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					Joseph Smutek
Skype Interview
Executive Communications
Fall 2012

                                    Self-Reflection of Resume

       My resume is something that has needed work for a long time. It is organized neatly and

accurately describes my history, however I feel what I need is more relevant work experience. I

am in the midst of a career change and do not have much to show for the field I would like to be

in. I have been seeking out new opportunities to make myself more appealing, however as it now

stands, I do not feel it is very attractive to potential employers. My biggest challenge is not

necessarily the presentation of my resume as much as the need for relevant content within it.

       I have intentionally left my courses and experiences from my undergraduate program off

of my resume. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and worked in the field for

several years afterward. I entered into the MBA program here at Rider University to start the

change my career path. My undergrad courses taught me valuable aspects in the field of

criminology, but not as much that could relate to business. This is one of the challenges I am

facing now as a job seeker looking to enter a business related field. I have only recently begun

my MBA, but plan to add my accomplishments as they are achieved to draw attention to my

education that is relevant to the positions I am seeking. As I progress through the program, I feel

this part of my resume will be the main focus of how I would like to represent myself. I feel the

best way to portray my work ethic to employers is maintaining a high grade point average within

my current pursuit of an MBA. I understand that because of the current economic climate,

entering the business field is highly competitive, so I am hoping that I can make myself more

appealing by excelling in my current education.
       Another challenge I have is not having any experience in the field of business. I am

currently working on campus in the Financial Aid office, particularly dealing with student loans.

I took my current position as a resume builder to fulfill my lack of experience so that I will be

more attractive to potential employers as I apply to available positions. However, on my resume

I would like to weed out irrelevant positions I have held in the past. I am not ready to do this

though because I think it would create too much of an employment gap. However, I feel my

previous work experience does not do much to help my credibility toward the field I would like

to enter. Having this on there may also cause my resume to be dismissed when first glanced at.

I would like the fact that I am currently pursuing my MBA to stand out the most. Since I do not

have extensive work experience, I think it is valuable to highlight my educational pursuits. My

past work experience is in an unrelated field, but what I did take away from it is years of

managerial experience. I feel that using examples of my management history would be a good

feature; however I have struggled in its execution. I need to add more clear examples of thinks I

have accomplished as a manager.

                          Personal Statement to a Potential Employer

       I am a hardworking, dedicated, and motivated individual with several years of managerial

experience. I consider myself to have an above average work ethic with a great attention to detail

and the ability to meet strict deadlines. My past employers would describe me as an individual

who has the ability to lead and follow as well as effectively manage time and prioritize tasks. I

possess the ability to think outside of the box and am consistently seeking out more effective

ways to carry out operations. I can excel working as part of a team or as an individual and can

effectively communicate with coworkers.
       I recently began my Masters of Business Administration at Rider University and plan to

finish the program within the next two years. In the courses I have completed so far I have been

able to maintain an A average and continue to strive for the top of the class. While obtaining my

degree, I plan to gain as much relevant work experience as possible. I would like to take

advantage of every opportunity that would further my proficiency in the field and gain value


                   5 Questions I Would Ask Myself, if Interviewing Myself

1. What makes you a right fit for the position?

2. How can your past work experiences translate into a job like this?

3. What do you know about our company and the position?

4. What are your career and personal goals?

5. Describe yourself at a stressful time in your current job and how you handled it.

Asking questions such as these tends to pull someone out of their comfort zone and tests their

ability to work under pressure. It will also show how prepared they are for an interview as well

as the validity of key points of their resume.
                                        Joseph Smutek
                                     1 Enfield Circle, Princeton Jct., NJ 08550
                                      (609) 915-7944

    Currently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration at Rider University and employed on
     campus as a Loan Officer in the Financial Aid Department. Currently seeking a position as a
                                          financial analyst.

Professional Experience
Loan Officer, Financial Aid Department – Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ ▪ 2012 – Present

   Certify federal and private student loans and ensure allocation is within the necessary limitations.
   Maintain and reconcile scholarships awarded to students.
   Download loaned funds into student’s accounts.
   Troubleshoot lender and student issues.
   Sustain consistent communication with lenders to ensure loans are processed accurately.
   Return surplus loaned amounts to lenders.

Loss Prevention Manager – Century 21 Department Store, Morristown, NJ ▪ 2007-2011

   Manage a staff of 16 Loss Prevention Guards and 2 Assistant Managers.
   Responsible for the recruitment, training, and retention of staff.
   Safely apprehend and prosecute shoplifters and dishonest employees.
   Manage department payroll and non-payroll expenses without sacrificing productivity.
   Coordinate in store project management, repairs, and maintenance of security equipment.
   Represent the company to law enforcement and courts during the prosecution of shoplifters.
   Develop theft prevention awareness programs.
   Make sound decisions in stressful and dangerous situations.
   Review an investigate register cash shortages and employee theft.
   Conduct Wicklander interviews of suspected dishonest associates.

Loss Prevention Investigator – Filenes Basement, Lawrenceville, NJ ▪ 2007

   Audit theft prevention devices.
   Investigate internal and external theft.
   Apprehension and prosecution of shoplifters.
   Review register journal log for suspicious transactions.

Master of Business Administration
Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ - Expected graduation 2014, Current GPA: 4.0
Bachelor of Arts in CJ
Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA – Graduated 2005

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