASTSIGNS new             is faster, allows for more data in studies which
conversion program offering financial incentives    aids in diagnostics such as nuclear cardiac
for independent sign shop owners. “With this        studies and bone scans, and is ultimately more
program, the financial assistance will help the     comfortable for the patient due to shorter
independent owner move ahead during these           time spent on the imaging table.” states Glenn
tough economic times,” added Jameson.               Wedeen, M.D., Radiology Division Chair.

                                                       insight magazine vICtoRvIllE CHAMbER of CoMMERCE
How Employee Wellness Can

  Promote a Healthy Bottom Line
     or small business owners struggling to just pay
     the bills, starting an employee wellness program
     may not be high on their list of priorities.
          Free gym memberships, yoga classes, time off to achieve work-stress balance ... extravagant
          “perks” to businesses trying to keep their proverbial heads above water ... or are they? New
          research shows that wellness programs can improve the bottom line of a company, no matter
          what the size. Employee wellness programs result in lower costs, greater productivity and higher
          morale. In one of the only long-term studies of its kind, researchers followed the wellness efforts
          of a midwest company over the course of nine years. While the company spent $7.3 million for
          the program, it ultimately saved $12.1 million in medical and pharmacy costs, employee time off,
          and worker’s compensation costs. For many small business owners, those numbers may seem
          crazy, and a wellness program for employees is a luxury they simply cannot afford. Fortunately,
          a provision in the new health-care reform law will make it far more feasible. The legislation
          provides $200 million in grants over five years to small business owners who want to initiate
          wellness programs for their employees. The grants, which begin in 2011, target employers with
          fewer than 100 employees who do not currently have a workplace wellness program. “Wellness
          programs increase worker productivity by reducing absenteeism up to 30%, the overall use of
          health care benefits by 26% and worker’s comp claims by 30%,” says Burton Goldfield, chief
          executive officer of TriNet, a company that provides human resource services to small businesses.
          Wellness programs are instrumental in keeping people on a healthy living path, especially in office
          environments where the employees are sedentary for lengthy portions of the day.

          A comprehensive workplace wellness program ideally consists of three components: Prevention,
          Recognition, and Assistance. These can be implemented using various methods promoting healthy
          eating, fitness, smoking cessation, workplace safety, ergonomic workspaces, first aid and C.P.R.
          training, coaching and counseling, “lunch and learn” sessions, and on-site healthcare. An employee
          interest survey is a good way to start and will be a good indicator of the types of activities in which
          employees want to participate. They may also provide the employer with ideas to get the wellness
          program off the ground.

          Here are some ideas to get started:
          1. Set goals for your program and employees
          2. Learn about your employees needs and wants
          3. Tailor the message to each group as people are in different life stages
          4. Be consistent
          5. Consider incentives
          6. Choose the right medium to get the message out
          7. Create awareness – people can only participate if they know about it
          8. Communicate constantly – sometimes it takes a while for the message to sink in.
Chamber member St. Mary Medical Center has already started a wellness program at the Apple Valley facility.
Besides a committee that meets monthly to develop new ideas to help employees make healthy choices, the efforts
include monthly education sessions ranging from nutrition to healthy cooking on a budget to exercise and stress
reduction, smoking cessation and managing diabetes. St. Mary Medical Center sponsors fresh produce stands close
by that enable employees who can’t get to the weekly High Desert Produce Market located at the college to purchase
fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Walking clubs have been formed for employees to take 10—20 minute breaks for
exercise and fresh air. St. Mary employees are greatly encouraged to participate in sports and fitness events within
the hospital and community. Internal health promotion clinics allow employees and family members to receive blood,
cholesterol and weight screenings, and help them to set goals to improve their overall health.

The bottom line is this: Physically active employees with access to healthy eating options are more insurable – and
more productive! Numerous studies have reported average cost/benefit ratios of $3.40 in reduced healthcare costs
per dollar spent, and $5.80 in lower absenteeism costs per dollar invested.

The Victorville Chamber of Commerce is holding a Business Builder Workshop on “Workplace Wellness” on January
25, from 8:00 am – noon which will show you how to implement a wellness program at your own business. Please
RSVP by visiting the website at or calling Lisa at 760 245-6506.

