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					                                    September Classes
Thursday, September 6 * 6:30-9:00PM
$50 * Demonstration                                Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor
The Greek word mezze (mez-zay) means “tableful” and it comes from the Middle Eastern tradition of
sharing small portions of savory foods while relaxing with friends. (Similar to Spanish tapas). A small
selection of foods may be shared to start a meal or larger portions can be served as a main course. At this
time of the year, when the typical sun-kissed vegetables of Mediterranean cuisine are at their peak, mezze
is perfect for entertaining or for a simple meal. Feta and Roasted Red Pepper Dip, Classic Hummus
with homemade Pita Bread, Spanakopita (spinach/feta Phyllo triangles), Borek (Feta Phyllo Pastries),
Lamb Kabobs, Fried Calamari with Aioli, Chile-Garlic Shrimp, Baked Eggplant with Feta, Mint
and Pine Nuts and Marinated Olives. You are welcome to bring wine.

Monday, September 10 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                      Chef Carmella Fragassi, La Campagna Restaurant
This time of year, gardens and markets are overflowing with fresh, healthy produce. But are you stuck
making the same old boring recipes in order to use them all up? Need inspiring new ideas for your
bountiful harvest? The Italians are very creative when it comes to vegetables since centuries of
agricultural traditions revolved around gardens that offered primary sustenance. In this class, Chef
Carmella will share some of her family’s all-time favorite recipes using an exciting variety of seasonal
vegetables. Bruschetta toppings: Caponata (eggplant) and Basil/Tomato, Stuffed Vegetables (with
bread, cheese and herbs); Sautéed Eggplant, Garlic and Parsley for a side dish; Butternut Squash
and fresh Tomato Sauce served over pasta; Green Beans with Tomato and Bell Pepper Sauce,
tender Stuffed Cabbage filled with pork and beef and sautéed in butter and simmered with cream.

Tuesday, September 11 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                              Chef Beth (Ringlein) Funk
Want to know what to do with a plantain? And what’s really in jerk seasoning? Chef Beth will be your
guide as we armchair cruise and taste the sweet and spicy foods of the islands of the Caribbean. In this
class, we will make recipes such as authentic Jamaican Jerk Pork Tenderloin with Pineapple
Chutney, Grouper with Mango and Tropical Fruit Salsa, “Stamp and Go” (Spicy Salt Cod Fish
Cakes), Plantain Conkies (fried plantain). We will finish with Bananas Flambéed with Coconut
Rochers (cookie).

GUYS NIGHT OUT A Guy, a Grill, and a Cigar
Wednesday, September 12 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$60 * Cooking/Wine/Cigars
David Chippi, Cooking Instructor and Gary Twining, Certified Wine Educator
Join us for a night dedicated to “Guys Only” who want to learn grilling techniques, learn about wine and
smoke a great cigar! Cousins Cigar of Avon will discuss cigars before you head outside where we will
grill while we smoke. Inside Gary will discuss the wines that will be paired with the meal. Grilled Sweet
Vidalia Onions, Grilled Prosciutto-wrapped Shrimp & Pineapple Skewers, Creole-style Seafood
Cakes with Sweet Mustard Cream Sauce, Grilled Flatiron Steak with Compound Butter, Roasted
Red Garlic Potatoes, Grilled Garlic Bread. Dessert to end the night: Apple Schnapps Butter
Reduction over Pears and Ice Cream. Each person receives a cigar sampler from Cousins Cigar.
CANNING 101: A Primer on Preserving
Thursday, September 13 * 6:00-9:00PM
$50 * Demonstration/ Class Size Limited            Marilou Suszko, Cooking Instructor
Have you jumped on the canning bandwagon? With more people gardening at home and buying locally
grown produce, there is a renewed interest in the art of canning. This class will provide you with all the
basic information to get you on your way to filling the pantry for the winter ahead. We’ll take you
through the paces of canning tomatoes, sauces, salsas, applesauce, and grape jelly. You’ll receive
information on “putting up” in the freezer or pantry to keep local foods in your kitchen all year long.
Class size will be limited for a more interactive experience so register early. This is a demonstration class
with some hands-on experience.

Saturday, September 15 * 10:30AM-2:00PM
$75 * Hands On/Make & Take                        Kathy Lehr, Nationally Known Bread Baking Expert
The Classic French Bread Workshop takes you step-by-step through the art of bread making & will give
you a formula to create any bread you desire! Follow Kathy through the basic chemistry to observe what
happens when you combine yeast, flour, water, and salt. Once these are mastered, you should be
producing beautiful, tasty breads. We will be working with various mixing and shaping techniques as well
as baking methods for the perfect French Bread. You also will learn about various grains and how they
react to yeast. There are many tips for the busy, working person and how to eliminate many of your fears
and misconceptions. You leave with dough to bake at home and baked bread. This is a valuable class for
all bread baking enthusiasts. Soup Lunch served. CLASS REQUIREMENTS: bring an apron and a
cookie sheet to transport your goodies home.

 FOOD & WINE SAMPLER California Wine Country
Tuesday, September 18 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$60 * Wine Tasting & Cooking class
Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor and Gary Twining, Certified Wine Educator
In July my husband Dan and I enjoyed another wonderful trip to California Wine Country. The wines and
vineyards, stunning countryside and the food are an inspiration for our menu that Gary will match with
wines. Port Roasted Grapes on Blue Cheese Toasts, Fig and Prosciutto Pizza with Homemade Fig
Jam, Roasted Pears with Frisée Salad and Balsamic Glaze, Pine Nut& Basil-crusted Salmon with
Chardonnay Sauce and Mashed Potatoes with Caramelized Onions. Dessert: Crunchy Almond-
Pear Cake served with Almond-Buttermilk Sorbet. Gary will pair wines with the menu as Marcia
demonstrates each recipe.

