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 The Newsletter of MLQ Network

                     Volume 2 Issue 2
                     September 2002

                                           The Emergence of the
From the
                                           ‘Coaching Industry’: Exciting Times!
Director’s Desk                            The International Coaching Federation Australasia con-            leadership, focused through the conference chair
                                           vened a very effective regional conference in Sydney titled       Margaret Krause (President, until recently, of ICFA). I
                                           ‘the spirit of coaching the spirit of success’ (July 5th –7th).   am particularly grateful to her for the way in which she
                                           It drew over 400 participants from around Australia and           facilitated my own participation as a psychologist and
                                           overseas and quite a few were turned away. A number               prime mover behind the emergent Australian
                                           of our accredited MLQ Network were there.                         Psychological Society’s Interest Group in Coaching
                                                                                                             Psychology (IGCP: more later in this article). I was also
                                           In a sense this was a very public demonstration of the
                                                                                                             fortunate to be invited by the organisers to the first
                                           extent of the emergent ‘coaching industry’ here in
                                                                                                             meeting of representatives from the 22 coach training
                                           Australia – reported to be the second fastest growing
                                                                                                             colleges which took place just before the conference: I
                                           industry sector in the USA. In opening the conference,
                                                                                                             have since participated in a national hook-up follow
                                           The Hon. Joe Hickey, Minister for Small Business and
                                                                                                             through telephone conference of this group as a
                                           Tourism, challenged participants and organisers to
                                                                                                             representative of the APS IGCP.
Ray Elliott                                decide whether this was to become a self-regulating
Director MLQ Pty Ltd                       profession. He warned that government might have to               Other things which I found impressive were –
                                           regulate it if it did not. This theme was amplified by            • The professionalism of the organisation and
MLQ Assessment and                         Darren Shirlaw (of Shirlaws) in the second keynote                  presentations;
Development takes Off!                     address at the ICF conference. Recent articles in the             • Some excellent keynote addresses – especially the
                                           Harvard Review (May 2002) and BOSS (Australian                      opening address by Margot Kaines;
The last three months has seen a           Financial Review magazine, August, 2002) have also                • The range of presentations in five streams over
massive breakout in MLQ activity – it      highlighted the dangers involved for clients and                    three days;
started in June and continues to roll      ‘organisational consumers’ of coaching.                           • The enthusiasm and vision of the participants;
along. Sales exceed this time a year                                                                         • The entrepreneurial spirit;
ago by a factor of three or four. There    Those of us who work in this ‘coaching industry’ will             • The high numbers of women involved – especially in
are probably many contributing             know that there are many and varied "operators",                    leadership roles (but why should I be surprised given
influences to this. Perhaps one is the     consultants and coaches out there, including                        what we know about the practice of transformational
passing of the shadows of September        psychologists from different specialisations (sports,               leadership?);
11th in terms of the financial year.       counselling, organisational, generalist practitioners,            • Psychologists were seldom mentioned – even as a
But certainly another is network           academics, educational, and clinical to name a few).                profession;
members competently driving MLQ            CEOs are appointing life coaches for themselves and               • Effective marketing and presentations;
assessments in email form either           their staff, and Results Life Coaching reports that they          • Some of the evident business models in operation.
directly themselves or in conjunction      are beginning to make a significant impact on the
with the MLQ office. There is evidence     corporate market alongside individual coaching.                   Margot Kaines in her opening keynote struck a chord in
of the MLQ profile starting to impact      Shirlaws reports significant success specifically in the          addressing the preparedness of the coach to tackle their
in government, industry and business       organisational     sector,    along    with    The    Source      own "dark night of the soul". Each of us must learn to
following three exhibition booths in       International. Other sponsors of the ICF conference               deal with the challenges that come to us personally and
the previous 12 months at national         included Coach U, Newfield Australia, the Life Coaching           learn to "travel through the night" if we are to help our
conferences (AIM, I/O Psychology and       Academy and the University of Sydney.                             coachees to do so. If we don’t, our interventions most
AHRI), together with improved                                                                                likely will come across as platitudes, lack depth and sell
targeted advertising.                      There are many things that impressed me about the                 our clients short on helping them realise their own
                    continured page 4...   ICFA conference – especially its competent facilitative           potentials.                              continued page 3...