Victorville On The Path To A Healthier City

The City of Victorville is forging a path through uncharted waters in its quest to become a healthier city. As part of its
“Healthy City” effort, Victorville has been researching ways to provide incentives to adopt healthier lifestyles to both
small businesses and its own city employees. With an onsite gym already available to employees, the city is pursuing
other avenues to support a healthier choice including an ordinance to provide healthy snack alternatives to the junk
food in vending machines. A “Healthy Victorville” committee
meets monthly at city hall to share ideas on how to improve and implement healthier
lifestyles for the city. The City of Victorville already has many “healthy community” components in place. The
general plan has development guidelines for encouraging the linking of schools, parks and existing paseos to new
residential areas and its new recreational amenities. The city is working to establish a walking/cycling path along the
Mojave River. A walking path already exists at Avalon and Sunset Ridge Parks and a 10-station “Life Trail” system is
at Hook Park. Victorville has joint use agreements with the school districts to make recreation more accessible to the
community and has already made facilities available for the annual High Desert Fitness Challenge.

In June of this year, the city council passed a healthy city resolution and adopted a “Motorized Pathway & Trail Plan.”
This is a citywide bike trail plan, which also includes opportunities for walking/jogging/skating and some equestrian
use. The city was awarded a grant from the state to create the plan and has enlisted the input of local groups, from
bike enthusiasts to St. Mary and Desert Valley Hospitals. The primary idea is to give the citizens of Victorville,
visitors, and workers an alternative, safe method of transportation to promote a healthy lifestyle, while, at the same
time, helping to alleviate some traffic. The plan will connect subdivisions to parks, schools and shopping centers as
well as places of work. The plan has three different types of paths: Class 1 – Exclusive paths for bikes, joggers, etc (no
cars); Class 2 – Restricted right-of-way for bicyclists with cars and bicyclists intermingling; and finally, Class 3 – Shared
routes with bicyclists and cars on the same                   path and street. The implementation of this plan will be
gradual with the Class 3 routes going in as                     public works re-paves streets. As development comes
back into the area, Class 1 routes will                          be implemented. One such path will be from the Oro
Grande Wash to “D” Street, and another,                          the “Mojave River Trail” that will stretch all the way to
The Mall of Victor Valley. The city wants                          to continue to pursue programs and policies that will
encourage the business community to                                   start wellness programs and healthy eating options
for their employees, and continue                                       their effort to become the “Healthy City” leader in
the High Desert.

                                                                     insight magazine vICtoRvIllE CHAMbER of CoMMERCE

  Alliance Desert Physicians                            Carol James-Washington              Medical – Wellness
  17259 Jasmine St., Ste. C, Victorville                (760) 951-8787

  Cake Boutique & Bakery                                Kristi Royer                        Bakeries
  13622 Bear Valley Rd., #5, Victorville                (760) 241-0044

  Chandrashekhar, MD                                    Ravindra Chandrashekhar, MD Physicians-Internal & Sleep Medicine
  18523 Corwin Rd., Ste. C, Apple Valley                (760) 843-0100              (888) 849-3216

  Image Sun Tanning Center #159, Inc.                   Jeannine Bennett                    Tanning Salon
  12120 Ridgecrest Rd., Ste. 201,Victorville                                                (760) 952-2900

  Little League District 49                             Dottie Mathews                      Clubs & Organizations
  PO Box 403542, Hesperia                               (760) 987-3382

  Marinello School of Beauty                            Denise Holloway                     Beauty Culture Schools
  14311 Bear Valley Rd., Ste. #101, Victorville         (760)269-4670

          A World
          of Experience
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               ♦ Professional Recruitment
               ♦ Clerical          ♦ Administrative                                                VICTOR VALL
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      ICR                     Services
                                                                                                   Permanent •
                                                                                                                 • Leasing •
                                                                                                    Permanent & Temporary Placement
                                                                                                            Permanent • Tempo
                                                                                                   Substance Abuse Screening/Physicals
         Your #1 Staffing Solution in the High Desert                                                 MSHA Training • Skills Testing