THE MIXER BIBLE: Using your Stand Mixer
Thursday, September 20 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                       Carla Snyder, co-author of The Mixer Bible
If you have a stand mixer (such as a KitchenAid) sitting on your kitchen counter, there’s a good chance
you’re not making the most of this versatile kitchen tool. There are many things this work-horse mixer
can be doing for you: rolling pasta, grinding meat, freezing ice cream and mixing up dough for breads and
rolls to rival grandma’s. Carla Snyder, co-author of The Mixer Bible will show you how to make the most
of your machine by using the pasta rollers and cutters, a food grinder, ice cream maker and dough hook.
Learn to make Fresh Linguine with Zucchini, Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Lemon, Meat Filled Ravioli
with Marinara Sauce, Grandma Grey’s Nut Rolls (Potica) and Coconut Ice Cream.
I WANT TO EAT MORE FISH…But I Don’t Know How to Cook It!
Tuesday, September 25 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$50 * Demonstration                       Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor
Fish is finding its way onto more tables than ever before. We all want to include more fish in our diets for
many reasons however many cooks are simply reluctant to try cooking fish at home. Why? They are
unsure about what to buy, which fish to avoid, and how to cook it properly. This class will give you the
confidence to start making fish a regular part of your cooking. My quick recipes will use the more readily
available fish: Pan-Sautéed Tilapia with Lemon/Caper Butter Sauce and Rice-Almond Pilaf; Sear-
Roast Salmon with Spicy Thai Pesto, Sticky Rice and Spinach; Pan-fried Cod with Pineapple-
Mango Salsa and Couscous; the delicate Oven-Poached Wild Salmon with White Wine Sauce,
Whipped Potatoes and Lemon Asparagus is a company-worthy dish. Many cooking techniques in this

Wednesday, September 26 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                          George Soos, Cooking Instructor
George is going to the garden to cook dinner! This time of year all the great varieties of peppers will be
available: hot peppers, sweet peppers and some in between. Learn about pepper varieties and their heat
index. Recipes: Semi-hot Fresno pepper stuffed with cheese and grilled, sautéed medley of peppers
for Slumgullion with smoked sausage (it’s become a Laurel Run favorite and just in time for football
tailgating season). We will roast red peppers to make Smoky Red Pepper Soup, Poblanos Stuffed with
Cheddar and Chicken, do a quick pickling for a sweet/hot Jalapeno Peppers, fresh Salsa with baked
Tortilla Chips, and George will do his award winning “Papa Willie's Chili” with fresh cayenne and
ancho peppers. Grab a friend and your favorite brew and join us for Pepper Night at Laurel Run. George
is going to stuff, grill and fry a lot of peppers tonight!

Thursday, September 27 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                      Chef Michael Edwards
What can be more comforting than soup on the stove on a cold night? Get ready for fall with these
delicious recipes. Learn about bisques and chowders with Chef Michael and warm you kitchen and savor
the flavors of these delicious soups. Chowders: New England Fish Chowder, Potato and Corn
Chowder. Bisques: Classic Shrimp Bisque, Sweet Potato and Andouille Bisque. We will make
simple breads to accompany the soups: Quick Focaccia, Corn Muffins, Cheddar Biscuits, and Basic
Dinner Rolls.

Saturday, September 29 * 10:30am-1pm
$48 * Demonstration                       Chef Beth (Ringlein) Funk
In this day and age when we struggle to eat healthier, we can easily turn to other cultures for inspiration.
Moroccans believe that a tangine is not only healthy, but lucky if it contains at least seven different
vegetables. In this class Chef Beth will explore the role and flavors of vegetables and spices in a wide
array of vegetarian and vegan dishes such as Seven Vegetable Moroccan Tangine with Preserved
Lemons and Cracked Olives with Quinoa couscous, Vegetarian version of Pad Thai with Tamarind
Sauce on Rice Noodles, Indian Cauliflower and Saffron Curry with Basmati Rice, Lebanese Lentils
with Cumin, Brown Rice, and Tomatoes, and Yucatan Mixed Pepper and Pinto Bean Fajitas.
                                      October Classes
PASSAGE TO INDIA Indian Food Made Easy
Tuesday, October 2 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                         Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor
No country uses a wider range of spices in its cuisine than India. Those spices give Indian food its
distinctively complex fragrance and flavor, but they can seem a bit overwhelming. If you like Indian food
but think it’s too much effort, then you’ll be pleased with these easy entrees to make at home! We will
learn about the spices used and where to buy them. Chicken Tikka Masala with its silken sauce,
Chicken Vindaloo with Raita, Rogan Josh with beef (and lamb for those who like it) and Indian-
Spiced Chicken with Lime & Cilantro. We will also make Naan and Mango Lassi for dessert.