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Exciting Times! continued from page 1...

However travelling through the dark night of the soul is            Tony Grant of Sydney University has pioneered, with others
different from foisting our own journey onto others – working       at Sydney University, a set of units, courses, certificates and     MLQ Network
our own problems out "on" the client. I think what Margot was
talking about is what psychologists call "containment": we
                                                                    diplomas in ‘coaching psychology’. He is an accredited and
                                                                    active member with our MLQ Network and the University of
                                                                                                                                        Resource Folder
need to be able to contain our own emotions and ‘states’            Sydney was one of the sponsors of the ICFA Conference.              for workshops.
before we try to assist to help others with theirs in a             There are also other university and TAFE-based courses
professional sense. That is why supervision of our practice         emerging. The role of the ICF itself is of great importance in
                                                                                                                                        Important notes for conducting
makes good sense as an on-going professional discipline. I          Australia as a reference point for credentialling and
                                                                                                                                        workshops using the full range
would like to think that our MLQ Accredited Network helps to        standards. To what extent will the Australian Region work
                                                                                                                                        model and MLQ feedback reports,
                                                                    autonomously within the international ICF framework? How
foster this.                                                                                                                            as well as a full set of PowerPoint
                                                                    will it relate to the Australian Psychological Society Interest
                                                                                                                                        slides. All are dedicated to the
I also came across excesses and areas of concern at the             Group on Coaching Psychology and vice versa? These are all          Australian context. It is keenly
‘Spirit of Coaching’ conference: the readiness of many to           important and pressing questions. At this early stage I             priced at AU$195 and is an
present themselves as competent coaches with sometimes              believe it is important to foster good relationships based on       excellent investment in your
very little formal training (knowledge, skills, ethical and role    openess of communication.                                           business.
awareness, and a sense of having some limits to
                                                                    A number of accredited MLQ Network people were a part of
competence). It can be scary sitting next to somebody at
lunch who believes he/she can do anything – "I am a natural
                                                                    the initial founding sponsors group in the submission, put to       Heart and Soul
                                                                    the Board of the Australian Psychological Society, that a new
coach! I just need to be recognised as such". Some people
                                                                    interest group be formed. The Board at its July meeting
                                                                                                                                        of Leadership -
indeed do bring some engaging and developed personal
qualities but that does not make them a professional coach
                                                                    approved the formation of the ’Interest Group on Coaching           The Inner Side
                                                                    Psychology’ and has sent this decision to the AGM of the
able to address a whole host of issues with the client. The
                                                                    Society for its ratification at the end of this month during its
                                                                                                                                        of Leadership!
industry looks ‘glamorous’ and potentially has high income
                                                                    Annual Conference at the Gold Coast.                                "The Heart and Soul of Leadership"
possibilities. But when I hear of experienced psychologists
                                                                                                                                        explores current concepts of
being induced to pay $500 an hour by a coach who has                The MLQ Network has played an important role in the                 leadership in the Australian
apparently little formal recognised training or credentialling to   formation of this Interest Group, and it has helped the IGCP        context. This anecdotal and
help them "make it" as a corporate coach I have grave               become a truly national and just not parochial entity. In the       conversational book revolves
concerns. I do believe, however, that many of us psychologists      August 2002 edition of the APS journal In-Psych a double            around the premise that leadership
have to practice business, business models and marketing            page was devoted to the IGCP. MLQ Network members who               is    intensely      personal.     It
better.                                                             are not psychologists may be interested to know that it is          encapsulates the concepts behind
                                                                    intended that participation in it is not restricted to              the desire to lead, to organise, and
Those of us who have participated in the meetings of the            psychologists, although obviously psychologists will have           to communicate this meaning to
coach training schools have accepted a restraint on what we         voting rights in its management and leadership. This is the         others in the modern organisation.
say outside those discussions. However within this constraint       nature of the proposal that goes to the APS AGM this month:
it is fair to say that an important concern of the coach            it has potentially far-reaching implications for the coaching       The book draws on the authors'
training colleges and the industry generally is standards and       industry in Australia.                                              informed views about the subjects
credentialling. On the one hand I am impressed by the                                                                                   and includes examples of how
integrity, commitment and sincerity of some who are striving        As ‘Initiating Co-ordinator’ of this APS interest group I am        other      practicing  Australian
                                                                    happy to receive expressions of interest from the MLQ               managers connect with the topic.
to meet the needs of this burgeoning industry: they are here
                                                                    network for participation in it. In wearing these two "hats" I      The eight contributing authors
for the long haul and not just for the ‘fast buck’. They care
                                                                    want to assure all that MLQ is compliant with the Privacy           include a number well known to
about people and organisations – their wellbeing and the
                                                                    Protection (Private Sector) Act 2000. Information collected         the MLQ leadership research
optimisation of their potentials. On the other hand there are
                                                                    for this purpose will not be used for another purpose (such         literature.
others who can use effective selling strategies with ‘content
                                                                    as MLQ data-base or OEC Coaching) without the prior
packages’ who seem more concerned about the numbers                                                                                     Inexpensive $32.95 (softcover).
                                                                    written consent of those who provide it. Such EOIs may be
than about measurable outcomes. Like any new ‘industry’                                                                                 See homepage of
                                                                    sent by email:
there are real challenges for the coach training colleges to                                                                            or go straight to the AIM website
help the coaching industry to become a profession – its             Finally, I wish make several concluding remarks and                 [Robyn Coy] for a chapter précis,
increasingly announced goal. This will mean articulating into       suggestions as a result of this brief review of the emergent        or for an order form
recognised Australian educational and training frameworks           ‘coaching industry’ for benefit of the MLQ Accredited     
for standards and credentialing: some are already well along        Network who receive this Newsletter. The first is that in 2003      ces/mtbooks.htm to order.
that path.                                                                                                     continued on page 4...