14360 St. Andrews Dr. Ste. 1 • Victorville, CA 92395                  VICTOR VALLEY
                                                                                                                 • Leasing •
                                                                                                           Background Checks
   10 760.245.8384            • f: 760.245.6316                         SINCE 1971

                                                                          SERVING                       15000 7TH STREET, SUITE 101
   insight magazine vICtoRvIllE CHAMbER of CoMMERCE
                                                                      VICTOR VALLEY                        VICTORVILLE, CA 92395
 WWW.ICRJOBS.COM • WWW.ICRSEARCH.COM                      • fax 760-245-7690 •
                                                                        SINCE 1971 STREET,
                                                                         15000 7TH                          SUITE 101 • VICTORVILLE, C
 RIbboN CUttINGS                                                    PERSPECtIvES

                                                          arinello Schools of Beauty has been
                                                          defining beauty education since 1905
                                                          and is one of the premier beauty
                                                  schools on the West Coast. Offering a variety
                                                  of cosmetology and esthetics (skin care)
                                                  programs, Marinello’s hands-on approach
                                                  to instruction allows for the most effective
                                                  learning practices. The Victorville campus is
                                                  one of over 40 convenient campus locations
Laura’s Lasting Moments Photography, October 12   in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and
                                                  Utah. We also offer affordable spa and salon
                                                  services performed by student stylists under
                                                  the supervision of licensed instructors. Call
                                                  760.269.4670 for more information on services
                                                  or to learn about enrollment.

                                                          re you
                                                  dessert but hate the calories?
                                                  Yoghies has the answer…
                                                  low fat and great tasting
                                                  desserts. Yoghies is
                                                  opening in the
                                                  Mall of Victor
       Lyons Floor Covering, October 14           Valley (next to
                                                  Lens Crafters)
                                                  on December 8th.
                                                  We feature over
                                                  200 flavors of low
                                                  fat frozen yogurt
                                                  (self serve) and more
                                                  than 100 great tasting,
                                                  low fat desserts. Chocolate
                                                  frosted donuts with 0.5 grams
                                                  of fat, or maybe a slice of frosted
                                                  buttermilk cake (pictured below) at just 1.1
                                                  grams of fat. Yoghies will feature treats for
                                                  breakfast, lunch and dinner along with take
                                                  home frozen yogurt, pies and cakes – and all
                                                  of them taste great and are low fat. Welcome
                                                  to guilt free desserts!
     Keen Medical Group, Inc., November 4

                                                         he first publication dedicated to covering
                                                         positive business and community news,
                                                is dedicated to
                                                  promoting the Victor Valley. We are very active on
                                                  Facebook and Twitter and work hard to highlight
                                                  the wonderful people and business in our area. Our
                                                  publication is always looking to tell a positive story,
                                                  so if you know of somebody making a difference,
                                                  please contact us at media@www.highdesertdaily.
                                                  com. Affordable advertising rates are available by
                                                  calling (951) 206-6266.
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    Alliance Desert Physicians, November 10

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony                            Leadership Victor Valley Promotes
Brightens the Holidays                                      Community Participation

                                                                   he 2011 Leadership Victor Valley Program,
                                                                   sponsored by Choice Medical Group, kicks off
                                                                   January 21st. The goal of this program is to
                                                            foster an interest in men and women in the business
                                                            community to become more involved in the workings

      he sound of the Victor Valley College carolers        of their city and environment and to assume a greater
      and the smell of hot cocoa helped pave the way        leadership role in the future. Classes are structured
      for a visit from Santa & Mrs. Claus at the Annual     to encourage a first-hand experience with community
Victorville Christmas Tree Lighting at City Hall. Even      leaders in discussing issues that affect their business
the mittens worn by the spectators couldn’t muffle the      and community and ways to resolve them. Each of
rousing round of applause when Mayor Rudy Cabriales         the courses in the program is geared to enhance the
and Victorville Chamber Chairman of the Board Sharon
Rodriquez lit the tree. Thank you Alaska USA Federal
Credit Union for being our presenting sponsor. Hot
cocoa and cookies were possible thanks also to these
generous business sponsors: Century 21 Fairway
Realty, Inc., Choice Medical Group, Daily Press, Dan
Smith Insurance Agency, Inc., El Dorado Broadcasters,
High Desert Primary Care Medical Group, Lee &               knowledge, motivate and challenge the participants
Associates Inland Empire North, Inc., Mitsubishi Cement     through courses in diversity, social issues, court
Corporation, Shear Realty-Victorville, StorAmerica Self     systems and city infrastructure. Please visit our website
Storage, TXI Riverside Cement, Victor Valley Federal        at for more information on this
Credit Union and Victor Valley Personnel Services.          inspiring program.

