Kjprnews Adds Social Media and Content Marketing to their List of Web Promotion Services by kjprnews


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									Kjprnews Adds Social Media and Content Marketing to their List of Web Promotion Services

Kjprnews have come up with the information on their SEO and SMO service updates, planned ahead
for 2013. Based on the google penguin algorithm updates they have come up with a variety of social
media promotions and content marketing services.

Chennai, TN - January 07, 2013 -- 2012 has been quite an eventful year for SEO survival with several
important updates that have changed the search scene altogether. SEO with social media has been the
focus for 2013 and Kjprnews.com, an indian SEO company have come up with several new services
which are safe with the current search engine algorithmic updates and have the max effectiveness as

With content marketing looks set to play an important role in 2013, Squidoo Lens Promotion and
Document Sharing Services from Kjprnews have been introduced after extensive research on their
effectiveness with the current penguin update. Lens creation with well researched content can hand a
bag full of squidoo trophies which helps promoting the website. Document sharing services are good
sources for backlinks and have really high Alexa and PR so building backlinks on those sites will for
sure bring you high authority and trusted links that improves your ranking.

Social Media Marketing is a key element in promoting a website nowadays and it's important to pick
up social media signals to help improve the ranking of your website. Social media branding is an
automatic choice which opens the doors for branding which could be enhanced with continuous
maintenance along with social bookmarking which now includes a video promotion which is a good
source of achieving high exposure and provide much value to your videos.

Another important update to their social media services is the introduction of Google Plus One and
Twitter Promotion Services. With unique customized profiles and well researched posts updated every
day, businesses get the attention they need.

In addition to the introduction of new services, Kjprnews have also made numerous tweaks and
improvements to their existing SEO services based on the recent algorthm update. Their article
marketing services gets a boost with assured article links made available in the report which is a proven
article marketing strategy. Other updates include deep link directory submissions, niche oriented
submissions, blog promotion services and more. Click here to learn more about their services.

About Kjprnews
Established in the year 2008 Kjprnews provides best quality white hat SEO services. They have a full
fledged team of SEO experts in different SEO service departments like SEO submissions, social media
services, article marketing, press release marketing, and much more. Their services aim to help you
reach journalists and to improve visibility in search engine listings, so clients can get the maximum
publicity possible.

Press Contact:
Amutha Valli
Marketing Manager
Chennai, TN

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