GIRLS NIGHT OUT: Evening in Italy
Wednesday, October 3 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$55 * Hands On/Class Size Limited Marcia Thomas, Cooking Instructor
Create a delicious Italian menu with friends at this Girl’s Night Out! We’ll begin with making
Bruschetta with three toppings, Antipasti Salad, Northern Italian Clam Chowder (with pasta &
smoked Gouda cheese), and Prosciutto Roasted Red Pepper Panini’s with fresh Mozzarella and Pesto
Sauce. Dessert: refreshing chilled Espresso Cups with Chocolate Zabaglione and Shaved Chocolate
Curls. Bring a friend and some wine and join us for this interactive Hands On class.

A Cooking Demonstration and Book Signing
Thursday, October 4 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                 Maria Isabella, Cooking Instructor/Author
Maria Isabella, author of the newly released cookbook In the Kitchen with Cleveland’s Favorite Chefs,
will show you exactly how the star chefs featured in her book prepare a full-course meal at home in
almost no time. After watching Maria whip up some of the chefs’ signature dishes from her book, you too
will be able to entertain just like the pros. A Q&A session and book signing will conclude the class.
(Books for purchase will be available.) Recipes from the following chefs will be demonstrated: Sergio
Abramof (Sergio’s), Dante Boccuzzi (DANTE), Ellis Cooley (formerly of AMP 150), John D’Amico
(Chez François), Nolan Konkoski (SOHO Kitchen & Bar), Zach Ladner (Giovanni’s), and Regan Reik
(Pier W). Featured dishes include Shrimp Santos; Bacon, Brie, & Peach Toasts; Cream of Butternut
Squash & Roasted Red Pepper Soup; Apple, Walnut, & Endive Salad; Roasted Rock Cornish Hens
with Brown Butter & Thirty-year-old Balsamic Vinegar; Brown Rice & Almond Pilaf; and Port-
Honey–Glazed Pears with Vanilla Ice Cream. You are welcome to bring wine.

Saturday, October 6 * 10:30am-1pm
$48 * Demonstration             Chef Beth (Ringlein) Funk
The cold weather that creeps up on us makes us seek those richer satisfying comfort foods. In this class
we will seek out some warming cold weather soups and hearty breads. Chef Beth will show you how to
make Maple Butternut Squash and Smoked Gouda Soup with Crusty Artisan Loaf, Roasted Red
Pepper and Fennel Soup with Pancetta and Roasted Corn Cornbread, Beef Brisket and Root
Vegetable Soup with Whole Wheat Walnut Bread, and Roasted Sweet Potato/ Crab Chowder with
Crusty Sourdough Rolls.
FISH FOR DINNER: Weeknight Fish Entrees
Monday, October 8 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$50 * Demonstration Carla Snyder, Cooking Instructor, Author, Contributor to “Fish for Dinner”
We should all be trying to include more fish in our diets. It’s healthy, quick and easy to prepare but most
importantly, it’s delicious. With so many fish options in your grocer’s cold case, there’s no end to the
flavorful combinations for quick and easy weeknight meals with one pan cleanup no less! Learn to make
Roasted Halibut with Fingerling Potatoes and Tomatillo Salsa, Black Cod Filets Poached in Five
Spice Broth with Baby Bok Choy and Udon Noodles, Prosciutto-wrapped Salmon with Corn and
Poblano Succotash, and Tilapia en Papillote (in parchment paper) with Vegetables and Olives.

FOOD AND WINE SAMPLER: Dinner in Alsace, France
Tuesday, October 9 * 6:30-9:30PM
$60 * Cooking Demonstration/Dinner/Wine Tasting
Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor Gary Twining, Certified Wine Educator
Alsace, France is a hidden gem sandwiched between the Rhine River and Vosges Mts. Its rich culture,
foods and wines are greatly influenced by it neighboring countries, Switzerland and Germany. Tonight
learn of the region’s rich culinary traditions and unique wines. We will make traditional Alsatian Onion
Soup with Gruyere Toasts, ever popular Flammenkueche, a caramelized onion and bacon 'pizza baked
on stone tiles, and the classic, hearty Choucroute Garni, a savory dish of pork, sausage, wine, and
sauerkraut with homemade European-style Crusty Bread, a hearty meal unto itself. Dessert: Apple
Tart with Almond Custard. Learn about the wines of Alsace and sample Riesling, Pinot Gris, and
Gewurztraminer wines that will complement this menu. Don’t miss delicious menu filled with a variety of
cooking techniques.

THE 4TH THROWDOWN! The Best Sunday Pot Roast
Wednesday, October 10 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$50 * Demonstration
Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor and George Soos, Cooking Instructor
At one time we have all eaten a dry pot roast with the usual lackluster vegetables. George and I both eel
we have great recipes, and tonight you will you will have the opportunity to sample each recipe and
decide who makes the most flavorful, moist, tender and savory pot roast. This is not an easy challenge!
Recipes: Fall Salad with Apples and Candied Walnuts, Pot Roasts with Vegetables and Mashed
Potatoes, homemade Hot Rolls. Voting takes place while eating dessert: Apple-Cranberry Crisp. It’s
our 4th Throwdown…we each have a win and one tied…but tonight will change that!