Annual City of Victorville/Daily Press Children’s Parade Ushers in the Holiday Season with Joy

       he streets of Victorville were crowded with
       spectators December 4th for the annual City of
       Victorville and Daily Press Children’s Christmas
Parade. This year’s theme was “Christmas in Toyland.”
With antique cars, marching bands, floats and, of course,
a visit from Santa, it proved to be a crowd-pleasing
event. We’d like to thank the Daily Press, the City of
Victorville and all our volunteers who make this a great
holiday event.

                                                                                             Photo courtesy of Barbara Terry

insight magazine vICtoRvIllE CHAMbER of CoMMERCE
                                                                   CHAMbER UPDAtE

                                                          (760) 245-6506.

                                                          Victorville Chamber’s International
                                                          Discovery Program Presents…
2011 Winter Business Showcase Expo                        March 22-31,
Comes January 26 to the Hilton Garden Inn                 2011

G                                                         Y
       et your game on and score some points at the
       2011 Winter Business Showcase Expo January
       26th at the Hilton Garden Inn. Get off the bench
and position your company as an exhibit sponsor
at the upcoming business-to-business expo. It’s an
                                                          romance, mouth-
excellent game plan for driving up your business
                                                          watering cuisine,
results! The playing field is yours to promote your
                                                          excellent wine,
products and services to local area businesses, so get
                                                          fabulous art,
your team together and join the Victorville Chamber
                                                          splendid beauty,
for networking, exhibit booths, food, and drawings.
                                                          ancient ruins,
Contact DeAnna at the Victorville Chamber for more
                                                          extraordinary statues, and remarkable architecture –
information at (760) 245-6506.
                                                          now discover it during this 10-day trip which includes
                                                          4-star hotel accommodations, round-trip air fare from
13th Annual An Evening Affaire Gala                       LAX, 13 mouth-watering meals, as well as several tours
Welcomes Home Local Heroes                                guided by local experts.

                                                          Your adventure begins when you arrive in Rome then
                                                          continues on as you visit the beautiful towns of Siena,
                                                          San Gimignano, Montecanti Terme, and Florence – as

      his March, join our presenting sponsor, the Auto
      Park at Valley Center and the Victorville Chamber
      of Commerce, along with the entire High Desert
business community in recognizing, celebrating, and
welcoming home our local heroes at the 13th Annual
“An Evening Affaire.” This gala event showcases the       well as the beautiful and iconic Tuscan landscape in the
“Best of the Best” in the High Desert.                    midst of wine growing country.

Sample fine wine and cuisine from dozens of local         You’ll have time in each of these Italian cities to taste
restaurants while discovering the talents of local        the sumptuous cuisine, shop for Italian goods, explore
artisans and enjoying live music. Come raise your glass   the stunning churches and museums, and discover
and toast the town! For more information on how your      hidden treasures and restaurants.
company can share in a night to remember and honor
local servicemen and women, contact DeAnna at the         This fantastic trip of a lifetime is open to all! Contact
Victorville Chamber for more information at               DeAnna at the Chamber to make your reservation at

