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Identity Theft Awareness Training
     New Employee Benefit
     Privacy & Security Training

                 IDENTITY THEFT
“The fastest growing white-collar crime in America”

                70,000 Reported Cases in 2,000

             11.6 Million Reported Cases Last Year

                      Javelin Strategy & Research
                     The Crime of The Century

• The Vast majority of Identity Theft cases require assistance from
  attorneys! -FTC
• Only 16.5% of identity theft was credit card related in 2010! -Javelin
• Cybercrime accounts for only 11 percent of actual identity fraud -Javelin
• Online Shopping accounts for only 1 percent! -Javelin
• 43 Percent of Identity Theft is a result of lost or stolen wallet,
  checkbook, credit card, or physical document -Javelin
• 31 percent of identity theft cases happen because another institution
  mishandles a victims data -Javelin
• The average victim can take up to 600 hours restoring their identity -FTC
• 10% of children in the US have had their SSN’s compromised! Carnegie
   Mellon 2011
                     ”Identity Fraud Survey Report”   Javelin Strategy and Research
Data breaches are at an all time high

           AUSTIN — Social Security numbers and
           other personal information for 4.9 million
           TX residents were inadvertently disclosed
           State Comptroller Susan Combs revealed.
                  Spiraling out of Control!

Over 400,000 Dead People opened Bank accounts last year– AARP

The revenue from trafficking financial data has surpassed that of drug
  trafficking. – Secret Service

“Every Three seconds (27,000 times per day) someone becomes a victim of
  Identity Theft.” – USA TODAY

     Identity Theft has no respect to race, gender, creed, nationality,
            political affiliation, financial standing, or credit rating...
                     Security Identity
              SocialSocial Security ID Theft

Thieves can use your social security number to:
• gain employment

• report income under your name

• file false income tax returns

• file for social security benefits using your number
                                                                       Access to attorneys
• obtain medical care                                                  will be required to
                                                                        resolve many of
• commit crimes                                                           these issues

• apply for credit

• obtain a Driver’s License

     10 million Social Security Numbers are bought and sold every six weeks in the U.S.
What is Identity Theft?
Federal Trade Commission

                 “ Identity theft is a serious
                 crime. People whose
                 identities have been stolen
                 can spend months or years –
                 and thousands of dollars –
                 cleaning up the mess the
                 thieves have made…”
                 …victims of identity theft
                 may lose job opportunities,
                 be refused loans…and even
                 get arrested for crimes they
                 didn’t commit. ”
                      Facts About this Crime

   More than 49% of the respondents reported stressed
    family life

   The strongest feelings expressed were:
            Rage or anger, betrayal, unprotected by police,
            personal financial fears, sense of
            powerlessness, annoyed, frustrated,
            exhausted, sleep disturbances, an inability to
            trust people, and the desire to give up and
            stop fighting the system.

   ITRC* long term emotional responses included:
    8% felt suicidal 19% feeling captive 29% ready to
    give up 10% felt that they had lost everything
                                           *Identity Theft Resource Center The Aftermath
     is Identity Theft?
WhatTypes Of Identity Theft
  “Identity theft is the only crime
    in America where you are”

 What Comes to Mind When You Think About Identity Theft ?
                      Protecting Your Worksite

        Proactive steps to take in the workplace:
                                             • Never Too Busy Policy
                                             • Clean Desk Policy
                                             • Keep all documents
                                             containing Personal
                                             Identifying Information
                                             (PII) in locked drawers

                                             • Lock your computer
                                             when you leave your desk

                                             • Erase all white boards,
                                             dry erase boards when not
                                             in use
Picture taken with cell phone camera after
                                             • Shred all documents
waiting several minutes for someone to
                                             containing PII
               Ways to Protect your Identity
                       Eliminating The Source
Credit offers:
•   Call 1-888-5OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688) or visit

Credit Cards:
•   Opt out of all information sharing, both within the company and with other companies. Ask
    whom else you need to contact within the company to get off all lists.

•   Visit and fill out the form for adding your phone numbers.

Junk Mail:
•    Visit and fill out the form for removing your name.

•    Visit and fill out the form to have your information
    removed. Similarly, remove your personal information from Zabasearch

    Even by taking the above proactive steps You Can still Become a Victim
       Its Imperative to have a Wall of Security Around You and Your Family
This Crime Can Cost You
A New Company Benefit For All Employees

     Your Company Benefit and Mitigation Plan can reduce
          your risk and exposure to Identity Theft and
           provide access to Legal Counsel with the…

                 Identity Theft

                            &             TM

 Services provided by the two leading companies in their fields
 Member, Spouse and Covered Children:
     Receive an up to date copy, at no extra charge
     and know how lending institutions view you !

     You’ll receive prompt notice if any new
     accounts are opened in your name…or if
     derogatory notations are added to your
     credit report !

     Get the help you need when you need it with a licensed
     investigator from the World’s Leading Risk Consulting

PROACTIVE SEARCHES National and local databases will be checked
    for any bank accounts, criminal activity in your name, other
    Driver’s licenses.
                      Safeguard for Minors

                    A recent study based on identity scans of over 40,000 children
                    in the U.S. found 10.2 percent of the children in the report had
                    someone else using their Social Security number *

                                                          Why your Children are at Risk ?

Our Services will notify all
employees anytime a credit file
is opened in their child’s name
and provides full restoration by
a licensed fraud investigator
                                               Children are a better target for identity theft than you.
                                                Children have a clean credit history and parents rarely have
                                                reasons to check their child’s credit report. This crime can go
                                                               undetected for up to 15 years.