BREAD BAKING WORKSHOP No-Knead Artisanal Breads
Saturday, October 13 * 10:30am-2pm
$75 * Hands On/Make & Take               Kathy Lehr, Nationally Known Bread Baking Expert
Techniques used in European bakeries for ages have just come to light in our country. In this workshop
you will learn the key to making beautiful breads without time-consuming kneading and how to store this
incredible dough to bake when you are ready! Kathy will explain in depth how this works while you learn
the techniques hands-on. Make Master White Wheat Boule, Olive Tapenade Loaf, and a Roasted
Garlic and Potato Bread (which makes the most incredible hamburger bun). You will see how to make
free formed loaves and also how to bake in a cloche (cast iron or ceramic pot) using an even wetter
dough. You’ll make dough to take home to bake with small loaves of each bread made. Soup lunch
served. CLASS REQUIREMENTS: bring an apron and a cookie sheet to transport your goodies home.
UNDER THE HARVEST MOON Foods from the Fall Harvest
Tuesday, October 16 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                               Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor
The fall harvest is abundant with luscious colors and flavors. Tonight we will explore the orange fall
vegetables. Recipes: Curried Acorn Squash Dip with Apples and Kielbasa; Butternut Squash Soup
with Herbed Cheese Dumplings and Butternut Squash Bisque with Chardonnay and Shrimp;
Baked Butternut Spaetzle with creamy Parmesan Cheese and Walnuts; Pasta with Butternut
Squash, Mushrooms and Spinach; Stuffed- Baked Pumpkin with Herbed Barley & Chickpeas, (a
beautiful presentation!). These recipes adapt well to meatless diet.

Wednesday, October 17 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                                 George Soos, Cooking Instructor
Having visited Munich and the original Oktoberfest, cooking instructor George Soos will recreate his
favorite dishes of the greatest beer fest in the world! Learn how to make Homemade Pretzels, Onion
Kuchen, German Brats cooked in beer and sauerkraut, and a classic Pork Schnitzel with Spaetzle,
Onion Gravy and Braised Red Cabbage. A German meal is not complete with a slice of warm Apple
Strudel. We’ll have the music on, you bring your beer stein and a friend to Laurel Run's Oktoberfest.

GIRLS NIGHT OUT: Autumn Dinner Party
Thursday, October 18 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$55 * Hands On/Class Size Limited               Marcia Thomas, Cooking Instructor
Dazzle your guest’s with the wonderful flavors of the Fall Harvest. Make our tantalizing menu of
Sautéed Granny Smith Apples, Gorgonzola, and Candied Walnut Salad, savory Pumpkin
Bisque, Cranberry-Glazed Pork Tenderloins, Whipped Root Vegetables, roasted Brussels
Sprouts with Bacon and Maple. Dessert will be Maple Pot de Crèmes. Bring a friend and
some wine for this delicious and fun Hands On class.

BLUE CHEESES OF THE WORLD: A Cheese Tasting and Cooking Class
"A Laurel Run Classic"
Saturday, October 20 * 6:30pm-9:30pm
$55 * Demonstration                               Chef David Lowe
If you are fond of blue cheese and want to fine tune your palate then this class we introduce you to a
whole new world of ‘blue’ flavors. Made around the world, blue cheese has a wide range of flavor and
pungency based on the milk and method. Taste some of the most popular blue cheeses: Italian
Gorgonzola, English Stilton, French Roquefort, a Burgundy Blue, American Maytag, and Spanish
Cabrales. After conducting a taste test, enjoy a Apple, Pecan and Blue Cheese Cups, Blue Cheese
Torte with Pears, Tapas of Caramelized Onions with Cabrales and Almonds, Salad with Walnut
Gorgonzola Dressing, Butternut Squash Soup with Blue Cheese Crouton and Walnuts, Pork
Tenderloin stuffed with Gorgonzola and Hazelnuts with Sherry Cream Sauce, and for dessert
Zinfandel Poached Pears with Blue Cheese and Crème Anglaise. You are welcome to bring wine.
October 22 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                               Chef Carmella Fragassi
Join Chef Carmella as she shares her secrets for how to properly buy and cook fish. She will also create
three simple-yet-delicious entrées that are served at her popular La Campagna restaurant. One of the most
requested dishes is a light, melt-in-your-mouth Lemon Sole, sautéed quickly until it is golden and crisp.
Other four-star items on the menu include Swordfish en Papillote (baked in parchment paper) topped
with cherry tomatoes and fresh vegetables, plus a company-worthy Baked Wild Salmon Florentine
topped with spinach and mascarpone cheese. A variety of tasty side dishes will accompany each entrée.

MINIATURES ARE BIG: Mini Desserts for Holiday Parties
Tuesday, October 23 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                               Chef Michael Edwards
Why serve one dessert at the party this holiday season? Small bite-size desserts are popular for any
occasion and your guests will be able to sample a variety. Learn how to prepare the following desserts:
Sweet Buttermilk Biscuits with Strawberries and Orange Custard Sauce, Seasonal Fruit with
Grand Mainer Sabayon, Mocha Chocolate Mousse, Warm Cream Cheese Brownie A la Mode,
Chocolate Pecan Tart. We will discuss how to prepare these desserts before your party to make for an
enjoyable evening entertaining your guests. These desserts are sure to cap off any party!

GIRLS NIGHT OUT: A Harvest of Fall Soups
Wednesday, October 24 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$55 * Hands On/Class Size Limited                Marcia Thomas, Cooking Instructor
Call a friend, bring some wine and put on an apron as you learn to make and enjoy a flavorful variety of
comfort soups. Harvest Corn and Crab Chowder, Portabella & Barley Beer Soup, Butternut Squash
Soup with Cider Cream, Fall Onion Soup with Smoked White Cheddar. Bake a simple Beer
Cheddar Quick Bread. The grand finale, Marcia will demonstrate Homemade Pumpkin Ice Cream
Pecan Balls with a warm Caramel Topping. It’s a fun way to relax with friends!