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   30+ years                                  10-14 years                         1-4 years
   Daily Press                                First American Title Ins. Co.       Ashley Furniture Home Store
   Quality Inn & Suites - Green Tree          Mobile Occupational Services        Bear Valley Mesa Self Storage
   Verizon                                    Sierra Vista by                     Destiny Christian Center
                                                 Encore Senior Living             Four-D College
   20-29 years                                Zion Lutheran Church, School
                                                 & Preschool
                                                                                  Harley Davidson of Victorville
                                                                                  Majestic Land
   American Security Bank
                                                                                  Mimi’s Cafe
   Desert View Memorial Park
     & Funeral Home                           5-9 years                           San Bernardino County
                                                                                     Superintendent of Schools
   Dewey Pest Control                         Almond Rock
   Greiner Buick-GMC                          Amazing Images Photography          Victor Valley Dental Plaza
   John Hulterstrom, CPA                      Ashwood Golf Course                 Victoria Staging & ReDesign
   Mitsubishi Cement Corporation              Chicago Title
   Sonshine Auto Body                         High Desert Center for the Arts
   Vern’s Mobile Glass, Inc.                  Mobile Choice
                                              NCC Recovery
   15-19 years                                OfficeMax
                                              Olive Crest Foster
   Armstrong-Fairway Insurance
      Center, Inc.                              and Adoption Agency
   HomeTown Buffet                            Suzanne Oliver
   La Casita Mexican Restaurant               Optimist Club of Victor Valley
   Stater Bros. Market #118                   Southern California Aviation, LLC
   Stater Bros. Market #123                   William D. Suval, M.D. FACS
   St. John of God Health                     The McNamara Group
      Care Service
   Wimbledon Apartments

RIbboN CUttINGS                                 High Desert Homeless
                                                 Services Thrift Store
                                                        November 16

         Marinello School of Beauty                    Le Chartreuse
               November 10                              November 18

 insight magazine vICtoRvIllE CHAMbER of CoMMERCE

 5    Victorville Morning Insight
                                                    2      Victorville Morning Insight
      Victorville Conference Center                        Victorville Conference Center
      12603 Mariposa Rd.                                   12603 Mariposa Rd.
      7:30 am                                              7:30 am
      Ribbon Cutting                                3      Legislative Action Cmte. Mtg.
      Cake Boutique & Bakery                               4:00 pm
     13622 Bear Valley Rd., #5                      7      Evening Affaire Cmte. Mtg.
      Noon                                                 2:30 pm
 6    Business Showcase Expo Cmte. Mtg.             8      Ambassador Cmte. Mtg.
      2:00 pm                                              2:30 pm
      Legislative Action Cmte. Mtg.                10      Leadership Victor Valley
      4:00 pm                                              Media & Public Relations Course
10    Evening Affaire Cmte. Mtg.                           Victorville City Hall
      2:30 pm                                              14343 Civic Dr.
11    Brentwood Leadership Cmte. Mtg.                      7:45 am-Noon
      Brentwood School of Business                         Brentwood Morning Insight
      and Leadership                                       Brentwood School of Business
      13962 Hook Blvd.                                     and Leadership
      3:00 pm                                              13962 Hook Blvd.
12    Ambassador Cmte. Mtg. and Lunch                      9:00 am
      Spring Valley Lake Country Club              15      Brentwood Leadership Cmte. Mtg.
      3229 Spring Valley Parkway                           Brentwood School of Business
      Noon                                                 and Leadership
13    Executive Cmte. Mtg.                                 13962 Hook Blvd.
      7:00 am                                              3:00 pm
      Brentwood Morning Insight                    16      Board of Directors Mtg.
      Brentwood School of Business                         7:00 am
      and Leadership                               18      Leadership Victor Valley
      13962 Hook Blvd.                                     Education Course
      9:00 am                                              Brentwood School of Business
19    Board of Directors Mtg.                              and Leadership
      7:00 am                                              13962 Hook Blvd.
21    Leadership Victor Valley                             7:45 am-Noon
      Leadership Course                            22      Evening Affaire Cmte. Mtg.
      Southwest Gas                                        2:30 pm
      13471 Mariposa Rd.
      7:45 am-Noon
24    Evening Affaire Cmte. Mtg.
      2:30 pm
25    Business Builder Opportunity Workshop               Meetings are held at the
      Workplace Wellness                             Victorville Chamber of Commerce,
      Comfort Suites                          14174 Green Tree Blvd., unless otherwise noted.
      12281 Mariposa Rd.                         For more information, call (760) 245-6506,
      8:00-11:00 am                             or check our website:
26    Business Showcase Expo
      Victorville Conference Center
      12603 Mariposa Rd.
      3:00-6:00 pm

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   Victorville Chamber of Commerce                                                    PRSRT STD
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