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  Exciting Times! continued from page 3...
  the present 1/2 day workshop on ‘MLQ                   2. research base, both qualitative and                As a network based on these kinds of values, MLQ
  Management Coaching’ will be expanded into a              quantitative                                       is well-placed to make a contribution in these
  full day workshop. This course needs to pay more                                                             areas: so I encourage all members to get involved.
                                                         3. set of professional practice values and
  attention to what can and should be done in                                                                  There is much that psychologists can learn from
                                                            associated role identity formed, in part,
  coaching as a way of building on MLQ Leadership                                                              the coaching industry (for example, ‘5’ and
                                                            through supervised training
  Assessments. Opportunities for existing persons                                                              perhaps ‘1’ and ‘6’ above). There is also much
  accredited in this unit to participate in this         4. code of standards and ethics, and real             that the ‘industry’ can learn from psychologists
  extended approach will be provided - on attractive        accountability for these                           (for example, ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’ and ‘4’ above). But in the
  conditions.                                                                                                  end the market may also need to be "educated"
                                                         5. sound business model in practice delivery,         about coaching along the lines of ‘6’ above. That
  The second remark comprises some reflections              including real cross referrals on sound            is a challenge for us all. Interesting times!
  on what constitutes professionalism – the issue           business and ethical models
  raised by the Hon. Joe Hockey and many others
                                                         6. marketing policy which helps the client                    Ray Elliott, MAPS. Director, MLQ Pty Ltd.
  at the recent ICFA conference. If coaching is to
                                                            differentiate ‘excellent’ and ‘good coaching’                Written for the MLQ Accredited Network
  become a profession it needs to be defined by a
                                                            from ‘average’, ‘limited’, ‘weak’, and                            Newsletter ‘360 degree Feedback’.
  clear and robust –
                                                            ‘positively dangerous’ (for the client and their           Comments are invited and may be sent to
  1. set of knowledge and skill competencies                organisations).                                                      