BREAD BAKING WORKSHOP: Artisanal Whole Wheat Bread Baking for Beginners
Saturday, October 27 * 10:30am-2:00pm
$75 * Hands On/Make & Take                        Kathy Lehr, Bread Consultant and Instructor
Are you tired of these airy, tasteless supermarket breads that claim to be “healthy" but are merely a step
above "cotton bread"? Learn how to easily make healthy, whole grain breads in this class. We will begin
with dough that you will shape and bake to create delicious Seven-Grain Bread. Next you’ll learn how
to take a Basic Honey Whole Wheat Pan Bread and add bigger flavors for "Sunflower Whole Wheat
Bread". Lastly, you will probably not be buying many crackers after learning how simple it is to make a
good cracker with our "Seeded Wheat Cracker". Soup lunch served. CLASS REQUIREMENTS: bring
an apron and a cookie sheet to transport your goodies home.

HOMEMADE SOUPS IN 30 MINUTES: "A Laurel Run Classic" 12th Season!
Monday, October 29 * 6:30-9:00PM
$48 * Demonstration                            Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor
We all love homemade soup and nothing compares to its warm goodness on a cold day! Imagine sitting
down to a bowl of hot soup made from scratch in 30 minutes! It can be done, and you will see how! We’ll
make FIVE soups in class. Potato, Broccoli and Cheese Soup, classic New England Clam Chowder,
savory Ham & Bean, creamy Tomato Bisque, and Spicy Southwest Black Bean. Round out the menu
homemade Biscuits, Cornbread, and Focaccia. This class also discusses kitchen organization and the
importance of “Mise en place”.
GREAT FOOD WITH FALL BEER: Cooking Class and Beer Tasting
Tuesday, October 30 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                                  Chef Beth (Ringlein) Funk
The fall season is full of festivals that celebrate beers such as Oktoberfest, Porters, Stouts, and Christmas
Ales. Let’s explore some hearty foods that can accompany these tasty brews such as Spiced Chicken
Kabobs, Scalloped Vidalia Onions with Apples and Bacon, Lamb Chops with Poblano Peppers and
Butternut Squash, Beer Braised Beef Short Ribs and Cumin Potato Gratin, and a Walnut Caramel
Tart. Sample a variety of beers with each course.

                                   November Classes
Thursday, November 1 * 10:30am-1pm OR 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                                 Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor
I love brunch on a holiday, but I don’t like getting up in the wee hours while everyone else sleeps. With
these recipes, tips and ideas, you can have it all made ahead, then pick and choose your menu and pull
together a brunch that will make them think you got up at 5am! All of these recipes are done in advance
and frozen. We will discuss yeast breads for Pecan Sticky Buns & Cinnamon Rolls, make Crème
Brulee French Toast, Muffins with Maple Glaze &Bacon, Apple Strudel (from Phyllo dough) Classic
Cheese and Sausage Strata (yes, it can be frozen) and our favorite, Individual Quiche Lorraine made
with puff pastry in muffin tins. Pull out pre-cooked link sausage or bacon, slice the fruit, and pour the
Mimosas and coffee…voilà!

A MEAL TO REMEMBER: A Seven Course Manu
Tuesday, November 6 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$65 * Demonstration
Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor and Gary Twining, Certified Wine Educator
Each year we create an elegant tasting menu starting with an Amuse Bouche (appetizer), first course,
soup, salad, entrée, palate cleanser and dessert, which Gary will pair wines with. Trio of Amuse Bouche:
Gouda Cheese with Sautéed Apples and Walnut Bread, Spicy Butternut Squash Bisque Shooter
and Puff Pastry Napoleon with Smoked Salmon; Asparagus and Sautéed Mushrooms with Black
Pepper Romano Cheese Zabaglione, Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Lime-Cilantro Cream;
Vegetable Salad Bouquet in Tomato ‘Vase’ with Mustard-Cognac Dressing (a showstopper), Palate
Cleaner Sorbet, Roast Duck Breast with Cherry-Wine Sauce and Sweet Potato Mousse. Dessert:
simple, elegant, and divine: The Greenbrier’s Bread Pudding with Vanilla Crème Anglaise Sauce.

Wednesday, November 7 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                              Carla Snyder, Cooking Instructor/ Cookbook Author
How many more times can you make those bacon wrapped water chestnuts or hollow out that round of
pumpernickel bread with spinach dip? Knowing how hard it is to come up with new appetizer ideas, Carla
Snyder, co-author of The James Beard nominated cookbook, The Big Book of Appetizers will share
recipes, party tips and trends. Holiday Spiced Cider, Spicy Pork Dumplings with Spicy Thai Dipping
Sauce, Grilled Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp, Wild Mushroom Palmiers, Bacon-Cheddar
Shortbreads with Rosemary, Phyllo Pizza with Four Cheeses, and Green Apple Slices with
Tapenade. These great recipes can be pulled from the freezer so that even the hostess has fun!
Thursday, November 8 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                       Maria Isabella, Cooking Instructor/Cookbook Author
 Whether it’s for an elegant luncheon, a celebratory dinner, a formal social function, or just an extra-
special event, you may suddenly find yourself wanting to create a stunning showstopper dessert— a truly
spectacular pièce de résistance — that’s sure to prompt lots of “oohs” and “ahhs.” Learn to make just
such an impressive dessert in this class, which focuses solely on luscious chocolate confections, including
a 32-Layer Chocolate Crêpe Cake with Hazelnut Cream Filling & Mirrored Glaze; Chocolate
Truffle Decadence with Raspberry & Orange Coulis Duo; Black Forest Kirsch-Soaked Cherry
Torte; and Chocolate Fantasy Sack with Grand Marnier Lava Cream & Medley of Fresh Fruits
(truly an all-out extravaganza guaranteed to win raves!)

