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In the old days around 1915 in the southern region Banyuwangi Setail River
approximately 3 km there is a low spot that many trees, named Desa Delima Tegaldlimo.
Tegaldlimo village has several Padukuhan region, one of which is named Padukuhan
Kampung Dusun 2 said hamlet was named 'Kampung 2' because the first name of the
hamlet / Village taken from the name of the neighboring village of village Kampung
order Wringinpitu
In an era of rapid growth and development Jaman Kampung Dusun 2 is no longer used
and the subsequent Kampung Dusun 2 In the Year 1986 by community leaders to change
/ hamlet named Sumberluhur until now.
At its inception Tegaldlimo village, who was appointed as Acting (Acting) Chief
Tegaldlimo village to village chief election enforcement directly by villagers Tegaldlimo
is Mr. Mangun Dihardjo

Then, in 1971, for the first time implemented Village Head Election (Pilkades)
Tegaldlimo Village. As candidates are 1. Mr. S.Tondo Widjojo, 2. Pak Series Karminto.
3 Pak Tukinun, 4. Pak Slamet Diharjo. 5. Mr. Abu Hasan, 6.Pak Slamet Yoso, 7. Pak
Suhut. 8. Pak Cipto Sanyoto then between 8 (Eight) candidate Mr. S. Tondo Widjojo
elected and officially appointed as the first Chief of the Village Tegaldlimo.
The Tegaldlimo Village area at that time encompassed four Padukuhan or hamlets, as
1. Hamlet Sumberluhur
2. Hamlet Suberdadi
3. Hamlet Sumbermulyo
4. Hamlet Sumberrejo.
While the origin of the name of each hamlet Tegaldlimo the Village area are as follows;
Kampung Dusun 2 reputedly derived from the name of the sequence from the
neighboring village of Kampung Dusun contained the name of one village of 1986 that
the village was named Sumberluhur.
Kampung Dusun 5 is the same as taken from the order of the village from the
neighboring village there is one name Wringinpitu Kampung Dusun 4 and to facilitate
those by public figures at that time the name of the village was named Kampung 5 and in
1986 the village Kampung 5 changed / replaced Hamlet Sumberdadi until now.
While the origin of the name Hamlet Village 11 is supposedly derived from the sequence
of the hamlet of Kampung Kampung Desa Tegaldlimo 10 so that in 1986 there was a
change hamlet / village by village leaders, village named 11 to the present.
Kampung Dusun 10 is also the same as the order of names taken from the village of
Kampung Desa 11 Tegaldlimo heading in an easterly direction, past the hamlet village is
owned by 4 Village 10 Village Tegaldlimo Namely, Purwoasri Village, Villages and
Countryside Kendalrejo Kedungwungu Change Hamlet / Village in 1986. By community
leaders were named / renamed Hamlet Sumberrejo until now.
With a total area of 1093.035 hectares or 1093 km2 (data source: District Banyuwangi In
Figures of 2003), currently Tegaidlimo village has been inhabited by the soul 8899 4414
soul consists of the male population and female population of 4485 souls scattered in four
hamlet, and RW.10. 65 RT.
The details of RT / RW in each hamlet in the village Tegaldlimo today is as follows:
1. Hamlet Sumberluhur: 3 RW, 23 RT.
2. Hamlet Sumberdadi: 2 RW, 11 RT.
3. Hamlet Sumbermulyo: 3 RW, 21 RT.
4. Hamlet Sumberrejo: 2 RW, 10 RT.
Similarly, the origin of which can be extracted Tegaldlimo village of village elders and
community leaders in the village Tegaldlimo, hopefully can be knowledge and
experience especially for the younger generation and the village Tegaldlimo Banyuwangi
in general.

Sources: Village Elders Tegaldlimo


Development in the village since the village began Tegaldlimo in Tegaldlimo stand,
basically since the beginning of the reign of the former village head is in the leadership of
Kadesh Mangun Diharjo.
In the past, villagers Tegaldlimo being away from the Great Market location if you want
to sell the produce to the market and others to walk away and shouldered or by using
paddle bikes and carts, with the condition of roads and rocky clay.

But then in 1975, since the axis that passes through the village of Tegaldlimo both majors
leading to the Great Market Sumberberas and toward the Great Market Purwoharjo were
revamped, with the implementation of the paving by the government, particularly the
transport stream in the village economy Tegaldlimo started smoothly. What is then after
the rural transport program.
In 1982, which was during the reign of Kadesh S.Tondo Widjojo, to meet the electricity
needs of the community to the lighting in the evening, the village government Tegaldlimo
hold Program Power Diesel (Diesel). At that time, Diesel Power Generation Program
conducted only able to supply electricity in the village namely Hamlet Sumberluhur.
Then in 1991, the electricity network into Tegaldlimo village with Electricity Program
Sign village. Since then the village of Tegaldlimo no longer use the power of the diesel
that has been held since 1982.
With the Power Program Sign village, then the village Tegaldlimo economy starts to
grow is by developing the creativity bangnya ¬ such as carpentry or meubelair, assorted
craft households, small industry manufacturing know - tempe, ice making and other small
industries, in where it can supplement the family income as a side job.
Later in 1990, with the Govern ¬ government program to develop rural economy through
through UED-SP (Rural Economic Enterprises-Savings and Loans), the village economy
Tegaldlimo be increased.
In 1999, with the PDM-DKE program Tegaldlimo village to build a bridge which is
located in the hamlet Sumberrejo near Tomb (Border Village Tegaldlimo - Village
Kedungwungu Through PDM-DKE program is held in the village development
Tegaldlimo not just a physical development, but also in the form of a revolving fund to
support community development efforts are distributed in each hamlet.
Then in 2001 to 2004 melatui program DPD / K Government Tegaldlimo village received
an overall funding used to bridge P. Asbolah, Door Office / Village Hall Tegaldlimo,
Ceramic Tegaldlimo Village Office. Border Gate in Tegaldlimo Village - Village
Wringinpitu and Procurement 1 Set Computer at the Village Office Tegaldlimo of the
development efforts that have been implemented in the village Tegaldlimo both physical
and non-physical until now is still a long way in meeting the needs of society at large. It
is caused due to many obstacles in addition to, among others, are distributed widely, a
somewhat fragmented, isolated and far from the center of the county, and the population
of the village is quite a lot, also due to the planning of development programs has been
less involved community so that many development outcomes that are less direct benefit
to the community, such as:
1. Housing Development Irrigation hitherto not inhabited.
2. KUD Warehouse Development.
3. Making Bur wells unusable.

Henceforth, due to the realization of development in the Village Tegaldlimo not evenly,
then through the village this year plan document Tegaldlimo sincerely hope that the
programs proposed development Tegaldlimo villagers and in accordance with the actual
needs of the villagers of Tegaldlimo, Menda ¬ patkan good care of the villagers
Tegaldlimo themselves, government and third parties who helped care for the
development in the Village Tegaldlimo.

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