                * Richard Power, Distinguished Fellow at Carnegie Mellon CyLab Study 9/11
Covers all five area of Identity Theft…..
  Credit Monitoring & Restoration Services

              Forbes Magazine ranks Kroll as the
            world’s leading risk Consulting Company

             Kroll was founded in 1972.
             Offices in 33 countries worldwide.
             Licensed Fraud Investigators

           Kroll is the only data security and breach recovery
           solution provider to employ licensed investigators (many
           former FBI and CIA agents) who methodically restore an
           individual’s identity to pre-theft status.
Have You Ever...

Been Overcharged For A Repair?
Tried To Return A Defective Product?
Received A Traffic Ticket?
Lost A Security Deposit?
Been Audited?
Signed a Contract?
Purchased A Home?
Prepared A Will?
Had Your Identity Stolen?
     American Bar Association

“…The best way for the
majority of Americans to be
able to assure themselves of
legal assistance when they
need it… is through a
prepaid legal plan”.
Life Events Legal Plan

I. Preventive Legal Services
 Telephone Consultations
  For An UNLIMITED number of Personal or Business-
   Related Matters.
 Phone Calls and Letters
  UNLIMITED number of subjects and includes two
   business letters per year.
 Contract or Document Review
   UNLIMITED number of Documents up to 10 pages
   each, including one commerce document.
 Will & Document Preparation
   Comprehensive will includes annual updates, Living
   Will, HD, and Durable Power of Attorney.
 Life Events Legal Plan

II. Motor Vehicle Legal Services
These Services Effective 15 Days After Enrollment

Representation for an UNLIMITED Number
  of Moving Traffic Violations Including
  Teenage Drivers.

Representation For Certain Motor Vehicle
  Related Criminal Charges.
  Life Events Legal Plan

       III. Trial Defense
 Your Provider Attorney Will Assist In
The Defense Of Civil Suits And Covered
    Job-Related Criminal Charges.
Benefits Increase Each Year To A Maximum Of:
           1st Year- 60 Hours
           2nd Year- 120 Hours
           3rd Year- 180 Hours
           4th Year- 240 Hours
           5th Year- 300 Hours
  Life Events Legal Plan

   IV. IRS Audit Legal Services
 Scheduled Benefit, Up To 50 Hours Of
   Professional Tax Attorney Services
 From Your Provider Law Firm Including 3.5
   Hours Of Pre-Trial Time.

Coverage Includes The Tax Return Due On
  April 15th Of Your Membership Year
       Life Events Legal Plan

V. Preferred Member Discount- 25%
           Would you rather pay
           Wholesale or Retail?
        For Things Like: Adopting a child,
      incorporating a business, Pre-existing
        situations, Divorces,Child Custody
            Issues, Plus everything else...

 These would be ALL covered at a 25% discounted rate!
Life Events Legal Plan

    24/7 access to an attorney in the
    following emergency legal

   If you are detained by a law enforcement officer

   If you are injured in an accident

    If authorities attempt to remove and take
    custody of your children

   If you are served with a warrant
             Membership Provides Coverage for
               Your Entire Immediate Family

1) The Employee
2) The Employee’s Spouse/Significant Other
3) Never Married Dependent Children
  Under 21 Living At Home
4) Dependent Children Under Age 18
  For Whom The Member Is Legal Guardian
5) Full Time College Students Up To Age 23
  Never Married, Dependent Children
6) Physically Or Mentally Challenged Child
  Living At Home
           Life Events Legal Plan

       Access to Legal Counsel provided by a 39 year
 old rock solid company. With 48 provider laws firms and
thousands of referral attorneys throughout North America.

Your Texas Provider Law Firm is Ross & Matthews
A Full & Complete Wall of Security

                           Monitoring                          Legal Access


     ID Theft Shield                Preventive             Motor Vehicle             Trial Defense


                       Tax Audits                  Other              Legal Shield
 Identity Theft Plan & Legal Services

           For under 90 cents per day, less than bottled water, a cup
               of coffee or a soft drink your family is protected !

                       Payroll Deduction Amount

     FAMILY PLAN & RATES                     WEEKLY         SEMI-MONTHLY               MONTHLY
ID THEFT SHIELD ONLY                          $3.22                $6.98                $13.95
LEGALSHIELD PLAN ONLY                         $3.68                $7.98                $15.95
LEGALSHIELD & ID THEFT SHIELD                 $6.21               $13.45                $26.90
              Deduct $1/month from ID Theft Shield and Combo if no children under 18

  These benefits are rate stable and may be continued at no added cost if you leave
      your employer. The legal plan may never be used against your employer.
Confirmation of Training and Benefit Offering

                    Acknowledgement and Proof Of Offer Of Identity Theft
                        Protection & Legal Services Mitigation Plan

    I acknowledge that I have participated in the Identity Theft Awareness Training sponsored by my employer. I further
    acknowledge that my employer is making an optional mitigation program available to me at a discounted rate, and that
    enrollment in this program may significantly reduce the financial and time impact to me and my family in the event of
    identity theft and many other legal ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I acknowledge that these benefits are available to me as an optional payroll deduction

    PRINT NAME: ________________________________________________

    SIGNATURE: ________________________________________________

    DATE: _____/______/_____

    EMPLOYER: _________________________________________________

    Proof of Attendance of Identity Theft Training

    As an ID Theft Risk Management Specialist, I hereby witness
    that this individual has attended the identity theft training on the date
    indicated on this form.

Receive Your Temporary Membership Kit Today by
Completing the Application in your folder

Law firm 800-458-6982 Please Complete Everything
“Highlighted” in Yellow.

    Thank You!

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