THE BASICS OF BRINING: Brining Meat for Flavor and Juiciness
Saturday, November 10 * 10:30am-1:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                              Chef David Lowe
Is brining that important? Learn the basics and science behind brining and why brining keeps turkey and
other meats so moist. Learn about flavor enhancements and cooking techniques for poultry, pork and
seafood. In time for Thanksgiving, learn how to brine (and roast) your THANKSGIVING TUKEY
along with Honey & Thyme Brined Chicken Breast, brined Pork Chops, and brined, smoked
Salmon. Learn many valuable cooking techniques from Chef Lowe.

Monday, November 12 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                              Chef Carmella Fragassi
Not sure what to make for dinner on a nice chilly fall evening? Warm up your kitchen with some of the
favorite soups and stews served at Chef Carmella’s La Campagna restaurant: Pavese Onion Soup (quick
and easy); Fish Chowder (made with the freshest fish available during this season); Rice and Lentil
Soup; a hearty Meatball Stew with Potatoes, Tomatoes, Beans and other seasonal vegetables; and
Hunter’s Style Stewed Chicken. All served with delicious hearty breads. Carmella’s cooking is always

BUTTER! Butter & Classic Sauces
Tuesday, November 13 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$50 * Demonstration                                Chef Beth (Ringlein) Funk
Our doctors tell us to cut back on butter, but there are some culinary delights that are indispensable
without it. In this class we will talk about domestic and European butters available & their best uses.
Chef Beth will also show you how to make some classic butter based sauces with a lighter twist. Pan
Seared Scallops with a Beurre Blanc Sauce, Beef Tenderloin with real Bearnaise Sauce, Pork
Medallions with Sauce Robert. We’ll explore finishing techniques Monter au Beurre and Beurre
Manie. It doesn’t end there! Enjoy sweet dishes such as Pistachio Shortbread Cookies and Crepes
Suzette. You’ll learn many valuable cooking techniques in this class.

GIRLS NIGHT OUT: Make & Take Pumpkin Roll & Soup Supper
Wednesday, November 14 * 6:30-9:30PM
$65 * Hands-On/Make & Take                         Marcia Thomas, Cooking Instructor
Call a friend and join us for a fun evening at Laurel Run! We will have a pot of soup on the stove, a pan
of fresh-baked bread sticks and a slice of Pumpkin Roll (with recipes) to enjoy while you mix batter,
bake, then fill and roll a Pumpkin Roll to take home. We provide all the ingredients and clean up; you
bring a 15x10-inch jelly roll sheet to bake the batter and carry home your pumpkin roll. Class size is
limited. You are welcome to bring wine.
 AN ARRAY OF HOLIDAY APPETIZERS "A Laurel Run Classic" 13th Year
Thursday, November 15 * 10:30am-1pm OR 6:30pm-9:00pm
$50 * Demonstration                             Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor
Reserve your seat for our Annual “Array of Holiday Appetizers”. You will love these crowd-pleasing
make-ahead appetizers to add to your holiday parties. We will create a colorful tablescape and buffet to
serve our Baked Brie en Croûte (brie in puff pastry), Spicy Shrimp & Artichoke Dip, Crab Cakes
with Lemon Garlic Mayonnaise, Chicken Bites with Peanut Satay Sauce, Pecan Ginger Dip, Caesar
Dip with Romaine, Spiced Orange Pecans and vibrant red Cranberry Salsa. You are welcome to bring

AN ELEGANT HOLIDAY DINNER "A Laurel Run Classic" In its 15th Year
Tuesday, November 27 * 6:30-9:00PM
$60 * Demonstration/Dinner                        Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor
Reserve your spot for our 15 annual holiday dinner class, one of our most popular! You will learn a
variety of cooking techniques and tips to create this lovely dinner for your guests at home. The elegant
menu consists of the Greenbrier’s Five Onion Soup with Shallot Garnish, Mesclun Salad with Pears,
Brie and Raspberry Vinaigrette, Roasted Beef Tenderloin with a Rosemary Port Sauce and Puff
Pastry Leaves, Potato-Parsnip Purée, Green Beans, Cranberry-Rosemary Garnish. Learn to make
luscious silken Crème Brulée for dessert. You are welcome to bring wine to class.

Thursday, November 29 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$50 * Demonstration                               Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor
We love shrimp, especially around the holidays. In this class we will discuss how to buy, prep and cook
shrimp so that it remains juicy and tender, never tough and dry. As Bubba Gump said: we can pan-sear,
sauté, poach, and deep fry shrimp (and we’ll make a special sauce from the shells!). Poached Shrimp
Salad with Lemon and Herbs, Spicy Pan-seared Shrimp with Smoked Paprika, fried Coconut
Shrimp with Orange Dipping Sauce, Shrimp and creamy Garlic Grits, Shrimp Cream Sauce over
Angel Hair Pasta, Shrimp Stroganoff over Puff Pastry. Lots of great flavors tonight!

