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									Did You Know?
 Quick Facts – Quick Takes
           Did You Know?

 Nationally, 30 – 40 % of
 youth in foster care attend
 special education classes.
 (DiLorenzo & Richards, 2006)

Source: National Coalition on Workforce and Disability
           Did You Know?
        Nationally, 36% of
   high school dropouts have
     learning disabilities and
      59% have emotional or
       behavioral disorders.
           (Blackorby & Wagner, 1996)

Source: National Coalition on Workforce and Disability
           Did You Know?
Nationally, research suggests
75% of youth in the juvenile
justice system have some type
of disability.
(DOJ, PACER, 2005)

Source: National Coalition on Workforce and Disability
         Did You Know?
  84% of Massachusetts
high school sophomores
  in spring 2006 met the
competency determination
      on their first try!
Source: MDOE
     Did You Know?
       In winter 2007
     the Massachusetts
 Department of Education
 will calculate its first ever
four-year graduation rate!
        Did You Know?
       To graduate high school,
  the class of 2010 and beyond must
 Meet or exceed 240 on their English
and Mathematics MCAS in 10th grade
Obtain a score of 220 and complete
 an Educational Proficiency Plan.
      Did You Know?
To graduate high school, the class
     of 2010 and beyond must
 also score 220 on at least one of
    the MCAS Science exams,
complete coursework in American
 History, and Physical Education
 and meet all local requirements.
    Did You Know?
Employers generate over
 $35 million annually in
wages to support students
     participating in
 Connecting Activities
    Did You Know?
   The MDOE supports a
statewide MA Work-Based
       Learning Plan
     to assess student
    employability skill
       Do you use it?
     Did You Know?

10,368 students (82%) of the
  12,000+ students served
      annually through
 Connecting Activities have a
MA Work-Based Learning Plan.
      Did You Know?
There are twenty seven (27)
Department of Transitional
      Did You Know?
The Young Parents Program (YPP)
serves about 900+ youth and is part of
the Department of Transitional
Assistance’s Employment Services
Program (ESP).
The program reduces welfare
dependency among young parents,
ages 14 through 20 who have not
achieved a high school diploma.
        Did You Know?
    A Department of Mental Health
  Youth Advisory Council
is made up of transition age youth (16-25)
     who are in the DMH system and
        transitioning into adulthood.
Councils provide social and educational
  activities for youth as well as training
 and information on reviewing proposals
      and advocating for services.
      Did You Know?
      The Massachusetts
  Rehabilitation Commission
      (MRC) employs over
 210 Vocational Rehabilitation
Counselors across the state who
      work with schools!
          Did You Know?
  Massachusetts Vocational Rehabilitation
      Counselors work in schools to help
youth with disabilities transition to adulthood.
       Get to know your VR Counselor!
      Did You Know?
 The $52 million state and federal
    vocational rehabilitation
program operated by MRC served
 more than 23,000 individuals, of
  whom 3,600+ were placed in
   competitive employment in
       Did You Know?
The Department of Mental Health
    operates SEE Programs,
     Services for Education &
 Employment, to assist clients in
    meeting employment, job
training, and educational goals.
      Did You Know?
 The Department of Mental Health
         “Club Houses”
    across the state – offering
  educational, employment and
housing resources to young adults!
    Did You Know?
There are approximately
7,961 children in foster
care in Massachusetts.

58% of these children are
  over the age of 12.
      Did You Know?
  DSS State Custody can
continue receiving services
 beyond their 18th birthday
until age 22 if they are in an
 educational or vocational
      training program.
       Did You Know?
  In the 2005-2006 academic year
647 students who are DSS youth
 received financial assistance from
the MA Foster Child Grant Program
   and/or the Education & Training
  Voucher Program attending 144
 different colleges, universities and
          training programs.
     Did You Know?
    183,306 students
      were enrolled at
state university & college
     campuses in the
       fall of 2005!
         Did You Know?
Out of the nearly 30,000 degrees and
certificates awarded by Massachusetts
public institutions in 2005, which segment
awarded the most?
The University Campuses - 11,444
Community Colleges - 10,271
State Colleges - 8,137
              Did You Know?
The Massachusetts public higher
education system offers financial aid
programs to foster care youth:
  – Foster Child Grant
  – DSS Foster Child Tuition Waiver
  – DSS Adopted Child Tuition
For more information link to the BHE Office of Student Financial Assistance
               Did You Know?
JA stands for "Joint Admissions" in
 public higher education institutions.

     JA guarantees participating
   community college graduates
    admission to the University of
      Massachusetts and most
   Massachusetts State Colleges.
 For more information link to the MA Board of Higher Education website.
      Did You Know?

There are 37
 across the
               Did You Know?
   The Workforce System served
      more than 4,000 youth in
  12 months ending June 30th 2006.
    –   2,918 education/tutoring
    –   1,684 GED
    –   1,696 Work Experience
    –   3,346 Guidance & Counseling
*Cannot total service types because youth received multiple services.
        Did You Know?
One-Stop Career Centers served:
 More than 183,008 individuals in fiscal
 year 2006
  – 95,600+ were unemployment insurance
 More than
 13,000 employers
 in fiscal year 2006
        Did You Know?
One-Stop Career Centers help job seekers:
  – Find jobs – job fairs, listings, referrals
  – Access to on-line tools
  – Career counseling
  – Coaching on Job Search Skills
  – Workshops
  – Build resumes
  – Access economic data
  – Participate in networking groups
  – Unemployment insurance walk-in services
             Did You Know?
One-Stop Career Center services to employers:
 Access to qualified applicants
 Applicant pre-screening
 Posting of jobs
 Assistance with small and large-scale recruitment activities
 Customized job fairs
 Testing and assessment of job candidates
 Interview space at OSCC
 Labor market information
 Information on training grants and tax credits
          Did You Know?
   There are 16 Workforce
 Investment Boards in MA,
    which are required by
federal workforce legislation:
One (Boston) is a Private Industry Council (PIC)
A few are Regional Employment Boards (REB)
The rest are Workforce Investment Boards (WIB)
    Did You Know?
 There are 29 public higher
education institutions are in

   15 community colleges
      9 state colleges
   5 university campuses
     Did You Know?
What do you want to know about
 youth resources and services
       across the state?

       Send a question to
           Did You Know?

ESOL =  English for Speakers of Other Languages
ITA = Individual Training Account
CORI = Criminal Offender Record Inquiry
YO = Youthful Offender
VR = Vocational Rehabilitation
GED = General Educational Development
STC = School To Career
          Did You Know?

TAY = Transition Age Youth
NCLB = No Child Left Behind
SEE = Services for Education and Employment
OSCC = One Stop Career Center
JA = Joint Admissions
           Did You Know?

WIA =   Workforce Investment Act
MOSES = Massachusetts One Stop Employment
CRC = Community Re-entry Center
TTW = Ticket To Work
    English for S   P   eakers of Other Languages
         Individu   A   l Training Account

Did You Know?  C
                    R   iminal Record Offender Inquiry
                        hful Offender
         Vocatio    N   al Rehabilitation
               G    E   neral Educational Development
 School to Caree    R
            Tran    S   ition Age Youth
           No C     H   ild Left Behind
            Serv    I   ces for Education and Employment
        One Sto     P   Career Center
      Joint Admi    S   sions

                    W   orkforce Investment Act
  Massachusetts     O   ne Stop Employment System
     Community      R   e-enter Center
   Ticket to Wor    K

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