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					                                                 Email Marketing How-To Guide

 Build a list & Set goals                                     Craft a message
List building tactics…                                       •   Stay true to expectations and value
• ASK                                                        •   Keep it short and simple
      • Point of sale                                        •   Identify key tracking items
      • Via email                                            •   Send to your site for more
      • In other marketing pieces                            •   Add interest
    • At trade shows                                         •   Spell check
• Contests                                                   •   Personalize
• Discounts                                                  •   Send a test email
                                                             •   Add auto responders
               Share Value
       Education                 Savings

                                                             Writers block?
                                                             Consider keeping a list of interesting
            Set Expectations                                 topics or FAQ to address.
       Frequency                Content

                                                             Pressed for time?
                 Don’t Spam                                  Write all your emails at one time and
     Get Permission        Uphold Expectations               set them to send in the future.

 Decide how to send

 Send through Outlook            Charge by size provider   Charge by volume provider

 Only for lists under 50        Encourages mass emails      Encourages segmenting
                                                                                       Popular Providers
                                       Fixed cost                Variable cost
                                                                                       • Mail Chimp
                                                                                       • Constant Contact
                                                                                       • EMMA
      No tracking                Provides some tracking      Most tracking features
                                                                                       • Event Bright
 Get people to open the email
• Send it from an email address they                   • Create urgency and the must
  recognize                                              read feeling
• Choose an appropriate send time                      • Avoid: help, percent off,
• Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday                           reminder, special and !
• 10:00-10:30 and 1:00-1:30                            • Don’t repeat the subject line
                                                         more than once
• Consider lightening it up during spring
  break, July and August                               • Keep it 50 characters or less
• Write an enticing subject line
• Go creative, make it interesting, the                  Remember, it’s all relative
  subject is the first thing viewers see and             to your business!
  maybe the only thing if it’s not intriguing

 Review results and tweak

Measure the success of an email campaign…

Open Rate                                Click Through Rate

• “Opened” actually just means           • (CTR) obtained by dividing the “number
  the recipient’s software or              of users who clicked on an ad or link” on
  browser displayed the email              a by the “number of times the ad was
• Doesn’t tell you if readers              delivered” (impressions)
  actually engage in the                 • Dependant upon design
                                         • Guide the reader to action
• Don’t look at it as an absolute
                                         • Make sure they know where to click
                                         • Place multiple links both graphic and text
• Does measure the success of
                                           in the email
  the subject line
                                         • Give recipients a reason to click
                                         • A fair and valuable offer
                                         • Information important to the audience

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