100 YEARS AND STILL COOKING Cleveland’s West Side Market
Wednesday, November 28 * 6 6:30pm-9:00pm
$38 * Presentation/Food/Book Signing              Marilou Suszko, Cooking Instructor/ Author
Enjoy a historic and nostalgic look at Cleveland's beloved West Side Market through a presentation of
vintage and never seen photos accompanied by funny, poignant and meaningful stories from vendors,
market families and shoppers as this national treasure celebrates its centennial year. Marilou Suszko, co-
author of the book, Cleveland's West Side Market: 100 Years and Still Cooking will guide you
through 100 years of this amazing place while treating you to some of her favorite Market eats including
Kim Se Cambodian Chicken Wings; Campbell's Dichotomy Popcorn; Michelle's Almond Loaf;
Zatar Breads from Judy's Oasis; a cheese sampler from Mediterranean Imports and The Cheese
Shop; pastries, breads, meats and so much more. Just like strolling the Market, you won't go home
hungry. There will be an open discussion on strategies for shopping the Market and time for questions
and answers. The newly released book that everyone is talking about will be available for sale and signing
after the event—great Christmas gifts for your foodie or Market enthusiast. Whether you've been to the
West Side Market one or one hundred times, you will walk away knowing and loving this one-of-a-kind
place even more. Note: there are no recipes at this class.
                                      December Classes
Saturday, December 1 * 10AM-12:30PM
$65 Child/Parent * Make & Take                           Judy Cilona, Cooking Instructor
Judy is back with her Gingerbread House class that has become a tradition at Laurel Run! Judy will
demonstrate making the gingerbread dough, cutting it out with the template and assembling a house using
royal icing. You will then use your imagination to decorate your own gingerbread house with colorful
assorted candies. Class Fee includes a pre-baked and assembled gingerbread house ready decorate, all the
candy trimmings, gingerbread house template, recipes and lunch. Menu homemade Chicken Noodle
Soup, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Warm Brownies with Ice Cream and homemade Chocolate Sauce.
Take a little time this holiday season to make a memory!

Thursday, December 6 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$50 * Demonstration                                      Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor
This holiday season you can serve appetizers at your holiday gatherings and enjoy the party with a variety
of make-ahead appetizers. The key is to prep and freeze most everything ahead. Start your party with a
recipe that’s ready to go when your guests walk in while you put the finishing touches on the rest. Learn
to make my favorite make-ahead-and-freeze appetizers: Bacon, Leek Mini-Quiches, Phyllo Triangles
with a variety of fillings, Prosciutto and Gruyère Pastry Pinwheels, Cranberry Palmiers, Rosemary
Parmesan Shortbreads, Caramelized Onion Tartlets, Cranberry-Orange-Cheese Log, Goat Cheese
& Pesto Terrines, and Spicy Orange Pecans. Learn about working with Phyllo & Puff Pastry. You are
welcome to bring wine. Two Sold out Classes in 2011!

ELEGANT HOLIDAY ENTREES "A Laurel Run Classic" In its 8th Year
Saturday, December 8 * 6:30-9:30PM
$60 * Demonstration                                       Chef David Lowe
Spend the evening with Chef Lowe as he teaches you valuable meat cooking techniques to help you
master three classic entrees for holiday meals. Learn to make a Crown Roast of Pork with an Apple
Cider Reduction served with Orange Pecan Sweet Potato Soufflé, Roast Rack of Lamb with
Rosemary Au Jus and creamy Parmesan Herb Risotto, and the Perfect Prime Rib with Horseradish
Sauce with Twice Baked Potatoes with Caramelized Onions. This class is filled with valuable tips and
techniques from our experienced staff chef. Need a simple dessert to round out your meal? Enjoy our
simple “Chocolate Mousse”. You are welcome to bring wine.

Monday, December 10 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                                      Chef Carmella Fragassi
“Growing up we never had chocolate chip cookies or Oreos at grandma’s house,” says Chef Carmella.
“Instead, we had wonderful Biscotti; Anise Cookies; Sesame Cookies; Almond Cookies; Fig Cookies;
Confetti-sprinkled Butter Cookies; and ‘Jam-Filled’ Cookies. We also enjoyed Chocolate and Black
Pepper Cookies as well as the classic Pizzelles.” Learn how to make all these wonderfully classic Italian
Christmas cookies with Chef Carmella, who will also be sharing many helpful baking tips. Soup will be
served during the demo.
Tuesday, December 11 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$48 * Demonstration                                        Chef Michael Edwards
Preparing appetizers that are easy but different for the holidays can be difficult. Join Chef Michael
Edwards in preparing a variety of hot and cold appetizers for your holiday gatherings and be the hit of all
the parties! Cold appetizers: Cilantro Shrimp Shooters (not your average shrimp cocktails), Apple
Chile Salsa (a salsa for all seasons), Belgian Endive Spears with Herb Cheese and Edamame
Hummus topped with fresh Edamame Salad. Hot appetizers: Baked Prosciutto-wrapped Shrimp,
Sirloin Meatballs with fresh Herb Sauce, Manchego Cheese Triangles with Lavender Honey (cheese
sticks for the big kids) and Golden Beet Mac and Cheese Cups (let’s take a comfort food and make it
fun for the party!