                                                         MLQs to your client using its “fully facilitated”
 From the                                                                                                      Partnerships between
                                                         know-how. You can shadow this process with us
                                                         and then next time you can try running it. We do      internal and external
 Director’s Desk                                         provide discounts for this service to our             accredited consultants
  continued from page 1...                               Accredited Network for volume orders (say over
                                                                                                               It remains the policy of MLQ PL to actively
                                                         15) in return for some active support from you
                                                                                                               promote partnerships between internal and
 The movement to email                                   in working with your client (as it should be). A
                                                                                                               external accredited consultants. Recently we
                                                         number have made use of this fully-facilitated
 But the reality is that in the "take off" of MLQ                                                              have     conducted      three   special    in-house
                                                         service (FF – MLQ) already and have become
 there may be a wake-up call for the MLQ                                                                       accreditation workshops in Melbourne and
                                                         repeat users. Others have developed the
 Accredited Network. Over 85% of the MLQ                                                                       Sydney, and as word gets out this trend will most
                                                         confidence to do it next time themselves feeling
 business is now done in email – less than 15%                                                                 likely continue. One of these is definitely
                                                         confident they can make the jump.
 we estimate is done in paper. This is the
                                                                                                               internal and they are looking for partnerships
 transition we had to make as a company and it is
 a transition we have made. The question is "has         The MLQ website                                       with competent external accredited members.
                                                                                                               Obviously MLQ has more confidence in making
 the accredited network made the jump". In a             Our website is constantly undergoing upgrades.
                                                                                                               such recommendations when network members
 number of cases ‘yes’ but in too many cases ‘no’.       Have you checked out lately?
                                                                                                               are active in using the MLQ, MLQTeam or ODQ.
 The market has moved. Our advertising flyer on          There are now stacks of resources there for you
                                                                                                               But we also take other things into account, such
 our website on the Email MLQ effectively                to pull down for use with your clients – including
                                                                                                               as professional and business experience. To be
 presents the benefits of using email over paper –       marketing materials.
 and even internet-based approaches.                                                                           considered for such “introductions to work” we
                                                                                                               also prefer a contractual relationship as
                                                         New MLQ Network Resource                              envisaged by the MLQ Consulting Agreement.
 Getting up to speed with                                Folder for workshops run by You!                      Our reputation is also on the line in making
 electronic facilitation                                                                                       these introductions! So we do have a minimalist
                                                         This issue of 360 degree Feedback announces
 So I urge those of you who have not been active         the launching of a Resource Folder for client         framework approach for quality monitoring – all
 lately in using the MLQ, MLQTeam or ODQ to look         workshops – in-house and externally driven – for      disclosed to the client organisation up front. To
 at this again in electronic terms. An opportunity                                                             obtain a copy of this Consulting Agreement,
                                                         our accredited Network. The folder contains
 exists in the next round of public workshops for                                                              email the MLQ Office at
                                                         important notes for conducting workshops using
 you to update your skills and confidence in this
                                                         the full range model and MLQ feedback reports,
 area: just bring along your laptop! The dates are
                                                         as well as a full set of PowerPoint slides. All are   We are planning the third edition of this
 25th October (Melbourne), 16th October (Sydney)
                                                         dedicated to the Australian context. It is keenly     Newsletter (November / December, 2002) to
 and 19th October (Brisbane). Depending on
                                                         priced at AU$195 and is an excellent                  bring     you   more    news    of   our    exciting
 demand, I am prepared to extend the Module 1
                                                         investment in your business.                          diversification    of   products     and   services,
 workshops into a full day for this purpose, at the
                                                                                                               including important upgrades to our website
 same price. This email process is high control and
 much more efficient than paper – to give you an         Other synergous assessment                            which involves pathway access for each active
                                                                                                               accredited member.
 example we moved one project involving about            products pending
 700 raters in one week. It is "do-able" if you have
 the right systems in place. Many clients prefer email   MLQ is completing its due process with several        With my very good wishes for contributing to
 to the internet – they feel more comfortable with it.   organisations and institutions to appropriately       leadership development near you!
                                                         diversify its products and services. As soon as
 Another way of making ‘the jump’ is to work             these evaluations are complete we will be
 through our MLQ Office to deliver multirater            informing you in special email-outs.                                  Ray Elliott, Director, MLQ Pty Ltd

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