FOOD & WINE SAMPLER Champagne Tiny Bubbles and Small Plates
Wednesday, December 12 * 6:30pm-9:00pm
$60 * Demonstration
Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor and Gary Twining, Certified Wine Educator
Join us for one of our popular holiday classes filled with a wide variety of interesting flavors. Gary will
pair foods with a sparkling wine. Using the ‘small plate’ concept, a meal can be made from these dishes.
Roasted Asparagus Crostini with Truffle Oil and Parmesan Shavings, Smoked Salmon Chowder
with Dill and Boursin Cheese-Pumpernickel Croutons, Mussels in Thai Coconut Curry Sauce,
Chèvre & Sundried Tomato Phyllo Triangles on Mixed Greens, Beef Medallions au Poivre with
Balsamic Reduction Sauce over Potato Mousse, and Warm Grape Strudel with Champagne
Sabayon Sauce. Marcia will demonstrate each recipe and Gary will discuss the wines.

Saturday, December 15 * 10:30am-1pm
$48 * Demonstration                                         Chef Beth (Ringlein) Funk
Are you looking for a simple but special gift for a friend, co-worker or teacher? Sometimes it is not about
the quantity, but the quality of what we give. Chef Beth loves to give the gift of food and never more
than at the holidays with special cookies. In this class, we will make Orange Black Pepper Biscotti,
Basil Pistachio Shortbread, Lemon Zest Tea Melts, Caramel Maple Pecan Bars, and Cream Cheese
Cinnamon Tarts. Chef will also show you some great tips and creative ideas for gift packaging to make
your holiday gift giving a delight!

Tuesday, December 18 * 6:30-9:00PM
$45 * Cooking Demonstration and Tea                          Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor
In our last class of the year, take time this busy season to relax with friends at our annual Candlelight Tea.
We will cover the history of tea, learn about the “Sweets and the Savories” served at tea, and demonstrate
all recipes that we serve. Menu: Victorian Pumpkin Soup, Assorted Tea Sandwiches, Laurel Run’s
Cream Scones and Devonshire Cream, Madeleine Cookies, Snowflake Shortbreads, Coconut
Snowball Cupcakes, and Chocolate Mousse. Enjoy an evening with friends amid music and
candlelight. All recipes included.
January Classes
Note: there will be more classes January-March but these classes are scheduled far in advance to
facilitate schedules for interested students. Class Size Limited.

Friday, January 11 & Saturday 12th, 2013
9:00AM-4:00 PM
$250 * Hands-On Intensive Cooking Instruction
Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor
Build a solid foundation of cooking skills in this intensive 2-day hands-on class. You learn the importance
of “mise en place”, proper knife skills for vegetables and meat, and basic techniques of sautéing, roasting,
braising, poaching and more. Learn stock making and simple soups, working with yeast and pastry
dough. Each day you and your fellow students prepare a lunch and dinner. Recipes chosen will utilize
techniques learned that day. We will sit down to eat, discuss the recipes, and answer questions. CLASS
REQUIREMENTS: chef’s jacket (we can provide if needed) half apron, chef’s knife (Santuko or 8"-10"
chef’s knife) and boning knife. LRCS provides all food and 3-ring notebook with class material. This
hands-on class requires total student participation. Receive Level I certificate.

Friday, January 18 & Saturday January 19, 2013
$250.00 Hands On /Pre-requisite: Level I
Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor
Basic Cooking Techniques Level II will build on the foundations learned in Level I. We will learn pastry
techniques, classic sauces, working with duck, lamb, fish, and much more. Each day you and your fellow
students prepare a lunch and dinner. Recipes chosen will utilize techniques learned that day. We will sit
down to eat, discuss the recipes, and answer questions. CLASS REQUIREMENTS: same as Level I.
Laurel Run provides all food, supplies, and 3-ring notebook with class material. Class size is limited.
Receive Level II certificate.

How to Boil Water and Other Valuable Cooking Techniques
Mondays: January 7th & 14th, 2013* 6:00-9:00PM
Hands On/ Class Size Limited
Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor
Tuition: $165 for the series * All supplies included
Class requirement: Cook’s Knife (8” Chefs or Santoku)
Are you are new to the kitchen or know you need a few basic skills but don’t have a clue how to start?
Have discovered that eating out is expensive and often times not as healthy as you would like to eat? You
need a small repertoire of basic dishes for daily eating that will help save money and offer healthy meals.
If this sounds like you, then this is the course to take! We assume you know little about cooking and take
it from there. In our relaxed, fun-filled classes, we’ll get you started and on your way, teaching you how
to prepare simple, healthful, delicious food. You’ll learn about basic cooking equipment, stocking your
pantry and menu planning; knife skills, including vegetable chopping and paring. We will make soups,
salads & vinaigrettes, prepare delicious pastas; learn meat cookery with our simple pan sautés and sauces,
and easy side dishes. Class includes a Laurel Run Cooking School apron, all food supplies and a
personal notebook.
Friday, February 8 & Saturday, February 9, 2012
$250.00 Hands On /Pre-requisite: Levels I & II
Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor
Level III will build on the foundations learned in Levels I & II with an emphasis on cooking by technique,
understanding flavors & how to balance them and control them. This class will find you cooking more
without a recipe and will expand your cooking skills. We will work with fish & seafood, poultry, meat
and vegetables. We will be preparing a wide variety of food that we will taste & critique. CLASS
REQUIREMENTS: Chefs Jacket & apron, chef’s knife (Santuko or 8"-10" chefs knife) and boning knife.
Laurel Run provides all food, supplies, and 3-ring notebook with class material. Class size is limited.
Receive Level III certificate

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